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    1. great grandmother's house

      by , 02-20-2012 at 02:19 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out in front of my great grandmother's house in the daytime. I stood looking in through her front window, which IWL was too high for me to look right into.

      My great grandma appeared in the window. I probably knew that she was dead. I think I had the feeling that this was either a dream or some kind of paranormal experience allowing me to see my grandma. So I just told myself to keep calm and let things happen.

      My grandma slid up the window, as if this were a double-paned window, which it was not IWL. I believe I asked my grandma how she was doing. I didn't believe she would give me an answer, as my "imagination" wouldn't be good enough to "create" a spontaneous answer from her.

      But my grandma did answer. She very gently said she was doing fine, but that she was here more to get an idea of how I personally was doing. She told me I should be more concerned about that as well.

      My grandma said she had to go take care of something in the house. She may have directed me to come into the house.

      I was now in the house, alone my grandma's "guest room," which I spent a lot of time in as a kid. The lights may have been off, but there was natural light coming into the room.

      Suddenly I was aware that my mom and my oldest nephew were under the bed. I could hear them talking. I must have felt that they weren't actually quite my mom and my oldest nephew. I felt like they were supposed to scare me somehow.

      The lights now went out in the room. I could hear a switch click -- like the daylight coming in through the windows was controlled by a light switch. The room was now dark as night, with just a bit of light coming from the hallway.

      My nephew's voice began laughing insidiously, like he was really trying to scare me. I got the feeling that he wasn't really my nephew, but a demon.

      I yelled at the voice, "I'm not afraid of you! You can't scare me!"

      I got the feeling that the body for the voice had actually transformed into a monster like a Chinese dragon, with something of a human body, and that the monster would soon jump out from under the bed to attack me.
    2. dehydration

      by , 02-16-2012 at 01:09 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was night. My mom, one of my nephews, and I stood outside under some kind of shelter, like the shelter over a gas pump island at a gas station. But this shelter was lower, and it seemed a lot brighter underneath, like it was lit with incandescent lights.

      There was a lot of stuff under the shelter, like stuff out of a house. The shelter also seemed to be connected either to a house or to a grocery store.

      My mom and I had probably come from whatever place the shelter was connected to. I was probably getting ready to leave the shelter altogether, maybe because I felt I needed to.

      But now a car like my little brother's car came driving toward me from the building, as if it had been inside the building. The car stopped. It may actually have been driverless. The doors opened. Something like a gust of cold wind may have come out of the car.

      I suddenly got the feeling that my actions were hurting somebody's feelings. It may have been my brother. But it may have been a woman, possibly a relative of mine.

      I started shivering. Then I started getting a really weird feeling, like I was melting inside. My emotions and my sensations all began quivering and getting really weird. I was shuddering and rubbing my arms. Then I collapsed.

      People, probably including my mom, may have helped me up. They may have walked me into the building, which was now a grocery store, although it was supposed to be a hospital.

      I was laid down on a hospital bed that was partly walled-off from the grocery store by a hospital room privacy curtain. The space I was in was cluttered.

      I had been told that I had gone through the weird physical moment because I had been dehydrated. I knew that my being dehydrated had something to do with the car.

      I don't think I felt terribly tired or bad. I may even have been standing up and walking around. But I had been told I had to stay at the place because the doctors were still observing me, making sure I wasn't suffering anymore of the effects of being dehydrated.

      At some point a doctor may have come in to see me. The doctor may have been a woman. Or, possibly, after a male doctor had seen me, a female nurse may have come in to see me.

      Whoever the woman was, at some point she was so close to me that it was like she was embracing me. She began telling me something about how some other woman, another doctor or another nurse, was either jealous of the woman or jealous of me.
    3. block of stars; trimming trees

      by , 01-07-2012 at 01:57 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was daytime. I was with my mom, out in the middle of the street in what looked like a suburban block of houses. The houses were about average sized, or maybe even smaller than average. But this was apparently one of the blocks (in Hollywood?) famous for the movie stars who resided here.

      A male celebrity had just moved in here. There were a whole bunch of people, all gathered on the sidewalk around the man's house -- which was kind of small. The people were all taking pictures of the house. I think they expected the man to come out of the house soon.

      But I knew that the houses on both sides of the man were empty. To the right of the man's house, there may actually have been two empty houses.

      I knew that a lot of movie stars were out of employment, and that many had had to give up their houses. This neighborhood was becoming desolate. I even wondered why the people in front of the man's house had come here, if all they really had to photograph today was this one man's house.

      I started thinking that if these houses were so small, and if the neighborhood was so empty, perhaps the house prices were a lot lower. I thought that maybe if I got a job here, even if it wasn't a good job, I could afford the rent on one of these houses.

      I walked down toward one of the houses on the right of the man's house. I must have been trying to see if I could get into the house. I then walked up to one of the houses on the left. I think I actually tried the doorknob on that house.

      But my mom -- I think -- got my attention. I think I was trying, in front of my mom, not to look like I was thinking of moving into one of these places. My mom called me across the street, to a house we had been here to visit in the first place.

      I crossed the street and walked into the house. As I did, the sky may have been getting really grey. I walked into the house, possibly with my mom.

      The house was now my mom's house. I had come into the house with one of my friends. I was in the living room, by myself. My friend and my mom may have been in the dining room or the kitchen, which was separated from the living room by a dividing wall.

      The living room was dim, unlit, only lit with the light coming from the dining room or kitchen. The living room may also have been really empty.

      But there was an entertainment center on the wall to my right. And on that entertainment center there may have been a small pile of mail. I think I took two pieces of mail and hid them under my shirt.

      I could hear my mom and my friend talking. At some point I went into the kitchen while my mom and my friend. I thought I'd join the conversation. But they'd left without my seeing them. They were now either in the living room, or standing up in a stairwell up to the second floor. The stairwell was near the entertainment center.

      The dining area was kind of L-shaped. The "base" of the L had a dining table. The "side" of the L had a sofa and a kind of long coffee table. The L-shape surrounded the kitchen, which was walled off, I think, from my view.

      As I sat on the couch, I could hear my mom and my friend talking. They were actually talking about what a lazy person I was. I sat, curled up on the couch, kind of feeling terrible about myself.

      But, for some reason, I thought that my mom would be really impressed by this magic trick I had to show her. I pulled the two pieces of mail out from under my shirt. One envelope was white. The other was black. I thought my trick of the "magically appearing" mail would be pretty cool.

      But then I realized, almost as if my friend were telling me this in my head, that my mom would be far from impressed if I pulled her stolen mail out from under my shirt. I was here -- we were both here -- to prove that we were good enough for something or other.

      I sat the two pieces of mail on the coffee table, hoping that my mom wouldn't miss them on the entertainment center and would just think she'd sat them on the coffee table. I'd have sat them back on the entertainment center, except that my mom was somewhere near it right then.

      Dream #2

      It was night. I was standing out in front of a house in a suburban neighborhood. The front yards for these houses were huge, even though the houses themselves were of about average size or smaller.

      My mom and I had just arrived, and were walking out of a pickup truck. The house we'd arrived at was set weird, like the front door was on the "right" side of the house, instead of on the "front" side, which would have faced the street. The porch light for the house was on, lighting up a really good portion of the yard with raspy, white, incandescent light.

      My mom was getting me set up on the project of trimming a tree or shrub that was in "front" of the house (the side facing the street). She gave me some kind of instructions, and told me why it would be difficult for me to do this.

      But before we got to work trimming the tree, my mom built -- almost instantaneously, and all by herself -- a plaster-like dome coming off of the "front-right" corner of the house. She encased us in it as she built it.

      It was now built. My mom led me around a kind of dividing wall in the structure. We went through a doorway and were back in the yard. Somehow this dome separated us from the truck. My mom told me something like once I started my job, I couldn't go back, or once I started my job I couldn't go back until I'd finished the job.

      I must have grabbed a pair of clippers and got to work clipping the tree. The tree was possibly a weeping cherry. It had drooping, kind of maroon-colored branches. Berries seemed to be growing off of it, more like hawthorn-berries than cherries. They were bright and red.

      Hawthorn berries

      Weeping cherry

      But for some reason, I got distracted from this work and began to fly in the front yard. My flying was controlled by my arms, mostly by the movement of my hands. So if I lifted my hands (clenched in fists) up to my shoulders, I'd lift from the ground. If I stretched my arms way over my head, I'd fly really high. If I shifted my hands to the left or right, I'd move that way as well.

      But at some point, I saw my great-grandmother (who IWL passed away a little over two years ago) sitting up really high in something like an oak tree that had no limbs until the high-up limbs in which my grandma sat.

      I landed at the base of the tree and looked up to my grandma. My grandma said if I was ----- (something in reference to the cherry tree I'd been cutting), that my real concern should, then, be to trim the -----berry tree.

      My grandma pointed across the street, to another tree in the front yard with the cherry tree. This tree was a lot like the tree my grandma sat in. It had bark like a pin-oak tree. But it was really tall, and it didn't have any limbs until way up high on the tree. But I knew that the branches of this tree also bore bright red, hawthorn-like berries.

      I was now at the base of that tree. I may have started flying in the front yard again. But now I realized that my mom was no longer here. I may have remembered her saying that she was going to get some more tools, so she could help me trim the trees. But she hadn't come back. I decided to look for her.

      I went into the house. It now turned out that I wasn't looking for my mom because she had gone missing after looking for tools. I was now looking for her because she had just come back from getting food for the family from some fast food joint, and she had forgotten to tell me and give me my food.

      I saw the bags of fast food on a dining table on the right wall as I entered the house. I may also have seen some other person there, like a childhood version of my little sister. And I probably heard or saw a television blaring somewhere. Something about the atmosphere felt very frenetic.

      Just to the left of the table was a door, which I knew was the door to my mother's room. I just thought I'd poke my head in there and ask if it was okay for me to get my food before I grabbed into the bags of food.

      But when I opened the door, I saw some young Latino guy making out with some young woman. The guy seemed kind of upset. So I closed the door.

      My mindset totally changed. It was like my mom wasn't even around anymore. I was now in this guy's house. This guy had gotten the food. I was working on this guy's trees. And he was in his room, making out with this woman. I felt ashamed for having intruded.

      The man called to me from inside the room. I opened the door. The guy was still laying there, half-naked, on this woman, on a couch. He looked up toward me. He had a kind of chubby face and chubby arms. His hair was shaved pretty short. He wore black, Oakley-style sunglasses.

      I asked the guy about the food. He told me, sure, just grab my stuff and some fries out of the bag, don't worry about it. After I closed the door and was grabbing my food, I heard the man say to his giggling girlfriend, "Geez. He sure works hard in asking for his food. But he doesn't work hard at any of the work I give him."

      I felt bad about what the man had said. I think I felt so bad that I decided not to take any food after all.

      I walked around in a room off from the living room. This room also basically looked just like a living room. But the ceilings were really high. There were family pictures dotting the walls, all the way up to the ceiling.

      For some reason, I decided to start flying again. I think I had really good control over my flight now. I practiced going up and down and left and right a lot. But then I tried doing some flips. When I'd reach the ceiling, I'd flip or somersault really close to it.
    4. excrement omelette; gift for cousin

      by , 09-09-2011 at 12:26 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A man was talking to another man. I didn't see either man, as if they were both talking in narration. One man mentioned a new "excrement omelette," which was a layer of eggs wrapped around a thin filling of crap. I saw a cross-section of one of these "excrement omelettes." It looked like a Hot Pocket, except the crust was egg and the filling was crap.

      The second guy said, "That's a terrible idea! It sounds disgusting!"

      The first guy said that it couldn't be such a bad idea. Apparently some really famous supermodel ate them all the time and thought they were really delicious.

      Dream #2

      I had come to some nice, two-story house in the suburbs. I was in the living room, which was kind of dim and grey. There were a few other people there, some of whom were probably members of my family. I seemed to be always looking up toward the ceiling, and my view sometimes seemed kind of low, as it I were looking up from about waist height.

      At first I knew I had come here to be here for my family, maybe my cousin in particular. But now I was upstairs, in a bedroom, probably a characteristic young man's bedroom. I now realized that I was here to see my cousin off. He was shipping out for Afghanistan soon. This may have been my cousin's old room.

      I thought about giving my cousin a gift. But I hadn't gotten him anything before I had come here. I starting looking around in the room, as if the room were some kind of gift shop, even though it was still the same old room. I found two shot glasses on a shelf. I took the two glasses off the shelf. It was like I was seeing this from a really low point, like waist height.

      The two shot glasses had weird, notched bases and a black-line portrait of some famous person. I thought that would be appropriate, as my cousin either liked that person or the place associated with that person. I also found something else I could give my cousin, but I can't remember what it was.

      I may have gone back downstairs. I may also have seen my cousin.
    5. friends, track, and comics; new york budget stars

      by , 07-19-2011 at 11:57 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was night. I was walking around something like a running track, which seemed to be in a big stadium, but which also may have been indoors. The track itself seemed weird. It seemed to be made up of something like quilts or baby blankets. There was a lot of pale or pastel blue and green. But there was also something like white, fluffy material and kids' toys and books.

      I met up with one of my old friends, M, who was hanging out around the back curve of the track. Then another old friend, R, showed up. We were right next to a house, which was apparently R's house. The house seemed like a mix between some kind of gingerbread house and a double-wide trailer.

      I was supposed to have met with R for something like a meal. But I really didn't want to. I made up some excuse for not being able to eat with him. He said that was fine. He'd actually had to go meet with someone else who was helping him with some kind of artistic project.

      I thought of my friend M. He was going to a cafe with a bunch of our mutual friends. But he hadn't invited me. I kind of felt left out. I knew where they were going. I thought I would just show up there. After all, I always go to cafes. So what if I just went to this one?

      R was kneeling over some long, short beam of wood which was serving as something like a work table. The beam of wood was also covered with blankets and padding. R wanted to show me something at the "table," so I came over.

      R showed me a book which displayed a selection of really popular comic books. But each comic book was only exemplified through one strip of maybe three frames. All the books were done in color. The color was really plain and blocky. One image stuck out for me -- a kind of big, muscly man, kind of like Wolverine, standing before a red fire. The man seemed to be naked. He had long hair, which was blowing in the wind.

      Dream #2

      I was in some place like a City Hall. The place was crammed full of people. I sat or stood somewhere near the back, possibly under a balcony.

      A meeting was going on discussing New York City's debt. The lawmakers were trying to decide on something like raising the debt ceiling or just putting in more funds somehow. The main person talking about this was MM, a big, overweight white man with white hair and a kind of reddish face.

      After MM gave a really heated speech, a row of people in seats above and behind him began speaking. They were all kind of second-rate celebrities. They were doing something more like giving Hollywood Squares-like banter and jokes. I understood somehow that the people attending the meeting were more interested in the celebrities' banter than in the debt problem with New York.

      A female celebrity sat in a lower row. The area all around her was empty. The woman kind of looked like a mix between Gloria Steinem and Annie Hall. She wore blue jeans, a white blouse, a tan vest, and green sunglasses. She had her feet up on the back of the seats in front of her.

      The woman said, "I can understand what the politicians are saying and I'm not bored by it. It's important. So why don't we talk about it instead of having all these jokes?"

      A man a few rows behind the woman and off to her right said, "Well, fine. I can understand it, too. And I'm not bored. So why don't we just get down to business, if you insist so much?"

      The discussion was apparently about to begin. But now everybody was walking out. It was like the meeting was adjourned so that people could get prepared to discuss things seriously.

      I was walking in front of a huge crowd of people, many of whom were celebrities. One of the people was DD, a person from my old office. I apologized to him, "I didn't record yoyr jokes or what you were wearing, like you asked me to. I was too busy trying to hear what the politicians were saying."

      We approached a staircase down to a door that seemed like a door and staircase out of a trailer that might be used for an officed on a construction site. It was really bright and sunny outside. DD said not to worry about it, as long as I had been working on getting some kind of info from the meeting.
    6. garbage dump house; philly and pittsburgh; fedex and ups; zero point list; pyramid drawing

      by , 05-27-2011 at 11:46 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      Some kind of disaster had occurred. It may have been a bomb of some kind. The force of this disaster had been so great that it blew an entire garbage dump into another location.

      I saw an Asian woman, maybe in her late fifties, sitting inside her house. The house was small and empty. It was just one room, maybe 4m by 4m. The walls were probably made of wood and were dark. The only furniture in the house was a bench along the left wall. The woman sat on the bench.

      The woman's hair was in disarray, as if blown out of shape by the wind and set in place by sand and grime. The woman was wearing a dress of rough, dark fabric. She seemed to be studying something. She may actually have been some kind of scientist.

      The front doorway of the house had no door in it. I saw outside, to the piles of garbage that had been blown over in front of the woman's house.

      Dream #2

      Some historical event which involved a group of scientists or businessmen in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. In relation to this I may have seen film footage from the 1920s.

      I was now in a nice restaurant with my mother and grandmother. It was like we, mostly my mom and grandma, had been discussing the historical event. Now the discussion was done and I had my normal awareness again.

      The table we sat at was really long and possibly full of eating implements, though we three were the only ones sitting at it. I sat at the head of the table, and my mom and grandma sat near me on the left and right side. The restaurant was busy with people but calm. Natural light apparently came in through some bigs windows behind me.

      I told my mom and grandma, "Well, speaking of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, have you heard of -----?" I had named somebody who was apparently a scientist in the area.

      Dream #3

      A FedEx truck was in front of a UPS truck. They were both stopped, but they were on a road and could have started moving again at any moment.

      A young man who may have been Latino, kind of skinny, with short-shaved hair and a thin mustache, jumped out of the back of the FedEx truck. He wore a FedEx shirt and black denim shorts that went down to or just below his knees.

      Just as the young man had jumped out of the FedEx truck, the UPS truck rolled forward a tiny bit. The young man did some weird flinching move, rolling and twitching his head downward and kind of spinning around a bit. The young man barely missed getting hit. He walked away by the driver's side of the UPS truck.

      Dream #4

      I was looking at a big sheet of paper or a big sign made to look like an old sheet of paper. It was a list of people who had done research into zero-point energy. The words were all blurry. But the font looked like the stereotypical lettering for wanted posters in the old west.

      Dream #5

      I was in some room which may have had dark floors and dark walls. At least one other person was in the room with me. He was an artist. He may have been trying to teach me something.

      I suddenly had a vision of a clay-red pyramid on a horizonf of grass before a white-grey sky. I got really excited about and absorbed in this vision. Then the vision was before me, as a painting.

      The man kind of forgot what he had been teaching me. He seemed to think whatever I was doing with this painting was just fine.

      I now walked out of the room with the painting folded slightly in my hands, so the pyramid was still visible. The paper may have had a weird, rough feeling to it. It was paper, not canvas. But it was a rough kind of paper. The painting was folded up with a number of other paintings as well.
    7. early morning with dad; grocery store girl; grandma and another state

      by , 05-24-2011 at 11:45 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a house all by myself. The house was one story. The living room was huge, but it was extremely cluttered, as if laundry and blankets were strewn everywhere. It was early morning and dark.

      My mother and the rest of the family had left the house some time ago. They had probably left for at least a few days. I had the house all to myself. I didn't live here with my family, but I was "in town" for a few days.

      I walked into a bedroom which was just off from the living room and right next to the front door of the house. The room was really small, maybe twice as big as the small bed inside it. It was also extremely cluttered.

      I may have heard a car arriving outside. I knew it was my father. I think my mom and the rest of my family had left because they knew my dad was coming for a visit and they wanted to avoid him.

      I walked out into the living room through some kind of thin sheet that was now hanging over the doorway to the bedroom. My dad was already in the house. I was wearing a red and white trucker cap. My dad may have been wearing one as well.

      My dad may have asked me why I was up so early. I said, "I always get up this early. This is when I go to work. In fact, I'm heading to work right now."

      My dad and I were looking toward a huge sliding glass door to the backyard. But our view to the backyard was blocked by a thin, yellow curtain and possibly also a white dry-erase board.

      My dad asked if I always go to work this early. I told him I did, and that I tried to work pretty late as well. My dad said, "Well, my habit has always been to do Fridays only from nine to five. I thought you might do the same thing. At least on Fridays."

      Dream #2

      I was in a grocery store, getting checked out. The front of the store had big windows running along the wall, looking out on a bright, sunny parking lot. I felt like something, almost like a big piece of machinery, was behind me, making it very uncomfortable for me to stand in the checkout line.

      A thin, Latina girl just a bit shorter than I was bagging my groceries. She asked me at some point about my work. I was away from work and I needed to get back. I may actually have been picking up supplies for some kind of work party. The girl may have asked me if my work was really strict with how long I was away.

      I told the girl about my hours and what I did at work. She had bagged my stuff and was now walking out of the store with me, helping me take my bags to the car.

      I was out in the parking lot. I may have been by myself. A few kids whom I may have thought of as a group of kids I'd taken out on volunteer projects came walking up. I was a little shy, but I called out to them. We kept talking, but for some reason I kept heading to my car, which was a few aisles away.

      I now saw that my sister was among the kids. I couldn't see my sister or the kids anymore, but I was "talking" with my sister. She told me she would try to be back at home for whatever party I was throwing. But she wasn't sure she could make it. But if she didn't make it I shouldn't be upset. Because she -----

      Dream #3

      I was in a hotel lobby. The interior was small, but furnished with nice wood and chairs. But the light was a terribly drab fluorescent. I sat at some couch.

      I got a call from my grandmother. She said she had prepared some form for me so I could stay at this hotel for a kind of long period of time. I now had the "form" in my right hand. It was on an iPad. The form was black with white lettering. The blanks, when not written in, were an orange-fadey color.

      My grandma said she'd filled in a lot of the form. I noticed she had filled in my social security number. I was kind of surprised by that. But my grandma said, "Yeah, of course I have your social security number. I can get that if I want. I can even have them give me your social security card if I want. It comes with being your grandmother."

      I felt slightly inconvenienced at having to be at this hotel, but I figured I'd stay here anyway, since my grandma had done so much to secure a place for me.

      But either I or my grandma pointed out that the forms would not be finalized for a while. I told my grandma, "If thats's the case, I need to go somewhere else until the forms are finalized. These people don't like having me here in the first place. And having me here without my permanent forms finalized is just an excuse for them to give me a bad time."

      I spoke with my grandma about where I should go while I wait. My view was now of a map. It was apparently a map of Colorado, where I grew up. I kept travelling south on a red road on the map, through a number of towns notated by circles. The color of the map changed from pale lime green to yellow.

      I kept telling my grandma I couldn't stay in any of the towns my vision passed through, as the people in those towns all hated "people like me." I eventually went south of Colorado's border, which was much more jagged and rounded than it is IWL. There were three towns just south of the border. I may have figured one of those towns would be safe for me to stay in.
    8. bomb 1; bomb 2; my phone; friend's house; screening theatre; meeting events; friend's apartment

      by , 05-16-2011 at 11:41 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A nuclear bomb had struck. I was somehow put in charge of keeping some kind of order within a small group of people, possibly in some desert town.

      Dream #2

      Again, a nuclear bomb had struck, and I was put in charge of keeping some kind of order within a small group of people.

      Dream #3

      I was outside, possibly in some kind of desert area. I stood with a few people in front of a small house. My mother may have been among the people.

      A short, middle-aged man with wiry, black hair asked me about my phone. He seemed unfamiliar with Android phones. He was more familiar with iPhones. He was particularly interested in how I played music on my phone.

      I gave the man my phone. I hoped he wouldn't look at my internet history and see the perverted sites I went to.

      The man fiddled with the screen to make some green, holographic image appear. He then handed the phone back to me. He said, "Well, they made that really easy to use, didn't they?"

      I thought the man had complimented my phone. But I felt elated, as if he had complimented me.

      Dream #4

      I took my friend H to meet my old friend R. We were at a house in suburbia. It was darj night, and the street was very lonely.

      R opened the door and let us in. His house was dim inside, but it looked kind of big. We were in some kind of front living room. H sat in a chair by a wall next to a staircase up to the second floor.

      R and I had gone out for some reason. Now we were coming back. We were probably wearing clothes we would have worn in college. I may have been wearing a round-brimmed hat. We were talking about history and politics.

      We got back to R's house. I was surprised to find H there, but I couldn't exactly figure why I was surprised. So I introduced H to R. Both H and R laughed at me. R said, "You already did that!"

      We three sat at a dining table in the kitchen. H and R were getting along well, and H had even dressed in some of R's clothes while R and I had been away.

      Dream #5

      I was in some kind of theatre, possibly a movie theatre. But the screen must have been way up high, because, as I sat in the front row, all I could see while looking forward was a brown-beige wall of wide, plastic squares. Over to my right was a tall structure, like a judge's stand, made out of the same material.

      I was alone in the front row at first. But then two old ladies came and sat on either side of me. They each had a few bags of stuff, and they sat the stuff so that it kind of crowded me.

      I may have looked down to a piece of paper in my hands to see exactly what kind of event was going to be happening here.

      Dream #6

      I was at some kind of event for gifted kids, as if I were in high school or college again. The event was like some kind of convention. This may have been the last day of the convention.

      I was looking forward to some bunch of events that may have been taking place after the official convention stuff was over. But I knew that I had to go back to work or school the next day. So I didn't want to spend too much time at the after-party stuff.

      I looked at a piece of paper saying what was going on. There was some concert that looked interesting to me: a girl band whose name had "Cherry" in it. They were playing "pretty late:" the concert the Cherry band were in started at 8 or 9 PM, and the Cherry band would be the last group to play. But I decided I'd better stay anyway. The Cherry band sounded too cool to miss.

      Dream #7

      I was in an apartment stairwell with H, my brother, and my sister. We were coming to visit the new apartment of R and his wife, L.

      L opened the door. She let us in. The living room was really big, but it felt more like the interior of a brick-oven pizzeria than like the interior of a house.

      L said that R was doing something like taking a shower. L sat around talking to us in a relaxed but kind of detached manner. I think my sister may have been the most active person in the conversation.
    9. baby for another family

      by , 05-01-2011 at 02:10 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a different family's house. I had been there for at least one day. I made some kind of agreement with the parents. After this I either left the house or fell asleep and made an out-of-body flight out of the house.

      I either drove or floated around the family's neighborhood. I thought about the deal we had made, and some kind of arrangements I would have to make. The sun eventually came up, and, as it was pretty bright, I floated back toward the family's house.

      The neighborhood looked nice, like some kind of upper class neighborhood in California, with white houses and palm trees, set, apparently, among rolling hills. I basically floated right into the house, right through a front wall, on the ground floor.

      The set up was a living room, then something like a half-room/half-hallway, then a big kitchen, then another room like a second living room in the back of the floor, and a few other rooms off to the left of that. Everything was lit with a kind of dim, blue-grey light, as if the bright early morning light were coming in through heavy, blue-grey curtains.

      I floated through the living room. I eventually touched down and began walking. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw the mom of the family. She was the only person up. She sat at the kitchen table, preparing something, possibly something for a baby.

      The kitchen table, along with the rest of the kitchen, seemed to be cluttered with household items, but not dirty.

      I was wearing a thin, powder-blue babydoll-skirt with tiny, puffy sleeves. I wasn't wearing any underwear, and I seemed to be at a pre-pubescent stage of sexual development. I don't actually know whether I was myself or some pretty-looking boy.

      Apparently I had made some kind of deal, either with only with the mom or with the mom and the dad, that I would dress up and act like a baby girl for them.

      Something had happened to the daughter. It was like the daughter was a product, like a doll that had broken. They needed to make up for this by using me as a baby-substitute. I can't remember the details, but it reminds me of TV shows when a puppy dies and the parents try to buy a new puppy to trick the kids into thinking the puppy is still alive.

      I didn't need to act like a little girl yet, because everybody was still asleep. Plus, there was apparently some specific event that I was acting for, and it wasn't until later in the morning. So I was about to go put on some regular boy underwear.

      But as I walked into one of the rooms off to the left of the kitchen, I decided that I wanted to wear diapers and crawl around and act like a baby around the mom. So I crept shyly back into the kitchen and stood right next to the mom. I asked if it would be alright if I put on some diapers right now. She seemed indifferent and said that would be fine.

      I walked through a left door in the kitchen. I was going to go around through the left room and then back to the back living room, instead of straight into the back living room through the back doorway in the kitchen. The diapers were in a cluttered pile of household items in the back living room, possibly near a fireplace.

      At this point in time I may also have been sucking on a pacifier. I may also have looked a lot more like a little girl than a man or a little boy. It was now also like the baby girl I was "replacing" was still around and perfectly fine.

      I thought, The little girl still has to use the diapers. The mom is indulging me by letting me wear more than I need for the time that the family needs me. It's really just wasting diapers. It's doing a disservice to the little girl, because she needs the diapers and I don't. And isn't it gross that I want to wear diapers before the event? If I'm so eager to jump into diapers right now, doesn't that prove I really like wearing diapers?

      (Side note: Sorry for the hentai character of my dreams sometimes. I'm not trying to gross anybody out.

      As for the not-so-hentai parts of my dreams, I think the family and California neighborhood themes come from my trip to the Paley Center, or the Museum of Television and Radio, yesterday.

      This is a museum where you can watch all kinds of old TV shows, commercials, etc. It's kind of like a mix between YouTube and a library. They also have a movie theatre where they run a specific set of TV programs all day long.

      So yesterday the movie theatre was showing the program An American Family, which was made in 1971 and is kind of recognized as the first "reality show." The family in that show lived in California.

      Even though the family was pretty dysfunctional, I kept wondering what it would be like to be a part of the family, in a positive way. I mean, they seemed pretty dysfunctional, but pretty glamorous, too.

      Anyway, then I watched some TV programs on my own. One of the programs I watched was a Nova special about UFOs. It was made in the 1990s, and one part of it involved an interview with a family in Miami whose children were apparently visited by aliens on a nightly basis. There were a little boy and an infant girl.

      But what reallly struck me about this family was how white their house was. The wall were blank, white, so bright. The carpet was white, the couch was white, everything was white! It was so unreal -- I thought I'd only see a setting like that in a movie or a dream. I think the family's house in my dream was a reaction against the purity of that house.

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    10. private detective; mom and money; l'arc en ciel song

      by , 04-12-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was somehow talking with a private detective or remembering a past discussion with a private detective. It was like I was seeing either real life or a video of "my family's house," with possible clips of the detective in the house, while also hearing the conversation between myself and the detective.

      The detective had been sent to my family's house. Some other member of my extended family had accused either my mother or my sister of doing something bad. This may have included abusing children or stealing money from an extended family member.

      I didn't feel like my mom or my sister had actually done anything wrong. So I didn't want the detective to do whatever kind of investigation he was doing on them. But the detective was actually mad at me. He told me that I wasn't helping him enough. He needed to get into the house. But I was keeping everything closed. He told me that the least I could do for him would be to keep a window open.

      At some point I saw the detective in the living room. The room, like all the others, was cluttered with all kinds of papers, though it also appeared to be cluttered with other things, such as flannel blankets. The detective was shuffling through a stack of white papers that looked like some kind of government documents.

      Dream #2

      I was in a living room The room was kind of nice. I stood in front of a big entertainment center. I was remembering a conversation with my mother. At some point in the conversation, my mother asked me how much money I was making. I told her my salary. She said, "Good. Now it's time to go out there and make even more."

      I had the feeling that this living room was my mom's living room. I had been living here, but now I was getting ready to move out. It was part of the next step in my life.

      I stood looking at the entertainment center. There was a TV inside the entertainment center, but it was sat on some kind of coffee table which sat on the floor. In fact, the entertainment center didn't seem to have any shelves or drawers in it. It just seemed to be some kind of six-foot-tall shell made of fake wood. But I still thought it was pretty cool. It may have had some potted plants hanging down from its roof.

      I wondered if I was going to be able to take the entertainment center with me. I couldn't remember if it was mine or my mom's. But now I was having trouble remembering whether my mom was coming with me.

      I walked through the entertainment center. The right side of it had a little doorway-like structure. I thought to myself that the entertainment center added a lot to the feeling of space in the house. I thought that good taste in interior decoration must mean something like being able to fill your house with all these things that seem to add to the feeling of space in the house.

      Dream #3

      I was in some wide, short space with concrete floors and cinder block walls. The place may have been like some part of a school building. The floors were waxed and shiny. The only light was from windows at the far end of the room. I may have seen myself in the middle of the room, as if I were separate from myself. I may have looked like a junior high or early high school student.

      I was running around in a bit of a panic. For some reason, for a really long time I had been trying to remember a L'arc en Ciel song. But I kept remembering the wrong song. I finally slowly began to remember the lyrics to the song I had been trying to remember.

      I also began to "remember" that this song had been taken by some group of people to make some statement on women's menstrual cycles. It was then being used to make girls feel bad about themselves and about having sex.
    11. huge beard; hotel apartment; outdoor camp

      by , 04-08-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I had a huge beard. It just went along my jawline, so that the rest of my face was bare, except that I may also have had a mustache. The beard was maybe three inches long, made up of bushy, wiry hairs. It was pale, reddish brown. But it also seemed to be coated with some white, frosty stuff, like powdered sugar. The white stuff may actually have been the whiteness of the hairs. I may have thought about trimming my beard. I was surprised I had actually let it get this long.

      Dream #2

      I was talking with an older man. I needed to move out of my apartment, possibly because of violenced in the neighborhood as well as in the buidling itself. The man was telling me about some sort of hotel that also served as apartments for a lot of people.

      I saw outside the apartments on a sunny day. The apartment buildings were smallish, maybe three or four stories tall, and made of red brick. Somewhere was the name of the hotel, something like French Hotels. The place looked okay, but it also seemed a little dumpy.

      The older man and I were now inside one of the apartments. I wondered if this place would have bed bugs. As the man continued to talk to me about something, I considered checking under the mattress for bed bugs.

      I was now by myself in some other apartment. It was a pretty big apartment, and it felt pretty lonely. I began to think about my current apartment and all the noise I had to deal with there. I thought to one place I'd lived in only recently, but for a few years, where I'd had no troubles with my neighbors, no noise. But, then, I remembered, that place had been a separate house, not an apartment.

      I thought over what I'd just thought. It didn't make sense. I had been living in the apartment I was living in right now for a number of years. How could I have recently been living in a house for a number of years as well?

      Dream #3

      There was an outdoor camp. There were a lot of tents closely packed together outside. Bordering the left side of the tents was a big, concrete wall. Some soldiers stood on the wall or at some kind of watchtower that reached just over the wall.

      A soldier was telling a woman, possibly an older, Asian woman, to be very careful in the camp. He may have told her not to leave her tent often and to keep an eye on her children. The soldier said that wild animals were still able to get into the camp.

      The soldier said, "I don't mean that a dingo is going to eat your baby or anything."
    12. marriage-deathbed living room; diaper-laundry bag

      by , 04-03-2011 at 01:53 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a house like my great-grandmother's house. Other family members were there. We were all getting ready for a wedding, which was probably going to take place in the living room.

      I walked out from the kitchen into the living room. Right where my great-grandmother's chair would have been, there was a bed. Two or three people were in the bed. These were the people who were going to get married.

      The people had a weird look, like they were frozen or made out of wax. They had strained, sinewy looks on their faces, like old paintings of people in sorrow and pain. They looked like they were near death. One of them seemed to be wearing ancient robes and a head-covering, like women in Renaissance paintings. The robes, and possibly even the person, seemed to be colored a pale pink.

      I think that the scene of the bed made so little sense to me that I actually looked away from it. I couldn't understand how a marriage could be so morbid.

      Other family members were seated in different parts in the room, each group spaced well apart from the other. The family members remarked that there was one person missing from the bed -- the woman who was actually to be the bride.

      The family members all remarked that the woman was so sensitive about having her picture taken in these situations that she'd avoided this scene altogether. Everybody kind of felt bad for setting up this situation, even though it seemed to be the usual part of a wedding. But everybody kind of looked up to this girl, so they hated doing anything that made her uncomfortable.

      I saw the girl in my head. She looked kind of young, maybe in her late teens or early twenties. She was skinny, kind of pale, and blonde, with her hair in a pony tail. She wore tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt which she had tucked into her pants, but which was also a little baggy around her tiny waist.

      Dream #2

      I was in a small bedroom, like a bedroom for a little kid, with my boss. We both sat on the floor, cross-legged. I sat before a bunk bed. My boss sat near the door.

      I had a big, white, cotton bag of laundy in front of me. Inside the bag was a bunch of laundry and two packs of diapers. One pack was pink, and one pack was blue.

      I was going through the bag, shuffling through all the clothing, which may actually have been dirty. I may have been trying to pull some stuff together for some kind of business trip that I was going to take with my boss.

      My boss started telling me about his old job, which actually had something to do with the packs of diapers in the laundry bag. He had done something like design the diapers or been among the first sales team to promote them, or something.

      Apparently the diapers were made for newborns or very young babies. There was some other sort of stuff related to the diapers -- clear, plastic items like tubing and masks (?).

      I pretended to be pulling different items of clothing out of the bag. But I was actually more focused on pulling the diapers and the plastic items out of the bag. I wanted to wear the diapers from the pink pack. I think I assumed that the plastic gear helped you fit into the diapers (?).

      I hoped my boss didn't catch on that I was going to try and wear these newborn girls' diapers. But eventually my boss stopped talking about his old job. He got impatient that I was taking so long finding clothes for the business trip. He said, "I'll be waiting outside, whenever you finally have everything all ready to go."
    13. car ride and meal with family

      by , 01-28-2011 at 12:55 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a car with my mother, nephews, and niece. It was a warm, sunny day. I was in the back, in the center seat. My niece sat in between my knees or on my knees. The front seats were bucket seats, so my niece could reach forward and look through them. My niece was bald for at least part of the dream.

      My niece was really calm, but kind of inquisitive about everything going on outside the car. She usually had a reputation for being hyper and a little mean. I thought, vainly, that my being around her was helping to make her calmer.

      We were now outside, walking up a couple of blocks to my mom's house. We had to walk uphill for a couple short blocks then turn left and walk up another hill to the house. A couple of guys in front of a house on our left called out to my mom. They sounded friendly, but we kept walking. A couple of them may have followed us, calling out at my mom.

      I couldn't tell whether the guys were being rude or just funny. At some point my mom explained something to me to let me know the guys were just being rude. My mom or sister had gotten on the guys' bad side somehow. Now the guys were always harrassing them.

      I thought that I might have to protect my family if things got bad. I really couldn't worry about the things people say. I'd just have to ignore that. But would I be able to handle things if they got violent?

      I was now if the house with my sister and a female friend of hers. I didn't know the friendm She may have been a new friend of my sister's. She was Hispanic, pretty, wearing a kind of baggy t-shirt. I never saw my sister or her friend right on. It was always like they were in another room adjacent to the room I was in (the living room?) and blocked by some piece of furniture, like a big set of dressers.

      I heard my sister and her friend talking. The friend may have been sitting on a couch while my sister was in the kitchen, making lunch.

      I walked around in some cluttered room and found an envelope with my name on it. It was a W-2, for filing my taxes. I wondered how it could have ended up at my mom's house. I figured I must have dropped it somehow. But then I also saw that it was open. I saw that it was easy for people to see the contents of the envelope, including the pay information printed on the form.

      I also saw that the form had come from a company I haven't worked with for two years. I wondered how this could be. Then I thought, Well, I was working with them at the beginning of last year. So of course they'd send me a tax form for this year. I looked at my pay info. It seemed to correspond with the time I'd spent working for the company.

      My sister handed me a plate full of something like grits with pieces of yellow corn floating in it. As I started eating, I heard my sister talk about how hard it was for her and my brother-in-law to take care of their children on their salaries. I felt bad when I heard this, but I couldn't really do anything about it. I was trying to take care of myself.

      I stood before some kind of broken down entertainment center or dresser that was piled over with all kinds of clutter. I began pulling change out of my pocket. I just kept pulling change out of my pocket and piling it up on some flat surface. I was amazed by how much change I had. And it was quarters, too! Not just small change.

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    14. Family visits; dying woman

      by , 01-11-2011 at 01:24 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was with my family in a dark house. There seemed to be a lot of us, more than my extended family. We were all crowded around the television
      The rest of the living room was crammed with boxes.

      I was in town, visiting my family. Today was my last day in town.

      My mom was behind us, in the kitchen. She told me that she had just called my aunt, and that my aunt would be coming over soon. I got mad at my mom. She and my aunt always has conflicts. I wondered why my mom would invite such conflict on my last day in town. I really didn't want to see my aunt.

      My mom got upset and started crying asking didn't I know she was just trying to make it so I could see everybody I loved? I now felt really bad and figured I could deal with seeing my aunt.

      Dream #2

      I was with a man and a woman, walking through a place that looked like the lobby of a hotel. The man and I were carrying big plates of mirrors as big as windowpanes. The T three of us were here to visit a dying woman. We headed for an elevator. The woman by insisted on carrying the mirror I held. She felt like she hadn't been c doing enough. So I let her carry it.

      We went into an elevator. The woman had laid down the mirror, which was now only about knee-high. We got up to the second floor, or the mezzanine. I walked around by myself now.

      I was now in a place like a library. I found a book on a table that interested me. It seemed to be written in Hebrew and had colorful art on the jacket, like an Art Nouveau version of Hans Christian Andersen.

      I was a little annoyed that I couldn't read the book. From a stack of books on a balcony above me, the voice of an unseen man began calling at me. The man sounded kind of nersy and annoying. But he was yelling at me that my time was coming soon, and that I was going to die.

      I was really annoyed by the guy, but I decided to ignore him. Suddenly I found a section of the book I was looking at that was written in English. Finally I could understand the book.
    15. flying over houses; anime live drama and artist's room

      by , 12-21-2010 at 01:30 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I'm pretty sure I was only semi-lucid in the first dream, even though I was aware that I was dreaming.

      The second dream took place between 5 AM and 5:30 AM, I'm pretty sure.

      Dream #1

      I was in a house with some female "family members." They appeared to be about my age, white, very pretty. I saw them as if we were all close together. The women were having some kind of serious conversation.

      I suddenly floated up and out of the house. I assumed I was in the neighborhood my family had lived in before I went to college. (Though it now seems to me that all the houses were much bigger that in that neighborhood, and that they all had flat roofs.)

      At some point during all of this, I told myself I was dreaming. I think that I was thinking this was something more like an out-of-body experience than a dream. I told myself to focus on the rooftops and try to "bring something back" to waking life that would prove I'd had an OBE.

      But I was only floating around between a small number of houses. I think I was having some kind of trouble with my vertical control, like I kept on going up way high and having to pull myself back down.

      At some point in time I saw a house with its roof caved in. I recognized this house as being a couple houses down from my family's old house. I thought for sure that this would be something I could "bring back."

      I thought I'd focus in on this house, land on the roof. But instead of landing on the roof, I ended up going way down to the ground or a much lower roof (as if all these houses were like multi-story buildings -- which is obviously not true in that neighborhood). I flew back up and landed on the top of the roof.

      But the roof wasn't collapsed. Instead, I found, the whole thing had been an optical illusion. The object which had given an impression of a depression in the roof was actually the basin of a gigantic hot tub.

      Somehow, again without any criticism, I found myself in the empty basin of this gigantic hot tub, indoors. The hot tub was actually on the roof of the back end of a big RV. The room I was in was like a gigantic garage for the RV (even though, again, it was on the top floor of this "house").

      I called out to my brother. He'd been friends with the son of this family. I figured he'd know more about this than I did. My brother "appeared," though I don't think I ever saw him directly.

      After I'd "asked" (mentally?) my brother about the gigantic RV and hot tub, he responded, "Yeah, I was surprised, too, the first time I came to their house. I thought it was a broken roof, too. Because they always looked and acted so poor.

      "But then I realized that they really did have all this rich stuff, too. Then I started getting jealous, because we don't have anything like this! But then they started letting me use it, too."

      Dream #2

      I was watching some kind of live-action drama that had elements in common with an anime drama.

      The view eventually changed to some kind of drama of which I was a part, even though I was still only an observer.

      There were a bunch of beautiful, rich, college-aged people walking from the right to the left of my view, before some stone castle which was part of some college campus. The sky overhead was dark and roiling with clouds. The students (mostly or all women?) were wearing colorful, silk dresses and plastic masks to make them look like anime characters.

      Eventually I was in a room, at a party. The room felt like a study in a big, nice house. The room was dim, full of people, probably rich adults.

      I had been talking at first with a young woman. At some point I was listening to the speech of a man who had a face like Rodin's sculptures of Balzac. The man was speaking with great pride about how he had cheated some business associate, then killed and eaten him.

      Now I saw a group of partiers, all turned toward me, motionless, silent. They were mostly women. The women wore masks like female anime characters. The men wore masks like the mustache mask from V for Vendetta (?).

      My view now shifted to a number of fragmented scenes showing old, great manga and anime artists at their work. One scene had a man sitting back in his swivel chair before his desk. The man was tallish, wearing a sweater and a beret (but he wasn't Tezuka).

      The wall of the man's room was turquoise blue, and was decorated with some of the classic anime and manga he'd created. One drawing was a figure of a plain, young man with black hair wearing a yellow sweater and khaki slacks. Another anime of his had to do with the adventures of some little girl in a forest. I heard the anime theme song.

      (As I woke, I could hear the theme song of this anime. I even hummed it to keep it in my mind. But I forgot it now. Ugh.)
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