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    1. funny girl on sketch team; wearing diaper

      by , 01-12-2012 at 02:44 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a big room, kind of like a meeting room in a church building. It had a lot of school desks in it. But the desks were all scattered about the room. There were a few standing closets or cabinets againts the walls. The room was lit with a kind of drab, greenish, fluorescent light.

      A few people were in the room, kind of shuffling about. It was like something had just ended, possibly the rehearsal for some kind of sketch comedy team. At least a couple of people were famous. One of them looked like Pam from The Office. The other one may have looked like Jim.

      The woman was standing at one of the closets, maybe rifling through a bunch of coats, looking for her own coat. The man was sitting at a desk, possibly writing on a sheet of paper.

      The man and the woman were still in character, and they were improvising some lines back and forth with each other. They were kind of insulting each other in a flirting way.

      At some point the man said something to defend himself or build himself up instead of insulting the woman. He somehow compared something he was doing to something a famous person (maybe Napoleon?) had done.

      The woman answered with some kind of rhyme that was almost a song, and used history in a very precise way to shoot down what the man had just tried to make sound like a good thing. Everybody in the room started laughing, including the man.

      (To bad I can't remember the joke! Ugh...)

      There was another man standing at a closet that stood against the wall to the left of the woman, as she was facing her closet.

      This other man was talking to somebody -- possibly me, but I'm not sure. He was saying how good the woman was at taking really slight cues at just a moment's notice and turning them into something really clever and hilarious.

      Dream #2

      I was probably in a bedroom. I was laying, or sitting in some really slouched position, on the floor. My back may have been against a wall. My legs felt crowded, as if I were right up against a bed or a TV stand that had a quilt over it. The light in the room was a nice, warm incandescent. The carpet may have been brown and kind of thick.

      I looked down at my body. I was skinnier than usual -- probably too skinny. I was wearing a diaper, probably a Pull-Ups diaper with Dora the Explorer on it. The diaper was completely broken. So I wasn't really wearing it. It was mostly just laying on my crotch. I wore underwear over the diaper -- I'm not sure if they were boxer briefs, like I wear, or some kind of panties.

      I had an erection, and I needed to pee. I may have thought at first that I should just pee in the diaper. But I knew that would be a dumb idea. The diaper was totally broken. My pee would probably just go all over the place.

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    2. sketching notes; stretching girl; sharing book

      by , 11-02-2011 at 02:03 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was sketching out notes on a piece of notebook paper for some blog entry I was getting ready to write. I had a few odd lines scribbled out, and some scratched out lines. I either wrote down or had already written down the letter "W," and put a circle around it.

      Dream #2

      I was out on some concrete walkway in front of a building like a college dorm. It was daytime. A girl who I probably looked up to and had a crush on was in front of me, doing some stretching exercises.

      The girl had dyed-auburn hair and slightly tan, really smooth skin. She was fit, but not skinny, with full, smooth arms. She wore a pink and blue exercise shirt and grey, tight exercise pants.

      The girl went into a low lunge, with her left leg stretched way back behind her and her right knee tucked under her chest. But then she did some weird kind of twisting motion with her torso so that her left (?) arm was stretched out forward and flat on the ground, and her head was twisted so that the right side of her face rested on her left arm.

      As the girl was doing this, she was telling me how she was thinking of quitting the pilates lessons she was either giving or taking. She was giving me some reasons for this. It may have had to do with money. She was telling me all this as if I were kind of a little kid.

      Dream #3

      I was in an apartment. All the lights were off, except in the bathroom. The bathroom light shone into the otherwise dark living room, where I was sitting.

      I must have walked into the bathroom. There was a woman in there who was somebody like a fast food worker. I was going to ask her for some kind of help. But an Asian guy butted in front of me and started asking for stuff.

      I pushed past the Asian guy, trying to knock him over to let him know I was mad at him just butting in front of me. In the living room there was now a counter, like for a coffee shop. I knew the woman would eventually come back to the counter. So I just sat on the counter, waiting to be helped.

      I was then sitting in something like an elementary school desk. There may have been a book and backpack on the desk. I appeared to be studying.

      The Asian guy walked up to the desk. He took a look at the book I had on the desk. It was some kind of paperback of an Arthur C. Clarke novel. The cover art was of a dragon, with a red and a blue wizard on either side of the dragon, probably in a forest.

      I told the Asian guy that the book was by Arthur C. Clarke, and that the guy could read the book if he wanted. The guy looked a little shocked at my kindness. I told him that he could read any of the books I had. My bookshelf was right in the living room.

      But as I said this, the guy just grunted at me like I was an idiot and walked back into the bathroom.
    3. boss never tells me anything

      by , 09-05-2011 at 02:07 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was sitting in an office with my boss. I sat in front of the desk and my boss sat behind it. The room seemed kind of small. The light was really grey. The desk was cluttered with all kinds of piles of paper. My view may have been really low, too, as if I were very short or in a low down chair.

      I was complaining about my boss, as if I were talking about him to somebody else -- even though I was talking to him. I told him, "My boss never tells me anything. I never know what he's doing."
    4. ozzy quotes jesus; baby video store; might take book; service desk; dismissive man

      by , 05-26-2011 at 11:41 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A young version of Ozzy Osbourne reclined in a longish chair. The young Ozzy had long hair and a kind of big pot belly. Ozzy wore a long, white cotton dress that may have had a patch of black on it.

      Ozzy either said or thought, "The greatest shall be least, and the least shall be greatest." He might have said this with my voice or thought it as if he were thinking it through my thoughts.

      Dream #2

      I was looking down to a baby that sat on the floor. The baby wore nothing but a diaper and may have been playing with some toys.

      I looked up and saw that I was in a video store. The store kind of reminded me of a Hollywood Video in my hometown. There were rows and rows of shelves of videotapes. I was amazed at how huge the place was.

      Dream #3

      No vision. I had the thought, "I might take a book with me."

      Dream #4

      A black man stood before a reception desk in some kind of lobby. The desk and walls were designed to look like they were made of wood. But the color was so strange -- a kind of greyish, purplish brown that everything seemed to sink into. There may also have been a column of the same color near the desk.

      A black woman sat behind the desk. She asked the man if she could help him. The man replied in a gentle, slightly high-pitched voice, "Service desk?"

      Dream #5

      I was in a room with a woman and a man. The room felt like a hotel room or meeting room. It was bright with natural light, which was probably yellowed by the room's fluorescent light. I sat in a wooden chair, like for a dining table. The woman sat off to my left, possibly sitting in a bigger chair or possibly even sitting on a small coffee table. The man sat on a couch that seemed to be made out of white leather.

      I couldn't see the woman, although I think she was young, maybe in her 20s. The man was older, maybe in his late 50s. He was kind of short, but strong-looking. He had tough, tan, slightly wrinkled skin. He had white hair that was a little wiry, though it was arranged well. He wore khaki slacks, a navy blue blazer, and a pale blue dress shirt.

      I had apparently been complaining to the man about something. He asked me if I wanted him to talk to ----- about it. I said no, that that didn't seem like the right person to talk to. It may have seemed like talking to that person may have struck me as making too big a deal out of the situation. But there was a different person I thought we could talk to.

      The man was disappointed in me for not wanting to take his suggestion. Before I could even tell him about the other person, the man stood up out of the couch. I was standing as well. The man said, "Bah!" And shoved past me, heading out the door.
    5. spy hotel, manager fired, tel aviv girl

      by , 11-19-2010 at 01:02 PM
      Good morning, everybody. These dreams probably all occurred in the early morning, maybe after 2:30 or 3 AM.

      The first two dreams had a weird visual quality, as if I were reading them or half-reading them. I think this comes from the fact that last night I read Oe Kenzaburo's story "Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness, in which one of the characters is a boy who can't see very well.

      The emotional difficulty the boy's father has with this and other things is so vivid that I think my unconscious tried to put me in that boy's position in one way or another.

      Dream #1

      I was half-reading and half-watching a story about a man and a woman at a hotel. The man was in danger, and the woman was trying to protect him. The man and the woman were both spies. The man had probably gotten caught in the act.

      The woman had brought the man to the hotel for hiding. She may now have been explaining to the man that he was a spy. This may have come as a surprise to the man, who didn't actually want to be a spy.

      The woman may then have made some sort of flirtatious gestures or comments to the man. The man may have understood that the woman wanted to have sex with the man while they were at the hotel. But the man didn't want to have sex. The woman may have, reluctantly, gotten the point, after which she turned to talking about some "serious" topic with the man.

      Dream #2

      I was reading an email from one of the bosses of my department, M. M's email was written in regular black text, except words and phrases that he wanted to emphasize, which were in bold and colored brown.

      The first part of the email had to do with the fact that our larger company was getting to celebrate some royal wedding from a number of decades ago. An old, royal couple would be visiting the offices.

      I could see the couple in my head, as if looking at a photograph from the late 1800s. They woman was dressed in a Victorian dress. The man was dressed in a military suit and medals.

      M wrote that we had to treat the royal couple very nice because they were major investors in our company.

      M's email then went on to say that M was going to be let go from the company in just a little while. He was going to stay on to make sure a couple of big events were taken care of. He wasn't bitter he was getting fired. He understood.

      I now saw a tall, thin, old, white man in a lonely office hallway. The man stood before a copier that was set into a niche in the wall. The copier had a strange-looking top. It looked like some kind of animal trap, covered over in a metal shell and painted the same color of grey-beige as the copier.

      I knew that, to make copies, you had to drop the papers onto the top of the strange device. The papers would then fall into the copier, as they would fall into a garbage can.

      Dream #3

      I had been in a room full of people, mostly women, doing some kind of small workshop or conference. The room had emptied out largely, with just a few people around. Now, even though I stood in the room still, it was like a number of months had passed since the conference.

      I was looking for somebody to celebrate "the holiday" with. The holiday was like Christmas, but it wasn't Christmas. I asked a short woman if she would like to celebrate the holiday with me. She probably said she couldn't. But then she remembered that another girl, an Israeli girl, was looking for someone to spend the holiday with.

      The Israeli girl called me on the phone. I could see the girl in my mind's eye. She was short, with olive skin, and long, black hair. I was really happy I was going to get to go out with her.

      The Israeli girl told me something like there was no way she was going to be able to get back home "to West Tel Aviv" (I'm not sure if people make such an explicit distinction as "West Tel Aviv" in waking life). I thought of Tel Aviv and told the Israeli girl how much I wanted to go there. One of my favorite psychologists, Erich Neumann, spent the final years of his life there.

      I told the girl something like she must hear people say stuff like that all the time. I told her it must get annoying to hear people talk about her home like it was so perfect, when it wasn't actually very easy at all to live there.

      I (false) remembered a conversation I'd had with a woman from another country. The woman had told me about how na´ve she thought some foreigners were. They'd say how much culture they thought her country had. But they didn't understand that it was really a scary place to live.

      I was now in a big room, sitting on a couch so that my legs were propped up on the back and my back lay on the seat cushion. A pretty, blonde college girl stood before the couch. The girl was tall, thin, slim, and tan, with blue eyes. She wore a pink sweater and dark blue jeans.

      The girl was giving a speech about different media-propaganda campaigns made by certain regions of the world to make other regions of the world look bad. She was giving a lot of really interesting examples. It sounded like dangerous information to have. But it also sounded like she was referencing Hollywood in almost every example.

      I tried to pay closer attention to the girl's speech. But there were a bunch of girls getting up and leaving, walking between me and the girl and making such noise, talking with each other, that I couldn't get what the girl was saying. Her last example had something to do with New York carrying out a smear campaign against Chicago.

      Other than the girl and I, there was only one woman now in the room. She was like a professor and like the girl's mother. She was working at a big desk off in the corner of the room.

      The girl now flopped down on a couch near mine. We were something like good friends. But I was now really sexually aroused by her. So I rolled off the couch and crawled over to her couch.

      For some reason, I asked the girl, "So now what are you going to do with you life?"

      The girl's belly was a little exposed from under the sweater. I had intended to roll up and see if I could get away with snuggling with the girl on the couch. But, seeing the girl's belly and waistline, I just decided to stick my hand into the girl's jeans.

      So I lifted up the girl'ls waistline and began feeling her. I was surprised to discover that the girl was wearing a baby's diaper. This didn't worry me too much. I moved my hand farther down toward the girl's crotch.

      Suddenly the girl demanded, "What are you doing?"

      I thought, Oh no! She doesn't want me touching her. I was so embarrassed that I woke up.