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    1. hungry animals; sports tickets

      by , 02-17-2012 at 03:23 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was a hot day. I was walking up a slope in a desert forest. The soil was grey and dry. There were pine trees, well-spaced, and shrubs and boulders.

      I somehow sensed an animal stirring behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see an animal I first thought of as a deer starting up from behind a boulder.

      The deer seemed to be afraid of me, so that it wouldn't move. So I turned around and walked away, hoping to calm the animal.

      The deer now rushed out from behind the boulder and past me, coming a little close. It was probably still afraid of me. It scared me a little, too. It was very big. I now thought of it as an elk, even though it was colored like a deer.

      I now turned to my left and was walking toward a path or road. There were no trees in this area, and the sun was bright. From behind a smaller boulder sprung another deer-like animal. This one was dark mahogany, almost like an elk. But it only came up to my waist.

      The little animal was really friendly. So I decided to pet it. It began licking me. But then it got too clingy with me. It began kissing and sucking my hand. I couldn't escape from the animal. It almost seemed to be coiling around me. And it was slobbering all over me.

      I knew people said that wild animals with rabies first act really friendly with people. I wondered if this animal had rabies. If it did, and it was slobbering all over me, if was probably exposing me to rabies.

      I managed to free myself from the animal. I was now on the path. There were a black man and woman on the path with me. Off to my left was a small, nice, wooden bridge that overlooked a wide, shimmering valley or gleaming lake.

      The woman was telling me how she was poor and hungry. She was trying to get me to give her money so she could get some food. But I had a feeling that she only wanted to feel me out to see if she could use me to get a lot of money.

      But the man told the woman to stop complaining and to get onto assistance. The man said that where we were, in South Africa (?), people could get really good food assistance.

      Dream #2

      I was watching a true-crime TV show, kind of like "Unsolved Mysteries," probably with my family. The segment was about some woman who had been murdered by her boyfriend.

      The murder was pretty gruesome. But, for some reason, what struck me more was how irresponsible and neglectful the woman had been in her life. I took as a sign of this the woman's obsession with collecting little "cute" toys.

      One of these toys stood up on a bookshelf. It was a little, black rabbit. I somehow knew that the rabbit was controlled by a stylus, as if it were something like a touch-screen Game Boy.

      I was standing -- somewhere -- with my sister. I was showing her that I knew how to play with these "cute" animals as well. The "cute" animal was basically a screen like an iPad screen, surrounded with white fur.

      I was now walking around outside with a tall, fattish white man. The man had stubbly cheeks and wore a baseball cap and a too-tight, pale yellow t-shirt. We were walking through some small mountain town that looked partly lke an old western town and partly like a modern town.

      The man and I were crossing some bridge from one section of town to another. After that we walked up a hill of buildings that kind of looked like Old West buildings.

      I was telling the man about my job. The man said that my job sounded pretty good. I started to worry that the man would think I was bragging and either try to cut me down or take my job away. So I thought I should tone down my enthusiasm.

      I told the man that the job was good for somebody like me because it was a project that was just starting out. It was good for people like me who had volatile emotions. I found it physically hard to say "volatile emotions."

      The man asked me what I meant. I explained -- while shrouding my head with a towel (???) -- that I could suddenly get angry really easily.

      I was still talking to the man when he veered us into some building that looked partly like an Old West saloon and partly like a modern cafe. I hadn't even quite realized we'd gone inside.

      The man veered off to the left and left me behind. He told me he wasn't trying to avoid me. But he just had something important to take care of. He went to the counter.

      I stood around for a bit, then decided that maybe I should get something while I was here. But I needed to get money first. So I went to an ATM just to the right of the counter.

      Just to the right of the ATM was a table at which sat three ladies. The ladies were all dressed like from the Old West. I felt like I owed the ladies something. So it didn't seem right that I should be getting money out of the ATM right in front of them.

      The man walked over to the table and I followed. Apparently the man and I had done something for the ladies. Now the man was looking for our repayment.

      The head lady addressed the man. The lady was tall and stately, with a firm, shapely figure. She wore a dress with red and maroon stripes, a corset-like waist, and puffed-out sleeves. She had her greying hair up in a very fancy coiffure.

      The lady handed us two tickets as repayment. I looked at my ticket. It was white with peach-pink writing. It said that it was good for any one sporting event, anywhere in the world, at any time.

      The woman said she had discussed our repayment with her lawyer, and that this type of repayment balanced being the best for us and the most convenient for her. And since she'd discussed it with her lawyer, it was legally protected. So we shouldn't try to fight her for any other type of repayment -- such as, I guess, the money we'd probably expected.

      The man and I walked away. We were probably back outside. The man was disappointed at first. But then he said that this gift was actually good, and quite a feminine gift, because it balanced the boyish and adult sides of a man.

      I thought the gift was cheap, and I couldn't figure out why the man seemed satisfied with it. But, either as or after I woke, I began to realize that I could go to any sporting event in the world, at any time. I began trying to decide what sporting event I would go to.
    2. laying wetwall

      by , 12-03-2011 at 02:15 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was somewhere with a boss I worked for IWL until 2009. He might have been talking to me about coming back to work for him.

      I was then in another room, maybe the next room over from where I was with my old boss. The room was kind of unfinished. The floors may have been grey concrete. The walls may have been bare drywall.

      There was a beautiful woman, maybe in her late twenties, off to my left. She may have been leaning her back against a wall. Off to her right there was a window.

      The woman may have been considering whether to give me a job. As part of showing the woman my qualifications, I was lifting a piece of drywall onto the wall in front of me. I was setting it into a framing of widely-spaced brackets. The brackets were like copper-colored nails with their ends bent up at 90-degree angles.

      I wasn't actually, for myself, completing this task in order to get the job, even though I knew the woman was trying to determine whether she wanted me for the job. And I didn't want my old boss to think that I was going for this job. If he did think that, I believed, he'd start messing around and playing mind games with me.

      I suddenly noticed, as I lifted the sheet of drywall, that I was naked. My penis was erect, and it must have been touching against the drywall, which hurt.

      Now, instead of lifting a piece of drywall into the frame, I was lifting a white, drywall-sized towel into the frame. The towel was soaking wet. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to get this towel into the frame. It was supposed to go into the frame just like the drywall would.

      I spent a while justifying the possibility of a limp, wet towel doing something like this. Eventually I could even see the limp wet towel in my mind's eye, acting just like a hard sheet of drywall.

      Updated 12-03-2011 at 03:11 PM by 37466 (changed "edges bent up" to "ends bent up")

    3. noisy neighbors; game boy thief; drafted into army

      by , 06-20-2011 at 11:47 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was at my mom's house, which was in an apartment complex. A family living upstairs from my family was really noisy. It was really getting to the point where my family couldn't take it anymore.

      We were all now down in an underground parking garage. The walls were really clean and white. The fluorescent light was kind of bright and really white.

      Something had been done about the family upstairs. It was like the police had kicked them out.

      Now we saw an old man from the family. He had grey-black hair and a big, grey-black mustache. His hair was really sloppily done. He had a pretty big belly, which his white polo shirt barely covered. He wasn't the father of the family. He was just a member of the family who should have moved out a long time ago.

      He had come to ask my mom for some help. I told my mom to stay away from that guy. She had finally gotten free of him. Why would she let him back into her life? But my mom decided to help the guy.

      The guy needed help on a test. When the police had kicked the man out of the house, they'd told him the only way he could come back was if he could pass a test with a lot of questions about American society and history. But the man couldn't understand most of the questions. So he was getting help from my mom.

      Dream #2

      I was in a bedroom. I'm pretty sure I was at someone else's, possibly my family's house. I was playing some kind of white Game Boy that had a clear purple case around it. Then I left the bedroom.

      Before I'd left, I'd seen an upstairs neighbor, an old, black man with a really skinny bony face, pale skin and blonde-brown hair, peeking in the window at me, as if the bedroom were in a one-story house and not an apartment.

      I came back to the bedroom. I realized that I'd left my Game Boy just sitting out on my bed, where it could be in plain view of the old man. I wanted to put it in a less visible place. But there was a girl standing in front of the door. She wouldn't let me in. She was a pretty, Latina girl in a colorful dress. I knew she was the old man's friend.

      I pushed past the girl and went into the bedroom. The Game Boy was gone. Only the purple case was left. I walked into the living room, upset. The living room was like the one in my great-grandmother's old house.

      Just as I walked into the living room, the old man walked in. He was grinning like he knew just what was going on. He was wearing some kind of suit, maybe beige or tan with a white or blue shirt. I yelled at him, "Where's my Game Boy?" But he just sat down in a chair and kept grinning, like I couldn't do anything to hurt him. I think I got really mad and shook him.

      Dream #3

      I got something in the mail that looked like a greeting card mixed with a letter-sized envelope. It opened on the long side, and it was supposed to be opened so that it flapped upward.

      There was some printed information inside about how I'd been drafted into the Army. Below the printed information were two handwritten numbers, both long, and involving both letters and numbers. I think they each began with an A and a dash.

      I hoped there was some way I could avoid being drafted. I thought, Well, I have a job already. Then I thought, No, I don't have a job. Well, I better get one quick.