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    1. 2 WILDs with little effort

      by , 01-26-2011 at 12:06 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      26/01/11 I was with Ronja and realised I was dreaming, I take the chance and turn the dream sexual. She is glad I have finally made a move and take me outside.

      She is teasing me and as we walk over a lawn she asks me if we should make love in open air or in a tent conveniently located on the yard in question.

      I wake up and go back to sleep, after a couple of seconds images start appearing and I turn on my senses to stabilise.

      I start flying through windows and floors. I encounter a few issues, but quickly gain confidence to overcome these and the problems are no more.

      I start experimenting and manage to evocate a tornado under my control. I also make lightning flash in the background and feel pretty satisfied.

      I also manage to summon 2 water elementals, that later start looking like water balloons in humanoid shapes.

      Notes: I had natural awakenings prior to the dreams and I didn't even have to try to initiate them. One is probably more a DEILD, which is a first for me, so all in all a productive evening!
    2. Short lucid + boat trip in Thailand

      by , 12-28-2010 at 06:34 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      28/12/10 There is a lot that I have forgotten, due to being too lazy to find something to note down the dreams pre lucid.

      I am in a garden. It is surrounded by brick wall.

      There is a channel along one of the walls. There are 3 tennis balls in there and one is blocked by a fire hose.

      I want to get them out so I can practice juggling. I move the fire hose over the wall telekinetic.

      I use telekinesis to get all three balls to me. I don't have perfect control.

      Once I have the ball I start looking around to stabilise the dream. I see some leafs of a plant in extraordinary detail.

      I want to experiment with summoning an extra ball, but I wake up too soon to make the attempt.

      I am on our family boat, off the coast of an island in Thailand.

      I see a tornado approaching us and it comes pretty close, but misses the boat.

      There is another on the horizon. I tell my dad to head for land and he obliges.

      Towards land panic is spreading, many boats are headed shoreward.

      I fall off the boat, but manages to climb aboard another. I then jump off the speeding boat and manage to climb onto ours.

      There are many kids and they are headed for their “mother”.

      Their mother is apparently a voice they follow and not a physical being. I find out by going with them down some stairs, where they are gathered towards the bottom.
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