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    1. sleeping cat; mother, daughter, and museum; material snake

      by , 03-12-2011 at 08:47 PM
      Good afternoon, everybody. I hope everybody is doing well.

      Dream #1

      I was laying on a bunch of blankets on the floor in a living room. I was laying on my stomach. There might have been a bunch of people also laying in the living room with me. I could sense a cat walking toward me. The cat lay down near the right side of my head. It began purring. It felt kind of nice to have the cat wanting to sleep near me, although it was a little annoying that the cat wanted to sleep on my head.

      Dream #2

      I was in some plaza-like area with a woman and her daughter. The mother was youngish, blonde, with pale skin. The girl was maybe 6 years old, blonde, with tannish skin. The mother and daughter sat on some crescent-shaped bench made of concrete.

      For some reason I had to go to a museum. The museum was just down the street. I was now in the museum. But all the exhibits were kind of terrible, and there was some kind of pervasive, menacing feel to the place. So, disgusted, I left.

      I was now back with the mother and daughter in the plaza. The woman asked me about the museum. I was telling her good things about the museum. She said she might take her daughter there. I figured the woman wanted me to go with her, like it was a date. But I was too shy to say anything.

      I sat over on some chair away from the bench. The little girl came and lay across my lap. She lay stomach down and had her shirt pulled up halfway up her back. I massaged the girl's back. I understood from this that the girl wanted me to ask her mom on a date. She wanted me to be part of the family.

      I figured I would ask the mom on a date. But now I had to go to some thing like a job interview or a medical examination.

      I went to the examination and came back. The mother and daughter were just about ready to leave the plaza for the museum. I figured this would be good for me. I could say that I was just going back to the museum, too, and that we could all go together. That way it would be like a date, but I wouldn't have to ask for a date.

      I saw a father, possibly an older, Asian man, with his son, who was a little boy, maybe 5 or 6 years old. The boy was sitting across the man's lap somehow, possibly as the man's legs were fully extended.

      Dream #3

      There was some kind of snake that had some kind of material in it. When the material was taken out, the snake would become invisible. The material could be put back into the snake, but the snake would not become visible again.
    2. a trip to the clip-art moon; cat-baby; sad little boy; bleach beach

      by , 12-19-2010 at 01:25 PM
      Good morning, everybody. Sunday mornin' and doin' my dumb laundry as I write this.

      Dream #1

      I was in a "spaceship" with my family. The spaceship was lit with a dim, amber light. The walls and floor were smooth and white. The interior was like some plastic-molded futuristic living room rather than a spaceship.

      My mother said we were going to test out the spaceship, possibly just so my mom could show me how the thing worked. The ship now began blasting up into the air.

      I was impressed by how little we felt any of the acceleration. Right next to me there was some kind of black vertical strip with a series of light-up green and red signals in it. I watched as the sign showed how high our spaceship was going. I was really impressed when we hit the "250K feet" signal, which to my mind meant we were in outer space.

      I thought we were going to stop there. But we kept going. I wondered what the heck kind of "test" this was, if we were actually going all the way to the moon. But the signal showed us getting closer and closer to the moon at an unbelievable pace.

      Before I knew it, the signal said we were really close to the moon. I put my eyes to some kind of periscope which served as our "window." The moon looked very clear, but still pretty far away. I looked back to the signal. I guess I had misread it. It had said we were approaching the moon. But now it said we were actually close to the moon.

      I put my eyes to the periscope again. The moon was really close, apparently: so close, I could only see a small piece of it. But that part didn't look like the real moon. It looked like some kind of old-fashoned, black-and-white clip-art version of the moon.

      I looked away, kind of disappointed, like I was never actually going to see the moon.

      At this point, I kind of woke up. I had a half-awake, half-asleep fantasy in which my mom shut off all the lights in the spaceship and then activated some kind of screen all around us that showed us a view of the moon. It still didn't look like we were close to the moon. It just looked like an extreme close-up of the moon from a video shot on earth, on a really big TV screen.

      Dream #2

      Someone was holding a creature that was either a young child or a cat or both mixed together. The cat-baby had to leave the possession of the first person. I think it was going into the possession of my sister or a woman like my sister. (I saw all this from a low-angle view.)

      The person handed the cat-baby off with some effort. The cat-baby held on with its claws and cried out, "No! No! I couldn't bear to be away from you."

      The person laughed and said, "We'll see."

      My sister felt guilt for making the cat-baby sad. But the cat-baby was already attaching to my sister, even while it was still crying that it couldn't bear to be away from the first person.

      The cat-baby was now calming down. It told my sister, "You know, this isn't bad! I can deal with this after all!"

      My sister laughed.

      Dream #3

      I walked up to a group like a family playing in some kind of park area that seemed to be near a beach. I must have known these people, as if they were my family in some way.

      I knelt before some little boy who lay half-naked, wearing only a blue shirt (like the one I wear to bed). To my left was a big cliff of grey rock. We were on sand, and the sand extended about ten meters or so to my right. A lawn went to my left and forward about 100 meters, rolling down a slight slope, then ending in a long beach.

      A woman (dressed in Victorian clothing? a white, frilly dress with a long, lacy skirt and a big hat?) and a couple other people (dressed in modern clothes) sat on the sand. Other people played on the grass and beach.

      I was playing some game with the boy where I put my hand on his stomach. There was some kind of joke involved with this. It made me look like a dope and like I was the boy's slave. So the boy would always laugh at it.

      But I suddenly realized I had to get going. I don't know where I had to go: maybe just back to my own house and life. The boy got upset when I stopped playing the game with him. He sat up on my knee. Somehow he looked half-human and half-animal. Maybe his eyes were all black.

      I told him that I had to go, but that he'd always have the memory of the fun times we'd had together.

      The little boy impetuously cried, "Well, what the hell good are you to me that way?"

      Dream #4

      I don't remember why, but a group of friends and I had to get to a certain part of some beach. I don't know exactly how we were traveling there.

      It was more like my view was just skimming to the right over long stretches of beaches, water, and roads near beaches. And I never saw my friends. It was more like they were just voices in my head or some kind of narration.

      My friends, who all sounded like young men and women having a good time together, were picking on one woman in particular who kept asking why we couldn't just go to any old part of this beach.

      One of the friends said that we had made a plan to meet some specific person at this specific point at the beach. The person had even given the name of the point.

      We were heading to some spot where it was like the beach turned off from the actual ocean and turned into something like a shore surrounding some offshoot of water from the ocean. The water barely moved. It looked clear, but it looked like there was a lot of green moss at the bottom.

      I made some comment about "Bleach Beach."

      One of the friends translated my statement for the girl that everybody had been joking with. He said, "He just made a joke that the reason why they call this place Bleach Beach is that the water here moves so slow and gathers so many germs that the only way it can be safe for people to swim here is by having a bunch of chlorine poured in. Just like a swimming pool."

      For some reason, this was yet another proof that the girl was a dimwit for not having realized why we couldn't have just stopped at any other point on the beach.
    3. meditation hero, hoop cat, sudden storm

      by , 11-17-2010 at 01:41 PM
      Good morning, everybody. My dream recall has been terrible over the past couple days. It's probably because I've spent hours each night watching all the different versions of RC Succession's Transistor Radio on YouTube. Hitto kyoku!

      So these entries will be pretty fragmented.

      Dream #1

      I was watching a scene like a theatre production or a large-scale movie as if I were actually in the environment without participating in it.

      The scene focused on a woman who stood atop an enormous, colorful temple, which was somehow inside a much larger building. The temple was as colorful as a Buddhist or Hindu painting. It was decorated to the last inch with beautiful flowers in plates and vases. There may even have been colorful foods decorating the tables.

      The woman walked out of a room at the top of the temple, turned right, then sat on her knees on a cushion, facing the wall to the left (her left) of the doorway. (The doorway and the top room looked more like in a Mayan temple, not a Hindu or Buddhist painting.) My view was from behind, above, and just to the left of the woman.

      The woman didn't look normal. She was probably a dark blue. She probably didn't have a complete form. Her body may have had a stony look, like Jack Kirby's version of the Fantastic Four's The Thing, except with a feminine figure. She may also have had chakra markings delineated on her somehow.

      The woman was breaking some kind of law or rule by meditating. Apparently meditation was forbidden. So now there was a group of high officials heading out to capture and arrest the woman. But there was also a group of men who had taken it upon themselves to protect the woman. She was a hero to them, possibly because her meditation had some kind of power.

      I was now among the group of men, acting as a part of the group, not just watching. The men looked big and tough. One of them may have looked like Russell Crowe.

      We stood at the bottom of the temple, before a beige-colored stone gate. But it also felt like we were standing in a messy living room.

      I was happy to be helping the men. But I was also afraid. I was afraid of getting hurt by the officials. But I was also afraid of looking stupid with my usual clumsy actions. I may have said something regarding all this. The man who looked like Russell Crowe may have looked at me in disgust.

      Dream #2

      I was in my great-grandmother's living room. The room was filled with dim, yellowy light. The floors were strewn with sheets and blankets.

      I was with a few other people, possibly co-workers. We had just finished some task. Now we had to go to another task. But we had to change our clothes first. We were all running around to different rooms, as if playing a game, looking for the new clothes to wear.

      I was in my great-grandma's guest room (which us kids would sleep in when we'd spend nights at her house). I was taking off my pants or putting new pants on when I noticed that C, a guy from my work, was in the living room. I could see him from the bedroom because the walls now, apparently, only went up to about my waist.

      I thought C was going to accuse me of not doing any work because I was in the middle of changing my pants. I thought I would explain to him that changing my pants was actually a part of my job.

      But suddenly a cat with a black body and white belly and paws jumped down through the circle my arms were making with the pants. C was amazed by what the cat had done. I was amazed, too. It seemed so random that the cat would jump down through my arms like they were a hoop.

      Either I or C may have wondered if the cat had been trained to do that.

      Dream #3

      I was out on a street corner across the street from "my apartment building." It actually looked like the street corner at the beginning of Youth without Youth, except with really wide streets, as if the streets were somehow an entire horizon.

      There were a lot of young men and women out on the street with me. They were all beautiful and well-dressed.

      I had thought that this might have been a bad time for me to go out and do whatever it was I needed to do. Either it had been too early or the sky had been too dark due to clouds or else the clouds in the sky had been presaging a storm.

      But now I looked up into the sky to watch it clear smoothly into wispy, white clouds. I was amazed. But I also had that inconvenienced feeling, like when you realize that you now have to do something for sure, no excuses. I thought that if everybody knew how lazy I was about getting moving, they'd dislike me.

      I was about to cross the street with everybody else. But the sky suddenly clouded over heavily. It looked worse than rain: it looked like a terriible storm.

      I crossed the street back toward my house instead of heading in everybody else's direction (which would have been crossing to the corner caddy-corner from my house). It was already beginning to rain.

      I thought something like how lucky I was to be so close to my place, especially because I hadn't brought an umbrella with me. My building was a beautiful, peach-colored, stone building.

      I remembered that there was a woman who lived in my apartment with me. I knew she was planning to go outside for something she had to do. I thought I would warn her not to come out. The sky was almost black. It looked like the storm would be terrible.

      But I knew the woman would go out anyway to do her thing. I may have thought that I would at least offer her my umbrella.