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    1. TV train trip; mom checks heartbeat

      by , 11-05-2011 at 02:35 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a basement living room with some of my family members. The basement was kind of small, but it was brightly and warmly lit. My mom sat on the left side of the couch. One or more people may have been sitting next to her.

      I had a small space to sit in near the right side of the couch. As soon as I sat down, my second oldest nephew and my brother tried to sit down next to me. They were playfully arguing over who could sit next to me. My nephew may have been bigger than my brother!

      Eventually I decided that my brother (?) could sit on my lap, and that my nephew could sit next to me. It felt good and warm to have everybody all crowded around me.

      We had to watch some TV program that would inform us on some mission we were all supposed to be going on. An old, kind of fat, rich man was going to give us the details. The details, I knew, would involve something called "time parachuting." The man would just appear on the TV at the appointed time and give us the details.

      The TV may have been a TV at first. But now it was a low window, set into the wall under a thick, dark, wooden shelf. The view outside seemed, at first, to be of the deep blue water of an aquarium.

      My second oldest nephew and I may have gone close up to the window. It was now like we were on a subway train at night. The train was running above ground. It had just gone past the edge of town, apparently. We were riding through an area full of rails, all criss-crossing with each other.

      But now all the rails were under at least a meter of water. A deep blue light lit the water and the rails. In some places, it may have looked like the rails themselves glowed with deep blue. This brake-yard (?) seemed to extend for quite a way, all under water, with this eerie glow. My nephew and I seemed to be pretty amazed by it all.

      Dream #2

      I sat on a couch in a living room with my mom. It was daytime, and daylight came in through a window, which was probably behind the couch.

      My mom lay on the couch, to my left. But she was taking up so much of the couch that her rear end was smashing up against me. I was reading something on my phone.

      I was kind of annoyed by being smashed the way I was. But I decided not to move. I thought (a weird thought --) that my mom must be smashing up against me because she wanted to remember what it was like to give birth to me. I figured I should let her remember. I'd been so emotionally cold lately, maybe she'd forgotten what it was like to be my mom.

      My mom was now sitting up. She told me I looked weak. She grabbed my left arm and put her first two fingers on the vein on the inside of my elbow, to feel my heartbeat.

      Apparently she didn't like something about my heartbeat. She stood me up. We walked across the living room, into the kitchen. My mom stopped me right at the threshold of the kitchen. She said, "I'm going to grab the stethoscope and check your heartbeat, if you don't mind."

      I said I didn't mind. I put my book (? -- instead of my phone?) down on top of the fridge. I could see the top of the fridge really easily. I sat the book down on top of a pink diaper that sat on the fridge.

      My mom walked toward a doorway on the right wall of the kitchen, just past the fridge. This doorway led to a small hallway that led to a couple of bedrooms. My mom was getting a stethoscope from one of those rooms. In my mind's eye I saw my mom putting the stethoscope to my arm.