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    1. 2018-12-03 Prospective collapse of water structure releasing the dinosaurs and electrocuting big dad

      by , 12-03-2018 at 02:07 AM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretationwake/dream visuals/visions

      2018-03-12 There have been many dreams of late, a certain theme have played over in its variety of incarnations. Approaching the water, confronting/releasing the reptiles. This dream showed up about a week following our last gathering. It felt big, as intense symbolically as when I have been guided previously by African Dream root. I didn’t intend to dive into it, but it seems appropriate at this time.

      Dream 1: (2018-11-23) A series of events transpire in a complicated building complex with a large body of water, containing dinosaurs in them, which revolve around teaching others to express their needs and confronting children in an armoured “Big Daddy” suit.

      I am in a large building complex, it is very bright and modern looking. There is plenty of sunlight pouring through the windows and there is a lot of greenery spread out around in the building. It is as if the building is roughly centred around a large pool in the middle, which is in place both at the ground floor and the basement. At the ground floor this massive square pool is surrounded by spectator seats, as there are multiple shows of “scary” animals taking place. In particular at present there are two megalodons in the waters as well as a larger dinosaur that during the dream ends up killing and consuming the two sharks.

      In the beginning of the dream there is a show happening in the central room where the sharks and dino monsters are held. To begin with there is a jovial touristy atmosphere surrounding the show and all the spectator seats are filled. It very much has a Jurassic World kinda feel, which is significant in its theming.

      I find myself at the basement looking into the waters through a thick sheating of glass. This is where I observe the massive dinosaur consume the two sharks in the tank. It also slams into the glass, though I am unsure if it displays signs of cracking at this or not. In any case this is where I get the feeling that is common to my dreams “I know how this story plays out”. I know that the massive dinosaur is going to crack the tank, thereby releasing 4 dinosaurs where one is a massive snake, the other is a t-rex, the third is the water-dino itself, while the 4th is unknown (immediately here the theme of the 4th unknown deserves attention as it has been a running theme since the night before our first dream sharing gathering, where I encountered an inner child that I didn’t know all that well amongst 3 others that I knew very well).

      As per usual as I am thinking this an alarm goes off and there is a somewhat panicky atmosphere as the building starts being evacuated.

      I head out off to a side building. It is on the right hand side of the body of water. This time I am on the upper floor. I am sat on a pathway made of steel and below there is a botanic room, again beautiful and floral. I am preparing a workshop. This workshop is about me making myself available to my clients for whatever they dare express their desires around. This particularly is meant for me to teach others about expressing their desires in a public forum, but with me as an object (something that was a major theme at a spiritual workshop in 2017, which I spoke to MA about). F is there and she says that she is interested in a massage, but nothing sexual.

      Then I am in Hornslet, where I grew up. M is there with E on the road from the park, leading up to the council building. For some reason this is still connected to the building complex with the sharks and dinos. I am also there talking to M about what happened between them at the spot, so both while it is happening and after. M tells me how they decided to have sex, despite some of the warnings we had discussed about romantic ideations following transpersonal journeys.

      M tells me: “We had a lot of sex and to begin with it was just vaginal penetration. But then I decided to fuck her in the ass, despite the fact that she had told me that she didn’t want to. It was rough on her, but I decided to do it anyway so she would have the experience from a friend. She needed to learn”. Throughout this interaction there is an implicit meaning between us around E’s tendency of leaning too hard on support from the outside, in particular male support, which can lead to her being exploited, which is what M was trying to teach her tough-love style.

      There is a brief flash of running into my Cousin on a similar steel pathway on the uppermost floor.

      The last full scenario again takes place on the right hand side of the large body of water, somehow in the same place as the last scenario with “expressing desire”, yet also below and somewhat unrelated. Again very bright and a light and pleasant atmosphere.

      I am in a “Big Dady” suit from Bio Shock. I have almost won, yet I am caught off-guard by a grenade that slips under a big white statue or cardboard cut-out of a statue. The grenade is thrown by a little girl and the reason it catches me off guard is that I have stepped in a puddle of water and the grenade explodes in a long arc of lightning, nearly killing me. I try to escape by rushing to the stairways, but am electrocuted.

      I sit down and feign death until the little girl and her mother appears. They walk down towards me the mother approaching. She leans really close checking my pulse, talking to me, asking me if I am dead or not. She has almost decided that I am death until one of my eye-lashes brush against her cheek and she proclaims “I felt a streak of lash against my cheek” and she discovers my deception. But she is so close and in such a vulnerable position that I manage to throw her off and have her eliminated upstairs.

      The small girl that was accompanying her mother knows that upon the death of her mother that she can’t hope to win our contest. I am simply armoured too heavily in my “Big Dady” suit. I walk upstairs and am now confronted by 3 children, 2 boys and the girl. They all know they have lost, but decide to choose their weapons – pillows.

      As we engage in a pillow fight and the kids seem drained of hope, I get a bad feeling. I feel bad for them and as such I decide not to fight to kill them.

      Dream Ends.

      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretationwake/dream visuals/visions
    2. Sharing with Silas, Smoke-A-"Ton" 2011

      by , 09-13-2011 at 08:29 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      13-09-11 I am lying in my bed and I can hear Silas talking to someone, a dream entitiy. For some reason I think he is talking about a location I know and that he is part of IOSDP. I keep thinking windmill, which is then repeated by the dream entity and he talks about bikes as well. I think I know the location he is talking about so I think hard about Vesterguard, and this is eventually repeated by the dream entity as well, first as guard and then the full name.

      Not sure if the above section was a FA or HH → pre REM dreaming.

      I am lucid and the dream starts forming. I am in the sea, swimming around unable to get to shore, know I am dreaming, but my vision is blurry and I have limited control. I see light in the horizon out over the water and what would be a sea port town. I eventually stabilise the dream through breathing.

      I am waiting for Silas or ”Crusher” (definitely a name with a C, though I will refer to him as Silas from now on) or whatever to get out of the water. I decide to finish off the TotM tasks. Walking on water was simple enough have, but I have to try a bit harder to pull out a ball of water from the ocean mentally, the water keeps rippling where I try and pull out the ball, and sling it maybe 20 metre in a forward arch (this is what I tried to do in the first lucid I had, but got interrupted).

      Silas comes into shore and I take him to the place I thought was the place, but it turns out he doesn't recognise it it. We talk a bit about us both being new to this whole IOSDP thing and that we will just continue marching on writing down our stuff and trying to meet.

      Silas takes off and I try and do a cool back flip onto a little hut, that turns into a chest in my grand father's house, albeit a very tall chest and the back flip is sub par. I jump down and someone is using a crowbar to tear through a thin wall.

      ”We have nearly destroyed my grand mother's house” I say, think to either Silas or the person using the crowbar. I am in the basement and I say ”Well, see you around” and try and fly out, but can't get through the walls or windows, I try and open the windows and now I have the crowbar, they are too small, I try another one and get stuck looking at some girl/woman who I tell I have been playing around and stuff. She tells me I have been playing with (don't recall name) a baby girl, because apparently I have colour in my face.

      Notes: Though lucid the entire time even with access to waking memory (cf. The TotM tasks) I don't realise that I am talking to Silas, a TV show character and treat him as a member of the IOSDP. Aside from that the control I had in this dream was horrible apart from the TotM stuff.

      I am in possession of copious amounts of weed, bags that would indicate in the kilos. This particular theme is recurring over what I believe to be a series of dreams. But it is all very fragmented.

      I get back from a party and I am pretty pissed, I think I try and skin up without much success.

      I pick up some weed somewhere and bring it to a friends house, which results in the house getting raided as I bought it of the mum of the girl I was visiting and the dealer didn't want weed around her daughter.

      I run into an old female friend of mine from way back, who explains that they have gone out to town recently where they brought “the other Rasmus” and Sisse and they ended up hooking up and having sex. I was surprised to find that this actually hurt considering it was 8 years ago and that I was only with her for 3 months approximately.

      I return to the first girl's house where I find that the weed I brought the night before is still there. I start making a roach and look for paper. I have some in my pocket, but it is all crumbled up and I am unsure if the clue will stick. Doesn't matter in the end I find some on the table. The roach becomes really weird and some woman calls me from downstairs before I can roll a spliff.

      I am talking to a friend who have found a stash of wed of maybe 3 kilos. He is talking about how it is located in a residential area and he has seen it quite some times just lying there. He argues we could make some profit of it by starting to sell a bit.

      We are under a bridge with graffiti on the wall and in a room which looks sterilised and metallic, though shaped like a container on the inside. This is where the aforementioned 3 kilos of weed is. We get busted and try and explain that we could sell for the dealer, but he doesn't care explains that he deals in larger lumps and as far as he is aware all we do is owe him and eights.

      In a sauna/steam room with a lot of men and I am about to fight my dad. I keep placing well placed uppercuts. He warns me that he will get going soon, there isn't a lot of room to move and I am afraid of bumping into other naked men.

      Kaiser complementing my new jacket and informing me that he will start shopping in second hand shops as well.
    3. Gloomy times in Hornslet

      by , 07-27-2011 at 11:36 AM
      27-07-11 I am at a brick house in Hornslet, located next to a little lake of some description. On the grass in front of me there is a little black rabbit with long hair. I look at it and it turns around and runs through a gate, made by wire fencing with rather large holes in it.

      I get worried, but the rabbit soon come back. I walk towards the gate to see if the owners are there. I hear conversation and smell a spliff and find two women talking together sat on a picnic table, much like the one I was just sat at next to the house. I look around and find the rabbit now in a little lake (not as big as the one on the other side of the gate) with a duck standing on top of it. It is swimming around and most of the times it doesn't have it's head above water, which worries me.

      I ask the women if they are missing a rabbit, and they say something like that they do, but they think he will be alright. I tell them that at the moment it looks happy enough swimming around a pond with a duck standing on it and they laugh at the remark and join me at my table, with the spliff in hand. I see it and don't really want any of it, but it appears like the women think I want some of it, cause one of them proclaims her intentions of making a new one, as the first one is nearly done.

      Shortly after we are joined by an obnoxious man, who complains that he can't sleep as he is sleeping in the room with the top window located just above our little picnic table. Although we don't really like him we move to a table placed a bit further away from the house on the corner.

      The entire scenery is played out at around sun set, the lighting has that warm, but diminishing red feel of the evening sun.

      We are joined by two men, or the women transform into two men as I am headed into the house to go to bed. I am on the ground floor with the previous man living on the floor above me.

      The two men follow me into my room and go over to stand in the corner, as apparently the grumpy man's bedroom is located directly above that spot. They prepare to make some noise and start lighting cigarettes.

      This agitates me and I tell them to get out and they refuse. I somehow expected this and pick up a tool, probably best described as an Ice pick and walk over to them. I point on the tall skinny one and with madness in my voice tell him to get out as I will not be afraid of using the tool.

      They still refuse and I give the small chubby bloke a quick stab to the back, a stab not actually strong enough to penetrate his skin. They start making a move though, but keeps turning back on me aggressively as if they want to hurt me or are refusing to leave. I get caught close to the tall man right next to a door and this time I stab him in his right shoulder, hard enough not only to penetrate skin, but pin him to the wall behind him as well.

      This treatment, strong as it is, still isn't enough to convince the two blokes to leave so I start stabbing more frequently, the entire length of the blade. Think I hit the small fat one more as he is generally always closer to me. However the first man to receive a stab in the bollocks is mister tall and skinny and shortly thereafter Shorty McFat receives same treatment. This convinces them that it is probably best to leave.

      They shout back towards me standing outside my front door that this will be painful for me. I know this, not fearing their physical vengeance as much as repercussions from the authorities and the social ousting I know is to come from friends around me.

      As I walk outside I am anticipating the arrival of the police though I am fearful of the response from my friends who are closer by. I have no intentions of running and I briefly think if the entire treatment of the men actually constitutes self defense or I have crossed some line already concerning that.

      I am joined by friends around me, who all look upon me with a mixture of anger, shame and fear in their faces. It is however Ida who hurts me the most, by coming up next to me and speaking in Norwegian tells me that ”Michael” ”Who, the one standing over there in the pink jacket or the one next to him?” (which is my cousin and is actually called Michael) she confirms it to be the one in pink and goes on to tell me that ”I know 2 Danish guys I am ashamed and sad to stand next to you at the moment, where the other one is actually rather good looking”.

      (I am unsure if this is a separate dream or just one hell of a long one)

      I think I see Mikkel N. wearing no shirt before the scenery freezes and takes me back to a point in time prior this incident. I remember feeling a distinct sadness as I know I am about to relive the first couple of hours or days leading up to this event.

      The general theme of this continuation is a series of party oriented scenarios, no way near as sharp recall as the episodes above.

      They all seem to be centered around Mikkel and Mark and their general dominance over the course of events, filled in with other random people and Ida's presence.

      Though the second time around my murderous ousting of two men never happen I am unsure as to which scenario actually ends the dream, though I will start with the short one cause the other might actually just as well have carried over after I wake up.

      I am in a sofa with Ida, I am lying on the long side, she on the short (it is a corner sofa). We are lying head to head, and I am a bit sad being in this position knowing she has rejected me. However she starts making her way onto my side, she places her head next to mine and continue to come over. In the end she is sitting up looking down upon me smiling with her bare breasts hanging out. She has minging saggy tits though. I realize I am dreaming as I start noticing her fade away and course my luck.

      I am at the central festival spot in Hornslet. There is a festival and people are merry though all of a sudden everyone's attention is directed skywards. There is a large triangular shape with lights floating by partially covered by clouds. As the shape continues to be uncovered by the clouds I am wondering if that can be a flying object at all as it is all triangular and definitely not aerodynamic. Shortly after this thought some of the object is revealed much closer towards the ground and the shape of a massive (MASSIVE!) ship is revealed, much larger than the titanic, though the conversation amongst people young and old alike is if this is in fact Titanic.

      I become skeptic. The only source of water close by is a narrow stream of water meandering through the landscape, no way A: Straight enough to hold the ship in question. B: holds enough water to support the weight of the massive ship.

      I walk closer towards the ship and the water stream and find my dad standing there. Apparently this isn't the first time this ship has appeared and I walk over and start discussing why it is impossible that it is there. He tells me that if the ship just has a shape that somewhat mimics the shape of the water stream it will work. He draws it on a paper and I counter his argument explaining that it will not be able to move if the length of the moveable walls is exactly the same as the shape of the stream, rather it will need much smaller segments almost allowing it to move as a snake. I attempt at drawing my solution to the problem and have forgotten the problem of the amount of water.

      We stare at the now resting ship for a while.

      The atmosphere is dark and clouded it is night time and there is no clear source of light. This makes the appearing ship look ominous as hell as it is completely black against the dusk coloured night sky.


      I am in a car with Mark H. I am starting to become a bit angry, not as much with him, but my surroundings in general. I complain that the massive ship had to travel down a small stream of water when we actually have a river just behind a block of houses from the stream (there isn't such a river). He agrees and I look down the river and see that it is more winding than I recall, but definitely has more water to support the weight. We are in a van.

      I wake up and find one of my plants in a plastic bowl with loads of new small sprouts. I tell Mark H. that I am happy with this development and proclaim my intention of replanting the plant straight away considering that it is already in a pot with loads of space where it won't be disturbed too much by being removed. I exit the room and when I come back the plant is somewhat changed. All the small sprouts don't seem to be standing up on their own accord any more, but rather it looks like a big mess. I quickly wonder if this is Mark's doing, but when I pick up the plant and turn it around I see that the branches are just following the direction of the sunshine.