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    1. drunks on a cruise ship; hands-all bathrooms; star-fights and baby

      by , 11-01-2011 at 03:07 PM
      Good morning, ,everybody.

      Dream #1

      A gigantic cruise ship like the Titanic was out on the sea during a huge storm. There were a lot of people in the main dining room. The dining room was big and bright, with low ceilings and small, round tables draped in white tablecloths. The dining room may have had doors, and possibly even windows, right out to the deck.

      People had been warned to stay inside the inner parts of the ship during the storm. But one of the men actually opened one of the doors or windows out to the deck. He may actually have gone outside, on the left side of the ship.

      The storm blew the man back through the door and out another door on the opposite side of the ship. The man could be seen clinging onto an old-style, wooden mast, his body being blown pretty much horiztonally by the storm, like a flag in the wind.

      I was now back in the dining area. But now the place was almost totally empty. It was also very dim and full of heavy, wooden tables. I sat at a rectangular table for six or eight people. A beautiful woman sat across from me. I myself was a beautiful woman.

      One man had just walked away from us. He may have been my boyfriend, or he may have been the woman's boyfriend. But there was also a man slumped down in his chair to the woman's left. He seemed to be the woman's boyfriend. He was so drunk that he'd passed out.

      The woman was upset about the man having gotten this drunk again. I, possibly as the woman's friend, was trying to comfort the woman.

      I encouraged the woman to have a drink. I said it might make her feel better and make her feel like she'd equalled things up between herself and her man. I told her the drink would be on me.

      But the woman, hearing that I was buying her drinks, suddenly became greedy with drinks! I don't know where she was getting the drinks from, but she kept pounding them back, sometimes even two-fisting it.

      The woman was drinking gin in something like a baseless wine glass. And each time she'd finish a drink, a little green scoreboard over her left shoulder would count the drink off.

      Finally the woman stopped drinking. But it wasn't like she was drunk at all. Both our men were back. But my man was already in bed. The woman's man was still passed out drunk.

      I figured both men wouldn't be much good for sex tonight, but I told the woman that she could probably find some way to make her man please her. I had an image in my head of either the woman or me sitting up, still in a dress, while one of the men, so drunk he couldn't even sit up, lay on his stomach and performed cunnilingus on either me or the woman.

      But what I was really interested in was trying to prove to the women that her man was so drunk that he'd be no good at all for the night. Then we could find some way to get rid of the man for the evening. After that, I'd convince the woman to have lesbian sex with me.

      But now we were carrying the man back to the bedroom, which was apparently down a short hallway just past the dining area. The woman had the man's head, and I had his feet. The man seemed really sick. I was afraid he was going to puke all over me sooner or later.

      Dream #2

      A man was telling me and a group of friends about how he and a woman (who sat beside him) had lived in a mansion for a while. Someone else may have lived there with them. The other person may have been really rich. The man and woman were well-off, in fact they looked like a glamorous couple from the 1920s, except alive today, but they weren't rich.

      So while the rich person had one portion of the house, the couple had the maids' quarters, which themselves were huge. The man said the couple didn't have to do any maid work. They just liked the quarters because they were so big and they felt kind of old, like an old castle or monestary.

      As the man spoke about the maids' quarters, they materialized around us. Everything seemed to be made of concrete, painted over, like a public restroom. In fact, there was some huge restroom just behind the man, not divided from our room by a wall, but by a concrete seat, in which the couple sat.

      The man told us, "We even used the hands-all bathroom while we were there, which was huge."

      Somebody, possibly I, asked what a hands-all bathroom was. The man said he didn't know, that he'd never asked to find out.

      I said, "I think 'hands-all' is like when you say 'all hands,' like when people say, 'all hands on deck.' I think it was a huge bathroom that all the servants used at once when they were suddenly called to duty, so they could all get washed up and ready at a moment's notice."

      A woman said, "Or, what I was thinking is that it was for the smaller bathroom. Because that one had a mini beauty salon in it." A small bathroom, with something like a barber's chair and a mirror with lightbulbs around it, appeared in a room two or three rooms down, behind the woman.

      The woman said, "I think 'hands-all' meant something like 'the works,' like if you went into that bathroom, you'd get 'hands-on' treatment -- a full makeover. And all the maids would take turns giving each other makeovers."

      I was pretty sure my idea was right and the woman's idea was wrong. (??!!) But I didn't say anything. Instead, my vision seemed to focus on the huge tub in the huge bathroom. It was like I was right there. The bathtub was full, almost to overflowing, with very warm, but not hot, water.

      Dream #3

      I was in outer space, speeding upward and away from the earth. I must have been in a small spaceship, but sometimes it felt like I was just out in space, in some space suit.

      Another man was out there, even though I don't think I ever saw him. The man spoke about another man who had taken a dimensional transport to another universe. He had done this as part of a battle with a group of aliens trying to destroy the world.

      The man told me that the aliens could actually use the shockwaves of dimensional transport to destroy the earth. But the use of shockwaves and dimensional transport in flight was also the method of fighting that the aliens normally used in their battles.

      So, the man told me, the other man had gone into another dimension and was conducting these kind of shockwave battles with the aliens. I imagined orange, kind of traffic-cone-shaped spaceships fighting with each other.

      The man said that the other man would be back soon, as soon as he'd accomplished his mission. But now this man seemed to be going somewhere as well. Perhaps I was going somewhere, too.

      We, or I, sped upward through space. I encountered a dimensional shockwave, from where alien spaceships had been. As I blasted through it, the sky of stars became filled with many more stars, some of which were different colors -- gold, purple, red, pink. There was also beautiful, brilliant nebular dust everywhere.

      I was amazed by the beauty of the sight. But, suddenly, the sun (?) was eclipsed. The darkness of the sun (if it was the sun) revealed an even deeper layer of beauty in this universe. I was astonished!

      I was now in a hospital. But the part of the hospital I was in was more like the control room in some kind of military base. All the people in this control room seemed focused on taking care of some procedure for one little girl. The room was small and crowded, with four or five rows of computer-embedded tables, each row split into two slanting aisles.

      One man was in charge of administering painkillers to the baby girl. But he said, "That girl's had enough stuff to mess with her system. I'm not putting anything else in her." A black man, somebody like a nurse or a janitor, sat to the man's right and heard him say this.

      There were two or three men standing before a screen at the back of the room. The main man was something like a head surgeon. He may somehow have been controlling the procedure being done on the baby girl, who was in another room, through something like remote-controlled robots.

      But suddenly the screen shot of the baby girl cut to a sign (in kind of cheesy, 1970s style, "high-tech" lettering) saying "INCONCLUSIVE." This sign stayed on for a few seconds.

      The head doctor was panicked. Something had gone wrong in the operation. But he couldn't figure out what had happened!

      The screen now switched to a sign saying "INCONSCIOUS," which I guess was supposed to mean "unconscious." It meant the girl had slipped into a coma and was probably dying. This sign was flashing on a lot of different screens, now, and it may have been accompanied by buzzing alarms.

      The head doctor shouted, "Dammit! We're losing her! What went wrong? Does anybody know what's going on?"

      One of the other people shouted, "Her pain levels are really high. Her body couldn't take it anymore. It slipped into a coma to shield itself from the pain."

      The head doctor yelled, "Did somebody forego painkillers before the operation?"

      The black man, who had been sitting next to the doctor who'd decided not to administer painkillers said, "Yes! The doctor said he wasn't going to give the girl anything! I saw him! I was right here when he said it.!"

      The head doctor seemed relieved. Everybody did. I saw from somebody's point of view, as if I were now actually in this scene. I was looking at the screen of the doctor who hadn't administered painkillers.

      The head doctor said, "Start giving the baby girl some painkillers. As soon as they start to take effect, the girl should slip out of her coma. We'll start the operation over after that."

      I was already putting in the commands to administer painkillers.
    2. fjord collapse; rescuing drowned boy; abortion jokes

      by , 09-13-2011 at 12:06 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      No vision, or just black. A voice said how "an entire fjord" (???) in France had collapsed into the sea.

      Dream #2

      A bunch of people, possibly including me, were on a huge ship like a cruise ship. A disaster had occurred -- possibly that another gigantic cruise ship had come apart and sunk. Almost everybody on board had been killed. The people on this new cruise ship were now out in the ocean, not to find the living people, but to pull out of the water a lot of dead people who were floating to the surface.

      The ship coasted over the black waters and under a yellow sky. A young woman with coppery skin and long, black hair stood out on the deck of the ship. She spotted the body of a young man who had apparently drowned. She threw out a rope to grab the boy's body. She pulled the body onto the ship.

      The woman was now in a cabin right on deck. The body of the young man was laid out on the floor of the front room of the cabin. The woman had walked into a back room. She now walked out to the front room. I may have seen from her viewpoint at this time.

      The young man on the floor was possibly Asian, with coppery skin. He wore a yellow t-shirt and darkish khaki shorts or casual pants. He was a little bit overweight and shaved bald. He looked older than his age, somehow. I attributed it to the stress of his death and the effect of the water on his body.

      But now the young man began to make motions with his mouth. He slowly mouthed some words and made some cringing expressions with his eyebrows, as if he were in extreme pain, and as if he were still afraid of dying. He may have coughed some water out of his mouth.

      There were some other people in the cabin, possibly including the Captain. It was recognized, possibly by the Captain, that the woman had saved the young man's life. I'm pretty sure I saw from my own viewpoint at this point, not from the woman's. The woman said that she had a feeling, when she saw the boy in the water, that he was still alive, or that he could be resuscitated.

      Dream #3

      I was watching a comedy. But it was also like I was reviewing the movie, after I'd seen it. Reviewing the movie, I commented that I had no idea there was going to be a scene with such crude humor in it.

      I could only partly remember the scene, and I kept trying to see it, but it had something to do with abortion. It was like it was blocked from my view by a lot of sillhouettes of people's heads.

      I then saw another scene, in which a group of "average guys," like in a comedy for guys, were all standing next to each other before a table filled with jars of aborted babies. The guys had to pull the babies out of the jars for some kind or humane reason. But they were all kind of bumbling about at the task so much that they were actually disfiguring the bodies.

      The men were using weird implements to get the babies out of the jars. One of the men used a huge knife, to which the baby stuck, like a magnet. The baby's back may have looked charred. The baby may also have had eyes with no whites, which were all a dark grey-blue.

      I felt bad because for some reason I had taken my mom to this movie with me. I had thought it was just an ordinary comedy. But those two abortion-comedy scenes were really gross, and I was afraid my mom would be freaked out by them.

      My mom and I were in a car, pulling into a space in a big parking lot. I tried to justify the grossness of the comedy in the movie by explaining that the film had been made by the guy who made There's Something about Mary.