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    1. psychic renewal; national park

      by , 12-22-2011 at 02:18 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was going somewhere, possibly on a long trip somewhere where I wouldn't be able to get anything new to read. So I either had to take one book with me or read one book really quickly before I left.

      I was in a living room which was filled with natural light. I was looking at a shelf-like niche that ran across a white wall. The wall served as a bookshelf, and the bookshelf was mostly full.

      I felt an urge to look to the left end of the bookshelf, almost as if a voice were calling me to do so. The voice may have been speaking about psychic phenomena. I think the voice was low and a bit gravelly, but gentle and intelligent sounding.

      I saw a book that was much bigger than all the other books. All the other books were small and black, almost like binder-shaped date books. This book was tall, hardcover, with a red, cloth cover. There was gold lettering along the spine, giving the book's title, which probably had the work "Psychic" in it.

      I opened the book. The man's voice was, I think, now talking about either the Book of Revelations or the end times. I thought that the book I opened must have been the Bible, and that I must have been reading a passage from the Book of Revelations.

      But when I looked closer at the words, I realized I was actually reading the text from a Christian book called Renewing Your Mind, by a pastor named Marilyn Hickey. (IWL this was an important book for my family when I was a young boy.)

      Dream #2

      Possibly down in the canyon of a United States National Park. Probably in the parking lot for the visitor's center at the park.

      I stood outside my mom's car. My mom was dropping me off here. I was going to be here for a long time. I was possibly going to work and live here.

      I saw all this as if from outside my body and up in the air, at least three meters up in the air, and at varying lengths from my body -- between three meters away and fifty meters away, at the other end of the parking lot.