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    1. Forzare, Giant and back, Keeping Morgan Freeman the same size

      by , 11-30-2010 at 08:16 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      30/11/10 I was with 2 people following a “case” we were trying to weed out a traitor in our midst. This all of a sudden means we have to climb a big building and we are looking at people coming down the sides. Although I am lucid at this point I am not able to comprehend that I am able to fly up there, primarily because the plot seems to be oriented around the Dresden Files. I soon figure out by way of my companion pointing out that Morgan Freeman, the other companion previously, has managed to reach the top of the building without getting caught by the bad guys climbing down. Right so I have my traitor and I figure the most prominent way to reach the top of this buidling will be with a spell. I point my hand to the ground and shout Forzare! and I fly massively high into the air. Already as I am on the way up I remember that I tend to have a problem with falling down, I don't freaking like it! However the fact that I am conscious about my fear hitting me, before it actually does so, means I am prepared for it and can control it. I manage a solution which partially means using the same spell, with less juice, to control my decent and partially turning into a giant of obscure proportions. I land on the roof top and Morgan Freeman, the traitor is ridiculously small compared to me. Damn I think, however this seems to be a tad premature as I actually do manage to shrink in size, with considerable less effort than what I have tried before. The only problem is that Freeman sees a way of loosing me by shrinking as well and after. So I stand there for a bit increasing the size and animation, from what is best described as a jelly bear, to a fully functioning version of the man, backwards and forwards. Which although it actually was entertaining to watch, was frustrating as hell because I couldn't keep him large.

      I give up and fly out of the window without breaking it. I feel relieved as I have that amount of control available again plus the fact that I have managed to reduce in size and actually demonstrate some form of control over something external to me, something I am not normally too great at. I fly around for a bit until I can feel the dream slipping a bit, but I can't manage to stabilise it.
      However I have a false awakening as I fall out of my bed and can hear myself talking. I notice that my flat mate can hear me again, but he shrugs it off, because he knows I am dreaming (Here is another great lucidity miss, just coming out of a lucid state, I am aware I am talking in my sleep and I know my flat mate is aware that “I am just dreaming”, yet I don't become lucid again) I wake up soon after.