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    1. rocky first MILD attempt, constructing a huge building

      by , 07-05-2011 at 11:08 AM
      03-07-11 Testing out MILD for the first time produced an interesting result. I used the mantra “question reality – become aware”. After a while the mantra did start popping up fairly automatic. I am dreaming and I am continuously shifting between a scenario in the university campus I just took an evening walk in and a Diablo themed setting, from the catacombs with Diablo actually there. In the dream I am walking along a pathway paying attention to the foliage on the side. It is dark throughout the dreams. I think I may be lucid at certain times, but it is for very brief moments and I have limited recall of them.

      The mantra keeps sounding in my head and I think I may be verbalising it as well. the first time I notice I am drifting in and out of sleep is when I am walking on the side of the road, after I hear the mantra I start checking, but the dream fades to “hypnagoic imagery” with the difference that I have no bodily perceptions and the background theme is a lot brighter than when I normally observe these images, still I am convinced that I am falling asleep and not dreaming. A common theme for these images would be the appearance of Diablo in the catacombs with me living the character actually being there, though sort of a birds eye perspective. When this happens I keep repeating the mantra and I would “wake up” back in the university park somewhere. I am stupid enough to believe that it was the place I was attempting to fall asleep.

      This happens maybe 3-4 times and on the last time waking up in the university park I am naked or partially naked at least, I am wearing yellow boxers. I take routes that carry me over the grass I am trying to get somewhere home(ish). I run into a person I know from back home, he is passing by on a bike with one of his mates and I tell them not to pay attention to me. I am starting to get a feel for where I am headed and I have a remote in my hand that will teleport me to the nearest street light or something similar. When I get close to one the light of it flickers and I click the remote to sure enough pop over there.

      I start walking across a path until I get to a point where I can see that my Mother's sister and her husband is packing up the car. Oh that is right they said they would be leaving soon. I briefly mention to them “so you are leaving now are you” don't know if I get a response or not, but the dream goes on. I am now talking to my grandparents who are sat outside a tent. My grandmother is picking on me saying something like “so it is OK to come home at 9 o clock is it?” I realise she means nine in the morning and I am a bit surprised that I have been gone that long. I start looking around and it is dark, like really dark, which wouldn't fit the time of nine in the morning. I start a discussion with them about this, and although my grandmother disagrees my granddad start coming around to the idea of it being overly dark.

      There is another shift and now I am back at my computer in a room that is very different to mine, but it is still my room. I am at the computer and now all the Diablo shit that has happened seems to happen at once on the computer. I am fairly surprised for two reasons, firstly he shouldn't be in the catacombs, secondly I know the other times it has happened have just been HHs. He is running at me and hitting me so quickly, other monsters join the fight, they all die except him and in the end I run out of healing pots and die as well.

      Notes: I wake up feeling really disheartened, for not realising I am dreaming although the mantra was clearly carried over. roughly 2-2.5 hours have passed in sleep so the REM period wouldn't have been that long. Now when thinking about it the next day, it is probably not that bad of a first attempt.

      I am in a race of sorts, where we all have to pick up a racing car with varying abilities and proficiencies, a bit like Mario carts. My vehicle is a mixture of a pig and an insect, and I know it isn't the fastest available, but I get a good start. At a point in the race I stop to marvel at I believe it is John Cleese, who is lifting his cart up to the second floor within a moving truck and running it through it so he can get out on the other side. I don't know why he is doing this, but the action does seem somewhat rational, like he might have picked up a card from a deck that tells him to do this.

      I am talking to someone about some activity that will excuse me from social interaction, and I tell people I like it, besides that it means that I can shower up to 5 times a day which is good.

      I am at a construction site, a big one and I ma there to test the lift going up to the roof where the actual construction is taking place. As I walk out I am a bit uncertain and frightened because there are no rails, it would be easy to fall down. I walk into the building and I get the impression that it is a stadium they are constructing. I notice that I have actually gone over an area where you can see down to the ground and it would be possible to fall between the pieces of wood supposed to hold the roofing so I quickly find a more suitable place to stand.

      I speak with one of the people working there, and all of a sudden I am employed as a worker. I know I have no expertise in this area so I tell them, that they need to instruct me for whatever they want me to do.

      We are putting on the roofing, it is made of plastic, it is blue and the way it works is that you slide your new piece under the one that has already been put down and make them sort of click together in a trench. I ask if gloves would be needed for that and the guy currently putting out pieces tells me it would help as the otherwise there is a risk of injuring your hand.

      He tells me that he will probably need me to crawl out over the edge again and start putting down pieces out there. He then say that he probably wouldn't ask me to crawl in such an unsafe location, but I tell him that I don't mind. I have done worse when I was little and besides that the pieces of wood are so close together that it is difficult to fall through, yet I am a bit nervous still.


      I am on the ground with a piece of roofing and I am explaining to one of my mates that it is a different type of plastic than your average shed roof. It is more resilient and difficult to penetrate.