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    Eonnn's Akashic Records

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    Welcome to my mind...

    In this dream diary I am only writing down the dreams that are the most interesting and unsual, the kind that I won't be able to forget in say 50 years time because they are just too perculiar or liberating to forget. These are the kind of dreams and experiences i live for, anything else is just boring and mundane. So you'll find that there won't be many pages to read, and what you do read will give you a great insight into the kinds of things achievable in dreams be them lucid or not. Just so you know, I have been a natural lucid dreamer since the age of 4 and have them very regularly without any effort on my part. I think by discovering lucid dreaming by myself at such a young age, it flipped some sort of mental switch. So anyway, without further ado, let us begin...

    1. Flying above the labryinth

      by , 12-22-2010 at 01:05 PM (Eonnn's Akashic Records)
      I didn't know what to call this one, it was so magnificent. I found myself in a normal dream, outside on a grass area with a building on one side and the other side had a big dome like structure so we weren't technically outside, we were in this dome but the dome itself was made of glass so you could see outside. There were lots of people around as if it were a festival, which i found quite strange so i became lucid. I continued a little with the plot but got bored with it and just said to the surrounding DC's "watch this" and i flew up above them. They were all staring in awe, then a few other DC's flew up but using some sort of device that looked like a flying motorbike. I headed for an open window on the dome structure and flew out the window.

      It turned out that where i was before, was actually these floating residential ships that looked like the battlecruisers in BSG. We were very high up in the atmosphere and it must have been a different planet because when i looked down, you couldn't see the ground, just more blue sky and white puffy clouds, so this planet had a very thick atmosphere, probably about 100 times thicker than Earth's. It was so beautiful to just be surrounded in nice blue sky with a few puffy white clouds below and above me. There were also a few other starships or whatever flying through the sky, so i flew past them and the other DC's were flying around as well except on these flying bike things.

      For some reason, I now had a little gadget on both hands that was enabling me to fly. The gadget on either hand, was like a glove that had 2 valves facing towards the fingers that shot out cold air, but i assume it must have been antigravity because there was not enough air pressure for it to be keeping me aflight. There were also 2 buttons near the valves, and one in the center, with another valve inbetween the these other 2 valves shooting out the cold air. Except this valve wasn't doing anything so i pressed the button for it, and it shot out this laser. I used the laser to kill off the DC's then decided I wanted to fly down through this atmosphere. So I pressed the other 2 buttons near the cold air valves and they turned off and I took a nice long freefall nose dive right down to the planets surface. It was so fantastic freefalling, i must have been falling through the sky for about 5 minutes. When I neared the bottom, the blue sky was turning dark, and i could see the ground nearing me. I turned the gloves back on and flew over what looked like an eqyptian city. I landed somewhere and had a look around.

      There were all these eqyptian artifacts that looked very expensive and possibly magickal? I had a good look at all of them and picked some of the gold jewellery up and put it in my pocket in a desperate attempt that it might manifest into my reality back home in waking life (hey you never know).

      I then found some people that looked quite ordinary, they had weapons but i convinced them i was friendly, i started asking "what is this place? this reality?" just as i was about to find out, some black metal evil looking robots came along and killed the people then started chasing me. I was running across rooftops but the strange thing was, I kept coming back to the same position i was in even though i was running straight. It was like that scene in the movie "The Labryinth" where the girl is running down a passage way that never ends, it just keeps repeating. I decided I'd had enough of it, so I stood against a wall and imagined a portal behind me that would take me to the lucid crossroads, I turned around and jumped through the portal, except it took me into another dream and I lost my lucidity.
      Tags: flying, labryinth
    2. Flying at lightspeed

      by , 12-22-2010 at 12:57 PM (Eonnn's Akashic Records)
      I was lucid on a beach, I flew up really high, then I flew across the sky towards the city (approx. 50km away), I flew at the the speed of light, it was only for a couple of seconds but it felt incredible. I saw the colours of the rainbow (the same colours that make up the light spectrum) streaking past me like the stars do in starwars when they travel at light speed. I also had complete tunnel vision and it felt like i was travelling immensely fast. So i got from the beach near my house to the city which is almost 50km away, in less than a couple of seconds. If i had decided to fly normally to the city it would have taken me at least half an hour. It was very cool travelling at light speed, i've never been able to do it since.