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    1. dehydration

      by , 02-16-2012 at 01:09 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was night. My mom, one of my nephews, and I stood outside under some kind of shelter, like the shelter over a gas pump island at a gas station. But this shelter was lower, and it seemed a lot brighter underneath, like it was lit with incandescent lights.

      There was a lot of stuff under the shelter, like stuff out of a house. The shelter also seemed to be connected either to a house or to a grocery store.

      My mom and I had probably come from whatever place the shelter was connected to. I was probably getting ready to leave the shelter altogether, maybe because I felt I needed to.

      But now a car like my little brother's car came driving toward me from the building, as if it had been inside the building. The car stopped. It may actually have been driverless. The doors opened. Something like a gust of cold wind may have come out of the car.

      I suddenly got the feeling that my actions were hurting somebody's feelings. It may have been my brother. But it may have been a woman, possibly a relative of mine.

      I started shivering. Then I started getting a really weird feeling, like I was melting inside. My emotions and my sensations all began quivering and getting really weird. I was shuddering and rubbing my arms. Then I collapsed.

      People, probably including my mom, may have helped me up. They may have walked me into the building, which was now a grocery store, although it was supposed to be a hospital.

      I was laid down on a hospital bed that was partly walled-off from the grocery store by a hospital room privacy curtain. The space I was in was cluttered.

      I had been told that I had gone through the weird physical moment because I had been dehydrated. I knew that my being dehydrated had something to do with the car.

      I don't think I felt terribly tired or bad. I may even have been standing up and walking around. But I had been told I had to stay at the place because the doctors were still observing me, making sure I wasn't suffering anymore of the effects of being dehydrated.

      At some point a doctor may have come in to see me. The doctor may have been a woman. Or, possibly, after a male doctor had seen me, a female nurse may have come in to see me.

      Whoever the woman was, at some point she was so close to me that it was like she was embracing me. She began telling me something about how some other woman, another doctor or another nurse, was either jealous of the woman or jealous of me.
    2. laundromat talks

      by , 12-31-2011 at 03:09 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      I thought I'd share the passage below, since it relates to both dreaming and New Year's Eve. The passage is from Charles Dickens' story "The Chimes."

      The plot device of "The Chimes" is similar to that of "A Christmas Carol": a ghost leads a man, Toby Veck, into the future, so that he can see the effects of the choices he makes in the present. The effects are terrible. So Toby mends his ways and lives happily ever after.

      This quote comes from the end of the book.

      "Had Trotty dreamed? Or, are his joys and sorrows, and the actors in them, but a dream; himself a dream; the teller of this tale a dreamer, waking but now? If it be so, O listener, dear to him in all his visions, try to bear in mind the stern realities from which these shadows come; and in your sphere, none is too wide, and none too limited for such an end -- endeavour to correct, improve, and soften them. So may the New Year be a happy one to you, happy to many more whose happiness depends on you! So may each year be happier than the last, and not the meanest of our brethren or sisterhood debarred their rightful share, in what our Great Creator formed them to enjoy."

      Dream #1

      I was in a laundromat which may have been a part of a department store or a K-Mart. I was at the far end of one of the aisles of machines. I think the machines were dryers, though they looked like washers. There were laundry carts cluttering all the way up the aisle.

      Two guys were also in the aisle. I felt like they were my friends. They may also have been working at the laundromat. They were talking to each other without really regarding me. They were talking about some guy, who I eventually realized was me.

      The guys were talking about how the guy was really conceited. They said that you could never tell this guy anything. And he'd never admit he was wrong. It made the atmosphere tense around him all the time. But he wasn't really so impressive that he should make people feel that way.

      I thought, Wow. Is that really the way people feel about me? I realized I should really start watching how I act toward people. I thought I'd start right away, by treating my two friends nicely. I may have tried to say something nice to my friends.

      But now I was suddenly sitting at a desk outside the aisles of laundry machines. I was looking at my phone. I was texting back and forth between my sister and my friend H.

      I think I was just having a normal conversation with H. But my sister had gone into the hospital for something. So I was texting with her to find out how everything had gone.

      But somebody, either H or my sister, was sitting at the near end of another aisle of laundry machines off to my right. The person was sitting with another couple of people, probably kids. They were all on the floor, maybe buried in coats.

      I hadn't heard from my sister in a while. I wasn't getting worried about her health, necessarily. But I was worried that I'd said something to offend her, so that she'd stopped texting me and now wouldn't let me know if things were okay.

      But I now got a text from my sister. It said something like, "Well, the doctor sent me and J (my brother-in-law) over to the pharmacy. So when I get my stuff from the pharmacy I'll be able to tell you what my problem was."

      It was like the doctor knew the problem, but didn't tell my sister what it was. So my sister had to infer the problem from whatever kind of medicine she got.

      The text did, however, seem to have a bit of a feeling of annoyance with me. So I tried to think of how I could be less annoying.

      At the same time that I read the text, the person sitting on the floor off to my right was also speaking to me. It was like my sister was right there, telling me everything she had texted me.
    3. basement book sale; lucid fail painting; christmas flood

      by , 12-24-2011 at 04:30 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      The second dream is another silly instance of dream control. I told myself to dream of myself out in a wide, open space, all by myself. I told myself that if I found myself there, I'd become lucid.

      Well, I found myself in a wide, open space alright. But I was in a painting. And I was looking at the painting of myself. So... my dream subject was kind of controlled again. But not exactly in the way I'd expected. Lucid fail!

      Dream #1

      I was in some place like a hospital or a retirement home. But it may also have been a school. I feel like I may have been on the first floor at some point, heading in to some class I was taking. The class may have been for high schoolers, even though I was my current age. But I think I was still doing horribly in the class.

      I went down into the basement. I was in a hallway area. The hallway was low, wide, and kind of featureless. There were doorways that went to rooms, each room like a whole department of this hospital. But when the doors were closed, the hallway felt empty and small.

      Off to my right was a little alcove with a few doorways. One may have been open, revealing a larger room. But the alcove was filled with shelf-carts for books and stationary bookshelves. The shelves were all filled with books. I knew this was a used book sale.

      There were a few people rushing around, getting the shelves all prepared for the sale. The people were mostly men and women in their fifties or sixties. But there were also some younger people, mostly women, probably in their late teens or early twenties. They were all volunteers.

      I was interested in seeing what books were on sale. I was mostly interested in science fiction books. So I looked for that area. I think an older woman pushed out a cart full of sci-fi books right as I thought that.

      But right as I went to look at the books, a tall, kind of fat, older, white man saw that I was heading there, and he jumped in front of me. He bent over so that he was blocking all the shelves.

      Instead of getting mad, I just figured I'd go look at some other books. I walked over to a tall bookshelf, which may have been for paranormal studies.

      Dream #2

      I was looking at a painting. The painting wasn't realistic: it was a bit blocky and thick, with the sense of three-dimensional perspective a bit flattened, and the color scheme kind of simplified for intensity.

      The painting had a red cliff, like one wall of a canyon, taking up the left side. Then there was a bit of grass, then a path. There may have been a boy, his back to the viewer, walking down the path. To the right of the boy, the landscape extended flatly, maybe with a river.

      I told myself that I'd definitely become lucid if I was in a landscape like that in a dream. I probably told myself to remember this painting, and to try and make myself go there when I went to sleep tonight.

      Dream #3

      I was walking around outside somewhere during the day. But I was also talking on the phone with my dad. My dad was telling me about floods occurring in St. Louis, Missouri, which was apparently where my dad lived.

      As my dad spoke, I had very strong visions, which were like still photographs, except that I was in them. I stood out in what I guess were aqueducts: they looked like the concrete-walled channels used to catch and drain waters from heavy rains and flash floods.

      But the aqueducts I stood in were like highways. I often even stood in the shade of highway overpasses. All around the aqueducts were hills of lawns and trees, so that the aqueducts all felt so quiet and secluded. But I knew they'd be raging with waters pretty soon. It was a bright, sunny, warm day -- hard to believe that it could flood anytime soon.

      I may have seen a couple copper-skinned children: a boy and a girl. I thought that they weren't safe out here in the aqueduct. I needed to grab them and get them out of here. But it may also have occurred to me that these children were actually phantoms.

      I came back to my senses and found myself walking along some stone-floored promenade in a big park. I was walking up a slope and looking out over an iron railing to my left. Down from the railing was a slope of brambly, leafless trees.

      There were some women walking behind me at one point. They said that the flood in St. Louis was going to be 72 inches, once the rain really got going. I couldn't believe it! I didn't want to believe it. I told myself that the weather was too nice here for a flood to happen, even somewhere as far from here as St. Louis.

      My dad said, "They're still saying that we're going to have 72 inches of precipitation. It's going to start out looking mild, with only ----- inches. But then it's going to go up really fast and hit 72 inches."

      I said, "72 inches! Sheez! That's crazy!"

      May dad said, "Well, that's not so bad. We've seen floods like this in St. Louis before. But what's really strange about this one is that it's happening at Christmas -- in December. We aren't even supposed to have rain in December!"

      Now I realized that the women I'd heard speaking before were right. As unbelievable (and for some reason inconvenient) as it had sounded to me, it really was going to flood in St. Louis.

      As I approached the top of the slope, I could see that, as the promenade plateaued, it also widened out a lot. Over to the right was an overlook, giving a good view over the town we were in (probably somewhere in New England).

      But as I got to the wider area, there were a whole lot more people walking around. There were tons of people heading down the slope I'd just come up from. I could tell -- somehow -- that these people were preparing for the flood, even though we were nowhere near it.

      One woman, short, skinnyish, and white, maybe in her sixties, with blonde-grey hair and eyeglasses, was walking among the crowd, heading down the slope. The woman was trying to spread some kind of wisdom. She wore a Hindu-esque robe, though I think she thought of herself as a Buddhist.

      The woman was saying, "Global warming. Global warming. The flood in December is from global warming." I knew the woman was trying to get somebody interested in her idea so that she could preach to them about being an environmentalist. She may even have had pamphlets about it.

      Some younger women nearby may have been agreeing with the older woman. I kind of agreed as well. But I didn't feel like I needed to listen to environmentalist preaching. Hell, I thought. I hardly use any electricity, anyway. All I do is read books.

      There was a book sale going on just off to my right as I hit the flat area of the promenade. I got really interested. The books were used, and they all looked really old. I thought I might make some good finds.

      But some tall, white man with a bit of a pot belly saw I was interested in the book sale. He tried to get in my way, so that he could get to whatever books I was interested in first. The man looked pretty well-off. He wore a plaid, button-up shirt, tucked into some nice jeans.

      I may have tried to avoid the man altogether. But he may have seen that. So he just walked right in front of me, standing broad-chested, his hands on his hips, as if he were trying to block me from getting near any of the books at all.

      I must have done something, because I got past the man, anyway. But I was pissed that the man would try to stop me like that! I started cussing the man out, not loud, but in a regular voice, so he could hear me, but I wouldn't be making a scene.

      The man reacted by coming to the bookshelf I was at and bending right over in front of all the books, basically edging me out of the way. He started saying stuff about how he didn't know why I was so upset about what he'd done. But if I was so upset, he'd do it some more. And then, he said, we'd see how upset I got.

      I told the man to fuck off, and I walked away from him. He seemed to want to start a fight, because now he was calling kind of loudly after me, "Why'd you have to say that? What'd I do to you?"

      But I just decided to walk away from the man and ignore him. I walked around to the other side of the bookshelves and found myself in an area full of shelves and bins packed with vinyl records and comic books. This area almost felt like it was indoors.

      I looked around here for a while. I may have found some kind of comic book that I was interested in. It may have seemed a little bit like porn. But I may have decided I really didn't have enough money to waste on something like this, after all.

      I was walking out of this section and back out to the promenade. But the exit was a bit narrower now. And another older man was walking up toward the aisle I was trying to get out of.

      This guy was kind of fat. He saw me and seemed to want to block my way. He stood and looked at the left shelf of items, blocking up almost the whole aisle. There was also a life-size carboard cut-out of either Superman or Iron Man, which blocked most of the right side of the aisle.

      I had to squeeze through the fat man and the cut-out. I'm pretty sure I didn't even touch the man. But he may have turned back to look at me, as if I'd threatened him somehow.

      I gave the man a complaisant, friendly smile. But the man just looked at me like he hated my guts. I walked away. I wanted to confront the guy. But I knew that that would only make things worse.
    4. blood and skin test

      by , 05-19-2011 at 11:25 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a hospital room with a young man and woman who appeared to be doctors. The woman was blonde and slightly tanned. The man's appearance may have changed, but at least for some time he had long, frizzy-curly hair and a short beard. Both doctors wore long, white lab coats. The woman sat at a desk with a computer. At first I lay on the bed. The whole place felt really cluttered somehow.

      I was going to have a blood test and a skin test. I was familiar enough with how people took blood, but I was kind of worried about the skin test. I didn't know how people took skin samples.

      The man told me, "It really hurts. And the pain stays with you. Because you have to keep the skin sampler on you for half an hour. And the whole time you have it on, it's just like, 'Aagh! Aagh!'" I thought that if what the man was saying was true, this would really suck. But I wasn't going to be afraid.

      The man took my right (?) hand. He took a lime-green, plastic device that looked like a thimble as long as an index finger. He put the base, the open end, against the back of my hand, right where the thumb joint comes into the base of the hand. I knew there was a little, guillotine-blade-shaped metal device inside the thimble.

      The man clicked something on the thimble. The blade snapped down and dug into my skin. It hurt a little, but not as much as I'd thought it would. I kept waiting for some kind of delayed effect, like a pain that would get worse and worse. But I just kept having the same kind of dull pain.

      Eventually I walked over to the woman, who still sat at the computer. She was going to take my blood. I figured I might as well hang out near her while I waited for her to draw my blood. For some reason, for this entire time, I kept my hand elevated right in front of my face.
    5. sister is sick; zombies in mall

      by , 02-21-2011 at 04:41 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a car with my sister. We were out in the driveway of her house, although it feels now like we were also in some kind of dirt parking lot for a fairgrounds. My sister was talking to me about and showing me some kind of pictures of a place that she and some of her children were planning to go to.

      I had to go to some other car to get something for my sister's trip. I went to the other car with my brother-in-law. It was a few rows away in the dirt parking lot.

      The trunk or hatchback of the car was open, and my brother-in-law and I were looking inside. I had my computer opened up in the back of the car. I asked my brother-in-law to look up something on YouTube. It had to do with some pop-culture figure or figures, but it also had something to do with homosexuality.

      My brother-in-law looked the thing up. I was now walking away from the car. I was now worried that somehow my brother-in-law would think I was trying to make some comment on my own sexuality by showing him that YouTube clip. (In waking life, even though I wouldn't say I'm gay, my sexuality is absolutely not normal. But I try to act as normal as possible when I'm in front of my family.)

      I was back to sitting in the car with my sister. My sister now said that she was too sick, after all, to go to the event. For some reason, the whole family was now going, instead of just my sister, brother-in-law, and some of their kids. I was also going. Now only my sister wasn't going.

      I felt bad, like maybe we shouldn't go at all if my sister wasn't going.

      Dream #2

      There may have been some situation where I had to take care of some task for a group of professionals. But I had messed it up somehow.

      Later on, I was running from zombies. The zombies were pale white, with rotting faces. Most of the zombies wore button-up shirts, ties, and slacks.

      I was running from the zombies through big corridors like mall-sized corridors that looked like hallways in a hospital. Everything was white, lit with greenish-white fluorescent light. Occasionally I would find myself in larger rooms.

      Zombies would pop up everywhere and surprise me. They would almost catch me, and then they'd chase me through the corridors. I may also have been shooting some of them with a gun I had.

      Eventually I found some way to jump way high, up to some high-up window. The window was swung open from its top. I floated down through the space. I found myself in some greenish-white-lit place that looked like a mix between a bowling alley and a hospital.

      From all different places, a bunch of normal humans came into the bowling alley. Many of them were carrying guns. Some of them were wearing what I thought of as hunters' outfits -- beige vests and caps, flannel shirts, and khaki-like slacks. Many of the people were wary, on guard, waiting for more zombies to just spring up.

      I was about to go to all the people. I thought I had found a group of people that I could be safe with. But as I approached them, they became suspicious of me, almost violent toward me. It was obvious that I wasn't a zombie, just like it was obvious that they weren't zombies. But they didn't care. They just didn't like me, and they didn't want me around.

      So I walked away from them before even approaching them. I may have started walking down one of the bowling lanes, thinking I'd find a sneaky way to get through the building at the end of the lanes.

      Suddenly I was fighting something, possibly zombies. There were gunshots everywhere. Explosions were blowing up the wood of the bowling lanes. I was turning back and shooting at whatever I was fighting.
    6. grammar helicopter; female harlocks; super bowl sub shop; skating kids

      by , 02-07-2011 at 12:50 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was flying a helicopter over a river at night. I was coming up on a big cityscape, the lights of which had a low, buzzing, brownish-yellow color, almost like hypnagogic vision.

      In the helicopter with me was a good looking man, maybe 15 years older than I, with blonde hair and a tan face. I was giving the man grammar lessons. I was trying to explain something about the way Homer used poetic expressions to give more vividness to his battle scenes.

      I pointed out a few examples. But then I felt like I was being too condescending, acting like the man knew nothing about grammar at all. So I tried to think of another way to explain things that would assume more intelligence in the man.

      But now the man told me, "I don't care for all that poetic stuff. I believe in direct expression. What's the most concise way you can say something?"

      I felt a little ashamed. I agreed with the man. I looked back on all my writing and wondered if I had been concise enough. I doubted it.

      I told the man I agreed with him. I was now in a hospital at night. I was in some hall. Eveything was dim, with only a few occasional ceiling lights turned on. I looked into some room through a big, plastic window. I may either have seen a newborn baby in a bed or a very injured adult in critical care.

      Dream #2

      I was walking into an anime convention. I was in some basement area, walking through a huge hallway into a large main room. The hallway and room were full of people.

      I looked behind me. A group of girls was close to me. They might have known me somehow or been my friends. Two of the girls were dressed like Captain Harlock. They looked kind of boyish, but they didn't strike me as being as dashing as Captain Harlock.

      Then I saw a third girl dressed as Captain Harlock. She was tall, thin, and blonde. Her face was perfect. I thought she looked terrific. But her hair was cut way too short, and it didn't have any of Harlock's style.

      Dream #3

      I was in an apartment that wasn't mine. I was probably watching it for somebody. The apartment was really big and nice. It was up on some high floor. The light from the windows was pinkish orange with sunset.

      For some reason I decided to leave this place and go home. I went downstairs and outside. But as soon as I was outside I saw how many people there were all over the place. It was too much for me to handle. I suddenly remembered that the Super Bowl was going on, and that everywhere in the city would be like this. It would be better for me to go back upstairs and wait for things to calm down.

      But I thought I should get something to eat before I went back upstairs. I was walking along some kind of desert road with something like carnival booths on each side. One of the booths was a Subway store. So I went into the line. I got up to the front pretty quickly. The lady in front of me, kind of short and overweight, ordered something that sounded really good. I tried to remember what she'd ordered, so I could order it, too.

      I got an image in my head of miniature pizzas with something like olive paste and lizard eyeballs on it.

      Dream #4

      I was looking out the window of a house. Down below, a group of people were skating on a snowy pond. There were three people. They wore hooded robes made or rich, red velvet. I recognized the people as being cast member from the show Kids in the Hall. But now they all looked old, ragged, and fat.

      They all had these dumb smiles on their faces, as if they were doing a skit about people who thought they were really good skaters when they were actually just morons. They spun quickly (clockwise?). They vanished beneath their robes.

      This spiining and vanishing act was carried out twice more. The first time, the men wore green robes. The second time, they wore blue robes.