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    Hyu's Adventures

    I've been lucid dreaming all my life. But it is only in late 2010 that I was introduced to what lucid dreaming actually is,
    and that it is possible to induce lucid dreams. Soon after, I discovered Dreamviews.
    These are the adventures and the curiosities I experience in my dreams.

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    ~ Recurring Locations ~

    • The Beach (Image)
      A place I often end up in if I get lost, or if I use a means of teleportation without thinking of a destination.
      It is always dusk whenever I am there. Usually the beach is empty, but occasionally something of interest can be found.
      The beach is a place of serenity. A place where I can be alone and safe.
    • Teraluna - Riven (Image) (Image)
      Teraluna is an inhabited moon within a binary star system.
      It is orbiting a blue gas giant. It is only sparsely lit by both suns, which are quite far away.
      Riven is a hidden sky city, hovering over the seas of Teraluna.
      It is a safe haven to all it's inhabitants, and home to Yuya.
      The city is lit entirely by colorful bioluminescent plants and creatures, giving the place a rather surreal and vibrant look.
      Riven is my favorite place to visit whenever I am lucid.

    ~ Recurring Characters ~
    • Yuya (Image)
      She has been in my dreams ever since my early teens.
      Formerly a goddess of water, she now lives in Riven.
      She is my spirit guide (although she does not like to be labeled as such)
      The connection I experience with her is incredible.
      She is my friend, my companion, my love, my ecstasy, my guide and my teacher.
    • Faye (Image)
      She is my dream guide, and often changes her appearance.
      But for some reason she has recently turned evil, and now haunts my dreams.
      She is no longer the same person, and can seemingly no longer be reasoned with.
    • Silver (Image)
      A character from childhood dreams.
      He used to be my rival, but is now my dear friend.
      He is not a man of many words, and I do not encounter him very often.
    • Liv (Image)
      Liv is a succubus, a kind of demon.
      She is young, inexperienced, shy, but immensely kind and compassionate,
      even though at first glance she looks demonic and dangerous.
      Nowadays she lives in Riven. Yuya and I guide her on her path towards adulthood.
    • Shinave (Image)
      Formerly a goddess of ice. She is a wise and intelligent person.
      She is Yuya's mother.
    • Ifrit (Image)
      Formerly a god of fire. A being of terrible force and power, but also incredible wisdom.
      He has lived for many hundreds of years, and still upholds old and conservative ideals.
    • Selene
      A character from childhood dreams.
      She has fallen to the templars a long time ago.
    • Templars
      A vile force of darkness that has threatened my dreams in the past.

    1. WILD/DEILD experiment - Preventing myself from waking up / Flying with Yuya / Japanese Temple

      , 08-25-2011 at 03:20 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I decided to experiment with alarm timers last night.
      What I basically did was setup my pc so that it would produce a very loud beep at certain times during the night in order to wake me up.
      I figured this way I wouldn't have to move (to turn off an alarm for example) and I could make numerous WILD / DEILD attempts during a single night.
      This is obviously not a new idea, but I haven't tried anything like if before.
      I set the alarms to start after approximately 5 hours of sleep, and then repeat in intervals of 20 minutes for 2 hours.

      I wake up thinking the first alarm must have gone off, but I didn't really hear anything.
      I'm a bit disorientated but try to remember any dreams.
      I recall there being some dream with me driving my car, but no specifics.
      Then the alarm goes off. It's quite a bit louder than I thought it would be.
      Weird, I must have woken up before it actually went off for the first time.
      I then attempt to WILD but fall asleep too quickly.

      That must have been the second alarm. Unfortunately I moved quite a bit, I think a DEILD is out of the question.
      I try to recall any dreams but I can't remember anything whatsoever.
      I close my eyes and attempt another WILD.
      Surprisingly, I immediately get quite strong HH.
      Not only do I get pretty vivid images and lighting flashes, but I also hear voices.
      This is quite odd, it's never this intense...
      Hold on a second...
      I open my eyes and to the nose plug RC.

      I'm dreaming! This is a FA... of course... how did I not think of that?
      I float out of bed towards my pc to see if there's anything on the monitor, but it is turned off.

      I wake up again, pretty sure of having heard the last half of the alarm sound.
      I wonder if this is another FA and realize that this method will obviously cause quite a few FA's and I can't test for them properly if I'm not supposed to move.
      But I moved yet again anyways, so I just plug my nose again. I'm pretty sure that I'm awake.
      I attempt another WILD, this time focusing stronger on remaining conscious.
      I feel more "clear in the head" than before and feel like I have a good chance of success.
      I quickly get vivid blue plasma HI, followed by faint memories of images.
      They go on for a short time and I am unsure of what I'm supposed to do, so I just wait it out, hoping to enter a lucid.
      A first scene forms of be being on a couch with a few people I do not know.
      I am right on the verge of entering a lucid dream, I know it, but the scene vanishes.
      But is is quickly followed by another scene.
      There's snow... a road... people walking the road towards... some kind of temple?
      It looks Japanese... people are wearing kimonos.

      It's now or never, I have to act.
      I try to jerk my dream body forwards, into the scene...
      Gravity! I fall for maybe half a meter and my feet hit the snowy road.
      My whole body is buzzing, but these vibrations quickly turn into senses.
      I can feel the cold wind on my skin and... ouch!
      My feet are SO COLD. I'm standing barefoot in the snow.
      It is so cold that it nearly hurts, but for some reason it feels really good.
      I try to further stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands, but then I get a better idea.
      I grab some snow from the road and rub it over my naked chest and it feels incredibly good.
      The coldness even causes me to shiver.

      Some DC's are giving me odd looks as they are walking past me towards the temple.
      I decide to join them and investigate what's going on in the temple, it's not very far away.
      This dream is really stable. I bet it has to do with the constant feeling of coldness, which is triggering many of my senses.
      I wish coldness and snow would feel this awesome in waking life... I hate winter in waking life.
      I reach the temple, which is more of a gate actually.
      Behind it is a meeting of many Japanese people wearing traditional clothing.
      There's water in the center, a bit like a swimming pool, but very natural.
      Some women are dancing on this water, with particles of light floating out of the water.
      It reminds me of a scene from FFX:

      I wake up yet again.
      I wonder if this is another FA.
      Not wanting to move, I attempt to levitate my dream body upwards... which sort of works.

      I have some trouble separating my dream body from my real body, but finally I'm floating in my room.
      It's different from before, it's like I still feel the attachment to my real body.
      I have to think of this dream: Out of body? - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      I try to avoid looking at my real body still in bed, remembering that it freaked me out last time.

      I wake up again.
      This time I managed not to move, I even still have my eyes closed.
      I try not to think, but I end up thinking that I want to meet Yuya.

      A new dream scene forms... it's Teraluna!
      Amazing! I look around and notice that I'm sort of floating in the air.


      It's Yuya!


      She points towards the ground.
      I look down and realize that I am floating about 2 meters above the ground.
      And obviously, at this specific moment, I stop floating.
      I fall into a tiny river which is right next to Yuyas place.
      I quickly emerge from the water and hold on to the terrace the river is flowing by.
      Yuya is right in front of me and bursts out laughing.
      I have to laugh myself, this is so typical of me.

      I get out of the water.
      The shock of falling into the river was actually a good thing, it "woke me up".
      I talk with Yuya about numerous things, including the dream I just had where I rubbed snow onto my chest.

      "I thought you didn't like snow."
      "I certainly don't in waking life."
      "You call it mud."
      "It usually is, but the snow in the dream was so pure, it was so different."

      We're sort of staring at the landscape during our conversation and I casually put my left arm around her waist.
      Where does this confidence come from? Usually I'm quite shy around her for some reason.
      After we discuss a few more things Yuya presses her back against my chest.

      "Hold me!"
      "Hold on to me!"

      I put both of my arms around her wondering what's going on.
      Within a split second everything turns very dark and my body vibrates.
      I can hear the very loud sound of the alarm going off.
      I no longer feel, I can't hear anything besides the alarm and I can barely see.
      I try to concentrate on the warmth of Yuyas body which is pressed against mine, since it's the only thing I'm still able to feel clearly.
      As the alarm sound stops, my senses gradually come back and after a few seconds I can see and feel clearly again.

      "Holy shit!"
      "Did we just prevent myself from waking up?"
      "We did indeed."
      "This is amazing... You're amazing! ..."
      "Ain't I?"

      She says, sticking out her tongue. I have to laugh.

      "Let's go!"

      Yuya grows water wings and takes off.
      I quickly summon my phoenix wings and go after her.
      We leave Haven and fly through the tree crowns of Teraluna.
      We're flying quite a bit slower than last time, enjoying the mysterious and beautiful landscape of Teraluna...

      I wake up again and decide to take some notes.
      I look at my mobile to check the time and realize that all 6 alarms have already passed.
      I must have missed a few of them.
      I go back to sleep and wake up again after a total of 9 hours of sleep.
      But I still feel sort of tired. I did have 6 alarms going off during the night, I guess this makes sense.

      Anyways, this was an interesting experience, and I'm probably going to try this again soon.
      The feeling of preventing yourself from waking up was quite something!