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    1. office-zoo, polar bear cut-outs, animal church

      by , 05-12-2011 at 11:48 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was sleeping on the floor of some room. A phone's ring up. I had one blanket below me and one blanket above me. I picked up the phone, my head still under the blankets.

      A man's voice, happy, raspy, and a little squeaky, asked, "Is your boss around?"

      I told the man my boss was in the next room. I felt like I knew who the guy calling was, but I couln't quite place him. So I didn't want to just hand over the phone.

      The man said, "Well, tell your boss that I've been thinking about what he said, and I'm gonna take him up on that K.I.S.S. offer after all. It sounds like a really good deal."

      I knew that the offer was some kind of monthly subway pass offer. It was like part of a package of benefits that people would receive for work. You could get a special deal on your monthly subway pass price.

      I didn't know exactly what my boss had to do with that, but I decided to get out of bed and tell him that the guy wanted it.

      I walked into what looked like a very large living room that had an interior much like that of a double-wide trailer. The carpet was yellowy beige, and the walls looked like wood paneling in some places. My boss sat on the floor. Before him was a small table or desk with a computer on it. My boss may also have had some blankets wrapped around his lap.

      I told my boss about the man. My boss didn't seem to have any idea what I was talking about. I had started to figure out who the man might be, possibly one of my co-workers from an office out of town. But it also seemed like it was some guy who had recently left the company.

      I kept trying to tell my boss who I thought the guy was, but I couldn't say it correctly. My boss stood up and walked away, to a little eating area, which was apparently the "office cafeteria."

      He sat down at a cheap table, among some other cheap tables set along the wall. Another co-worker, R, sat at another table, her back turned to us, eating some cereal or oatmeal.

      I told my boss, "This guy might be related to that girl. You know, the girl who was an assistant here for a while?" I my mind's eye I saw a pretty, but slightly overweight, Latina girl.

      R, eavesdropping, grunted at me, as if I were slacking off by thinking about this whole issue.

      My boss told me, "Here. Go out and find that guy. Tell him I said okay. Then come back and tell me what he says."

      So I left the building. I walked along a concrete path, around some small buildings, and possibly through moderate crowds of families. I ended up at gates to some kind of recreation area. I don't know whether I ended up finding the guy, but I turned around with some sensed of accomplishment. I also had either handed off or picked up a manila envelope with a lot of papers in it.

      Walking back toward "the office," I realized I was walking through a zoo. I walked past one building which seemed to be round, with wooden slats for walls and a conical roof of wooden shinges. The building was to my left. To my right was some tall fence with green netting strung behind it to block the view.

      A couple young families walked past me. Some moms and dads were pushing babies in strollers.

      Then these kids came by, one a little after the other. A girl rode a bike. But the side of the bike had a strange particle board or cardboard cut-out on its side. The cut-out was made to look like some kind of animal, possibly a polar bear, riding a bike. After the girl, a boy came along on a skateboard. Again, a cut-out of a polar bear was set up on the board to make it look like the polar bear was riding the skateboard. Both the girl and boy were little, and they fit behind the signs really well.

      To avoid one of the kids I had had to walk off the concrete path, onto a stretch of soil for planting, and possibly behind a stationary cut-out, probably also of a polar bear.

      I now walked with or thought about walking with a young child. The next building looked a little like an animal nursery or animal hospital, but it was actually a church. I may have justified a church that would allow zoo animals to the child.

      The church was some kind of Christian denomination, like Lutheran or Methodist, I could see from gold lettering on the glass panes of the door. I may have thought it was unfaird that the only church the animals had was a Christian one. I may have wondered about Buddhism.

      I then saw "the office" just past the church building and off to the left, up a small staircase. It looked just like a one-story, suburban house, except maybe with a little bit of a jungle feel.