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    1. bike accident; robert plant's bad karaoke

      by , 10-29-2011 at 04:24 PM
      Good morning, everybody

      Dream #1

      I was walking with my sister out onto a parking lot. It was a sunny and clear day, but there was a lot of shade from the canopies of trees overhead. The parking lot was huge and empty. But most of the lot seemed to be shaded by the huge, green trees, which were only on the border of the parking lot.

      As we walked into the lot, my sister, who was to my left, and seemed much shorter to me than she is IWL, was telling me about my oldest nephew.

      As my sister was talking, I noticed that there was a building, much like the Rose Planetarium structure on the side of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The building was just a gigantic, glass cube. But I was worried because I didn't see the gigantic, silver sphere, the housing for the actual planetarium theatre, inside the glass cube.

      Suddenly it seemed as if the walls of the multi-story glass cube were turning yellowy. It was like the glass was decaying, becoming brittle. It seemed as if the whole thing might crumble at any moment.

      My sister told me about my oldest nephew. "He may act fine and seem well-behaved to everybody. But I'm worried about him. He has these obsessions. Sometimes he needs to count certain things. And he'll just get so carried away with the counting that he can't do anything else."

      I thought to myself, I haven't treated my nephew kindly enough over the past few years. I've been pretty cold to him, and everybody else, almost all the times I've been home recently. I need to make sure, this time around (apparently I was on a visit), to be much more attentive to my whole family.

      My mom had a car parked way out in the center of the parking lot, which was otherwise empty. My sister's children were all playing around the car.

      From out of nowhere my oldest nephew came riding by on a bicycle. He could see that my sister and I were talking, so he didn't interrupt us. He just pulled a pop-a-wheelie, which he'd intended me to see. He held his front tire up in the air for a few good seconds as he rode. I figured this would be a great time to tell my nephew I thought he was doing a good job.

      But my nephew pulled back too far on his bicycle. He fell to the ground. He seemed to have injured himself. My sister and I ran to my nephew. My mom may have been there as well. But now my nephew was up and walking around.

      I was now wearing shorts. I noticed I had a big gash and scrape on the inner side of my left leg, just to the side of my kneecap. I may have had a similar gash on my right leg. The gash was deep and red, but it wasn't bleeding. The scrape was only white, as if I'd only scraped the top layer of skin.

      I knew this was what my legs would look like if I'd been in the same bike accident as my nephew had just been in. I asked my nephew, who was up and walking around alright, "How the heck did I get your injuries after you rode the bike?"

      I figured to myself that there may have been some kind of empathic connection between us. For some reason, I may have kept getting my nephew confused in my mind with my brother.

      I was now standing before my nephew's bike, which was just stood up, while my nephew was running around playing, possibly with my other nephews. My legs may now have been fine.

      My nephew's bike had a lot of chrome on it, as if it were now some kind of mix between a bicycle and a motorcycle. There were thick, chrome wheel-guards and a smallish, chrome mechanism like an engine. The engine seemed to be fastened right into the front end of the triangle of the bike's frame.

      My nephew ran up to the bike and began looking at the reflections in the chrome. He said that he could see his own reflecion in the chrome, but he couldn't see mine.

      I said that maybe he was standing in the wrong place. My nephew was looking mainly at the reflections on the engine's chrome. I suggested he look at the reflections on the wheel-guard's chrome. My nephew may have done this. But I still don't think he saw me.

      Dream #2

      There was a concert with some guy, singing some famous song that I can't remember. It was a really emotional kind of ballad. The guy was on a dark stage, apparently just a sound-stage for a TV studio. He was surrounded by either thin walls or tilting or triangular towers of TV screens. One light shone down on him, and a high-angled TV camera was taping him.

      There was some really famous part in the song that apparently everybody knew because it was so melodic and emotional. Everybody also knew when the famous part came in, because the buildup to that part in the song was so pronounced.

      But when the really famous part of the song came on, the camera view switched from being on the main singer to being on a kind of TV camera view of a TV screen. The image on the screen was a little grainy, not very stable, and monochrome, with a blue-green kind of tint. There may have been little time-code letters and numbers running across the top of the screen.

      Robert Plant's head and shoulders were in the view of the screen. Plant looked very young, like he looked in the 1970s. He was wearing some shirt that exposed a lot of his chest.

      Plant was supposed to be singing harmony on the really famous part of the song that the main singer was singing. But now the time for the harmony part had come in.

      Plant almost missed his cue to start singing -- in fact, he started about half a beat late, and he fumbled even then. He was tilting his head and looking off to his left.

      It became very apparent to me that Plant was reading the words of the song off a teleprompter. But this didn't help him much. He was hardly getting the rhythm of the song, and he'd sometimes slur or mumble the words, or say them at a much slower pace than the main singer.

      I was really surprised. Robert Plant was supposed to be a pro, one of the best. But he wasn't even doing the karaoke version of this song -- a song apparently everybody in the world knew -- correctly!