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    1. Welcome Back Dreams

      by , 10-09-2011 at 10:01 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      Following dreams occured between 30th Sep - 05th of Oct. I have written up some of the recordings I had lying around. Amazing what this device can do for recall, I get taken back to the dreams while listening, though on the flip side it makes me lazy in writing them up and sharing them.

      Date unknown:

      “Freaking Lifts!!!... Where is the toilet?”

      I am at a concert with Belá Fleck and the Flecktones and I leave this because I have to go to the toilet before heading back to bed? I am walking back into the concert hall and the encore has just finished and I am hoping that I can get out before all the people start leaving.

      Everything goes wrong, the first toilet is taken so I go to take the lift to go upstairs, which I can't due to there being a girl in it who goes up. I end up taking the stairs. I come upstairs and press the lift button again and find out that the toilet is taken again so now I go back into the lift.

      Here the girl apologise to me for leaving me downstairs before. I then take the lift down and realise I wasn't supposed to go down so I drive up again. I am starting to get angry at this point and I vent my frustration on the lift by punching the mirrored walls, which crack. I am a bit embarassed by this as well as not willing to pay for it so I quickly walk out when I get upstairs.

      There is a staircase going up to the second floor and it is possible to see in between the steps of this staircase. I am trying to do some exercise by pulling myself up, but only with one arm which makes the endeavour difficult.

      I am talking to Shang in my flat, she is talking about some Ida girl, which I believe to refer to Natasja of my study. The setting is rather dark lit by artificial lighting. Shang is questioning why Ida/Nat doesn't find any of the men that are really elegant guys boyfriend material.

      Aurelie is in fact talking about Nat in an odd way. She describes her as sort of a puppet, meaning that all her emotional ties are with a guy back home far away from the current study environment she is in at the moment. I am disappointed in Aurelie that she doesn't consider me a valid boyfriend candidate for Nat.

      Notes: Has been quite some time since I had this dream and there is some character confusion between Aurelie and Shang, though Shang definitely is the one I consider girlfriend material and is faffing around with the lights.

      I then proceed to talk to Shang and tell her that it sounds pretty much like the situation she used to be in. Shang then goes on to explain that a friend of hers found something in the book (a diary of sorts?) and that she was afraid that it would be discovered and taken the wrong way.

      At this point I stop to think that seeing as she no longer has a boyfriend it might be a good time to make a move. I am looking at her as she is trying to switch on the lights in the bathroom and the hallway in between. The lights doesn't seem to be working and she hasn't realised that I am standing there observing her, wearing a towel wrapped around my waist. I find her rather cute as she can't quite figure out what is going wrong.


      Something about Shang's lenses and an inability to see.


      I am on the internet looking at something that has the interface of the IOSDP forum threads, but it is actually a research project on photo recognition of the self, which reminds me that I want to do research myself.

      “Mitzu, tell me how to do portals.. no.. not today.. okay then”

      I am having a series of false awakenings somewhere in the region of 4-5. Teri McB came down to me and talked to me about Lucid Dreaming. She just had her second. Just after this I have a FA.

      The reality check fails and I look at some plates standing around on the sofa and other where. I try and move them telekinetically and they sort of just slightly vibrate. I manage to get hold of a fork though that I pull towards me and throw it into a window, which creates a little dent and shard. I then go and punch the window, nothing happens the first time then on the second the window blows outwards.

      There is a bit of wind and then I go and call Teri asking if she wants to come along and join in on this lucid. I go into the window and shout out “why is it so cold?” which makes the cold disappear.

      I jump out of the window, not really flying my control is shit but then again it is the first lucid I have had in quite some time. There is really a lack of control going on. I walk around touching up my flat and try biting off bits of my plants, which are way bigger than they normally are. I remember a distinct bitter taste of a “paradise tree” and think you aren't supposed to eat these even in dreams (unsure about the translation).

      When down on the ground I call out for Mitzu. I expect her to be behind me. When she comes around I see she is wearing this grey night gown and looks older than she has done before.

      I say “Right, Portals!? Tell me, what is going on?” She is reluctant to tell me she doesn't want to teach me at this point in time because there is so much other positive stuff going on in my dreams at this point in time. Bad timing.

      I think I might have primed this myself thinking it beforehand not really going in with an open mind regarding what answer I would get. I know what she is referring to though.

      FA: I wake up and start talking into my dicta phone.

      Notes: I suspect that me transferring to using the dicta phone is actually having an effect on my dreams. I seem to have loads of FAs since starting using it. Potentially this could be due to activations of a brain networks, associated with linguistic performance and speech mediated consciousness, leading to increased cerebral activation.


      Looking at this television show about a guy in the 80es trying to prove lucid dreaming (Called Gray/Grey/Graham?) and he is talking into a dicta phone exactly like mine. But it is an older model. This theory or prove is hidden, the media doesn't want to show it. The media interpret that it is just a guy having done something strange with a bible, and his dream reports are narratives of Jesus leaving a coliseum.

      FA: Look at my hands and have a short little lucid where I walk around trying to stabilise the dream.

      “Skelly Closets”

      I have an actual skeleton lying in my kitchen closet and all the bones are cleaned out. I have to go and show them to one of my really old friends, I for some reason crave his approval.

      I run outside and it is really rather windy and wet outside. People are dressed up going to a Halloween party or the like, my mate also is dressed up.

      I end up grabbing the skull and just wearing it over my neck like a necklace. I am walking down the street. Something about a programme in which Ryan Reynolds is discussing stupid superhero moves or similar.

      “Spliffs and trains”

      I am in a train with Mark and Drew. We are talking about various things, Mark in particular is quite chatty and he has something important he wants to tell me though I recall not what it was. Drew is looking around to see if he should pull out the spliff and light it up, but he decides not to.

      The train looks rather luxurious with blue coloured and wooden seatings. Looks like an old school dining wagon, but with more modern seating arrangements without the tables and such, but really high quality.

      At one point we drive past another train and I am surprised to find that this train is actually driving in the same direction as us and we are overtaking it.

      Upon leaving the train I realise I have left some of my baggage so I run back into the train looking through all the cupboards multiple times to see if I can find it. Thomas M is there as well looking for his baggage and ends up finding his suitcase in a cupboard where I also find, what I believe to be my baggage though I am not entirely sure it is actually mine.

      We get outside on the station and everyone is gone. I am unsure of where to go.

      “Piquant Talk Show”

      There is a TV show. It reminds me of your average talk show with a host sat behind a desk and guests appearing from the left hand side of the screen.

      The host presents his next guest which is Hermione, or at least it is supposed to be her, but it is actually a girl from my study. While normally you would see the cameras zoom out and film the guest entering the studio this doesn't happen though it is supposed to. Due to technical difficultise what you see is the face of the host and the rest of the screen turns into bright multi coloured non-specific patterns.

      When sat there they start joking around about what they did on the set. The host is rather geeky looking and they had a joke running about this. They stand up and she “kisses” him on the forehead without actually touching his skin. Instead of an actual kiss to the forehead she just blows some wind in his face.

      The host proclaim that this was how he felt like in school, which they apparently attended together, where he was also quite the geek. They then stand up again but this time rather passionately licks his face and grabs his crouch while doing all sorts of things.

      When they zoom out again, after the kiss which lasts for quite some time, they then zoom into his crouch area again and it is clearly visible that the man has quite the boner going for himself. Then he pulls out his cock and she starts massaging it.

      After this she bends over on his chair asking to be pleased. He removes her dress and find that underneath she is wearing this fishnet type clothing. She asks to be licked and he tries doing this while she is still wearing the net, but gives up and removes it.

      He then starts pounding her from behind and the camera goes underneath them to show some revealing footage of him wearing a condom, the action and the moistness of her vagina. It turns to slow motion.
    2. Fragments - very disrupted sleep

      by , 08-09-2011 at 10:31 AM
      09-08-11 Frags:

      In a sofa with Kaiser, lying with our heads in separate ends. The sofa is far too small for us. Naomi comes by and walks through a window door, someone is with her. She tugs us in starting with me. Then Kaiser. He texts me who she is and who Gispo is, it is the guy walking in with Naomi, but otherwise I know nothing of him. The dream is very dark.

      Running into Sine on the central train station. She has become a mother and her demeanour is very relaxed and blissful. She is walking towards an escalator and I ask if the baby carrier can handle that and she say yes. I try to initiate helping her out, but...

      My Niece is talking and Minka is sat right next to her. She says something along the lines of “This is how I not speak” I look towards Minka and see a surprised look on her face. I then look towards Mette and without saying anything check if she herd that. She says that it was just random sounds. Then my niece repeats herself, and Mette proclaims in astonishing surprise that it is quite a feat to be talking at 6 months of age. The dream takes place by one of the larger doors in the arts class of my high school.

      I am at a station switching trains. However I realise that all the trains from this side of the station is going towards Sweden and Germany (WTF!). So I tell my sister that all of us, we are quite a large group traveling will have to go back to Copenhagen Central station and change to go to where we are going. There is a few complaints as it is quite a large diversion from our planned route, but there is nothing to do.

      I realise I have forgotten a thing or two and I quickly scan the station to see if I can find it. I find some of it which apparently is a rather long rectangular black and red casing to hold a guitar. But all my notes and white bags are missing.

      I bring up my phone and call my sister and tell her that she should just continue on the train and that I will have to catch up to her later. I am going back towards the central station, but the time it has taken me to scan the station means that the train has been and left again so I will have to wait another 20 minutes.

      She doesn't sound sad or surprised, but just reprimands me to pick up the missing stuff and get back home. I am a bit disappointed that she doesn't sound sad or offers to help, but hey.

      I am at my old high school and I am running into one of the old red brick buildings on the left of the entrance. I am looking out for the changes they have made.

      The changes primarily consists of adding reclining walls to the stairs section meaning that as you get closer towards the end of the flight you have almost no room to spend on the stairs. I take the first couple, but after a while of trying the last one I give up as I am too frightened.

      I turn around and see Anders H sitting outside by a window with a book. I explain that it is a pretty stupid solution they have made for these stairs. He agrees. There is much more conversation but I don't remember it.

      I go out into the yard and head over towards my class room, which is the old art class. I run into a girl I know and tells her the new changes are quite rubbish. She agrees and smiles at me. I then go on to boldly admitting my fear of stairs with narrow steps. She laughs a bit, but not in a mean way.

      I continue towards the Art room and when I get down in the cellar where it is supposed to be I realise they have painted the hallways dark pastel green. Furthermore they have implemented quite a lot of walls to increase the number of rooms down from the one large that used to be the place.

      I find Cyrille walking around apparently also looking for something. I tell him I am happy that I am coming here a day in advance, at this point the idea sort of crystallize for me that it is Thursday and that our classes have been planned so we have the entire day off. The reason I am here is to pick up some papers that I have left. (Have a strong feeling it is the same papers from the previous dream) but I know they aren't here, they are somewhere else I can't remember.

      As I am walking into the room that is my new class room Cyrille mentions that there is playing going on. Which I notice and let him look through the doors first. There is a boy there playing the violin or guitar, but class isn't in session.

      I don't seem to be the only one confused about the new layout as lots of people, including the teacher, are missing. I somehow know that the confusion is to blame.

      I briefly speak with a girl before the dream ends.

      I am looking at a monitor and in one of the corners of the otherwise white website there is a video. There is also a narrator proclaiming that this is the famous Stephen LaBerge documenting a lucidity experience.

      The video is essentially just recordings of someone's feet. I realise that they are my feet and that I am dreaming. However I am not in my dream body completely yet and the video is almost halfway through.

      I manage to turn it into full screen and enter my dream body and sit up. Prepare to get off the table I am sat on and play. But I know the video must be nearly over by know and the scenario ends. I try desperately to bring it back and manage to cling onto a very small part of it.

      Namely my body posture. I can feel myself sitting up and trying to will the dream back.

      This section might actually be a continuation of the above, but if so I will have lost my lucidity.

      There is a smallish woman standing in front of me by a river. Her hair is black and she is rather good looking. She tells me she is Stephen LaBerge, but in the country she is from her name is something else something beginning with a “P”, pretty sure the letters “I” and “T” are also included.

      She is taking me up a river on a slow moving boat. The sun is shining and at one point she bends her head towards the water and allow for one lock of her hair to form a half circle against the reflection of the sun in the water.

      The sight reminds me of how I would imagine a portal to look like.

      All of the time I have a feeling that I am waiting for the perfect time to realise I am dreaming, but that I am not quite ready yet.
    3. Fragmented larger story

      by , 10-24-2010 at 12:11 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      24-10-10 Smaller frags that all connect to an overall story I can't fathom atm.

      Train travelling with my family to Amsterdam.

      People getting off at various unintended stops.

      Kid getting lost in Amsterdam (a theatre maybe?)

      A kid, maybe myself, that demonstrates incredible intellectual reasoning capacity for his age.

      Train travelling back, this time people get off at the right places.

      I am buying a new phone, it is expensive as hell and has 3 screens when folded out.

      Lisbeth, an old instructor from psychology, comments on this.

      I manage to unintentionally steal another phone that looks more like a long lighter.

      I look at a lot of phones, I get the feeling the company (or the woman trying to sell me stuff) is untrustworthy.

      Ronja is there and the kid that is lost has some connection to her.

      She is really worried, I try and calm her down.
      dream fragment
    4. Failed WILD to DILD - > attempts at TOTM (although August is almost gone)

      by , 08-28-2010 at 07:08 AM
      Non-Lucid Lucid

      28-08-10 I was in my grandfathers house on the floor reading. There is a girl next to me, actually my mother is also there, but she quickly leaves and I put my head in the lab of the girl and start stroking her head, at first she finds it nice, but then say I should stop it, so I do. I am trying to go to sleep. At one point I see Djana (home town friend) and her sister standing outside the door I go to let them in, oh yes that is right it is New years eve, how could I forget, Don't be lame and spend it alone like last year! I go up to see what is making that noise in the kitchen it is my mum making coffee. We gather around the table for dinner I look out and I swear that I can see some sort of weird distorted daylight, I talk about this with my uncle who tells me it must have been lights from the car, “What, that somehow generate enough energy to illuminate the planet in daylight!?”

      I am not sure if I wake up or there is just a shift in the dream..

      Next dream I am watching Yes Man (haven't seen that film so pretty sure it is nothing like it). I see Jim Carrey come strolling in an office, he is stopped by his secretary who is completely naked, hang on is she actually really naked, I look again, closer yep she is naked small perky breasts and a neatly trimmed landing strip, nice! I follow Jim as he thinks nothing of this and continues in the office. He is talking to someone, he gets interrupted by his secretary, chess! Anyways I notice that people are somewhat out of phase and only Jim can see in both phases. There is a shift he is going somewhere to do some carpentry, now as Sam from True Blood, he is in the service of some lord, who likes having well built partially naked men around, Sam runs out and I follow.

      same as before..

      I was in a train, actually more like a subway train and was very suspicious that I was dreaming. I am escaping some terrorists led by John Travolta in the setting of that recent film I saw something about train 123. After the train is split in half and an explosion is tearing through the station I wonder why the windows of the train don't get damaged. I manage to get away and go through a door that leads upwards, but still look like the door that is connecting trains. I go up jump through a couple of windows. When I find that at the top of the stairs there is a last door that leads out through another moving train I decide that is RC enough, I am defo dreaming. I run upwards through more stairs and shoot some terrorists with the AK47 that I apparently have just received. I make sure I really use my vision and touch some bags on the way up to stabilise. I quickly grow bored of playing action movie, I have stuff to do! I fly upwards through the walls, ground everything, man I am so pleased I discovered how to do this! Oh oh.. now I have to think of a scenario where I want to reappear, I am bad at this (stupid idiot, you have just made sure you can't do it >.<). I come out in pretty much HH land loads of flickering lights and fragments. but I am still in a dream, the closest I come to an actual dream scenario is some grassy land in front of Taj Mahal, that seems drawn by a school girl. Can't handle this I wake up, hang on a minute.. wake up, this doesn't feel right. There is something on my sheet which is a picture of an old school no signal screen they used to put on at night time.. lets see if we can find one.. there..
      Now in the dream there are loads of small coloured squares in the version I saw, and in fact there were loads of coloured squares all over the shop. So I quickly pay close attention and make sure I spot a red, blue and yellow. I jump out of bed, am I still dreaming? it is starting to feel very realistic! I look at my hand, oh that looks normal... wait.. is my index finger growing shorter? ARGH, that is some scary mumbo jumbo that is, stop looking at it and jump out the window, yes lets do the classic exit without breaking the glass stunt I have grown fond of. My friends are outside, quite impressed with the leaping through the window and me weakening gravity to land elegantly, what did I have to do again? BAH can't remember my personal goals, lets see if a noob like me can do a unicorn!

      Hmm the last time I was on this street some crazy things happened if I looked to the left, Left it is! Oh would you look at that there are a couple of beige (can you describe a horse as beige?) horses. Unicorn I shout in a seductive shout (a tone that sounds a bit like if you were a large cat shouting for the mouse to come out from the hole in the wall). I fly around the corner and turn right, I see a gathering of horses and a lot of shops around. Damn it I don't want to make a unicorn, would be cheesy to copy Nomad's move, at least I think it was Nomad who slapped an Ice cone on the head of the horse. Bah, get practising Vester, I turn around and see two white horses coming out of the cinema, this will have to do. Right “Unicoooooorrnn!” Nothing is happening I shout again, Out comes a White glowy horse, with a purple mane and a horn on it head, chess! Damn though, you are going to look like an idiot on dreamviews for spawning something that looks like it came out of “my little pony” don't care, lets get to ride it, the unicorn goes behind a car and comes out in human form “DAMN YOU!” “actually you are one stunning red head!” I jump on her back, pretty sure that getting a piggy back ride from a unicorn in human form won't count(haven't even read up on if this is possible in mythology surrounding unicorns), screw it maybe I can trick her. “You are very beautiful, even in your horse form!”. She seems insulted being put in the same box as a petty mortal mammal used for transportation by humans and say “stop mocking me” “Oh sorry I meant Unicorn, you are a very beautiful Unicorn” She looks at me teasingly and I wake up.

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    5. Reverse plot: attempt to pick up additional details, WILD attempt, started in non-lucid >.<

      by , 08-24-2010 at 07:41 AM
      24-08-10 Gonna start from the end, as the beginning seems very blurry, much of the dream could have transpired during my snoozes that happened over an hour. I am talking to Sam about something, the woman from before is interrupting in what might be Norwegian, I seem to understand some of it, but although it sounds strange and makes me a bit suspicions, I write it off as wishful thinking. People are exiting the bus, I am waiting behind as I need to get to the top floor to get my backpack. As we are coming to and end of the journey I continue my conversation with some of the younger guys, I explain how awesome the train policy in Germany is regarding group tickets (missed the train sign), some of the younger guys have asked Sam (a younger Sam Winchester, only in resemblance, residue) if they are really going to Amsterdam. We recently got to Holland and as this comes to my mind, I say it it sounds interesting. This conversation is happening on the top of the pier, a pier I have come to like over the past few days, there are 4 or 5 of us now present. “Sam”, his best friend the younger guys and the outsider, namely me. I am still in awe about what Sam and his friend have just done, the reason we are now sitting atop the pier, that rises very high above the surface of the water. The journey back up to the pier starts in the ocean, I wonder why Sam's friend doesn't swim as it will be quicker, but he seems to prefer walking on water. As I come to the flight of stairs I notice a lot of silver worms in the sand (Residue, you guys should have seen the size of the creatures I saw at work yesterday) I quickly head to the top and await the others. I quickly swim over to Sam's friend and tell him what they just was insane and amazing. They placed themselves in the top of a box stacked upon another, and tilted this from the top of the pier into the sea. Funny enough the boxes actually don't just fall down, but slam into the side of the pier sling shooting Sam and his friend under it, but I somehow know that this is what they intended and both come out OK. Think this is where I first saw the woman who spoke in Norwegian, short blonde girl with a slim face and very very long hair, not all smooth, which sort of goes with the crowd we are hanging out with.


      Oh and here is what I remember from my second dream ! I wake up, I know I have to go to work tomorrow and I know I am only in my first REM stage, I am really tired so I quickly find a post-it block and jog down a few bullets from my first dream, wow that was quite short but amazing. I might as well try to WILD, as I might have to leave the minute my alarm goes off, I lye down, focus on my breath with the intention of going to sleep, I use my breath checking on a lower frequency than before, as I recall how aware and awake I can become if I focus on it too much... I soon drift off and go to sleep...