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    1. bashful around co-worker; obama and southeast asia

      by , 01-08-2012 at 02:52 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in an office. The office was like a hallway of big, heavy desks, rather than a big floor full of cubicles. There was some kind of dull, greenish, fluorescent light. But daylight flowed in through windows, giving the atmosphere more of a gold-white feel.

      I stood before some desk. I had probably been given some task by "my boss," who then walked away. There was a stack of papers on the desk. I picked it up and turned away from the desk, as if I were going to walk to my own workspace.

      But the hallway was now blocked all the way across by the desk of one of my old senior co-workers, RW. RW sat at his desk. In the usual mild manner he took with me, he asked me if I was happy with my new position. Apparently I was doing research on semiconductors.

      I bashfully giggled and told RW it was okay. RW said, "Well, I certainly don't think I could do something like what you're doing. It would be too much for me, just picking up on semis like that. That's really hard."

      I just giggled and smiled. I couldn't do anything else. RW, who does research on diagnostic equipment and PBMs, had a reputation for being extremely witty, incisive, and self-assured. He could cut anybody down. But he'd always been gentle with me. Even now, I didn't want to spoil my unique relationship with RW by getting over-confident.

      But RW said, "Now, come on! You have to admit that what you're doing is pretty good!"

      I didn't know what to say. I think I might have started to talk about how I thought RW's research was really cool. But before I could say that, I think RW started talking about how his reseach wasn't so difficult.

      Dream #2

      I was in an auditorium full of high schoolers or college kids. There was a group of high-level officials on the stage. The stage was really high up, compared to the seats. I was in the third or fourth row. But I often saw as if I were a video camera, closed right up on the group.

      The group all stood in a kind of random fashion. There weren't any podiums. I'm pretty sure there weren't even any mics. There was no decoration on the stage, either. It was just a bare stage.

      The people on stage were from all over the world. There was some kind of major announcement being made. It had to do with some decision of President Obama's.

      But the main person, who was to make the bulk of the announcement, was alternately Obama and some tall, bald, white, slightly overweight man. But even when the man was Obama, he spoke of Obama in the third person.

      The man first asked a woman to leave the room. The woman's name was something like Piti or Peetee. She looked (to my reflection now) Iranian. She had short hair in a kind of Jackie-O cut. She had pale, olive-colored skin, and a healthy, round figure. Her dress was pale blue-grey. But the fabric was really strange, like a mix between terry cloth and cashmere.

      Piti left through a door to a stairwell, on the right (my right) of the stage. After she left, the man said that Piti had already determined that if Obama's decision was unfavorable to her, she would take some kind of action against him. Apparently Obama had already done something to Piti, basically barring her from making any appearances in the United States.

      But Obama's decision was going to go against Piti's desires. The man explained to all of us that Piti basically had control over all of Southeast Asia. She could bar (I think the man called it "sanction" in the dream) Obama from Southeast Asia, just as he'd barred her from the United States.

      It was pretty obvious (I don't know why) that it was a lot worse for Obama being "sanctioned" from Southeast Asia than it was for Piti to be barred from the United States. But it seemed pretty obvious, as well, that Obama wouldn't tolerate this sanction. So we were all basically told to prepare for a conflict.

      The man had now, apparently, handed out paper presentations to all of us. The presentation was, I think, an argument for why we should aim for some kind of compromise, rather than heading into a conflict. But the presentations were all in Chinese.

      A boy asked the man (who may now have been alone on the stage) if he could give an English translation of the presentation. I turned around so I could see the boy. The auditorium was huge! And it was packed -- full of high school or college students!

      The boy sat at a folding chair along the right wall. He was an Asian boy with a squarish, shortish haircut, squarish glasses, and a dark blue winter jacket.

      The man may have voiced a little disappointment that the boy needed translation. But there was a girl, also Asian, sitting with a female friend. This girl actually yelled back to the boy, "Why do you need a translation? Didn't you study your own language, like everybody else does?"

      The boy said something like, "Well, yeah, I studied. But I just thought if we got a little translation here and there, it could help us get through the rest of the text faster on our own."

      The girl sighed at the boy, like she couldn't believe what a lazy excuse-maker he was. I turned back forward and looked at my text as the girl said, "It basically says that China believes, if the whole world cooperated, we could reach the ends of the universe, with the energy we have right now."

      I looked at the presentation in the hands of the girl to my left. There was a screenshot printed on the page. The shot was of some YouTube video, showing some view of the universe. The sky was mostly black, with just a few faint dots of stars.

      For some reason I was now running to the bathroom. I was somehow involved with some meeting with President Obama. But it also had to do with some branch of Satanism. The branch was named something like Gen Schele. But "Gen" may have been "Glen." And "Schele" may have been "Shell" or "Schnell."

      Obama had possibly already explained something to me about the government, this cult, and some decision being made in international affairs. I really disapproved of it. I thought it would end with a lot of people dying. But I thought it would be weak to voice my disapproval. And I acted like it was perfectly natural.

      But now I needed to go to the bathroom so bad! I was running toward a restroom. I was wearing khaki shorts for some reason (great way to meet the President, right?). And now I couldn't hold my pee anymore. The inner thighs of my shorts were all soaked.

      I didn't think it was so bad. If I got to the bathroom and to a urinal, I could pee the rest of the way in there. Then my shorts would likely dry quickly.

      I was in a bathroom now, peeing in a urinal. But my pee was coming out so much, so forcibly, that I was still spraying all over my shorts, making them even more and more soaked. Plus, I just wasn't stopping! I had peed so much that the urinal was completely full. A huge puddle was already forming on the floor.

      At some point Obama saw me. He asked me, with a bit of disappointment and disdain, what was bothering me so much. I didn't want to tell him what was bothering me. I didn't want him to think I was weak. But I'm pretty sure he knew what was bothering me.

      I just wanted, really badly, to finish peeing, so I could go into one of the stalls, crouch into a fetal position, and just lie there until my shorts finally dried.

      (When I woke up, I seriously expected to find that I'd wet the bed, my dream was so vivid. But, thankfully, I did not. Also -- just as a side note, the "Gen Schele" might be a mix-up of the name of the artist Egon Schiele, and also of the name Rothschild. I've been reading about the Rothschilds lately.)
    2. obama and rubia; high-performance request; accounting and racing; grandma's food; lesbian library

      by , 09-21-2011 at 01:26 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some kind of auditorium, which also felt like a huge, modern church sanctuary. I sat up in a balcony. The balcony curved all the way around the sanctuary, which had an odd shape, like an octagon. Farther to my left there was another balcony over this balcony. The church was well-lit, almost like the inside of a big-box club store like Sam's Club. The place was packed. We were all here watching President Obama give a speech.

      President Obama wasn't at the front of the church, on the stage. Instead, he stood on a small podium in the middle of the crowd. But then he was standing on some little platform hooked to the balcony, so that he wad just a bit lower than eye-level with the top of the balcony's barrier.

      Obama gave his speech, which was about all the good things he was doing. One of the things had to do with fostering positive relationships between the US and the Middle East. One of the proofs he gave of this was some partnership being formed between Chile and a supposed Middle Eastern country called Rubia.

      Now Obama was taking questions from the audience. I raised my hand to ask a question. But a woman off to my left got to ask her question. After she asked her question, Obama may have said, "Okay. Now who has another question?"

      The woman had a mic, so I not only raised my hand, but stood up and walked over to the woman so I could get the mic from her. A lot of other people raised their hands to ask questions. I thought for sure one of them would get to ask, rather than me. But my old boss, DR, was sitting off to the girl's left. He said, "Let ----- ask his question first."

      So I got the mic. I was walking back to my seat with the mic. In the meantime, Obama was probably answering the first question. His response had something to do with taxes. But then he also mentioned interest. A white man with blonde hair, a blonde mustache, blue eyes, and a trucker cap, asked me, "How does the government make money doing the kind of stuff Obama's talking about?"

      I said, "Well, the government makes money through revenue, which is what they call taxes. And then they also make money through charging on debt ..."

      The man and I together said, "... which is interest!"

      The man now seemed to understand pretty well.

      It was now my turn to ask a question. Obama was now up on the balcony, on some maroon-colored steps between two aisles. I was also standing on the steps, a few steps up from Obama. I asked my question. At first the mic was really quiet.

      I asked Obama, "You say you're doing a lot of stuff to make relationships positive in the Middle East. But beyond the example you gave with Chile, which is a country in South America, not the US, and Rubia, which I've never heard of before--"

      A young, pretty, blonde man wearing a black windbreaker came up to me as if to take the mic away. I flinched away from him. But he made a poking motion at the mic with a thin, pen-like instrument. I saw a little orange light on the mic. I understood that the man just wanted to turn the volume up on the mic. So I let him do so.

      With the volume up, I asked Obama, "So there are a lot of countries I can think of in the Middle East and North Africa. Out of all these countries, when you talk about good relationships with the US --"

      The crowd began clapping and cheering loudly.

      "-- Where is this?"

      Obama seemed like he was about to answer my question. I handed the mic to someone else so they could ask their question. As I did, I thought I'd tell Obama that I was also concerned with Sub-Saharan Africa, although nobody else seemed to care too much.

      Dream #2

      I was in a car at night, pulling into a parking space before a building. A woman came out and greeted me. She said my hotel was ready. I got out of my car and went up to the hotel room with her. The hotel room was kind of small. It felt like it was a few floors up and inside the building. It felt kind of stuffy.

      At some point, perhaps in an elevator, I was -- somehow -- putting myself into a baby's diaper (???). It fit really terribly. I -- somehow -- saw it wedging up into my rear end and sliding halfway off one of my legs. I'm not sure how I did or saw all this, as I was still fully clothed.

      I was laying back on the bed, with my arms behind my head, looking up at the ceiling. The woman told me, "Well, then, I'll give you a call and let you know what I can do about your request."

      I was kind of surprised by the woman's statement. I didn't remember asking her anything. But I figured I could have been experiencing missing time. So I asked the woman (as if I thought this was a clever way to hide the fact I didn't know what she was talking about), "Sometimes I have trouble remembering the things I just said. Could you tell me what I asked you?"

      The woman, standing in the doorway, said, "Sure. You said you were a little disappointed with this room. You had made a reservation for something different. So you asked me if I could find you a more 'high-performance' room."

      I remembered having made a reservation for something bigger. In fact, in my mind's eye, I had the view of something more like a small townhouse. And here I was in this dinky, little hotel room. So I guess I was disappointed.

      I told the woman, "Thanks. That sounds right. Just give me a call when you figure out where I can be moved."

      The woman left the room. I stood up. I walked out of the bedroom and into a second room (???). This room was like another bedroom. But it was totally dark. I walked through the room and into a bathroom. I turned on the lights.

      I looked at myself in the mirror. I was naked except for a pair of panties over a pair of diapers (???). I took off the panties. The diapers had a yellow and blue color scheme. There was something like a Mickey Mouse pattern on them. They seemed a bit loose and baggy on me.

      I thought I should probably go to the bathroom in my diaper and change it before the woman called me. But I also thought that I'd wait until the woman came back before I changed back into my clothes, so I could see how she'd react to me in just a diaper.

      So I walked back to my bedroom. I was kind of surprised. I thought the woman would have called me by now to let me know if I could get moved into a "high-performance" hotel room. I thought it would have been pretty immediate. I was wondering if she had gone to look at all.

      Now I thought maybe there were secret cameras in my room. Maybe the woman was watching me walk around like this. Maybe she thought she would wait until I was fully dressed before she got in contact with me.

      But I also thought that maybe there was something wrong with my credit card. Maybe there wasn't enough money on my card to charge a different room for all the nights I wanted to stay. I thought that was possible.

      Dream #3

      I was in a living room, laying on the couch. I was possibly getting ready to play a video game. My mom came in and asked me, "So did you finish that accounting stuff?"

      I knew what my mom was talking about. In another room there was a computer system that looked a lot like a video game system. The screen had a bunch of red numbers on it. I had to do accounting with all these numbers. It was a real pain in the neck. But I knew I hadn't done it, and that I should just do it.

      I sighed in annoyance and stood up. My mom, a little taken aback at my annoyance said, "Well, you don't have to do it right now, if you'd rather relax."

      I said, "Nah... f**k it," and shrugge my shoulders.

      I went into the room and set up the system. Apparently I controlled the accounting system by using Super Nintendo joysticks.

      The scene kind of faded into me standing at the right end of a huge flat-screen TV. The TV had a really glossy surface. The screen must have been a few meters tall. My mom, sister, and maybe a couple other family members stood in front of the screen.

      I watched the screen from my side view. At first it scrolled through all the red numbers that were part of the accounting system. Then it shifted to some kind of video game, like a racing game.

      My family started talking about the game, how fun it was to play. Suddenly I was standing in front of the video game, playing it. It was like a racing game. It was set in the mountains, and you raced things like mini-hovercrafts. It was kind of like F-Zero for Super Nintendo, except all the figures were really small. The graphics were sometimes more like 8-bit graphics.

      Now I was suddenly in the game, on the hovercraft, racing around as Claus Valca, my avatar for the DV website. The view was now like reality, not like video games. I remembered some words of wisdom a really beautiful and busty woman in a maroon-and-black, Victorian-style dress had given me about safety.

      I came around a curve in the road. I was driving the wrong way. A bunch of Indy cars came driving around the curve. But they were all invisible. I could only see very faint phantoms of them as they got very close to me. A few of them actually hit me. It didn't hurt me very much. But I knew if too many hit me, my vehicle would be damaged. So I pulled off to the side of the road to let all the invisible Indy cars pass.

      Off to the left of the shoulder of the road was a small cliff that led down to a wide, green valley. I drove along the shoulder of the road for a bit, then, possibly accidentally, drifted off the cliff.

      I descended quickly toward the valley. I found the valley really beautiful, and I really wanted to see it, although I was pretty sure I'd die if I hit the ground at this speed. I even commented to my family on the beauty of the scene, as if I were still standing somewhere with them, playing the video game.

      Then, suddenly, a huge cushion of air propelled me up from the valley. The valley sunk below me, and the air rushed all around me. I felt very elated. I even shouted out with happiness. The view was incredible from this height. I may even have wondered whether I was having an out-of-body experience.

      Dream #4

      I walked into the living room of "my family's house." The room was really big, and only one side of it was lit. The room seemed to be divided in half by a blue couch. There didn't seem to be much stuff at all on the dark side of the room, in front of the couch. Directly behind the couch there was a table, or maybe an air hockey table, covered and cluttered with all kinds of stuff, a total mess.

      My mom sat on the couch, kind of sideways, her left arm resting against the top of the back end of the couch. My brother and sister may have been somewhere as well. It was like I was here, visiting for the holidays. My mom's mom came to visit and drop off some food for me for Christmas.

      I was curious as to how this would all turn out. As far as I knew, my mom and grandma were no longer talking with each other. But my grandmother was here, right in front of the couch, as if she were talking with my mom, as I came into the living room. Now that I was here, my grandma could leave. She said something to my mom then headed for the door, which was behind the couch.

      My mom didn't seem to be answering my grandma at all. I was a little upset at my mom for not talking to my grandma. But I needed to catch my grandma before she left the house. I headed for the door.

      As I reached the door -- my grandma already stood half in and half out -- I looked at the table. Amid all the mess were two containers of food. One was a clear, cylindrical container of some kind of green food, like a casserole made out of spinach. The other container had some kind of fruit stuff in it. Both containers, even though they'd only been on the table a few moments, were all messy and gross.

      My mom finally spoke to my grandma. She said something completely irrelevant to what my grandma had said. She said something kind of weird that was supposed to prove she was taking care of something very business-like with my oldest nephew or all my nephews.

      My grandma didn't respond to my mom. My grandma was wearing a blue, cotton dress with tiny, white, paisley designs on it. The collar may have been a bit elastic, slightly bunchy. The sleeves may have been the same. My grandma also wore eyeglasses that looked extremely clean, but also very, very thick. My grandma alos looked a bit younger than IWL.

      My grandma said, "Well, -----, Merry Christmas. I'm glad I got to see you. And I love you." And now she was leaving. I felt terrible that I only got to see my grandma for this very short amount of time. And I really didn't even get to speak to her!

      Dream #5

      I was walking in front of "the New York Public Library," even though the building looked more like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, out on a wide, cobblestone walkway, like where Trinity Church and the Public Library are in Boston. There were a lot of makeshift stands outside, selling all kinds of art and souvenirs.

      There were a lot of women heading toward the library. I heard a couple women talking behind me. One of them said, "Yeah, I'm only coming to the library because they're having that speech for lesbian empowerment."

      I wondered about the event the woman was talking about. I was hoping it wouldn't be too big. It could make getting around in the library a huge chore, with all kinds of crowds of people in there.

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    3. karaoke, obama, and the fed; blue bar and the fed; marrying rich man's daughter

      by , 09-04-2011 at 01:23 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some place like a workshop. There were one or two groups of people in the workshop. I may have belonged to one of the groups. But one of the groups had finished whatever they'd had to do.

      This group left the room. They walked through a long, ramped hallway, like in a hospital. They were now in a dark room at the end of the hallway. The room was like a bar, although it didn't seem to have anything in it. The people were all singing karaoke.

      I sat down in the workshop-room at some big working table. I was at the back end of the table. I really wanted to do some karaoke. I was getting restless.

      I had a pile of money in front of me. I realized that some people had left their money here. So I should give it back.

      President Obama was sitting on the right side of the table, near the front end. I gave the pile of money to Obama. I realized that the money was money that Congress had left on the table. They'd probably need it back. And President Obama would probably be able to give it to them.

      I walked away from President Obama. But, for some reason, I still had two $10 bills in my hand. So I turned back to Obama and dropped the $10 bills on the table. They lined up nicely, the bottom edge of one matching wih the top edge of the other. They also looked really nice and new.

      I knew that the $20 was some kind of "extra tax" that came with the money for Congress. The main pile of money was the pile that Congress got as a matter of course. The "extra tax" was tax that Congress received on this money.

      But President Obama told me to keep the extra $20. He said something like Congress hadn't really earned the stack of money in the first place, and they really wouldn't miss the tax money if it was missing.

      President Obama then asked me, "Well, why are you sticking around here? You can go, if you'd like. Don't you wanna go do karaoke with everybody else?"

      I said no. I knew the Fed was going to talk about something pretty soon. I felt like it would probably be a smart idea if I hung around here until the Fed got through talking about whatever they were going to talk about. I had partly said this to butter-up Obama and make him think I was smart. But I was also genuinely interested in what the Fed had to say.

      Dream #2

      I was in a restaurant/bar. The restaurant had a weird shape, kind of an upside-down "L" shape, with the tall part of the "L" being really long and kind of narrow. The lighting for the whole place was a kind of neon-blue. But there were windows to the space outside of the bar, which looked like the inside of a mall and was lit normally.

      I had gotten a table to sit at. But I had been asked to stand up. I'd had to walk all the way to the end of the area I was in, i.e. to the "base" of the "L" shape.

      Now I was back at my seat. There was some other guy with me, an Asian man in maybe his late twenties, dressed in a business suit. We seemed to be co-workers or friends. We were about to sit down when another man asked if he could sit with us. He was also Asian and young. He was dressed in an all-black business suit.

      We didn't know the man, but we let him sit with us. The two men sat beside each other. They started talking with each other, as if they were familiar with each other. I understood that they had never met each other before, but that they "knew the game" well enough to talk with each other as if they were familiar with each other.

      I sat on the opposite side of the table, kind of awkwardly positioned in my seat against an empty seat, and messing around with stuff at the table, possibly a glass of water and some condiments or little appetizers or something.

      The men tried to include me in the conversation. They asked me something. I responded by giving some speech about the Fed, which I don't remember, other than the fact that it was about them not needing something and having some kind of disagreement with Congress. The Fed might have said that Congress didn't need something.

      Dream #3

      I was in a big, nice living room in some wonderful apartment on a high-up floor in a big building. An old, white man with white hair sat on a couch. I may have sat down and stood up alternately.

      I had been interested in the old man's daughter. I wanted to marry the daughter. But the old man was sure that I only wanted to marry the daughter because I wanted to get at the old man's money. This wasn't true.

      There were elements of the dream before this point that proved, I reflected, that I really liked the girl. But I can't remember those parts of the dream.