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    1. neon starlet marriage; friend and porn

      by , 02-19-2012 at 04:20 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      Two female movie stars were getting married to each other. They were walking down some kind of red carpet, like they were going to or coming from an awards ceremony. The carpet ran down some kind of narrow hallway the right side of which had no wall, but was open to the golden sunlight of late afternoon.

      The two stars were both known for being gorgeous. One of them was a beautiful blonde with her hair up in a narrow wave. She wore a tiny, white dress with something shimmery on it, like sequins or mother of pearl. She smiled and giggled kind of like Scarlet Johanssen.

      But the other star was completely wrapped in a black cloth. The cloth was then bound with something like ropes or bungee cords, so that it was tight on the woman. The cloth looked like felt, and in a lot of places it was cut into wide fringes.

      The cords were all neon colors -- like neon orange, blue, and pink. In addition, the woman wore canvas-topped shoes of different neon colors: mostly neon blue, with bits of neon orange and neon pink.

      I wondered whether the woman's outfit had something to do with her religion. Maybe she was required, as a woman, to cover her whole body once she was married. I may have questioned this, since I figured any religion that had such a policy would probably not be okay with lesbian marriage.

      Dream #2

      I was outside in some city area, on cobbled streets and near a fountain. It was daytime. I was before some yellow-walled apartment building.

      I saw my old friend R. I may have been surprised to see him. But I may somehow have gotten the idea that he'd planned to meet up with me in this place. He knew I didn't want to see him anymore. And he'd somehow manipulated this situation, I felt, so that I'd have to see him.

      It turned out -- maybe I'd known this in advance -- that R lived in the apartment I'd stood in front of. R had me go upstairs with him. It was somehow like I was going to live with R for a little while, like I was trying to get back on my feet and he was letting me stay with him.

      We were now upstairs and in R's bedroom. R had pulled out a stack of pornographic magazines. I had the feeling that they were mine, as if I had lived here before, or as if I had lived here for a while now and had hidden these magazines somewhere here, like under the mattresses.

      R was starting to make me feel bad about having magazines like this in his house. I was feeling embarrassed and ashamed. But then R actually had me start looking at the magazines with him, as if he were already interested in them and was now trying to get me interested in them, too.
    2. friends in movie theater

      by , 02-06-2012 at 02:22 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      Three people were sitting on a couch. The one in the center was an adult, probably a man. The other two were either children or young adults who acted like children. The two were half-laying on the couch, leaning their heads and shoulders against the central man.

      The two may have been one boy and one girl or two girls. The boy (?) may have been in love with the girl. He may have told the girl he was in love with her.

      The girl may have responded by acting like she would go out with the boy. But she really didn't love him. She loved some other female, either a girl around her age or a woman around the age of the man, who may have been her teacher.

      The man in the center may have had some suspicion that the girl was in love with another female. But the way the girl seemed to act in love with the boy kept the man from being suspicious. If the man knew for sure the girl was a lesbian, he would have stopped her. He was very protective of her, and he thought lesbianism was wrong.

      I was now watching this scene in a movie theater. I sat in the theatre with my two old friends, R and Y. The theater was mostly empty, with only a few people in each row.

      My friends and I heard a voice coming from one of the back rows. It sounded like the voice of our old friend, ER. We thought it must have been ER. But then it was quiet. So we didn't think about it anymore. But then we heard ER's voice again. I knew it must be him.

      I turned around in my seat and called out, "ER! ER!" in a half-whisper. My friends giggled a bit and told me to stop talking in the theater and annoying everybody. I was about to defy them by calling out to ER again. But he waved at us, stood up, and began walking toward us.

      But I didn't want to be quiet after being told to be quiet. So I called out, "We're actually looking for a second ER, too! ER!"

      We were all facing forward. My friends were laughing at me. Then ER and Y began catching up with each other. They'd both led some pretty interesting lives in the years since they'd spoken.

      ER began asking Y about a couple questions about some of the things she'd done. Y responded. She'd apparently had one project where she'd kept some kind of material sealed up in a big trash can.

      At first I thought the project was sinister, like she was keeping a dead body or body parts in liquid in the can. But then it just sounded gross, like she was keeping liquid and old junk in the can.

      Y had another project where she had to vacuum up some kind of dust. This project also seemed really gross.
    3. military man and mansion; golf beach; bathroom worries

      by , 02-03-2012 at 03:40 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A kind of short, cocky-looking Latino guy with kind of tall, wavy hair was walking through a door. The guy was wearing a military jacket and no shirt. He had a girl on either arm. He was kind of giggling to himself.

      The guy seemed to be walking into some huge mansion, which was probably his. The idea seemed to be that the guy had gotten rich somehow, possibly through rap music. He was really gloating about his success, which was really pissing me off. I wondered why the assholes were always the successful ones.

      The man was followed by another guy, who I assumed was the guy's brother. The brother looked a lot like the man, except that he looked a lot more gentle-mannered and worn-out. He may have been partly bald. The brother also entered with two people, possibly family members.

      The brother was then followed by a lot of other family members. I thought it was at least good that the man was letting his whole family in on his wealth.

      But now it was like the group of people was some kind of tour, taking a walk through Beyonce's mansion. The group was mostly young adults and older kids. Everybody, walking through the mansion, had the feeling that they would be able to make money like this, too, someday.

      I was following the people through the mansion from a backward view, like I was facing people and looking through a dolly-camera as it tracked through the rooms. Each room of the mansion had different colors for the walls. There was one room with yellow walls and another room with sea-green walls.

      In the room with sea-green walls a young, white woman was looking at a bunch of empty picture frames that hung on the wall. I had turned around to face forward and look at the woman.

      The woman asked me, "How do they get the money for the models for these things?" I didn't know how to respond to that. Apparently the woman thought the picture frames had all been made to order or built by hand, instead of just bought.

      I walked into another room, which was mostly dark. It was a really big room, almost like a ballroom. But most of the room couldn't be seen in the darkness. I stood in the light of the room I had just left.

      Obscured from my view by some tall potted plants like palms was a table. Two people stood at the table. At first I thought it was Jay-Z and Beyonce. But then I realized it was Beyonce and some other woman. At first I thought the woman was white. But as I creeped around the plants, I saw that she was black.

      Beyonce said something to the woman about giving the woman advice, from one mother to another.

      Dream #2

      I was in some place like a locker room with a group of people like business people. The business people were all smarter and more put-together than I was. But they all liked me anyway, for some reason. We had just finished up something. We were now hanging around and laughing with each other.

      Then some sports team came into the room. They were like a soccer team at first. It was also like they were somehow a part of our group. But then they were some other group of people. They started getting really loud and rowdy, kind of to bully the rest of us and make us feel uncomfortable.

      Then the group of people became a whole bunch of black guys. They were all kind of skinny and grizzled-looking. One had a long, skinny, grey beard. They all wore really nice golfing clothes, with pale beige golfing sweaters. They'd all just come in from the links. They threw their golf bags all over the floor.

      For some reason I was laying on the floor. One guy saw me on the floor and threw his golf bag so it landed on my right leg. It didn't hurt very much. But I knew he'd done it out of disrespect.

      I stood up instantly and was right in the guy's face. I may even have been standing on his feet. The guy seemed passive, but not really afraid. I was yelling at the guy and doing something physical to him, to try to hurt him. I got madder and madder.

      Suddenly I was out on a beach. The beach felt small, almost fake. I couldn't see the water. There seemed to be a couple dunes of sand on either end of a small, flat area of beach. I stood near one of the dunes with a young woman.

      The woman knew, but wasn't quite telling me, that I'd gotten so mad just a moment ago that I'd committed some kind of really violent act on a group of people. I'd probably killed a few people. The bodies were now gone, but there were still small traces of blood here and there.

      I couldn't remember anything about the violent act, and the woman wouldn't tell me anything about it. She didn't even tell me outright that I'd done it. All I could figure was that I'd killed that group of black men in the locker room.

      Something about that thought brought the black man before me again. I was filled with rage. But for some reason I was now just flying over the sand. In the places where the dunes had been, or maybe just before the dunes, were two intricate sand sculptures, each of a city. The cities looked almost like Middle Eastern cities.

      Dream #3

      There was some kind of big tract of land with a house on it. The house was at the bottom of a kind of steep hill. The hill had a flower garden on it.

      At the base of the hill, along the side of the house, was a stone path which may almost have felt like a trench in places. At some point in the trench area was a door that led into some dark, cellar-like room. This was apparently a woman's quarters. The room also held a bathroom.

      The woman who lived in the quarters was probably Irish, pale-skinned, tallish, fat, with red-brown hair. She wore a dress of coarse, plain fabric, probably denim-blue and tan. She was probably a little grouchy, lazy, and mean.

      My sister now stood before me and a few other family members in a kitchen. My sister was very young, maybe nine or ten years old. She wore a pale blue skirt and some long, white stockings with blue designs on them.

      My sister was complaining about having gone down into the bathroom in the woman's quarters. She had opened the door while a woman -- probably not the woman who lived there -- was in the bathroom.

      My sister told us, "I'm not a lesbian. So I wouldn't try to see a woman naked. But when I opened up the bathroom door the woman did this." My sister grabbed her chest and made gestures indicating big breasts.

      My sister said, "Then she said, 'I'm married with kids, so don't get any ideas!' Like she thought I was coming into the bathroom to have sex with her!"
    4. leaving mall; psychiatrists at mall/airport; kissing kissing girls

      by , 01-02-2012 at 02:56 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      My female friend H and I were in a mall at night. We were in one of the department stores. I think we wanted to head out of the mall.

      We knew the exit we were at didn't lead to the section of the parking lot where our car was. But we didn't know what exit of the mall would lead us to our car.

      But for some reason we were heading for the exit at the end of this department store, anyway. We walked out a double set of sliding glass doors.

      As we passed between the two doors, a policeman, not a security guard, passed in front of us. He was a couple inches taller than I, kind of muscly, black, with lightish skin, and very short hair. He seemed to be trying to bully us or hustle us a little as he passed us.

      The cop passed through the second set of doors, and we followed. After the cop got a couple meters away from the exit he turned around and did something like a sly, little look at us -- at me in particular, like he thought I was some sort of troublemaker.

      I thought, Oh, god, I'm getting singled out all over again. The cop walked away. But I felt like I was going to get targeted for more harrassment.

      I knew H and I had walked out the wrong exit of the mall. I knew the easiest thing to do would be to go back into the mall, straight through the mall, and to the correct exit.

      But I felt like if the cop already had me singled out as a troublemaker, he'd probably either head back into the mall and harrass me or contact his cop friends and have them harrass me, if he saw me head back into the mall. So I figured the smartest thing to do would just be to walk all the way around the outside of the mall until H and I found our car.

      Dream #2

      I was sitting at a table in a food court area that kind of looked like the dining section at the student union of my old university. But this food court was either part of a mall or an airport -- or both.

      There was one big area of seats, then a wide walkway, then another big area of seats. Both seating areas and the walkway were busy with people, all rushing all over the place.

      I sat at a table full of people, mostly adults in their forties or fifties. But, off to my left, I saw somebody, maybe one of my old psychiatrists, sitting at another table.

      I didn't want her to get up and hurry away before I got to talk to her. So I ran to her table. But when I got to the table, she was gone. But I felt like she was probably going to return. It was now like we were scheduled to meet. So I figured I'd sit here and wait for her -- so this time I wouldn't miss her.

      But I realized I'd left my backpack (a huge, tall backpack!) at the previous table. So I got up and ran over to pick that up.

      For some reason, I was now kind of wandering around in the seating area. I seemed to be upset with my most recent psychiatrist. I had feelings about her that were the same as IWL -- I felt like she neglected my deeper psychological issues all the time, always looking for a quick fix and easy way out -- to save herself the trouble of work.

      For some reason, I felt like I finally needed to just complain to somebody about her. For a moment I may have complained to the psychiatrist I'd seen sitting at the table -- somehow. But that psychiatrist was now gone.

      But now I saw my most recent psychiatrist's "boss," sitting in an armchair in a section of hallway after the seating area across the walkway from me. I went up to this woman and either sat in an armchair right next to hers, or knelt beside the woman's armchair.

      The woman looked like Susan Seaforth, who played Julie Horton on Days of Our Lives, from around the time period of the late 1970s.

      I either told the woman that I wanted to complain about my psychiatrist, or I just began complaining to her about my psychiatrist.

      The woman listened to me for a moment. She then said that she understood what I was talking about. But she had to go take care of some business. When she got finished, she'd come back to me. I could tell her the rest of my story. And she could figure out what to do in response.

      But I think this woman's "business" was to catch a flight. I'm pretty sure she even had luggage with her. It didn't register with me then -- but -- how long was I supposed to wait?

      Dream #3

      It was daytime. I was out on a wide, shallow, stone staircase with a lot of people. We all stood up near the top, near a whole wall of glass doors that looked in on a comparatively dark lobby. It was like we were all assembled out here for a photo.

      I was playing some kind of important part in whatever proceedings we were all a part of. But there were these two really hot, young women right next to me. One of them, even though she was a really hot, young woman, may have been one of my friends' mothers.

      The two hot girls began kissing each other. First they were just giving each other mild, quick, closed-mouth kisses. But then, either because I wasn't reacting much or because I actually was paying attention to them, they began to give each other slower kisses.

      I was pretty aroused by this. The two girls kind of fed on my arousal and began giving each other open-mouthed kisses. They even kind of sunk down a bit, almost kneeling on the ground with each other. They may have been wearing wedding dresses, as if they were going to marry each other.

      Now the young women opened their mouths slightly and began slowly sliding their tongues back and forth into each others' mouths. This was too much for me to handle.

      The girls stood back up and were almost right in my face. So, even though I didn't want to start kissing my friend's mom, I just crept my face a bit closer. I began working my tongue in there a bit.

      I was trying to get my tongue in there in the least intrusive way that I could. I was really turned on by the girls' lesbian kissing. I didn't want it to turn into straight kissing. I just wanted to get a little bit of the lesbian erotic energy on my own tongue.
    5. girls rubbing chests; my time in mk-ultra; friend's pictures; friend on plane

      by , 12-13-2011 at 03:10 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was night. I was at the top of a steep hill, probably in a suburban neighborhood. I was with a few other people, probably my age or younger. A few lights lit our field of view, more like a car's headlights than streetlights.

      Something was wrong with my female friend H. At one of my other female friends' request, to make H feel better, I was embracing her from behind and rubbing her chest.

      I was probably rubbing the outsidde of H's shirt. But the shirt, some kind of tan tank-top, was so thin that I could feel H as if I were touching her skin. H's chest was flat, but she had huge nipples.

      The way I was rubbing H was really turning her on. But she was attributing the sensations I was giving her to my other female friend. Pretty soon H had the female friend rubbing her chest up against H's chest. Both women had really flat chests.

      H was now either wearing or not wearing a dress. The dress was a vanilla-yellow, sleeveless baby-doll type dress, with a bunchy top and a slightly belled-out, knee-length skirt. The dress was made out of a fabric like soft terry cloth. It had a zipper running up the back. H now either took this dress off or put it on.

      Dream #2

      I may have been standing all by myself out in the desert, possibly near or right under the gas pump island of a gas station. I may possibly have been talking to someone in my head.

      I was a man, probably a soldier. I wore a light brown or tan uniform. Sometimes I was black, sometimes Latino, and sometimes white.

      I was telling the person in my head about having been in the CIA mind control program MK-ULTRA. At the same time, I was remembering bits and pieces of my time there, as a subject.

      After having been a subject, I'd had my memory erased. But bits and pieces of my time there kept coming back to me. As they did, I would be more inspired to look for more information regarding what had happened to me in the program.

      I knew I'd been tortured in the program. But I only had very vague memories of it. Most of my memories seemed to revolve around sheets of paper with a lot of small writing and bar codes written on them.

      My attempts to look into my experiences may have involved looking for more papers like this. But as I searched for more information, I was increasingly harrassed. People may even have come after me and started torturing me again, then re-erasing my memory.

      I told the person in my head, a woman, that it was terrible to know this stuff was happening to me. I could start to see, everywhere in the environment, where things were put up to reinforce the brainwashing I'd been tortured into receiving.

      Even the smallest thing could hold a sinister message. I was apparently still working for the military. I saw myself walking down a hallway, then passing a beige-painted pipe with a caution sticker on it.

      The sticker had a few different bar codes on it, around its border and in a little square in the body, in the upper right hand corner of a lot of fine-print caution text. I knew that my mind had been trained to read these bar codes instinctively. Each bar code was a small statement, reinforcing my brainwashing.

      I told the woman in my head that what was even worse was that almost everybody else around me was brainwashed, too. But most people were brainwashed simply to dislike the people who had been used as subjects for MK-ULTRA, to ostracize them.

      I said that at first it wasn't so bad. But as time went on, the environment became so full of these people that it was too painful to go anywhere.

      I imagined myself walking into the gas station. The man behind the counter treated me nicely at first. But it was almost like some kind of infra-red bar code scanner, placed up in a corner of the ceiling of the store, activated.

      Suddenly, I could tell, the man behind the counter was getting the feeling he didn't like me. He was trying, still, to act polite. But it was obvious he was beginning to feel very uncomfortable around me, and that he just wanted me out of the store.

      I was standing somewhere in the dark, rubbing my forehead and eyes in misery. I was telling the woman in my head how miserable it was to have this feeling pervade the environment everywhere I went.

      The woman asked me if there wasn't some way I could destroy all the reinforcing equipment that had been put up in all these places around me.

      I was standing back out in the desert, in the daytime, by the gas station. I told the woman, "No. I could destroy everything. But they have so much extra stuff underground. It wouldn't be any use. They'd just put it all right back."

      I imagined some kind of diagonal elevator shaft leading way down underground, to some kind of big hangar or warehouse-type area, with a lot of different-colored pipes, people working, and bright white, fluorescent lights. This was probably where all the equipment was manufactured and stored.

      Dream #3

      My female friend MW, who IWL works and lives at a wildlife preserve in Nevada, was visiting New York. I was living in something like a dorm room. But MW was staying with me.

      It was daytime. We were in my room, which was lit by a bit of natural light coming in through the window. We were both on my bed, a pretty small bed. MW was sitting cross-legged near the head of the bed. I was laying on my stomach, my head toward the head of the bed.

      At the foot of the bed, a TV was playing an episode of The Chronic Rift (a community access TV pop-culture discussion show from the 1990s, the episodes of which are now available online). I had been trying to introduce MW to this show. But I was now only half interested. And MW was flipping through some photographs.

      I now had to go somewhere else, probably to work. I left MW alone for the day. But as I sat at work (or wherever) I realized that I had left MW without any keys. She'd obviously leave my room. But she'd have to leave it unlocked. There was no way she could lock it.

      I got a little worried. I tried to justify things to myself. I was trying to remember if there weren't some kind of minor, automatic lock on my door, like a doorknob that always locks from the inside. But I was pretty sure this wasn't the case.

      I knew that if I left wherever I was to catch up with MW and give her my keys, it would take a lot of time out of my day. And I didn't want to look bad for taking all that time out of my day. But I thought it was probably more important for me to find MW and give her my keys, so that she could lock my door.

      I now saw a photograph of MW, as she stood in front of the house she was living in during her work for the wildlife preserve. MW wore a red-pink t-shirt, khaki-colored hiking pants, a backpack, and a baseball cap.

      MW stood at the curb of an asphalt road. Just behind MW was the start of a sandstone flagstone path that went up a shallow slope. The slope was like a lawn, but it had tan gravel, clumps of wild grass, and cacti, instead of the conventional green turf.

      At the top of the slope was a small house made out of rough-hewn, but slim, sandstone slabs -- almost like horizontal flagstones, all piled on top of each other. The house looked just like a suburban house, except that it was made out of the sandstone slabs, which gave it a weird look.

      Dream #4

      I may have been talking in my head, again with my friend MW. We may have been talking about where MW came from.

      I knew MW came from Michigan. I saw a map of the United States and Canada. My vision was mostly focused on the northern, central part of the United States, the Great Lakes region. The map almost, really, looked like a satellite view of the United States -- but it was as if the United States were completely covered in snow -- even the Great Lakes!

      I was trying really hard to remember where Michigan was. I felt at first like it must have been to the west of the Great Lakes. But I then felt like it must have been right in the middle of all the lakes, squeezed in between two of the more northern-extending lakes. I remembered that Michigan looked like a mitten. So I kept trying to find a mitten-shaped state.

      I was now in a commercial jet, apparently, with MW. But we were both looking down to the ground from the plane through some kind of window or plexiglass structure in the floor.

      We were at cruising altitude, i.e., about 10,000 meters. But the view was really like we were only 100 meters or so above the ground. We were also floating in one static position.

      The view was of a snow-covered pine forest, with a road running through the forest. The road was pretty lonely. But a few cars did occasionally pass along it. The forest seemed dense in most places. But there were some empty spots, like clearings for very small ranches or farms. The extension of a small, wooden fence may even have been visible. It was still snowing, too.

      MW and I spoke a little bit more about MW's hometown. We were floating very close to it right now. I told MW I wondered if we couldn't just go to MW's house for a little while.

      But MW said it would take too much time. We'd planned to meet here. We couldn't go away from this spot. MW was talking as if we were on the ground, at an airport, with a long time between flight connections. But we didn't have enough time to leave the airport altogether.

      MW and I looked away from the window. I saw the interior of the plane very vaguely, as if I were still half-looking out the window. But the plane looked like a nice private jet, with light-tan leather upholstery for the seats, and even for the walls!

      MW and I spoke for a bit about how we'd planned to meet here. I knew I'd flown to this area in one commercial plane. MW had flown here in another plane, probably this one. At some point, when the planes were in proximity, I moved from one to the other.

      I now started thinking to myself about all of this. At first I thought this was because the two planes had docked with each other. I thought I had come through some sort of little docking tunnel.

      But then it became apparent that what I'd probably done was teleport myself from the plane I'd been on to the plane that MW was on.

      As I was thinking about all this, my view drifted back down to the view of the ground. But then my view seemed to drift even farther out, up so that I could even see up along the fuselage of the plane, into the snowy, grey sky.
    6. nuclear war with germany; two girls in bed

      by , 11-29-2011 at 02:25 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      Germany had tested some kind of nuclear weapon. I saw a shoreline. The shoreline had received the nuclear blast. This shoreline was in some country other than Germany.

      The United States was angry that Germany had tested this new nuclear weapon. They may have been planning to do something against Germany, like employ sanctions.

      But suddenly the US was sending out a nuclear bomb to attack Germany. I saw the nuclear bomb blasting off. The missile was kind of short, either dark green or black, with fins at its back end and around its midsection, closer to the nose. The fire of the rocket was bright and papery.

      The area from which the missile blasted off was kind of small, like a small construction area or movie set, although it was supposed to be an entire coast or country.

      The missile may have blasted off from the west coast of the United States. I knew it was going to Germany. But I also knew that Germany was retaliating, sending a missile to attack the US.

      But I thought that since I was in New York, I wouldn't get hit. New York was on the other end of the country closest to Germany, I thought. (This would, of course, be the reverse of the truth IWL.)

      Dream #2

      There were two pretty girls, maybe nineteen or twenty years old, in bed with each other. They may have been in a college dorm. But the room seemed more like a bedroom in a suburban house than a college dorm.

      Both girls were kind of tall, skinny, and pale, with long, straight, light brown hair. The girls both wore colorful, long-sleeved sweaters and white, cotton, french-cut panties.

      One of the girls lay on her back. The other girl climbed up and straddled the first girl's chest. She almost seemed to want to begin rubbing her crotch into the other girl's face.
    7. giving friend murder weapons; diaper girls in bed

      by , 11-06-2011 at 03:42 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a huge building, either like a mansion or a museum. The building was dim, as if at night, with only a few lights on.

      I had been in a back area, where there was a high, wooden wall, with a tall window up high on the wall. I then walked forward to some narrow area with a slanted, wall-like display stand or case.

      My old friend R was standing in front of this display area. He stood really close to it. He seemed to be trying to avoid looking at me. I somehow knew he'd gotten a reputation for being violent, almost psychotic. He was so tired of dealing with this reputation that he didn't even want to have to look at anybody.

      But he actually was as violent as people accused him of being. And he actually wanted to act violently toward me, because he felt I'd somehow insulted him.

      I faced R. But now he was in a room even closer to the front of the building. He was in a little niche in a wall to my right. He may even have been wrapped in bandages, like a mummy.

      I wanted to prove that there was no reason to be afraid of R and that I wasn't afraid of him. So I handed R a whole bunch of items that looked like huge items of silverware: like huge forks and knives. There were also some huge tongs that looked like forks. Everything was sharp, and I knew it could all be used as a weapon to kill me.

      I was now going to leave the house. The idea was, I knew, that if R had weapons and I left the house, that R would kill me. But I was going to prove people wrong. Nevertheless, I was still afraid to leave through the front door.

      I ran all the way to the back of the building. There was a window I'd easily be able to climb up to and crawl out of. But as I started crawling out the window, I felt like R might be right there, waiting to throw the weapons I'd given him at my chest.

      So I climbed back down. To my right, as I faced the wall, there was a dim kitchen, just like a kitchen in any nice suburban house. Just above the sink was another window. I thought that since R thought I was going to come out the back window, I'd be safe going out the kitchen window instead.

      But as I was climbing out the window, I could feel R's presence again. I knew that this time he probably would manage to catch me, throwing the sharp weapons I'd given him at my chest and piercing my heart.

      Dream #2

      I was looking at a magazine, maybe a porn magazine. The pages were nothing but photos, maybe six photos per page, in the same kind of style as a porn magazine.

      The photos showed two girls in bed. They were about nine or ten years old. They were wearing pajama pants and pajama shirts. Apparently, under their pajama pants the girls were wearing diapers.

      The girls got into a kind of sixty-nine position with each other. The girl on top of the other girl rubbed her face against the bottom girl until her pants had been worked off. She somehow managed to remove the girl's diaper in the same way.
    8. drunks on a cruise ship; hands-all bathrooms; star-fights and baby

      by , 11-01-2011 at 03:07 PM
      Good morning, ,everybody.

      Dream #1

      A gigantic cruise ship like the Titanic was out on the sea during a huge storm. There were a lot of people in the main dining room. The dining room was big and bright, with low ceilings and small, round tables draped in white tablecloths. The dining room may have had doors, and possibly even windows, right out to the deck.

      People had been warned to stay inside the inner parts of the ship during the storm. But one of the men actually opened one of the doors or windows out to the deck. He may actually have gone outside, on the left side of the ship.

      The storm blew the man back through the door and out another door on the opposite side of the ship. The man could be seen clinging onto an old-style, wooden mast, his body being blown pretty much horiztonally by the storm, like a flag in the wind.

      I was now back in the dining area. But now the place was almost totally empty. It was also very dim and full of heavy, wooden tables. I sat at a rectangular table for six or eight people. A beautiful woman sat across from me. I myself was a beautiful woman.

      One man had just walked away from us. He may have been my boyfriend, or he may have been the woman's boyfriend. But there was also a man slumped down in his chair to the woman's left. He seemed to be the woman's boyfriend. He was so drunk that he'd passed out.

      The woman was upset about the man having gotten this drunk again. I, possibly as the woman's friend, was trying to comfort the woman.

      I encouraged the woman to have a drink. I said it might make her feel better and make her feel like she'd equalled things up between herself and her man. I told her the drink would be on me.

      But the woman, hearing that I was buying her drinks, suddenly became greedy with drinks! I don't know where she was getting the drinks from, but she kept pounding them back, sometimes even two-fisting it.

      The woman was drinking gin in something like a baseless wine glass. And each time she'd finish a drink, a little green scoreboard over her left shoulder would count the drink off.

      Finally the woman stopped drinking. But it wasn't like she was drunk at all. Both our men were back. But my man was already in bed. The woman's man was still passed out drunk.

      I figured both men wouldn't be much good for sex tonight, but I told the woman that she could probably find some way to make her man please her. I had an image in my head of either the woman or me sitting up, still in a dress, while one of the men, so drunk he couldn't even sit up, lay on his stomach and performed cunnilingus on either me or the woman.

      But what I was really interested in was trying to prove to the women that her man was so drunk that he'd be no good at all for the night. Then we could find some way to get rid of the man for the evening. After that, I'd convince the woman to have lesbian sex with me.

      But now we were carrying the man back to the bedroom, which was apparently down a short hallway just past the dining area. The woman had the man's head, and I had his feet. The man seemed really sick. I was afraid he was going to puke all over me sooner or later.

      Dream #2

      A man was telling me and a group of friends about how he and a woman (who sat beside him) had lived in a mansion for a while. Someone else may have lived there with them. The other person may have been really rich. The man and woman were well-off, in fact they looked like a glamorous couple from the 1920s, except alive today, but they weren't rich.

      So while the rich person had one portion of the house, the couple had the maids' quarters, which themselves were huge. The man said the couple didn't have to do any maid work. They just liked the quarters because they were so big and they felt kind of old, like an old castle or monestary.

      As the man spoke about the maids' quarters, they materialized around us. Everything seemed to be made of concrete, painted over, like a public restroom. In fact, there was some huge restroom just behind the man, not divided from our room by a wall, but by a concrete seat, in which the couple sat.

      The man told us, "We even used the hands-all bathroom while we were there, which was huge."

      Somebody, possibly I, asked what a hands-all bathroom was. The man said he didn't know, that he'd never asked to find out.

      I said, "I think 'hands-all' is like when you say 'all hands,' like when people say, 'all hands on deck.' I think it was a huge bathroom that all the servants used at once when they were suddenly called to duty, so they could all get washed up and ready at a moment's notice."

      A woman said, "Or, what I was thinking is that it was for the smaller bathroom. Because that one had a mini beauty salon in it." A small bathroom, with something like a barber's chair and a mirror with lightbulbs around it, appeared in a room two or three rooms down, behind the woman.

      The woman said, "I think 'hands-all' meant something like 'the works,' like if you went into that bathroom, you'd get 'hands-on' treatment -- a full makeover. And all the maids would take turns giving each other makeovers."

      I was pretty sure my idea was right and the woman's idea was wrong. (??!!) But I didn't say anything. Instead, my vision seemed to focus on the huge tub in the huge bathroom. It was like I was right there. The bathtub was full, almost to overflowing, with very warm, but not hot, water.

      Dream #3

      I was in outer space, speeding upward and away from the earth. I must have been in a small spaceship, but sometimes it felt like I was just out in space, in some space suit.

      Another man was out there, even though I don't think I ever saw him. The man spoke about another man who had taken a dimensional transport to another universe. He had done this as part of a battle with a group of aliens trying to destroy the world.

      The man told me that the aliens could actually use the shockwaves of dimensional transport to destroy the earth. But the use of shockwaves and dimensional transport in flight was also the method of fighting that the aliens normally used in their battles.

      So, the man told me, the other man had gone into another dimension and was conducting these kind of shockwave battles with the aliens. I imagined orange, kind of traffic-cone-shaped spaceships fighting with each other.

      The man said that the other man would be back soon, as soon as he'd accomplished his mission. But now this man seemed to be going somewhere as well. Perhaps I was going somewhere, too.

      We, or I, sped upward through space. I encountered a dimensional shockwave, from where alien spaceships had been. As I blasted through it, the sky of stars became filled with many more stars, some of which were different colors -- gold, purple, red, pink. There was also beautiful, brilliant nebular dust everywhere.

      I was amazed by the beauty of the sight. But, suddenly, the sun (?) was eclipsed. The darkness of the sun (if it was the sun) revealed an even deeper layer of beauty in this universe. I was astonished!

      I was now in a hospital. But the part of the hospital I was in was more like the control room in some kind of military base. All the people in this control room seemed focused on taking care of some procedure for one little girl. The room was small and crowded, with four or five rows of computer-embedded tables, each row split into two slanting aisles.

      One man was in charge of administering painkillers to the baby girl. But he said, "That girl's had enough stuff to mess with her system. I'm not putting anything else in her." A black man, somebody like a nurse or a janitor, sat to the man's right and heard him say this.

      There were two or three men standing before a screen at the back of the room. The main man was something like a head surgeon. He may somehow have been controlling the procedure being done on the baby girl, who was in another room, through something like remote-controlled robots.

      But suddenly the screen shot of the baby girl cut to a sign (in kind of cheesy, 1970s style, "high-tech" lettering) saying "INCONCLUSIVE." This sign stayed on for a few seconds.

      The head doctor was panicked. Something had gone wrong in the operation. But he couldn't figure out what had happened!

      The screen now switched to a sign saying "INCONSCIOUS," which I guess was supposed to mean "unconscious." It meant the girl had slipped into a coma and was probably dying. This sign was flashing on a lot of different screens, now, and it may have been accompanied by buzzing alarms.

      The head doctor shouted, "Dammit! We're losing her! What went wrong? Does anybody know what's going on?"

      One of the other people shouted, "Her pain levels are really high. Her body couldn't take it anymore. It slipped into a coma to shield itself from the pain."

      The head doctor yelled, "Did somebody forego painkillers before the operation?"

      The black man, who had been sitting next to the doctor who'd decided not to administer painkillers said, "Yes! The doctor said he wasn't going to give the girl anything! I saw him! I was right here when he said it.!"

      The head doctor seemed relieved. Everybody did. I saw from somebody's point of view, as if I were now actually in this scene. I was looking at the screen of the doctor who hadn't administered painkillers.

      The head doctor said, "Start giving the baby girl some painkillers. As soon as they start to take effect, the girl should slip out of her coma. We'll start the operation over after that."

      I was already putting in the commands to administer painkillers.
    9. pink lemonade for mom; dog friend in park; sex isn't so great

      by , 09-19-2011 at 12:19 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a dark room that was kind of like a living room mixed with a small, cafeteria-style restaurant. The room was lit on the outer edges by dim, but vividly-colored, lights, like weak LEDs. But the lights barely lit anything at all, so the room was mostly dark. There a few other people in the room, mostly my family members.

      My mom was sitting on one of the sides of the room. She asked me to get her a drink. She may have asked me to "go out" and get her a drink. I may have been planning to go outside, to some store, to get my mom a drink.

      But I went to a small drinks case that sat on a counter. The drinks case (unlit) had a few Red Bull-shaped cans of pink lemonade in it. I may have thought that I would take one of these cans of pink lemonade to give me energy on my errand to pick up whatever drink it was my mom wanted me to get her from the outside.

      There were two different flavors of pink lemonade (i.e. another flavor added in with the pink lemonade flavor). I saw one flavor that I knew my mom liked. I figured that was the drink she wanted. The other flavor I thought I would take for myself. But I didn't really like the flavor. I wanted to see if my favorite flavor was available, but I couldn't remember what it was.

      I was then coming back from or finally going out on my errand. But some of my family members, particularly my brother, thought I was an old man and that I wouldn't be able to make the trip. For some reason, I took a pair of black socks with me to prove I was strong enough to make the trip. But the socks had holes in their heels.

      I was now feeling old and very tired. I kind of collapsed on the ground in the middle of the room, laying on my side. I figured I just needed a bit of a rest, and then I could get up and run my errand.

      Dream #2

      I was walking through a neighborhood that was like the neighborhood where my cousins lived when we were kids. But something about the feeling of the place was much larger and lonelier. It was like all the houses were twice their size, and the neighborhood was hidden away in a series of winding streets. The sky may have been grey, and the day a little damp and chilly, like it was going to rain.

      I knew that if I walked up one of the side blocks I could go see my cousins' old house. But I didn't want to risk going up that block and running into my aunt. So I decided not to go up that way.

      The road I was walking on ended up turning into a park. It was slightly secluded, but it was a nice, wide, long lawn with some rolling hills and some trees. I was walking on an asphalt path on the lawn. After a while, a dog came running up from behind me.

      I recognized the dog. It was a dog I liked quite a bit. I thought it was my aunt's dog. I saw a figure sitting in a bench far back in the park. I thought that was my aunt. She (?) May have been wearing an orange shirt. I didn't want to acknowledge the dog because I didn't want my aunt coming over and talking to me.

      But the dog seemed really happy to see me. We ran over to the right side of the park. We began playing and rough-housing a little bit.

      Dream #3

      A pretty, blonde girl, maybe about eleven to thirteen years old, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, said, "Everybody says p***y is so great. They act like it tastes and smells like the greatest thing in the world. Well, I'm a lesbian. So I know. And I don't think p***y is that great at all. It doesn't taste that great. And it doesn't smell good."
    10. clumsy bombs; dying girl on a streetcorner

      by , 09-11-2011 at 02:21 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I stood with another person, looking out over a large body of water, like a really large river. The day was bright, the sky almost white, and the sun glittered on the surface of the water.

      There was some kind of vessel out on the water. It looked like a mix between a ship and a dock. It looked like it was made out of wood as well as metal.

      Another vessel or huge machine was either near or on land to my right. It was firing some kind of explosive devices at the vessel. This big vessel was an enemy vessel, and it was openly firing at the vessel in the water, which belonged to America. But nobody was really doing anything about it.

      The explosives were being launched really clumsily, often missing by a long ways. And the explosives that actually hit the vessel didn't really seem to be doing much damage at all.

      I started to think that if I stood here watching this whole thing for too long, somebody would start to blame me personally for the explosive devices attacking the vessel. I figured I should just get away from this whole scene.

      I started talking with the person standing near me about the explosives. Not long after this, we saw a huge missile launch up into the air. It looked like one of the rockets that launched the Apollo missions into space, except that it was flattish, almost having the shape of a plastic cigarette-lighter. It launched really slowly into the air and up through clouds.

      Dream #2

      I was probably finishing crossing a street, walking up to a corner, on a city street that looked like an area of Manhattan with a lot of housing projects.

      There was a little, blonde girl lying flat on her back on the sidewalk, her feet pointed toward the curb. The girl looked maybe eight or nine years old. She wore a pink or orange summer dress, the skirt of which was pulled up all the way above her stomach.

      It seemed like the girl was either dead or dying. She was so still and expressionless. I could feel (somehow) a lack of consciousness in the girl. I could also see or feel a sinking away of the life in her.

      A Latino man with long hair in a pony-tail and wearing a baseball cap was near the girl, trying to help her. The girl may have fallen while the man was around, and the man may have softened her fall, laying her down gently. But now, as I lingered to figure out exactly what was going on, the man seemed to be trying to stand the girl back up.

      I figured the Latino man was the little girl's father, or some kind of relative. I told the man it looked like the girl needed medical help, not help standing up. The man insisted the girl was fine. But I asked him, "Did you even call an ambulance?" The man may now have been Chinese. He told me he hadn't called an ambulance.

      I told the man that I would call an ambulance. I said it wouldn't mean there was necessarily anything wrong with the girl. But it was always just better to check in with medics to make sure nothing was wrong.

      I put a flip-open cell phone to my ear and called the ambulance. I thought to myself how dumb this guy was for not calling an ambulance. The girl was obviously really sick. I started to wonder whether the guy was going to get in trouble for not having called an ambulance. I wondered whether he was trying to hide something that was his fault.

      As I waited for 911 to take my call, I walked down the sidewalk a bit. There was a platform of scaffolding built over a section of the sidewalk. On the blue, wooden wall of the scaffolding, maybe 3 meters in the air, there were two signs.

      Both signs were made out of tarp-like material. They were set side-by-side. They were probably pink. The messages on them were written in Chinese characters, which were a dull shade of blue. The sign on the left had a photo as well as a message on it. The photo may have been of a little girl.

      I was able to read the messages (???). They basically spoke about how, due to rampant racism within an apartment complex almost all the residents of which were Chinese, certain residents of the complex were being forced out.

      I got the idea that these people had basically just been intimidated by their neighbors until they left. They hadn't been forced out in any legal sense. The people who lived in the complex would have struck anybody else as being also Chinese. But they may have been Muslim as well, or something like that. So the other Chinese people didn't like them.

      It turned out that the building had some kind of disease running through it. The situation was either that the disease was more prevalent among the people getting purged, or else that the people being purged were developing the disease more violently, now that they were basically living on the street.

      I went back to the little girl, who was now "Chinese" (even though she actually looked like a Latina girl). The little girl was sitting up, completely conscious, even kind of cheerful. I knew that she had whatever the sickness was, and that she could get really sick. The ambulance was coming to pick her up for a check up and medication.

      I put my left arm around the girl's shoulders. The ambulance backed up to us, and the back doors were open to receive the girl. A medic lifted the girl out of my arms and into the ambulance. A medic (possibly the same one?) told me, "That girl has tuberculosis. It's really contagious. You were too close to her. You should probably get checked, too."

      I kind of resigned myself to having the disease, even though I was a little afraid. My mom was now standing over me. She told me, "I went to the store the other day and got a disease testing hit. It can diagnose if you have the disease. So that way you know way ahead of time and you can treat yourself before you feel all the pain."

      I stood up and followed my mom. We were now in something like an unfinished bedroom. The bedroom had a concrete floor and barren, white walls. It was lit with a stark, incandescent light.

      My mom pulled out this stretch of cotton padding, like a piece of padding that might be stretched out atop a bed mattress. She laid it out on the floor -- it was actually rolled up, like some kind of stiff, plasticky material, and she had to kind of unroll it and "snap" it into a flat position.

      My mom told me that you tested yourself by laying down on the mattress. I felt like the testing really wouldn't work, and that the whole thing was just a big ripoff. I wasn't going to lay down on the thing, because I felt like it would do more harm than good. But I didn't want to disappoint my mom, and I was thinking of a way to stall her.

      My mom rolled up the mattress, which she'd laid out in the middle of the room. She walked over to the right and back side of the room, near a doorway to a dark room or hallway, and laid the mattress out again.

      As my mom did this, she told me, "These testing kits were on sale at Wal-Mart. So I bought ten or twelve of them. I'm planning on giving them to people as Christmas presents."

      I thought, Oh my god, Mom! You bought twelve of these damn things? You really got ripped off! For some reason I went over and lay down on the mattress my mom had laid out.

      I either sat up, or was helped up. My mom was gone, and my friend H was now in the room. There was somehting in the center of the room that looked like a hearth, for a fire, except that there were a lot of stones in it. H and I walked over to the left, front side of the room and sat down near an old-style, rotary-dial telephone that sat on the floor.

      H picked up the phone and started talking with one of her friends. I watched her on the phone. My view was really low, almost level with the floor, so that the phone's base seemed really big in my view.

      H spoke to one of her female friends about a gift she had given to Y, another female friend of hers. It may have been something like a coffee mug with a photo on it. But when she mentioned the gift, H asked her friend, "What did S (a male friend of hers) think about it? Did S like it and pay attention to it?"

      I heard a little bit of H's friend's response. H and her friend spoke a bit more. Finally I got the idea that H and her friend were speaking in code.

      H hadn't been in contact with Y for a while. They'd had some kind of argument. But before the argument, H and Y had actually been secret lesbian lovers. So now H heard Y was having something like a birthday party. But H wasn't invited. So H sent a present to Y.

      Ostensibly the gift was supposed to have something to do with H's male friend S, as if to signify that H liked boys, especially S. But the gift was really, secretly, supposed to show Y that H was still in love with Y. H was now on the phone with her other female friend to see if Y had gotten the right message, and if Y was also still in love with H.

      H was kind of treating me like I was her boyfriend, even though she never real showed it. So she didn't want me to know that she was actually in love with Y. So she was speaking in code with her friend.

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    11. cherry tree doomsday; flickering man; earthquake building; lesbian gifts; multiple affairs

      by , 08-24-2011 at 01:44 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in my neighborhood on a cool, sunny day. I saw a blossoming tree, probably a young cherry tree, on the block caddy-corner from me. I saw it as if I were up the street frfom my corner (kind of to the north), while the tree was off from its corner as well (to the east).

      Somehow I knew the world was going to end. I started either seeing or sensing check-mark boxes, like check-fields on a computer screen. As certain "symptoms" of doomsday were being listed, the check-mark boxes would turn green, as if to say this had already happened. Everything stated was being checked.

      Dream #2

      There was a man, possibly wearing a white suit, standing in a dark room. He was lit by a shaft of light which had little, stick-like patterns of black scattered throughout it. On either side of the man another light scheme played. This one was mostly black, with little, stick-like patterns of white scattered through it. The white lines may have been straighter and more ordered than the black lines. They may also have been totally vertical. These lights may also have flickered or strobed on and off, possibly to music, and possibly as the man danced.

      Dream #3

      I was in some really big hotel "in Brooklyn." The hotel almost seemed to be in ruins, just a shell of an old, magnificent hotel. But there were a lot of people in there, and it seemed like they were guests. But the windows and doors all seemed to be hollowed out, the floor was just concrete, and the walls were just some kind of golden brick.

      I heard or felt an earthquake (or just heard that there was an earthquake?). I went outside to see if I could feel it.

      I stood out on some huge bridge, which may have been the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge was made of tan-gold bricks. A deep, blue sky arched over it. The bridge began to heave up and down in sine-wave movements.

      I now stood out on what may have been a deck for the big hotel. It was just a big, concrete area looking out over a big river (the East River?) and shaded by the height of the building. There were a bunch of people outside with me. We were all relaxed. It was like we were having a party.

      Suddenly there was a feeling of dizziness and swaying. People started saying, "Whoa... whoa..." as if they were trying to get their balance. I looked down. The concrete now looked like the walkway for the Manhattan Bridge. But it was swaying and bulging. I knew this was an earthquake, but I didn't want to believe it was. It seemed like an earthquake would be really inconvenient at this moment.

      It was now like I stood on a floor high up in the building. I was with a few other people. The building began swaying. It swayed so much I thought it was going to fall right over. It seemed really flexible, really elastic. It swayed down at one point so I saw some scene of concrete and rusty metal as if from a bird's eye view.

      The room I was in then seemed to be "shaken loose" from the building. The room, possibly a whole floor, was drifting down to some area that also looked like ruined tangles of iron and conrete. But I kept thinking there was a chance that the room would manage to float all the way over the the Manhattan Bridge. I really wanted to be on a bridge while the earthquake was happening.

      Dream #4

      I was in a living room with two women. The feeling of the living room was very strange. It was almost like it was inside a house in the suburbs, but that the house was somehow on stilts or up a very high staircase.

      The living room seemed pretty big. It was kind of dim, as if only one pale light was on in the room. The walls may have had some kind of pale sea-green color. The two women sat at a table. The table was covered with plush toys like stuffed animals. The two women sat next to each other on a long side of the table, which was just wide enough for them both. I knelt before the table, kind of low, so that I was barely poking my head above the table top.

      I had gotten a gift for the woman on my right. This woman had a very boyish look and short hair. But she was still very pretty. I don't know what the gift was. Maybe it had been another plush toy.

      The other girl laughed that I had gotten a gift for the first girl. Without her saying anything, I could tell why the second girl was laughing. Both the girls were lesbians, though they weren't lovers with each other.

      The second girl, who was maybe in her late teens or early twenties, prettyish, with pale skin and long, brown hair, didn't think I knew the two girls were lesbians. She loved seeing boys express their love either for her or the first girl, and then somehow making it known that they were both gay, and making the boy feel stupid.

      I was kind of annoyed by the second girl's intentions, even though I knew them ahead of time. I hadn't gotten the first girl a gift because I loved her. We had apparently worked together, and she had been a really good co-worker. So I wanted to give her a gift to show her my appreciation.

      The first girl stood up and walked away. Some other things may have happened. We may all have been milling around the house for a bit. There were now a few other people in the house.

      I had walked to the other end of the living room. I now turned around and walked back. There were two or three folding tables arranged in an "L" shape and cluttered over with stuff like quilts. A black or Latina woman, maybe in her late thirties, sat behind the table making the base of the "L."

      I approached the woman to ask her if there was anything I could do for her. The woman was talking as if she were just finishing up talking to a group of students, for whom she was trying to coordinate some activity. But there didn't seem to be any students around.

      The woman may then have spent some time explaining to me how serious she was about her work. The woman had a slightly brash, no-nonsense voice. But I could tell she really cared about people, including me -- for some reason!

      The woman told me, "Yeah, go up in there and clean up the mess on the floor. But if you don't want to, you don't have to."

      So I went "up there," which was a room at the other end of the living room, through a set of swinging doors. A little, black boy followed me into the room. It was a long, kind of narrow room. It may have looked a little like a dining room, with a few long dining tables in it. But it also had a lot of bookshelves along the walls (as well as really nice, big, tall windows shaded by sheer, white curtains). And there seemed to be toys on the floor.

      At first I thought the job of cleaning up the floors was going to be easy -- too easy. I'd wanted a job that would make me feel like I'd really "helped the kids" (???), but this job would be over in just a few moments. The little, black boy had skip-run to the end of the rfoom and was now skip-dancing around.

      I looked at the floor more closely. There was actually a lot of stuff like dough on the floor. Some of it may actually have been smashed into the maroon-colored carpet. I was relieved. This looked like a decent job. But I was uncertain whether I could actually get such sticky stuff as dough all the way out of this carpet.

      The organizer woman then told me (as if I stood in front of her again) that I didn't need to clean the floor if it was going to be too big a job. She actually told me that I simply should not clean up the floor if the job looked like it was going to require a lot of effort, as this would simply be overkill.

      I may have half-heartedly told the woman, "But I want to clean the floor." I wanted to do something useful.

      Dream #5

      I was in a living room. I stood before a couch. My friend EI, who tends bar at places where I do karaoke, sat on the left (my left) side of the couch. A man who I didn't quite see sat on the right side. The couch, as well as the living room, seemed to be cluttered with stuff like blankets and plush toys.

      It felt like there was a party going on here, although I couldn't see anybody else in the room. The room also seemed quiet. The light in the room was pale, as if lit by a strong, cold incandescdent (or LED?) bulb.

      The man may have been of medium height, pale white, with a slight beard and messy, short, brown hair. He may have been wearing a really baggy, dark sweater and dark pants. He may possibly have given the impression that he didn't want to talk to me.

      EI and I started talking. We were soon quite aroused by each other. I told EI that I really shouldn't do anything. My friend H was in the next room, studying. H and I were pretty much together. So if H saw EI and I making out, she'd be really upset.

      But even as I was saying this, I was starting to embrace EI. EI was wearing something like a dancer's outfit. It was hot pink, spandex-like material, in two pieces. The top was like a very short cut shirt, almost like a bra with short sleeves. The skirt was also very short, like an ice skater's skirt and bottom.

      I embraced EI and began kissing her belly, then kissing up her chest and neck. All this time I was telling her that we really shouldn't do this. EI looked really happy with what I was doing to her.

      EI was so tiny (she's pretty tiny IWL, but she was even tinier!). I wrapped my arms around her waist. Her short skirt was turning me on so much. I moved my head down so I could put my face on her crotch.

      But for some reason, EI was now straddling me on the couch. Suddenly, H opened a door to the right (my right) of the couch. She poked her head out and called my name, a little matter-of-factly. I tried to say that I was telling EI we shouldn't do this.

      I walked into the bedroom from which H had popped out her head. I was now laying on the bed with H. H was reading from some sort of textbook. She wore a pale brown t-shirt. The bed was just a mattress on the floor. The mattress and everything else in the room seemed really cluttered.

      I had explained to H that I hadn't meant to get that involved with EI. H seemed to be okay with everything I was saying. I started kissing H softly. But she kind of pushed me off, saying she needed to study.

      I walked out of H's room through a door on the wall to the left of the wall with the door through which I had entered.

      I was now in a long, dim, narrow room. The room was lit with warm, dim, red and yellow light -- almost like a dim, incandescent light offset by red holiday lights. I sat in some strange, narrow space with two women. The space was like a wooden bench, a barrier made of thin, twisty, black-iron bars, and some long, thin, wooden chest of drawers. But I'm not sure how it was all arranged.

      The space seemed to be set at the edge of a living room, to face a ledge down to a little, red-stone-tiled entrance area for the house. Behind us, the living room may have had one dim area with a dining table, behind which was a more normally-lit area, which was larger and possibly more like a living room.

      One of the women was very boyish-looking. She was blonde, with shaggy hair. She wore a baggy, green, flannel shirt and blue jeans. She looked a little like the blonde son on the TV show Home Improvement. But her face had a sharper, more delicate look, and her faced, though tan, had an almost Spenserian combination of ivory skin and rosy cheeks. That alone made her strikingly attractive to me.

      The other woman was a pretty, young woman, possibly with pale skin and black hair. The first woman and I had found the second woman on the road somewhere. We brought her here to this place.

      The second woman started telling us the story of her life, and how she'd ended up on the street. The story was really sad. But the woman was so adorable that, even as she recounted her tribulations, she was really turning me on. She was also arousing the first woman.

      The first woman and I walked away from the second woman. We were now in another room, which was a double room. The first part of the room was lit with soft, incandescent light and had a big chest of drawers at its center. The second part of the room had no light of its own. It had a round dining table.

      The first woman and I first stood by the big chest of drawers. I thought the woman was going to tell me how she was so attracted to the second woman. I figured I'd have to leave this place while the first woman seduced the second woman.

      But the woman instead told me that she'd been really impressed by the concern that I'd shown the second woman. She'd also thought it was cute that I'd been turned on by the second woman.

      The first woman and I were now sitting at the table. The woman said, "So I've decided. I'm just going to do it. Right now. Three, two, one."

      The woman suddenly kissed me. She kissed me quickly, backed her head away, then kissed me again. She backed away and seemed about to kiss me again. But I stopped her. I said I couldn't do this.

      H popped her head out from another door and called for me. I didn't go to H this time. But her entrance into the scene did get me to stop kissing the woman.

      Later I was in the first part of the room. There were a few other people there, like for a party. The chest of drawers had been set up as a buffet, with a lot of different dishes of food.

      I walked over to the back side of the buffet to get some food. As I did, the first and second woman were walking away. Their backs were turned to me, and they hadn't seen me.

      I noticed that both the women had extremely huge rear ends. I knew time had passed since I had last seen them. I figured they must both have gotten really overweight in the time that had passed. I thought I had been pretty lucky not to have gotten involved with them.

      But I wondered if they hadn't been so terribly overweight when I'd first met them. I thought maybe they had been deceptively thin on their upper bodies, so that I'd just assumed they were thin overall. I also thought that maybe they'd disguised their being overweight with baggy clothes.

      (I try not to think so shallowly in waking life. I also try not to judge anybody based on their appearance.)
    12. earth and cars; robot girl; detergent; maid's complaints; TV show; the dead speak

      by , 08-05-2011 at 01:00 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      There was a view of outer space, as if part of some documentary. The view swept between a bright star and, probably, two planets which were very close to each other. As it did, a narrator spoke about how the earth was in danger and how people should work to save the environment. But everything the narrator said seemed wrong. She seemed to mistake all the problems and come up with really silly solutions.

      As the narrator began talking about the problems on Earth regarding our water supply, the view swept down to "Earth," one of the two close-together planets. The planet was dark from high up in space. It looked like it was mostly dark, barren land with only a few wisps of clouds floating over it.

      The narrator's comments again seemed to annoy me with being so off-track. The view now seemed to sweep under some wispy cloud, possibly near a small, sharp mountain. I understood that I was supposed to be watching a space ship taking off somewhere.

      I was now on earth, at some place like an air base, looking up into the sky. It may have been late afternoon. The sky was cool, pale, tinged with pink. I seemed to have just finished watching a space ship or an airplane launching into the sky. I now turned my gaze back toward the ground.

      I was with two other "people." One of them was actually a computer-graphics car, like the red car from the movie Cars. The other person, and even I myself, may also have been CG cars.

      We headed across a stretch of concrete, over to a pick-up truck, which was not CG and not alive. We (cars) were apparently going to ride this pick-up truck away from the base. As we headed over to the pick-up truck, we talked about the environment, as if continuing the narrator's speech. I think I disagreed with everything said, but I spoke and laughed as if I agreed.

      We all got in the truck. I got in the bed of the truck, which was covered by a little shell. I got in by swinging myself under a horizontal bar placed just unde the roof of the shell. I'm pretty sure at this point I was a car. Even in the back of the truck I was continuing my talk with the other two people about the environment.

      Dream #2

      I was in a cluttered living room with two other people. I may have been kneeling before a couch piled with papers and other stuff, possibly including some kind of sheer or lacy blanket.

      One of the people, who I never saw, was my friend. I'd come to this place with my friend to plan some kind of party. The house bellonged to the other person, a tall, kind of skinny man with olive-colored skin, longish, frizzy, black hair, and plastic-rimmed glasses.

      We were looking through piles of photos or headshots. We were trying to match something about the headshots with something about the attitude of the party, to decide how to make the party and who to invite.

      I ran across a kind of strange photo of a girl. She was maybe ten or eleven years old, and she had a kind of nerdly look. But something else about her made her look like a robot. It was like I could see that under her short skirt there was a bunch of gears and machinery.

      My friend (a woman?) saw that I found the photo a little strange. She snatched the photo out of my hands. Something about the girl was a secret, and the woman figured I was just about to ask what that secret was. The woman said, "This little girl was his (the man's) daughter."

      The man seemed to understand that I had caught on that the girl looked like a robot. The man, kind of as a confession, told me that the girl had been a robot. She had been like a daughter to him. But apparently she was no longer alive.

      Dream #3

      I was in some strange, small space with my brother and sister and my mom's ex-boyfriend, TV. The place was supposed to be like a store. It looked like a mix between a sidewalk newsstand and an unfinished basement. The counter and front shelf were really small. The shelf area and the back area, behind the counter were lit with a kind of yellowy, fluorescent light. But evertyhing else was dark.

      TV stood behind the counter. My brother and sister stood before it. They were both little kids again. I stood off to their left, in shadows. I may have been a little kid, too.

      The shelves were all lined with detergent. TV had told us that he was looking for detergent so he could do our laundry. But, he said, the detergent he usually used was all gone. There were a lot of different kinds, but most of them were so different, they wouldn't work at all. It was like they weren't even detergent.

      TV really seemed to wish he could find the old kind of detergent. We kids were all hoping that TV could do our laundry. My brother handed TV a few different types of detergent. But TV rejected them. One of the detergents looked like a drink pouch with a big, thick, orange cap. Most of the boxes of detergent were yellow and orange.

      I was starting to think our laundry would never get done. But finally my brother found an old-fashioned looking box of detergent. The box was plain and yellow, and it had small writing, in a kind of old-fashioned font, all over each of its sides. This detergent was apparently the generic version of the kind that had run out.

      My brother handed this box to TV. TV accepted it, possibly a little reluctantly. It was good enough. So he'd be able to do our laundry. But TV still seemed like he'd rather wait until he got the kind of detergent he actually liked.

      Dream #4

      I was living with my family. We had just gotten a maid.

      I had just come back from something like work. I was kind of excited to see how well the maid had cleaned the house. I may also have had a little bit of an arrogant feeling that the maid would say my room had been the cleanest to begin with.

      But my mom told me that the maid said I needed to clean my room better before she came to clean it. My mom said that the space under the bed had stuff under it, so she wasn't able to clean it.

      I seemed to be going up a stairwell to my bedroom. I was holding onto the straps of a backpack I was wearing. I slowly entered the room and looked under my bed. The carpet was really dusty. A crumpled pair of khaki slacks lay on the carpet.

      There was also a strange coffee cup which appeared to be either styrofoam or paper. But also seemed to be made of glass or ceramic. It had a white base, which faded up into a watercolory blue and green. There was a glass or ceramic flower with green petals and a pink center attached to its side.

      I could see how this stuff could have blocked the maid from cleaning under my bed. I was a little ashamed for not having realized I'd left this stuff here.

      Dream #5

      The opening credits for some TV show were playing. The TV show was about some kind of normal American town, where all the characters were really normal and plain, except that they all seemed to have some sort of magic power or another. Each person had a different magic power.

      The opening credits gave a screen shot to each of the main characters, giving the actors name, the character's name, and a short description of the character. Most of the characters have escaped my memory.

      There seemed to be one blonde woman who looked like an average young mom. She wore a green cardigan sweater with a cherry-tree-branch design on it in black and white. She also wore skinny, black slacks. During her screen shot, she was doing something like shifting a pile of clothes from one place to another.

      The final person also caught my attention. He was by far the gaudiest person in the town. He may have been gay. He worked at some department store, like the store in the British sitcom "Are You Being Served." He had feathery, platinum blonde hair and tan skin. He wore some kind of flowing white shirt and a black vest. He also seemed to be adorned with huge, cubic, shimmering crystals.

      As well as being gay, he may have been the most "out" about having magic powers. His screen shot showed him in his department store, throwing his arms up in the air in some dramatic, magic gesture.

      The show now began. There were two women and one man in a very stage-like setting. The space was supposed to be a beauty salon. But it was just a huge stage with a polished white floor. One the right side was some scenery like neon cut-outs of trees and vegetation. But this was supposed to be the real outdoors. The man stood out near this area, wearing a white terry cloth robe and sipping some kind of fruit drink.

      The two women were near the center of the stage, by two chairs like dentist chairs. These were for beauty salon customers.

      There was some kind of contest. Whoever won would get a free treatment at the beauty salon. One of the women was the worker at the beauty salon. The other woman went to the salon all the time.

      The man began to mock the contest a little. He said, "Well, what happens if I win and I get to go to the beauty salon? What do you do to me?"

      The man was suddenly in one of the chairs, naked. As if he were asking if this would happen, his body was suddenly slathered in a bunch of white, painty material. The man was wiggling back and forth, making throaty "Agh!" sounds, as if he were digusted, but also acting like he loved whatever it was he was going through. He asked, "Is this what you would do to me if I won the contest."

      The customer woman now stood where the man had previously stood, by the neon paper vegetation. The man asked, "Is this what you do to her when she comes here?"

      The customer woman was really pretty. She was blonde, heavily made up and dressed in the style of a 1990s business woman, with a red dress exposing a V of chest. But now she was naked. She walked to the chair to the man's right. She got in the chair upside down and facing in toward the chair, so that her really nice rear end just kind of stuck way up in the air.

      I was hoping that the worker woman (red-haired, pale-skinned, with glasses, done up partly like a 1990s business woman and partly like Diane Keaton in the movie Manhattan) would start rubbing the naked customer woman down with whatever kind of white gunk the man seemed to be coated in. It felt like it would easily turn into some kind of erotic lesbian scene, which I would love.

      Dream #6

      I was in a morgue, which looked a bit more like some kind of crafts workshop, or theatre's backstage construction area. The place was full of tables and equipment, most of which seemed suited to a factory. There was a mortician somewhere for a little while. But after a while, he was gone.

      I stood surrounded by a few work tables, like for cloth cutting or some other kind of craft. Across the way from me, though, a line of bodies were laid out on tables. The tables were all low, maybe knee-height. They all looked like work tables, and they were all separated from each other by kind of bulky pieces of equipment or machinery.

      I saw four or five bodies in the line. Two bodies to my right were of men wearing soccer outfits, as if they had been soccer fans or soccer players. One of the men wore a green uniform. The other wore a yellow one. Both men were short, a little stout, and Latino. They had slightly cut up faces.

      A woman's body was just off to my left. She was white, middle-aged, pale skinned, a little overweight. She had shoulder-length, red-brown-dyed hair. She lay on her back and seemed to be frozen in the position of taking a picture with her phone, which she held with both hands.

      Something like narration ran through my head about how every person dies frozen in the position of whatever they were doing the instant they died. The woman now turned her head toward me and said, "Yes. That's true."

      I was surprised that this dead woman had just spoken to me. But the narration said, "The dead can come alive to speak to the living when they have questions."

      The woman was struggling to sit up, but she seemed more like she was sliding off the table. But, still, she was cheerfully confirming what the narrator had just said. She told me she could stay alive long enough to answer my questions.

      I felt like it was really important to ask good questions and to focus on what was being told to me, because you don't get to talk to dead people every day.
    13. football catch fail

      by , 05-13-2011 at 11:40 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was with my friend H on some kind of grassy field that seemed to be indoors. The field seemed to be some in some kind of square, maybe even surrounded by small poles and belt-barriers.

      H and I were playing catch with a football that also seemed a little weird. It seemed to be made out of smooth leather, kind of shiny and tan colored.

      I threw the football pretty well a couple of times. But then I kept throwing the ball so that it hit the ground a few feet away from H. H might have thrown to me the same way eventually. The throws became consistently like this. I would be short from her by a couple feet, and she would be short from me by a couple feet.

      H was laughing at her throws, as is she thought it was funny how bad she threw. But I remembered she had thrown well before. I told her, "Try not to mirror me when you throw. You're throwing like me, because that's the way you think you should do it. But you actually throw a lot better when you throw like yourself."

      Later, H and I were somehow remembering a moment from H's first day in high school. It made H feel nostalgic, even though something may actually have prevented her from having finished high school the first time around.

      The view was from way high up, like from the ceiling of a cathedral. I saw down to a huge crowd of kids and adults, massed all together in a stony cathedral. There was a huge, stone, octagonal-cylindrical "pulpit." A few kids sat in benches along the walls of that pulpit. H was among those kids. All the kids there seemed happy, although H had, at some point, intimated how miserable she had been in high school.

      At another point, H and I were at one edge of the indoor grassy field. There was a wall of computers, or something like a control panel. H sat at a swivel chair in front of a computer. She was pushed back from the computer, relaxed in the chair, and looking at me as I stood on or near the grass.

      At another point, I saw an image of two girls, one of whom may have been H. The girls were at least topless, if not naked, and they were cuddling with each other. I thought it was nice that the girls were lovers. But I also thought it meant something scientific.

      I had the idea in my head of two chemicals. One was phosphorus. Either both of the girls were like phosphorus, which in conjunction with each other caused the evaporation of the phosphorus and the release of a second chemical; or else one of the girls was the second chemical, and the conjunction of the two chemicals caused some other kind of reaction. The chemical had a name like "metargon," but it wasn't that.

      (Side note: I've been reading Occult Chemistry, by Annie Besant and CW Leadbeater. The book is on Project Gutenberg, www.gutenberg.org. It kind of details the views that the clairvoyants Besant and Leadbeater had when they examined chemical elements in a paranormal way.

      Besant and Leadbeater claimed to have found additional chemical elements, including the element "metargon," which I think my brain appropriated.

      The book also shows diagrams of chemical elements on what Besant and Leadbeater call the etheric planes. Some of these diagrams look like church windows. That, in conjunction with the whole royal wedding thing, I think, influenced the image of the cathedral.)
    14. forest, friend's house, show, computer

      by , 02-10-2011 at 12:38 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a forest, possibly a snowy forest. There was an animal like a wolf that would eat humans. I may have seen it.

      I was then at the house or apartment of an old friend of mine. My friend had me go into some bedroom. The bedroom was dark. There were clothes all over the floor. A mattress lay in the middle of the room. The mattress was also covered with clothes.

      My friend kept insisting that I try on some of the women's clothes he had. But I felt like he was just trying to put me into a position where he could do something bad to me. I also felt like he wanted to do something bad to my family as well.

      I was then watching some show on a stage. The show had an old variety-show feel, but it was somehow related to an anime. There were some really hot girls dancing around on stage. They were dressed in jeans and tight shirts, just casual clothes, but they had something to do with the anime, too.

      At some point I came to understand that the plot line had something to do with lesbianism. This really turned me on. The show was now controllable, as if I were watching it on YouTube. I did all kinds of frantic forwarding and rewinding, trying to get to the point where this assumed hot lesbian scene had occurred.

      But suddenly, the screen went blank. I realized I had been watching this on my computer the whole time. My computer's screen was black, with only a cursor blinking in the upper left corner. I started to smell a plasticky, burning smell. I could tell it was coming from my computer's disk drive.

      I knew I had burnt out my computer. I was pretty sure I couldn't get a new one for a while. I wondered what the heck I was going to do.