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    1. airplanes and swamp; in trouble at work

      by , 02-15-2012 at 02:58 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was probably with my mom and oldest nephew out on a road during the daytime. We were probably driving, but we weren't quite in a car. It was almost like we were walking down the road or on a moving platform. The road ran through a valley bordered on either side by a dense pine forest.

      The road was packed with cars. We were all headed, rather slowly, as if in procession, down the road. I probably knew that an airshow was going to start.

      Then planes began flying overhead, as if they were just heading over to the airshow, or warming up (?) for the airshow. Some of the planes were flying up from the road.

      The car behind us actually lifted up off the ground and flew into the air. The car was painted gold. At first it looked like a 1980s Camaro. But then it ended up looking like the flying car Luke Skywalker drives.

      But for some reason I was really excited to see the Camaro-like car flying. I called out to my mom at first. But then I saw one of the senior people at one of my old jobs, JS, walking down the road in the direction opposite the procession. So I called out to JS, partly to show her the flying car, and partly because I was so happy to see her again.

      JS may have been walking with a female friend of hers. The two women looked at me kind of sympathetically, like they thought I was crazy but they wanted to act like what I was saying was cool. We both kept walking our different ways.

      The road probably ended at some kind of swampy area. A lot of people stood out in the waters, looking out into a watery space columned by trees. Airplanes may have been flying through this space.

      I must have tried to go farther out into the water to get a closer view. But I only got a few steps out before the water got a lot deeper, probably up to my chest. This would be too deep for me to be comfortable watching the show. So I decided to walk back.

      But it was a little hard to get back. The soil I was walking on was really muddy and sticky, like in a swamp. But the water was crystal clear and never seemed to get dirtied by the water. I was having a hard time moving my legs through the mud.

      At some point I saw my second oldest nephew. He may have been standing up on dry ground, near some fence. He may have been kicking something around on the ground.

      I may eventually have gotten up on dry ground, or at least to a level of water where I could walk comfortably. But I was probably disappointed that I couldn't get out farther in the water. I may have thought that there was some open space out there where you could stand on dry ground and get a really good view of the planes.

      Dream #2

      I was at work. Everybody had an office. But the offices were more like dorm rooms. I was probably new to the job. I kept mistaking other people's offices for my own.

      At some point I went into an office the doorway of which was blocked by something like a couch. I fell over the couch and into the room. There were a bookshelf, a couch, and probably a desk, all arranged so that the room felt like a maze. On the ceiling was a piece of thin fabric with an orange background and a black, psychedelic mandala design.

      Everybody was looking into the room, kind of laughing at me because I had come into the wrong office. I was embarrassed and annoyed, and I tried to cover for myself by pretending that I'd meant to be here.

      I may then have ended up back in the hallway, which was small and dark, like some makeshift hallway in the basement of a house. I then ended up in the reception area, which was like an entire living room in a double-wide trailer home. The receptionist's desk was kind of out in the middle of the room.

      The receptionist was KB, the receptionist at my work. I sat near her desk, kind of behind her, in a small desk, like a little writing desk made for children. I felt like I was hiding behind KB.

      My boss JH came into the room and probably pointed out that I was hiding behind KB. He chuckled at me and said, "Don't you have your own office? Or, what happened to it?" I got the feeling he thought someone else had moved into my office.

      I tried to explain that I was only sitting here so I could learn something from KB. But then I was getting up and heading out of the office.

      But my boss called me back. He had a bunch of stuff in his hands. He said, "This kind of stuff is no good for the workplace. This is why I'm seriously thinking you might not be good for this job. I even think I found some porn in your office.

      "Look at this!" he said, showing me a painting on a canvas that must have been about 30cm long and 20cm wide. It was half-finished, with some edges of it in black and white, not colored in yet. The painting was apparently something I'd made.

      The painting was of the forearm of a person, maybe a young boy. The arm held some device that looked like a gold-colored, metallic spray-gun nozzle on a garden hose. But attached to its ends were a red, pump-like ball and a clear, little breathing apparatus.

      My boss JH said, "This was for your third oldest nephew, wasn't it? He uses it for his asthma. But kids nowadays -----." Something about what my boss said made me think he thought I was trying to glorify drug use by depicting this device.
    2. didn't stop a rape

      by , 04-25-2011 at 11:36 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      Two kind of burly, fat, white guys managed to rape two guys and a woman. I saw the men and women close up, as if I were right near their faces as they were getting raped (all three at once?). I wanted to stop the men from raping the people, but I was on some kind of drugs, and I was too numb or dumb to do anything. Plus, I was probably also afraid of the whole situation.

      I later heard or thought over the story of the men. They had done something like this before. They may have been something like bodyguards. They always guarded one particular celebrity. The celebrity was either a young man or a boy, and he was possibly very pretty. The celebrity didn't have much in the way of a personality. He was kind of a pretty face and not much else. But his father was possibly really mean to the security guards.

      So, at this time in the past, the bodyguards heard that the father was going to be gone and that another celebrity, possibly male as well, was coming to visit the first celebrity. So, to revenge themselves on the father, the bodyguards raped the visiting celebrity while the first father was away.

      For some reason I thought, Well that kind of makes sense. That was revenge. But this time, it doesn't make sense at all.

      I was now outside in the daytime. I was in a place that looked like an Ancient Greek plaza. There was a long, rectangular fountain-pool running along one side of the plaza. The plaza seemed to be enclosed by stone walls.

      A woman was walking in the pool. The water went up to about mid-calf on her. The woman was young, white, kind of cute, with short, red hair. She wore a long, white toga and possibly a wreath around her head. The wreath may have included small fruits.

      This woman was the woman who had gotten raped. But now it was like she hadn't quite gotten raped, but like she had only gotten harrassed a bit while the two men had gotten raped. The girl seemed to remember nothing. She said she was so hung over from last night's party. She had apparently had a lot of booze and drugs.

      The woman walked back and forth in the pool, and I followed her. I didn't feel like I deserved to talk to her. After all, I hadn't been able to protect her from the men.
    3. tourists, food court, and zombie vehicles; friend's sexy girlfriend; misplaced drugs; surprise snow

      by , 01-24-2011 at 01:29 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I walked into a museum with a tourist family. Almost directly after the entrance there was a long, wide staircase made of pale, white stone. The family walked down the staircasw ahead of me, talking about how they had to meet another group of people. Once at the bottom of the staircase, the children (a boy and a girl?) sat on a step while the parents made a phone call to the other group.

      As I reached the bottom of the steps, the family had ascertained that the other group wasn't coming until later. Either the mom or dad said, "Well, that gives us some time to do a few extra things first."

      The family walked into the gift shop, which was a huge, open area in front of the staircase. The gift shop sold all kinds of things like toothpaste, shampoo, etc. I actually picked up some toothpaste and a toothbrush.

      I was now in a big mall with my grandmother and some kids (my nephews?). The mall had highb ceilings of glass which revealed the deep blue night sky above. The mall was empty and half-lit, as if it were closed. At some point, we walked past what looked like a closed down, miniature amusement park. I may have seen a ferris wheel and some kind of structure of plastic tubing for kids to climb through.

      Later, almost as if we were on a second visit to the mall, we all sat at a table in the food court. Down the corridor to my right I may have seen the mini amusement park, in shadoe. Another group of people sat a couple tables away from us. They spoke as if this mall's food court wasn't very good compared to another mall's food court.

      I felt kind of ashamed at that remark, and I was trying to convince myself that I actually was in that other food court.

      I was now out carrying logs in the snow. It was a sunny, cold day. The snow was deep, and it was hard to carry the logs. A little while later, I saw things from a third person view. A young boy was working really fast, in an almost cartoony way, carrying logs away from a pile in a shady area near a house into a sunny area. The boy didn't think anybody would ever believe he'd carried all these logs.

      The boy dropped a couple smallish, wide logs into the snow. One of the logs was coated in ice. The boy then managed to move two 2-meter-long logs out into the snow. They looked like they were from a beech tree: they had smooth, silvery bark. They lay parallel to each other, a little sunk in the snow.

      I now saw from the first person view again. I thought, looking at the two logs, of making some kind of Flintstones car, using the logs as wheels. I stood up onto the logs and tried to roll them with my feet, shouting, "Yabba-dabba-doo!" at the same time. But I probably realized that this wouldn't work, and I figured I needed a motor.

      I was now standing on some long, pale-sea-green painted, sheet metal structure that looked like a mix between a gas powered generator and a wood chipper. I thought this would be a perfect engine for the Flintstones car I was making.

      Just then, a blue-skinned zombie, possibly in a business suit, came growling and reaching at me. I was really scared. I jumped off the generator and ran toward the logs. I thought to myself, Why is that guy here? Is he being used for some kind of zombie-powered car?

      I now had a vision of a commercial, apparently for a zombie car. But the imagery was just a black screen with a bunch of colored lettering advertising some law office. The commercial may have been targeting people who needed legal counsel following problems they may have had with their zombie cars.

      The names of the lawyers were all really weird. One lawyer was named Technical Gee, as in Technical Genius. Another was named Society's Destruction. I was bemused, but not terribly shocked, that professionals were getting away with naming themselves things like this.

      The final screen of the commercial stayed up, as if someone had just forgotten to turn it off. I now heard one of the lawyers talking about a presentation he was going to give at a conference. He told two other lawyers, in a Slim Shady kind of voice, "You know how I don't usually collaborate with you guys after this point. I just do me. But I got a surprise for you guys this time. This conference presentation, we're doing together."

      Dream #2

      I had just come from some bedroom, possibly in the house of a good friend of mine. I walked into the kitchen. I sat at the kitchen table.

      My friend was taking a shower or something. His girlfriend stood at the counter, posing and mugging in a sexy way before a small mirror on the counter. The girl was really sexy, Asian, with long hair. She wore a little linen outfit that looked like a mix between some kind of lingerie and a baby's overalls-onesie outfit. The shoulder straps were foldy-ruffly. The outfit's bottom was enbroidered with purple roses, intertwined with green vines and leafs.

      The girl was obviously posing to turn me on. It was working. But I didn't want to react, because I didn't want to betray my friend. But the girl really seemed to want me. It was exciting.

      The girl, not getting a reaction, walked over to another mirror on the counter and began posing again. I walked up to her and said, "What's wrong?" The girl just gave me a pouty face in the mirror. I sat back down and said, "Are you worried that you're ugly? Well, you aren't. You're very pretty."

      I thought for sure the girl would think I was into her. I thought shed'd come over and seduce me. I figured that that would be okay. Apparently, if the girl seduced me, the situation wouldn't involve any betrayal against my friend. I still felt a little nervous about the whole thing. But I figured if the girl seduced me, I wouldn't resist.

      Dream #3

      I was in the bathroom at my mom's ex-boyfriend's house. I was getting ready to take a shower. I was pulling stuff out of my backpack. I found some pot and some other drug that looked like a D-cell battery.

      It suddenly occurred to me that someone, possibly my brother-in-law, had put drugs in my backpack. It wasn't good for me to have drugs in my backpack while I was visiting my family. If my brother-in-law got caught with any drugs near him, he'd be sent straight to jail.

      It occurred to me that my brother-in-law had hid his own drugs on me while I was in town. I was mad. I didn't want to get in trouble just so he could avoid trouble. But I was also worried. I was wondering where the heck I could throw all this stuff away.

      Dream #4

      Some very professional looking man was outside on a snowy night. He may have been a weatherman addressing a TV camera. But he also may have been a co-worker of mine, talking to me on a cell phone.

      The man was completely surprised that it was snowing. When someone told him the snow wouldn't stop for a while, he was even more surprised. He also seemed to be surprised that it would also be cold for a while after it stopped snowing.
    4. Biggie's literary skills; boss vomits; boss' bad neighborhood

      by , 01-16-2011 at 03:13 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was telling somebody how the Notorious BIG "could actually write," by which I meant to say that he had very good literary skills. I had apparently known this from letters or messages I'd received from him. I'd also, apparently, had a few conversations with him, and I remembered his voice sounding very gentle and distinguished. At some point Biggie may have been sitting near me, wearing a white t-shirt and sunglasses.

      Dream #2

      My boss was in some very dim space, before a white wall which, in the dim light, looked faintly purple. It almost looked like the room was lit by a fish tank light.

      My boss began throwing up some blackish substance that looked like a mix between dog feces and those ash-worm "fireworks." The substance was small and came out slowly. My boss may even have pulled it out of his mouth. My boss seemed to be extremely uncomfortable and a little afraid.

      Dream #3

      I was in some room of an apartment with my boss and a couple other people. There were no curtains on the windows, so plenty of light came into the room. It was a bright summer day. The room seemed pretty empty, but the people in the room and our mood made the place seem really stuffy.

      The apartment was probably my apartment. My boss or someone else was on the phone with someone, trying to get me moved out of my neighborhood. Apparently something bad had happened here, either to or around me, and the people in my life decided that they needed to get me out of here as soon as possible.

      Suddenly my boss seemed jealous of all these people talking about how I had recently had such a hard time in my neighborhood. My boss said, "Well, you know, I live in a pretty tough neighborhood myself. Right now."

      As my boss continued his speech, it was like we were driving down some side road in a rolling area full of tall, tan grass. We came to a "T" in the road at the bottom of a short, steep slope and probably turned left.

      My boss continued, "My house is just a refurbished house. It used to be a crack house. In fact, when we moved into our place, we found a whole bunch of drugs that the cops have forgotten to clean out. I'd say that's a pretty tough neighborhood!"
    5. checking the ice ; getting "wenclets"; little girl shopping

      by , 01-14-2011 at 01:22 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out in a field which was a part of someone's property. I was walking on top of a huge drift of snow. The snow was hard enough to walk on the surface. The sky overhead was a heavy, pale grey.

      I told myself I was checking the ice in this area for something in particular. I came upon a patch of ice revealed beneath some snow. I walked out onto it. I told myself that if I were able to walk on the ice, the ice would be stable enough so that there would be no worry for the field.

      I saw a small puddle of water just beyond the ice. I stepped into it. It was only ankle deep at first. But it soon got so deep that my whole body plunged in. I thought this might mean trouble for the field. But then I figured it probably wouldn't. The puddle was deep, but it was still small.

      I started worrying about myself. I had fallen into this freezing water and I needed to get out. I looked around for a way out. But the body of water was now as big as a lake.

      I was now out of the lake and on some kind of long, covered walkway of red flagstone. The walkway went around some kind of big desert mansion. Some of my old friends were there. They were all getting ready to go somewhere else. I saw them walk up a staircase at one end of the walkway. Somewhere there may have been snow-covered cacti.

      Dream #2

      I was in an apartment that wasn't mine. I may have been watching the apartment for somebody. The apartment was small, but comfortable. It was on a higher floor. Light came inside, filtered through the greens and yellows of tree leafs.

      I was sneaking past the apartment windows. I needed to go out my window and into someone else's to get something. But I couldn't let anybody know I was doing it. There was a lot of activity outside. The landlords (a man and woman who had actually been landlords of an old building I lived in) were climbing up and down ladders, helping some invalid lady get back into her apartment. The invalid lady was actually sitting in a full bathtub which was perched atop a swinging, crane-like ladder.

      Everybody had gotten the invalid woman (who was a woman from an old neighborhood I lived in) into her house. They were all going away. I realized now that I needed to get the stuff from the invalid woman's apartment.

      I looked out the window and saw my mom sitting in a tub similar to the one the woman had been sitting in. I knew my mom was going to take care of the invalid woman. I called to my mom to get the stuff I needed from the invalid woman's apartment. My aunt has asked for it, I told her.

      My mom got upset and yelled at me that she wasn't going to get anything, and that my aunt was just being selfish. I came to understand that the stuff in question were these small, white, pebble-type things. They were used as a kind of fuel for a special waterbed that acted as a kind of room service. I understood that my aunt had run out of her white rocks and that she now felt she should be able to get the rocks from anybody else's supply if she wanted.

      Now that I understood what was going on, I wasn't so interested in getting the rocks for my aunt. I was now by myself in the invalid woman's kitchen. The white rocks were on the old woman's table, in a purple-pink container that looked like, and may even have said, Raid bug spray. The container was squarish and may have had two nozzles or spouts.

      I read, somewhere, about the room-service waterbed. The waterbed could always make coffee and tea, with no fuel. But for anything other than coffee and tea, white rocks were needed. (I seemed to be reading this off a brown, plastic plate which may have served as kind of a caution sign on the side of a waterbed.) With enough white rocks, however, the waterbed could bring you just about anything you wanted.

      I was in a coffee shop like a Starbucks. The store was long, and the back half, where I was, was almost empty. It was dim. I was heading for a line to get some coffee when I realized there was a vending machine to my right. It sold silver canisters full of the white rocks. The canisters looked like a mix between stainless steel thermoses and popcorn poppers. I figured I'd pick one up and pay for it at the register for my aunt.

      But now, in a vending to the right of the rock machine, I saw a lot of plastic bubbles full of what looked like candy hearts. But somewhere among those bubbles there was a slip of paper talking about the rocks. It said the white rocks (called "wenclets") and the room-service waterbed were as bad as drugs, and that they had destroyed the lives of teenagers.

      I looked away from both vending machines. I figured I'd just go get my coffee. But now I saw, through a glass door at the back end of the coffee shop (leading into a mall?) a big, black man staring at me. I knew he'd seen me looking at the wenclets and candyy hearts. I thought he'd think of me now as either a drug dealer or a narc. I turned away from the man, toward the line and the front of the store. But I was suddenly afraid.

      Dream #3

      I was looking at an internet site that advertised little girls. The site sold the little girls, basically as life-long love slaves. All the girls were pretty, and the photos showed them out having fun on playgrounds and in nature.

      I was now going to have a meal with my friend H. It turned out that she had either bought or was in the process of buying a couple of these girls for herself.
    6. two-floor house, karaoke books, packed house

      by , 11-18-2010 at 12:55 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I recall three dreams from "last night" -- although these dreams all come from about the last hour that I was in bed.

      Dream #1

      I was in "my house," which was a two-floor house. I was in a bedroom on the second floor of the house. The curtains were pulled back. Outside, the sky looked grey and cold.

      I may have just moved into this house. I was kind of surprised that I had so much space. I'd never had this much space in my life. Still, the place wasn't huge. It was two floors, but it was rather narrow.

      Nevertheless, as I walked down the stairs to the first floor, I thought that people would see a guy like me living in a place like this, and, getting jealous, they'd try to break into my place.

      I tried to think of what I could do to prevent a break-in. I thought I would never use anything I owned while sitting near a window on the second floor. That way nobody would ever see that I actually owned anything.

      I thought that the only thing I would do on the first floor would be to watch TV, even though I thought that would be dangerous, too. But I figured that everybody owned a TV. So why would anybody want mine, too?

      I considered what I would watch on TV. I wondered if I had cable TV. I hadn't owned a TV in quite some tiime. Maybe everybody got cable TV nowadays. Or maybe, I thought, this place was like a hotel. And all hotels had cable TV. I may have considered watching some porn.

      Dream #2

      I was in a living room of an apartment with a group of friends, none of whom I recognize. The friends were all young, pretty cool. The living room was a little dim, as if it were lit only from a light in the hallway, around a corner.

      I sat on the floor before a coffee table that was set against the wall. A stereo stood on the coffee table. Cluttered before the stereo were huge binders full of lists of karaoke songs.

      I had one book open and was flipping through the pages, trying to find a particular song. But the book was full of pictures instead of titles. Each page may have had two or three CD-sized pictures on each side. One picture I remember of a person (man?) standing over a dark landscape under a purple sky.

      There were so few pictures per page and so few pages in this book, that I thought the chances were slim of my song being in this book. And I couldn't figure out how the songs were arranged: not in alphabetical order, but in some kind of picture order -- if they were, in fact, in any order at all.

      I concluded that my song wasn't in this particular book. Somebody may have taken the book from me. I shuffled through some of the other books. I may now not even have been able to remember what song I wanted to sing.

      The covers of the binders were all really awesome. They had all kinds of flaming designs of people,guitars, and monsters. Each binder held song lists for a specific genre of music, and the picture on the front represented the genre. Sometimes the picture actually had the name of the genre written above it in fancy lettering.

      I finally chose a certain binder, figuring this was the genre of music I wanted to sing, so that the song I'd been looking for all along would probably be in this binder.

      Dream #3

      I was at "my house," an apartment on the upper floor of a big building. The apartment probably had a living room and two or three bedrooms.

      The apartment was busy with a few other people, probably all older than me, some of them somewhat older. There weren't a lot of people in the apartment, but the craziness of their actions made it feel like the place was stuffed with people. The living room was bright, frenetic, and totally messy.

      The apartment was all mine, but the people who were here right now were trying to move in and stay here. For some reason, I really wasn't doing much about it.

      Just off from the living room was a small, bright hallway. At the end of the hallway was a little niche, in which was set a white, wood chest of drawers. The chest was a little more than a meter tall, and maybe 2/3 of a meter wide.

      Some old, short, fat, white man with a balding head, scraggly, grey hair, and a loose, stubbly face, had one of the drawers open and was crowding me away from it. I was fighting the man, trying to get him out of my stuff. This was my chest, and the man had no right messing around with it.

      But the man kept shoving me off. He was pouring stuff into the top drawer from out of a garbage bag. The old man himself may have been wearing a weird outfit that looked like a mix between a potato sack, long underwear, a mattress, and a garbage bag.

      I looked into the drawer. It looked like there were a bunch of small, empty,glass vials inside. It looked like vials that had once held drugs. I got really mad. Was this guy pouring garbage bags full of drugs and drug paraphernalia all over my house?
    7. Museum, heroin

      by , 10-23-2010 at 02:20 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I'm glad it's the weekend.

      I remember two dreams from last night.

      Dream #1

      I was on the second floor of an art museum. The floors were set up to be wide open, with tall ceilings. The floors were dark concrete. I could see down to the first floor from a weird-shaped cutaway.

      The art was all sparsely placed. It was all like sculptures made out of different random items. Some stuff was tall and hanging from the ceiling. Other stuff stood alone on the floor. Other stuff was on the walls.

      I don't remember the name of the exhibit, but I remember it struck me as very edgy and interesting, like something about global pop art by some oppressed group of people.

      I was then down on the first floor, possibly in front of the cash register at the gift shop. I was with a woman. We were talking to the cashier, a very pretty woman.

      She was telling us something about how this exhibit traveled. The way she told us made it sound like Europe, Japan, and the US were all situated in three layers, one on top of the other. I saw all three regions in my mind's eye as pieces of geographically-shaped plastic, one stacked on the other.

      Dream #2

      I had either taken heroin or had it injected into me. I felt a little warm and dizzy. I walked around in a bedroom and then went out to a living room.

      The room was dim and yellowish, as if bright sun from outside were blocked by thick, beige curtains.

      I knelt before a bed and rested my arms and head on the bed. A tall, skinny, white man with slightly tanned skin and blue eyes sat on the bed.

      He looked down at me and said, "Did you take the heroin? Yeah, I took some, too. Only thing is, now that you've taken it, you'll see that you can't stop. Sure, you feel fine now. But wait till it wears off. You'll be screaming in pain."

      I was afraid. I didn't want to be addicted. But I couldn't even remember how I'd gotten the heroin in my system. I remembered some vial of amber colored liquid. It had been injected into the space between my shoulder and neck.

      I thought, Well, maybe I won't be addicted. After all, the guy said I'd feel really good and then really bad. But I don't feel really good. I only feel normal, maybe just a little bit warmer than usual.