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    1. Lucid #10

      by , 04-30-2011 at 04:13 PM
      Hoping that i will manage to synchronize my pc dream journal with the online dream journal, i will post all the lucids and favourited dreams. After that i ll try to keep the online journal up to date posting each new dream on time...
      Lucid #10 (DILD)


      It's morning. My mother in outside my room in the bathroom and she is using the hairdryer. I wake up and turn my cellphone on. I am really sleepy. I leave the phone next to me and close my eyes. I 've tried 2-3 times to wtbt during the night but i didn't succeed. This time i don't remember trying, or even thinking about it... Witout notice a girl friend of mine is lying next to me. I was lying on my right side in the same posture as when i was awake. She was lying behind my back, i couldn't see her. She is talking. It's like she's awake for quite some time. Her voice is clear and cheerful. I feel like we are a couple or sth. She asks me some totally random questions. As if she's a child that wants to learn RIGHT NOW why the snow is white. I moan "aha... yup.." trying to sleep. I still hear the haidryer. She get up and walks over me to get off the bed. I slap her ass for waking my up and i sit up. I stare at her as she's standing next to my wardrobe. After a while the situations starts to seem kinda weird... I do a nose RC. Most times everything gets crystal clear when i do that. This time everything gets burry but i am lucid. I try to look at her. She is still standing there and she 's looking at me, but i can't see her face. It's blurred out. I still hold my nose and breath, waiting to stabilize. I feel that dizziness coming, like the dream is fading away. I close really strong and open my eyes wide some times and after a few seconds the dream gets stabilized. I now see her. She has shorter hair and doesn't look like her waking version much but i know it's her. She comes near me, in front of my face and says: "HIIIII THEEEEEREEEE!". The dream fades. I wake up in the same posture i was before. Nose RC. Yup i 'm awake...
      Tags: blurry, dild, wbtb
      lucid , false awakening