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    Floatinghead's dream adventures

    1. 10/29 felt like over 2 hours long!

      by , 10-28-2011 at 03:59 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      maybe false awakening, I am in my room sitting on a bed. my brother and I are making little pictures for some kind of poem I wrote. it's in Korean, so I have to write all the pronounciation in English. there are 2 hispanic female friends to help me out for pronouncing the poem. we have to do this infront of kindergarten kids.(they are in my room)

      my recall is foggy. I think I went outside my room. I watch a TV; the announcer says that there's gonna be a snow blizzard tonight due to electrical-thunder-snow-blizzard in Antarctica. I see penguins suffering in extreme windy weather. (kinda sad...) so I tell my mom this news in the living room. suddenly there is another 'new' mom. I recognized that we had new mom before...(in dream) so terrible. my real mom is kinda sulky about this situation.

      anyway I return to my room, and the pictures and poem writings are disarranged. I ask my brother, whats going on? and he says, the DVD player is broken(I dont see the connection b/w DVD player and this poem stuff)... so I'm like, okay.
      a kindergarten boy is sleeping on the floor with pillow and blanket. I wake him up, saying "do you wanna sleep in my brother's room?" and he nods, slowly walking out of my room.

      here my dad knocked my room and I woke up.
    2. 20-10 20-10-11 Prison, Elves and Snow

      by , 10-20-2011 at 11:53 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      20-10-11 Chill out intentions, see if I can find Kaomea, otherwise just stand still so people can find me.

      “Bus travel, talking about dreams”

      I am travelling on a bus with a couple of my female friends. I notice a girl, who I made an ass out of myself in front of at one point. She has been out all night and I can tell this because she is wearing the same dress she was the night (or maybe a couple of nights?) before. It is this dress that is open on the back all the way down to her waist and is really short. It looks roughed up and dirty, which is to be expected from such a heavy session out. It is beige/brown. I know she has been out for a long time, but I don't mention it to the others.

      We get to the end of our drive and get out. The girl asks if anyone has a lighter as she wants to light a cigarette. I know I have one, but I await to see if anyone else wants to help her. Then the friends I am with asks me if I have a lighter, I ask if she hasn't found one yet and when my friend says no I light her cigarette. I am surprised to find that she lights it inside the bus. I get my lighter back

      I walk outside the bus. I have a cigarette and I see Mikkel Nyholm in a bus that is parked right next to ours. He also has a cigarette. I run into my cousin and we start talking about dreams. He mentions that obviously his dreams aren't as cool as mine and I say “Wellll yeeeeaahh... wellll” (lol). He talks about how he bought loads of cocaine and how he wanted to buy a kilo for like 10 DKK, which obviously is stupidly cheap. Then Kaiser walks over and, because he believes that Morten is talking about waking life, wanting to get high (?). My cousin looks concerned about the fact that Kaiser can't tell that he is talking about a dream.

      “Prison with my brother-in-law”

      I get thrown into prison and it scares me a bit. I talk to my cousin Michael, who is also getting jailed though I don't recall our crime, if they have separate sections for rockers and the like. He explains that they haven't though they talked about implementing it at one point, they figured out it was against the constitution or something like that.

      We get thrown into different ends of the hallway of the jail. When I go into my cell I figure out that I am celled in with my brother-in-law. I had some suspicions about this and reads the name again but the text is a bit blurred (I remember thinking though that when I saw it was him I recognised the writing).

      Although selfish I am a bit relived that I am in a cell with someone I know. I enquire as to why he is in prison and he explains that he has been in a fight. I ask further and he tells me he doesn't really feel like elaborating on it, but then he does anyway.

      “Dude, I have already been to jail, we are fucking dreaming, please understand the massiveness of the situation!”

      I got to a boxing match and Pil was there. I am stood by the ring looking out over the audience. Jacob and this boxing name was boxing Samir something. I am looking back out over the audience and Pil is now talking to me about Thursday, we were supposed to do something, which will carry into Friday as well.

      Then I think that I am supposed to be thrown into jail on Friday so we can't do it there “I'll take mental note of that” Pil say. I get Lucid. “Pil you don't understand the implications of this statement! We are dreaming”. “Oh yeah” he says as if he doesn't care, I grab hold of him telling him “Dude we are dreaming, this is massive! Think about this, Dude you are dreaming”. “Yeah well I don't really find that interesting anyway” (I need to have a chat to my mate about his attitude about being in my dreams! =P).

      I try and get the dream to stabilise, but the environment is really dark and there are all of these flashing lights and the dream fades.

      Notes: This dream is the sole product of using the dicta phone. I only remembered it when listening to the recordings =)

      “Dashing through the snow,with Franky's singing elves, I stop to spot a Mannequin and then I walk along” (The title makes more sense if you sing it!)

      I am asleep, lying on a sun bed or similar though I am inside. I have a lot of pillows. My family is talking about that someone is allowed to go and knick a pillow from me while I am sleeping, they don't know I can hear what is going on. I have plenty of pillows, but I am being an idiot and don't really want to let one go.

      I try and look offended as the woman steals my pillow and I stand up and lean against the sofa. I just can't stand up so I turn around and lie down again. This time in the opposite direction to what I was before. My head is close to the outer wall and I start letting my mind drift. I get the sensation that I am floating out of my skull through the wall down towards the ground.

      I am not really seeing much at this point, but the a white house starts flickering vague in my perceptual field and I start clinging on to this image and soon enough the dream starts manifesting, as I will it to. I look up and see my cousin's cousin Mathias in the window. The window has brown frames and opens outwards double door style.

      Mathias asks me if it isn't about time I let my awareness float to my own position and I agree to this. As I do this it drops to the ground and I feel embodied and start walking around. It is fairly bright, but all of a sudden the brightness is only in a smaller circle around me, while utter darkness is outside this circle. I drop to the ground and start feeling it in order to stabilise. During this I manage to grab a rotten apple that I clench my hand around and feel the mashed apple between my fingers. I also remember feeling the grass a bit.

      I wake up in the same spot still in the dream, but having lost lucidity (damn, this is quite rare for me :/). My cousin starts joking about what I was just doing, and I explain to him that it was rather important that I was trying to stabilise the dream. He sort of interrupts my explanation in a resigning manner letting me know he understands, but he wanted em to explain it so his cousin would understand as well (I can't believe I didn't turn lucid again! =P).

      Then I go through the house and look at some blue prints. These aren't technical blue prints though but situational, locational and seasonal spells. They are of little value I think, but I pick one of them. that says “The little friends have left a gift”.

      Then the Vegas style show music starts playing with Frank singing about the elves and how people underestimate them. Something about reconnecting with the “little friends” and the “prickly friends” and clearing our complete misunderstandings, I get the feeling the spell might be more powerful than I originally anticipated.

      I start walking around the house in the evening feeling content, not quite happy, just without strain. There is snow all over the place and I reach down and grab this in my hands. The texture is both melting and dry snow. It is powdery and light, while still being malleable into a snowball, which I know cause I test it, though I don't throw it anywhere.

      I look though a large window in the house and see a couple of rows of mannequins, and amongst the dolls there are too living people standing looking at each other, smiling lightly. I get the feeling that they are in love and acting playfully. The woman looks out for me, she looks rather concerned as if she knows me, but I just smile and carry on, just contemplating being while the elf music is playing (lol).

      “Celebration of life party”

      I have a celebration party for Aase who is intending to gear down in life. We haven't really understood that this was happening before. The reason I know it is happening now is because there is this card I have read previously where we explain it. The card says something about her having loved her life and the way it has panned out, but now she thinks it is time for her to gear down a bit.