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    Hyu's Adventures

    I've been lucid dreaming all my life. But it is only in late 2010 that I was introduced to what lucid dreaming actually is,
    and that it is possible to induce lucid dreams. Soon after, I discovered Dreamviews.
    These are the adventures and the curiosities I experience in my dreams.

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    ~ Recurring Locations ~

    • The Beach (Image)
      A place I often end up in if I get lost, or if I use a means of teleportation without thinking of a destination.
      It is always dusk whenever I am there. Usually the beach is empty, but occasionally something of interest can be found.
      The beach is a place of serenity. A place where I can be alone and safe.
    • Teraluna - Riven (Image) (Image)
      Teraluna is an inhabited moon within a binary star system.
      It is orbiting a blue gas giant. It is only sparsely lit by both suns, which are quite far away.
      Riven is a hidden sky city, hovering over the seas of Teraluna.
      It is a safe haven to all it's inhabitants, and home to Yuya.
      The city is lit entirely by colorful bioluminescent plants and creatures, giving the place a rather surreal and vibrant look.
      Riven is my favorite place to visit whenever I am lucid.

    ~ Recurring Characters ~
    • Yuya (Image)
      She has been in my dreams ever since my early teens.
      Formerly a goddess of water, she now lives in Riven.
      She is my spirit guide (although she does not like to be labeled as such)
      The connection I experience with her is incredible.
      She is my friend, my companion, my love, my ecstasy, my guide and my teacher.
    • Faye (Image)
      She is my dream guide, and often changes her appearance.
      But for some reason she has recently turned evil, and now haunts my dreams.
      She is no longer the same person, and can seemingly no longer be reasoned with.
    • Silver (Image)
      A character from childhood dreams.
      He used to be my rival, but is now my dear friend.
      He is not a man of many words, and I do not encounter him very often.
    • Liv (Image)
      Liv is a succubus, a kind of demon.
      She is young, inexperienced, shy, but immensely kind and compassionate,
      even though at first glance she looks demonic and dangerous.
      Nowadays she lives in Riven. Yuya and I guide her on her path towards adulthood.
    • Shinave (Image)
      Formerly a goddess of ice. She is a wise and intelligent person.
      She is Yuya's mother.
    • Ifrit (Image)
      Formerly a god of fire. A being of terrible force and power, but also incredible wisdom.
      He has lived for many hundreds of years, and still upholds old and conservative ideals.
    • Selene
      A character from childhood dreams.
      She has fallen to the templars a long time ago.
    • Templars
      A vile force of darkness that has threatened my dreams in the past.

    1. Stardust

      , 06-18-2012 at 08:01 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I haven't posted in a while.
      It's kinda difficult to find the time to do so with my current health issues. (It's nothing too serious I think, but it impedes me from doing activities that require a decent amount of brain power)
      The few moments where I feel alright and I'm motivated to write, I spend it trying to somehow finish my masters thesis in time.
      It's quite frustrating to know that it is going to take some more time until this will be resolved, because apparently it's perfectly normal to have to wait 10 weeks to get an mri done in this country. :/
      Then again, we got fantastic healthcare, so I shouldn't complain.

      Anyways, I don't really have the motivation to properly write down things that have happened in relation to the Templar story arc, but I figured I'd at least post something.
      Something that is much easier to write.
      So here's a random dream from last night which I thought was really cool, though I now realize that I'm going to have a hard time explaining why.
      It's weird how that works, sometimes a seemingly normal event can be very emotional in dreams.

      I'm in my bed, trying to fall asleep, when I notice that something is off with the lighting.
      Normally my room is really dark at night, there's a few very faint green and blue lights from a switch and a file server in the room, but that's about it.
      You really have to navigate the room by memories (if you don't turn the lights on), because it is too dark to make out anything.
      But for some reason I can distinguish everything clearly, even though it's all pitch black.
      What a contrast!

      Fortunately I know this look very well.
      Dark dreams! In my dreams darkness is usually compensated by a ludicrous amount of contrast, so I can see very clearly, even though it is really dark.
      It is rather astonishing how many shades of black there really are, and how easily they can be distinguished if you aren't limited by the human eye.

      I get out of bed and start exploring the house.
      I don't bother thinking about my current situation or dream stabilization because I'm under the impression that I'm fully lucid.
      This is however not the case.
      I'm not thinking clearly, as I would in a "fully" lucid dream.
      Yes, I'm aware that this is a dream, but I'm not thinking about doing cool stuff. No epiphanies or anything.
      Just a mindless zombie strolling through the house, hoping to catch a glimpse of something extraordinary.

      Once I am downstairs I notice that the scenery outside has changed rather dramatically.
      This is not where my house is in waking life at all!
      I go outside to explore more, and find that my house is now placed right next to a rather large lake.
      It is perfectly still and reflects the sky like a flawless mirror.

      I start walking over it, something I often do in dreams.
      Walking on water is really pleasant, if you do it barefoot that is.
      The water is really cold and I get chills up my spine during my first few steps.

      The sky is cloudless. It is perfect! There is no light pollution whatsoever. What a sight!
      But then I realize that I'm not really lucid.
      Or rather, I realize that I'm not thinking.
      Exploring your own thoughts is an amazing thing to do in dreams, and has become my favorite way of stabilization.
      If you're thinking clearly, dreams receive a huge boost in stability.
      It's also a good way to calm down if you are easily excited.

      Anyways, after some thinking I feel like I've gotten my brain to work adequately.
      But oddly enough I'm not in the mood to leave this place, even though I am now fully aware that I can.
      There is something very special about this scenery, and I'd like to stay for a bit longer.

      I take off my t-shirt, noticing that it's a bit odd that I'm wearing one.
      I never wear shirts to bed, especially not in the summer.
      I lie down on my back.

      It feels sooo good. My back touches the extremely cold water surface, which carries me easily.
      I feel very floaty and stretch out my arms.

      But even though this sensation is very enjoyable, blissful even, I cannot help but feel sad.
      Because in this sky I can see so many stars.
      Billions of them. And beyond them are billions of galaxies, containing billions of stars each.
      And I'm here, on this rather insignificant piece of rock: planet earth.
      Insignificant. That's really all I can think off.
      In comparison to the size of planet earth we have explored less than a single grain of sand.
      I feel alone. I feel stuck. I want to leave this planet.

      I stretch my right arm out and grab onto the stars in my field of vision with my hand.
      It's odd how I feel compelled to make this gesture even though nobody can see it but myself.
      I want to go there one day. I want to go within my lifetime.
      I want to explore this seemingly endless space.
      But I realize that I have most likely been born too soon.
      Why could I not have been born later, in an age where we are space explorers?


      Well, that is just fucking depressing.
      What is wrong with me?
      I'm dreaming. It's all about experiencing the unimaginable. It's about having fun.
      Yet here I lie, acting all melancholic.

      But then one of the stars becomes slightly brighter.
      For some reason I know that this is a super massive star that has just reached the end of its lifetime.
      Its core has collapsed, releasing a massive shock-wave. A supernova!
      During its lifetime it has fused hydrogen into heavier elements.
      Helium, Lithium, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and many more.
      And now, as its final act it is launching all of it into the vastness of space.

      But these elements will inevitably find others. They will attract each other and slowly but surely clump together.
      Some of them will turn into planets over the course of millions of years.
      And with a lot of chance, one of these planets will be at a certain distance from a sun.
      Maybe another smaller body will orbit it. A moon.
      And maybe, if everything goes right, some of the elements this planet consists of will combine in a certain way.
      And then there will be life... there will be another earth.
      Because that's what life is.
      That is what we are.
      We are all made from stardust, forged within the cores of super massive stars.

      And that is a really beautiful thought.
      Because even though we might appear insignificant compared to the vast size of the universe...
      we are special!
      I mean seriously. What are the fucking odds?

      And that makes me feel really great and I cannot help but smile.

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    2. Mermaids

      , 08-29-2011 at 12:55 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I'm at a lake with 3 of my friends, D. S. and a girl. (I actually don't know the girl in waking life, but in the dream I thought I did)
      We're just chilling, having a few beers, setting up the barbecue grill and lying in the sun.
      The weather is rarely this good around here, this is nice.

      We start discussing random things, until we finally reach the topic of the supernatural.
      One of my friends, S. immediately insist that everything even remotely related to the supernatural is completely bogus.
      D. on the other hand says that he just believes whatever it is he actually experiences.
      If he had a supernatural experience, so be it.
      I agree with D. and say that it is always good to be open minded, and have to explain to S.
      that there is a huge difference between being open to ideas and actually believing that something supernatural has to exist.
      The girl that is with us seems to agree with me, but she's not saying anything.

      We argue about this a bit until I get the inexplicable urge to claim that I have actually had supernatural experiences.
      This causes some silence, until someone finally asks what happened.
      I feel odd, like I'm supposed to say specific things.
      The feeling becomes so strong that I just decide to say them.

      "The world is actually full of the supernatural, but our limited minds have a tendency to ignore whatever we cannot comprehend."
      "This is such bullshit mate."
      "If you say so."
      "Yes, I do say so, the idea that anything like that could exist is just retarded."

      The girl talks for the first time:

      "Do you dream, S.?"
      "What? no. Who cares about dreams anyways?"
      "Then it is no wonder you do not understand."
      "What the fuck?"
      "She's right, S."
      "Now you're just fucking with me..."

      Sitting right in front of the lake, I start humming a melody.
      This catches the girls attention and she sits down next to me.

      "What are you doing?"
      "I'm calling out to the mermaids."
      "Wow... do mermaids really exist?"

      S. is just shaking his head claiming that we've gone completely nuts.
      But then my humming is answered by songs from far away.
      They quickly get closer, until finally, a few figures emerge from the water right in front of us:

      They are definitely mermaids, and they seem to be absolutely magical creatures.
      The sound of their songs is heard from everywhere at once.
      One of the mermaids emerges quite far from the water, in order to come closer to me.
      You can clearly see her tail, covered in beautiful fins shimmering in all kinds of colors.
      Yet through the outside transparent layer, you can clearly see that she has legs and feet just like us.
      She is insanely cute.

      "You're the one singing for us."
      "Yes, I am."
      "I am honored. Come with us to our lands and we will sing for you."

      Then it sort of strikes me. Such magical encounters don't really happen in waking life, I'm dreaming, it's obvious.
      The girl with us, whom I now realize I don't actually know starts talking to another mermaid, and asks her if she can come.

      "All of you may come, but there is a price to be paid."
      "A price?"
      "We ask for no more than a kiss."

      A kiss? what an interesting request.
      The girl with us immediately kisses one of the mermaids, and she does so quite passionately.
      The mermaid then embraces her and they both disappear into the water.

      "You guys coming?"
      "Oh well, suit yourselves..."

      I kiss the mermaid in front of me... it is quite salty but very enjoyable nevertheless.
      She embraces me and we fall down into the water...

      ... I'm at the bottom of the ocean, in some sort of habitat.
      It is covered by a huge air bubble, allowing myself to breathe.
      There's still quite a bit of water though, it is about knee deep, so it is easier to swim from room to room than to walk.
      All of the rooms are decorated by colorful corals.
      There are mermaids chatting and singing everywhere, it is such a nice place.
      The girl who was with me is sleeping in a huge bed with two mermaids by her side.

      A mermaid approaches me and puts a necklace around my neck.
      It's a silver chain with a crystal tear on it.
      It's really nice, but a bit girly.
      Not like I'd care about that in a dream though.
      I want to tell the mermaid how much I appreciate the gift, but whilst I'm doing it I realize the inevitable:

      "... Faye?"
      "Yes Hyu?"
      "... why don't you ever say something?"

      She just sticks out her tongue.

      "If you were more aware during your dreams you'd notice it earlier."
      "How can I be more aware?"
      "Practice practice..."
      "Yeah... I figured there was no easy way."
      "Now, that wouldn't be any fun, would it?"
      "To be honest, it probably would."

      She laughs.

      "Yes you're right, it actually would."

      I play with her fins. They feel so realistic.

      "Hey... shouldn't we be doing something?"
      "Like what?"
      "I don't know... like... like visiting Krista!"
      "We could, if it'd take you less than half an hour to remember your goals."
      "I really need to work on that..."
      "Don't you have like... any tips for me? For remembering goals, to increase awareness, anything?"
      "How about you'd start by stabilizing all of your dreams properly friend?"

      Shit... I've completely forgotten to do that.
      And the dream has already darkened quite a bit.
      I start rubbing my hands in an attempt to stabilize it, but it doesn't seem to work.
      I remain in darkness for a bit until I wake up.