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    1. airplanes and swamp; in trouble at work

      by , 02-15-2012 at 02:58 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was probably with my mom and oldest nephew out on a road during the daytime. We were probably driving, but we weren't quite in a car. It was almost like we were walking down the road or on a moving platform. The road ran through a valley bordered on either side by a dense pine forest.

      The road was packed with cars. We were all headed, rather slowly, as if in procession, down the road. I probably knew that an airshow was going to start.

      Then planes began flying overhead, as if they were just heading over to the airshow, or warming up (?) for the airshow. Some of the planes were flying up from the road.

      The car behind us actually lifted up off the ground and flew into the air. The car was painted gold. At first it looked like a 1980s Camaro. But then it ended up looking like the flying car Luke Skywalker drives.

      But for some reason I was really excited to see the Camaro-like car flying. I called out to my mom at first. But then I saw one of the senior people at one of my old jobs, JS, walking down the road in the direction opposite the procession. So I called out to JS, partly to show her the flying car, and partly because I was so happy to see her again.

      JS may have been walking with a female friend of hers. The two women looked at me kind of sympathetically, like they thought I was crazy but they wanted to act like what I was saying was cool. We both kept walking our different ways.

      The road probably ended at some kind of swampy area. A lot of people stood out in the waters, looking out into a watery space columned by trees. Airplanes may have been flying through this space.

      I must have tried to go farther out into the water to get a closer view. But I only got a few steps out before the water got a lot deeper, probably up to my chest. This would be too deep for me to be comfortable watching the show. So I decided to walk back.

      But it was a little hard to get back. The soil I was walking on was really muddy and sticky, like in a swamp. But the water was crystal clear and never seemed to get dirtied by the water. I was having a hard time moving my legs through the mud.

      At some point I saw my second oldest nephew. He may have been standing up on dry ground, near some fence. He may have been kicking something around on the ground.

      I may eventually have gotten up on dry ground, or at least to a level of water where I could walk comfortably. But I was probably disappointed that I couldn't get out farther in the water. I may have thought that there was some open space out there where you could stand on dry ground and get a really good view of the planes.

      Dream #2

      I was at work. Everybody had an office. But the offices were more like dorm rooms. I was probably new to the job. I kept mistaking other people's offices for my own.

      At some point I went into an office the doorway of which was blocked by something like a couch. I fell over the couch and into the room. There were a bookshelf, a couch, and probably a desk, all arranged so that the room felt like a maze. On the ceiling was a piece of thin fabric with an orange background and a black, psychedelic mandala design.

      Everybody was looking into the room, kind of laughing at me because I had come into the wrong office. I was embarrassed and annoyed, and I tried to cover for myself by pretending that I'd meant to be here.

      I may then have ended up back in the hallway, which was small and dark, like some makeshift hallway in the basement of a house. I then ended up in the reception area, which was like an entire living room in a double-wide trailer home. The receptionist's desk was kind of out in the middle of the room.

      The receptionist was KB, the receptionist at my work. I sat near her desk, kind of behind her, in a small desk, like a little writing desk made for children. I felt like I was hiding behind KB.

      My boss JH came into the room and probably pointed out that I was hiding behind KB. He chuckled at me and said, "Don't you have your own office? Or, what happened to it?" I got the feeling he thought someone else had moved into my office.

      I tried to explain that I was only sitting here so I could learn something from KB. But then I was getting up and heading out of the office.

      But my boss called me back. He had a bunch of stuff in his hands. He said, "This kind of stuff is no good for the workplace. This is why I'm seriously thinking you might not be good for this job. I even think I found some porn in your office.

      "Look at this!" he said, showing me a painting on a canvas that must have been about 30cm long and 20cm wide. It was half-finished, with some edges of it in black and white, not colored in yet. The painting was apparently something I'd made.

      The painting was of the forearm of a person, maybe a young boy. The arm held some device that looked like a gold-colored, metallic spray-gun nozzle on a garden hose. But attached to its ends were a red, pump-like ball and a clear, little breathing apparatus.

      My boss JH said, "This was for your third oldest nephew, wasn't it? He uses it for his asthma. But kids nowadays -----." Something about what my boss said made me think he thought I was trying to glorify drug use by depicting this device.
    2. fried chicken; love audition; amusement park persecution; malts by another name

      by , 12-01-2011 at 01:32 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      Something about fried chicken.

      Dream #2

      I was in a huge room like a gymnasium. The gym was unlit, and the only light that came into it seemed to be from a fluorescent light in some other room. The gym was full of either mattresses, or just blankets, lying on the ground. Young men, and possibly young women, may have been sleeping on the mattresses.

      In a room just off to the left of the gym was a small, kind of narrow room, like a room for an art exhibition. A woman was somewhere in that room. She was like a talent scout. She was going to audition everybody in the room for some kind of show she was putting on.

      We all had to lie down and wait to be called for our audition. Eventually I knew I had been called. So I stood up.

      I was naked. I had apparently masturbated and ejaculated all over the blanket. There were pools and pools of the stuff all over. It looked like some kind of meat grease, too, with an orange tint to it.

      I was terribly embarrassed by the condition I was going to have to leave my space in. It was disgusting that everybody would see what I'd done.

      But, then again, I considered that maybe everybody here was required to masturbate. Maybe it was a part of the whole process. I also thought that if any girls walked by my bed they'd be impressed by how much I could make.

      I walked into the narrow room. There were three video monitors embedded in the floor, in the center of the room. The monitors were about the size of a big HDTV. But they were old, conventional boxes, not flat screens.

      The monitors were showing some kind of colorful scenes in a video-style. But, other than the light of the screens, the room was totally dark. The edges of the room were very dark.

      The woman lurked in a corner of the room, off to my right. She may have stepped forth at one point. I kept watching the monitors, though, as if this were a part of my assignment.

      Dream #3

      I was inside a structure like a nice house. But I was at the end of a hallway, and just around a corner from me was an amusement park.

      I could see one of the rides: a rotating column with hydraulic poles coming off of it. At the ends of the hydraulic poles were airplanes. As the airplanes went around in the circle, the people could use hand controls to move the airplanes up or down, out or in.

      This amusement park ride was in some Middle Eastern country which was predominantly muslim. And for some reason, amusement parks were looked upon here as sinful. I saw three girls together, wearing head coverings. I knew they were in deep trouble for being here at all.

      I walked back down the hallway and into the living room of the house. As I did I came to understand that the amusement park would eventually prevail. People in the country would eventually come to accept amusement parks. And the amusement park would eventually grow. But until then, people, especially women, would probably be persecuted for going to the amusement park.

      Dream #4

      It may have been a cold and drizzly night. I had just walked into some diner -- more like a chain restaurant in the "diner" style, like a Denny's or a Perkin's. I walked past a booth-style counter and then past a few rows of booths.

      I walked past a group of late-night diners, men and women, maybe in their early thirties, all kind of beautiful and boisterous. I turned left and sat in a kind of big alcove of tables that had booth-seats on one end and regular seats on the other. I notice two big, empty rooms of booth-tables off behind me and to my right.

      I sat down and opened the menu. The group of late-night diners were maybe five meters off to my left, and I could still hear them talking and joking with each other. I kind of hoped they wouldn't notice me and start trying to annoy me.

      I looked at the menu. Apparently it was only a dessert menu. I got to a page of what looked like malted milkshakes. But instead of being called "shakes" or "malts," they were called something else. There was a picture of a few malted milkshakes surrounded by pies.

      A waitress came up to take my order. But she may also have been talking to me a bit about the desserts. The desserts I'd thought were malted milkshakes were actually something else -- very much like a milkshake, but not quite.

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    3. mind control for wealth; too skinny; cabbie court case; sex with mom

      by , 11-22-2011 at 03:36 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I sat at a picnic bench with a few other people. We all sat under some covering structure, like the shelter for a gas-pump island. But we were apparently at a restaurant.

      I told the people at the table that I had the power of mind control. I could will people to do certain things, to carry out whole sequences of actions. The people didn't feel any strain on their minds while I did this. It felt very natural. I apparently used these people to get into places where they could take money. I would then receive this money.

      Everybody got up and walked away from the table. Everybody dispersed. But I followed one young man. We walked together out from under the shelter and into an area that looked like a bunch of small auto shops. We then headed out onto a street kind of like a small business section of town.

      I told the guy I was now controlling his mind. I may have explained something about this to him.

      A weird, small airplane flew overhead, from my right to my left. The plane looked kind of futuristic, but kind of old and dirty. Either I or the young man read the mind of the passenger. The passenger, the young man said, was a beautiful woman who either was or had been a famous movie star. But the woman no longer wanted to be as guarded and watched over as she was nowadays. She wanted to get out and have fun.

      We followed the plane with our eyes as it headed to the local airport, which was just at the end of this business street (!). We began walking in the direction of the airport.

      I told the young man that the mission I was going to mind-control him to go on would be to meet up with the girl and act like a really fun, easygoing guy. The young man would win the woman's heart that way. She would give him money, and he could bring it to me.

      For some reason, we were walking back up under the shelter with the picnic tables. The young man asked me, "What if I just enjoy living with the woman so much that I decide to stay, and I never come back to bring you her money?"

      I said, "Good for you, then. Go. And I hope you have a good life."

      Dream #2

      I walked out onto the sidewalk, probably outside of a big, public building. It was probably autumn, and it was a sunny day, probably with yellow leafs on the ground.

      I was in a clean, quiet, probably wealthy town. A tall, Indian man in khaki slacks and a pale, yellow Polo shirt stood out on the sidewalk. The man had a short, old hairstyle, with plenty of gel, and he wore nice, squarish eyeglasses. He seemed to be waiting for a cab.

      The man turned away from the curb and got a glimpse of me. He remarked that I was too skinny.

      Dream #3

      I was in a courtroom. A rich woman, who may once have been a really popular movie star, was on trial for not paying a cabbie. The story went that she had told the cabbie to wait for her at some place like a gas station, and that she would meet him there. But she never showed up.

      The woman's argument was that she hadn't told the man she would pay him for his time in waiting, and that he hadn't driven her anywhere in order to get paid. It was the man's choice to wait for her, the woman said. And the wouldn't shouldn't have to pay for the man's choice.

      I may have seen the view of the cabbie at the gas station in my mind's eye for a moment. But now my view was in the courtroom. I was on the right side of the room (the right side, as one would face the judge's bench). I was at the back of the room, where the woman and her lawyer sat.

      The woman's lawyer was also a woman, though I couldn't get a good view of her. The woman and the lawyer seemed to be seated in front of, rather than behind, a small table. They were both probably in swivel chairs.

      The woman looked to be maybe in her early forties. She had tanned skin and dark blonde hair with black or dark brown streaks in it. She wore a dark blue one-piece dress with short
      sleeves and a skirt that went to just above the knee. The dress may have had vertical stripes of navy blue and some lighter, though dull, blue.

      The woman was reiterating the point that she didn't feel like she needed to pay. She threw her arms up in the air, as if to say, "What's the big deal? I don't care."

      I was now on the left side of the room, in one of the back rows, with the cabbie and his lawyer. The cabbie's lawyer was a beautiful woman, half Japanese and half white. She wore a red dress, kind of 1950s or 1960s style, long-sleeved, with a fabric like heavy felt (? - I don't know the names of fabrics). Her hair was frowsy, frizzy, and pale, with chunky, straight bangs.

      The cabbie was like a skinny version of Fabio. He had long, blonde-brown hair and a tan, clean, muscular face. He had sparkling eyes and a bright smile, though some of his teeth may plainly have been fake. He wore a sleeveless, flannel shirt unbuttoned at least at the chest.

      The judge was explaining something about his opinion of the case. He seemed to be on the side of the cabbie, though not completely. The judge made some joke, and the crowd laughed at it.

      But the cabbie didn't speak English. I think he spoke Russian. The lawyer had to translate everything for the cabbie. She'd translated the joke, and the cabbie understood it was a joke -- but not until the judge had already moved on to something else.

      The cabbie laughed gently and gave some kind of weird glance to the judge, like he was trying to kiss up to the judge. But the time of the joke had passed. The cabbie laughing at this point made him look kind of like an idiot.

      Dream #4

      I was in bed, kissing some girl on the crotch of her yellow, cotton panties. At some point, though, the woman turned into my mother.
    4. exploding airport; blood-glass

      by , 10-31-2011 at 03:36 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      I'm not quite sure whether the first dream isn't actually two dreams. The part in the bar may have been one dream, and the rest may have been another dream. I wrote it as one dream, since I don't remember waking up between scenes. But it may actually have been two dreams.

      Dream #1

      I was sitting with a few girls in a dark bar. The only light may have been from little, multi-colored lights like Christmas lights, except seeming a bit softer, and, at the same time, more neon-colored. My whole view seemed to be a bit fuzzy.

      I was waiting for some girl. But apparently she was really late. I may have started to think that she wasn't going to show up. I pushed my chair backwards and away from the table, as if my chair had wheels on it.

      I moved past a number of tables. The tables seemed to be half-booth tables, where one side of the seats is a booth, set against the wall, and the other side is moveable chairs. I stopped moving backwards when I got to a table full of office women, maybe in their late thirties.

      The office women seemed to be flirting with me. I thought they were all attractive. So I thought I might flirt back. Maybe one of them would hook up with me.

      But now I was moving my chair forward, back to the girls I had been sitting with. As soon as I got back to the table, a girl sat right in my lap.

      The girl wasn't skinny, but she was pretty. She had pale, smooth skin and longish, brown hair, all done up, like she was going to the prom. She wore a satiny, pale-chocolate-brown mini-dress with silvery, swirly designs on it. The designs may have been glittery.

      The girl, I somehow knew, had been upset because someone hadn't shown up. I thought that this person was supposed to go on a date with the girl. But the person may also have been the girl's father.

      The girl and I were now snuggling against each other pretty passionately. I figured I must have been snuggling with the girl to make her feel less bad about having been ditched by the other guy. After a moment, the girl broke off from snuggling with me. My view was all foggy, like someone had been kissing a camera lens.

      I figured the girl was going to come back. But I didn't know if, once she came back, I could really commit to being with her. After all, wasn't I waiting for some girl here?

      But the other girls at the table were looking at me. It was pretty plain they thought that I was already thinking of this girl as my new girlfriend. One of the girls handed me some kind of present, like a congratulations gift for getting a new girlfriend.

      The gift was like some clear, plastic tubing made to look like a rose. There was a main stem, two small, leaf-like stems branching off of that, and then a clear, plastic rose-blossom (which was more like a bud) at the top.

      All through the tubing and in the rose-blossom/bud were little lights, like LEDs. The stem may have had blue or green LEDs. The blossom/bud either had blue or purple LEDs.

      I thought, getting a gift like this, that I couldn't back out of being the girl's boyfriend now.

      I was now sitting out on a bench with an older man and another person. The other person may have been a man, or it may have been my mom. If it was a man, it was probably like my mom's old boyfriend, who was now standing up as a kind of character reference for me with the man.

      The man was the girl's father. Apparently I needed the girl's father's approval before my relationship got too heavy with the girl. The father was kind of tall, overweight, with greying hair in a kind of feathery, old-style cut. He wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

      It was night, but we were sitting in the father's backyard, right near the house, under an incandescent porch light. There seemed to be a huge, tent-like structure right in front of us, possibly big enough to be taking up a good portion of the backyard.

      The father and the other person were talking relaxedly about some stuff that seemed a bit over my head, like "adult talk."

      I stood up and walked over to the tent. I went inside. The tent was lit by incandescent light. The inside had solid, plasticky, but thin walls. The top of the structure kind of pointed upward in a pyramid shape, like circus tents do in cartoons. The top was made of tent-like fabric. There was no floor -- just bare soil.

      The father and the other person walked into the tent. Somehow, from the conversation, perhaps, I came to understand that this structure was the outer housing for a nuclear reactor. The reactor was now going to be built.

      I was here, I now knew, to get a job from the father, who was in charge of building the reactor. I needed a job, since I was going to get into a pretty serious relationship with the father's daughter. After talking with the other person a little more, the father said that I could have a job helping to build the nuclear power plant.

      It was now daytime. I was still in the structure, as if no time had passed. But now the structure was a lot taller and bigger: as big as a small warehouse. The ceiling had all kinds of metal piping in it, and it seemed to be separated by a couple of meters from the tops of the walls. There was a guy in a hard-hat, suspended by a wire, working on something between the ceiling and walls.

      I somehow knew there was at least one other structure like this. But there may have been two other structures. One of the structures may have been a lot more developed than this one. It may already have had a reactor built inside of it. (I think I was visualizing a cooling tower *inside* this structure.)

      The person who'd been talking with the father was now gone. The father may have been around for a second, but now he was gone, too. It was implied that I knew what I was supposed to be doing, so that I should get to work. But I didn't know any of my co-workers, and I was really shy.

      Suddenly there was a big explosion. There were a couple other people in the structure with me. Apparently the explosion had come from one of the other structures. We needed to assess the situation. We ran outside.

      The area was like a big, vacant dirt lot. But at the end of the lot, maybe 50 meters from the structure I'd been in, was a little shelter like a doorless shelter where farm vehicles could be parked.

      I was hardly even outside when I noticed that everybody else was already over in the shelter across the way, putting on raditation suits. There were three or four men in a line, all young, Asian men. They all wore white masks over their mouth and nose.

      The men were in different stages of putting on the suits. The suits were yellow, thick, and rubbery. The men had stood into them, apparently, as they lay crumpled on the ground. They'd then pull the yellow suits all the way up over their heads, then zip the suits up. The suits may have had red boots.

      I may actually have flown to the shelter to get there faster. I don't think I stopped flying. Instead, still floating, I was looking for a free suit. I saw a couple suits lying crumpled up on the floor, waiting for people to stand into them. So I thought they were available. But looking closer, I noticed they had some men's clothes in them. So, apparently, they were already taken.

      I "knew" that there were more suits in an underground storage area just across the lot from this shelter. So I jumped up maybe four or five meters in the air and flew over to the shelter.

      The shelter was in an area at the edge of some hillside or canyon. The hillside looked out over a lot of green, rolling hills, like in some kind of juniper- or pinyon-strewn desert. The sky was pale grey. But the horizon was filled with low-hanging, dark grey clouds.

      The underground shed was fenced off from everything else by a two-meter-tall wooden fence, which was kind of old and greying. The doors to the underground shed were just like the doors to an old cellar. Their wood was also old and grey, kind of messy.

      I lifted up the doors once and looked down into the underground shed. It was really dark and messy. I thought I probably wouldn't be able to find anything down there, let alone a radiation suit. I was also afraid that if I went down there, something would jump up and attack me.

      The doors must have fallen shut, because I had to open them again. Only now they were a lot bigger and heavier, though still made out of old, greying wood. They also seemed to be set into a large, heavy, concrete circle.

      I needed to get both doors open in order to go inside, but I could only get one door open at a time. I had to fly to lift the doors -- they were either too tall or too heavy for me to lift otherwise. But as soon as I'd get one side open, the other side would fall shut. It somehow reminded me of how I'd get frustrated as a kid, not being able to fold the flaps of a cardboard box.

      I may have stood on the ground for a moment, taking some time to figure out how to do this the right way. I looked out at the hillside and grey sky.

      I suddenly saw, maybe only 250 meters away, a red and blue passenger plane, a big jumbo jet, flying up into the air rather clumsy. I then noticed that the plane's right wing was entirely gone. The plane seemed to be smoking. I tried to remember whether I'd heard any explosion.

      The plane seemed to be trying to pull into the air. In fact, it was pointing almost straight up. But it wasn't going anywhere. It was just bobbing in the air, maybe 100 or 200 meters up in the air.

      I kept waiting for some kind of explosion. I figured it the wing had blasted off without an explosion, then something deeper had happened that would work its way out in a huge explosion.

      It seemed now like the plane was trying to land. The airport the plane had come from was nearby, across a couple sets of rolling hilltops from the fenced-off area that I was in. The plane was still pointed up in the air, but it seemed to be bobbing back over to the airport.

      The plane made a final descent into the airport. But it was still pointing nose-up. I couldn't see it as it descended behind the red-brick walls of the airport (???).

      But the plane now seemed to be almost as big as the airport. As it descended -- crashed -- tail-first on the tarmac, it exploded in a big fireball, which only got bigger as the rest of the plane was consumed. A huge fireball now burst up over the tops of the airport's building.

      But the exploding airplane was causing other explosions at the airport. I figured these were other planes, exploding from the heat and flames from the first plane's explosion. Soon a huge wave of fire was tearing through the airport. The entire airport was on fire!

      Somehow I saw a set of doors at the airport -- as if the airport were now only 50 meters or so away from me. The flames had passed an area, although there was still a lot of brown smoke. The doors around this area were like doors in some sort of theme park or shopping center themed like the Old West.

      A husband and wife ran out from one of the doors. They felt, I knew, that now that the flames had passed, they could make a run from the airport. They probably felt that if they stayed at the airport any longer, they'd risk getting caught in a second wave of flames.

      So they ran away from the airport. They saw me in the fenced-off area with the underground shed. I waved them in.

      The couple was maybe in their early fifties. They looked like they were maybe upper-middle class. The woman may have been pale skinned and a bit overweight, with frizzy, blonde hair. The man was compact but strong, tan, with short, wiry, grey-white hair. He wore a black polo shirt and, possibly, khaki shorts.

      The couple may have told me what they had just gone through and that they were trying now to get to safety. I understood that what they meant was that they wanted to get back to their house.

      I didn't know where the couple's house was. But I knew that there was a main road farther along the hillside. There were also a really big shopping center and people who could conveniently get the couple a car to get wherever they wanted to get.

      But to get the couple to this place, I'd have to fly them there. I thought I could fly both of them there. But I'd have to lift them into the air one at a time. This was more to make sure that each of them wouldn't be afraid of heights as I flew them over the hills.

      I *think* I lifted the woman into the air first. But we barely got off the ground before the woman got terribly afraid. I landed again. The woman ran over to some corner of the fenced-off area that had a little outdoor structure like a tool-shelf and work-counter, all made of old wood. The woman wouldn't leave that area. She was hysterical with a fear of heights.

      (If it *was* the woman. It may have been the man.)

      I now tried to lift the man (? or woman?) into the air. But I found that I couldn't fly up into the air with the man. He was way too heavy. This was surprising to me, as usually my flying had the effect of cancelling out gravity, so that everything I flew with weighed nothing. But the man wasn't losing any weight. He was still heavy.

      Dreams #2

      I was apparently telling people about a precognitive vision I'd had. It had to do with some kind of nuclear reactor, which looked more like a big piece of old factory equipment, with cogs and gears and cranks and wheels.

      I was probably telling two people about my vision. The people may both have been women. They may have been wearing white lab coats.

      I told the people that this particular reactor was different than almost other reactors, because two crank-wheels, which, in other machines, were set outside the reactor, were, in this model, set inside the housing of the reactor.

      In my mind's eye I could see a small, steel door that opened up to get inside this "reactor" (or huge piece of old-time factory equipment). The inside was mostly gears, all tightly-packed, lit with a kind of dim, incandescent light. There were two crank-wheels, one in front of the other.

      I told the people that the problem wasn't actually with the crank-wheels, but with a pane of glass either between or off to the (left --my left (?)) side of the wheels.

      This pane of glass had a problem with it. It was forming, inside of itself, red streaks. The red streaks actually looked like drops of blood.
    5. spaceship runway; touching girl's hand

      by , 10-05-2011 at 12:42 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out on some road that appeared to be on a building top. I may have been standing outside at first. But, at least eventually, I was inside a vehicle, possibly a van. I was with some man and someone like my mom. The day was really sunny, maybe hot.

      I saw an airplane flying up through the air, just after it had lifted off. But the back end of the airplane was shaped just like the back end of a space shuttle. The whole airplane may have been white and red, with a shiny, plasticky look.

      I got kind of freaked out because the airplane had had the back end of a space shuttle. I thought the craft should be lifting up into the air much faster if it were a shuttle. I got the eerie feeling that it would start lifting quickly up into the air very soon. But something about the fact that it kept not lifting up into the air had me really panicked.

      One of the people with me, probably the man, may have tried to convince me that the craft weren't actually a shuttle, and that its back end didn't actually look like that of a shuttle.

      I looked over the building we were on. There was a space shuttle posed in front of the building, on some kind of metal-frame, like a statue. I tried to compare the craft in the air and the shuttle on the ground.

      I must have been satisfied. We started driving away from the scene. I felt afraid to look back at the craft in the air. We passed some large passenger plane that looked normal. It gave me a huge sense of the relief, as if the craft in the air were normal.

      We were now driving around on some tarmac, possibly at the foot of the building we had been on. We drove past one experimental plane. I knew about this whole place, and I knew about these experimental planes. I told the man about this plane. The man may now have been someone like my mom's old boyfriend.

      We drove past another experimental plane. This one was all clear, like it was just a thin, metal skeleton covered over with the clear material that makes the walls of a greenhouse.

      The plane was kind of needle-shaped, with something about it reminiscent of the Blackbird. It also had something to its design very much like the grid pattern underlying some computer animations. The plane also had a logo on its side saying "Scoop Technologies."

      I told the man something about this plane as well, like I was a little kid showing off how smart I was to an adult man. We then passed another plane which may have been much, much larger than the clear craft. We then passed another experimental craft, which I may also have explained to the man.

      Dream #2

      I was in some building, on the second floor, laying on my stomach on the floor, staring out a window-wall. Below was some kind of small courtyard, floored with stone tiles, edged around with little gardens and trees, with some leafs blowing across the tiles.

      Two girls were down in the courtyard area. They may have been in their early teens. They were both dressed in costumes. The costumes were like older European dresses, like from the Elizabethan era or a bit later than that. But the colors of the costumes were very bright, like Sailor Moon uniforms.

      One of the girls saw me looking down at them. She ran up to the building, jumped all the way up to the window, and tapped her hand against the glass. The girl apparently liked me, and she was trying to let me know.

      The girl was now back on the ground with her friend. The two girls spoke with each other for a moment. I couldn't believe the girl had managed to jump high enough to tap the window. I wanted her to do it again. But I also wanted her to do it again so I could make sure she liked me.

      I tapped on the glass and waved the girl back to me. The girl came wandering back up to the building. The other girl warned the girl not to jump up to the window, since she'd get hurt really bad if she slipped and fell.

      This time she didn't jump up to the window. She climbed up something like a thin, metal drain-pipe that had little pieces of metal like ladder-rungs running up it. The wall was red stone (so red it almost looked painted), and the drain-pipe and "ladder-rungs" were the same color.

      The girl got up to the window and touched my hand.

      Now the girl was down on the ground with her friend, a ways away from the building. The girl stood near a waist-high, silvery metal column. The girl lifted up her skirt and draped it over this column. She then kind of leaned over the column, so her torso was parallel with the ground.

      I was now sitting somewhere, possibly on the roof of a building, with two women. We had a bunch of stuff with us like we were taking a trip to the beach. I sat on the floor, on a towel. There were a few other big beach towels all around me. On either side of me there were long beach chairs and tall parasols.

      One of the women was my friend H's friend Y. Y sat on the edge of one of the beach chairs. Y was telling the other woman, in a different language, how she liked me, but how it seemed like all I ever did was study and think about intellectual things. Y wondered if I could possibly like her at all.

      I spoke to Y in English, not letting on that I'd understood everything she'd just said in the foreign language, but letting her know that I was interested in her. But I then got worried about showing her any more of my feelings. H was coming back soon. And H liked me. She couldn't think I liked Y.
    6. crashing planes and bomb

      by , 07-26-2011 at 11:58 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was travelling with a group of people, probably in a big van or a bus. It was daytime, and we seemed to be going along a desert highway or a road in a desert town. The road seemed wide, and there was always a lot of space on either side of the road. There may have been some small hills, as well as occasional houses or other buildings. Everything seemed to glimmer with heat convection.

      I watched a commercial airliner pass our vehicle. The plane was huge. It seemed to me that it was way too close to the ground, and that its angle was too steep. It would make sense if the plane were landing. But there didn't seem to be any airport in sight. I thought that the plane was going to crash or crash land.

      Not long after that I saw another plane, this one going over the horizon, possibly in something like a barrel roll. I keep waiting, even kind of flinching, for the explosions from the two planes.

      The people in the vehicle may have started talking about planes crashing. As they did I saw another passenger airliner seeming to crash over the horizon in front of us. This one had all the markings of a commercial airliner and was white, but it was shaped like a blimp. It may have already been on fire.

      We were now at the top of some mesa, looking down over a reddish-brown landscape. The area was supposed to be a big city, I think. But I didn't see any buildings.

      The woman who was in charge of our group had stopped the bus here and gone off to get some kind of instructions or directions. I and another man stood out beside the bus, looking down over the mesa.

      Suddenly a bomb seemed to go off down below. It must have been a big bomb, but I somehow knew it had been strapped to a suicide bomber. The bomb had no explosion, noo fire or light. There were just three concentric rings of dust that rippled out from the cednter of the "blast."

      The rings of dust themselves didn't seem very huge, but they managed to reach us. With the first and second rings, the air temperature became progressively hotter. I then got afraid. I knew how these bombs worked. They were some kind of nuclear bomb. Each ring was a layer of fallout. And the third ring was the worst.

      I cringed in anticipation of the third ring. When it hit us, it shook us pretty hard. The air was full of dust and debris. Then the ring passed us. I knew that we had been so far away from the blast that the radioactive effects would not harm us. But it was now obvious that there were a lot of people all over the place committing terrorist activities.

      The woman came back to the bus. Her instructions were regarding the terrorist activities. Apparently the people in the bus had been assigned to deal with these terrorists.

      One of the men reasoned that since the events occurred in the desert, that we were going to be focusing our work on the west coast. He thought this meant we would be working in California.

      I saw the man's face close up. He was kind of pale, with a short, red beard and red hair. He said, "I never wanted to make too big a deal about California, even though I really like it, cause that's where I come from. But I'm glad we'll get to be going there. Don't you think we'll have to work there?"
    7. st. louis wish; airplane and laundry

      by , 04-21-2011 at 12:07 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      There was a view that was partly like a TV view and partly like a scene that I was inside of. The view was of a kitchen. The kitchen looked like it was from a 1950s TV show, like The Honeymooners. The floor, walls, and tables were grey.

      A family was in the kitchen. The children sat at the table with a man who was possibly the kids' father, although he may not have been a relation at all. The wife was walking around in the kitchen, possibly getting food ready. The children were all young, less than ten years old. The children and the mother may all have been wearing heavy nightgowns. The man was somewhat professionally dressed, and he seemed to have waxed hair and a waxed mustache.

      The children and the mother were all giving the man a gift. They were going to take the man anywhere he wanted to go. The man was surprised by this gift. He put some serious effort into thinking of where he wanted to go. He may have thought of some exotic places. But then the children began playing some kind of weird tag-like game around the man's chair.

      The man seemed to be having just as much fun with this game as the children were having. But the man fell in his chair at one point. He appeared to be injured. The children, who had been afraid of the man before, were now afraid of him again. He may have been knocked out, or he may have been dying. But the kids didn't want to be around when the man had regained enough consciousness to yell at the kid.

      The kids ran through some kind of weird place that looked like an outdoor scene indoors. The ground was grey and slightly hilly, but it all seemed to be littered slightly with white wads of paper. The kids found some group of parents.

      I was trying to make a point to everybody (even though I wasn't necessarily in the scene) that the man wasn't mad. I now saw the man. He was still lying on his back on the kitchen floor, wheezing in and out, barely conscious. He was being tended to by a man and a woman. He was saying that if he was going to go anywhere it would be to St. Louis, so he could see his family again.

      Dream #2

      I was in some apartment complex. I had come out of the apartment I was in. The sky was heavy with dark clouds, as if were going to rain heavily or as if it had just gotten finished raining. A man and a woman were walking down the steps from a floor above me. We were leaving the apartment at the same time for some similar reason. We may actually have been leaving together.

      I saw a huge American Airlines plane flying really low near the apartment. It flew over a deep green landscape, like trees over a rolling, suburban neighborhood. The plane was so low I thought it was going to crash. But it didn't.

      I may have needed to speed up to get where I was going. I ran down a stairwell and then did someb weird move where I slid down one of the vertical poles of the complex.

      I was now on the ground level of the complex (even though I may previously have been on the ground level as well). I walked around a corner of the building and went into a laundry room. I had to grab my laundry before I could leave.

      Some other people had apparently used the dryers after I had put my clothes in them. The dryers and washing machines were actually stuffed full of clothes, as if at least two other groups of people had come in after me and shoved their clothes into the machines without first taking the clothes out that the previous people had left in. It also appeared to me that some people had taken some of their clothes out already. The laundry room was filled with piles of clothes.

      I was kind of worried that my laundry had only been partly done. But I began to pick through all the clothes, trying to find everything that was mine, so I could leave. As I was picking through the clothes I found two pairs of panties. The panties looked like they were for a little girl. They were white and made of terry cloth. They had some design of Tweety Bird and some quote in cursive writing on the front. One pair had a purple waistband and one pair had a pink waistband.

      I figured I would steal one of these pairs of panties. Probablyb nobody would notice, I thought. I knew the panties were for a little girl, but I figured I could fit into them as well. I may have decided on the panties with the pink waistband. I may have been worried about getting caught while I was stealing the panties.

      I was now sitting in some living room. A woman was walking up a staircase, possibly up from a basement. I was afraid to see her, as if it just seemed so uncanny that she could appear from the stairs. But now the woman came down the stairs from an upper floor. The woman was my co-worker, SP. She was wearing boy clothes. She wore a brown, button-up shirt and a round-brimmed hat. She had a suitcase with her.

      SP told me that she had gotten all her laundry taken care of and that she was now leaving. She told me that she had even seen my laundry in the laundry room. Something she said implied somehow that she had actually sorted and folded my clothes for me. I asked her if this was true. She said yes. She said that everything was laid out in the laundry room for me. I may have seen everything on a folding table with a fake wood top in my mind's eye.

      SP may have made some comment about how difficult it had been to sort my clothes out of all the other clothes in the laundry room, but how she had done it because she thought it that my clothes were important enough to keep track of.
    8. airstrip town, bookstore pole climb, trashy victoria's secret, fixing shower curtain

      by , 11-30-2010 at 01:15 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I remember four dreams from last night.

      Dream #1

      I was in a big airplane, either in the cockpit or near it while its door was open. In the plane were just me, the pilot, and one of my male friends. The sky outside was grey and wet.

      We were taxiing down a runway. We picked up speed, as if we were going to take off. But we weren't getting up enough speed, in my opinion.

      I could see from outside and just above the plane. The runway we were on looked way too short for our plane to get up enough speed to take off.

      We taxied around the runway roads, clockwise, trying to loop back around and hit the long runway again with a little bit of momentum so we could build up enough speed to take off.

      But somehow we ended up (as if we had been travelling counterclockwise) driving the plane outside of the airstrip and onto a strip of road before a large, Victorian-style house. The house was adjacent with the chain-link fence bordering the airport.

      A military man in camouflage stood beside the airplane, talking with the pilot, as if he were just standing beside the window of some bus, not a huge airplane. The military man was older, white, tanned, with shortish, square-cut, white hair.

      The military man said that the town in which this airport was located was being evacuated soon, anyway. Once it was evacuated, nobody would mind us using the public streets as a runway. That way we could easily get up enough speed to take off.

      The military man said, "Heck, maybe even some of the people we evacuate out of the town would like to fly some planes with you!"

      Somebody, maybe I, suggested that we get "some of those little planes" (in my mind's eye I saw cone-shaped planes maybe 3-4 meters long, painted white with red triangles pointing away from the nose). The "little planes" could easily get up enough speed to take off from a small runway like this.

      We drove the plane away. The military man said he'd order some of "those little planes." He may even have started talking with a younger military man about the order.

      It was now night. I stood before the Victorian house, in some little niche set between the wall and the staircase up to the front door. In the niche was an old-style, wooden podium. The podium may have held a big book.

      I was probably here to talk to the military man regarding the little planes. I wasn't trying to speed up the order. I was actually trying to figure out what the planes were, to see if they were the right things to use. But I figured my being here to ask about the planes would make me look impatient, and that I'd get on the military's bad side because of it, if I didn't do things the right way.

      Somebody came out to talk to me. He was a younger soldier, in formal dress, even a hat (which kind of looked like a Nazi hat). He explained a few things to me about the higher-ups' names. I tried to keep it all in mind.

      The man saluted me. I was so surprised that I saluted back, with tears in my eyes (for some reason). Somehow I could see the man reflected in my tears, as if the tears were the surface of sunglasses.

      I was alone again. I turned to the book in a frenzy. I had just forgotten everything the man had told me. The high-up military man's name was Wellinghoff. Or was it Norris? I couldn't remember. And I couldn't remember the correct titles of all the higher-ups, either.

      Dream #2

      I was in a bookstore or library. It had an old feel to it. It was all made of wood. It was open, with a ground level and probably a balcony level running along the walls. The ceilings were very high. The center of the store was mostly small, wide tables with books displayed on the. The walls were lined with shelves.

      I saw, from high up, a couple of my female friends. One of them was aw woman I haven't seen since college. I decided to go say hi to them.

      To get to them I began climbing down a wooden pole about 20cm in diameter. I was climbing down the pole head first for a way. Then I did some weird kind of fllip move so that I was climbing down feet first.

      I ended near some small, tight, spiral staircase, for which this long pole may have served as a support column. The pole seemed to end a couple meters above the ground. I had to jump the rest of the way down. The two women were right nearby.

      I slowly, flexibly reached away from the pole. I relaxedly leapt away from the pole, almost as if I were floating away from it. I landed very softly on my feet.

      Thinking that the women would think I was showing off with all I had just done (I wasn't exactly sure myself how I had done it), I started talking naturally to act like nothing had happened.

      I began fumbling through a couple of books and even something that looked like a mix between a woman's wallet with a tiny mirror on the front. The wallet may have been a dark blue suede, and it may have had some black and white photo of a famous actress or famous work of art on it.

      Dream #3

      I was in a department store. The store looked kind of cheap and run-down. I was now at the counter, getting my stuff rung up. The person ringing me up was a woman, but I don't know if she was older or younger.

      Something went wrong, and the woman needed to wait before she charged me. I decided to walk around the store some more.

      Off to the left of the cash register and a little ways away was a rack of really cheap-looking lingerie. For some reason, I decided to look through it. I took a few items off the rack, as if I were either going to buy them or try them on.

      At some point, I came to the conclusion that I was in a Victoria's Secret.

      I looked down into a plastic tub (?) which had a few stray pairs of panties inside. I figured that if I was buying or trying on the lingerie, I'd also need to try on some panties. So I tried to pick some out.

      I remember one pair of panties that was like a thong, pale yellow, with a cottony back and a sheer, net-like front with flower designs on it. Another pair was like briefs. The material was blue like denim. But it had a weird, scaly look and feel.

      Just to my left was a window wall. Just beyond the wall was another rack of lingerie. A big, tall, black man in a black t-shirt and sunglasses was fingering through the lingerie. I could see that he was also looking for articles of lingerie to try on.

      Dream #4

      I was in "my shower," which was a shower-only stall. It was set into the end of the narrow bathroom.

      Either my shower curtain had broken or I had decided I'd needed to adjust it somehow. I took the curtain off the rod. Then I tried to put it back on.

      I suddenly realized that by taking the curtain off the hook I'd screwed everything up. The curtain was actually just a gigantic plastic bag, like an enormous version of a grocery bag. The bag had been folded around the rod and against the wall (even into holes in the wall?) in so many weird ways that I likely couldn't replicate it.

      I figured I'd do my best and try to re-do things. I was up on the wall, looking down on the shower curtain. I don't know how I was up there -- possibly by holding myself in place by doing the splits and holding each foot against the wall? I began working on the gigantic plastic bag.