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    1. dirty beach; two sandwiches; dianne wiest lunch; new restaurant

      by , 02-08-2012 at 02:42 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out on a beach that was packed with people. A lot of people seemed to be out with small contraptions, almost like the rods that would hold up huge umbrellas, but with no umbrellas, and with bases that lay in the sand.

      I stood by a little, blonde girl. She was really tiny, but she spoke really well. She wore a leopard print bathing suit and sunglasses. I had asked her her name -- or maybe I'd asked her my name. She responded by telling me I was silly or stupid.

      The girl then told me that I'd spoken so much about going into the water. So why was I now just staying out on the beach. I figured the little girl was right. I should go into the water, at least to impress the girl.

      But I looked at the water. It was just as packed as the beach was. And it was dirty as hell. It looked like old, used washing machine water. And posts seemed to be sticking up out of it, too.

      Dream #2

      I was laying on a bed, probably in the living room of a nice apartment or condo in a tall, new building. My mom sat either on the edge of my bed or on a bed that was adjacent to my bed. We were watching some movie. The movie struck me as being a little brutal or gross.

      I was either making two sandwiches, or else I had two sandwiches lying before me as I lay on the bed. Each sandwich had its own plate. Both sandwiches were on heroes.

      The sandwich nearest me had ham and cheddar cheese. I remembered that I liked the taste of ham with some other meat. So I told my mom I could make our sandwiches with that other meat as well.

      But my mom said no, that didn't matter. She seemed to be hungry and annoyed, and she didn't want to worry about complicating things. I felt bad for complicating things. So I decided to leave the sandwich alone.

      But I personally wanted the taste of both meats on my sandwich. Then I remembered that the second sandwich had both meats on it. So even if my mom was annoyed by my two-meat idea, I could secretly eat and enjoy a two-meat sandwich.

      Dream #3

      I was at a dinner table with an older woman, probably my mom. We were in a really nice restaurant that was mostly empty. The table was round, a meter in diameter, with a white tablecloth.

      Three older women sat down at a table that was right next to ours, even touching ours. The three women all looked rich. They were all dressed in black.

      My mom had a conversation with the women. It sounded pretty intelligent. But I can't remember what it was about. One woman, the one closest to me, was staying rather quiet. I looked at her. She looked really distressed.

      I recognized her as Dianne Wiest. But she looked a bit skinnier and older. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed her performances in her movies. But I didn't say anything.

      Later I was riding in the backseat of a car. My mom was driving, and another woman was up in the front seat with her. My mom said, "Rachel ----- wasn't as talkative as she usually is."

      I thought, Rachel -----? I knew my mom was talking about the woman I'd looked at. But I guess I'd gotten the name of the woman wrong.

      My mom continued. "Oh, well. Usually she's more open when she's around kids. It brings out more of a feeling of hope in her."

      I thought to myself, Well, I'm pretty youthful and exuberant. I can bring out hope in people, too. I should have been a little more outgoing with Rachel.

      Dream #4

      I walked into a restaurant. It was as enormous as the main area of Grand Central station in NYC. Toward the back, the seating area tiered up. The carpet, and maybe the walls, were green. The tables all had white tablecloths on them. The place was empty.

      I walked back to the back tier. I sat down and was now seated with a rich-looking, older-looking man and woman. We ate and spoke cheerfully about something. I was having a good time. But I was trying to play down the fact that I wasn't rich, so that my financial condition wouldn't make the couple dislike me.

      I then realized that this was a brand new restaurant that had opened up in a big, abandoned building. I thought of some friends who I always go out to dinner with. I thought they'd be really impressed when I told them I'd come to a restaurant that had just opened.
    2. cutting blanket; king tut statues; frog river

      by , 01-04-2012 at 12:54 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a big, empty room. The room had a grey, concrete floor. There was natural light coming in through a window somewhere.

      A brown blanket lay in the center of the room, on the floor. The blanket was made up of small squares. For some reason, I was now cutting the lower squares off the blanket. But I was leaving a couple of the central squares in one of the lower rows attached to the upper rows. So now the blanket looked like a square with a bit of a lip at the bottom.

      As this was going on, a movie was playing against the back wall. It was black and white. The film was old and scratchy. There were also four or five straight lines that ran vertically, up through the center of the frame.

      The movie looked like an Abbott and Costello movie. But Costello was a kind of serious character, and the other guy was a young, kind of bright, but shy guy.

      The Costello character was telling the man something like, "I don't think your idea for using the edges of the film-frame and putting sound on them is such a great idea. I don't think people will like it. It's too bothersome."

      I now realized that the lines running up the center of the frame were the soundtrack lines that Costello was referring too. I thought that they were bothersome -- if they had to be right in the center of the frame like that!

      But then I realized that those were the lines for this film. The film the man had made had the lines on the outside of the frame, where they weren't visible.

      I understood that Costello's criticism of the man's use of a soundtrack in his films wasn't valid. But I somehow knew that Costello knew this as well. In fact, I knew, Costello even thought the use of soundtracks in film was a good idea.

      But Costello didn't want to let the young man know he thought it was a good idea. He didn't want to support the young man's development. Costello felt that the young man was smart enough as it was, and that the young man would be so successful eventually, that he shouldn't have to support him in his efforts.

      I thought that this was a terrible sentiment on Costello's part, and that the young man was probably in dire need of help.

      Dream #2

      I lay in bed, on my back, in an otherwise almost empty room. It was almost completely dark in the room. The bed was set next to a wall, which was to my right. The bed itself was rather narrow.

      I looked out to my left, across the room. On the wall at the head of my bed was a window. It was pretty heavily curtained, but it let in, at the far end, a tiny corner of orange streetlamp light.

      I noticed, in the corner of the room that was dimly lit by the streetlamp light, three statues. The statues were all Egyptian busts. They were all set on square pedestals, but they were arranged in a really haphazard way.

      I knew somehow -- maybe from some narration in my head? -- that the busts were all supposed to be of the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen. But all the busts were wearing the ubiquitous headdress of Nefertiti. And one of the busts, the lowest one, facing me most directly, was of a really chubby boy or man!

      Dream #3

      I was out on a beach. It was a nice, sunny day. There were a decent amount of people out on the beach, but not too many.

      For some reason, I suddenly felt like I had to leave. I turned to my right and began heading away.

      But as I left the beach, people began giving me troubles. I'm not sure what these troubles were now. But I think people just constantly kept getting in my way, even though there weren't a whole lot of people on the beach.

      I may finally have thought I'd counter the problem by flying. I may have started flying a couple meters above the ground.

      Now I was moving through an area of the beach with orange sand. Two enormous, black guys now came charging down the beach. It looked like they were just trying to start trouble. They had huge, long dredds and black, Oakley-style sunglasses, with silver rims on the tops.

      I may possibly have stopped flying. I may possibly have thought if these guys saw me flying, they'd just pull me down and pummel me. But once these guys passed me, I knew that I had to get out of here once and for all. Soon there wouldn't be anything here but trouble.

      I may possibly have gotten onto a bike like the bike I rode in junior high school. Or I may still just have been walking.

      I ended up on a concrete path in a park. I took this park to be a park from my high school years IWL. It was kind of like a trail on a small greenbelt running through a suburban residential area. It seemed like the path descended from here and went under a bridge.

      Either on foot or on bike, I descended under the bridge. Once I got beyond the bridge, I was in a much more forest-like, tree covered area. The path may now have been dirt, rather than concrete. There was a river on my right side. Trees also seemed to be growing up out of the river.

      I suddenly noticed a gigantic bullfrog sitting on the stump of one of the river trees. The bullfrog must have been 60cm tall! It looked pretty intelligent, too. It seemed to register my presence and be a bit worried about whether I wanted to hurt it.

      I acted calm and walked forward, trying not to regard the frog at all, so it would feel less worried. But now, up the way only twenty or thirty more meters, I saw another one of these huge frogs!

      I decided to get off this trail. I think I was afraid of the frogs. But I also think that I thought that if I kept having to act like I didn't see or care about every frog that worried as I passed it, I'd get bored as hell pretty quick.

      But also -- the trail itself may also simply have just ended: being cut off by the merging of a small creek on my left with the river on my right.

      I saw that if I jumped across the small creek on my left, I could land on the opposite bank. The bank was steep, but short, dry, and grassy. I could easily climb up it and out of this park altogether.

      But as I turned left to face the opposite bank, I noticed another huge frog! This one was also kind of worried about me. I was now in between two huge frogs that were all shifty and nervous. And I was afraid that if I jumped, my motions would be so fast and scary to them that they'd have heart attacks!

      I wondered how I could jump without scaring the frogs. The only thing I could think to do was close my eyes and jump. This way, the frogs would see that I wasn't looking at anything at all, and so I couldn't be jumping because I was trying to attack them.

      I closed my eyes. But I couldn't remember what the bank looked like. I didn't want to hit something bad. I tried to open my eyes again to get a good memory of the bank. But when I opened them, they were all groggy and grainy. It was really hard for me to focus on anything.

      Finally, the frog off to my right said, in something like a female voice, "There's actually a good patch right up around here."

      I looked up to the frog. I went to where the frog directed me. I jumped across the little creek and landed on the bank. I started climbing up the bank.

      All this time, the frog was still talking to me, in that kind of female voice. She was kind of friendly, like a really smart scientist, or a librarian. But I had the idea that the frogs really weren't comfortable with my presence here.

      At the top of the bank, I turned around to look back down at the river. The river wasn't there anymore. I was just facing a red brick building, which seemed to be set a meter or so down into a sandy trench. I was out on a road, it seemed, on the outskirts of a very small town in the desert.

      But this didn't even register with me. Down at the base of the building I saw a rectangular slat of an opening in the wall. Two sets of female eyes looked back out at me. I knew these two women were the frogs I had just jumped past on the river.

      I felt bad for not having spoken to them. So I did want to say something to them. But I also felt a little shy, like somehow these frogs were of a higher station than I was, and would thus be put off by my acting too familiar with them. So I wanted to keep whatever I said short.

      I said, "Yeah, I'm sure I'll come back here. So if I do, I'll talk to you guys again. I used to ride my bike up through this park all the time when I was a kid."
    3. fast food stop; above the beach; red sun and cave

      by , 12-21-2011 at 03:43 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out on a road at the bottom of a steep slope in a neighborhood probably near the neighborhood I lived in during high school.

      I stood just outside my mom's car. My mom was about to drive away. But before she did, she was telling me where I could find the nearest Dunkin' Donuts. My mom said the Dunkin' Donuts was up the slope, then one and a half blocks past a park I knew was up the way. The park was mostly taken up by a big lake, around which I used to run in high school.

      I was a little disappointed to hear that the Dunkin' Donuts was so far away. I thought I could never make it on time (not sure what I needed to be on time for -- maybe the breakfast menu -- which wouldn't really make sense, either). But, now that I'd decided to go to Dunkin' Donuts, I couldn't stop here.

      My mom drove away. I apparently started walking. But now I was already up the slope, and through and past the lake park. I was still worried that I wouldn't make it on time.

      I got to some restaurant, which was either Dunkin' Donuts or some restaurant a few stores down the block from Dunkin' Donuts. I sat at an outdoor table with a Latino family: a father, a mother, a couple little kids, and maybe a couple more adult guys.

      My mom showed up among this group of people. She told me that I didn't have to worry about Dunkin' Donuts. She gave me a reason for this. But I don't remember it.

      My mom pointed the store out to me. I looked up the road and saw the store. The Dunkin' Donuts road sign had a lot of brown on it. The sign was more like a big brown sign, checkered, almost, with little, white squares that had the orange and pink "DD" logo in them.

      Dream #2

      I stood out on a beach, looking out over the water. The beach itself was very beautiful, but not natural looking at all, as far as I know.

      The water was nephrite green, but it seemed to gleam like glass. The horizon was like white gold, and the cloudy sky overhead was like smoky amber. And, it seemed, there was an extremely long bridge, made of black iron, stretching thinly across the water, all the way across my view of the horizon!

      At first I was near some Latino family: probably a mother, a father, a daugher, and possibly a son. I was either watching government testing of some kind of nuclear devices, or else I was remembering the testing of these devices, which had taken place on this beach within the past few decades.

      I saw one explosion, the light of which I don't remember at all, but which must have been like an exploding ball of light a hundred meters or so above the ocean.

      I then walked down the beach to my left maybe twenty meters or so. I saw something fall from the sky into the water -- although, again -- I didn't really see the object. It was like the object was invisible. But I saw its effects on the water as it splashed in: like a row of pebbles and rocks, splashing into the water one by one, in quick succession.

      Now the points of water which had been dotted by the splashes surged upward in small fountains. There may have been the small sound of an explosion. The fountains then subsided.

      I knew that another nuclear device had been detonated deep under the water. I knew that this device would kill all the fish in the water. I was preparing for the next big wave from the ocean to wash a bunch of dead to the shore.

      I may possibly have thought that the device may actually have been made in order to kill the fish. Killing the fish was a form of sabotage against the economy of the nation that fished here.

      I now stood back a ways from the water. I stood near a Latino family again. The mother and father were both young and attractive. They were both kind of pale skinned.

      The father was muscular, very manly. I was afraid that I'd do something with my own usual personality and offend the father's masculine sensibilities. So I just tried to remain calm and do nothing.

      At some point I looked behind me. There was a basalt-like rock behind us. The rock was maybe two meters tall at most. It made a good back-rest. (It was soft and smooth, too, though craggy -- so maybe it had been polished by years of backs sitting against it!)

      But I thought that it would really hurt, if a wave washed all the way up here, and someone swimming in that wave were thrown against the rock. I wondered if this was really a good beach for swimming in after all. I'd heard of beaches that were too rocky for swimming. Maybe this was one.

      A big wave may actually have made its way all the way up to us, washing against us and throwing me a bit against the wall. From this point forward, the father may have had long, frizzy hair and a scraggly beard.

      I walked up to the top of the basalt outcropping. I lay on my stomach and looked out on the ocean. Even though the rock wasn't much higher than the beach, I noticed that when I looked behind me, over my right shoulder, I could see a city. Apparently I was on some island. But the island had a big city on it. I had a surprisingly good view!

      I was possibly telling the father about this, when suddenly I noticed that I was lifting up into the air! I felt like I was lifting up on top of nothing. But the "nothing" felt solid, as if I were still laying on the rock. I was afraid to look down, though, to see exactly what was lifting me into the air.

      I was afraid, too, of lifting up this high into the air. But I didn't show my fear about this, because I didn't want the father to think I was a chicken.

      I eventually came to the conclusion that I had actually sat on some kind of ride this beach had. It was an elevator, I told myself, that lifted you all the way to the top of a skyscraper that was either on or near the beach.

      I looked foward, over the ocean, for a while. But I then looked behind me, to the city. I was surprised by how much this island city resembled the city of New York. The buildings all had that old, stone look to them. I even saw one building with the trademark "NEW YORKER" light sign above it.

      I was now getting so high in the air that I was starting to get uncomfortable. But I told myself that this elevator stopped at the top of the building. And I knew the building was 34 storied tall. If I could just hang on until then, I told myself, I'd be fine. So I calmed down. I think that I did then feel the elevator start to descend.

      But I was now in the basement of some building. It was like the basement of a small, but really nice museum or art gallery. The hallway was narrow and "L" shaped. The Latino mother and father sat in a little window niche in the side of the hallway.

      There was a narrow, kind of winding, stairwell up to the first floor. I may have been playing around on that stairwell for a little while, like a little kid would, even though I still had my own consciousness, like I was still myself, as a (so-called) adult.

      I then came back down to the mother and father. I asked them if I could ride the elevator ride again. The father said no, I couldn't. If I got to ride the ride twice, then all the other kids would want to do it, too.

      I said I agreed. We were almost ready to leave. But if I got to ride the ride twice, and then everybody else wanted to, we'd be waiting here forever for everybody to finally finish taking their rides.

      I sat on some little bench somewhere. Across the hallway and off to my left was a kind of wide niche in the wall, with a counter before it. This must have been some kind of ticket or coat-check area.

      On my side of the hallway, just next to me and on my left, was a doorway to a small office. This office may also have had something to do with ticketing.

      One young man sat behind the desk, while another young man stood in front of it. Both men were kind of slim and pretty. The young man standing struck me as being gay. He had short, platinum blonde hair which shone like a silver plate under the incandescent office light.

      Both the boys were friends. They may even have lived in the same apartment building, or only a couple buildings away from each other. So they saw each other all the time. They talked as friends for a moment. But the standing boy was here to take care of some kind of business.

      Professionally, the standing boy was higher than the sitting boy. And, now that the standing boy was taking care of business, he was really driving the point home that he was higher. As the sitting boy was taking care of something for the standing boy, the standing boy began tapping the top of the recpetion desk and humming in a very annoying way.

      Dream #3

      It was daytime, or maybe morning, just after sunrise. I was driving through a grassy desert. I pulled my car off to the side of the road. I was at this specific place for a specific reason.

      I was some kind of paranormal investigator. I may actually have thought of myself as a Fortean investigator. And this, I thought, was my first real Fortean investigation.

      I stood out of the car, trying to "write up a report" in my head regarding whatever I was about to see. I was trying to think of some catchy headline.

      I had an image in my head, which I thought was really clever, of a dark-raspberry colored ring. I knew this would lead to some kind of clever phrase.

      But I now saw that, just off the road, there was a square-shaped billboard, starting maybe only three meters or so above the ground, with a picture of just what I had been imagining. The picture looked like a thick ring being pushed up through some kind of raspberry-colored syrup.

      This billboard seemed only to be the left side of the advertisement. The right section -- the text part -- had been cut off. There may have been just a tiny sliver of it remaining.

      Suddenly I felt stupid for having tried to put together a headline for my report before I'd even started my investigation of the subject. I also felt that the headline itself was really silly and cliched.

      I turned to go do my investigation, when I was overwhelmed by a strong, almost magnetic, sensation coming from the sky. It was hard for me even to look up from the ground. But I did it.

      At first, my view was all red -- a burning, but dimly glowing, orange red. But as my view cleared I saw, on the horizon, at the end of a flat expanse of land, what looked like a phantom sun.

      The sun was a huge, glowing, orange-red ball. Its body was maybe four-fifths of the way above the horizon. But it was also translucent. I could see through the sun, to the sky.

      This struck me as odd. But the sky itself was also odd. It was apple green -- a beautiful shade of apple green, blending its way down to pale yellow at the horizon!

      I tried to figure out what this phantom sun was. I figured it was a reflection of the real sun against this side of the sun's dome. To test if this was correct, I looked behind me. Sure enough, the "real" sun was rising over the horizon behind me -- though it seemed to be rising over some small mountain peaks.

      For some reason this satisfied me, and I was ready to begin my investigation. I walked across the street and onto some kind of cinder road. The cinder road went a short way off from the main road, then divided into two roads. I took the right road.

      I was now down in a cave. The cave also forked into two caves at some point, and I was down in the right leg of the cave. The cave wasn't dark -- it was like it was lighted by little lights that ran along the floor. But it was kind of narrow and short. And it may have felt like it was getting tighter and tighter.

      Apparently I'd had a colleague I'd come out here with: a young, black woman, dark-skinned, pretty skinny, with long, braided hair. But she'd gotten lost somewhere in the cave. I thought she'd either vanished into another dimension or gotten abducted by aliens.

      At some point I may have been crawling on my belly through an extremely tight point in the cave. I was crawling with some white men, who were like police officer who had come to rescue me. I may have seen my colleague, lying on her back, dead. We were trying to get my colleague out of the place she was stuck in.

      I was now above ground again. This whole area was the subject of a police investigation. Two fat, black police women were sitting on folding chairs near the cave entrance (which was basically just a hole in the ground, maybe with a tiny lip of a mound over it).

      I walked away from the cave and off to the right. I could see some white police men wandering around through some tall grass and tree-like shrubs, apparently investigating whatever had happened here. They may have been searching for a body.

      I was trying to piece together what had happened. I knew, now, that my colleague and I had come here to investigate. But while we'd been down in the cave, my colleague had suddenly disappeared.

      I couldn't remember anything else. But I knew my colleague, unless she'd been abducted, must still be down in the cave. I needed to go back down and find her. But, honestly, now that I was above ground again, I was kind of afraid of going back down into the cave.

      Nevertheless, I knew that I should at least face my fear and go back down into the cave. But I was also kind of afraid of the fat, black police women. I knew that if I went down into the cave without their permission, they might start all kinds of trouble for me, maybe even get me arrested.

      So I asked the women if I could go back down into the cave. I was, now, actually kind of hoping that they'd tell me no.

      But one of the women stood up. She was now kind of short, and very skinny. She had long hair, in a natural style, but pulled back into a kind of ponytail. She looked older, maybe sixty years old. She had to walk with a big, wooden walking stick.

      The other woman, who was still fat and young, said, "I wish you wouldn't go down there. The police'll probably finish their investigation soon. And if we have to wait for you to wrap up, we'll be here even longer.

      "But if you really want to go, we can't stop you. But she's going to come with you."

      I was, honestly, relieved that the old woman was coming with me. I was really afraid to go into the caves by myself. But I was still afraid to go. I was partly afraid for myself -- regardless of who I was with, I thought, I could still get abducted, like my partner had.

      But I was also worried about the old woman, who kind of looked to me like an older version of my missing colleague. If the old woman went down into the caves, and it was seen that she looked like my colleague, would she get abducted, too?
    4. contact lenses and bike; mugged in an aqueduct; girlfriend in diaper

      by , 10-22-2011 at 03:52 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in an eye doctor's office, probably with my mom. The office kind of looked like a house. We were in a front room, and I was right on the threshold to a back room.

      The eye doctor, an older, kind of pretty woman wearing a white labcoat and eyeglasses, was telling me about contact lenses. I told the woman that I've always been afraid of contacts. My body is always so sensitive to contact with stuff that I've always thought that if I wore contacts, my eyes would get all infected.

      The eye doctor told me these contacts were new. They were disposable. So sensitive skin was far less likely to be infected by them.

      I looked down at a paper on the counter. The paper advertised the contact lenses. The paper actually reminded me of the Heimlich maneuver posters seen in restaurants. I wasn't very assured by it.

      I was now riding down the street on a bike. I was heading back home. It was a really sunny, clear day, and I was riding on an open road, with open fields on either side of me. It was really easy for me to bike -- I was just coating along, but going really fast.

      Eventually I came to more populated parts of town. I was riding alongside some cars. I stopped with the cars at an intersection stoplight. I thought I must almost be home by now. I was surprised. I was almost home. I had never taken this way home before. But it was really quick. I'd have to take it from now on.

      At the intersection, a maroon-colored van with "my family" in it pulled up to my right. A dad, kind of fat, with shaggy, curly, dark hair and a bit of shadow of stubble was driving. Somehow I was now "inside" the van -- even though I was still outside, on my bike. But now that I was "inside" the van, the van would control where I went.

      I was disappointed. I really didn't like this father and I really didn't want to be in the van with him. Besides, I'd been going my own way and doing well. Why did I suddenly need this father to control where I was going?

      Dream #2

      I was out walking along the street in something like a residential neighborhood. It was a clear, sunny day. I was walking on the right side of the street. To my right was probably an open field. The street, on my left, was pretty wide.

      There were blocks of houses on the other side of the street. The block forked off a bit farther up, so that one of the streets wound off and drifted off to the left, while another of the streets went kind of straight and up a slope.

      There were two people walking along the street parallel with me. There were another two people walking down the slope, coming in the opposite direction from me. I needed to cross the street.

      I began to cross the street. But when I saw the two people walking parallel with me, I thought they looked a little weird. I was about to cross back over to the right side. But I just decided I'd cross all the way over to the left side, figuring I didn't want the two people to think I was afraid of them.

      The two people were a man and a woman. The man was tall, pale white, slightly muscly, with a mustache and pale, blue eyes. He may have been wearing a pale, yellow hoodie. The woman was shorter than me, pale, with brownish hair. She wore a black, leather jacket, a white shirt, and blue jeans.

      The guy, as I passed him, said, "Hey! Hey, you!" as if he needed my help with something. I looked over at him. But then he looked up ahead and saw the other two guys approaching. He told me, "Oh, nevermind."

      I kept walking, and the two guys passed me. They were both probably black. One wore a brown hoodie and brown pants. The hoodie may have had some orange lettering on it.

      The sloped street was now something like an aqueduct -- a little concrete channel like an empty, man-made river -- instead of a street. Some of its sides may have been grafitti'd. It was already walking up it.

      I could hear the man and the woman hurrying up at me now. I thought I should turn around and go a different way, so I wouldn't be walking up the aqueduct with these two people following me. But I didn't.

      Right as I got into the part of the aqueduct that sloped up and a bit to the left, the man pushed me down to the ground. He had me pressed with my back to the ground. I don't know if he was kneeling on me, but he wasn't bent down very much. He wasn't holding me down very hard, but I didn't struggle, becaused I couldn't tell if he had a weapon.

      The woman darted her hand into my right pocket and pulled out my wallet. She stood back up. She began going through my wallet, saying, "I got your wallet from you faster than an illegal immigrant going through customs."

      I didn't know why the woman would make her remark. I figured she was trying to insult me, as if I were somehow an illegal immigrant.

      I really didn't want the woman to go through my wallet. I didn't have much money as it was, and if she managed to screw around with my cards, I wouldn't have anything.

      The guy wasn't holding me down that hard at all. So I figured I'd struggle to break free. Then I'd head at the woman. If I had to fight the man after I broke free of him, that would be fine.

      Dream #3

      I was walking out onto a beach from some kind of residential neighborhood. A lot of people were out on the beach, all looking out at the ocean, as if some kind of special event were going on. But the beach wasn't really crowded, and everybody was pretty evenly spaced.

      Near the back of the crowd was a woman on a bike. She half-stood and half-sat on her bike, with probably only her right foot touching the sand. She wore a red and white helmet and a blue one-piece shorts and blouse outfit, the leggings of which looked a little too short.

      The woman was attractive, and I was looking at her bottom. But I noticed her bottom had a weird kind of puffed out shape to it instead of a panty line, like she was wearing a diaper. So I walked up to her and touched her bottom. She was wearing a diaper.

      For some reason this really turned me on. So I whispered in the woman's ear, "I could tell you're wearing a diaper. I love girls who wear diapers. And I love wearing diapers, too. Take me home, and we can wear diapers together."

      The girl got turned on by me, and we went back to her house. The girl had two or three female roommates. Time seemed to pass, at least a night, but maybe a few days.

      The roommates were all talking to somebody, another girl, they'd brought to the house. They said, "Yeah, it was just really lucky for her. He just walked up to her and said he liked girls like her. And they've been together ever since."

      The woman and I now had to go out somewhere. We were probably going to be gone for a couple days. We were getting ready to go. We were about to head out, when I told the girl, "Wait. Shouldn't we bring diapers?"

      The woman was now lying on the bed. I threw a diaper onto her stomach. I may also have set a whole pack of Pampers diapers on some counter somewhere.
    5. spaceship runway; touching girl's hand

      by , 10-05-2011 at 12:42 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out on some road that appeared to be on a building top. I may have been standing outside at first. But, at least eventually, I was inside a vehicle, possibly a van. I was with some man and someone like my mom. The day was really sunny, maybe hot.

      I saw an airplane flying up through the air, just after it had lifted off. But the back end of the airplane was shaped just like the back end of a space shuttle. The whole airplane may have been white and red, with a shiny, plasticky look.

      I got kind of freaked out because the airplane had had the back end of a space shuttle. I thought the craft should be lifting up into the air much faster if it were a shuttle. I got the eerie feeling that it would start lifting quickly up into the air very soon. But something about the fact that it kept not lifting up into the air had me really panicked.

      One of the people with me, probably the man, may have tried to convince me that the craft weren't actually a shuttle, and that its back end didn't actually look like that of a shuttle.

      I looked over the building we were on. There was a space shuttle posed in front of the building, on some kind of metal-frame, like a statue. I tried to compare the craft in the air and the shuttle on the ground.

      I must have been satisfied. We started driving away from the scene. I felt afraid to look back at the craft in the air. We passed some large passenger plane that looked normal. It gave me a huge sense of the relief, as if the craft in the air were normal.

      We were now driving around on some tarmac, possibly at the foot of the building we had been on. We drove past one experimental plane. I knew about this whole place, and I knew about these experimental planes. I told the man about this plane. The man may now have been someone like my mom's old boyfriend.

      We drove past another experimental plane. This one was all clear, like it was just a thin, metal skeleton covered over with the clear material that makes the walls of a greenhouse.

      The plane was kind of needle-shaped, with something about it reminiscent of the Blackbird. It also had something to its design very much like the grid pattern underlying some computer animations. The plane also had a logo on its side saying "Scoop Technologies."

      I told the man something about this plane as well, like I was a little kid showing off how smart I was to an adult man. We then passed another plane which may have been much, much larger than the clear craft. We then passed another experimental craft, which I may also have explained to the man.

      Dream #2

      I was in some building, on the second floor, laying on my stomach on the floor, staring out a window-wall. Below was some kind of small courtyard, floored with stone tiles, edged around with little gardens and trees, with some leafs blowing across the tiles.

      Two girls were down in the courtyard area. They may have been in their early teens. They were both dressed in costumes. The costumes were like older European dresses, like from the Elizabethan era or a bit later than that. But the colors of the costumes were very bright, like Sailor Moon uniforms.

      One of the girls saw me looking down at them. She ran up to the building, jumped all the way up to the window, and tapped her hand against the glass. The girl apparently liked me, and she was trying to let me know.

      The girl was now back on the ground with her friend. The two girls spoke with each other for a moment. I couldn't believe the girl had managed to jump high enough to tap the window. I wanted her to do it again. But I also wanted her to do it again so I could make sure she liked me.

      I tapped on the glass and waved the girl back to me. The girl came wandering back up to the building. The other girl warned the girl not to jump up to the window, since she'd get hurt really bad if she slipped and fell.

      This time she didn't jump up to the window. She climbed up something like a thin, metal drain-pipe that had little pieces of metal like ladder-rungs running up it. The wall was red stone (so red it almost looked painted), and the drain-pipe and "ladder-rungs" were the same color.

      The girl got up to the window and touched my hand.

      Now the girl was down on the ground with her friend, a ways away from the building. The girl stood near a waist-high, silvery metal column. The girl lifted up her skirt and draped it over this column. She then kind of leaned over the column, so her torso was parallel with the ground.

      I was now sitting somewhere, possibly on the roof of a building, with two women. We had a bunch of stuff with us like we were taking a trip to the beach. I sat on the floor, on a towel. There were a few other big beach towels all around me. On either side of me there were long beach chairs and tall parasols.

      One of the women was my friend H's friend Y. Y sat on the edge of one of the beach chairs. Y was telling the other woman, in a different language, how she liked me, but how it seemed like all I ever did was study and think about intellectual things. Y wondered if I could possibly like her at all.

      I spoke to Y in English, not letting on that I'd understood everything she'd just said in the foreign language, but letting her know that I was interested in her. But I then got worried about showing her any more of my feelings. H was coming back soon. And H liked me. She couldn't think I liked Y.
    6. beach boy

      by , 08-21-2011 at 01:26 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I had walked away from a group of people. I was now out walking on a beach. It was a sunny day. I was walking up toward a cluster of small sand dunes rooted with little clumps of brownish and greenish grass.

      I met up with a boy, maybe twelve or thirteen years old. I had known him from the group of people I had walked away from. He may have been the son of someone in the group. The boy was kind of tall, about my height (I'm kind of short), a little skinny, but muscly, darkly tanned, with slightly messy, brown-black hair. He was wearing red, knee-length swim trunks and no shirt.

      I just thought I'd be cool and say hey to the boy. But he started asking me questions about my life, as if he was really interested in me. The boy started asking me why I was taking business trips to Philadelphia and Chicago, did I like taking those trips, and why did I like taking them?

      The boy even seemed to be attracted to me, which I couldn't quite believe, and which seemed a little weird to me. But I may also have felt attracted to him.

      We walked over the cluster of dunes and were in some kind of small valley of sand. One side was bordered by the dunes. The other side was bordered by some kind of small ledge of brown or dark tan stone.

      The boy and I sat down near the ledge of stone. The boy sat with his legs bent out casually in front of him, and his hands joined together so his forearms were wrapped loosely around his knees.

      I sat down and explained to the boy that I just took business trips because I was told to. It was something I did to further my career. I liked Chicago and Philadelphia. But that wasn't why I went to those places. (IWL I have never taken any business trips.)

      I may have felt that the boy was going to try to kiss me or that I wanted to kiss the boy.
    7. a trip to the clip-art moon; cat-baby; sad little boy; bleach beach

      by , 12-19-2010 at 01:25 PM
      Good morning, everybody. Sunday mornin' and doin' my dumb laundry as I write this.

      Dream #1

      I was in a "spaceship" with my family. The spaceship was lit with a dim, amber light. The walls and floor were smooth and white. The interior was like some plastic-molded futuristic living room rather than a spaceship.

      My mother said we were going to test out the spaceship, possibly just so my mom could show me how the thing worked. The ship now began blasting up into the air.

      I was impressed by how little we felt any of the acceleration. Right next to me there was some kind of black vertical strip with a series of light-up green and red signals in it. I watched as the sign showed how high our spaceship was going. I was really impressed when we hit the "250K feet" signal, which to my mind meant we were in outer space.

      I thought we were going to stop there. But we kept going. I wondered what the heck kind of "test" this was, if we were actually going all the way to the moon. But the signal showed us getting closer and closer to the moon at an unbelievable pace.

      Before I knew it, the signal said we were really close to the moon. I put my eyes to some kind of periscope which served as our "window." The moon looked very clear, but still pretty far away. I looked back to the signal. I guess I had misread it. It had said we were approaching the moon. But now it said we were actually close to the moon.

      I put my eyes to the periscope again. The moon was really close, apparently: so close, I could only see a small piece of it. But that part didn't look like the real moon. It looked like some kind of old-fashoned, black-and-white clip-art version of the moon.

      I looked away, kind of disappointed, like I was never actually going to see the moon.

      At this point, I kind of woke up. I had a half-awake, half-asleep fantasy in which my mom shut off all the lights in the spaceship and then activated some kind of screen all around us that showed us a view of the moon. It still didn't look like we were close to the moon. It just looked like an extreme close-up of the moon from a video shot on earth, on a really big TV screen.

      Dream #2

      Someone was holding a creature that was either a young child or a cat or both mixed together. The cat-baby had to leave the possession of the first person. I think it was going into the possession of my sister or a woman like my sister. (I saw all this from a low-angle view.)

      The person handed the cat-baby off with some effort. The cat-baby held on with its claws and cried out, "No! No! I couldn't bear to be away from you."

      The person laughed and said, "We'll see."

      My sister felt guilt for making the cat-baby sad. But the cat-baby was already attaching to my sister, even while it was still crying that it couldn't bear to be away from the first person.

      The cat-baby was now calming down. It told my sister, "You know, this isn't bad! I can deal with this after all!"

      My sister laughed.

      Dream #3

      I walked up to a group like a family playing in some kind of park area that seemed to be near a beach. I must have known these people, as if they were my family in some way.

      I knelt before some little boy who lay half-naked, wearing only a blue shirt (like the one I wear to bed). To my left was a big cliff of grey rock. We were on sand, and the sand extended about ten meters or so to my right. A lawn went to my left and forward about 100 meters, rolling down a slight slope, then ending in a long beach.

      A woman (dressed in Victorian clothing? a white, frilly dress with a long, lacy skirt and a big hat?) and a couple other people (dressed in modern clothes) sat on the sand. Other people played on the grass and beach.

      I was playing some game with the boy where I put my hand on his stomach. There was some kind of joke involved with this. It made me look like a dope and like I was the boy's slave. So the boy would always laugh at it.

      But I suddenly realized I had to get going. I don't know where I had to go: maybe just back to my own house and life. The boy got upset when I stopped playing the game with him. He sat up on my knee. Somehow he looked half-human and half-animal. Maybe his eyes were all black.

      I told him that I had to go, but that he'd always have the memory of the fun times we'd had together.

      The little boy impetuously cried, "Well, what the hell good are you to me that way?"

      Dream #4

      I don't remember why, but a group of friends and I had to get to a certain part of some beach. I don't know exactly how we were traveling there.

      It was more like my view was just skimming to the right over long stretches of beaches, water, and roads near beaches. And I never saw my friends. It was more like they were just voices in my head or some kind of narration.

      My friends, who all sounded like young men and women having a good time together, were picking on one woman in particular who kept asking why we couldn't just go to any old part of this beach.

      One of the friends said that we had made a plan to meet some specific person at this specific point at the beach. The person had even given the name of the point.

      We were heading to some spot where it was like the beach turned off from the actual ocean and turned into something like a shore surrounding some offshoot of water from the ocean. The water barely moved. It looked clear, but it looked like there was a lot of green moss at the bottom.

      I made some comment about "Bleach Beach."

      One of the friends translated my statement for the girl that everybody had been joking with. He said, "He just made a joke that the reason why they call this place Bleach Beach is that the water here moves so slow and gathers so many germs that the only way it can be safe for people to swim here is by having a bunch of chlorine poured in. Just like a swimming pool."

      For some reason, this was yet another proof that the girl was a dimwit for not having realized why we couldn't have just stopped at any other point on the beach.
    8. kids in stairwell, leg levitation, lucid wall-cross fail

      by , 11-20-2010 at 12:35 PM
      Good morning everybody. I remember three really short dreams from last night. They were all from after 2 AM. I had coffee last night and couldn't fall asleep until 2 AM.

      The third dream was pretty much all lucid, even though it was short.

      Dream #1

      I walked through some room toward a staircase. The staircase was just past a doorway and was part of some slightly larger hallway, like for a small apartment building.

      The room I was in was something like a mix between a living room and a small apartment lobby.

      I had to maneuver a little bit past some kids who were rough housing with each other right in front of the doorway to the hallway. There were boys and girls, probably in their early teens or just a little younger. Their parents stood nearby. I thought the kids were funny, and they looked like they were having fun.

      I wallked into the hallway and turned toward the staircase. A group of kids ran just in front of me, blocking me from the staircase. The began wrestling and rough housing with each other. I thought they were pretty funny. I just waited for their rough housing to pass.

      But then I remembered that the parents were in the doorway, watching the kids. I thought that the parents would think I was weird for hanging around and watching the kids. I decided to get moving. I tried to edge past the kids. It was really difficult, because there were so many kids, and the hallway was so small.

      Dream #2

      I was in "my bed," in "my bedroom," which was a lot like my bedroom in waking life, except messy. My lights were on.

      I was laying face-down on my bed. I was thinking bad thoughts about God. For some reason, I was really angry at God. The more I cursed him, the more amusing I found the activity.

      Eventually my legs began levitating off the bed. I wasn't controlling it, but I thought I might be able to. My legs lifted higher and higher until my body was almost perpendicular to the bed, with my head on the bed.

      At some point, I noticed little specks of dirt or something black all over my bed. There were also hairs or cotton fibers, also colored black, all over my bed.

      I started trying to blow all the dust and dirt and hair off my bed. Some of it would blow away. But there was so much. I wondered how I could have let my bed get so dirty.

      Dream #3

      I was in "my bedroom" at night. I was crouched down on the floor, possibly naked, with my knees to my chest. The bedroom lights were off, but I could see by the purplish evening light.

      I told myself that this wasn't actually my bedroom. That seemed pretty obvious. I told myself I was dreaming.

      As soon as I told myself this, I had a false awakening and sat up on "my bed." But I was still lucid.

      I stood out of the bed and told myself to remain calm. I figured I would walk out of the house and see what was around. The house seemed like a suburban house.

      I was heading for the front door. But suddenly I thought, Why should I exit through the door? If I'm in a dream, I should be able to leave the house any way I want.

      So I decided to walk through a wall. I turned right, into another room, possibly another bedroom. I walked straight up to the wall, which had a window on it that started at about my chest.

      I thought I might climb up onto the windowsill and walk through the window. But I figured I didn't need to go throgh the trouble. Walking through a wall and walking through a window were basically the same thing.

      I began to walk through the wall. It seemed pretty easy. But suddenly I saw a bright light. I felt like something was resisting. I got kind of mad, and I pushed really hard through the resistance.

      I'm pretty sure I lost lucidity at this point. I fell past the wall and fell a couple stories down to the ground. I think that as I fell, I was telling myself, Oh well, I guess I woke up from that dream.

      I sat up. It was daytime. I "had awoken from my dream." To my right was a red brick wall. To my left was a beach, possibly like Coney Island. The sky was deep blue and the light was dim, almost as if I were looking at an old film.
    9. Women on beach, dinner in Washington

      by , 11-03-2010 at 12:18 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I remember two dreams from last night.

      Dream #1

      I was, or was seeing through the eyes of, a pretty girl. The girl had a face like Alyssa Milano, but she was short and very thin.

      The girl was at a beach house. Out the back of the house, she saw one her female friend in the water, about up to her waist in waves. The girl thought that her friend was hurt, not as if she were drowning, but as if something about the water was making her friend ill. So she ran out to help her friend.

      The scene now seemed to repeat itself. Except now I was watching it from a 3rd person view, as if I were watching a movie. Now the woman in the water was the Alyssa Milano-type girl I had just been. She was a transgendered woman, now, too.

      The woman who ran out of the beach house to save the woman in the water was now an Asian woman, slightly overweight, and a little ditzy looking, like the girl from the live action Cutey Honey movie.

      The ditzy woman now had the other woman on the shore. The ditzy woman wanted to make sure the other woman was still breathing. She pushed the other woman's thin, pink tank-top down below her shoulders, even below her small chest. The woman had pink glitter or pink, glittery coverings, on her nipples.

      I now saw this scene from inside the beach house, as if I were myself looking out to the beach. I turned away from the scene. My friend, a girl or a transgendered girl, thin, with blonde and brown hair, and wearing a thin, zebra-striped tank-top and skirt, sat in a big, leather chair, her legs curled up into the chair as well.

      I laughed and said to my friend, "I forgot how in love she (the ditzy woman) is with her (the woman who had been in the water)."

      My friend asked me why I cared so much about those two girls. She seemed hurt. She then looked at me in a sexy way. I realized she'd been wanting me to pay attention to her and play around with her a lttle. I didn't know if I wanted to. I couldn't quite remember if she was a woman or a man. But I started feeling really attracted to her, anyway.

      Dream #2

      I was out in what looked like a driveway made out of smooth river pebbles. It may have been on the right side of a house. I stood by a car with a couple of my family members, whom I don't recognize now.

      We were in some town that people usually think of as a tourist destination. We had taken care of some task, and now we had some time left over. I hadn't anticipated this. So I told my family members they could go spend a couple hours doing the fun things this town had to offer. I figured I'd have some fun, too.

      I went into the house. I went down into the basement. I was now sitting at a very cramped, dirty bar with an old, very overweight man.

      The man was talking to me about how, if you went into the military, you didn't always have to carry a gun. He said, "I knew people who, they went into the Army, and the only thing they ever touched the whole time was a gib!"

      I couldn't quite figure out what a gib was. I just smiled and nodded. But I somehow gathered that the man meant that his friend had worked on some kind of maintenance crew. I started talking about (and making hand motions indicating) a table saw. The man waved me off, almost as if saying I was too young or na´ve to understand.

      We were walking back up the stairs now. I figured I still had a couple hours to hike in the mountains of this area before meeting up with my family members. Maybe I'd even hike to our meeting point, which was now, somehow, deep in the woods.

      But the old man invited me to have dinner with him. The first floor of this house was actually a fine Italian restaurant (even though it basically looked like a living room full of tables). The guy sat at a table right next to the side door.

      I figured that since this old guy had taken such a liking to me, I'd go ahead and eat with him and have some more conversation. But I knew this would basically take away all the time I had left for doing anything fun.

      I got a huge plate of spaghetti and meatballs with thick noodles and a lot of sauce. I saw a long table full of family members. I went and sat down with them, on the opposite side of the room from the man.

      It now seemed to be night, from what I could see through the windows. At some point the room became windowless and dim, with sea-green walls.

      I had forgotten about the man. I looked over my left shoulder. I saw another table, a round table, about half full of more of my family members. The man was just now sitting down at that table. One of my family members had invited him over.

      I looked way back in the dim room, to where the man's table had been. The room was mostly empty, bare. But by the door, a lot of older, tough-looking men (who I thought of as Croatians) sat along a big, dark bench. They all seemed to be heavily dressed up in winter clothes. They were talking in a different language, moderately but happily.

      I looked forward again as a young, female family member to my right began saying a prayer in a different language. I was about to tell her to stop praying that way -- the old men would think she was making fun of them. But she said something like, "This is a very sacred prayer in their language. They appreciate the fact that I know it."

      Everybody was talking and joking and eating. I looked across the table and to my left. A few seats down, I saw my great-grandmother. She was alive! She was as small as a child, and she wore a gauzy, crepe-like, pink dress and a broad-brimmed, pink hat.

      I looked away for a moment. I now remembered part of the task we had been here for. I also remembered that we were actually in Washington, DC. My great-grandma had apparently died. We took her to DC for the funeral, because she'd wanted to go there and we had planned a vacation there.

      When we'd gotten there, I remembered, my great-grandma had been so touched by how much we loved her that her body had come back to life. I remembered seeing her in the casket, her eyes blinking open.

      I now looked at her sitting at the dinner table. She was talking with everybody and helping herself to some food. Her hands looked stubby, and she seemed to be wearing a yellow dress. I knew that she could only keep her body alive for a little while longer. I was thankful for the time she had given us.
    10. Strawberry chocolate pie, friend and girl

      by , 10-26-2010 at 11:31 AM
      Good morning. I remember two dream fragments from last night.

      Dream #1

      I was sitting indoors at a table with either a woman or a man. The table was big and solid, like a work table, but almost as low as a children's table.

      A woman, possibly a young, Asian woman, began bringing out a bunch of desserts. Almost all the desserts had the theme of being sliced like pie and being made out of chocolate that looked like actual strawberries. They just looked like pie slices made out of fresh, raw strawberries. But the strawberries were really chocolate.

      The last dessert the woman brought out was different. It was like a tray of different kinds of chocolate. But the chocolate was all colored white and gold. There might also had been some biscuit-like things in with the chocolate. The tray this chocolate was in was wooden, pale, and sturdy.

      Dream #2

      I sat somewhere with a man, who was a friend of mine (though I don't recognize him now) sitting to my right. We were inside or under some kind of structure, but we were looking out at a wide view of a sunset, possibly at a beach. We sat on a ledge of wood, in what now feels like an empty frame where something like a breakfast bar had once been.

      The light from the sunset was intensely golden orange, filling the atmosphere and giving everything a metallic shine.

      I knew that this guy liked a certain girl. I had been kind of flirting with the girl a little bit, too, though I don't think I was really interested in her. I decided to give the girl up so there would be no misunderstanding between me and my friend.

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