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    1. pink lemonade for mom; dog friend in park; sex isn't so great

      by , 09-19-2011 at 12:19 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a dark room that was kind of like a living room mixed with a small, cafeteria-style restaurant. The room was lit on the outer edges by dim, but vividly-colored, lights, like weak LEDs. But the lights barely lit anything at all, so the room was mostly dark. There a few other people in the room, mostly my family members.

      My mom was sitting on one of the sides of the room. She asked me to get her a drink. She may have asked me to "go out" and get her a drink. I may have been planning to go outside, to some store, to get my mom a drink.

      But I went to a small drinks case that sat on a counter. The drinks case (unlit) had a few Red Bull-shaped cans of pink lemonade in it. I may have thought that I would take one of these cans of pink lemonade to give me energy on my errand to pick up whatever drink it was my mom wanted me to get her from the outside.

      There were two different flavors of pink lemonade (i.e. another flavor added in with the pink lemonade flavor). I saw one flavor that I knew my mom liked. I figured that was the drink she wanted. The other flavor I thought I would take for myself. But I didn't really like the flavor. I wanted to see if my favorite flavor was available, but I couldn't remember what it was.

      I was then coming back from or finally going out on my errand. But some of my family members, particularly my brother, thought I was an old man and that I wouldn't be able to make the trip. For some reason, I took a pair of black socks with me to prove I was strong enough to make the trip. But the socks had holes in their heels.

      I was now feeling old and very tired. I kind of collapsed on the ground in the middle of the room, laying on my side. I figured I just needed a bit of a rest, and then I could get up and run my errand.

      Dream #2

      I was walking through a neighborhood that was like the neighborhood where my cousins lived when we were kids. But something about the feeling of the place was much larger and lonelier. It was like all the houses were twice their size, and the neighborhood was hidden away in a series of winding streets. The sky may have been grey, and the day a little damp and chilly, like it was going to rain.

      I knew that if I walked up one of the side blocks I could go see my cousins' old house. But I didn't want to risk going up that block and running into my aunt. So I decided not to go up that way.

      The road I was walking on ended up turning into a park. It was slightly secluded, but it was a nice, wide, long lawn with some rolling hills and some trees. I was walking on an asphalt path on the lawn. After a while, a dog came running up from behind me.

      I recognized the dog. It was a dog I liked quite a bit. I thought it was my aunt's dog. I saw a figure sitting in a bench far back in the park. I thought that was my aunt. She (?) May have been wearing an orange shirt. I didn't want to acknowledge the dog because I didn't want my aunt coming over and talking to me.

      But the dog seemed really happy to see me. We ran over to the right side of the park. We began playing and rough-housing a little bit.

      Dream #3

      A pretty, blonde girl, maybe about eleven to thirteen years old, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, said, "Everybody says p***y is so great. They act like it tastes and smells like the greatest thing in the world. Well, I'm a lesbian. So I know. And I don't think p***y is that great at all. It doesn't taste that great. And it doesn't smell good."
    2. checking the ice ; getting "wenclets"; little girl shopping

      by , 01-14-2011 at 01:22 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out in a field which was a part of someone's property. I was walking on top of a huge drift of snow. The snow was hard enough to walk on the surface. The sky overhead was a heavy, pale grey.

      I told myself I was checking the ice in this area for something in particular. I came upon a patch of ice revealed beneath some snow. I walked out onto it. I told myself that if I were able to walk on the ice, the ice would be stable enough so that there would be no worry for the field.

      I saw a small puddle of water just beyond the ice. I stepped into it. It was only ankle deep at first. But it soon got so deep that my whole body plunged in. I thought this might mean trouble for the field. But then I figured it probably wouldn't. The puddle was deep, but it was still small.

      I started worrying about myself. I had fallen into this freezing water and I needed to get out. I looked around for a way out. But the body of water was now as big as a lake.

      I was now out of the lake and on some kind of long, covered walkway of red flagstone. The walkway went around some kind of big desert mansion. Some of my old friends were there. They were all getting ready to go somewhere else. I saw them walk up a staircase at one end of the walkway. Somewhere there may have been snow-covered cacti.

      Dream #2

      I was in an apartment that wasn't mine. I may have been watching the apartment for somebody. The apartment was small, but comfortable. It was on a higher floor. Light came inside, filtered through the greens and yellows of tree leafs.

      I was sneaking past the apartment windows. I needed to go out my window and into someone else's to get something. But I couldn't let anybody know I was doing it. There was a lot of activity outside. The landlords (a man and woman who had actually been landlords of an old building I lived in) were climbing up and down ladders, helping some invalid lady get back into her apartment. The invalid lady was actually sitting in a full bathtub which was perched atop a swinging, crane-like ladder.

      Everybody had gotten the invalid woman (who was a woman from an old neighborhood I lived in) into her house. They were all going away. I realized now that I needed to get the stuff from the invalid woman's apartment.

      I looked out the window and saw my mom sitting in a tub similar to the one the woman had been sitting in. I knew my mom was going to take care of the invalid woman. I called to my mom to get the stuff I needed from the invalid woman's apartment. My aunt has asked for it, I told her.

      My mom got upset and yelled at me that she wasn't going to get anything, and that my aunt was just being selfish. I came to understand that the stuff in question were these small, white, pebble-type things. They were used as a kind of fuel for a special waterbed that acted as a kind of room service. I understood that my aunt had run out of her white rocks and that she now felt she should be able to get the rocks from anybody else's supply if she wanted.

      Now that I understood what was going on, I wasn't so interested in getting the rocks for my aunt. I was now by myself in the invalid woman's kitchen. The white rocks were on the old woman's table, in a purple-pink container that looked like, and may even have said, Raid bug spray. The container was squarish and may have had two nozzles or spouts.

      I read, somewhere, about the room-service waterbed. The waterbed could always make coffee and tea, with no fuel. But for anything other than coffee and tea, white rocks were needed. (I seemed to be reading this off a brown, plastic plate which may have served as kind of a caution sign on the side of a waterbed.) With enough white rocks, however, the waterbed could bring you just about anything you wanted.

      I was in a coffee shop like a Starbucks. The store was long, and the back half, where I was, was almost empty. It was dim. I was heading for a line to get some coffee when I realized there was a vending machine to my right. It sold silver canisters full of the white rocks. The canisters looked like a mix between stainless steel thermoses and popcorn poppers. I figured I'd pick one up and pay for it at the register for my aunt.

      But now, in a vending to the right of the rock machine, I saw a lot of plastic bubbles full of what looked like candy hearts. But somewhere among those bubbles there was a slip of paper talking about the rocks. It said the white rocks (called "wenclets") and the room-service waterbed were as bad as drugs, and that they had destroyed the lives of teenagers.

      I looked away from both vending machines. I figured I'd just go get my coffee. But now I saw, through a glass door at the back end of the coffee shop (leading into a mall?) a big, black man staring at me. I knew he'd seen me looking at the wenclets and candyy hearts. I thought he'd think of me now as either a drug dealer or a narc. I turned away from the man, toward the line and the front of the store. But I was suddenly afraid.

      Dream #3

      I was looking at an internet site that advertised little girls. The site sold the little girls, basically as life-long love slaves. All the girls were pretty, and the photos showed them out having fun on playgrounds and in nature.

      I was now going to have a meal with my friend H. It turned out that she had either bought or was in the process of buying a couple of these girls for herself.
    3. Family visits; dying woman

      by , 01-11-2011 at 01:24 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was with my family in a dark house. There seemed to be a lot of us, more than my extended family. We were all crowded around the television
      The rest of the living room was crammed with boxes.

      I was in town, visiting my family. Today was my last day in town.

      My mom was behind us, in the kitchen. She told me that she had just called my aunt, and that my aunt would be coming over soon. I got mad at my mom. She and my aunt always has conflicts. I wondered why my mom would invite such conflict on my last day in town. I really didn't want to see my aunt.

      My mom got upset and started crying asking didn't I know she was just trying to make it so I could see everybody I loved? I now felt really bad and figured I could deal with seeing my aunt.

      Dream #2

      I was with a man and a woman, walking through a place that looked like the lobby of a hotel. The man and I were carrying big plates of mirrors as big as windowpanes. The T three of us were here to visit a dying woman. We headed for an elevator. The woman by insisted on carrying the mirror I held. She felt like she hadn't been c doing enough. So I let her carry it.

      We went into an elevator. The woman had laid down the mirror, which was now only about knee-high. We got up to the second floor, or the mezzanine. I walked around by myself now.

      I was now in a place like a library. I found a book on a table that interested me. It seemed to be written in Hebrew and had colorful art on the jacket, like an Art Nouveau version of Hans Christian Andersen.

      I was a little annoyed that I couldn't read the book. From a stack of books on a balcony above me, the voice of an unseen man began calling at me. The man sounded kind of nersy and annoying. But he was yelling at me that my time was coming soon, and that I was going to die.

      I was really annoyed by the guy, but I decided to ignore him. Suddenly I found a section of the book I was looking at that was written in English. Finally I could understand the book.
    4. Injured people, rock audition, scolding speech

      by , 11-08-2010 at 12:48 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I had no dream recall over the weekend. But I recall three dreams from last nignt.

      Dream #1

      I had been looking through a series of photos, possibly with my mother and an unidentified male. The photos were either of people who had some kind of congenital deformation or who had been tortured and mutilated. A lot of the victims in the photos had bloody eyes.

      My mother asked me if I wanted to see the last photo, which was apparently the worst. I tried to see it, but it was now like I had to walk through a series of white bedsheets just to get to the photo.

      I had an image in my head of a young, white man with lightly tanned skin and long, curly, blonde hair. I told myself, He's gotten so deformed, he's even growing fingers out of his head.

      I was afraid to see the photo. But I may finally have seen it. The man had bloody eyes, just like the people in all the other photos.

      Dream #2

      I was in a dark room that was like a bedroom but was also like some kind of big, back room that might be used for storage in a shop or theatre. I was floating around, possibly disembodied, possibly only a couple feet off the ground.

      I was imagining or remembering a conversation I'd had with an Asian man who had just auditioned for a rock band I was starting up. Apparently there were a lot of similar auditions going on. I had asked the man if he had made any plans to be in any of the other bands, as if to say that being in my band would be his second or third choice. By this, I seemed to imply that he would really only be my second or third choice.

      The man had replied that this band was the only band he was interested in joining. I was disappointed. But I also felt bad for making the man feel like he was only my second or third choice. I probablly decided, while floating around, disembodied, in this dim room, that I would have this man in my band. I may have felt at this time that the man was in a dark bedroom off to the side of this room.

      I may have floated up a wheelchair ramp toward the front of this dim room. I may have seen the exit to this room. The door was open, revealing a hallway that looked like a hotel hallway.

      I floated back down toward the back of the room. I started singing a rock song that I was making up on the spur of the moment for the man. The song was about how hard it was to be in a rock band, but how, if he wanted to be in my band, he could.

      As I sang this song, I floated around a small pile of junk on the floor, then back up to the front of the room.

      Dream #3

      A young man was living in some gigantic apartment building. He had gotten mixed up with some young men who were starting up trouble in the building.

      The young man had a friend who was keeping away from the troublemakers. The troublemakers had decided to hurt the friend.

      The young man was torn by this. He wanted to be part of the troublemakers' gang. But he didn't want to hurt his friend. He'd thought the gang had actually stood for something. Now he was starting to wonder.

      The young man went into his aunt's apartment, which was little more than a bed-sized room. The aunt, who looked like Aunt Bea from Andy Griffith, sat, maybe on the edge of her bed, using a sewing machine. Her "sewing" project was a series of colored strings that ran, like a spider web, up to the ceiling, then back down to a white sheet hung on the front wall, beside and over the bed.

      The young man had to walk on the bed to get from the door, on the left side of the room, over to the side of the room. As the young man walked over, his aunt gave him a big speech. It was about where the young man would have to live if he went to prison, and particularly to death row. The aunt would have to follow this man wherever he'd go. Apparently this might even involve going to "the Gulf Coast of Mars."

      The aunt said she didn't want to have to move to some new apartment building on Mars or anywhere else, so the young man better just shape up.

      The young man finally understood that the troublemakers were just criminals, and that they didn't actually stand for anything. He decided to quit the gang and try to save his friend. He walked back over the bed and out of his aunt's apartment.

      I was worried for the young man, his friend, and his aunt. I thought for sure the friend would be killed. But I also could imagine a scene where the aunt's sewing project was destroyed --vandalized -- by the gang because the aunt had taken a stand against the gang.
    5. Interrupted sex, interrupted party, roach

      by , 10-28-2010 at 11:49 AM
      Good morning everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a bedroom with a woman I don't recognize. The woman was white, with pale skin and brown hair. The bedroom was dim, as if heavy curtains blocked the windows. The room may have had grey carpet. The woman lay on a mattress on the floor. She was naked.

      I crawled over to the woman and lay on top of her. I may have actually started having sex with her. But then somebody else, one of my friends, possibly D, made it known that he was coming into the room.

      I got off the woman. The woman, now wearing a satiny, blue dress with a long skirt with slits all the way up either side, just turned on her left side and let her skirt flow between her legs. I thought that, in that position, she still looked almost naked. I may have even told her something like she looked like she was still inviting someone to have sex with her.

      I went back to sitting or kneeling at the foot of the bed. The guy came in and was doing something weird. Then he walked into another room. The woman started complaining about the guy, calling him immature.

      I told the woman that I recognized that same kind of behavior pattern in myself, and that I was trying to get rid of it, so I could be more mature.

      At the beginning of my response, I was watching a set of boxes that were stacked against a wall being replaced with orange cushions like couch cushions, as if movers were walking up, taking away the boxes, and leaving cushions in their place. At the end of my response, I was standing about ten feet away from the woman's mattress, near the head of the mattress.

      I may have walked into the kitchen, off to my right. This may have been the same room the man had walked into.

      Dream #2

      My mom was throwing a party at her house. We were in her living room, which was empty except for a long, narrow folding table on which was food.

      The living room was dim, as if the only light was coming from some other room. I could see through the front window that it was pitch black outside. There were a few people here, all gathered listlessly around the table. Nobody seemed engaged with the party at all.

      Some kind of conflict occurred. People started leaving the party. My sister even left the house. I followed after my her, trying to make sure she was okay.

      I opened the front screen door. I really couldn't see anything outside. But I heard my sister call my aunt "mom." This shocked me so much that I went back inside. I tried to figure out what my mom had done during thr party to offend my sister so much that she had started calling my aunt "mom."

      Dream #3

      I was in a small meeting room which was brightly lit with fluorescent light. There were a lot of people sitting in folding chairs with white, plastic backs. I sat near the front, in an outside chair on the right side of the room.

      Suddenly, from behind me, there was a commotion. I stood up and turned around to see what was going on.

      The chairs were now all in disarray behind my row. The floor was also cluttered and messy. A pretty, young, Asian woman stood out of her seat, screaming, "What is it? What is it?"

      I looked down to the floor and saw a roach about an inch long scurrying toward the front of the room.

      Everybody seemed to be panicked. I don't like roaches, but I tried to explain that it wasn't such a big deal, and that I could even kill it if they wanted me to. But I hoped they wouldn't want me to, because it would be gross.

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    6. Grandma Died

      by , 10-10-2010 at 02:20 PM
      Hi. I am new to this site. This is my first dream post here.

      I was on the phone with either my mother or my aunt. My mom/aunt told me that my grandmother had died.

      I felt bad that I hadn't been able to get back home to see my grandmother before she died. But it had happened so quickly, as such a surprise.

      My mom/aunt told me that my grandmother had said something very nice about me before she died. I felt awful, thinking that I hadn't done enough to show my love for someone who loved me so much.

      I may have started crying a lot.