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    1. dehydration

      by , 02-16-2012 at 01:09 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was night. My mom, one of my nephews, and I stood outside under some kind of shelter, like the shelter over a gas pump island at a gas station. But this shelter was lower, and it seemed a lot brighter underneath, like it was lit with incandescent lights.

      There was a lot of stuff under the shelter, like stuff out of a house. The shelter also seemed to be connected either to a house or to a grocery store.

      My mom and I had probably come from whatever place the shelter was connected to. I was probably getting ready to leave the shelter altogether, maybe because I felt I needed to.

      But now a car like my little brother's car came driving toward me from the building, as if it had been inside the building. The car stopped. It may actually have been driverless. The doors opened. Something like a gust of cold wind may have come out of the car.

      I suddenly got the feeling that my actions were hurting somebody's feelings. It may have been my brother. But it may have been a woman, possibly a relative of mine.

      I started shivering. Then I started getting a really weird feeling, like I was melting inside. My emotions and my sensations all began quivering and getting really weird. I was shuddering and rubbing my arms. Then I collapsed.

      People, probably including my mom, may have helped me up. They may have walked me into the building, which was now a grocery store, although it was supposed to be a hospital.

      I was laid down on a hospital bed that was partly walled-off from the grocery store by a hospital room privacy curtain. The space I was in was cluttered.

      I had been told that I had gone through the weird physical moment because I had been dehydrated. I knew that my being dehydrated had something to do with the car.

      I don't think I felt terribly tired or bad. I may even have been standing up and walking around. But I had been told I had to stay at the place because the doctors were still observing me, making sure I wasn't suffering anymore of the effects of being dehydrated.

      At some point a doctor may have come in to see me. The doctor may have been a woman. Or, possibly, after a male doctor had seen me, a female nurse may have come in to see me.

      Whoever the woman was, at some point she was so close to me that it was like she was embracing me. She began telling me something about how some other woman, another doctor or another nurse, was either jealous of the woman or jealous of me.
    2. drunk sister; hollyhocks and dog kiss; late, to school

      by , 12-20-2011 at 03:41 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Happy holidays! The icy Dream Views logo is really fun. And the Santa Claus flying through the moon is cool, too.

      Dream #1

      It was night. I was either getting into or out of a car with my sister and my brother-in-law. The car was probably my sister's. It was a kind of short car, and it was packed all around by some bigger SUVs.

      My sister was drunk, but she was trying to act like she wasn't. She was trying to act nice for my sake.

      We now all got out of the car. The parking lot the car was in was in some downtown-like area. There was a really big, ominous-looking, tan-brick building right at the edge of the lot.

      We walked out to the road, which felt very old and run-down. This place was like one of those downtowns that shut down completely at night. We were all alone here. The streetlights seemed like in a horror movie -- the light was all grainy, almost sepia-colored.

      My sister was now not able to control her drunken appearance at all. She even asked, "Hey, isn't there some place we could pick up some booze?"

      I knew there was a store somewhere -- maybe even just across the street and around the corner. I could even see the store, still open, like a chain drug store, its greenish fluorescent lights shining out through a window-wall in a stately, stone building.

      But I figured I'd do what I could to keep us from going to that store. I think my brother-in-law felt the same way.

      Somehow we decided we needed to go to the bathroom. I knew where there was a free public bathroom. We walked off to our right, toward some park-like area, then along a nice, stone walkway.

      The light was just becoming blue with early morning, and there were already tourists out here -- it mostly looked like mothers and daughters.

      We went to some area that looked like a fast food restaurant. It had the same color scheme as Dunkin Donuts, but with a lot more brown. And it was shaped like a wide, low public restroom in a park.

      I knew that this bathroom had either been sponsored by the restaurant or was the restaurant itself. I probably thought the restaurant was McDonald's or Burger King. I think the restaurant itself was closed, but that the bathroom was always open.

      I think we first walked through the restaurant's seating area, which was huge, but completely empty of people. I think we then walked through a concrete-floored, cinder-block-walled hallway that felt like it was a bridge over a road, between two buildings.

      The three of us were now in the bathroom, which was a wide, concrete-floored, cinder-block-walled bathroom, like a really nice public bathroom in a park. But it may have had a Dunkin Donuts color scheme.

      My sister was still drunk -- kind of wandering around randomly. But I myself was now really distracted. Eventually I decided I needed to use the bathroom. I went to a stall, so I could take a crap.

      But I was having trouble closing the stall's door. It wouldn't stay closed. I was also trying to close it by twisting the little doorknob using a huge, wadded up piece of toilet paper. It was like I was afraid to touch anything in the restroom. So I was protecting my hands with toilet paper. But it was really hard to do anything with the amount of toilet paper I had in my hands.

      Then, at some point, I felt some kind of erotic feeling. It related to the feeling of taking a crap. I thought I was going to do something really bad and gross in the stall. And it turned me on sexually. But I didn't want to get caught doing it.

      Then a mother and daughter came into the restroom. I was kind of annoyed. I knew that if a couple of tourists were coming in, then that meant that a whole bunch of people would soon be coming into the bathroom. Everybody would know I was here, and they'd all start harrassing me. So I might as well leave now.

      I might have walked back out of the stall, passed the mother and daughter, found my brother-in-law and sister, and walked back out into the long corridor.

      Dream #2

      It was a nice, sunny day. I was probably in the backyard of the house where my family lived while I was in high school. But the backyard was now three or four times as big as it was IWL, and it was filled with flowers. It was an incredibly huge, English-style garden! Where our garage had been, there was some big, shady kind of pagoda-like structure made of greyish, dark wood.

      There were some little kids running around and playing in the garden. I thought of these kids as something like my friends or siblings. They were all angelically beautiful, like the golden-haired children of storybooks. I feel like they were all involved in some task. But I can't remember what it was.

      My attention was caught by the huge, stalk-like plants near me. I couldn't put a name to them. They seem, now, to have looked like hollyhocks or foxgloves. But they weren't those flowers, either -- I'm pretty sure. They had a kind of fuzzy look. And some of them had bud-like centers: tight, green bulbs, inside a collar of thin, peach petals.

      I was suddenly laying on my back. Our old dog, a cocker spaniel, was standing over me, vigorously licking, or "kissing," my lips. She was actually licking off a bunch of honey that I had on my lips.

      Some voice in the distance (or in my head?), probably a child's voice, asked me either if my dog liked honey, or if my dog liked to kiss me.

      Whatever the question was, I answered, "No, she's just getting the honey off my lips. She's really excited to go traveling. She loves to go places in the car. In fact, when she ----- (can't remember) -----, we'll probably get a nice car for her. Then she'll be happy to go!"

      I now had an image in my head of a white, horse-drawn carriage, like a nineteenth century carriage. But the carriage was very short, proportioned, it seemed, to fit small children or dogs. And there was no top to the cabin of the carriage. It was flat and open, kind of looking like an ornate, white Radio Flyer wagon.

      A man in a suit and top-hat sat in a small front area and drove the carriage. He may also have been holding a white, lace parasol.

      I could see that there was a main seating area: a small square. But there was also a smaller, back rectangle, which, I now guess, could normally be used for luggage.

      But I guess my dog was now dead, because she was stiff and motionless, and we had laid her in the back area, as if it were some kind of coffin for her, or a space that would have fit a coffin for her.

      But I'm pretty sure the carriage wasn't taking my dog to a funeral, but to a wedding. And I may have been a part of the wedding. This was probably whatever I'd been referring to when I'd spoken to the voice. But I'm pretty sure this image didn't have anything to do with what I'd actually said.

      Dream #3

      I was in some kind of huge place, something like an old, French palace, mixed with a museum, mixed with an old, run-down, slummy apartment. The place was filled with all kinds of clutter -- boxes, junk, all over the place.

      There were no lights on, and it was night. The only light coming into the place was extremely dim, orange light from the streetlamps outside.

      There were a few other men in the structure with me. They were all in one room. The place was huge, but we were all sitting in just one room, which had a bunk bed and a computer desk in it, but which was so filled with junk that we could hardly fit ourselves into the room.

      The men may have been Latino, and they may have spoken very little English. They seemed to be in their late thirties or early forties. They were short, a little overweight, and a little tough-seeming.

      The men were being nice or indifferent to me. But I had a feeling that, as time wore on, they'd probably start annoying or harrassing me.

      My mom now came into the room. I was happy just to have someone familiar to me in this environment. It kind of diluted the bad emotional sense I was beginning to get from these guys.

      My mom looked a bit different. She was skinnier, and she had shorter hair. She sent me off to some other room. She told me that we were both getting up early tomorrow morning to take care of some task. She stressed the importance of getting up on time.

      I was excited about the event. And even though it was already late, and that I wouldn't get very much sleep at all if I wanted to get up on time, I was really happy and determined to get up on time.

      I lay down in bed and closed my eyes. Almost immediately, I re-opened them. I realized that I had woken up an hour late!

      I ran out into the hallway to find my mom. It couldn't be true, could it? Had I overslept for the thing I was so excited for?

      My mom was at the other end of the hallway. She said, "Yep, you overslept. But I wasn't going to wake you up."

      I could tell my mom was disappointed in me. I felt horrible. But my mom now said something like, "Hurry up. If you just get your shit together and get out the door right now, we can still probably make it on time."

      I was back in the room with the Latino men. Some of them were sleeping on the bunk bed. One was still up, sitting at the computer desk. The light was still dark. It was still very early morning, before sunrise.

      I crouched before the bunkbed and began arranging something on the cuff of my right shirt sleeve for some reason. It was like I was peeling back my cuff and then twisting it back and forth. It felt like I was trying to put some kind of steel band around my wrist.

      But I realized that I was just wasting my time doing this. My mom was probably out in the car, waiting for me. If I didn't hurry up, my mom would either leave me, or else she'd wait for me and we'd both be too late to make it to our task.

      I stood up to get my shit together and go downstairs. But I was so unfocused. I really couldn't remember what the hell I needed to do. I didn't really know what I needed in order to get the hell out of here. And the Latino men didn't help. It was just like they were waiting for an excuse to distract me.

      I now found myself in a car, an old, clunky station wagon, like the one I drove IWL when I lived out in the desert for a couple of years, working for the Park Service. The car was inside -- in one of the rooms of the house. I sat in the driver's seat. One of the Latino men stood just outside the door, looking in.

      The car only had AM radio (IDL and IWL ). I had a plastic tub -- like the plastic tubs you get for various purposes during hospital stays -- filled with little, plastic knobs, each about 2cm in diameter. I had to put all of these plastic knobs onto various parts of the radio's face. Only after that would my shit be together enough so that I could leave.

      But I couldn't fit all of these knobs onto the radio face! I think I managed to find ways to fit some of them onto the volume and tuning knobs. I also popped some of them onto the set-station buttons. And I may have tried to stick some onto the actual station indicator plate. But I was running out of space. And I had a ton of knobs left!

      I was now by myself in a large hallway, probably inside an apartment. It was night, and the hallway was pretty dark.

      I stood near the front door. The door was made of old, worn-out wood. I could feel something like a gentle wind whispering past the door. I knew it was some kind of presence. I partly thought it was a ghost. But I also thought it was some person -- or, a person coming, not a person who was actually there yet.

      I knew that I was still a bit early. But as long as I kept aware of the situation, I'd see the person. Then I could meet the person just outside the apartment. I may actually have just thought of this person as only a breeze of wind.

      I was now looking out through my door through a small, square window that was maybe 30cm directly above the doorknob. Looking out, I saw the dark sapphire sky of morning. I could see that out there was something like a brambly yard, which may have been something like a big, nice garden.

      I was telling myself something very soothing, like the person who was coming to me was a very nice person, and that I had nothing to worry about or be afraid of.

      I watched one or two people crossing my field of view. They were walking along some path, I think, that crossed between the garden and some much wider field. They were a man and a woman. A man may also later have crossed by himself.

      I told myself, "See? See how nice they are? When they come for you, they'll treat you nicely. You have nothing to fear."

      I was now outside. It was a bright, sunny morning. I was drifting up a very, very slight slope, on a long, wide lawn that led up to a sidewalk and an asphalt road.

      I saw a man and a woman walking along the road, heading from the right to the left side of my field of view. The man and woman both looked like they were in their late thirties. But they wore clothes and had hairstyles like from the late 1970s. The man's hairstyle was particularly chunky and bowl-shaped.

      The man and the woman seemed to be in a kind of peevish argument with each other. It scared me a little bit. I felt like if I got into their field of influence, they'd probably start getting all peevish and annoying with me.

      But they were walking pretty quickly. And they were already away from me by the time I got up to the sidewalk.

      Now that I was on the sidewalk, I noticed a few handfuls of people, all adults, walking toward a building. I realized that I was near a university campus.

      The campus neighborhood reminds me now of my occasional visits to the Princeton campus. But the university building, which I saw off to my left, looked more like an elementary school mixed with a modern, suburban church building.

      All the people walking toward the building seemed to be in their thirties and forties. There were men and women. Sometimes people were in groups, talking with each other. Other times they were walking alone.

      Some of the people wore suits or formal attire. Others were wearing caps and gowns, like they were attending a graduation ceremony.

      I also noticed that a lot of the women had very masculine faces. Some of the women were definitely women, just with very hard, squarish faces. But some of the people dressed as women may have been men.

      As I got to the actual building, I realized that it was more like an elementary school. The adults I'd seen funnelling toward this area were actually teachers. They were all now dispersing toward different parts of the building: to their classrooms, I assumed.

      I was in a square, concrete-floored courtyard of the building. There were a lot of kids running all about, rushing, I supposed, to get to their classes.

      There were some adult women posted here and there, apparently to make sure that nobody was getting out of hand. I figured I'd ask one of these women either where I was, or where I was supposed to be. I didn't really know the answer to either of those questions.

      I saw a woman posted just under the covering of the building, at the back, right corner of the courtyard. I figured I'd approach her and ask her what I was here for.

      As I walked toward that woman, a girl wearing a pale pink sweater ran through the courtyard with a clear, plastic bottle of water.

      One of the other women admonished the girl for some reason or another. The girl thought she was being really grown-up and helpful for doing something. But she was also using her task to avoid having to do some thing that all the girls her age needed to do. She knew this. So when the teacher admonished her, she listened.

      But as I was about to reach the woman, some kind of alarm went off. The alarm was the prayer bell. Wherever you were, whatever you were doing, when the prayer bell went off, you had to stop, crouch down on your knees, bow your head to the ground, and start praying to god.

      The ritual seems to me now to be Islam-influenced. But the prayer was more like a Christian prayer mixed with something like the United States Pledge of Allegiance.

      I bowed, too, because I at least knew what all this meant. I was near a stairwell. A girl wearing a Muslim-style head-covering bowed near me.

      As I looked at the floor, I noticed it was tiled in meter-square tiles looking like flecked granite. But this tile was all chipped away in a corner, so that almost a quarter of the tile was chipped into an oily blackness.

      During the prayer-pledge, the girl in the pale pink shirt ran out of the doorway of a classroom near me. She had the water bottle again, and she was about to rush off somewhere. But the woman I was trying to approach told the girl to kneel down and pray, like everybody else.

      The girl said something like, "Oh, yeah. Right." She didn't kneel down, though. She just sat, in some kind of athletic pose, with her back to the wall, and waited for the prayer to finish.

      Something about the girl's face made me think she might have Down's Syndrome. But the girl was really smart and active. I liked her a lot.

      When I got up from the prayer-pledge, I approached the adult woman. I had a feeling now that I was here for some kind of volunteer project with New York Cares. So I asked the woman if she knew where we volunteers were meeting. The woman pointed to the stairwell behind me and said that New York Cares was meeting up on the second floor.

      But before I could go upstairs, a little girl grabbed my hand and told me to help her with her spelling. She dragged me over to something that looked like folding gym mats stood up on one side and w-folded, to look like a gym-mat version of Chinese screens.

      Before the Chinese screen was a long, school-like table that was only 25cm or so above the ground. Both the little girl and I had to kneel to sit at the table. The table had a long sheet of paper across it. The paper was filled with items like multiple choice questions.

      For each number, there may possibly have been questions, probably ridiculously inane questions, like, "How do you spell -----?" as if a kid wouldn't know how to spell a word he was looking right at. But there were no answers in the multiple choice spaces. It was just A, B, C, D, with no answers beside the letters!

      I think what the little girl actually had to do was choose the correct letter, A, B, C, or D, and then correctly spell the word in the space beside that letter. I think the little girl may actually have explained this to me herself.

      The little girl was probably learning impaired. But she seemed really smart, as well. She seemed to be doing well enough spelling for herself. And maybe she just wanted me around for the heck of it while she was doing her work.

      But every once in a while I'd have to help her with spelling. At some point, I even chose, and circled?, the letter "C" on one of her questions. I also remember something about one of us writing in cursive.

      Then the little girl's brother came up. He was also, apparently, learning impaired, though not as much as his sister. He may have been a bit younger than the girl. He was climbing all over both me and the little girl, though he mostly seemed to be climbing all over me. He really wanted my attention, and he wanted to prove, I think, that he was smarter than his sister.

      At some point I stood up, as if my lessons for the little girl and boy were over. I told them they'd both done a good job.

      But the boy wanted to see my cell phone for some reason. I was pretty sure that that was not a good idea, because I think I'd been looking on some sort of fetish website before I'd come here. The boy didn't need to be seeing any of that kind of stuff.

      I then saw my phones screen, as if it were flickering on, like a TV would, with a bit of vertical hold striping a black screen, as the TV is getting started up and getting a hold of itself. The striping was yellow -- so it seemed to me that this was "effect" for a production, not real vertical hold striping.

      There was then, probably, some kind of video, maybe starring Hyde from the j-pop band L'Arc en Ciel. But I can't remember anything about it.
    3. ghost bridge

      by , 08-15-2011 at 12:40 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dragon #1

      It was black night. I was walking to a cafe, probably because I thought I was going to meet some friends there, in particular my old friend ML. I may actually have known ML was going to be at the cafe, though he hadn't invited me. I may have decided to show up at the cafe, in spite of his not inviting me, just so he'd know I knew.

      I was in some small shopping plaza, possibly at the edge of a smallish residential area in a suburban town. The shopping plaza was three stories tall. It was a series of buildings, kind of like office buildings. The shops were all connected to each other by outdoor balconies. I stood between the buildings in a big, concrte courtyard. I felt like the cafe was in the basement level of one of these buildings.

      I may then have been out by a bridge, somewhere near the banks of a river. I was working on some kind of box, like an electrical box attached to some kind of short, stout, concrete pole. The "box" may have been something more like a simple switch. The switch may have been in decent condition, but the metal base around the switch may have been really rusty. I may have heard some weird, whistling sound, which may have frightened me.

      I was in some room, probably with three other people. The room we were in felt a little like a living room. But the room was so big and empty and cold-feeling that it seemed more like some kind of business room. There was a huge window-wall looking out on the black night.

      One of the three other people was an older man, probably dressed nicely. He was like a boss to the rest of us. Another was a woman, about my age (early 30s), dressed like a business woman. The third person was probably a man.

      The boss told us something we should get started working on. But he told us, as he seemed to be leaving the room, that we should avoid going down to the bridge. The man now seemed to be touching a glass case, trying to get an electric reaction out of something else in the case.

      The man told us that certain monitoring equipment was picking up a strange noise down there. The noise, the man told us (although I heard it at the same time) was like a phone picking up, with a conversation way in the distance. But the noise would soon turn to a shrill buzzing. This kind of noise indicated ghost activity, though I don't think the man said this directly.

      I suddenly remembered my own experience near the bridge. I didn't tell the man about it. Instead, I tried to question the man more on the characteristics of the sound. I got a little more info from the man.

      The person who had had the ghost experience was now a woman. After hearing the info regarding the ghost bridge, the woman seemed to have become distracted and dazed. The man had told the other people to keep the woman from going to the bridge. But the woman was definitely going to try to go back.

      At first it seemed like the people were all staying in different cabins in some kind of wildnerness area. The woman snuck away from her cabin without anybody noticing. She was running down through a well-manicured but large garden area and down to the bridge. She wore a Victorian-style dress, probably white on top and pale, sea-blue on the skirt. She also had red hair, done up and back in a round, Victorian style.

      Now it was like all the people were staying in one big mansion. But the woman had escaped the mansion. She was riding a bike on a garden path between two rows of very tall, euonymus-type shrubs. At one point, she turned a corner. As soon as she turned the corner, a man, also dressed in Victorian clothing, stood up and began pursuing the woman.

      The man knew what path the woman was taking. He also knew paths he could take as shortcuts, so that he could cut the woman off, even though she was on a bike and he was on foot. There was water somewhere, coming from something like a fountain or a lawn sprinkler.

      The woman was riding through a section of path with the hedges so thick on either side that she couldn't see anything else. Suddenly the man grabbed the woman from behind. He pulled her off her bike, spun her around, and embraced her. The man acted like he was in love with the woman -- maybe he was. The woman and the man embraced and kissed.

      The man and woman were now in a bedroom. But now the man was a woman. The two women were kissing, and it looked like they were going to end up in bed together. But the first woman broke free of the second woman. She took on a dazed kind of attitude again and said that she had to go away. It was pretty obvious that she was going to try togo to the ghost bridge, though she may not have said it.

      The second woman lay down in bed. She was partly frustrated that she hadn't gotten to have sex with the first woman. But she was also frustrated that she hadn't been able to keep the woman from trying to go back to the ghost bridge.

      The second woman now pulled a hood over her head. (The second woman also had red hair, though her hair was darker than the first woman's hair.) The woman wore a pale sea-blue nightgown. The hood was a part of the gown. But it was a wizard's hood. The woman said something like, "We'll see about that girl! She thinks she can just go like that when she's been kept from the place. I'll pay her back for acting that way."

      The second woman lay her head on her pillow. It looked like she was going to fall asleep. But I felt like she was going to try and perform some kind of magic action against the first woman.

      I now sat in a cafe, which was more like a waiting area in some place like a college or a hospital. It was like the ghost bridge incidents had been from a movie I'd been watching, and that I had just now been deep in a reverie regarding the memories of that movie. I had also remembered some background tune from the movie, and I was humming it to myself.

      I sat on the arm of an orange, thickly cushioned chair. I was looking out a big window, to some lawny area like in a city park. It was daytime, and the light was bright grey outside. A skinny, young, black man sat at a picnic bench near the window. I knew the man was following me. He couldn't come into the cafe for some reason or another. So he had to wait outside for me.

      I was kind of sick of being followed around by this guy, and I was wishing there was some way I could stop him. But I also seemed to be really preoccupied with the imagery of the ghost bridge "movie."

      Somebody else in the "cafe" started brashly humming a terribly out of key tune. It suddenly drew attention to the fact that I was still humming the background music from the ghost bridge "movie." I stopped huming as soon as I realized that I'd been humming loud enough for other people to hear.

      I sat there silently, still staring out the window, though I couldn't see out the window very well anymore. My focus was more on the man, who kept humming horribly out of key.

      I looked to my left, to the man, who sat in a chair, reading a newspaper. The man was old, from some Latin-European country, I guessed. He wore an orange polo shirt. He was short, and he was good looking, but he also looked kind of mean and rude. Another old man was sitting at the end of a couch, directly to the first old man's right. This man was a little taller, pale skinned, a little overweight, and bald.

      I looked away from the old men. I figured that now that I'd stopped humming, the man would also stop humming. But he only began to hum even louder! I was like he was trying to annoy me, rather than trying to say anything about how I'd been humming too loud. I was getting kind of mad, because the guy just kept humming louder and louder and more and more off key.

      But, finally, the second old man said, "Look! You don't like it when people do things like that? Then don't do those kinds of things yourself!"
    4. pac-man reincarnation; two troubled princes

      by , 07-20-2011 at 11:55 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was watching my oldest nephew playing a 3D version of Pac-Man. The view was almost like the old version of Gauntlet, where you could see thed action from above. The maze seemed to be made out of blue bricks, with a slightly darker blue stone floor. The corridors were full of pellets -- not just a line of pellets, but tons of pellets throughout the corridors.

      Pac-Man was a kind of small, yellow sphere that wobbled all over the place. Pac-Man almost seemed as small as the large power pellets. The ghosts were also small. I watched Pac-Man eat a couple of ghosts early on in the game. Something about the view at that point reminds me very much of the old arcade version of Pac-Man.

      After Pac-Man ate the three ghosts, he ended up getting chased by a number of other ghosts. He very narrowly escaped getting caught by a ghost. I'd even thought he had gotten killed. He then meandered through a few curves, then along the top of the maze.

      Finally, Pac-Man went down a long, straight corridor. First, the corridor was just stuffed with pellets. Then it was stuffed with both pellets and ghosts. The ghosts stood still, just like the pellets. The ghosts were big, too. They were almost like statues.

      Pac-Man could move past them, even touch them. He only had to make sure he didn't get their attention somehow. If he did, they'd come alive. Then he'd either have to evade or fight them.

      At the very end of the corridor, things kind of emptied out. But Pac-Man found two ghosts. Both ghosts were blue (maybe all the ghosts in this long corridor had been blue). These two ghosts were Pac-Man's friends. One seemed to have a French-sounding name. Another seemed to have a Japanese-sounding name. They both spoke to Pac-Man with kind of high, digitized voices -- kind of like Robocon, telling Pac-Man they'd defend him.

      An enemy suddenly appeared. It was kind of small, maybe as big as or a little bigger than Pac-Man. It appeared to be a ghost or spirit wearing armor. The body looked like a normal body. But the head had huge horns (also armored) coming out the sides. The armor was bone-white. The enemy looked a little like an enemy in an original Nintendo game, like Ghosts 'N Goblins.

      Pac-Man shot the ghost with some kind of jelly-sphere bullets. The enemy may have touched Pac-Man's ghost friends, causing them to turn transparent. Eventually, Pac-Man defeated the enemy. He now got to advance to the next level.

      The next screen looked like a blue mansion in a dark blue night. The mansion looked run down. It was probably a haunted mansion. The view closed in on the balcony of the mansion.

      Something happened, and my nephew explained it to me. He said that Pac-Man had been something in his first life and something else in his third life. It was like Pac-Man was in his second life right now. He needed to come here to either fulfill or change something in his second life so the destinies of his first and third lives would be okay.

      Dream #2

      There were two different princes in two separate kingdoms. The two princes seemed to be living in medieval Europe. Thed two princes may have known each other. They had both gotten in trouble in very similar ways, and they were both getting to a point in their lives where if they didn't change soon, they'd never be able to live up to their full potential.

      The mother of the first prince explained the prince's situation to him. The mother and the prince were in the prince's room. The mother was brutally frank with the boy, who was probably in his late teens. The mother then left the room.

      The second mother was now in the second prince's room. This prince wore a strange, big, puffy headdress, like fortune tellers or genies in movies sometimes wear. The headdress had alternating strips of black satin and multi-colored, possibly flower-printed satin.

      The second mother and second prince were almost joking with each other about what a mess the second prince had made of things. But the mother then got serious. She told the boy he really needed to change his life before it was too late. She also said something like she would discuss what she meant in more detail later. She then left the room.

      The boy's father walked into the room. He was Billy Dee Williams. But he acted very feminine, and he may have been a little skinny. He may also have been wearing a tight, black sweater and tight, black pants, like a modern dancer, completely out of character with this medieval setting.

      The father seemed to be in love with his son like a woman would be in loved with a man. He got really close to the boy, almost as if to kiss him, and asked the boy what it was that got him in trouble, and what the mother had told the boy. But the boy couldn't quite say what the mother had said. He was actually waiting for the more serious discussion she'd have with him.
    5. killing man, body on bed; dandruff and staples; looking for beds

      by , 02-16-2011 at 12:46 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was either with a group of people or watching them as if watching like a disembodied viewer. The people were in some kind of store like an old deli, which also felt like an old trading post. The people were mostly men, maybe older men. They surrounded a younger man.

      The younger man was pale white. He wore a 1970s style suit with a blue jacket, white shirt, and tie. He had long, frizzy hair which was balding away from his forehead. He had pale, blue eyes, a kind of nubby nose, and a mustache. He may have had pimples or boils on his face.

      The man had either been involved in some crime or had witnessed some crime. Now the men were trying either to get the man to give them whatever he had gotten from the crime or to refrain from telling the police about the crime. But the man wouldn't cooperate. I got the feeling that, right or wrong, the guy was kind of sleazy or cocky.

      The men did something to the man, possibly beating him up somehow. They then poured some kind of liquid like gasoline down his throat. After this they may have lit a match around him.

      The man was dead. The men were now just outside the store. But the outside of the store was like a log cabin in the woods. Something about the event was repeating itself inside, as if the man were dying all over again.

      The leader of this group of people was now a black woman with short, reddish-blonde hair. The woman now stood before the men, outside. She asked them if everything had been taken care of. The men said yes. They had even laid the man's body on her bed, as she'd asked.

      I now saw the woman's bed, as if the woman's bedroom were just upstairs from the deli/trading post. The body of a tall, muscular, black man lay on the left side of the bed. The body may have been naked or clad only in white underwear.

      I now understood that the woman's husband had died. The woman was going to use this dead body to get in touch with her husband somehow. Possibly she was just going to lay on the bed and talk to the dead body as if it were her husband. But possibly the husband was actually going to possess the body.

      A little story played out in my head where the woman lay down to talk to the body. The body became possessed, surprising the woman. The body spoke, but it couldn't move. The woman may have decided to have sex with the body.

      Dream #2

      I saw the top of my head somehow. I saw some rather long and stringy pieces of dandruff in my hair. I was kind of grossed out. I searched through my hair, trying to figure out how much of this big dandruff I had.

      I saw, then, that parts of my hair had actually been stapled to my head. It was done in tiny bands, like braids on a small girl's head. I thought that I had gotten my hair stapled to my head the last time I'd gotten my hair cut. That had been two months ago -- too long, I thought. By now, the staples would be grown into my head. When the haircut people went to take them out, it would really hurt.

      Dream #3

      I was looking through an Ikea catalog for stuff for my house. I may have gotten a bunch of stuff already. But now I thought I'd need a bed, too. But I was reluctant to get a bed. They cost so much, and I'd already spent so much.

      So I looked through a few different kinds of alternative beds, which were cheaper. One was just some blue mattress. Others were tiny, baby-sized mattresses, which I may have taken for cribs.
    6. reincarnation room

      by , 01-26-2011 at 11:31 AM
      Good morning, everybody. My recall was pretty crummy last night. I was playing around on the internet way too much. That always screws me up.

      Dream #1

      I was in a small room like a bedroom. There were a lot of other people in the room with me, possibly all female. We were all jumping up and down on the floor. The floor was white and plasticky. But there was also some loose, metallic frame making a grid of the floor. Also, the floor seemed to have more than one layer of plastic. The layers were flexible and separated from each other by about 20cm.

      Somehow I came to understand that people jumped through this floor to be reincarnated. I saw a girl sink through the floor like a ghost. I knew she had passed, as a spirit, into a new body. I'm pretty sure I didn't want to be reincarnated. So I left the room.
    7. murderer cop; doomed ballerina

      by , 12-20-2010 at 12:45 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was "at home" with my mom and possibly a couple other family members. The house had two floors and probably a basement. The stairway up to the second floor was near the back of the house.

      There was a policeman in the house. He was tall, white, with reddish-tan skin, blue-green eyes, a balding head of red-blonde hair, and a mustache. I saw him in my mind's eye, but I'm not sure if I ever saw him physically.

      The cop hurried out the backdoor of the house at some point. He may have had some kind of goodbye scene with some of my family members.

      I then realized that the cop was on the run. He had murdered another cop (who may have looked exactly like him, except pale white). The other cop's body, I knew (seeing it in my mind's eye) lay sprawled on the final few steps and the floor of the basement.

      I felt like my family should have done something not to let the cop get away. I also felt like I should go after the cop or help the other cops find him. But I was too afraid to do so. I thought the cop would probably kill me.

      At some point I realized that I had also murdered somebody, so that if I informed on the cop, I would only be letting the cops know where I was, so they'd come after me, too.

      Dream #2

      Some woman dressed as a ballerina with a tan, fluffy skirt and a black leotard-top was trying to get away from a killer. But at some point she had fallen from some height and broken her legs.

      She was panicked. She now pretty much knew she was going to die. The killer, who may have been some kind of ghost-hag woman, would catch up to her and toture her to death.
    8. Great-grandmother alive again in her house

      by , 10-16-2010 at 01:23 PM
      I had a number of dreams, but they're mostly so fragmented I can't remember them. This is the only dream I remember.

      I was in my great-grandmother's house, probably with my mom and my sister. My great-grandmother had passed away a while back (like in waking life), and the house was empty. But I think my mom, my sister, and I were going to throw a party for our whole family in the house, like my great-grandmother used to do.

      I walked into the kitchen. I may have had the feeling that I didn't belong in the house for some reason.

      Now my great-grandma appeared. She may have risen up through the floor, or she may just have suddenly appeared before me. She stood really close, between me and the kitchen counter. She was even shorter than she had been while she was alive.

      She may have told me something. But I can't remember what it was. She may have seemed a little agitated or annoyed.

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