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    1. blood and skin test

      by , 05-19-2011 at 11:25 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a hospital room with a young man and woman who appeared to be doctors. The woman was blonde and slightly tanned. The man's appearance may have changed, but at least for some time he had long, frizzy-curly hair and a short beard. Both doctors wore long, white lab coats. The woman sat at a desk with a computer. At first I lay on the bed. The whole place felt really cluttered somehow.

      I was going to have a blood test and a skin test. I was familiar enough with how people took blood, but I was kind of worried about the skin test. I didn't know how people took skin samples.

      The man told me, "It really hurts. And the pain stays with you. Because you have to keep the skin sampler on you for half an hour. And the whole time you have it on, it's just like, 'Aagh! Aagh!'" I thought that if what the man was saying was true, this would really suck. But I wasn't going to be afraid.

      The man took my right (?) hand. He took a lime-green, plastic device that looked like a thimble as long as an index finger. He put the base, the open end, against the back of my hand, right where the thumb joint comes into the base of the hand. I knew there was a little, guillotine-blade-shaped metal device inside the thimble.

      The man clicked something on the thimble. The blade snapped down and dug into my skin. It hurt a little, but not as much as I'd thought it would. I kept waiting for some kind of delayed effect, like a pain that would get worse and worse. But I just kept having the same kind of dull pain.

      Eventually I walked over to the woman, who still sat at the computer. She was going to take my blood. I figured I might as well hang out near her while I waited for her to draw my blood. For some reason, for this entire time, I kept my hand elevated right in front of my face.
    2. football catch fail

      by , 05-13-2011 at 11:40 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was with my friend H on some kind of grassy field that seemed to be indoors. The field seemed to be some in some kind of square, maybe even surrounded by small poles and belt-barriers.

      H and I were playing catch with a football that also seemed a little weird. It seemed to be made out of smooth leather, kind of shiny and tan colored.

      I threw the football pretty well a couple of times. But then I kept throwing the ball so that it hit the ground a few feet away from H. H might have thrown to me the same way eventually. The throws became consistently like this. I would be short from her by a couple feet, and she would be short from me by a couple feet.

      H was laughing at her throws, as is she thought it was funny how bad she threw. But I remembered she had thrown well before. I told her, "Try not to mirror me when you throw. You're throwing like me, because that's the way you think you should do it. But you actually throw a lot better when you throw like yourself."

      Later, H and I were somehow remembering a moment from H's first day in high school. It made H feel nostalgic, even though something may actually have prevented her from having finished high school the first time around.

      The view was from way high up, like from the ceiling of a cathedral. I saw down to a huge crowd of kids and adults, massed all together in a stony cathedral. There was a huge, stone, octagonal-cylindrical "pulpit." A few kids sat in benches along the walls of that pulpit. H was among those kids. All the kids there seemed happy, although H had, at some point, intimated how miserable she had been in high school.

      At another point, H and I were at one edge of the indoor grassy field. There was a wall of computers, or something like a control panel. H sat at a swivel chair in front of a computer. She was pushed back from the computer, relaxed in the chair, and looking at me as I stood on or near the grass.

      At another point, I saw an image of two girls, one of whom may have been H. The girls were at least topless, if not naked, and they were cuddling with each other. I thought it was nice that the girls were lovers. But I also thought it meant something scientific.

      I had the idea in my head of two chemicals. One was phosphorus. Either both of the girls were like phosphorus, which in conjunction with each other caused the evaporation of the phosphorus and the release of a second chemical; or else one of the girls was the second chemical, and the conjunction of the two chemicals caused some other kind of reaction. The chemical had a name like "metargon," but it wasn't that.

      (Side note: I've been reading Occult Chemistry, by Annie Besant and CW Leadbeater. The book is on Project Gutenberg, www.gutenberg.org. It kind of details the views that the clairvoyants Besant and Leadbeater had when they examined chemical elements in a paranormal way.

      Besant and Leadbeater claimed to have found additional chemical elements, including the element "metargon," which I think my brain appropriated.

      The book also shows diagrams of chemical elements on what Besant and Leadbeater call the etheric planes. Some of these diagrams look like church windows. That, in conjunction with the whole royal wedding thing, I think, influenced the image of the cathedral.)
    3. drawings and lectures; radioactive bullets; melissa etheridge video

      by , 03-21-2011 at 11:43 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was at a table with an old friend. The table may have been wide. Possibly we were each actually sitting at two round tables. I was showing my friend some drawings. One of the drawings was of a tyrannosaurus being attacked from all around by a bunch of smaller dinosaurs, like velociraptors.

      For some reason, I felt like I had unconsciously taken elements from a story my friend had written and put them into my drawing. I tried to explain to myself how I hadn't done that, and how my drawings were original.

      My friend and I, still sitting at the table(s), were now at the back end of some audience watching a performance at some bandshell. It was night. My friend began telling me about a series of lectures. There were apparently ten lectures. They all had to do with the monolith (like from 2001). Each lecture took place in some different level of some location.

      I saw the program for the lectures. Each lecture had its own page-long description. Each page was made to look like a blue night sky full of stars.

      My friend tried to explain to me where the lectures were located. It was somewhere in New York City that I should have been pretty familiar with. I said the name of some place out loud. My friend looked at me, disappointed that my knowledge was so lacking regarding New York City that I would think that was the location he'd meant.

      Dream #2

      A narrator spoke about some secret test performed by the military. A view showed a group of people like zoo workers releasing a rhinoceros into a lake in some kind of dusty, deserty area in the wild.

      The rhinoceros walked out into the lake and began swimming. Once the rhinoceros was at a certain distance, one of the zoo workers shot something at it, right at the bridge of its nose. The narrator explained that this was a radioactive bullet that would penetrate the rhinoceros' brain.

      The rhinoceros now looked more like a hippopotamus. The place where the bullet had entered didn't even have a scar. It was like the bullet had been extra small. But the hippo was already beginning to feel the effects of the radiation. It was getting incredibly angry. It started roaring and snorting.

      As the hippo swam to shore, the narrator explained that the radiation was already beginning to eat away at the "rhinoceros'" brain tissue, making it uncomfortable and uncontrollably aggressive.

      The hippo was now ashore. But it was now a gorilla. It lay on its back, roaring in anger and writhing. The narrator explained that now the "rhinoceros" was completely paralyzed. But the decay process in its brain would now slow down a lot. The rhinoceros would lay there paralyzed and decaying for forty days before it would finally die.

      Dream #3

      I was watching some Melissa Etheridge video that was apparently from the 1980s. The song was a kind of post-war style song in a 1980s style. The video was very stagey, with a pinkish orange backdrop, before which different thin elements would shift back and forth, depicting scenes such as the home, the office, and driving.

      The song and video all related to different girls Melissa Etheridge had been in relationships with. One scene showed Ethedridge at a computer (which may have been on the hood of a 1950s car) while a really pretty office girl fawned over her. But then a really pretty black girl came up and started kissing Etheridge. Etheridge and the black girl walked away. The office girl looked heartbroken.

      In another scene, the office girl was leaning over the hood of a 1950s style car. A few other pretty girls were by this car and another car. Etheridge walked into the scene. All the girls were vying for Etheridge's love, but it was somehow implied that Etheridge wouldfall in love with the office girl.
    4. forest, friend's house, show, computer

      by , 02-10-2011 at 12:38 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a forest, possibly a snowy forest. There was an animal like a wolf that would eat humans. I may have seen it.

      I was then at the house or apartment of an old friend of mine. My friend had me go into some bedroom. The bedroom was dark. There were clothes all over the floor. A mattress lay in the middle of the room. The mattress was also covered with clothes.

      My friend kept insisting that I try on some of the women's clothes he had. But I felt like he was just trying to put me into a position where he could do something bad to me. I also felt like he wanted to do something bad to my family as well.

      I was then watching some show on a stage. The show had an old variety-show feel, but it was somehow related to an anime. There were some really hot girls dancing around on stage. They were dressed in jeans and tight shirts, just casual clothes, but they had something to do with the anime, too.

      At some point I came to understand that the plot line had something to do with lesbianism. This really turned me on. The show was now controllable, as if I were watching it on YouTube. I did all kinds of frantic forwarding and rewinding, trying to get to the point where this assumed hot lesbian scene had occurred.

      But suddenly, the screen went blank. I realized I had been watching this on my computer the whole time. My computer's screen was black, with only a cursor blinking in the upper left corner. I started to smell a plasticky, burning smell. I could tell it was coming from my computer's disk drive.

      I knew I had burnt out my computer. I was pretty sure I couldn't get a new one for a while. I wondered what the heck I was going to do.
    5. Baby born in lake, great-grandmother at house

      by , 11-04-2010 at 12:23 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was coming to see the birth of a baby. I had apparently seen the mother give birth before (possibly in an earlier part of this dream). I hoped I wasn't late this time.

      It was day, and I was running toward the house. I seemed to be coming at the house from the back. The house was very small, white, and in a rural setting.

      I noticed that the land behind the house had become a huge pool of water, apparently right from the backdoor. I stood at the edge of this pond, looking toward the backdoor.

      A group of men and women about my age all exited the backdoor. A woman stayed in the house. She handed the newborn baby to a tall, skinny, slightly bearded man. The man may have dunked the baby in the water. This was the baby's birth.

      I jumped in the pool (I was wearing a backpack, for some reason). I swam toward the group of people. I wanted to be part of the birth process so much.

      I thought to myself that I've always worried about seeing a baby still covered in everything right after birth. But now the baby would be clean. I was disappointed and relieved at the same time that I wouldn't have to see the baby right after birth.

      Everybody was now carrying the baby toward the far back end of the pond. I had to swim all the way over there to reach them now.

      I got to the group of people. It may now have been all women. They were all talking with each other in cooing voices. I tried to be a part of whatever they were doing. But I couldn't see the baby anywhere.

      I may have seen somebody carry the baby, now wrapped in swaddling cloths, over the edge of the pond. The pond was bordered by a ledge of flat, grey stone. I clumsily hoisted myself, in my wet clothes, onto the ledge. Beyond the ledge there was a slight drop down to some bare, dusty soil. I jumped.

      When I landed, I was reminded of my backpack. I thought of how wet it must be. Then I remembered that my computer was in my backpack! It must be soaked right through!

      I walked around the right side of the pond, heading back toward the house and the spot where I'd jumped into the water. I was trying to convince myself that my computer really wasn't soaked all the way through. I'd had it in its case after all, right? But I knew that was a lousy argument. The case wasn't waterproof. I knew I'd have to test it.

      I got back up to the edge of the pond, then I turned around and walked back toward the back end, but up on the ledge instead of down in the dirt area.

      I may have encountered my old friend K or my mom. I explained my problem with my computer. K/my mom asked me why I jumped in the pond with my backpack on. I replied that seeing the baby was so important that I didn't care what I was wearing.

      I now had my computer sat on the ledge, opened, and turned on. I said, "See? It doesn't work. I'm just getting this one program you always get when your computer doesn't work. It's like a sign from the company that your computer is broke."

      The program was some yellow and green colored video game that reminded me of an Atari 2600 video game.

      My view may have changed to a dark office, where I was all alone.

      Dream #2

      I was in my great-grandmother's house. I sat near the front door. I sat on one of my great-grandmother's stools and ate some kind of sandwich.

      I was probably by myself in the house, waiting for other people to arrive. The lights in the house were all on, and it was warm.

      Some of my family had gone to the hospital with my great-grandma. She may now have been dead. Regardless of that, the doctors had done a bad job on her.

      I recalled one particular statement made by a doctor. My great-grandmother had had something like a stroke. The doctor said that my great-grandma's brain would heal itself, so that there was so need for treatment.

      I laughed to myself, thinking that they all should have realized there was a lot more damage than they'd thought, and that my great-grandma had actually needed a lot more help, especially since she was so old.

      I tried to remember something about what the doctor had said. It had something to do with the electrical patterns in the brain, how they travelled in circles. I could feel the electricity in my brain, travelling counter-clockwise in my skull.

      I remembered that the doctor said that if you have an electrical anomaly, such as a minor stroke, you could often wait for the electricity to come back around and reset the messed up part of your brain.

      Now I had an electrical anomaly in my brain. I was having trouble speaking, as if my tongue were way too thick for me to talk with. I wondered if my mouth were just too full of food. In panic I pulled whole chunks of tomato out of my mouth. They looked like the upper palates, like for braces.

      I tried to speak again, but my tongue still wasn't getting words out. I was pacing around the house, in a bit of panic. I convinced myself that it would just take time for my tongue to heal.

      Just then my sister and great-grandmother walked in the door. I knew I couldn't speak, so I just kept quiet, trying to show by my facial expression how happy I was to see my great-grandmother.

      My sister sat me and my great-grandma down on a red, plasticky couch (very unlike the couch my great-grandma had). My great-grandma seemed to be a lot livelier than she'd been in a long time. But I still was unable to speak!

      My great-grandma (wearing a grey, tweed coat) said to me, "Aren't you going to say anything? Here I've come all this way to say hello. Aren't you going to be grateful and talk with me?"
    6. Stolen computer; Huge SUV limo

      by , 10-18-2010 at 11:51 AM
      Dream #1

      I was in a big house. The house was set up so that it stretched along narrowly. I don't know where any of the rooms were, The place just seemed like one big corridor.

      The house was dim, with perhaps only one light in the place, and that a dullish, watery fluorescent light.

      I had left my bookbag on the floor, probably strewn with a lot of other stuff that wasn't mine, like blankets. I now came back to my bookbag to discover that my laptop was missing from it.

      There were a bunch of kids in the house. They were all pre-teens, maybe not even 10 years old. I don't think I ever actually saw them. But I was pretty sure they had stolen my computer.

      I ran all through the house in panic. I was looking for my mom, who was apparently in charge of the kids or who had done something like take them into her house out of kindness. I figured my mom could make the kids give me my computer back.

      But I was also looking through some other backpacks that were lying on the floor, strewn in with a bunch of other stuff, like blankets. I thought I might just find my laptop and take it back.

      I was really angry now. I was running at an unbelievable speed. I could tell it was lightning and thundering outside.

      I wondered what would happen if I beat up the little kids. But I figured it would be no use. I wouldn't get my laptop back through violence.

      I also wondered if there were some kind of buzzer device on it, like for car keys, where you can press a button and make your laptop buzz until you locate it. Or a device where you could track where your laptop was through GPS to catch the people who stole it. But I knew I hadn't gotten any features like that.

      I ran through a bunch of junk and overturned furniture. I was now back at the front of the house. I was in a little, dark area near the front door.

      Near me, my mom's ex-boyfriend J was working at a desk underneath a half-toppled mattress. He told me he understood my frustration.

      I may have been standing on another mattress or between a could of half-standing mattresses. I said, "It's not the expense of the computer so much as--" I started shouting, "I had all my writing on that thing! How am I supposed to get all my writing back?!"

      Dream #2

      I was walking along a sidewalk at night. The sky was dark blue. I felt like I was in some country area, but I must have been in a big city, because there were lights around me like on a big, Fifth Avenue building.

      I walked up to a huge SUV limo from behind. I then walked alongside its driver's side. The SUV limo had a light brown or dark beige color, with glitter-like flecks in it. Its windows looked weird: slim, long, and completely black and seamless. The SUV also seemed to have no doors.

      I felt nervous all of the sudden. I had a feeling that some law or authority figure was going to try to get me in trouble for being near the SUV.

      But I also had a feeling that I was here for a meeting, and that some high-up work associates of mine were in or near this SUV.

      I was now with one of these associates, whom I could not see (I also have no idea who it would be). We walked back toward the back of the SUV.

      As we did, one of the windows opened, revealing my old boss and friend E inside. I said, in a happy, "cool dude" kind of voice, "Hey! E!" I immediately felt I shouldn't have been so easygoing, that I should have shown him some respect, because he was so rich now.

      My work-associate and I were now both standing before something I can't quite get, logistically. It was like the side of the SUV, but it was also like the inside of a building.

      E was inside. He pointed out a couple of small, cubby-hole-looking things. He said these were rooms. One was for him, and one was for his wife (who sat in an SUV seat, only a couple feet away from E).

      E then displayed a chest full of amenities he had been given by this "hotel." The chest looked like an entire drug store. There was so much stuff. But E seemed to be singling out only two trial-size tubes of toothpaste. I also seemed to be impressed that this "hotel" would give you trial-size tubes of toothpaste.