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    1. Mainly random shit

      by , 09-16-2011 at 07:24 AM
      16-09-11 Showdown starting in hornslet, mexican goes nuts with a gun firing small bullets though they could kill, think he misses all, I try to stop him, but he has a gun, after he is done shooting I take him to the ground and start choking him to render him unconscious, some weird car appear to pick him up think the colour shifts from dark/black to red, looks like the gorilaz in it.

      Think it has something to do with Esteban Reyes, he is cleaning out the house of people that work for him so we pay a visit. It seems like he is doing or has recently been doing the same in his mansion. There is a stand off, think I am the first to draw my weapon and command the opposing team to drop their guns, I might be in the perspective of Murphy, though I am sure I don't have breasts.

      It all goes down well and I am sat next to Esteban or some agent (as either Nancy or Murphy) asking if it has all gone to shit over a woman, think I am hinting to myself. Esteban shows up and outs the agent and himself right after (pistol in the mouth style)

      Satelite pictures of just how close southern California is to the equator. Shifts out over a rather large island, I remember thinking it was some small island connected to the states, but it can't be with the size of it.

      The POV shifts towards a giant bear that apparently swam across the world, eating large sharks as he paddled on. It looks like a druid in bear form and it sort of jumps behind the shark every time it gets attacked, although when a really big one appears it hides on a tiny islad and lures the shark to go there and then eats it.

      The sharks look weird, like their spines are protruding out from either sides of their bodies.

      In the office as an errand boy, I have a letter to deliver, it is a tax claim for the company I work for. I accidentally open it as I don't know where to deliver it. I figure out it is one of those envelopes that automatically goes the right place.

      in a meeting with the executives, afraid that they will discover it has been opened, I try and reattach the tape that would indicate this. They end up opening it themselves and I say “I will need a new envelope” “of course” they say and hand me one and tell me to use the old one to fill it out.

      I leave the building contemplating how I can start systematically blowing up banks without anyone getting hurt. I stand at a games workshop type building and wondering if I could wrap the small metal figures around some small scale fire crackers and drop them in the letter boxes where they keep the cash.

      It is early morning and all the shops are getting their wares. I keep running into coca cola affiliated delivery people and dislike them. The city looks like a mixture of Århus and Amsterdam by the water.

      I get into some small alleys and I see a well trained man buying some coke light and he intends on serving out tasters, I briefly wonder if I can have some, but then I realise it is coke and I obviously know how it tastes.

      I head for the museum and ask if it is free to get in, which it is. Inside there is an exhibition on all sorts of guns, AK47s to the left and there is a big collection of small canons in the next room I see.

      There is a woman that keeps picking up the knives from the table and touching everything as she is explaining that she used to have this and that in her childhood home. She gets warned loads by the museum's custodian, who in the end asks the child if he/she would like a liquorice from the next room to get the woman out of there.

      Being driven home after a football match by Lars R. I tell him I would like to buy him a beer when we get back as a thank you. We stop at one point and he is having trouble starting again. We have to stop for gas on the way back home, when we do so it is in a large grey building-area.
    2. Sharing with Silas, Smoke-A-"Ton" 2011

      by , 09-13-2011 at 08:29 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      13-09-11 I am lying in my bed and I can hear Silas talking to someone, a dream entitiy. For some reason I think he is talking about a location I know and that he is part of IOSDP. I keep thinking windmill, which is then repeated by the dream entity and he talks about bikes as well. I think I know the location he is talking about so I think hard about Vesterguard, and this is eventually repeated by the dream entity as well, first as guard and then the full name.

      Not sure if the above section was a FA or HH → pre REM dreaming.

      I am lucid and the dream starts forming. I am in the sea, swimming around unable to get to shore, know I am dreaming, but my vision is blurry and I have limited control. I see light in the horizon out over the water and what would be a sea port town. I eventually stabilise the dream through breathing.

      I am waiting for Silas or ”Crusher” (definitely a name with a C, though I will refer to him as Silas from now on) or whatever to get out of the water. I decide to finish off the TotM tasks. Walking on water was simple enough have, but I have to try a bit harder to pull out a ball of water from the ocean mentally, the water keeps rippling where I try and pull out the ball, and sling it maybe 20 metre in a forward arch (this is what I tried to do in the first lucid I had, but got interrupted).

      Silas comes into shore and I take him to the place I thought was the place, but it turns out he doesn't recognise it it. We talk a bit about us both being new to this whole IOSDP thing and that we will just continue marching on writing down our stuff and trying to meet.

      Silas takes off and I try and do a cool back flip onto a little hut, that turns into a chest in my grand father's house, albeit a very tall chest and the back flip is sub par. I jump down and someone is using a crowbar to tear through a thin wall.

      ”We have nearly destroyed my grand mother's house” I say, think to either Silas or the person using the crowbar. I am in the basement and I say ”Well, see you around” and try and fly out, but can't get through the walls or windows, I try and open the windows and now I have the crowbar, they are too small, I try another one and get stuck looking at some girl/woman who I tell I have been playing around and stuff. She tells me I have been playing with (don't recall name) a baby girl, because apparently I have colour in my face.

      Notes: Though lucid the entire time even with access to waking memory (cf. The TotM tasks) I don't realise that I am talking to Silas, a TV show character and treat him as a member of the IOSDP. Aside from that the control I had in this dream was horrible apart from the TotM stuff.

      I am in possession of copious amounts of weed, bags that would indicate in the kilos. This particular theme is recurring over what I believe to be a series of dreams. But it is all very fragmented.

      I get back from a party and I am pretty pissed, I think I try and skin up without much success.

      I pick up some weed somewhere and bring it to a friends house, which results in the house getting raided as I bought it of the mum of the girl I was visiting and the dealer didn't want weed around her daughter.

      I run into an old female friend of mine from way back, who explains that they have gone out to town recently where they brought “the other Rasmus” and Sisse and they ended up hooking up and having sex. I was surprised to find that this actually hurt considering it was 8 years ago and that I was only with her for 3 months approximately.

      I return to the first girl's house where I find that the weed I brought the night before is still there. I start making a roach and look for paper. I have some in my pocket, but it is all crumbled up and I am unsure if the clue will stick. Doesn't matter in the end I find some on the table. The roach becomes really weird and some woman calls me from downstairs before I can roll a spliff.

      I am talking to a friend who have found a stash of wed of maybe 3 kilos. He is talking about how it is located in a residential area and he has seen it quite some times just lying there. He argues we could make some profit of it by starting to sell a bit.

      We are under a bridge with graffiti on the wall and in a room which looks sterilised and metallic, though shaped like a container on the inside. This is where the aforementioned 3 kilos of weed is. We get busted and try and explain that we could sell for the dealer, but he doesn't care explains that he deals in larger lumps and as far as he is aware all we do is owe him and eights.

      In a sauna/steam room with a lot of men and I am about to fight my dad. I keep placing well placed uppercuts. He warns me that he will get going soon, there isn't a lot of room to move and I am afraid of bumping into other naked men.

      Kaiser complementing my new jacket and informing me that he will start shopping in second hand shops as well.
    3. Weeds and 911

      by , 09-06-2011 at 01:05 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      06-09-11 Weeds/911 mix up. There has been a plane crash out in a field, though the Boing that has crashed seems fit for take off and I think there may still be people in it.

      There is a smaller jet headed for the Boing, which will destroy it. I see this twice.

      The Second time around Andy tells Doug to get in the plane and take off in order to save lives. I take on the perspective of Doug and walk into the cockpit. I start taking off, which is slightly difficult as the road is blocked a bit down the road, but luckily the plane doesn't need much run way to take off and I, Doug, am capable of pulling it up at a fairly steep angle.

      A bit up in the air I have a near collision with another Boing, but manage to avoid it barely. I even wonder how I missed with the wings and all.


      Doug is flying around some strange buildings trying to avoid the mid air passageways between towers. Quite the achievement.

      I am in a team race of sorts in a pyramid.

      I am teamed up with my dad and the way the race works is that you have to undergo a series of challenges depending on what colour trail you draw. Each trail consists of 5 sub challenges.

      I draw red (Fire), which is a difficult one. We have to go through a small rectangular hole that seems filled with urine in order to get to our drawn trail.

      The first step of my challenge involve guiding a metal golem down a ramp through some boulders that keeps running across this in order to trip it. It reminds me of the classical game where you have to adjust the floor in order to guide a metal ball through a maze of traps, except that it is with a golem and there is a sea of lava at the bottom.

      I manage to get the golem through but I am having second thoughts about jumping into the lava, so I ask the surroundings if it is safe to do so, to which I get the response that it is perfectly safe.

      I jump into the lava and there is a similar configuration of boulders cutting across our path towards the goal.

      I realise that I am dreaming and I pick up the golem, now transformed into a small marble sized metallic ball, still with the same dark metal grey and ruby colourings, telekinetic, as it will be easier to transport.

      I dodge the balls and “fly” through the lava on the right hand side of the ditch thereby avoiding the angry red heads of Søren Pilmark (Danish actor) coming out of the left hand side on sticks.

      I reach a rope that I pull that immediately starts taking my dad (who has now reappeared) up of the lava trench.

      We exit through a well where I rise singing “lucid dreaming”, to a tune I have now forgotten, over and over again.

      Steffen from my primary school class is there and he explains that he only managed 4 challenges and concedes that lucid dreaming have probably given my team the edge. (At this point my lucidity is rapidly declining, and I have no access to memory of tasks I wanted to carry out).

      Fragments: At a garden party with the entire Weeds crew and a few more.

      Silas is in a plane that has crashed and is getting filled with water he is trying to get people out of the plane through a tunnel into the house.

      There is a “future” vision of him being pulled up the tunnel screaming because his girlfriend is still in the plane.

      skip back

      We are going through the procedure of evacuating people, there now seems to be more than initially expected. Besides there being more people they seem utterly oblivious to the danger they are in.

      I take on Silas' perspective and start running to get people to the tunnel one by one. Some of them just don't get it, but seem more interested in the fruit buffet that is in a room in the back. So I grab some people and start crushing fruit against their heads and making them look out the window so they can see the plane is sinking.


      I am in the garden jumping from tree to tree rather agile, like a monkey.


      Andy has bought a new boat that gets placed on the law. There is a woman in it, but Doug arrives and figures out that Andy is going to Thailand and after a moments consideration Andy kicks out the woman who seems a bit disappointed, but tries to tackle the situation by putting on a smile and explaining that she isn't mad. Sounds almost like she is trying to convince herself that she thinks it OK.
    4. Native American shenanigans and a Vampire / Demon / Wizard showdown

    5. Buying a growhouse in the forest by the beach

      by , 08-31-2011 at 12:00 PM
      31-08-11 Weeds: With the Weeds family. We are in a small forest like area close to the ocean. We are there to look at a house to live in, but as we approach it becomes clear that it is not suitable for that.

      The trees are fairly tall, though they allow for ample light to pass through and at the time I would think the lighting match a noon of a summer day. The house itself is made of wood, and fairly crooked in particular in one corner of the above ground level terrace, that is hanging quite a bit.

      There is a woman there, she is blonde and not that tall. Andy and her decides to have sex. I think I observe this from a distance and potentially through a window or similar.

      I do see him pulling out of her, as she is bent over a washing machine and the size of Andy's penis (somewhere between an arm's length and a stinger missile) ruins whatever sexually arousing potential the imagery might have had.


      There are two rooms in the house and Shane is in one of them with the doors closed, there seems to be a consensus that he is probably masturbating. At one point we open the doors (it is a sliding door) and I think Steve Perry comes out and tells us to leave them/him alone. This is weird, and feels so, but doesn't seem to further impact the dream.

      There is a fart, I actually remember the sound of it quite well, when Nancy is in the bathroom and Silas and I can't really decide if it came from the bathroom or Shane's room, but we call out for people to come out and talk about it.

      I sort of want to engage the girl there in a sexual arrangement, but she seems to mainly be interested in Andy. Instead Nancy comes over and sit in my lab and I experience a loving feeling towards and reassures her of her maternal skills. I don't feel attracted to her, but I do feel love.

      There is a small baby that might be Shane, and he is dressed in gangster clothes. He has recently learned how to speak, though he seems more proficient at speaking than walking or keeping his balance in general.

      Me and a girl tickles him and he drops some of the stuff he has been carrying in his pockets. He is crying and laughing at the same time, but he does seem generally sad that the girl teasingly has taken his stuff away from him, which breaks my heart and I feel sorry for him.


      I am talking to Nancy, it is clear that we are not going to buy the house for living, but I point out that it is a perfect grow house. It is far away from civilisation, which should discourage authorities from coming snooping around. It takes a bit of convincing, but she finally comes around.

      I look outside during this and there is a man sitting in a sun chair looking out over the ocean and he isn't wearing a shirt. He doesn't seem to pay any attention to what is going on in the house though I get the feeling he lives there.