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    1. Thailand, Pyramids and Nazis

      by , 07-28-2011 at 11:38 AM
      28-07-11 I am wearing a blue suit and I am talking to a couple of my friends, Thomas H. being one of them and I am in Thailand. Well I am technically still in Denmark, but they are in Thailand and we are talking together. I tell them that I am going to go there as well.

      My family is going so I end buying a last minute ticket to go with them. I am flying with a company called (something) Airlines, could be Scandinavian. I arrive late, and I have to supply a code to the check in lady, who then herself guides me towards the next step. Here I get asked if I have my ticket printed and I tell her I don't. She starts a process of printing it and then she need me to tell me the code name I have assigned to the passport I have already given her.

      I tell her I don't remember that (gee, maybe because it doesn't exist ^^), but the first lady helps me by supplying the prompting word “bottom”. I quickly remember that my password is “Rock” and when I say it the woman proceeds to printing my ticket.

      When we get to Thailand the first thing we do is to go deliver our bags and then go visit some people. My dad and I are with the man of the house, while my mom is with the lady. As we are walking down some stairs I hear my mom explain why she didn't like her the first time we met and I can hear that she is getting drunk.

      The next dream also centered around being in Thailand. Here Janni T. becomes relevant as she is actually supplying one of the rooms that we have to stay in. This room is in the middle of a lake and you have to go through an underground tunnel in order to get there. I am happy that we are staying with her and by the way she smiles so is she.

      My grandparents ask me at one point if I would like to switch rooms with them to the room closest to the foyer, because it gets filled with dust and their health isn't too good to deal with that. I off course tell them it is ok, though I am a bit sad that I won't be bonking close to Janni.

      I am talking to someone with Eliot L. We are just talking to a woman and each other and I start adding small intellectual insults after each sentence when speaking to Eliot. He laughs and the woman sort of looks at us in surprise.

      I explain that it is how we speak and joke with each other, and Eliot keeps laughing while agreeing to that.

      I am at the pyramids, captured and working for the Nazis, I don't particularly recall what we are supposed to do, but some of it involves going up and down big scaffolding on both sides of the cleft we are in.

      As we are doing this, when approaching the top there is a long rope that is carrying up bricks. When inspected closer it isn't actually “one” rope, but many smaller connected to each other. There is a mechanism that tells when an individual has pulled enough (the full length of the little rope) and it doesn't take that long to take your share. The Nazis are working on the parole that while we are there we might as well help getting some materials up that we can later use in the work we are supposed to carry out.

      After I have taken my share of rope pulling I actually take a bit more for the people coming behind me, because I am unsure as to how I am supposed to let go of the rope to the next in line. So a couple of workers get a free ride that time.

      My next assignment is to go through a small narrow passage way towards the top floor of a house. In fact before I enter the small passage way I believe I am already on the top floor. The assignment isn't specifically for me but there is a sign on the door in there that the door is very narrow and I am very slim so I end up just doing it.

      There is an emergency exit just on the other side of the small door, and it is these that I am supposed to close. When I look around I see a ladder up to my right. I decide to go up and take a look, the good Nazi worker I am ^(>.<)^. I find myself in a room, like a teenagers room, though more grown up.

      I go around and I close all the windows and doors I can find, when I all of a sudden have a conversation with Thomas H. and it becomes apparent that I am in his sister's room. He tells me that he has never even dared setting his foot in there.

      When I come to myself she is standing in the room and I slowly walk over and explain to her that I am just there to shut the emergency doors as per instructions. She reacts calmly and accepts the explanation before she tells me to just get out. I do so as my job is done and it would all have been great except if I hadn't become naked as I walk out the next door and she looks at me.

      I think I have an explanation for it, but I blush and I question myself if the reason I have given is factual and if I actually believe it myself.
    2. Short lucid + boat trip in Thailand

      by , 12-28-2010 at 06:34 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      28/12/10 There is a lot that I have forgotten, due to being too lazy to find something to note down the dreams pre lucid.

      I am in a garden. It is surrounded by brick wall.

      There is a channel along one of the walls. There are 3 tennis balls in there and one is blocked by a fire hose.

      I want to get them out so I can practice juggling. I move the fire hose over the wall telekinetic.

      I use telekinesis to get all three balls to me. I don't have perfect control.

      Once I have the ball I start looking around to stabilise the dream. I see some leafs of a plant in extraordinary detail.

      I want to experiment with summoning an extra ball, but I wake up too soon to make the attempt.

      I am on our family boat, off the coast of an island in Thailand.

      I see a tornado approaching us and it comes pretty close, but misses the boat.

      There is another on the horizon. I tell my dad to head for land and he obliges.

      Towards land panic is spreading, many boats are headed shoreward.

      I fall off the boat, but manages to climb aboard another. I then jump off the speeding boat and manage to climb onto ours.

      There are many kids and they are headed for their “mother”.

      Their mother is apparently a voice they follow and not a physical being. I find out by going with them down some stairs, where they are gathered towards the bottom.
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