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    Hyu's Adventures

    I've been lucid dreaming all my life. But it is only in late 2010 that I was introduced to what lucid dreaming actually is,
    and that it is possible to induce lucid dreams. Soon after, I discovered Dreamviews.
    These are the adventures and the curiosities I experience in my dreams.

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    ~ Recurring Locations ~

    • The Beach (Image)
      A place I often end up in if I get lost, or if I use a means of teleportation without thinking of a destination.
      It is always dusk whenever I am there. Usually the beach is empty, but occasionally something of interest can be found.
      The beach is a place of serenity. A place where I can be alone and safe.
    • Teraluna - Riven (Image) (Image)
      Teraluna is an inhabited moon within a binary star system.
      It is orbiting a blue gas giant. It is only sparsely lit by both suns, which are quite far away.
      Riven is a hidden sky city, hovering over the seas of Teraluna.
      It is a safe haven to all it's inhabitants, and home to Yuya.
      The city is lit entirely by colorful bioluminescent plants and creatures, giving the place a rather surreal and vibrant look.
      Riven is my favorite place to visit whenever I am lucid.

    ~ Recurring Characters ~
    • Yuya (Image)
      She has been in my dreams ever since my early teens.
      Formerly a goddess of water, she now lives in Riven.
      She is my spirit guide (although she does not like to be labeled as such)
      The connection I experience with her is incredible.
      She is my friend, my companion, my love, my ecstasy, my guide and my teacher.
    • Faye (Image)
      She is my dream guide, and often changes her appearance.
      But for some reason she has recently turned evil, and now haunts my dreams.
      She is no longer the same person, and can seemingly no longer be reasoned with.
    • Silver (Image)
      A character from childhood dreams.
      He used to be my rival, but is now my dear friend.
      He is not a man of many words, and I do not encounter him very often.
    • Liv (Image)
      Liv is a succubus, a kind of demon.
      She is young, inexperienced, shy, but immensely kind and compassionate,
      even though at first glance she looks demonic and dangerous.
      Nowadays she lives in Riven. Yuya and I guide her on her path towards adulthood.
    • Shinave (Image)
      Formerly a goddess of ice. She is a wise and intelligent person.
      She is Yuya's mother.
    • Ifrit (Image)
      Formerly a god of fire. A being of terrible force and power, but also incredible wisdom.
      He has lived for many hundreds of years, and still upholds old and conservative ideals.
    • Selene
      A character from childhood dreams.
      She has fallen to the templars a long time ago.
    • Templars
      A vile force of darkness that has threatened my dreams in the past.

    1. Templars

      , 05-31-2012 at 02:53 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I was visiting weird planets with Yuya as I often do in a rather deep dream that had been going on for multiple hours.
      Then this happened:

      There it is, a feeling all too familiar that I have not experienced in a long time.
      I am scared... so fucking scared.
      Fortunately my body reacts on its own, powering up and thus protecting me from the overwhelming pressure off the aura that has just appeared.
      I know this feeling all too well, even though it has been such a long time since I've last experienced it.

      This is very unexpected.
      I have lately gone out of my way to get into trouble, because there is nothing like the fear you experience during a fight where your opponent is actually strong enough to kill you.
      But in such fights, it is more of a mixture of fear and excitement you are experiencing.
      The feelings of a true fights are difficult to explain, but there's a very special vibe to them that is oddly fascinating.

      But this... this isn't.
      There is no excitement, there are no feelings associated to those of a good fight.
      This is pure fear.

      Usually I gradually power up during fights, trying to find a good balance so that I am on a similar level to my opponent, because that makes things most interesting.
      But this time I'm not. My body instinctively powered up all the way.
      And I will need every single bit of strength if I want to survive this.

      Fucking Templars who hunt me down because the god from their delusions told them so.
      If only they weren't so ludicrously strong.
      I can't afford anything less than a perfect level of concentration.
      The first time I encountered one of them, I had both Yuya and Silver with me and I still came close to dying on multiple occasions.
      To top it off I only managed to win the fight by using an ability that I can only use once every few years.
      And that was a stray Templar, possibly weaker than the one I'm facing right now.

      The second time I was in a room full of portals, and managed to make a run for it.
      This time I won't have a choice. We'll have to fight.
      They are so fast that I won't be able to draw my phoenix wings without creating a very short opening, inevitably resulting in my death.
      Yes. They are that fast. There is zero room for errors.

      "The true lord demands your death Anassasi."
      "I couldn't care less about your delusions."
      "Oh but you should. Your death is inevitable, regardless of how much you try to resist us."
      "The Templars will hunt you for all eternity."

      He plays with his staff in a taunting manner.
      It's odd. Regardless of how much hate there is during a fight, if both parties have considerable strength, there is always a certain degree of respect. Even if it is only the respect in your opponents strength.
      And an element of excitement, because only rarely do you have the opportunity to go all out if you are this strong.
      But with Templars there is none of that.
      There is only the urge to survive.
      And them? I'm not even sure if they have feelings at all besides hatred for certain dreamers.

      I know that WakingNomad has encountered them as well. I used to call them Paladins, but after reading that he calls them Templars, the term has somehow emerged into my dreams.

      Yuya has casted her water spheres and her aura is clearly on edge. But even like this there is an inexplicable beauty to her aura, even if she is ready to kill.
      If only our truly overpowered abilities would work against them.
      They are immune to both my dragon eyes and Yuya's water extraction technique.
      I'm not sure if they have any water in their bodies.
      They have a certain artificial look to them. Maybe it is because they never show any emotions besides hate.

      "Today the dragon will die."

      I grip my katana tightly. It is fully of energy and vibrates strongly in my hand.
      I am perfectly focused on him. I am waiting for the slightest of changes within his aura.
      There is is! A small twitch... and he is gone.

      He appears right in front of me, but I was perfectly prepared for his blink and am already midway in my own blink, bringing me only slightly out of reach of his staff.
      It hurts!
      I had forgotten that any proximity to their aura causes a feeling of pressure so strong that you think it could burn off your skin.
      But it doesn't feel like the heat of fire, it is what I assume it would feel like if you got an acid burn.

      It's go time.
      I charge towards the Templar and clash my sword into his staff.
      I cannot comprehend how their staffs can deflect such power. It doesn't feel like they charge any energy onto them.
      Any material should easily break in such a situation if you don't.
      Yuya is throwing her spheres against him, and occasionally casting high pressure water beams into his direction.
      But they are simply deflected by his armor in the same manner his staff is deflecting my sword.
      It is so frustrating.

      My aura is right at the edge of hurting my own body. The vibrations are only barely bearable.
      I see the sky red and the clouds burning. My blood is boiling.
      In such a state I need to be careful not to accidentally damage my own body.
      Yuya is pushed slightly outside of the battle my various pressure attacks.

      "Do you know how we kill a dragon?"

      A device on his staff activates and my katana is teleported and trapped against it.
      He smiles and charges at me with his staff.

      "The last Templar who thought so is long dead you fool."

      This trick may have worked once, but I'm not falling for it again.
      I cast my katana away and re-materialize it in my hand.
      He didn't expect this. Maybe I can force a small opening.
      I skillfully bring myself into a better position.
      Yes! This is perfect, I got him at a dead angle.
      I charge all the energy into my sword that I can manage and swing it against the right side of his abdomen as he passes me.
      I can feel it clashing against his armor and releasing all of its energy. A perfect hit!

      Coldness. Shudder.
      I blink instinctively, but slightly too late.
      A sharp pain emerges from my left shoulder.
      How did he manage to reposition himself like that?
      He was to my right and I clearly hit him hard.
      How did he manage to cut into my left shoulder?
      And why the fuck does his staff have retractable blades?

      The situation calms down as we all got some space between us.
      Fuck, I have to fight on my own for a split second and I'm already wounded.
      I feel blood slowly streaming down my arm.
      Usually the dragon aura would naturally take care of it and close the wound, but there's something about a Templars aura that prevents such in-combat healing techniques.
      I cast fire onto the skin surrounding the wound and burn it shut.
      It hurts, but I have so much adrenaline in my body that it isn't as bad as it sounds.

      Then I notice that Yuya is wounded as well, though only superficial.
      She has a small cut on her left arm, and she appears to have frozen the wound shut.
      This is not going well.

      I inspect the Templar in the hopes of spotting some serious damage dealt by my last attack.
      There is a dent in his armor.
      Are you fucking kidding me? I landed a perfect hit!
      I hit him so hard that the changes of air pressure around him caused extensive damage to the ground surrounding us.
      But his armor? A fucking dent?
      How are we supposed to beat him?

      The fight continues, but it quite frankly isn't looking good for us.
      He manages to land near-hits on us with nearly every try, whereas all of our attacks bounce off his stupid armor.
      If only Silver was here. But he isn't, and he won't come.

      I'm starting to become exhausted.
      Templars don't seem to suffer from this issue. The longer this fight will drag on the worse our situation will become.

      Alright. Time for more risky tactics.
      I lower my katana slightly, giving the Templar an opening if he charges me head on.
      And sure enough he comes right at me.
      Time nearly stops. I see him slowly approaching me during one fast leap.
      He's moving so fast that pressure waves are building around his body.

      Yuya's aura is clearly alarmed. She is very worried about me... and... so am I.
      Was this really a good idea? What was I thinking?
      I haven't used this ability in years, I can't even remember it properly.
      It's to late to question it now... just go with it.

      I slightly lower the dragonic energy in my body. Any hit now and I am most certainly dead.
      I shift all the energy into the right side of the blade of my katana.
      Then I rapidly focus phoenix energy within my body.

      This is a horrible idea. It is so dangerous to do this.
      Dragonic energy is demonic in nature, whereas phoenix energy is divine.
      Like fire and ice. Matter and Antimatter.
      Any mistake will rip my body apart.
      I do not have the experience I had a few years ago, and even then, as mad as I was, I respected and feared using both energies at the same time greatly.

      My eyes and my dragon tattoo begin to hurt intensely.
      They are being attacked my the divine energy.

      I increase the phoenix energy until it reaches the same level as the dragon energy.
      Then I funnel it into my blade as well, but on the other side.
      I now have two independent energy circuits running through my blade and body.
      But they draw their power from the same source: my aura.
      I need to divide my concentration.
      Half of it to make sure I do not kill myelf.
      The other half to coordinate my attack.

      My katana begins to vibrate heavily.
      I turn the dragon energy into heat. A heat greater than that of suns, probably only matched by the pressure within a black hole, something only a dragon can do.
      With my phoenix energy I do the exact opposite. Absolue zero. The temperature at which everything stops, an ability exclusive to wielders of divine energy.
      Both touch only at the edge of the blade.
      This causes the laws of physics to break down.
      Such opposing forces cannot occupy the same space, yet they do at the very edge of the blade.
      An intense pressure vortex forms around my blade because the air surrounding it no longer has any idea how to act.

      I swing my katana at the Templar, who is now only centimeters away from me.
      The intense pressure emerging from my sword closes the opening I gave him earlier.
      This has to work. This is one of the most powerful techniques I know of, and I am risking my life to perform it.
      It is not a dragon ability, nor is it a phoenix ability.
      It is my ability. Mine alone. A combination of powers only I could use on the most extreme level.
      If this doesn't hurt him nothing will.

      As I swing my katana towards him. I no longer manage to contain the force within.
      Some energy leaks out, causing intense vortexes around us.
      It emits a pure, blinding light.

      And then, they finally clash.
      My katana and his staff.
      The explosion of energy is beyond anything I've ever experienced.
      My senses shut down to protect my body from the intensity of the situation.
      It is like witnessing the big bang. The emergence of a sheer infinite supply of energy from a tiny point in space.

      My senses slowly recover...
      The energy in my body is completely unstable. Both the dragonic and phoenix circuits have completely shut down.
      As my vision normalizes I can see the disaster I have caused in front of me.
      The entire landscape is partially frozen and partially on fire.
      A huge crack in the landscape, starting at my feet, reaches kilometers into the distance.
      At some points it is multiple meters wide.
      And that was caused by nothing but the side effects of my technique.
      The energy released by the attack was all directed perfectly towards the Templar, none of it touched my surroundings.

      I turn around, still in slow motion.
      He must be dead. Please be dead.
      As I turn I notice my katana burning in a bright blue flame.
      It is vibrating at an immensely high frequency, emitting a very high pitched tone.
      No other material would ever have been able to contain the energy needed for this attack.
      It was forged using parts of my dragonic and phoenix energy,
      designed specifically to be able to hold these forces for short periods of time.

      And then I see him, turning around as well.
      Our eyes meet.
      He is not dead.
      And he is angry. Properly mad.
      He swings his fully intact staff back into an attack position.
      We are so screwed.

      But then, a flicker of hope.
      The chest plate of his armor shatters and drops to the ground revealing a long cut reaching all the way from his shoulder to his abdomen.
      But even though the wound is deep, no blood is coming out of it.
      He is clearly wounded though.
      But so am I.

      My aura took quite a hit. It wasn't him though.
      Even though I controlled both energies perfectly I still damaged my aura.
      But the damage is low and mostly superficial.
      Small arcs of lighting are shooting across my body because of it.
      I'm still operating my aura at the absolute maximum. The arcs are caused by energy leaking out of the tiny damaged spots.

      But then all the hope I just gathered vanishes.
      A second Templar emerges from a portal.
      And the first one doesn't even seem to be in that bad of a shape after my attack.
      We need to run. We need to run now.
      But I don't know how.

      Energy emerges from below the ground. Yes! There's still a chance.
      During the short downtime Yuya managed to collect a huge concentration of water below the ground and cast her Leviathan.
      It bursts out from below the ground and both the Templars disappear within it.
      An attack of truly godlike proportions.

      But this won't be enough time. It'll buy us maybe a tenth of a second, not enough to cast my phoenix wings and get us out.
      I need to buy more time.
      I blink towards Yuya and summon the huge phoenix wings on my back, and focus as much phoenix energy as I can.
      I will block a single attack.
      This should provide enough time for Yuya to draw a portal.
      Maybe portaling will buy us enough time for me to use the phoenix teleportation, which they cannot follow.
      This is one of the situations where it is truly advantageous that we share our thoughts.

      I stand strong before her, surrounding us with a divine energy shield.
      I'm putting all the force that I have left into it.
      Yuya is casting a portal on the ground in the mean time.
      Point one of a second... come on!

      A beam of light breaks the Leviathan body and hits my energy shield hard.
      A purely energy based attack.
      The ground around is disintegrates under the force.
      Only the parts within my shield remain intact.
      But I won't be able to hold this for the tenth of a second we need.
      It will collapse too early.

      I start shrinking it to conserve energy.
      Right now it is encompassing my huge phoenix wings. I won't need those to survive.
      I shrink it all the way down until it only protects our bodies.
      My wings burn to ashes as they touch the outer limits of the shield.
      It hurts. It hurts so much.
      How long can a tenth of a second last?

      My wings are nearly completely gone now.
      We are kneeling, the shield diameter is down a meter and a half.
      And then finally the portal forms below my feet and we fall through.
      We enter the wormhole created by the portal.
      Blood from my broken wings streams into it.

      It goes far... very far.
      Yuya casted a portal towards a location much farther away than I've ever been.
      This might buy us the time we need.
      We emerge from the other end of the wormhole, onto a barren planet.
      I immediately summon the phoenix wings on my left arm and try to make us enter the fabric of space and get us home.
      Yuya nearly collapses under the exhaustion of having casted this portal right after the Leviathan.

      The wings materialize and I can sense our bodies shifting into the fabric.
      Both Templars appear out of nowhere closely in front of us.
      But this will work. This is enough time.
      The wound I caused on one of them is already in the process of healing.
      What the fuck? How... ?
      The other one smiles at me.

      "Run little dragon! Run! We will get you soon enough!"

      Followed by a maniacal laughter.
      Finally we disappear into the fabric of space and are transported to Haven.
      As we emerge, we drop to the ground exhausted.
      My entire body is shaking, either from fear or because I pushed my body too far, I'm not sure.

      "I'm sorry. I thought we had more time."

      I knew it would happen. Somewhere deep within I knew it would happen after I fought the first one of them.
      He was weaker, sort of a run-away or something, no longer obeying the Templar collective.
      I never imagined that the others would be so much more powerful.

      "I need to become stronger... much stronger."

      She looks at me in a very sad way.
      I have never seen her sad before. She is always so happy and full of energy.

      "I'm so sorry. I did not bring you back for this, I don't want you to have to fight again."
      "Of course you didn't. But it is inevitable. I will have to fight. I will have to fight again."
      "If this is what it takes to be here again then I will fight... "

      I look at my still shaking hands.
      I am so strong already. So immensely powerful.
      Yet, I still stand no chance against them, no chance whatsoever.
      Not even in a two on one fight.
      I think about the journey ahead of me.
      I'm going to need help... I'm going to need a lot of help...
    2. Time dilation - Fighting Yuya - Closing my eyes

      , 05-07-2012 at 02:42 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      This one is kind of old and happened right after my last entry.
      I haven't really found the time to write it down until now.
      My dreams are also getting kind of long, which is amazing, but also kind of a pain to write down.

      The time is ticking.
      I have no choice but to diffuse the bomb, there is no way we'll get out of the explosion radius in time.
      I quickly grab an electric screwdriver from my back pocket and start removing the digital clock mounted on top of the bomb.
      There is less than one minute left on the timer.

      "Hurry up!"
      "Shut it!"

      Removing the clock reveals a highly complex maze of cabling.
      Screw this!
      I remove the electronics as well, in the hopes of finding a simpler set of cabling leading to the warhead.
      Fortunately I am right. The whole electronics are wired to the warhead by only two thick cables.
      I can do this!
      But my short burst of confidence is quickly shattered by a rather troublesome discovery.
      The warhead is nuclear.
      How the fuck did this happen? How did anyone manage to acquire a nuclear fucking bomb?

      A quick look at the dismantled clock reveals that I have 7 seconds left.
      I decide to cut one of the cables at random.

      "I know this setup! Cut the red one!"

      I move my knife to the red cable, but it shifts colors with the other yellow one.
      Whenever I switch, the cable colors switch as well. It's impossible to cut the red one. WTF!

      Seeing the last few seconds run out, I notice that I'm not really scared to die.
      I wonder why that is.


      I start rubbing my hands but am interrupted by the bomb hitting zero and audibly powering up.
      Well... this is not good. I might wake up because of that.
      I think about quickly portaling the bomb away before it goes off, but then I notice that it is plugged into the wall with an extension cord.
      I unplug it and the warhead turns off.

      I resume rubbing my hands but I am yet again interrupted, this time by the DC that was with me.
      I unsummon him because I have no time to deal with DC's right now.
      I need to stabilize the dream and get my second lesson in time dilation...

      ... I'm in Haven with Yuya and Liv.
      I have trouble stabilizing the dream but eventually manage to get there.
      Once stable I immediately get back to doing the awareness technique from the previous dream, sort of to show off in case Yuya tests me.
      But she doesn't. There is simply no need, she is fully aware of my thoughts and how aware I am right now.
      Liv is curious about what we are doing and I have a difficult time explaining it to her.
      She is unaware of the difficulty of remaining in a dream or the concept of stability.

      We walk along a path that I remember. I've been here before but I cannot quite remember what I was doing.
      Then I see the water pools, yep, this is the fighting practice area.
      Yuya starts walking onto one of the pools and I follow her.
      Walking on water is second nature to me nowadays, but thinking back, it's the first thing that Yuya taught me when I met her again.

      I suddenly get goosebumps and instinctively power up and take a defensive stance.
      Huh? It was Yuya.I felt the shock of her suddenly powering up.

      "Nice reaction!"
      "Cheers. What are we doing?"

      I barely manage to block her attack as she blinks towards me.
      Without my recent training she would have knocked me unconscious with this.
      I'm kind of in the mood to fight her now, I wonder how I compare to her nowadays.
      I smile.

      "Awareness Hyu."
      "What? Oh, you've got to be kidding me! During a fight???"
      "Why? Are you scared that I'll slap you across the face?"
      "Hahaha, alright, let's do this!"

      I awaken the dragon and charge towards her.
      She easily blocks all of my attacks. No surprise there though.
      So far so good, I manage to remain fully aware of my surroundings.
      The fight is pretty tame, I don't get myself into uncomfortable positions, have I gotten closer to the skill level of Yuya?

      She summons her pressurized spheres.
      Well shit. I forgot about those.
      The spheres are horribly dangerous and difficult to fight against.
      She basically creates 5 water spheres about the size of a basket balls.
      Then she compresses them down to the size of a grain of sand.
      I'm not even sure how it's possible to compress a liquid at all.

      The pressure of these spheres is immense. They can be used both defensively and offensively.
      She moves them around telepathically at extreme speeds and can make them burst whenever she wants,
      releasing the contained water at extreme pressures, cutting through anything in their way.

      You really can't let them touch you unless you don't mind loosing a limb.
      Fighting against them requires a lot of blinking, which causes stability problems due to the distorted vision.

      It would be rather useful to have my katana right now, but I'm not using it in a practice battle with Yuya, it's too dangerous.
      I don't use the dragon eyes either, because the thought on using them on a friend scares the shit out of me.
      In return she doesn't use her water extraction technique, which I wouldn't know how to fight against.
      I only saw her use it once in a fight.
      Within a split second she extracted the entire blood from her enemy and he died on the spot.
      It's a really scary technique.

      What am I doing?
      I'm thinking too much. I should look for openings instead and strike whenever I see one.
      But Yuya is way too skilled to provide such an opening, I'll have to force one.
      I create and launch spheres of compressed energy at her. Those are rather explosive and fairly dangerous.
      I got the idea from her water spheres. Attacks of compressed energy have their advantages.
      They are much more efficient against single targets.
      The technique is also cheap energy wise, so I can cast it a lot, making it an ideal tool to get someone off balance.

      She is moving 3 of her water spheres into a defensive position to cope with my relentless attacks.
      Time to get serious.
      I make an aggressive blink, right in front of her, and try to strike her with a fist.
      This is obviously not going to work, I expect her to blink away.
      I'm using a multiblink attack, which is very difficult to perform.
      I try to feel where she's going to blink to to dodge my attack and blink myself to the new location simultaneously.

      Blinking usually has some sort of cooldown, making this impossible, but using enough energy it is possible to force it.
      The energy required to do this is ludicrous though, so multiblink attacks are extremely exhausting.
      But you basically put your opponent into a position where he is forced to multiblink as well to dodge the attack.
      Yuya and I are skilled enough to do it about 4-5 times in a row, but after that everything hurts.
      Your aura is completely unstable at that point and takes seconds to recover, during which you cannot focus your energy at all.

      The reason I'm using such an attack is to nullify an immense advantage she has over me.
      She doesn't need to stay lucid. She lives in this world, I am merely a visitor.

      Here she goes.
      2 Blinks... 3, 4, and finally a fifth.
      The energy in my fist has completely dissipated due to all the blinking, and she can now easily block it.
      I land on the water surface and have difficulty remaining on top due to my now unstable aura.

      I attack her again, purely physically this time, as I neither of us can focus any energy.
      Whoever manages to focus his energy first will have the tremendous advantage of launching the first serious attack.
      I might have the advantage on this, dragonic energy is extremely unstable by nature, so I'm used to it.
      I should be able to focus my energy before my aura has fully stabilized.

      I can feel my aura tingling. This should be enough!
      I focus energy into the tattoo stretched over my right arm and quickly cast a fire based attack towards Yuya.
      She dodges it by blinking.
      How the hell can she do that???
      How is her aura stable enough already to blink?

      I screwed up big time. I casted this before my aura stabilized, and now it's completely messed up again.
      Yuya is over me charging towards me. She's casting a spell.
      Shit, I can't do anything.
      The water surface collapses beneath my feet and I am dragged underwater.
      She's controlling the water, increasing it's pressure attempting to hold me in place.
      I see her splash through the water surface still charging at me fast.
      She is wielding a trident.

      But she's overconfident. She's in her element, so she thinks I must be at a huge disadvantage.
      Yet, even though I do not control water, I can make good use of it.
      My aura stabilizes and I create an extremely strong electric field in front of me.
      Electrolysis! I split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The correct mixture is highly explosive.
      She realizes what I've done too late and I ignite the mixture with a fire sphere.

      Oh shit. I didn't think this through.
      The explosion is huge and we are both catapulted out of the water.
      Everything is extremely foggy because so much water evaporated and water drops are going everywhere.
      I can barely see. This is really dangerous, the dream could collapse.
      I don't even know where up and down is.

      I decide to completely ignore my vision and rely on my sense of global awareness instead.
      Good call! I sense 5 sources of compressed energy approaching. Water spheres!
      I quickly locate Yuya's aura and blink towards her.
      I catch her slightly of guard and manage to land a focused hit.
      She blocks it fine, but still.
      Focused energy attacks are better to avoid than to block.
      They cause all sorts of vibrations in your aura making followup moves difficult.

      I try to chain a few attacks together but quickly feel the exhaustion kicking in and I back up.
      Most of the water has come down and my vision becomes useful again.

      She performs a blink attack.
      Shit! She's going to chain them up.
      We blink a total of 4 times.
      It hurts so much.

      This keeps going for a few more rounds.
      One of us performs a multiblink attack and gets us both completely out of position.
      Then it's a race to the first attack and a matter of somehow defending against it.
      It is absolutely exhausting.
      My limbs become insanely heavy and I start to loose the ability to focus my energy properly.
      We fight for maybe a total of 15 minutes, which is actually quite a long time considering the speed we're going at.

      "Alright... let's call it a draw..."
      "No... I win."

      Oh come on. She's just as exhausted as I am, she can barely stand.

      "You lost awareness of your surroundings."
      "Fuck my life."
      "Haha. You completely forgot!"
      "And guess what? You're still here."
      "Huh? I thought the goal of this was to remain aware of my surroundings."
      "No, that's not the goal at all. The goal is to have deeper dreams. The goal is to remain here for longer."

      Wait what?

      "Hold on a second!"

      She got that grin of her face.
      That "she knows everything" grin.

      "You're telling me the heightened awareness thing isn't actually necessary to stay lucid???"
      "Of course not! How would you pull that off for multiple hours in a row?"
      "I said your awareness level was too random, we did some training to fix that."
      "So you're saying it is already fixed?"
      "I am now convinced that it is already fixed."

      Woah. That was fast.

      "So.. what are we doing now?"
      "Teaching you to let go."

      Let go? Let go of waking life?
      Not thinking about it all the time and rather focus on the dream?
      Of course... she told me many times before...

      I take a quick dip in the water to get rid of the smell.
      I'm sweating like a pig.

      We walk back towards Yuya's place, discussing dreaming and being awake.
      I mention Dreamviews, which I haven't done very often before.
      Yuya tells me to say hi to fOrceez and Dark_Merlin.
      Liv doesn't say a word. I don't think she's ever seen Yuya and me fight, that must have been quite intense for her.

      Damn... I'm so exhausted.
      Why do you even get exhausted in dreams?

      "Why wouldn't you?"
      "Eh... yeah..."
      "So, what do I do against it?"
      "... are you serious?"


      "You sleep of course! Or did you think I would sleep just for fun?"
      "Well... now that you put it this way."

      Liv leaves us and we quickly get into bed.
      Goddamn I'm exhausted. Every muscle in my body hurts.

      "This is a problem"
      "What is?"
      "If I want to sleep I'll have to close my eyes."
      "I might wake up?"
      "zzz, you've picked up a lot of nonsense"
      "I have?"
      "These 'dream rules'. Darkness is bad, don't close your eyes. Don't talk. Yada yada."
      "Yeah, I kinda have, haven't I?"
      "I know the not talking one is nonsense, I talk all the time."
      "It's no different for closing your eyes."
      "I know you're right. I only wake up because I'm scared that I might. But it seems hard to get over."

      "Pff... hahahaha"
      "What's so funny?"
      "Hurr hurr, I'm a badass dragon, I can fight a goddess of water and do all sorts of shit."
      "Yet I can't even close my eyes.... haha.... I'm sorry Hyu, but this is funny."

      It kind of is.
      Screw it. Let's do this shit!
      I close my eyes.

      "You know, when you exploded half of the fucking training pool you didn't see anything either."
      "That didn't wake you up, so why would closing your eyes do so?"

      Yep, my thoughts exactly.
      I open my eyes again to sneak a closer look at her.

      How am I awake? What is this shit?
      I'm a bit mad, but happy to have made progress.
      I take some quick notes and go back to sleep.
    3. A quest of sorts / All dreamers can fly

      , 08-14-2011 at 09:23 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      My recall for this night is rather fragmented.

      I am in Italy on vacation. For some reason I am trying to rent some kind of special room to hold a big dinner and invite a lot of friends.
      Then I remember that I'm on vacation, so my friends are actually far away, but somehow I don't consider this an issue...

      ... I'm having said dinner, however I'm on some kind of cruise ship.
      After the dinner I'm walking through the corridors of the ship, trying to find my room.
      Somehow I don't know where my room is at all, but I seem to believe that I'll find it by just randomly walking around anyways...

      I wake up and attempt to WILD but I fall asleep too quickly.

      I am with other people in an unknown location. There is some sort of meeting.
      Why am I here again? It feels like I was drawn to this place by a higher force.
      I gradually become moderately lucid.

      The people I'm meeting with claim to be dreamers. I must have somehow stumbled into a shared dreaming experiment...

      ... Some of the people, including myself, have gone on some sort of quest.
      We're walking a path which supposedly leads towards our goal, though I have no idea what it is.

      There's a guy in armor leading the way.
      Then there's a girl who caught my attention because she's wearing a rather revealing outfit.
      Another guy is walking with us. He's very talkative and seems to be very interested in me.
      He keeps bugging me about Yuya, which I find sort of annoying.
      There's two more guys, but I can't remember anything about them.

      The girl is trying to show me how she can create ice crystals at will, but the annoying guy is heating up the spot where she tries to create ice crystals
      with fire magic every time she attempts to show me.
      I find this somewhat amusing.

      The guy in armor is acting quite weird.
      He has long black curly hair, and has a tendency to come very close to you when he's talking with you, opening his eyes widely.
      At one point I tell him:

      "You're weirding me the fuck out mate"

      He just laughs...

      ... We reach a tower on top of a cliff and climb all the way up.
      Apparently the goal was to come here, I don't really get why.
      Everyone but the guy in armor, the girl and me have disappeared by now.

      The guy in armor starts swinging his arms around wildly making magical noises and finally vanishes.

      "Right... now that was properly weird."

      I look at the landscape. It is very beautiful.

      "Hey. Wanna fly?"
      "Oh... no. I can't fly."
      "What? Bollocks, all dreamers can fly."
      "Well maybe, but I can't fly yet."
      "Sure you can, it's easy."
      "For you maybe..."
      "Well listen, with that attitude it's no wonder you have trouble flying."
      "Come here, I'll show you."

      We approach the edge of the tower. It's a very long way down from here.

      "Now what... don't tell me you want me to jump!"
      "Free your mind."
      "Free your mind!"
      "It's safe... it's all safe"

      I gently push her off the edge and as she realizes she's going to fall she starts screaming.
      Somehow I find this funny. I know she isn't in any real danger.
      I jump after her and catch up.

      "You fucking asshole!"
      "Haha, calm down"
      "Then fly?"
      "Fuck you!"
      "Aww come on. I'm not gonna let you fall all the way down."
      "Now what?"
      "What did I tell you?"
      "Free my mind..."

      The air surrounding her suddenly becomes turbulent and she starts slowing down.
      She's very occupied with slowing down, and we come to a full stop about a meter over a lake.

      "See, that wasn't so bad!"
      "You could have said something instead of pushing me..."

      I drop down onto the lake and walk on the water.
      That clearly makes her curious and she stops flying assuming she'll be able to walk on the water as well.
      But she drops right into the lake, which I find quite funny.
      She flies back out and gives me a very accusing look.
      I say laughingly:

      "What? You asked me how to fly, now how to walk on water!"
    4. The quest for the lost katana

      , 04-18-2011 at 08:01 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I haven't attempted a WILD in a long time because I don't get enough sleep as it is.
      I woke up after about 5 hours of sleep this night, and realized that I could sleep as long as I wanted this day.
      This sounded like a good occasion to try to WILD.
      I was drifting in and out of split second dreams, having trouble to transition into an actual dream.
      After some time I finally managed to properly calm down and transition though.

      I open my eyes, and find myself in a weird bedroom.
      A kings palace is what first comes to my mind, seeing the insanely big bed I'm in, and the luxurious Victorian decors.
      I don't feel like wasting time though, I have a goal!
      For some reason the dream feels immensely stable, I feel like I'll be able to stay for a long time.
      I immediately teleport to Teraluna using my phoenix wings.

      As I emerge from the fabric of space, Yuya is standing right in front of me, waiting for me.

      "Ready when you are."

      She knows what I am planning on doing. I remembered that Faye has helped me remember that in childhood dreams, I was wielding a very special katana.
      We've already established that if I try to fight all out with a conventional weapon, the vibrations of my dragonic energy causes them to break.
      I know that my old katana still exists, and that it was made specifically to withstand these vibrations.
      But that is not the main reason I want it, I mostly want it because it is an item from childhood dreams, the idea of finding it again amazes me.

      "How do we do this?"
      "Only you can find the katana, but in order to do so, you must first remember it properly."
      "Any suggestions?"
      "Absolutely. We are going to venture into your past."
      "We can do that?"
      "Well, not exactly. We can't turn back time obviously, but we can relive your past to some extend."
      "That sounds amazing!"

      With no more than a wave of Yuya's hand, water emerges from a lake below us, and starts forming a portal on the bridge we are standing.
      The water calms down, making the portal look like a mirror surrounded by a stream of water defying gravity.
      It's quite beautiful, but it also feels weird and mysterious.
      Maybe I find it mysterious because the mirror is reflecting everything besides ourselves.

      We walk through it holding hands, and with just one step we are in a completely different location with no portal leading back.
      I immediately get a very strong déjà vu feeling, I have been here before, a very long time ago.
      We're inside an old stone tunnel. For some reason I know that it is part of a tower structure.
      We start walking forwards, going through some stone rooms and more tunnels.
      I note how real everything feels.
      Walking barefoot, I feel the structure and humid surface of every single stone I step on, and the coldness within them.
      The place smells old, wet, a bit like salty water, and I feel a light breeze on my skin.
      My vision sporadically becomes unnaturally effective, allowing me to see the surface structure of stones very far away.
      The place is old and broken down, it hasn't been maintained for a long time.

      As we keep walking the déjà vu sensation becomes stronger and stronger.
      Everything feels rather mysterious.

      "We're here."

      We enter a bigger room through a tunnel, and I get quite a bit of a shock.
      There are three people standing in the middle of the room, but I immediately know they are not actually there, they are a projection of my memories.
      One of them is a younger version of myself, probably 14-15 years old.
      Then there's a past version of Yuya, although she doesn't look younger than she does now.
      And the last person, holy shit! is that Selene?

      Yes, I know it is her. She's only a little older than the younger version of myself, maybe 16 or 17.
      She has long brown hair and is wearing some sort of leather armor.
      She's also carrying two long knives.

      The younger version of myself is wearing loose white pants and a white armless shirt.
      He doesn't seem to be wearing the katana I'm looking for though, which I find a bit odd.

      "Holy shit! Is that us and Selene?"
      "Yes... let's follow them."

      As we follow them I sometimes catch a glimpse of what this place looked like years ago around them.
      My past self gets attacked multiple times by samurai covered up in black clothes, but he doesn't seem to have any trouble getting rid of them.
      I was so confident back then, I didn't overthink things, I didn't hesitate. I just lived in whatever reality I was presented with without thinking about it.
      Seeing myself like that is oddly amazing.

      We enter a new room, which I identify as the center of the tower. The room has no ceiling, it goes all the way up to the end of the tower.
      In the middle there's some sort of elevation. In the past version, there's a small table with a crystal on it there, but it isn't there anymore now.
      My past self takes the crystal, but gets interrupted by some dark humanoid creature before he can escape.
      Out of nowhere he summons a katana and cuts the creature into its face.
      The creature is only barely able to escape its death.

      This is the katana! this the one! It is very beautiful. It reflects the moonlight all over the room.
      One side of the blade is engraved with a dragon, similar to the fire tattoo appearing on my back.
      The other side is engraved with a bird, presumably a phoenix.
      The illusion suddenly disappears, and I am alone with Yuya in the room.
      I sense a presence and immediately power up.

      The dark creature from the memory appears. He has a massive scar on his face from the katana cut years ago.

      "Hyu... and there I thought you were dead."

      I'm afraid, he seems to be very strong.

      "You must fight..."

      He teleports right in front of me and hits me in the stomach.
      It hurts. The punch is so strong I am thrown a few meters through the air, right into a wall.
      As I get up he is right in front of me, about to smash me with a twohanded sword.
      It cuts into my left sholder, and I am barely able to teleport a few meters away.
      Fuck... a split second and I would have been dead.
      I need to focus, especially because this teleportation maneuvers are quite disorientating.

      The wound on my left shoulder immediately stops hurting and the bleeding stops.
      I focus on the creature as hard as I can. If only I had my katana right now...
      He charges me again by teleporting right in front of me, but this time I am prepared.
      As he tries to cut me with his blade I teleport behind him, just before he hits me, and I launch a ball of concentrated energy at his back.
      It hits him hard and explodes.
      The burning remainder of his clothes are scattered all over the room.
      He has a massive wound on his back, but still faces me again.
      He wants to keep going.

      He laughs hysterically.

      "It seems my end has finally come."
      "I shall do no such thing. Finish what you have started years ago!"

      For some reason I know he is right. I have to kill him, he needs to die.
      He needs to pay for sins he committed years ago, and he knows it...

      He charges me again, but this time I take the innitative.
      Before he is able to teleport, I teleport myself towards him.
      I slap him in the head with the back of my right hand, releasing as much energy as I can in the process.
      The vibrations caused by the impact cracks his skull and most likely destroys his brain.
      He falls to the ground dead and his remainders erupt into flames.

      My shoulder starts hurting again, and there's a little blood coming out the rather deep cut.

      "Now you remember the katana, now you know that it is more than just a memory."
      "The rest is up to you."

      Yuya approaches me and heals most of my wound using water magic.
      I teleport us back to Teraluna...
    5. Sucker Punch

      , 02-05-2011 at 04:37 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I've been waiting for Sucker Punch to come out since it was announced.
      I found a new Trailer for it yesterday (only seen the teaser so far), and I watched it quite a few times
      because it reminded me of some awesome dreams I've had.

      Whilst trying to fall asleep in the evening I kept playing out similar scenarios in my mind.
      I tell myself that if I become lucid during the night, I want to remember Sucker Punch, and I want to go to that crazy and insane world.

      I'm in Italy, following a mountain path I have walked a few times before.
      It leads to a really good restaurant near the top of the mountain.
      I stop to take a look at the scenery. It looks just like I remember it.
      But something feels off. I slowly realize that I am in the dream world, though I don't know why.

      I engage my senses, feel the wind, hear the noises of the nearby woods and try to see as many details as possible.
      Then I remember, Sucker Punch!
      Not sure how to approach this task I've set myself I close my eyes and let go of the current scene.
      I try to remember the trailer. No specific details, more like atmosphere and how it made me feel.

      I open my eyes and feel that I succeeded, though I'm not entirely sure what exactly it is I tried to do.
      The scene has changed, I am in some sort of stone castle. There is a big door in front of me, presumably the main entrance.
      The corridors are lit with torches. I try to anchor myself in this scene by further enabling my senses.
      There is a lot noise coming from outside, a war is raging.
      Something is trying to break through the door. Every time it gets hit it makes a cracking noise, it won't hold much longer.
      I'm not really sure how to proceed.

      I hear steps next to me, someone is stopping to my right. I turn around and I'm quite surprised by what I see.
      It's Baby Doll, wearing the same sailor outfit as in the trailer, with a katana strapped onto her back.
      Is she going to accompany me?

      "You have to believe."
      "I do... in fact... I don't just believe, I know"

      She smiles and throws me her katana.
      I take it out of its holster, it's beautiful, it feels oddly familiar.

      The door breaks open. A huge creature comes in, at least 10m tall, wielding a double blade.
      I start walking towards him even though I'm afraid.
      The excitement and my sense of adventure is much stronger than my fear.
      We both start charging at each-other. I dodge his blade and slice through his body with mine.
      His body only provides little resistance to my blade, it goes straight trough.

      I am outside of the castle, which seems to be floating on some sort of platform.
      Yes, the castle is flying in the sky, over a city at war, and there are other platforms floating in the skies as well.
      The city is partially on fire, there is smoke everywhere, and glowing shots hit he city and are shot from it into the skies.
      To my left is another creature, wielding a minigun.
      I can't get to him within time so I just do a slicing motion with my blade towards him.
      Energy leaves the blade, hits him and cuts him in half.

      Many more creatures are starting to climb onto the platform.
      I grab the minigun, which is way to big and too heavy for me to use, but I still manage to do so somehow.
      I can feel my muscles drawing energy so they can support the weight.
      I start shooting the creatures down with the minigun, but there's too many.

      "This way!"

      That was baby doll again. I drop the gun and run towards her.
      As I reach her she jumps of the platform... what??
      I jump after her.

      Below the platform is a railway system in mid air and a train is approaching.
      I get it, we're going to land on the moving train.
      But I'm falling fast, and the train is moving fast as well.
      I close my eyes for the impact... believe...

      I hit the train hard, but it doesn't hurt.
      I open my eyes, we're both riding ontop of it.
      The railway starts going vertical.
      I look up, it leads to another platform high up in the skies.

      Big bullets are shot from the city towards our train, this will end badly.
      The inevitable happens and the train is hit hard, but a few cars in front of us.
      The train starts to progressively explode from car to car.
      We look at each-other... no choice.
      We jump of the exploding train.

      I flip backwards, so I see the world upside down for a moment.
      For some reason this is an absolutely phenomenal feeling.
      I turn myself around properly and feel the heat of the exploding train.
      We're going down... falling past the castle platform, heading straight for the city.
      The faster we fall the stronger I can feel the air pressure, and it's making a terrible noise.

      I hear something. Baby Doll tried to tell me something.

      "I can't fly!"

      That's right! I can!
      I approach her mid-air and hold her in my arms.
      I draw my wings of fire...

      It HURTS.
      My ribcage and my spine make a cracking noise, and I can feel it throughout my body.
      The wings have to carry both of our weight and we're slowing down very quickly.
      We fall through the clouds now approaching the ground.
      I land on my feet hard, the ground beneath us crackles and the pressure of the impact throws things around us over.
      For some reason she's now wearing a white glittery outfit.

      In front of us is the city, and hundreds of these creatures are charging towards us from within it.
      Suddenly, I have it all figured out.
      I hand the katana back to Baby Doll and start focusing my energy as hard as I can.
      The tattoo on my body catches fire and grows over my right arm and the right part of my face.
      My wings burn hot, the flames become brighter every second.
      The heat around me becomes extreme, but it doesn't hurt me, in fact I like it.
      I feel insanely powerful.

      I'm shot at by some of the creatures, but the bullets burn down due to the heat before they hit me.
      My wings grow bigger and bigger. I feel ready.
      I eject all of the accumulated energy and focus it towards the city.
      My wings leave my body, they are now part of the insanely big fire dragon I just summoned.
      It's wing span must be at least 100 meters.

      I drop to my knees. This may have been a little too much energy, I feel dizzy for a second and my aura seems unstable.
      I quickly manage to stabilize it though. I look towards the city.
      The fire dragon has already destroyed all creatures in its path and is now ramming into the city.
      The whole city catches on fire, the buildings are torn off the ground.
      The war is over.

      For some reason I know this war was over a key. A key Baby Doll needs.
      I search for the key with my mind and find it in the burning remains of the city.
      I draw it towards us with telekinesis.
      It's a very simple key, one of those to lock doors within a house.
      I hand the key over to Baby doll, because I feel that's what I'm supposed to do.
      I get the weird feeling that the reason I'm here is to help her get the key.

      She's happy to receive the key and gives me a kiss on my cheek.
      Then she disappears.
      Nothing happens for a few seconds.
      I suddenly remember why wielding the katana felt so familiar...
      It used to be my weapon of choice in childhood dreams... in fact I still own it... it must be somewhere in the dream world.
      I want to find it... but it isn't in this world...

      I don't know what to do next. It feels weird because nothing new is happening, that is very unusual.
      I turn around.
      A man stands right in front of me.
      He punches me right into the face and it fucking hurts.
      I wake up.

      Note: My next goal is to find the katana I have used in childhood dreams.
    6. Fighting wooden samurai and a giant stone golem. Someone tries to contact me?

      , 02-01-2011 at 12:14 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      Went to bed early because I was tired as hell, I didn't get enough sleep the past few days.

      I'm in the classroom I'm taking most of my current exams in.
      An exam is currently in progress, my Game Design teacher is there and I have a paper with exam questions in front of me.
      I study the questions, I have to write 3 concept papers given a few basic ideas within 3 hours.
      That's cutting it very short, I'm a bit scared I may not be able to finish this in time.
      I let my mind wander, trying to find some inspiration about a massive multiplayer game, where the players take the role of fruits.
      Making such an idea work really requires a lot of creativity.

      I have trouble coming up with any ideas which is unusual, I decide to take a one minute mental break.
      I play with my pen saying with my inner voice: "This is a dream"
      This gets me thinking, which set of rules currently applies, which world am I in?
      The answer I come up with surprises me a bit. I'm in the dream world.

      I'm surprised how easy it was to come to this conclusion.
      I stand up. My teacher looks at me surprised.
      "What's up?"
      I grow my wings out of my left arm. I have a specific goal: visit Yuya.
      I'm happy that I quickly remembered this goal.

      "Sorry, I'm afraid I may have to bugger off"
      "Excuse me?"

      I lock on to Yuya's aura and prepare to teleport.
      The wings start glowing in rainbow colors.

      "I've taken this exam a few days ago!"
      "Oh.... right..."

      I teleport.
      This is the first time I don't black out during a teleport or by traveling through a portal.
      Even though the teleport lasts only a split second, I can feel how I travel through the fabric of space.
      It feels like there is a near infinite amount of entities all over the universe, I can feel so many aura's!
      It's a very good feeling.

      I'm on Teraluna, hovering a few centimeters over the ground.
      Yuya is standing right in front of me, waiting.
      I stop hovering and drop onto my feet, the wings disappear.
      Yuya is wearing a different outfit than usual. She's wearing something much more comfortable, something you have an easy time fighting in.
      She immediately jumps me, giving me a big hug.

      "Hey, I missed you!"

      As we hug I remember how I got into a deeper dreaming state last time.
      I already closed my eyes for the hug, so I try to concentrate on my other senses.
      They become clearer, but I don't have anything to eat.
      I let go of Yuya and open my eyes. I don't think I'll ever get used to it, it's as overwhelming as it was the first time.
      I'm confident I managed to anchor myself in the dream world.

      "Let's go!"
      "Where to?"
      "I promised you an adventure, didn't I?"

      She forms a portal behind her, without making any gestures. She takes me by my hand and drags me in.
      I form a protective layer over my skin because the tunnel we're traveling through causes a lot of vibrations.
      No wonder I blacked out the last time, this is not a very comfortable way to travel.
      We get ejected from the other end of the portal, into a different world.
      I barely manage not to fall onto my ass yet again, I don't like portals.

      What a crazy world! It is made mostly out of sand and stone, but everything looks very clean.
      As my vision becomes sharper I notice the beautiful sky.
      There are many close moons and even a planet visible in the sky.

      "You better prepare yourself, we're not welcome here."

      I change my energy into my dragon form and power up. I feel ridiculously powerful, with a slight urge to set stuff on fire.

      "That's better!"
      "Why are we not welcome here?"
      "Can't you feel the dark energy surrounding this place? It's everywhere. This world is full of demons
      I'm curious as to why that is."

      She's right, as I widen my sense of presence I can feel many dark aura's. I'll try to remember that they are easy to distinguish from other entities.
      I'm excited.

      "Let's head to where the energy is strongest then?"

      I suddenly notice it's snowing. I'm not wearing a shirt or shoes, yet I'm not cold at all.
      My own energy is keeping me hot. Yuya doesn't seem to feel the cold either.
      I feel a dark presence approaching over a close by bridge, I look at it.
      It seems to be a big samurai, wearing many layers of worn down and broken cloth and a typical samurai hat covering his face.
      He's drawing his katana and approaches me carefully.
      Yuya takes a step back.

      "Don't be afraid... you have all the weapons you need." (I don't even notice the Sucker Punch reference)

      I focus on the inevitable combat, I'm ready.
      He charges, but I am so focused on him I have an easy time slowly dodging his attack.
      It doesn't feel like time slowed down, more like my brain is working much faster.
      As he cuts past me I punch him in his side, and release some energy whilst doing so.
      He shatters into a thousand pieces, it seems he was made out of wood.

      "A wooden samurai?"
      "Someone must have summoned them, they don't have a free will. Let's head for the tower"

      I see the tower on the other side of the bridge, the dark energy is strong there.
      As we run over the bridge I take on a few more wooden samurai. Yuya doesn't intervene.
      Even though they don't pose a challenge, I start getting a better feel of my energy, how much I need to release in order to do a certain amount of damage.

      We stand in front of the tower and a huuuuge stone golem is summoned right in front of us.
      It's at least 100 meters tall, full of dark energy.

      "Errrr.... Yuya?"
      "What yes? giant golem???"

      He starts approaching us, every step he takes causes massive vibrations in the ground.

      "What do I do?"
      "Kill it?"
      "Like what, punch it? are you kidding me?"

      She positions herself between the golem and myself, facing me and thus turning her back towards the golem.

      "A punch didn't kill the samurai."
      "No... my energy did, but this thing is huge... how do I?...."

      The golem is now very close.
      Yuya creates a bubble of water in one of her hands still looking at me, she really doesn't seem to care about the golem.
      She compresses the water into a very tiny bubble and holds her hand towards the golem.
      She shoots a high pressure water beam out of her hand, cleanly cutting the golem in two.
      Both pieces fall to the ground. This is absolutely ridiculous.
      "Are you kidding me?"
      She chuckles. Exactly how strong is she?
      "Yeah, I may have overdone that one a bit"
      But she thought I could take on the golem? How strong am I?

      I feel a dark presence behind me and turn around.
      The bridge is filled with at least 100 samurai.
      They simultaneously draw their katanas.
      I want to take them on, but it's too many to kill them one by one.

      A punch didn't kill the samurai...
      I point my right hand towards the samurai. I can't do a water beam, but I must know some way to project my energy.
      I power up, the dragon tattoo becomes hot. The samurai charge.
      But it's alright, I remember now, one of the dragon techniques.
      I release my energy as two tunnels towards the enemies, a big one and a small one inside.
      I turn the inside one clockwise and the outer one counter-clockwise, grabbing onto space as they turn.
      The release of energy vibrates strongly through my body, I feel the fire wings on my back and the tattoo very clearly now.
      All the samurai are crushed into pieces instantly and their remains whirl around until I stop my spell.

      I turn towards Yuya, extremely proud of what I just did.
      "Did you see that???"
      She starts laughing highly amused.
      "Seen you do bigger ones than that."

      I finally begin to understand how things work, how to release energy, what amount of energy to release.
      I'm very excited.

      "Do you hear that?"
      "Hear what?"
      "I think someone is trying to contact you?"

      I try to listen, but there is nothing.
      Then I notice that she didn't mean a typical voice, rather a telepathic one.
      Yes, I can feel it, but I can't understand what he or she says.

      "I can't understand it."
      "It's weak, seems to be from another plane."
      "Plane? like, dream plane?"
      "Yes. There are many different planes. It's hard to communicate across planes if they are far away from each other"

      I try to communicate back.

      "I can't hear you properly. I'm Hyu, who are you?"

      After a small pause I can hear what I think is a name, but it is too unclear to understand.
      I think it is a female voice, I think she's a dreamer.

      (I can recall the rest of the dream only vaguely)
      After the failed communication attempt we enter the tower.
      There is some more fighting and we find some sort of dark energy crystal inside the tower responsible for summoning the monsters.
      Yuya destroys it.

      I feel like I'm getting better at remembering details and conversations which is awesome.
      I woke up at the end of this dream, at about 6am (went to bed at 2am).
      I immediately transcribed the dream after waking up because I was afraid I'd forget if I went back to sleep.
    7. Yuya explains a few things about energy and magic.

      , 01-27-2011 at 02:06 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I've been working on a project, programming all day.
      I'm very tired and take a short break.
      I remember that last time I was so exhausted I managed to WILD during a nap quite easily.
      Sounds like a good idea.
      I turn on some ambient music, set myself an alarm clock for 30 minutes and lean my rather comfortable chair all the way back.
      It takes little time for HI to appear, though I didn't even notice any of the usual SP signs.
      I can't really remember how I transitioned, but I was trying to visualize Yuya and Teraluna.

      I fall on my ass.
      Yuya is sitting in a chair close to me, looking at me slightly confused but mostly amused.
      I get up, slightly amused myself, but try to block out any thoughts related to waking life.
      Yuya looks different than usual. She's wearing more casual clothes, and her hair is shorter, dark blonde, and kept in place by some sort of bandana.
      It's definitely her though.
      I greet her and ask her about her appearance.
      She explains that she likes to change it when she leaves Teraluna.
      I notice I'm indeed on a different planet, but it is confusing the hell out of me.
      I try to focus on Yuya rather than on my surroundings, which aren't very clear.

      I take a seat next to her wondering what I should talk to her about. A thought suddenly pops into my head.

      "Hey Yuya, tell me about magic."

      She looks at me, slightly surprised, but she also seems quite happy about the question.
      She shows me her hand, as if she was holding something, but it's empty.
      A small ball forms over her hand and starts growing.
      It's clearly water, but unaffected by gravity, it just hovers over her hand.

      "There's an infinity of different kinds of Magic.
      Magic is basically a manifestation of energy."
      I make sure I don't focus on the water bubble too much, but rather on what Yuya is telling me.

      (I don't remember the conversations exactly word for word. I remember the content of the conversation and some snippets. I filled in the holes with what I think seems right)
      "If you use your energy for something, that's magic.
      You've opened a portal before, you've teleported, you've reinforced your own body, all of that is magic.
      But everyone has a certain affinity for different kinds of magic.
      Creating water may be very easy for me, but it may be very hard if not impossible for someone else."
      "So, considering that you used to be the goddess of water, it makes sense that you have a very high affinity for water based magic?"
      "Yes, exactly."
      I ask her about music based magic, but she says that she's not very skilled with it.
      "So what about me, what did I use? I've recently remembered that I can use dragonic powers?"
      That puts a smile on her face, she's excited.
      "Yes! You're a dragon! ... I mean... you can use the same powers as a dragon, which is quite rare.
      You see, most dreamers use shamanic magic. They transform into something stronger than they are, often an animal, and acquire more powers that way.
      What you usually do is different though. Although the basic idea is the same, it couldn't be any more different.
      You understand on the lowest level how a dragon uses his energy and you adapt your own aura so it mimics that of a dragon perfectly."
      "You see, many people can transform into a dragon, fly and spit fire, but they cannot discharge energy with the same brutality a true dragon can.
      Although this is very powerful, being able to quickly transform into a set of other creatures has it's upsides...
      By the way, you can use more powers than just those of a dragon, like the wings you use to teleport."
      She asks me excited:
      "Can you awaken the dragon within?"
      I focus on the core of my energy and try to change it into that of a dragon.
      The energy flows faster through my body, it starts to vibrate and the power discharge feels dirty and slightly uncontrolled.
      I feel the dragon tattoo on my back growing over my right arm and parts of my face.
      It's not really visible, it's more like heat inside of my body.
      I feel insanely powerful and get very excited.

      Yuya looks at me amazed:

      "Next time, let's go on an adventure, just like in the old days... you are ready!"
      I get super exited at this point... too excited, and I wake up.

      There's another 3 minutes until the alarm clock is supposed to go off.
      I'm surprised since the dream felt quite short, less than 5 minutes for sure,
      yet so much time has passed in the waking world.

      Note1: I clearly remember creating a story for a manga when I was much younger, inspired by the dreams I had at the time.
      It followed a similar set of rules, and the hero learned to use dragonic powers at some point in the story.
      Even later in the story he learned to use special wings to travel through dimensions, which strongly remind of how I teleport in dreams.
      No-one was able to transform into other beings in this story though, but I know that I did modify quite a few things so the story made more sense.

      Note2: holy shit! I want to have insane dream battles, now!
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