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    1. Lucid #22 Park, Volcano

      by , 11-23-2011 at 12:25 AM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am mountain biking with a some random guys. I leave the bike at a small metal house. We start hiking. We suddenly start walking back. Someone sees a crack in a big rock. It's a BIG crack! Soon there is a giant lava pool in front of us, like a volcano. The ground starts shaking and moving towards the lava. We have to get out of here. We run back where we came from, but there is water everywhere... No second thoughts, we swim! The water is warm from the whole volcanic thing. It starts snowing... WTF? Something is wrong, that's for sure, but the only thing I think of is getting out of here as fast as possible! My bike is at the bottom of the water (like 5 meters down), but if i get it I will ride down the mountain faster. I find it with the front tire slightly damaged, but works. Off I go!
      Dream scene changes.
      I am in a city after that bike adventure. I reach a tavern and I see some other bikers in there too. I walk into that place, some guys are waiting for me. We sit in a big table and some random guys join us... Then the waiter brings us fried potatoes, but we hadn't ordered...

      Maybe after leaving the tavern, I find myself in a pretty big park. I go towards the road. I see some guy trying to un-park and another trying to quickly park there. They start shouting. I walk by the road and then I see some friends talking about the mountain thing. One of them seems confused, so I join the conversation to tell the story straight. The guy seems focused on the story. As I am talking there is a noise in my ears, like a bug flying around my head. No matter how hard I try to dissipate it, I can't actually do it, because I can't see it. I shout "STOP" and then it stops.
      I become lucid right away. The dream is clear and stable. I observe the environment. One of my friends is still here. So I start showing off... My control is pretty sweet. There is a plane flying over the city so I say "fall", and then it stops in the air and starts falling. I did that many times. Then there is a bus passing in front of us. I say "BOOM" and snap my fingers... Nothing... "Fire!"... Nothing. That seemed a little annoying because it was the only one that didn't work. I did many stuff like this in that dream, but I didn't get to write it when i woke up. I also remember seeing a wall with a word on it. The word (if it exists) had the letters A B D J. Then I see a intense, but not bright, light rising up. It's the sun, that came up within a few seconds. I don't think it was night before that though... The colors seem a little strange. I do a nose RC and try to feel my weight, but the dream is fading...

      In my last 2 lucids I wanted to look for my dream guide, but in both of them I got into stupid stuff and forgot my goals...
    2. Lucid #21. The Dream Gun and Weird Sex Place.

      by , 09-28-2011 at 11:28 AM


      I am at some road. I want to ride a motorbike. I see one in front of me. I examine the low-angled windscreen and the windshield. I jump in it and ride it. I am afraid that some cop will stop me, cause i don't have a license. I am also worried because i am going a bit slow in a big road and don't know exactly how to use the clutch... It doesn't seem to be much of a problem, but the feeling of the ride sucks. My vision is also bad. The windscreen is kinda blocking my sight and there are no mirrors. I reach a place and see two other bikes with some guys from the uni on them. I go next to them. Now we are walking (didn't notice that change). They say that most people who ride bikes, have one like the one i ride (probably because i like kawasaki ninja :p).
      "Umm... Actually it's not mine" (semi-lucid)
      "I found it in a street. And do you know what the best part is?"
      "We are in a dream!"

      I don't remember if he said anything. There are some cops nearby wearing some weird suits. I am suddenly lying on the ground and have a feeling that i am going to be arrested. Someone throws a gun next to me. One of the guys laughs. I pick it up and pretend to shoot. There are two buttons on it. The one says "sleep", the other something that i don't remember. One of the cops approaches me. He stops. He puts his gun out, makes some settings, he points at his head and shoots. There is a voice saying "sleeep" and he goes "nooooo" in a regretful way, as though he made the wrong settings. There is something like green electricity over his head and his body is standing up but paralized. He seems to be dead or unconscious. What happened is that he should have pressed the other button (which would have keep him in the dream), while he pressed the "sleep" button, which made him wake up (i just KNOW). I look at my gun. I press the other button. I check it on a guy from uni first (lol). I shoot and there is this voice again saying something about some aminoacids that the gun enhances, which make you dream longer. I shoot myself. I am at a place that i can't tell if it's inside or outside. There are many people. They all have words over their heads. Each word is a choice i can make for the dream, or some info about the person. I see a girl with the word "sex" over her head. I look at her and she says
      I understand that if i want sex i have to find people dressed like bunnies... I wander around. I see a girl dressed like a bunny. I look at her. There are three choices over her head. I look at the one saying "threesome". :p There are three girls coming from my left. One of them seems to be the leader or something. She is really nicely dressed. The one of the other two is the main one, and the other is an alternative... The leader girl says
      "Movie star come on"
      We walk through some rooms and doors. We even went trough a bar. It was a casual bar with a lot of people. I saw a friend (we have been talking about dreams that night) holding two big glasses of beer and talking to two very nice girls. I call him and make a face like "hey i am going to have sex and you are drinking beer" lol. We finally reach a quiet room. The other girls goes to the fridge to get something to drink. I look around and see the other room with a big bed in it... Sweee... The dream is FADIIIING
      I wake up...

      At least it was a big one after nearly one month!
      lucid , memorable