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    Hyu's Adventures

    I've been lucid dreaming all my life. But it is only in late 2010 that I was introduced to what lucid dreaming actually is,
    and that it is possible to induce lucid dreams. Soon after, I discovered Dreamviews.
    These are the adventures and the curiosities I experience in my dreams.

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    ~ Recurring Locations ~

    • The Beach (Image)
      A place I often end up in if I get lost, or if I use a means of teleportation without thinking of a destination.
      It is always dusk whenever I am there. Usually the beach is empty, but occasionally something of interest can be found.
      The beach is a place of serenity. A place where I can be alone and safe.
    • Teraluna - Riven (Image) (Image)
      Teraluna is an inhabited moon within a binary star system.
      It is orbiting a blue gas giant. It is only sparsely lit by both suns, which are quite far away.
      Riven is a hidden sky city, hovering over the seas of Teraluna.
      It is a safe haven to all it's inhabitants, and home to Yuya.
      The city is lit entirely by colorful bioluminescent plants and creatures, giving the place a rather surreal and vibrant look.
      Riven is my favorite place to visit whenever I am lucid.

    ~ Recurring Characters ~
    • Yuya (Image)
      She has been in my dreams ever since my early teens.
      Formerly a goddess of water, she now lives in Riven.
      She is my spirit guide (although she does not like to be labeled as such)
      The connection I experience with her is incredible.
      She is my friend, my companion, my love, my ecstasy, my guide and my teacher.
    • Faye (Image)
      She is my dream guide, and often changes her appearance.
      But for some reason she has recently turned evil, and now haunts my dreams.
      She is no longer the same person, and can seemingly no longer be reasoned with.
    • Silver (Image)
      A character from childhood dreams.
      He used to be my rival, but is now my dear friend.
      He is not a man of many words, and I do not encounter him very often.
    • Liv (Image)
      Liv is a succubus, a kind of demon.
      She is young, inexperienced, shy, but immensely kind and compassionate,
      even though at first glance she looks demonic and dangerous.
      Nowadays she lives in Riven. Yuya and I guide her on her path towards adulthood.
    • Shinave (Image)
      Formerly a goddess of ice. She is a wise and intelligent person.
      She is Yuya's mother.
    • Ifrit (Image)
      Formerly a god of fire. A being of terrible force and power, but also incredible wisdom.
      He has lived for many hundreds of years, and still upholds old and conservative ideals.
    • Selene
      A character from childhood dreams.
      She has fallen to the templars a long time ago.
    • Templars
      A vile force of darkness that has threatened my dreams in the past.

    1. Desperate Measures

      , 05-05-2013 at 02:27 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I arrive in Haven with the hopes of plotting against the Templars.
      Although I have no new ideas on how to approach the situation, Silver might.

      He joined us just a few days ago, because I put off asking him until then.
      After attempting to make Ifrit join our cause, which failed quite dramatically,
      I did not have the confidence to ask Silver.

      Silver had done so much already, not to mention his horrible childhood.
      He deserves to rest... to enjoy life a little. I shouldn't burden him with my issues.
      But I ended up visiting him anyways, because I felt lost completely.
      I'm not sure what I was expecting when Yuya and I got to the place he lives at now.
      Talking to him again ended up being a little awkward. I wasn't really sure what to talk about.
      Right as I managed to muster enough courage to address the topic of the Templars
      I saw something that completely threw me off.
      A woman entered the house holding a baby. She nodded at us and continued upstairs.
      I realized Silver had a family now.
      I made up an excuse to leave. I could never ask him to join us,
      not after knowing Silver was finally at peace with himself.
      But as we left he told us to hold on.
      He ran upstairs and shortly after returned with his katana strapped to his back...
      It turned out that he had read in my eyes that I needed his help.
      I tried to talk him out of it but I failed.

      So here he is now, standing in Yuya's garden next to a table, a place where we like to sit down
      and discuss tactics. He is talking to Yuya and another person I don't think I have met.
      Yuya's expression worries me quite a bit.

      "What's wrong?"
      "... It's about Vega."

      Given the way she said it, something terrible must have happened there.
      Vega is a small village which we often visit to go to a Café called Serenity.

      It's situated on top of some sort of structure extending over the village.
      An amazing place to stargaze whilst under the influence of some kind of psychedelic drug Vega is known for.

      "What happened?"
      "It's gone."

      It is clear to me now that the other person with us is a messenger who informed her about the terrible news.
      He tells us that I need to go and see. Yuya draws a portal and we enter it together with Silver.

      The remains of Vega are in flames. They are small in numbers, they must have been burning for some time.
      A man points towards Café Serenity, which still sits on top of the structure which appears to have withstood the fires.
      He doesn't say anything though, he just walks away. Did he live in Vega?
      We rush towards the Café, finding both of its owners outside.
      Although the building still stands, it is heavily damaged and no longer in a usable state.
      The owners tell me not to worry. That it is not my fault.
      I enter the Café. Across the walls is written in burned wood:

      "For as long as the dragon remains hidden, those that help protect him shall share his fate"

      Templars... they've done this. Yuya hugs me in an attempt to console me.
      They have killed these people because we are hiding from them. To show that if I do not reveal myself they will kill those that I know.

      "They are right you know. This is not your fault..."
      "Yet I feel guilty"

      I know that she's right. I couldn't know that they were going to do this. And even if I did, what was I supposed to do, sacrifice myself?
      The owners of this Café were honest when they told me that they do not consider this my fault.
      They know who I am and what I have done. But somehow the fact that they do not consider me guilty makes me feel even worse.

      One thing is clear to me now though. The goals of the Templars have indeed changed.
      Back in the old days they were attacking other worlds in order to steal something I have long forgotten.
      They did not know who I was, and it was me that got in their way because I wanted to protect these worlds.
      But this time they are not after the belongings of worlds. They are after me specifically.
      This is very odd, considering that Templars have no concept of campanionship.
      Yes, I have indeed killed one of them a long time ago, but they would not hunt me in an attempt of vengance.
      They know no such thing. They see each-other as assets, not as brothers in arms.
      Until now I assumed that they are attempting a pre-emptive strike. So that I can not interfere with their goals again.
      But in that case I would be a secondary objective, and I am clearly not.

      That is exactly what the voices said...
      Recently, when I slept in Haven, I would hear voices during my dreams.
      They would whisper things suggesting that "they" were after me only. That it was because of time? And that I cannot surrender.
      The messages were rather cryptic, and I didn't pay much attention because until now my dreams whilst in this realm have always been
      very abstract and not really meaningful. But now that I think about them I get a feeling that they might help me find a way to deal with the Templars.
      My hopes lie with abstract and cryptic dreams I had within a dream. That is how desperate I am.
      No. It's worse actually. If the Templars were here it means they are on the right track.
      Surely they were able to force someone into telling them that we are hiding on Teraluna.
      It won't take them long to find that place, even though Haven is heavily shielded and we are masking our auras.

      "They will find Teraluna..."

      Both Yuya and Silver look at me rather depressed. I am the one who always comes up with the plans. They are relying on me for a strategy to save Teraluna... to beat the Templars once and for all.
      And I've got nothing.

      "Silver, knowing only the name of the moon, how long would it take you to find Teraluna?"

      He's unreasonably good at finding things.
      He sighs.

      "The location of Teraluna is a rather well kept secret. The library is of great importance, protecting it is easier if its location is not known."
      "Unfortunately there are many stories about it, some of which hint at its location."
      "If I would try hard enough I'd probably find it in less than a week."

      Less than a week? How am I supposed to do anything within that time frame?
      And it's not like evacuating Haven and going into hiding somewhere else is a solution without removing the Templar thread.
      They would manage to hunt some of the inhabitants down somehow.
      Not to mention the library. It is of great importance, and they would burn it to the ground.
      And then there are other things... even more crucial things.
      Teraluna cannot fall.

      The three of us combined aren't able to deal with a single Templar, yet there are 12 of them left.
      Even if I had my dragon spirit and the phoenix essence back, it would be utterly hopeless.
      And besides Ifrit I don't know anyone remotely as strong as us, yet I would need an army.
      Perhaps death is catching up with me.

      "Don't you dare even thinking about surrender."
      "... I won't."

      Silver is looking at me, probably expecting me to reveal some kind of backup plan I had all along.
      Something insane enough that it might just work. I've got nothing.
      In my desperation I recall the voices I heard in those dreams.
      For some reason I reach out with my aura, attempting to locate anything that reminds me of these voices.
      As I catch myself doing this I ponder about how ridiculous this is.
      That's not how scanning for auras works. You need to at least be able to guess how it would feel like to be
      in proximity of a person in order to find someone through aura tracking.
      But for some reason that is beyound me, at that very moment, I do find something.
      It doesn't feel like a person though, and the feeling is very weak.

      If I wasn't hiding from the Templars, I could probably pin the location down near instantly.
      But that would involve releasing an amount of energy that cannot be hidden.
      The Templars who are actively scanning for my aura would find me immediately.
      That goes for all of us. The templars know all of our auras.
      But there is someone else I know, who is rather talented in aura tracking.
      He might be able to help me find... whatever this is.

      "So I might have..."

      Silver and Yuya open their eyes wide in hope.
      Oh boy...

      "Listen. This is a longshot... no, I wouldn't even call it a longshot."
      "I have a lead alright. A lead to maybe find some sort of way to..."

      They are euphoric. Are they not listening to my words? I don't have shit.

      Fuck it. This is all I've got. If it turns out to be nothing then that's it.
      They are relying on me.

      "I need to visit an old friend to help me track someone down."
      "Until I do, I won't be sure on how to approach the situation."
      "I assume there will be a grand battle though, so prepare yourselves accordingly."

      They both nod.

      "I'll be back within less than three days."
      "In case I should fail..."
      "Bullshit! When you come back you'll have a plan."
      "You always have a plan."

      No pressure...

      "We'll evacuate Haven in case we need to make a last stand."
      "And I'll have my mother talk to Ifrit..."

      Somehow I doubt that'll help.

      "... Don't you die on me, alright?"

      I smile.

      "Working on it!"

      That extinguishes the last worries in her facial expression.
      I summon my phoenix wings.
      Time to go annoy the hell out of an old friend of mine. Time to meet a talking bird.
      I take off into the fabric of space.
    2. Time dilation - Fighting Yuya - Closing my eyes

      , 05-07-2012 at 02:42 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      This one is kind of old and happened right after my last entry.
      I haven't really found the time to write it down until now.
      My dreams are also getting kind of long, which is amazing, but also kind of a pain to write down.

      The time is ticking.
      I have no choice but to diffuse the bomb, there is no way we'll get out of the explosion radius in time.
      I quickly grab an electric screwdriver from my back pocket and start removing the digital clock mounted on top of the bomb.
      There is less than one minute left on the timer.

      "Hurry up!"
      "Shut it!"

      Removing the clock reveals a highly complex maze of cabling.
      Screw this!
      I remove the electronics as well, in the hopes of finding a simpler set of cabling leading to the warhead.
      Fortunately I am right. The whole electronics are wired to the warhead by only two thick cables.
      I can do this!
      But my short burst of confidence is quickly shattered by a rather troublesome discovery.
      The warhead is nuclear.
      How the fuck did this happen? How did anyone manage to acquire a nuclear fucking bomb?

      A quick look at the dismantled clock reveals that I have 7 seconds left.
      I decide to cut one of the cables at random.

      "I know this setup! Cut the red one!"

      I move my knife to the red cable, but it shifts colors with the other yellow one.
      Whenever I switch, the cable colors switch as well. It's impossible to cut the red one. WTF!

      Seeing the last few seconds run out, I notice that I'm not really scared to die.
      I wonder why that is.


      I start rubbing my hands but am interrupted by the bomb hitting zero and audibly powering up.
      Well... this is not good. I might wake up because of that.
      I think about quickly portaling the bomb away before it goes off, but then I notice that it is plugged into the wall with an extension cord.
      I unplug it and the warhead turns off.

      I resume rubbing my hands but I am yet again interrupted, this time by the DC that was with me.
      I unsummon him because I have no time to deal with DC's right now.
      I need to stabilize the dream and get my second lesson in time dilation...

      ... I'm in Haven with Yuya and Liv.
      I have trouble stabilizing the dream but eventually manage to get there.
      Once stable I immediately get back to doing the awareness technique from the previous dream, sort of to show off in case Yuya tests me.
      But she doesn't. There is simply no need, she is fully aware of my thoughts and how aware I am right now.
      Liv is curious about what we are doing and I have a difficult time explaining it to her.
      She is unaware of the difficulty of remaining in a dream or the concept of stability.

      We walk along a path that I remember. I've been here before but I cannot quite remember what I was doing.
      Then I see the water pools, yep, this is the fighting practice area.
      Yuya starts walking onto one of the pools and I follow her.
      Walking on water is second nature to me nowadays, but thinking back, it's the first thing that Yuya taught me when I met her again.

      I suddenly get goosebumps and instinctively power up and take a defensive stance.
      Huh? It was Yuya.I felt the shock of her suddenly powering up.

      "Nice reaction!"
      "Cheers. What are we doing?"

      I barely manage to block her attack as she blinks towards me.
      Without my recent training she would have knocked me unconscious with this.
      I'm kind of in the mood to fight her now, I wonder how I compare to her nowadays.
      I smile.

      "Awareness Hyu."
      "What? Oh, you've got to be kidding me! During a fight???"
      "Why? Are you scared that I'll slap you across the face?"
      "Hahaha, alright, let's do this!"

      I awaken the dragon and charge towards her.
      She easily blocks all of my attacks. No surprise there though.
      So far so good, I manage to remain fully aware of my surroundings.
      The fight is pretty tame, I don't get myself into uncomfortable positions, have I gotten closer to the skill level of Yuya?

      She summons her pressurized spheres.
      Well shit. I forgot about those.
      The spheres are horribly dangerous and difficult to fight against.
      She basically creates 5 water spheres about the size of a basket balls.
      Then she compresses them down to the size of a grain of sand.
      I'm not even sure how it's possible to compress a liquid at all.

      The pressure of these spheres is immense. They can be used both defensively and offensively.
      She moves them around telepathically at extreme speeds and can make them burst whenever she wants,
      releasing the contained water at extreme pressures, cutting through anything in their way.

      You really can't let them touch you unless you don't mind loosing a limb.
      Fighting against them requires a lot of blinking, which causes stability problems due to the distorted vision.

      It would be rather useful to have my katana right now, but I'm not using it in a practice battle with Yuya, it's too dangerous.
      I don't use the dragon eyes either, because the thought on using them on a friend scares the shit out of me.
      In return she doesn't use her water extraction technique, which I wouldn't know how to fight against.
      I only saw her use it once in a fight.
      Within a split second she extracted the entire blood from her enemy and he died on the spot.
      It's a really scary technique.

      What am I doing?
      I'm thinking too much. I should look for openings instead and strike whenever I see one.
      But Yuya is way too skilled to provide such an opening, I'll have to force one.
      I create and launch spheres of compressed energy at her. Those are rather explosive and fairly dangerous.
      I got the idea from her water spheres. Attacks of compressed energy have their advantages.
      They are much more efficient against single targets.
      The technique is also cheap energy wise, so I can cast it a lot, making it an ideal tool to get someone off balance.

      She is moving 3 of her water spheres into a defensive position to cope with my relentless attacks.
      Time to get serious.
      I make an aggressive blink, right in front of her, and try to strike her with a fist.
      This is obviously not going to work, I expect her to blink away.
      I'm using a multiblink attack, which is very difficult to perform.
      I try to feel where she's going to blink to to dodge my attack and blink myself to the new location simultaneously.

      Blinking usually has some sort of cooldown, making this impossible, but using enough energy it is possible to force it.
      The energy required to do this is ludicrous though, so multiblink attacks are extremely exhausting.
      But you basically put your opponent into a position where he is forced to multiblink as well to dodge the attack.
      Yuya and I are skilled enough to do it about 4-5 times in a row, but after that everything hurts.
      Your aura is completely unstable at that point and takes seconds to recover, during which you cannot focus your energy at all.

      The reason I'm using such an attack is to nullify an immense advantage she has over me.
      She doesn't need to stay lucid. She lives in this world, I am merely a visitor.

      Here she goes.
      2 Blinks... 3, 4, and finally a fifth.
      The energy in my fist has completely dissipated due to all the blinking, and she can now easily block it.
      I land on the water surface and have difficulty remaining on top due to my now unstable aura.

      I attack her again, purely physically this time, as I neither of us can focus any energy.
      Whoever manages to focus his energy first will have the tremendous advantage of launching the first serious attack.
      I might have the advantage on this, dragonic energy is extremely unstable by nature, so I'm used to it.
      I should be able to focus my energy before my aura has fully stabilized.

      I can feel my aura tingling. This should be enough!
      I focus energy into the tattoo stretched over my right arm and quickly cast a fire based attack towards Yuya.
      She dodges it by blinking.
      How the hell can she do that???
      How is her aura stable enough already to blink?

      I screwed up big time. I casted this before my aura stabilized, and now it's completely messed up again.
      Yuya is over me charging towards me. She's casting a spell.
      Shit, I can't do anything.
      The water surface collapses beneath my feet and I am dragged underwater.
      She's controlling the water, increasing it's pressure attempting to hold me in place.
      I see her splash through the water surface still charging at me fast.
      She is wielding a trident.

      But she's overconfident. She's in her element, so she thinks I must be at a huge disadvantage.
      Yet, even though I do not control water, I can make good use of it.
      My aura stabilizes and I create an extremely strong electric field in front of me.
      Electrolysis! I split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The correct mixture is highly explosive.
      She realizes what I've done too late and I ignite the mixture with a fire sphere.

      Oh shit. I didn't think this through.
      The explosion is huge and we are both catapulted out of the water.
      Everything is extremely foggy because so much water evaporated and water drops are going everywhere.
      I can barely see. This is really dangerous, the dream could collapse.
      I don't even know where up and down is.

      I decide to completely ignore my vision and rely on my sense of global awareness instead.
      Good call! I sense 5 sources of compressed energy approaching. Water spheres!
      I quickly locate Yuya's aura and blink towards her.
      I catch her slightly of guard and manage to land a focused hit.
      She blocks it fine, but still.
      Focused energy attacks are better to avoid than to block.
      They cause all sorts of vibrations in your aura making followup moves difficult.

      I try to chain a few attacks together but quickly feel the exhaustion kicking in and I back up.
      Most of the water has come down and my vision becomes useful again.

      She performs a blink attack.
      Shit! She's going to chain them up.
      We blink a total of 4 times.
      It hurts so much.

      This keeps going for a few more rounds.
      One of us performs a multiblink attack and gets us both completely out of position.
      Then it's a race to the first attack and a matter of somehow defending against it.
      It is absolutely exhausting.
      My limbs become insanely heavy and I start to loose the ability to focus my energy properly.
      We fight for maybe a total of 15 minutes, which is actually quite a long time considering the speed we're going at.

      "Alright... let's call it a draw..."
      "No... I win."

      Oh come on. She's just as exhausted as I am, she can barely stand.

      "You lost awareness of your surroundings."
      "Fuck my life."
      "Haha. You completely forgot!"
      "And guess what? You're still here."
      "Huh? I thought the goal of this was to remain aware of my surroundings."
      "No, that's not the goal at all. The goal is to have deeper dreams. The goal is to remain here for longer."

      Wait what?

      "Hold on a second!"

      She got that grin of her face.
      That "she knows everything" grin.

      "You're telling me the heightened awareness thing isn't actually necessary to stay lucid???"
      "Of course not! How would you pull that off for multiple hours in a row?"
      "I said your awareness level was too random, we did some training to fix that."
      "So you're saying it is already fixed?"
      "I am now convinced that it is already fixed."

      Woah. That was fast.

      "So.. what are we doing now?"
      "Teaching you to let go."

      Let go? Let go of waking life?
      Not thinking about it all the time and rather focus on the dream?
      Of course... she told me many times before...

      I take a quick dip in the water to get rid of the smell.
      I'm sweating like a pig.

      We walk back towards Yuya's place, discussing dreaming and being awake.
      I mention Dreamviews, which I haven't done very often before.
      Yuya tells me to say hi to fOrceez and Dark_Merlin.
      Liv doesn't say a word. I don't think she's ever seen Yuya and me fight, that must have been quite intense for her.

      Damn... I'm so exhausted.
      Why do you even get exhausted in dreams?

      "Why wouldn't you?"
      "Eh... yeah..."
      "So, what do I do against it?"
      "... are you serious?"


      "You sleep of course! Or did you think I would sleep just for fun?"
      "Well... now that you put it this way."

      Liv leaves us and we quickly get into bed.
      Goddamn I'm exhausted. Every muscle in my body hurts.

      "This is a problem"
      "What is?"
      "If I want to sleep I'll have to close my eyes."
      "I might wake up?"
      "zzz, you've picked up a lot of nonsense"
      "I have?"
      "These 'dream rules'. Darkness is bad, don't close your eyes. Don't talk. Yada yada."
      "Yeah, I kinda have, haven't I?"
      "I know the not talking one is nonsense, I talk all the time."
      "It's no different for closing your eyes."
      "I know you're right. I only wake up because I'm scared that I might. But it seems hard to get over."

      "Pff... hahahaha"
      "What's so funny?"
      "Hurr hurr, I'm a badass dragon, I can fight a goddess of water and do all sorts of shit."
      "Yet I can't even close my eyes.... haha.... I'm sorry Hyu, but this is funny."

      It kind of is.
      Screw it. Let's do this shit!
      I close my eyes.

      "You know, when you exploded half of the fucking training pool you didn't see anything either."
      "That didn't wake you up, so why would closing your eyes do so?"

      Yep, my thoughts exactly.
      I open my eyes again to sneak a closer look at her.

      How am I awake? What is this shit?
      I'm a bit mad, but happy to have made progress.
      I take some quick notes and go back to sleep.
    3. Abducted and experimented on - Escaping from a Nightmare

      , 09-30-2011 at 04:04 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Recently some of the abilities I can confidently use in lucid dreams have appeared in my non-lucid dreams.
      I occasionally find myself using them without thinking or realizing that I am in fact dreaming.
      The most common ones I use are "Fire" and "dragon eyes".
      They're both abilities I associate with dragonic powers in my lucid dreams.
      Creating and manipulating fire is rather straightforward, using the dragon eyes not so much.
      If a DC looks into my eyes whilst I have the "dragon eyes" open, I can order the DC to perform any action and he will obey.
      This works with most DC's, except those who seem unnaturally strong. (those who present themselves as other dreamers or other conscious entities)

      I'm at university, attending some kind of lecture.
      The dean enters the classroom and asks if I can come with him.
      This doesn't really surprise me, I sometimes help the school with some stuff, I assume it's about something related to that.
      I get up and follow him.
      He opens his office. There's 3 men inside wearing suits... weird.
      He closes the door without entering.

      "Mr. Zimmer?"
      "Yes? Can I help you?"
      "Indeed you can, we're from the FBI."
      "Oh? What brings you to Germany?"
      "You do, Mr. Zimmer... Or should I call you 'Hyu'?"

      I'm confused and feel horribly uncomfortable, as if I had committed some sort of crime.
      But I know I have not. Yet I am Hyu, but how do they know? It's the nickname I use on the internet, is this related to some of my online activities?
      It's the Fbi, they have no jurisdiction here.
      I try to remain calm.

      "Mr. Zimmer is fine. Please explain yourself, what do you want from me?"
      "We want you to come with us."
      "I'm afraid I'll need an explanation before I'm going anywhere, you have no jurisdiction here."
      "Indeed, we do not."

      The agent pulls out a gun and points it at my chest.
      I freak out as he pulls the trigger and I feel the pain of something penetrating my skin.
      What the heck? This wasn't a bullet! He shot me with a tranq gun.
      My body goes numb and I fall to the ground...

      ... I regain consciousness. It's cold...
      The room I'm in is dark and moist.
      I'm wearing nothing but underpants, and I am constrained on a metal chair.
      The metal is really cold... and it reeks. I'm scared.
      I try to move my arms, but I can barely move them a few millimeters.
      They are chained to the chair at multiple locations.
      I start panicking and try to pull myself loose.

      But I quickly understand that there is no way that is going to happen.
      My legs are chained in the same way my arms are, there are multiple belts as well, keeping my body constrained to the chair.
      The system is so solid and complex that I can't even turn my head.

      I try to calm down. I need to think.

      Someone enters the room... he's wearing a doctors outfit... it's full of blood stains... fuck fuck fuck.
      He studies a chart and then approaches me.
      He turns on a spotlight attached to his headband, which blinds me.

      "Who are you???"
      "Where am I?!"

      He doesn't give a shit and completely ignores me.
      At first I think that he'll inject me with a huge syringe, but he actually proceeds to drain blood from my left arm.
      He's fucking disgusting. He smells horribly, as if he hasn't showered for weeks, and he doesn't look any better than he smells.

      Fuck this!

      I try to channel energy in order to set him on fire... but it fails miserably.
      Red lights on bracelets on my arms start flashing... and that's it... nothing happens. There is no fire.
      I realize the bracelets have tubes that feed into my arms... what the fuck?

      "Heh. Stupid shit. You're not going to use fire magic for a long time."
      "Guard! We're taking him with us. I want him to see something..."

      A guard enters the room and unlocks some of the chains.
      He then forces me to stand up and follow the doctor.
      The chains around my body are still massive. It's a complex setup of massive steel locks.
      The whole apparatus is heavy, I have a hard time walking with all the weight I have to carry.
      There's no way I'll be able to resist.

      I am brought into a room similar to the one I was held in.
      There's 2 prisoners inside.
      A girl and a guy, both about my age.
      I quickly realize that the girl is dead.
      It looks like she died of blood loss, which she lost through her eyes.
      How horrible!

      The guy seems quite scared. He looks at me, and I can see the desperation in his eyes.
      He knows he is going to die.

      The doctor approaches him. He is going to inject him with the blood he's taken from me... why?

      "They're going to kill me... just like they killed the girl."
      "Your blood killed her."

      The doctor intervenes: "Shut your mouth."
      But knowing what's going to happen to him, he doesn't care.

      "If there's anything you can do... do it."
      "They will torture you until they find a way to extract your abilities... and after that they'll have no more use for you."

      Fuck... if this is true... I have to act now... but how? I can't do shit with these bracelets.
      The doctor gets ready to insert the needle into his arm.
      I can feel the adrenaline pumping...


      The bracelets... they prevent me from using fire...

      "Hey doc!"
      "Shut it!"
      "You know, this is not going to work, you can't transmit the fire genes like that..."

      I'm pulling this out of my ass... I just need him to look me in the eyes before he performs the injection.
      Maybe they don't know what I can do if someone looks into my eyes, maybe they only know about the fire.

      "... Those tricks are not going to work. Don't waste my time."
      "Don't inject him and I'll tell you how to transfer my powers..."
      "... I've actually got them from someone else, I wasn't born with them."

      This is never going to work...
      He turns around and looks at me.
      Or maybe it will?

      "Look me in the eyes, do I look like I'm lying to you? My fucking life is on the line."

      And he does.
      Got you!

      I open the dragon eyes and stare right into his soul.
      I can see every bit of evil inside of him. What a disgusting and horrible person.
      He tries to resist, so I push it.
      His eyes turn bloody... he won't be able to take this for long.
      I need to hurry up.
      I order him with my mind.

      "Undo the bracelets!"

      He approaches me like a puppet and begins deactivating the bracelets.
      The guard notices and freaks out, yelling at the doctor to stop.
      But he doesn't... he can't even hear the guard, he can only hear the overwhelming voice of my mind.
      The guard pulls out his gun, but it's too late.
      The bracelets are off.

      The concentrated fire bullet I just launched at him hits him in the head and splits his skull.
      He drops to the ground dead.

      "PLEASE! Help me! I can get us out!"
      "I know the way, and I can open the doors."

      I don't have a choice, I have no idea where I am.
      He's wearing bracelets as well.
      I concentrate some fire onto them and they stop working.
      He closes his eyes and all the locks on his and my constraints unlock at once.

      "I control electricity. I can control most electrical devices."
      "That's useful..."

      I spot a small red led at the top of the room... fuck... a camera.

      "We need to get out. Now!"

      He gets up and we start running.
      The corridor outside the cell leads straight to a big steel security door.
      He opens it with his ability. It starts lifting upwards.

      But behind it, a whole armed task force is waiting for us.
      In panic, I prepare to set them all on fire, but it seems my new buddy got this.
      With a simple hand motion, he creates an electromagnetic field dragging all their equipment towards the ground.
      The belts of their machine guns prevent them from getting back up and we just run past them.

      This guy is amazing. He locks all doors around us, except for the ones we need to escape.
      We encounter little resistance on our way out since everyone is locked in other rooms.
      Finally we reach an elevator and get inside.

      Apparently we're at level "-28" which is also the lowest level.
      Where the fuck are we.
      It goes all the way up to "0", which is where we are going.

      The elevator doors open and we get out.
      We're in a rather small room, with some sort of reception and a big steel door which presumably leads outside.
      I can see a nuclear warning sign on it... I see. We are in an old nuclear bunker.
      A girl working the reception freaks out once she spots us and grabs a phone.

      "Do yourself a favor and don't bother..."

      I feel more confident now that we're nearly out. I'm not really that scared anymore.
      She drops the phone and puts her arms in the air.

      "Good girl."

      My new friends opens the door with a wave of his hand and the bright light from outside blinds me.
      We step out, not seeing anything, but then my vision normalizes...

      "Yes. I thought you knew how to get out?"
      "We are out. But I had no idea where the fuck this facility actually was..."
      "Well shit..."

      We're in the middle of the desert.
      You can see extremely far from where we are, but there's nothing to see but sand.
      Never ending sand and the fucking door leading back into the nuclear bunker.

      Armed forces stream out of the bunker pointing their machine guns at us.
      There's a guy in a suit with them, presumably the leader of whatever is going on in the bunker.

      ... Hold on a second... I can teleport, can't I?
      Or... wait...

      I'm angry... I'm properly mad.

      The guy I escaped with is confused.


      I'm so pissed. How did I not notice.
      I need to unleash some of this anger...
      I approach the guy in the suit.

      Everyone starts shooting at me, emptying their magazines, but the bullets just bounce off me.
      What do they expect? I'm lucid, they can't do shit.

      I grab the guy by his neck and lift him off the ground.

      "If you meet my subconscious, kindly ask it: 'What the fuck?'"

      I set him on fire. The flames are purple, and so strong that he immediately disintegrates, not even leaving behind any ashes.
      In my anger I call out to Faye, associating her with my subconscious and thus as someone responsible for this nightmare.


      She appears and immediately makes me a sign to let her say something first.

      "I didn't do this Hyu. This is not my fault. It wasn't me."
      "Then who did?"
      "No one... nightmares don't work like that..."

      I finally manage to calm down.
      And then I realize something rather important.

      "Sorry Faye... I didn't mean to be angry at you."
      "And I get it now. This is actually a positive experience, not a negative one."
      "Aha! How so?"
      "If I had this same nightmare and I wasn't lucid dreaming, I wouldn't have been able to break free from it."
      "The habits I've acquired in lucid dreams have helped me to escape from this nightmare, and from many others before."

      She smiles in agreement.

      I feel a lot better, somewhat refreshed actually.
      Beating a nightmare feels good. I feel strong, like I have an ability that most people don't.
      The dream fades away...
    4. Inside my brain / Spider

      , 08-31-2011 at 11:19 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Two non-lucids I thought were quite funny.

      Inside my brain
      I'm lost.
      The place I'm in is not very well lit. There are tube like things going everywhere and they look sort of organic.
      Between them a wooden bridge is spanned.
      It is rather shakey, but I'm walking it since I have nowhere else to go.

      Then I reach some sort of intersection, a spot with solid ground with bridges leaving into all directions.
      There's a man in the middle of it, standing in front of multiple monitors and a ludicrous amount of switches and buttons.
      He's wearing a smoking, a top hat and a monocle... classy!

      "Who are you? What are you doing here?"
      "I'm sorry, I seem to be lost."
      "What? Huh? It's you! You're inside of your brain! What are you doing here."

      Seems logical...

      "I'm checking on how things are running."
      "Ah. I see. I wasn't aware you could do that."
      "Well, things are running okay, you're really overusing the processing units at times, but we can manage."
      "Uhuh... so... what's this over there?"

      I point at the only location of interest. The tubes, which I now think are synapses are all sort of brown.
      However in one location, there's a ton of them in vivid red.

      "Erm... this part of the brain is dedicated to dirty thoughts sir."
      "Ah....... okay..."

      I'm in my bathroom, wanting to take piss when suddenly I spot a rather sizable spider in front of the toilet.
      One of those with a fat body and thick hairy legs... ewwww. (I'm sort of arachnophobic)

      "Go away!"

      The spider clearly lifts its head up and looks at me.


      Huh? Spiders can talk? Well... I guess they can.

      "Why? This is my bathroom. Go away!"
      "Meh, not feeling it mate. Nice and warm in here, I'm going to stay."

      The spider clearly has a British accent.

      "Leave or I'll throw you out!"
      "Nope. I think I'm gonna jump you."

      The spider climbs up the toilet and stands on the closed lid.

      "What? ..."
      "I will jump you! I'm a superspider, I can jump this far!"

      Fuck! I'm getting really scared.
      But then memories of fighting with dragonic powers enter my head.
      In panic I launch a massive fireball at the spider.

      Spiders probably dead alright.
      Unfortunately the toilet is missing, and so is most of the wall behind it.
      Oops? A stranger outside walks by and looks at the massive hole in the room and scratches his head.

      My mom storms into the room.

      "What happened?!"
      "It was an accident!"
      "You accidentally blew a hole into your bathroom?"
      "But... there was a spider on the toilet!"

      I realize that this excuse makes no sense whatsoever and I'm lost as to how to explain this.
    5. The 4th dimension, Slight disorientation, Trance

      , 04-30-2011 at 02:57 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I took a one week break from working on projects, and it did a lot of good to my dream recall.
      Unfortunately I'm back to working now, which means no more WBTB/WILDs.
      My dream recall has already suffered notably from this.
      It's quite unfortunate, I felt like I was finally getting the hang of WILDing.

      The 4th Dimension

      I'm at uni, walking through the corridors towards my classroom.
      For some reason I end up in what seems to be some sort of physics laboratory.
      I question whether this is where I belong.
      I remember that I am actually majoring in CS and not physics, and that this is definitely not a room I've been in before.
      But as the teacher enters the room I decide to ignore this for some reason, and just go with it.

      I don't know what the course is about, but I recognize elements from quantum physics.
      Then the teacher talks about the fourth dimension (spacial dimension, not time).
      I know a few things about that, so I'm not too surprised when she shows us a hologram of a tesseract.
      But then she says she will materialize it. How on earth is she gonna do that?

      The teacher approaches me and hands me.... well... a tesseract... with transparent walls.
      I assume that it is some sort of model with joints that allows it to be moved similar to a rotation in the 4th dimension.
      But then I remember that this cannot work, it is physically impossible.
      As I touch the object, I realize that it is indeed solid. There are no joints, and all surfaces on it are perfectly solid.
      But I can rotate it the same way I would be able to rotate a 4 dimensional object... at least in theory:

      This fucks with my mind quite a bit.

      But then I understand that I am indeed dreaming, and don't understand why I didn't notice this any sooner.
      For some reason I still feel the need to figure out how this works though.
      How can I even interact with this? The dimensions do not match.
      But then I realize that I am somehow trapped in 4 dimensional space.
      Every object in the class room is 4 dimensional.
      My chair can no longer hold my body and I somehow fall through it.
      As I look up and see everything appear normal yet consisting of impossible shapes, my head starts to hurt and I wake up.

      Slight disorientation

      I'm home, hanging upside down from the lusters.
      A friend of mine enters the house.

      "What the fuck are you doing up there?"

      I look down... why the fuck am I hanging from the lusters?
      Or maybe I am not really hanging from the ceiling?

      "You mean down here. Why are you standing upside down over there?"
      "What? I am standing on the floor!"
      "Yes, and I'm hanging from the ceiling. What's your point?"
      "The ceiling is down, and the floor is up!"
      "No, it isn't."
      "Yes it is!"
      "Because I say so."

      Gravity inverts and he falls down onto the ceiling.

      "What the fuck?"
      "Told you so."
      "I guess you were right."


      I am sitting with a girl my age in front of a campfire.
      We have setup a tent over here, and it seems we are in the middle of the desert.
      But I can't tell for sure, it's pretty dark already.

      I realize the girl isn't human.
      Her hair is mixed with leaves... they are growing out of her head, just like normal hair.
      When I look into her eyes I can also clearly feel that she is not human.
      However she does look human, except for her hair.
      But I don't mind, I feel like this is the way it is supposed to be.
      I remember we both came here in order to get into some sort of trance with the goal to be enlightened.

      Wait a second... what the....?

      Oh! I'm dreaming!
      She looks at me, as if she just realized something.
      But she doesn't say anything, and hands me what appears to be a native american peace pipe.
      She smiles:

      "You need to smoke it."

      For some reason I feel like something special will happen if I smoke it.
      After all the goal was to get into trance right?
      I take a deep breath of smoke, and I instantly feel it in my head.
      I get extremely lightheaded, and have trouble not falling over, even though I'm sitting.


      She smokes the pipe herself.
      Holy shit, what is going on, I feel like I'm falling through the chair, into the sand below it.
      I loose control over my body, and start to hallucinate quite vividly.
      At first it's similar to HI during SP, but then it gets much stronger.
      I see bright and vivid colors everywhere, intermixing with the landscape.
      I see plants growing out of the sand at an insanely fast rate.
      They start to blossom and fill the air with glowing pollen.
      The girl starts growing feathers over her body and flies away.
    6. The quest for the lost Katana - Awakening the dragon within in the most exciting fight

      , 04-26-2011 at 12:45 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      This dream was bloody amazing o_o
      It was so exciting!
      I wrote it down immediately after waking up to make sure I don't forget anything.

      I set myself an alarm for ~5 hours of sleep to WILD.
      I had a hard time transitioning... I was about to give up but then somehow I ended up in a dream anyways.

      I'm on Teraluna, in front of Yuya's house.
      Before entering I decide to attempt to induce a "deep dreaming state" similar to here.
      I grab a fruit from a bowl on Yuya's table and sit down in a meditative pose, trying to focus on each of my senses individually.
      But just before I feel that I'm done, I am interrupted by something very weird.
      I hear a deep growl, like in a thunderstorm, and I see the sky above me deforming.
      It feels like someone is trying to break through the sky, but that doesn't make any sense.

      Actually, it does, the protective energy shield surrounding Haven?
      The ground starts to shake, it is so strong I nearly fall over.
      The growling is now excessively loud. I am confused. Something is wrong.
      A big creature smashes into the ground right besides me and debris is shot into the air.
      At first glance, he looks human, but he's excessively muscular and at least 3 meters tall.
      He looks at me with a dark smile. I don't like this at all, I feel like he's here specifically for me.

      Yuya storms out of her house.


      The man grabs my arm and I am dragged into a wormhole.
      I fall out in a completely different place.
      I get up, ready to defend myself.
      This place looks dark, I don't feel very well at all.
      It's a place of ruins, I feel that many battles have taken place here, and many souls have died."

      "Why did you bring me here?"
      "To die..."
      "... why do you want me to die?"
      "You're supposed to be dead."
      "Pff... you don't get it, and you won't, and I don't give a fuck that you're alive again or why you are."
      "Then why do you want to kill me?"
      "This discussion is pointless, I just want to kill you."
      "Why the fuck would you want to do that?"
      "Pointless... absolutely pointless..."

      He seems disappointed.
      He approaches me slowly, making a fist with his right hand.
      This feels so real... I have had dreams that felt perfectly real before, but for some reason, this is even more intense.
      It's not that my senses are superior to previous dreams but... I'm afraid.
      I feel real danger emerging from this man, like he could really hurt me.
      I don't understand why that is, and it confuses me.

      My phoenix wings are not reacting, I cannot get out, I must fight... or... I could try to wake up?
      No! I won't. I must fight. I do not know why, but I am absolutely certain that it is the right decision.

      He charges me, and I blink a few meters back, trying to increase my focus on this battle.
      But he blinked right with me.... FUCK!
      I try to defend myself from the imminent hit with my arms, drawing up a protective energy shield around me, but I am still hit hard.
      I feel the pressure of his hit all over my body, the energy shield makes a cracking sound and disappears, I'm not sure if I would have made it without it.
      He's strong... too strong maybe. I can't feel his energy, probing his aura reveals nothing.

      He charges again... I launch a sphere of energy at him, but he just blinks through it.
      I concentrate as hard as I can... time slows down allowing me to evade a few hits and place myself in an advantageous position.
      With all the energy I can muster into a fist, I hit him in his shoulder.
      I can feel my energy resonating in his shoulder and causing some damage and he blinks away.

      He laughs histerically.

      "AHAHAHAHA, this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!"
      "FIGHT you little dragon, FIGHT WITH ALL YOU GOT!"

      I feel threatened, but at the same time he makes me furious, trying to kill me without even explaining what the fuck is going on.
      He summons a very long katana, probably 2 meters long.
      I power up as hard as I can, the dragonic energy causes strong vibrations within my body, and I feel very hot.

      "AHAHA, you're gonna fight me with your fists? WITH YOUR BARE HANDS?"
      "You amuse me dragon."

      Fuck... the katana... if only I had my...
      He blinks in front of me, trying to slice me with his katana.
      I blink away, but he keeps blinking after me.
      With every blink we make, he manages to barely slice into my skin.
      It hurts every time he cuts me. He doesn't deal any real damage, but I can't keep going like that, this needs to stop.
      I'm fighting a loosing battle, I need to do something now!
      If only I had my katana... if only I knew more about these dragonic powers...

      Thinking about the dragon within me, I feel anger... rage... fury!
      Fuck dodging these hits!
      I carefully time my next blink and manage to deflect his katana with my left arm.
      I hit him right in his stomach with my right arm, releasing much more energy than last time.
      But he manages to blink back before I have released all of the energy.

      As he blinks back, my body reacts on it's own fueled by anger.
      I use both of my hands to launch a fireball at him, it should hit him just after he exits his blink.
      But my body keeps going instinctively, I form a ball of energy in each hand and launch one angled to the left and the other to the right.
      He appears out of his last blink with the fireball right in front of him.
      He instinctively dodges it by blinking sideways, causing him to blink right into one of the energy balls.
      It explodes and he is launched against part of the ruins.

      All of this happened within less than a second, the battle is so fast, and he is so powerful.
      But finally I can catch a short break.
      I feel vibrations in my arms from launching spells so quickly in a row.
      It feels like the bloody in my veins is on fire, but it doesn't really hurt.

      I feel powerful, and so angry. But... it's a bit different from anger I experience in waking life.
      It doesn't feel like I am controlled by my anger at all, it feels more like the the dragonic energy causes me to feel angry,
      but without loosing control, and without properly despising anyone, more like a "state of mind to battle".
      The power of my dragonic energy feels a bit like a combustion engine.
      The harder I rev it, the stonger the vibrations, the anger and my power becomes.
      But I have no idea how hard I can rev this energy through my body, the vibrations feel like they could be dangerous to myself if I overdo it.

      If have many small cuts and bruises on my body, but nothing serious, but I can still feel the pain.
      It doesn't numb down the way it usually does, but I somewhat enjoy it...
      I enjoy the fear, the pain, the anger, the power, not knowing what will happen next, it is SO EXCITING!
      The man emerges from some debris, he doesn't seem hurt very much, just a few small burns on his chest.

      He smiles

      "This may become an interesting fight after all."

      He's extremely arrogant, acting as if I pose no challenge against him.
      He summons two large snakes and sends them to attack me from left and right.
      I can somehow remember moves, as if I suddenly had conscious access to my muscle memory.
      I let the anger fuel me and concentrate energy into my right arm.
      The dragon tattoo on my back has grown tribal extensions over my right arm which are now detaching from my arm, forming a glowing red whip.
      The end is still attached to the tattoo.
      I grab onto the whip and use it to kill both snakes with ease. It immediately turns back into the tribal tattoo.

      I charge at him, but he summons a lot more snakes, too many to handle with the whip.
      I concentrate my energy into both of my fists and hit the ground below me with both of them, releasing all the energy in the process.
      The energy creates a burning shockwave which obliterates all the snakes attacking me.
      I blink in front of him. Because he's so big I end up mid-air, and try to punch him in the face.
      He blocks with an arm, and hits me in the face.
      I can't block it, and I can't draw a barrier in time, but oddly enough his punch doesn't hurt that much.
      I land on my feet without falling over.

      Blood is leaking from my nose.
      I lick it, looking at him, and I smile.

      "You're right, this may indeed become an interesting fight after all"

      That was a very arrogant move, but all this battle emotions make me so excited.
      I feel that I'm strong, and I deserve to act like that, in fact I believe this is the proper etiquette when battling other beings of such strength.

      I finally manage to probe his aura. He's way stronger than me.
      Then again, my aura is a lot stronger than last time I battled.
      I don't know what the difference in power between us is, but I feel like he's stronger, but I'm slightly faster.

      He laughs hysterically.

      "That's the spirit."

      I power up even further. The energy revs through my body faster, I feel that I'm approaching the limit of my body.
      My eyes start to burn up. I feel pressure and heat on them.
      The sky turns into a dark red color, and the clouds turn into storms of fire.
      I understand why this is happening:

      Those who use the eyes of the dragon shall see the red sky burning, and so shall those who glance into these eyes.

      We charge at eachother. He jumps up high, trying to slice me with his katana from above.
      I can feel so much energy emitting from his blade. I can never let it touch my body.

      I instinctively jump up as well, trying to meet him mid air, to clash our swords.
      But... I don't have my katana? Why did I jump?
      But then I realize why. My katana... I have been searching for it... but it has been with me all along.
      It is a sword made specifically for me, to be used by my powers: those of a dragon.
      This is why it was forged using a bit of the essence of my own dragonic energy.
      This sword has a spirit... and as such I can hide it by depositing it within the fabric of space, which only very few beings can access.
      And this is where it is... where I left it years ago as a child... everywhere yet nowhere.

      We're both approaching each other in the air, closing in for the kill.
      I call out into the fabric of space for my katana, and it materializes in my hands.
      It is so full of energy, I must have left it like that.
      We both swing our swords, time has slowed down to the extreme.
      The blades clash, and release tremendous amounts of energy.
      A small bit of his sword shatters, and fractures form all over the blade.
      I notice a lapse in his focus and take the opportunity to blink and ram my katana into his heart.

      Due to the speed of these actions, we land about 10 meters from eachother.
      He's holding his damaged sword, and my hatana is lodged in his chest.

      Yuya appears from a portal, ready to help me fight, but she quickly realizes just how strong my aura is right now.
      She looks at me somewhat surprised. She was obviously worried sick.
      The man jumps at me again, trying to finish me with his sword now that I have no blade to defend myself.
      Yuya wants to act but I interrupt her with my thoughts.

      "Don't be afraid... I got this..."

      She stops...
      I look at the man, who is halfway through his jump.
      My katana is still full of energy, and lodged in his chest.
      I give him a dark smile, to make him understand that he will now die.
      I snap my fingers, and all the energy in my katana is released at once.
      The man, whoever he was, is burned to dust by the energy, and his broken sword falls to the the ground and is shattered into pieces.
      I catch my katana. It is very beautiful, but I'll have time to admire it later. I cast it back into the fabric of space.

      I approach Yuya, slowly powering down. The sky turns back to its normal color, and the vibrations slow down.

      "Are you alright???"
      "Yes. Just a few bruises."

      Considering my blood covered face and all the cuts, this may have been somewhat of an understatement.
      She seems speechless.
      She understands exactly how strong this man just now was.

      "Sorry for making you worry, I was trapped in this place."
      "It's.... it's all right... you're safe... but... how did you remember... these powers... and your sword?"
      "I suppose all it took was to fight for real once."
      "At least I think this was for real... was it?"

      She goes back to her mysterious self, knowing that I am safe.

      "Maybe... only you know the true limits of your abilities."

      I feel absolutely amazing.
      The feeling of overcoming such danger, of winning a fight against such a deadly opponent, the power I experienced just now.
      But as the vibrations leave my body, my vision blacks out.

      I wake up.
      I feel extremely refreshed, full of energy, I feel like going for a run around the block right now.
      But it's still a bit early for that...
      I get up and start writing down this dream.
      Screw taking notes and getting back to sleep, I don't want to forget a single detail...
    7. Sucker Punch

      , 02-05-2011 at 04:37 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I've been waiting for Sucker Punch to come out since it was announced.
      I found a new Trailer for it yesterday (only seen the teaser so far), and I watched it quite a few times
      because it reminded me of some awesome dreams I've had.

      Whilst trying to fall asleep in the evening I kept playing out similar scenarios in my mind.
      I tell myself that if I become lucid during the night, I want to remember Sucker Punch, and I want to go to that crazy and insane world.

      I'm in Italy, following a mountain path I have walked a few times before.
      It leads to a really good restaurant near the top of the mountain.
      I stop to take a look at the scenery. It looks just like I remember it.
      But something feels off. I slowly realize that I am in the dream world, though I don't know why.

      I engage my senses, feel the wind, hear the noises of the nearby woods and try to see as many details as possible.
      Then I remember, Sucker Punch!
      Not sure how to approach this task I've set myself I close my eyes and let go of the current scene.
      I try to remember the trailer. No specific details, more like atmosphere and how it made me feel.

      I open my eyes and feel that I succeeded, though I'm not entirely sure what exactly it is I tried to do.
      The scene has changed, I am in some sort of stone castle. There is a big door in front of me, presumably the main entrance.
      The corridors are lit with torches. I try to anchor myself in this scene by further enabling my senses.
      There is a lot noise coming from outside, a war is raging.
      Something is trying to break through the door. Every time it gets hit it makes a cracking noise, it won't hold much longer.
      I'm not really sure how to proceed.

      I hear steps next to me, someone is stopping to my right. I turn around and I'm quite surprised by what I see.
      It's Baby Doll, wearing the same sailor outfit as in the trailer, with a katana strapped onto her back.
      Is she going to accompany me?

      "You have to believe."
      "I do... in fact... I don't just believe, I know"

      She smiles and throws me her katana.
      I take it out of its holster, it's beautiful, it feels oddly familiar.

      The door breaks open. A huge creature comes in, at least 10m tall, wielding a double blade.
      I start walking towards him even though I'm afraid.
      The excitement and my sense of adventure is much stronger than my fear.
      We both start charging at each-other. I dodge his blade and slice through his body with mine.
      His body only provides little resistance to my blade, it goes straight trough.

      I am outside of the castle, which seems to be floating on some sort of platform.
      Yes, the castle is flying in the sky, over a city at war, and there are other platforms floating in the skies as well.
      The city is partially on fire, there is smoke everywhere, and glowing shots hit he city and are shot from it into the skies.
      To my left is another creature, wielding a minigun.
      I can't get to him within time so I just do a slicing motion with my blade towards him.
      Energy leaves the blade, hits him and cuts him in half.

      Many more creatures are starting to climb onto the platform.
      I grab the minigun, which is way to big and too heavy for me to use, but I still manage to do so somehow.
      I can feel my muscles drawing energy so they can support the weight.
      I start shooting the creatures down with the minigun, but there's too many.

      "This way!"

      That was baby doll again. I drop the gun and run towards her.
      As I reach her she jumps of the platform... what??
      I jump after her.

      Below the platform is a railway system in mid air and a train is approaching.
      I get it, we're going to land on the moving train.
      But I'm falling fast, and the train is moving fast as well.
      I close my eyes for the impact... believe...

      I hit the train hard, but it doesn't hurt.
      I open my eyes, we're both riding ontop of it.
      The railway starts going vertical.
      I look up, it leads to another platform high up in the skies.

      Big bullets are shot from the city towards our train, this will end badly.
      The inevitable happens and the train is hit hard, but a few cars in front of us.
      The train starts to progressively explode from car to car.
      We look at each-other... no choice.
      We jump of the exploding train.

      I flip backwards, so I see the world upside down for a moment.
      For some reason this is an absolutely phenomenal feeling.
      I turn myself around properly and feel the heat of the exploding train.
      We're going down... falling past the castle platform, heading straight for the city.
      The faster we fall the stronger I can feel the air pressure, and it's making a terrible noise.

      I hear something. Baby Doll tried to tell me something.

      "I can't fly!"

      That's right! I can!
      I approach her mid-air and hold her in my arms.
      I draw my wings of fire...

      It HURTS.
      My ribcage and my spine make a cracking noise, and I can feel it throughout my body.
      The wings have to carry both of our weight and we're slowing down very quickly.
      We fall through the clouds now approaching the ground.
      I land on my feet hard, the ground beneath us crackles and the pressure of the impact throws things around us over.
      For some reason she's now wearing a white glittery outfit.

      In front of us is the city, and hundreds of these creatures are charging towards us from within it.
      Suddenly, I have it all figured out.
      I hand the katana back to Baby Doll and start focusing my energy as hard as I can.
      The tattoo on my body catches fire and grows over my right arm and the right part of my face.
      My wings burn hot, the flames become brighter every second.
      The heat around me becomes extreme, but it doesn't hurt me, in fact I like it.
      I feel insanely powerful.

      I'm shot at by some of the creatures, but the bullets burn down due to the heat before they hit me.
      My wings grow bigger and bigger. I feel ready.
      I eject all of the accumulated energy and focus it towards the city.
      My wings leave my body, they are now part of the insanely big fire dragon I just summoned.
      It's wing span must be at least 100 meters.

      I drop to my knees. This may have been a little too much energy, I feel dizzy for a second and my aura seems unstable.
      I quickly manage to stabilize it though. I look towards the city.
      The fire dragon has already destroyed all creatures in its path and is now ramming into the city.
      The whole city catches on fire, the buildings are torn off the ground.
      The war is over.

      For some reason I know this war was over a key. A key Baby Doll needs.
      I search for the key with my mind and find it in the burning remains of the city.
      I draw it towards us with telekinesis.
      It's a very simple key, one of those to lock doors within a house.
      I hand the key over to Baby doll, because I feel that's what I'm supposed to do.
      I get the weird feeling that the reason I'm here is to help her get the key.

      She's happy to receive the key and gives me a kiss on my cheek.
      Then she disappears.
      Nothing happens for a few seconds.
      I suddenly remember why wielding the katana felt so familiar...
      It used to be my weapon of choice in childhood dreams... in fact I still own it... it must be somewhere in the dream world.
      I want to find it... but it isn't in this world...

      I don't know what to do next. It feels weird because nothing new is happening, that is very unusual.
      I turn around.
      A man stands right in front of me.
      He punches me right into the face and it fucking hurts.
      I wake up.

      Note: My next goal is to find the katana I have used in childhood dreams.
    8. The Leviathan

      , 02-01-2011 at 12:59 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      After writing down my last dream I go to the toilet and then back to bed.
      I'm still super tired but decide to attempt a WILD.
      I fall asleep somewhere along the way.


      Darkness. Where am I?

      "What? Where am I?"

      I'm confused, and talk to this weird voice some more until I notice my eyes are closed.
      I open them.
      My vision is blurry, I can't feel my senses.

      "What are you doing?"

      Suddenly I feel a splash of water, which "wakes me up"
      My senses work now and I can see much more clearly.

      "Thanks... that helped."
      "I hope so, because we're in a bit of trouble."
      "Why's that?"
      "Someone is pissed that we destroyed his crystal I assume."

      I try to focus and check my surroundings, where I am and what just happened.
      I'm in yet another world, there is snow again... I hate snow, it's a good thing I don't feel the cold due to my energy.
      But it looks completely different from where I was in my last dream.

      "Well, shouldn't we bugger off?"
      "Can't open a portal, the area is protected by some sort of spell."

      I want to summon the wings on my arm to teleport us away, but I'm interrupted by a red portal forming in front of us.
      A person wearing a black suit, MIB style is exiting the portal and closing it behind him.

      "Ooh, cute little Yuya."
      "Fuck you!"

      Well... it seems she doesn't like him.
      I probe his aura. It's dark, and very strong. Yuya is on her guard, he must be strong indeed.
      I try to focus even more on my surroundings, if a battle takes place I need maximum clarity.

      "Who's this fellow? You have a boytoy now?"
      "Shut up!"

      He smiles.
      "This is going to hurt!"

      He forms a big fireball over his head and launches it at Yuya quickly.


      My body reacts without control. I instinctively short range teleport right in front of Yuya and aim my right hand at the fireball just before impact.
      I'm completely powered up without knowing how. The fireball hits and I simply absorb most of the energy and it stops, I'm practically holding it in my hand.
      It's hot, but it doesn't hurt me.

      "WHAT THE FUCK????
      Nobody shall stop my balls of fire! I am **** *** *****, demon of ****!!!"
      (I forgot the name)

      "And I am Hyunkell fucking Anassasi, Dragon!"

      i reply as I launch the fireball back at him with some added energy of my own with a strange sensation of power.
      It sets him on fire and it takes him a second to put it out.
      I feel an immense amount of energy coming from Yuya right behind me, what is she doing?
      It feels like she's preparing some sort of spell.

      "WHAT THE FUCK!"
      "Don't you play video games? attacking a dragon with fire? retard!"
      "All real dragons are fucking dead! They've been extinct for years!"

      I plan on launching a fireball of my own at him but I am interrupted by Yuya.

      "Fucking piece of shit, show me what you got!"

      She's angry... she's furious, she really hates him.

      He draws fire between his hands, trying to create an even bigger fireball than before.
      But I've noticed what Yuya has done, and there is no need to intervene.
      He doesn't stand a chance... none whatsoever.

      Yuya just turned a whole fucking lake, which was rather close by, into a huge Leviathan which is going to ram our opponent any second now.
      I looks strangely beautiful.

      He looks up at his fireball, and sees the absolutely massive Leviathan rushing towards him. All hope of life leaves his eyes.
      The Leviathan crushes him, and fills the air with humidity.
      She's completely overdone it, I can tell that she went all out.
      The clarity of the dream greatly decreases as the humidity turns into fog.

      "Thanks Hyu! He caught me off guard."
      "Glad I could help... so... what's the deal with him?"
      "He tried to hurt you in your dreams before."
      "Is he a dreamer?"
      "No. He's a demon... or rather, he used to be..."

      I've never seen Yuya this angry.
      The dream ends.
      lucid , memorable
    9. World war 3

      , 01-27-2011 at 09:24 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I’m playing golf with a famous person for some reason.
      It’s the first time I play golf, but I’m ridiculously skilled at it and win easily…

      (false memories, never seen the place nor the women)

      … I’m back “home”.
      I live with my girlfriend in a rather weird house. We cuddle on our bed a bit but suddenly remember that we forgot to get something important from the city…

      … We’re in the city now, riding on a train. The train starts braking for no reason. We look outside and see missiles falling from the sky.
      We’re scared; it appears a war has just started. Explosions start going off everywhere, one missile hits our track right in front of the train and it starts derailing.
      We quickly open our window and jump out before the train falls into the hole left by the missile.
      I look up. So this is what the end of the world looks like. The sky is red from all the explosions and fire. Missiles everywhere and fighter jets shooting each other and falling off the sky burning.
      We run into the city, trying to make it into the subway system, hoping that we may be safe there. (I've never lived close to a big city or a place with a subway)
      As we run through the city, some skyscrapers start falling over and a fighter jet crashes right in front of us. The heat of the explosion hurts and forces us to run into a building.
      We leave it on the other side, but another jet crashes straight through the street right in front of us.
      We’re both on the very edge of the hole left by the plane,starting to fall in.
      I turn myself around and push my girlfriend back up and she barely manages not to fall into the hole… but I do…

      … I wake up in some sort of futuristic hospital. There are two nurses attending to me, both wearing something that resembles a hooters outfit more than that of a nurse…

      … I’m being told it’s the year 2046. After my fall I was in stasis because they couldn’t fix me up with the current technology.
      What I witnessed was the beginning of world war 3. The newly elected president of America was a fanatic Christian and ordered all non-Christians including all Atheists to be killed all over the world.
      Now, over 30 years later, everyone is at peace and religious disputes no longer exist, the governments are transparent and censorship no longer exists.
      But we’ve paid the price, the current world population is only approaching 1 billion at the moment…

      …I’m being interviewed... they ask me about the golf game which confuses me because I don't think it's important.
      Next I am asked what my plans are now, considering that all of my knowledge is outdated, yet I haven't aged a bit. I’ll probably have to learn a new job.
      I ask the interviewer what the current situation with space exploration is, because I've seen a recruitment poster somewhere.
      He says they recently discovered ways to create FTL drives, and an exploration project will start any moment now, they’re actually searching for peoples willing to be trained for space travel.
      I tell him that I’ll try to join the program then, in hopes of becoming a pilot…