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    ...from the dark corners of my mind...

    1. Spiders in the Cellar (Fragment)

      by , 09-04-2014 at 06:06 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 21, 2013 – 5:30AM (USA Eastern)

      I am in the cellar of an old house and there are large chunks missing out of the concrete walls. There are huge spiders loving in the holes. The spiders had beaks on them like a bird. I watched one of the spiders come out of the hole and eat a stink bug.
    2. Chains and Shackles / Victorian House / fOrceez (ToTM)

      by , 06-13-2012 at 01:51 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: June 13, 2012 – 5:00AM (USA Eastern)

      (Note: I woke up around 3:00AM and decided to get up for a bit. I poured a tall glass of organic apple juice with a little elderberry concentrate added, and then I sat at the computer reading some posts on the DV forums. I read a thread titled I returned to bed around 4:00AM.)

      I find myself standing in a small bathroom in an unfamiliar house. The walls have a dark floral wallpaper and the ceiling is covered with decorative square copper tiles. There is no toilet, but there is a tall urinal along the wall. The bathtub is an antique copper claw-foot tub. I look at the fancy copper trimmed mirror and I do not see my reflection. I immediately become lucid and jump into the mirror.

      Once on the other side of the mirror, I am standing in an old musty root cellar. The walls are covered with sagging wooden shelves which are full of old dusty wine bottles. There is a single light bulb hanging by its wires in the middle of the ceiling. I walk over and pick up a bottle and I struggle for a second to read the label. I try to pull out the cork, then I reach in my pocket and pull out a cork remover. The wine smells like pungent cheese but it tastes like water. I take a second taste and the flavor slightly develops a sweet rose wine flavor which fades quickly.

      Thinking that my lucidity is fading with the flavor, I look up at my surroundings and see that the root cellar has changed into a dungeon. There are rusty chains and shackles hanging on the walls and there are torches on posts sticking out of the floor. I walk over to the wall and feel one of the chains. The rust is gritty and the metal is very cold. There are thick sheets of cobwebs covering all of the walls. When I pull the chain away from the wall, another mirror is revealed. I see my reflection for a split second, then I decide not to get stuck in the mirror. I pull the chains away and take a step back, then jump into the mirror.

      On the other side of the mirror, I find myself standing in a small dark bedroom. There is a small dim lamp on a table next to an open window. The curtains are hanging out of the window, blowing in the wind. The bed and dresser are antique Victorian style and there is scratchy music playing from an antique phonograph in the corner. The hardwood floor is dusty and creaks as I walk. I stop and look at a painting on the wall of an old farm scene when I hear someone cough. I look over to see that fOrceez is sitting on a chair next to the phonograph, reading a book. I take a couple of steps toward him and he lowers the book and looks at me over the top of his reading glasses, then he asks me, “How was your flight?” I reply, “It was quite fun, but I'm not done yet!” I quickly turn around and see that the mirror is still on the wall where I came through. I take several steps back and run into the mirror. The surface does not give way at all and I bounce off and fall on my ass. fOrceez laughs as I stand up, dust myself off, and glare at the mirror. I cannot see my reflection, rather just a dark gray TV static pattern. Deciding that I'll just find another mirror elsewhere, I jump out of the window and fall into the ocean.

      (Note: For the first time that I can recall, falling did not wake me up or trigger a FA. I'm marking the last part as non-lucid because I think my lucidity was lost during the fall, but I'm fairly certain that I remained in the same dream.)

      I hit the cold water and struggle for a moment to swim back to the surface. Once I regain a couple of breaths, I find that I am swimming in a very stormy ocean far from land. Just as I turn around to see if I am near anything, lightning strikes the water just in front of me. I suddenly wake up with the sound of the thunder still rumbling through my head.

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    3. Crawling into the Wine Cellar

      by , 05-22-2012 at 01:39 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: April 14, 2012 – 6:30AM (USA Eastern)

      I am walking toward an old stone house with a couple of friends. Some of them go up to the front door and walk in, but I walk into the wine cellar underneath the house. Inside, there are a couple of very small rooms with a table in the middle of each room. I hear someone snoring in the back, so I walk back a narrow hallway to see where they are at. The hallway goes along the wall, then it turns into a crawl space and leads to a few smaller rooms. I crawl in and find a naked guy sleeping on a table in one of the little rooms. He is laying on his back and his cock is fully erect. I give him a nudge and say, “wake up.” He wakes up and looks at me, then says, “I have to find my clothes. I'll be out in a bit.”

      Suddenly, there is the sound of broken glass being swept around on the floor in the next room. I look through a hole in the wall and someone is sweeping the floor. A large cloud of dust starts to blow into the area, so I turn around and try to get out of there. I crawl back through the crawl space, but I turn the wrong way around the corner and get stuck between the corner and the wall. I struggle for a moment to free myself, but then I wake up.
    4. House of Sex and Drugs

      by , 04-23-2011 at 04:56 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: April 23, 2011 – 7:15AM (USA Eastern)
      Text color legend: · NON-DREAM · NOTES · DREAM · LUCID ·

      I am walking around in a large old house, looking into all of the rooms as I walk by. In every room, there are people in the process of taking some kind of drug-like substances. I walk up the stairs and in every room upstairs, there are groups of two or more people having sex.

      Wish I could recall more, but I found my journal after being awake for 3 hours and this is all it said, old house/(illegible text)/doing drugs in rooms/lots of sex upstairs/(illegible text)
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