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    1. dirty beach; two sandwiches; dianne wiest lunch; new restaurant

      by , 02-08-2012 at 02:42 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out on a beach that was packed with people. A lot of people seemed to be out with small contraptions, almost like the rods that would hold up huge umbrellas, but with no umbrellas, and with bases that lay in the sand.

      I stood by a little, blonde girl. She was really tiny, but she spoke really well. She wore a leopard print bathing suit and sunglasses. I had asked her her name -- or maybe I'd asked her my name. She responded by telling me I was silly or stupid.

      The girl then told me that I'd spoken so much about going into the water. So why was I now just staying out on the beach. I figured the little girl was right. I should go into the water, at least to impress the girl.

      But I looked at the water. It was just as packed as the beach was. And it was dirty as hell. It looked like old, used washing machine water. And posts seemed to be sticking up out of it, too.

      Dream #2

      I was laying on a bed, probably in the living room of a nice apartment or condo in a tall, new building. My mom sat either on the edge of my bed or on a bed that was adjacent to my bed. We were watching some movie. The movie struck me as being a little brutal or gross.

      I was either making two sandwiches, or else I had two sandwiches lying before me as I lay on the bed. Each sandwich had its own plate. Both sandwiches were on heroes.

      The sandwich nearest me had ham and cheddar cheese. I remembered that I liked the taste of ham with some other meat. So I told my mom I could make our sandwiches with that other meat as well.

      But my mom said no, that didn't matter. She seemed to be hungry and annoyed, and she didn't want to worry about complicating things. I felt bad for complicating things. So I decided to leave the sandwich alone.

      But I personally wanted the taste of both meats on my sandwich. Then I remembered that the second sandwich had both meats on it. So even if my mom was annoyed by my two-meat idea, I could secretly eat and enjoy a two-meat sandwich.

      Dream #3

      I was at a dinner table with an older woman, probably my mom. We were in a really nice restaurant that was mostly empty. The table was round, a meter in diameter, with a white tablecloth.

      Three older women sat down at a table that was right next to ours, even touching ours. The three women all looked rich. They were all dressed in black.

      My mom had a conversation with the women. It sounded pretty intelligent. But I can't remember what it was about. One woman, the one closest to me, was staying rather quiet. I looked at her. She looked really distressed.

      I recognized her as Dianne Wiest. But she looked a bit skinnier and older. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed her performances in her movies. But I didn't say anything.

      Later I was riding in the backseat of a car. My mom was driving, and another woman was up in the front seat with her. My mom said, "Rachel ----- wasn't as talkative as she usually is."

      I thought, Rachel -----? I knew my mom was talking about the woman I'd looked at. But I guess I'd gotten the name of the woman wrong.

      My mom continued. "Oh, well. Usually she's more open when she's around kids. It brings out more of a feeling of hope in her."

      I thought to myself, Well, I'm pretty youthful and exuberant. I can bring out hope in people, too. I should have been a little more outgoing with Rachel.

      Dream #4

      I walked into a restaurant. It was as enormous as the main area of Grand Central station in NYC. Toward the back, the seating area tiered up. The carpet, and maybe the walls, were green. The tables all had white tablecloths on them. The place was empty.

      I walked back to the back tier. I sat down and was now seated with a rich-looking, older-looking man and woman. We ate and spoke cheerfully about something. I was having a good time. But I was trying to play down the fact that I wasn't rich, so that my financial condition wouldn't make the couple dislike me.

      I then realized that this was a brand new restaurant that had opened up in a big, abandoned building. I thought of some friends who I always go out to dinner with. I thought they'd be really impressed when I told them I'd come to a restaurant that had just opened.
    2. dog streets; dark restaurant; light restaurant; mcdonald's

      by , 12-14-2011 at 03:01 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was a bright, warm, sunny day. I was in some kind of suburban neighborhood with a group of people. We all stood out in the middle of the road, in a wide intersection, near the crest of a shallow hill. The other side of the hill felt very airy, possibly like the seashore was nearby.

      Somehow I knew -- I may actually have been explaining it to a business woman -- that either a plague or a flood had hit this area. The place had been ravaged for a while: either overwhelmed by waters or distraught by disease.

      The calamity had subsided. But things weren't back to normal. The town's population was now extremely low.

      On top of that, there were certain streets that were now run by dogs. It was easy to tell the streets apart. The streets that had nice, new, black asphalt were streets where humans lived. But the streets with older, pale asphalt were run by dogs. The streets with old asphalt, I knew, had been so ravaged by the calamity that the new asphalt had been stripped off of them.

      It was known that the dogs would guard their streets. If humans came down the streets, the dogs, which were like German Shepherds, would group together along the street and growl the human away, back out of the street.

      But new asphalt was now also being laid through the dog streets as well. The group of people and I were following one new strip of asphalt that had been laid, coming out of a dog street and heading toward the front of this neighborhood (which now, apparently, was a gated community).

      There were two or three mail delivery men up ahead of us, pushing their bag-carts full of mail. Walking near the men were two or three big, black dobermans. I feel like they were acting as an escort for the mailmen, who, now that the new asphalt was being laid, were again having to go into the dog streets to deliver mail to the houses.

      I was now outside the community's gates and a few blocks down. I was talking with somebody, probably a black man in his mid twenties, maybe a little skinny, with reddish hair, wearing a red shirt.

      The man and I were out here on a job. The man may have been gossipping to me or complaining about the work, trying to find a way for the two of us to get out of it, even though I wasn't interested in finding a way out of the work.

      I was now walking back up toward the gated community. The gate, I could see, was a kind of cheap-looking, chain-link fence, with a tiny post-structure for a security guard to stand inside of. After the fence, the street went up a hill that was covered in the deep shade of heavy-canopied trees.

      There were a couple of people behind me and beside me to my right, but just out of my view. A black woman said to her friend, "I don't wanna have to see them showing off their lust for each other again. It makes me sick."

      I wondered who the woman could have been talking about. I now saw that the community's gate was open, and that two black, female security guards were walking back and forth in the open space.

      The women were both overweight, and their security uniforms were really tight on them. One woman was darker. She had hair about to her shoulders, brown, with blonde streaks in it. The other woman was lighter and had blondish hair, long, in tight braids that pulled up in a fountain-shape and then flowed down.

      The long-haired woman was following the short-haired woman around closely, almost flopping over her. I could see now that these two women were lesbian lovers. The woman who had been complaining a moment ago had been complaining about these two women.

      Dream #2

      I was in a really nice restaurant. I sat along the back wall, with my right side against the wall, at a table for two. The restaurant was one big room, full of tables for two or four people. The tables and chairs were all of heavy, dark wood. The walls may also have been of heavy, dark wood.

      It must have been daytime. The restaurant's lighting was dim, and most of the light seemed to be coming from a window at the front of the restaurant.

      The chairs at my table, and at all the tables along the back wall, had tall backs, maybe two meters tall, carved in a Gothic style. The chairs were so tall and solid, they made me feel like it was sitting in a booth rather than at a table.

      A wealthy-looking white man, maybe in his forties, sat at the table directly in front of mine. I was probably waiting for my food. I was reading a book, scribbling some figures with a pencil onto a pad of pink paper, and listening to music with my headphones.

      But I now noticed I'd been singing along to the music I'd been listening to. I didn't know if my singing had been any good. I hoped I hadn't been singing too loud.

      I thought it would have been rude to be singing like that here, in such a nice restaurant, with such a serious guy sitting in front of me. But I may also have thought that the guy could possibly have been a talent scout. I may have thought that if he'd heard me singing, he'd want to sign a record contract with me.

      But I was more embarrassed by my bad singing and my impertinence for singing in such a place. I took out my earphones and put them away.

      Dream #3

      I walked into a restaurant in the downtown area of some big city. The restaurant was part of some big building, possibly a big hotel. The restaurant was huge, with windows for all its walls, letting in streams of bright morning light.

      The restaurant was like one big room, but divided into a number of areas, mainly by means of setting some parts of the room up on higher platforms, maybe 30cm to 60cm in height, and arranging these platforms at odd angles from the rest of the restaurant. Some areas may also have been divided off by glass walls or waist-high divider-walls.

      There was one little alcove with a couple tables in it just off to the left of the entrance. I was thinking of sitting there. There were a few big, beautiful, white business men sitting at a table. One man had a tanned, but reddened face and wiry, brown-red hair. He was laughing with the other men.

      I still wanted to sit in that room. I wanted to sit near those men. But I also wanted to avoid them. I didn't want them to think I was trying to intrude in their business.

      I looked throughout the rest of the restaurant. It was all empty. There may have been a waitress walking through some of the seating areas, doing something. But that was it.

      I was now (I don't know why) so embarrassed with having wanted to sit at a table near the business men that I left the restaurant. I walked around the corner, but then came back in through a different door. This way, I thought, the business men would think I'd left. That way they wouldn't think I was trying to intrude on their business.

      I was back in the restaurant. I walked up onto one of the platform levels and took a seat just a couple tables away from the glass wall dividing this area from the room the business men sat in. Apparently I still wanted to be close to the business men. One of the business men did take notice of me. I felt kind of stupid.

      Dream #4

      It was night. I was sitting with my family at a McDonald's. The McDonald's was packed with people. The place felt hot and greasy and steamy.

      My family and I sat at a very low, long table. My mom, my siblings, my nephews and niece, and I all sat packed together. But there was another whole group of people at the table, too. So we were all pretty crammed together.

      We had all our belongings heaped up on the table as well. I had a backpack or a book bag in front of me, amid a heap of other stuff.

      Someone brought out our food. I had fries, possibly something with chicken in it, and a soda. I had to reach around all the stuff on the tables to get to the drink-tray with the sodas in it. The sodas were all smalls, in white cups.

      But when I looked at my drink in the drink tray, I realized that, while I'd ordered a Coke, I'd been given a Sprite. I was really mad. I'd been here a number of times, and every time I'd asked for a Coke, I'd gotten a Sprite.

      I blurted out, "Christ, I hate these people. They did it to me again!"

      But I noticed that there was an extra drink in the drink tray. It was a watery-looking orange drink in the drink tray. It looked like a mix of orange Hi-C and carbonated water. I like Hi-C, so I thought I would just be satisfied with that drink instead.

      But my brother, who was sitting just to my right, said, "Did they give you the wrong thing? Don't take it. I'll complain to them."

      I didn't want anybody to complain, as, in my experience, complaining just made things worse. But my brother had already complained and was now back in his seat.

      Now one of the workers came up, a fat, white woman, dressed in blue slacks, a dark maroon polo shirt with blue sleeves and collar, and a visor-hat with a maroon visor. The woman asked, "Did someone here have a complaint about their drink?"

      I stood up to face the woman. I didn't want to. But since she was here, I thought, I should just be honest with her. But I hid my face behind the top half of a big styrofome meal-container that was holding a bunch of ripple-cut french fries. I was even shoving french fries and catsup in my mouth as I stood there.

      But the woman knew it was me. She either poked her head around the container or forced me to lower the container so she could see my face.

      The woman said something like, "Oh, so it's you again!" as if she knew me for a constant trouble maker in the store.

      It was obvious that the woman wasn't going to change my drink. She walked away, back behind the front counter. But she sent out another worker, either a black man or a black woman, to kind of pace back and forth around the table and make sure I wasn't trying to start any more trouble.

      My family had all finished their meal and were ready to go. We were in a hurry to get somewhere -- maybe to the airport, so I could catch a flight back to New York.

      Everybody else in the family was now outside, and I was sitting at the table by myself. It also felt like a large part of the people in the restaurant were gone, too. The place felt kind of empty.

      I was trying to pick up all my stuff to get going. But for some reason I couldn't find my book bag.

      A new family was coming into the store. There were a mom, a dad, a daughter, and some other people. The dad was tall, white, with a huge belly, barely held in by a thin t-shirt. He wore dark-tinted eyeglasses and had short, blonde-grey, curly hair.

      The daughter was young, maybe twelve or thirteen years old. She wasn't very pretty. She had kind of frizzy hair and a nerdy look. But I was probably really attracted to her sexually.

      The father obviously thought of me as "below" him, and he didn't even want me around his family while they ate. He was bustling around near me, huffing and puffing and trying to intimidate me. Finally he walked over to my table and stepped on my book bag (which was now on the floor?) a couple times.

      I was really angry that the father stepped on my book bag. I had my computer in there. He could have broken it. I was probably going to stand up to him.

      But suddenly I was outside, walking with my family to the car. We got in the car as I was telling my mom about the guy who had been bullying me inside. My mom may have asked if I wanted to take care of it in any way. But I didn't think it was any use.

      I told my mom, though, that I probably should go back into the store. I'd been looking for my book bag in there, and I hadn't found it yet.

      My mom said, "Oh, we just took your book bag with us when we headed out of the restaurant. It's in the back." (The back was like a hatchback, rather than a trunk.) "Did you want me to get it for you before we started driving?"

      I kind of did. I wanted to make sure my computer was okay. I remembered the man stepping on my bag. But I didn't know if that was a real memory, now. If my mom had taken the bag out with her, it couldn't have been there for the man to step on.

      I figured I'd just take a chance, then, and look at my computer once we got to wherever we were going. I told my mom, "No, that's fine. As long as my book bag's in the car with us, that's all I care about."

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    3. fried chicken; love audition; amusement park persecution; malts by another name

      by , 12-01-2011 at 01:32 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      Something about fried chicken.

      Dream #2

      I was in a huge room like a gymnasium. The gym was unlit, and the only light that came into it seemed to be from a fluorescent light in some other room. The gym was full of either mattresses, or just blankets, lying on the ground. Young men, and possibly young women, may have been sleeping on the mattresses.

      In a room just off to the left of the gym was a small, kind of narrow room, like a room for an art exhibition. A woman was somewhere in that room. She was like a talent scout. She was going to audition everybody in the room for some kind of show she was putting on.

      We all had to lie down and wait to be called for our audition. Eventually I knew I had been called. So I stood up.

      I was naked. I had apparently masturbated and ejaculated all over the blanket. There were pools and pools of the stuff all over. It looked like some kind of meat grease, too, with an orange tint to it.

      I was terribly embarrassed by the condition I was going to have to leave my space in. It was disgusting that everybody would see what I'd done.

      But, then again, I considered that maybe everybody here was required to masturbate. Maybe it was a part of the whole process. I also thought that if any girls walked by my bed they'd be impressed by how much I could make.

      I walked into the narrow room. There were three video monitors embedded in the floor, in the center of the room. The monitors were about the size of a big HDTV. But they were old, conventional boxes, not flat screens.

      The monitors were showing some kind of colorful scenes in a video-style. But, other than the light of the screens, the room was totally dark. The edges of the room were very dark.

      The woman lurked in a corner of the room, off to my right. She may have stepped forth at one point. I kept watching the monitors, though, as if this were a part of my assignment.

      Dream #3

      I was inside a structure like a nice house. But I was at the end of a hallway, and just around a corner from me was an amusement park.

      I could see one of the rides: a rotating column with hydraulic poles coming off of it. At the ends of the hydraulic poles were airplanes. As the airplanes went around in the circle, the people could use hand controls to move the airplanes up or down, out or in.

      This amusement park ride was in some Middle Eastern country which was predominantly muslim. And for some reason, amusement parks were looked upon here as sinful. I saw three girls together, wearing head coverings. I knew they were in deep trouble for being here at all.

      I walked back down the hallway and into the living room of the house. As I did I came to understand that the amusement park would eventually prevail. People in the country would eventually come to accept amusement parks. And the amusement park would eventually grow. But until then, people, especially women, would probably be persecuted for going to the amusement park.

      Dream #4

      It may have been a cold and drizzly night. I had just walked into some diner -- more like a chain restaurant in the "diner" style, like a Denny's or a Perkin's. I walked past a booth-style counter and then past a few rows of booths.

      I walked past a group of late-night diners, men and women, maybe in their early thirties, all kind of beautiful and boisterous. I turned left and sat in a kind of big alcove of tables that had booth-seats on one end and regular seats on the other. I notice two big, empty rooms of booth-tables off behind me and to my right.

      I sat down and opened the menu. The group of late-night diners were maybe five meters off to my left, and I could still hear them talking and joking with each other. I kind of hoped they wouldn't notice me and start trying to annoy me.

      I looked at the menu. Apparently it was only a dessert menu. I got to a page of what looked like malted milkshakes. But instead of being called "shakes" or "malts," they were called something else. There was a picture of a few malted milkshakes surrounded by pies.

      A waitress came up to take my order. But she may also have been talking to me a bit about the desserts. The desserts I'd thought were malted milkshakes were actually something else -- very much like a milkshake, but not quite.

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    4. shy nephew; car keys; concert memory and play

      by , 11-15-2011 at 02:23 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some place like a restaurant. It may have been on the second floor of a bulding. The wall to my right had a couple windows, which may have had thin, white curtains over them. I sat at a small, round table. There was a larger, round table in front of mine.

      My family sat down at the larger table. Somebody, possibly my mom, sat down with her chair pulled slightly out and to the side, so she kind of faced me.

      My oldest nephew, as he looked when he was young, maybe nine or ten years old, crept up and hid behind the woman's body. I saw him do it. I was pretty sure he'd wanted me to see him, like he was only acting shy so I'd come right up and talk to him.

      So I stood up and walked behind the woman. I may have started talking to my nephew.

      Dream #2

      I was in the driveway of "my family's house." The driveway was on the left side of the house, unlike IWL. My sister had a huge SUV. She and her kids were already inside it. My sister was apparently going to take me somewhere, possibly home or to a hotel. But she asked me to go get some keys out of the house for her.

      At first it seemed like these keys may have been for the car, or for some car I was being taken to. We couldn't leave without them. But I may have found these keys.

      At some point I was in the hallway, probably on a threshold to a room, talking with my mom. My mom may have seemed to be a lot taller than I, as if she were a giant or I were a kid.

      I may have gone back outside to have my sister send me back into the house again. This time my sister needed keys for something for one of my nephews.

      My nephew apparently needed to go to the doctor. But the keys were necessary for something regarding either the doctor's office or my nephew's actual body.

      I went back into the house. I may have gone into the basement. It seemed like it was taking me a really long time to find the keys. I may have decided to give up and tell my sister that maybe she should look.

      But then I was in the kitchen. I opened a drawer and found the keys inside, laying on a blank pad of sketch paper. There were three keys on a ring. They may have been inside a clear, plastic baggie.

      Dream #3

      I was at some theatre. At first I was in some part of the lobby. I was getting ready to watch some performance like a college or high school performance. Some kids who'd be performing were in the lobby, talking with each other. One of them was a tall, black boy.

      Now I was in the theatre with my friend H. We sat in the very front row, on the very left end. The stage seemed normal, though slightly elevated. It was all black, and a blue spotlight shone on it. There may have been something like a wooden-barred cage on the stage.

      Something about this performance may have had to do with Kiyoshiro Imawano and, possibly, Ryuichi Sakamoto. My friend H seemed to be really excited about this. But I got mad at her. I told her, "I've seen Kiyoshiro Imawano and ----- (possibly Ryuichi Sakamoto) performing here before!"

      I was so mad at H for once more forgetting the details of my life that I had her twisted sideways, down on my lap. I had her head twisted up at a really painful angle toward the stage.

      Now the play began. A bunch of kids kept coming out and introducing themselves. The play seemed to be about a bunch of cool, artistic kids all living together. As each kid took introduced him or herself, he or she would take a spot somewhere on stage.

      A few black boys walked out and introduced themselves. I recognized one of them as one of the kids talking in the lobby. The stage was now low and bowed out in a kind of wide U-shape. I felt like the stage was smashing against my knees.

      I remembered that my friend H had said she didn't have time to come to the show, and how she'd see me to the show and then leave. But, I happily remarked, H had come in and sat down with me. Now the show had started, and H still hadn't tapped my shoulder or anything to let me know she was leaving. She must have wanted to stay!

      But I now looked over to H's seat. H was gone. She had left without telling me. She may have left a book in her chair.
    5. girls behind me; changing beard

      by , 08-03-2011 at 11:50 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking along either a sidewalk or a concrete walkway on a bridge at night. The night was really clear, and the sky was blue with moonlight.

      A group of girls walked behind me. I don't think I ever saw them clearly. But I had the impression they were all blonde and pretty. I feel like they might have been dressed up in business clothes. But they also might have been in casual jeans, shirts, and jackets.

      The girls were all talking about a specific person's love life. They seemed to be trying to get a guy and a girl to hook up with each other. But they were talking about one of the person having too many issues and messing things up. I don't really know if they were talking about the guy or the girl.

      The sidewalk curved around somehow and went along the side of some concrete wall. It ramped up, as if leading up to a bridge. There was now a lot of snow on the ground, though the sky was still clear.

      Some of the women passed me. They still seemed to be talking about the match they were trying to make. As the girls passed me, I wondered if they hadn't stayed behind me all that time because they'd wanted me to talk to them.

      There was still one girl behind me. She said, "You know why I love these new shoes for the snow? Because then I can walk around in the snow, and it's not difficult at all!" I may have thought it was a little nerdy for the girl to brag about her new snow shoes while everybody else was talking about this matchmaking attempt.

      The girl went off the left side of the concrete path, onto a bank of snow. She passed me while walking through the bank of snow. She then walked back toward the path, maybe two or three meters in front of me now. But as she approached the path, she tripped. She fell down right in front of me.

      Dream #2

      I was walking down a kind of lonely sidewalk on a sunny day. I was in a kind of old-looking part of a big town, with cobblestone streets and wide, brick buildings.

      There was a really old, Asian man behind me, about twenty meters away. For some reason I had turned around to look at him. A young, black man, not really tall, but kind of broad and muscly, came up to the Asian man. The black man had a big, thick beard that only went around his jaw line. The man wore a big set of headphones and wore a red t-shirt.

      The black man said, "Assalamu alaikum" to the Asian man and then quietly started asking the man questions and pointing toward me, as if the questions were about me. But as soon as the black man saw that I had seen him asking questions about me, he stopped talking. He then quickly thanked the Asian man and walked away.

      I felt like if the black man had been asking questions about me, he had been following me. So I was going to find out what was going on. I saw the man go into some corner-set brick building that looked like a restaurant. So I headed toward that restaurant.

      It was only a few seconds from the time the man went into the restaurant to the time I actually approached the door. But the man was already walking out of the restaurant -- except this time, he didn't have the huge beard around his jawline. He looked at me and pretended not to know me. He rushed past me and crossed a street, toward a block with a huge, grass fille vacant lot.

      I followed the man across the street, calling out to him, "Yep! Yep!" As he hurried away, as if to let him know I knew he had been following me all along.
    6. chiaki naomi song in restaurant

      by , 06-26-2011 at 12:46 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I sat in a restaurant, kind of like a huge "bar & grille" style restaurant. I sat at a booth table with a dark wood backing. There was a thin column that ran on the aisle side of the booth, to the left. To my right was a dark wood wall.

      A Japanese business man sat to my left, and another Japanese business man sat across the table from me. Both the men were asleep, with their heads laid down in their arms on the table. A woman stood near us. She may also have been Japanese. She was either a business woman or a waitress.

      The Chiaki Naomi song "Yoru he sogu" started playing. I could barely hear it -- it was like it was playing in another room of this huge restaurant, and barely audible from my position. I strained to hear it. I was really excited that such a cool but obscure song was playing in a restaurant like this.

      I may or may not have tried to wake the men up so they could hear this song. But now the men started waking up slowly.
    7. j bumblebee dies; plane crash; flight and cave talk; west valley and waitress

      by , 06-16-2011 at 12:39 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a camper trailer, one of the kinds that hitch to the back of a pickup truck. It was parked somewhere in the woods. The door was open. I stood in the doorway. My sister stood just outside it.

      My sister told me that "J Bieb" or "J Bumblebee" had died. He was some kind of famous figure, but I didn't know very much about him. My sister kind of took a mildly sarcastic tone with me, as if to say, "I know you couldn't care less." It was like she was accusing me of not caring about our family because I wasn't so emotionally stricken by this celebrity's death.

      I was then in some other place. A young, kind of attractive girl told me that a celebrity named J Bieb had died. She might even have said something like, "Everybody remembers where they were on the day J Bieb died."

      I didn't know anything about this celebrity. But suddenly I remembered that my sister had told me about either this celebrity or a celebrity with a very similar name.

      So, to imptess the girl, I blurted out, "Oh, yeah! My sister had said something about that! I think it was back... My sister and my family had come to visit me. They'd rented a camper."

      Realizing I would have made my family sound like they had a lot of money for renting a camper, I said, "Well, not one of the big campers. Just one of the small ones, you know, that..."

      I may have been making hand motions to illustrate how the small camper worked.

      Dream #2

      I was with my friend H on an airplane. We lifted off. It was a cloudy day. Everything seemed fine. But just as we ascended into the lower layer of clouds, the plane sped up really quickly. That seemed really abnormal. We suddenly slumped downward. The plane was headed back toward the ground. It was obvious that something was wrong.

      I could see as if I were looking through the pilot's window, even though I was still with H in the normal passenger area. The pilot got us turned around. The engines were dead. But the pilot was trying to get us back to the runway. We were kind of gliding, but we were also descending really quickly. I knew it would be a bad landing.

      The plane approached the runway. It hit the tarmac pretty violently, possibly smashing theunderside of the plane. But nothing exploded.

      I could hear or imagine some kind of news announcement talking about the plane crash. My vision was now outside and behind the plane. I was still alive. But I didn't know about H. I could still see from inside the plane, but not very well. Everything was shaking around.

      Then the plane twisted over onto its left side. I could see it as if I were outside and behind the plane and see and feel it as if I were inside the plane. At this point, the plane came to a stop.

      Dream #3

      I was on a plane with a woman like my mother, although the woman was not more than a few years older than I. The plane had landed, and people were all getting off. I might, however, actually have been staying on the plane, as if I had just stayed on in order to help my mother get situated.

      At some point, my mother became a kind of tall, thin woman, like my old friend AL.

      Now a young woman with a kind of hip look, possibly with maroon-dyed hair, came into the plane and sat down. She may even have buckled the seat belt. But she was really here to meet with my mother/friend and visit places in this area with my friend.

      The young woman was a lesbian, and I got the feeling that she was going to try to seduce my friend. I really didn't mind. She was only my friend. I wasn't in love with her.

      So I tried to give some advice to the young woman about how to have a good time in this area. It was partly because I felt bad that I wasn't staying here. It was some kind of tough place to be, and my not staying kind of implied that I wasn't tough. But I'd been here before, and I wanted to prove it. So I started to give the girl advice.

      I said, "You look like you're dressed for the summer right now. But when you go down into the caves, make sure you bring a sweater. Because it gets cold when the wind whips through the tunnels. It's like --" and I made some kind of blowing, whistling sound.

      The young woman had gotten bored about halfway through what I was saying. Finally she unbuckled herself and stood up. She sulkily walked past me and said, "I already know that stuff."

      Dream #4

      I and a group of people, probably my family, stood up from dinner at a restaurant. A family at another table stood up at the same time as we did. My mother may have started up a little exchange between our group and the other group, based on some interesting similarity between us. Both groups were laughing and cheerful, but I felt like things could turn stressful pretty quickly.

      The tables we were sitting at were in a basement area, and we had to head up some stairs to get to the first floor dining area and exit. I may either have been heading for the stairs or some place like a coat closet or coat check. My family was headed in the other direction.

      I was kind of happy to be splitting from the two groups and the almost tense situation. But my mom then called out to a young boy in the group, "You know that ----- (she said my name) lived in Colorado, too." This was supposed to give me something in common with the boy, who was getting ready to go do something in Colorado.

      I knew that now I'd be obliged to talk to the boy. He was tall, white, pale, with kind of shaggy hair, not quite down to his shoulders. He wore a t-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt. He seemed cool. But he seemed about as inconvenienced by having to talk to me as I felt for having to talk to him.

      We walked in the direction of my family. We headed up the steps. I asked the boy where he'd grown up. He said, "In the West V-----"

      We were walking through some kind of crowded space with wood walls. There were a lot of people, and the place was full of noise, so I hadn't quite heard what the boy had said. So I mistook it for "West Village."

      I said, "Oh, you grew up in New York?"

      The boy said, "No. I said the West Valley." He seemed annoyed at my mistake. So I made some kind of dumb joke. I became really sheepish. As the boy, kind of ignoring me, walked away and back toward his group (we were all in the ground floor dining area), I kept calling out to him with this weird joke.

      I suddenly stopped myself, thinking, Geez. The way I'm going at this guy, you'd think I had a crush on him.

      So I went and sat at a table where my mom was sitting. The boy's mom was also sitting there. She was white, kind of thin, with short, blonde hair. She'd overheard my weird joke to the boy. She said, "Yeah, a lot of people don't know where the West Valley is. But it's basically all the most populous regions in Kentucky." She said this with a kind of mock-flair that made me realize she thought the area was pretty dumpy.

      I wanted to respond with a joke like, "Right, all the great suburbs of -----." I wanted to say a really big town in Kentucky. But all I could think of was Louisville. And I didn't think that was good enough.

      A waitress came up to the table from my left. A man had been calling after her. He'd been trying to joke with her, trying to flirt with her. He'd struck me as a bit of an old creep. I was afraid he'd pursue the waitress to our table and start making trouble for us.

      The waitress was wearing some kind of one-piece shorts outfit with a gently colorful floral print and made out of a satiny material. She had tan skin and pale brown hair. She was incredibly sexy, but she didn't strike me as a waitress.

      The waitress gave me some eye and body signals to let me know she was attracted to me. She then said, "Maybe you should give me your card or your contact information, so we can keep in touch."

      I said, "I don't have a card, but I can give you my email address." I shifted in my seat and leaned back a bit, as if I were going to pull a card out of my wallet. I felt embarrassed that I didn't have any business cards. I asked the woman, "Can you give me a napkin?"

      The woman sat down in the chair across from me. She picked up a napkin. There were drawings along the top of the napkin. I had apparently been looking at them before. They were done in black, felt-tip pen. They had struck me, as I'd seen them, as some kind of mystical hieroglyphics.

      But the woman, looking at them, laughed. I asked her why. She directed me through each drawing, from left to right. It showed stick figures, in frame-like settings, like in a comic strip. One frame showed a boy chasing a girl. Another frame showed the boy and girl together in bed. Another frame showed the boy and girl doing some kind of really nasty sex position.

      I said, "Well, I hadn't seen that at all! Must've been cause I was reading it the Japanese way." This meant from right to left, instead of from left to right. Okay...

      I suddenly realized that this drawing was made as a kind of love letter to the girl. I was scared. I thought she'd think I'd written this to her. But then I realized that the creepy guy had actually made this drawing for the waitress.

      There was another drawing below the first drawing. The first frame showed a cabin in a snowstorm. The second image showed a close-up of some structure in the snowstorm. Then there were a couple of images of an American flag waving in the wind.

      Below each frame there were captions. The first captions were something like, "A snowstorm, loneliness, the comfort of a warm home." The next to last caption was, "Destroy the commandos." The final caption was, "America the brave."

      I realized that this was some kind of mass-marketed (how?) advertisement for how America should continue the war on terror. For some reason I felt like this was directed against me. I also thought that, since I thought the drawing was kind of silly, that I'd somehow be targeted by the government as unpatriotic.
    8. judy garland's friend; drag queen rock stars; tattoo parlor and japanese restaurant

      by , 05-30-2011 at 12:50 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      An old version of Judy Garland and an older man were in a hotel room. The hotel room was lit a little dimly, and the light had a slightly orange tinge to it. Garland sat in a nice, big chair, and the old man sat in a similar chair about a meter and a half away.

      The old man was apparently interviewing Garland. I kept seeing Garland's face in close up, as if my view were the camera's view. Garland had her hair done in pigtails, kind of like she had it as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, but a little scraggly and awry. Garland's face was skinny and kind of wrinkled. But overall she carried herself with a lot of dignity.

      Garland started saying that she needed or that she wanted to do a couple of things. The old man interrupted the interview either to get something for Garland or to let her do whatever she needed to do.

      It struck me that the old man acted kind of effeminate, but also kind of classy. He was obviously Garland's friend, but her kind of acted like her servant as well. He might have taken the task of being Garland's friend a little too seriously.

      Dream #2

      Some kind of documentary. There were a lot of shots at night of groups of decent-looking, transvestites. They were all kind of skinny and dressed in evening wear. Some even wore tiaras. They were all kind of acting rowdy, like rebels or like punks.

      The documentary explained that these transvestites had joined together into a rock band as part of some plan to invade the rock world. They got into some big rock event, possibly a punk rock event, that had been full of kind of conventional acts, and they caused some sort of a scene.

      But apparently, over time, the transvestite rock band got really famous. There were scenes, all night scenes, again, of girls chasing the rock band's cars around.

      There was one particular guy in the group that was very popular. But he was also really depressive. There was one scene of him, probably in a dressing room, when he was all done up like a woman. He looked nice enough, but he was just so terribly depressed that it was messing up his act.

      In another scene, the guy was out in a car at night, in the backseat with another person, being driven along some huge driveway in front of a large building like a mansion or a museum or a state building. The guy was only halfway done up like a girl. His hair was only halfway set in some kind of 80s style, so it looked like he'd just woken up. His face had make-up on, but his face still looked, not just masculine, but completely exhausted.

      As he was being driven away, there was a pack of girls chasing the car, trying to get into the car. The guy just kept screaming, "Leave me alone! Can't you leave me alone?"

      At some point there was a really aggressive girl who kept pounding on the window. It seemed less like she was infatuated with the guy and more like she actually wanted to hurt him, or at least intimidate him, let him know she hated him.

      Dream #3

      I was in some busy part of town, with a lot of people on the sidewalk. A lot of the stores seemed to be open to the street, like booths, but they were the size of regular small shops.

      I walked past one shop which was a tattoo parlor. There were two guys or two girls who looked kind of like guys working there. They wore black jeans and black t-shirts, and their arms were covered in tattoos.

      I thought out what I would tell my friend H, who loves tattoos. I would tell her, "See? There's a tattoo shop with pretty interesting people right here. And you never even looked for it. You were too afraid. But look! It's even right next to the Japanese restaurant you like to go to!"

      I passed the Japanese restaurant that H and I have gone to a couple times.
    9. meeting friend in cafe; with friend in restaurant

      by , 05-28-2011 at 01:32 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a cafe that looked more like a small deli. The space was really tight, although the store seemed to extend pretty far back. There was one narrow area that tiered up a meter or so to a narrow platform. Then there were stairsteps down to a very narrow back area with a drinks display refrigerator. Beside the narrow platform there was some kind of buffet style sevice area, with a cash register at the end, near the front of the store.

      My friend R was in the cafe, sitting at some small table around a corner (?) at the back end of the platform area. I might have been surprised to meet him here, but I may also have been scheduled to meet him here.

      R may have been finished eating. He had at least gotten his food. I was kind of ashamed that I was so slow that I hadn't even picked up my food yet. I needed to get food. R said something like he'd wait for me to get my food and then leave.

      I was definitely thinking of a specific kind of food. I think desserts were the main thing served here. But I got an image in my head of a white cake box with a small turkey or whole cornish game hen in it.

      I looked at the drinks display case for a moment, then I went to the cashier. Space felt pretty weird. Sometimes I felt like I stood higher than the cashier. Other times I felt like I didn't feel like I could order, receive, or pay for my food. I felt like my ineptitude might have been annoying the cashier. But she was remaining polite and smiling the whole time.

      Dream #2

      I was in a restaurant with my friend H. Another woman was following us. The woman was A, a girl who works at a cafe I go to all the time.

      The restaurant was apparently a fine restaurant. But it looked kind of like a big living room in an ordinary, suburban house, filled with dining tables. The windows were smallish and high up on the walls, giving the sense that this place was sunk down a little into the ground. Everything had a blue-grey light. The carpet may have been blue. The restaurant was full of people, mostly older people.

      H and I had been sitting at one table, but the girl A had followed us there. So now we'd been moved to another table. But A followed us there as well. Our table was a long table, maybe made for four or six people. A sat at a table for two which was connected with another table for two by a wooden, bench-style seat. That table was at right angles to ours, and A sat with her back to H and I.

      I may have seen all of this as if I were looking at it from outside my body. I may have been wearing a round-brimmed hat, like I wore in college.

      Upset that A was following us again, I decided to leave the restaurant. I managed to get H and I up and out of the restaurant at a time when A wasn't looking. We were gone, but my view remained in the restaurant.

      A waitress came up to serve A. The waitress was Asian and wore a black shirt and black oants. A asked the waitress who I was and where I was going.

      I probably now saw from A's point of view. She was walking along some portico area made of stone or concrete and brick. She kept passing all these clothing stores and other stores. Some of the stores were set into the brick wall. Others were on the opposite side, the open air side, of the portico, between the columns, apparently in thin air. Other stores were just signs standing up on polished metal poles.

      The stores were all also like apartments. The quality of the clothes in each store indicated the quality of the apartment. A (I still saw through her eyes) was looking through all these stores to find out which one indicated the apartment I lived in.

      As she did this, she had a thought-conversation with a woman who seemed to be an older, guiding figure in her life. I'd occasionally see the woman's face fading before A's view, like a ghostly double-exposure on a photo.

      A finally walked past one store which didn't look like a store at all. It actually looked like the sliding doors of an elevator, except made out of pale wood. The doors were also almost 3 meters tall. There were some words in gold or bronze lettering that gave the name of the store, some store for really good men's suits. This, A assumed, was where I lived, or that this was the clothing store that indicated what kind of apartment I live in.

      A was now convinced that I was some kind of billionaire. I don't think her plan was right away to follow me into this store, which now, at least, actually did lead to my apartment. I think she planned to come up with some way to blackmail me or trick me into being with her so she could have my money.

      But then A (I still seeing through her eyes) saw a man standing in the doorway of the store, as if the doors swung open instead of sliding open. The man was white, about average height, a little stocky, but muscly. He had close-shaved hair on his head and a little stubble on his face. He wore a brown or grey blazer, a green, button-up shirt, and blue jeans.

      The man may have been inviting A into the store. I think that A now figured that she would go into the store and try to find my apartment.
    10. weird sculpture my fault; man walking in front of me

      by , 05-11-2011 at 11:43 AM
      Good morning, everybody. My sensation of the first dream wasn't quite like any other dream sensation I've had, although the dream itself seems kind of usual.

      I had the dream in something close to a waking state. Upon "coming to" and realizing the dreamlike quality of the perception, I could feel the "dream," as if it were sticking to the back of my head.

      I took NyQuil last night, as I've had the flu. I think I've had a similar "back of the head" sensation after taking NyQuil in the past. But not the weird "awake dreaming" sensation.

      This may partly be because of the book I'm reading, The Measure of Madness, which includes stories of people who committed crimes due to hallucinations or delusions.

      I've wondered how a delusion or hallucination would feel different from a dream. I think my brain was trying to accommodate me to some degree by showing me an "awake dream."

      Dream #1

      I was in some kind of restaurant that looked like it was part of Lever House. There were glass walls on my left side, showing mild daylight. The floors were stoner or concrete. Something about it now feels to me like the lobby of the UN as well.

      I sat at a table with someone like my boss. I was told that the reports I had put together provided weird instructions. The result was that people ended up making a weird structure. The structure was now behind me.

      I now stood at the back end of the structure, looking along it. It was a weird sculpture made of black iron or some kind of black-painted metal. The metal was made to have the rounded shapes of things like cartoon trees and shrubs. But it was all featureless and black, and it was all tilted 45 degrees on its side. There was also some kind of garbage all over the place, like white packing-styrofome sheets.

      Dream #2

      I was out in the city very late at night with a group of rich people. The people were all a little bit older than I. There was one pretty girl. The people all felt a lot classier than I.

      We were walking near my office. We might all actually have been heading to my office. At least I was. It was like I had to go to work.

      As we walked down a side street, some apparently random guy got in my way. He was tall, pale, and white, with a short, red beard. He was slightly overweight. He wore dark jeans, a long-sleeved, striped t-shirt, and a baseball cap. The shirt and cap were some kind of dull green-brown.

      The man would walk really close in front of me, slowing me down. I would try to get out of his way, but he would move back into my way. I would try to slow down, hoping he'd just forget about me. But he would walk a certain distance ahead, then constantly look back at me over his shoulder.

      The group of people were about 10 meters behind me. They were talking and laughing. I realized they knew this guy, and that they found the game he was playing on me kind of amusing.

      I knew the guy was "reverse following" me. I didn't want him to know where my office was. I arrived on the corner with my office. I needed to turn left to get there. The man had already turned left. So I turned right and walked a ways. Then I turned back around and headed to my office. But when I got to my office, I saw the man standing right in the revolving door, waiting for me, staring at me.
    11. reflecting on dream; driven by mom; friend and bed

      by , 03-29-2011 at 11:43 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was with my family in some kind of parking lot in the mountains. It was early morning, with pastel blue and pale gold light of dawn and cold dew still coating everything.

      The parking lot was set in two levels. But the levels were separated by a big hill. My motheer had driven me, my brother, and my sister here. We were apparently waiting for something else to happen before we left the parking lot.

      But somehow I was now in another car, driving around in the upper parking lot while the rest of my family was driving around in the lower part of the parking lot. For some reason, I felt like this whole thing had been dreamt, and that I was now awake and out of that dream.

      I rehearsed the elements of that dream in my head while I looked down at my family. My family drove past some kind of small path which had a little foot-bridge that went across a tiny stream.

      Dream #2

      My mom was driving me through some neighborhood at night. My mom was probably taking me to the airport. But we ended up driving in some weird pattern that took us up into some totally wrong area and then back to where we'd started from.

      My mom mentioned something about six hours, like it would take us six hours to get to the airport, or like my flight didn't leave for another six hours. My mom stopped at a fast food restaurant. I may have stayed in the car while she went in to grab the food.

      Dream #3

      My friend H and I had been driven to some place by a man, possibly my old friend D. The place seemed to be a cabin or shack out in the middle of a huge lot of barren soil, possibly somewhere in the mountains. The sky was grey, and the air was chilly and damp.

      H and I were in a bedroom in the cabin. We were in bed. We'd just arrived here, but the man was thinking of taking us out somewhere, either for a fun dinner or to pick up some stuff we needed. But now H wanted to have sex with me.

      I was already laying on H, making sexual motions with her. But I told her we couldn't just up and have sex while the man was waiting outside for us.

      I was now outside, by myself. I realized that H was still inside. The man was now somebody like H's old boyfriend, C. I realized that H could be mad at me for not having sex with her. She could end up convincing the man to have sex with her, just to spite me.

      I was walking on some kind of line that had been drawn on the soil between the two cars. The line was a double-line, like the yellow lines in the center of a road.
    12. Wonder Woman theatre; peanut butter Pop Tarts; co-worker in coffee shop

      by , 03-27-2011 at 02:22 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a movie theatre, sitting near the front row. The theatre was kind of dim. The show hadn't started yet.

      I looked behind me and over my left shoulder. A little girl sat beside her mother. The little girl was somehow dressed up as Wonder Woman. But her costume was actually more like baggy pieces of red and blue fabric. The fabric may have had stuff written on it, such as the name Wonder Woman or some kind of statements indicative of Wonder Woman.

      I looked forward again, waiting for the movie to start. A little while later I looked behind myself and over my left shoulder. The girl and mother were now sitting in those seats. The girl was still wearing her costume. But the mother was also wearing a Wonder Woman costume.

      The mother's costume still didn't look like Wonder Woman's outfit. The suit was tight in certain places, but in other places, like around the chest area, it bulged out, almost like a football player's shoulderpads. The outfit was mostly a dark, almost gloppy, cobalt blue, with squares of some kind of white, stony material poking out of it. The mother also had her face painted in some kind of deep blue, almost black.

      For some reason, I was still turned on by the way the mother looked. I thought she had the same kind of sexiness that Wonder Woman has.

      At some point, the mother stood up to leave the movie theatre. She told her daughter she would be right back. I wondered if it would be safe for the little girl to just sit here all by herself.

      The little girl stared forward with a look of sadness and disappointment. I could tell that the little girl knew what was really going on with her mother.

      Somehow I came to understand that the mother was going out into the lobby to meet some boy. She and the boy would run off and have sex somewhere. The girl, I understood, had been abandoned in situations like this before. She was kind of depressed that it was happening again.

      Dream #2

      I was at "my office," which was apparently in some kind of building like in an office park in a suburban area. I believe I was on the first floor. I sat in a big cubicle right next to a window, which let in a decent amount of natural light through partly opened blinds.

      At some point, I got up and walked through a long aisle of cubicles. I walked past a small area that had a tall, round table. On the table were a few styrofome bowls of bite size Reese's peanut butter cups. I grabbed some of the candy and walked into another big room full of cubicles and offices.

      I was surprised by the peanut butter cups. They came in all different flavors. Some were in dark chocolate, which I really liked.

      I was back at my desk, looking at something on the internet, possibly some kind of shopping or fashion page meant for women. Some girl co-worker of mine had been standing way high up on a partition behind me and spying on me while I looked at the internet.

      The woman was now something like my boss. She had decided I wasn't doing any work. So she hopped down and asked me to look at a number of different things that were apparently related to work, but which actually weren't too far different from the shopping and fashion stuff I had already been looking at.

      I was now walking past the table of candies again. I walked into the second big room of cubicles and offices again. Then I headed back toward my cubicle again, passing the tall, round table of candies.

      I had been thinking about the peanut butter cups. The bite size ones were so small, I'd thought, that one or two just wasn't enough. I'd wanted to take a whole handful, but I didn't want people to think I was a pig. I'd wished there was something on the table that was big enough so I could take only one and still have my hunger satisfied.

      I now looked in the styrofome bowls. There were now packages of Pop Tarts in each of the bowls. I was happy to have something big to eat. But, I thought, Pop Tarts always only have sweet flavors, like Strawberry. But, to my surprise, I now saw a bowl with packages of Reese's peanut butter cup flavored Pop Tarts!

      I went for the peanut butter Pop Tarts. But as I did, a male co-worker lunged at the bowl. He didn't grab anything. He just blocked the bowl. He didn't say anything regarding the Pop Tarts, but as he spoke to me he made it clear that he was keeping me from the Pop Tarts because he knew I wanted them.

      I acted like I didn't want the peanut butter Pop Tarts, like I didn't care about them at all. After a few seconds of looking at the bowls and trying to figure whether I could actually get at the peanut butter Pop Tarts somehow, I finally just grabbed a handful of bite size peanut butter cups and walked back to my desk.

      Dream #3

      It was either late night or early morning. It was pitch black outside. I was near "my work," but I was in some kind of place like a red-brick sidewalk "Main Street" area in a small town.

      I was looking for something to take with me to the office for breakfast. I couldn't quite remember the place I always went to for breakfast, and I now couldn't seem to find it. Instead, I walked into a nearby restaurant.

      Inside, the place reminded me of a Pret-a-Manger. I thought to myself, I can't get breakfast here! This is where I get lunch! But, since I couldn't remember how to get to my breakfast place, I just decided to stick with this place.

      I went to grab a coffee. But the coffee area was set up really strangely, in a really small place. A stout, older, black woman was making herself a tea. She was completely blocking the coffee. I had to wait for her to finish.

      When the woman finished, I quickly moved to the spouts to make myself a coffee. I had to rush in, because some other guy was already starting to jostle against me to get to the coffee.

      For some reason, I was making myself a tea, not a coffee! I was even pouring honey in the tea. Somehow I convinced myself that at a certain point, the tea-appearance of my drink would change to a coffee-appearance.

      The guy next to me was really jostling against me now, trying to freak me out and make me leave before I'd finished making my coffee/tea. I looked the person in the face and was surprised to see that it was a co-worker of mine! He'd followed me to a restaurant again!

      (IWL, this co-worker times his lunches, and sometimes even his trips to the bathroom, against mine. It kind of creeps me out.)

      I elbowed my co-worker in the stomach really hard. I didn't even know why I did it. He seemed really hurt. I was kind of happy that he was hurt, but I didn't want to get in trouble at work for having done something like this. So I apologized.

      But as I apologized, my co-worker got up in my face, as if he thought he was going to freak me out. For some reason, I grabbed both his arms. I had both his arms in a grip that he couldn't get out of. I kept trying and trying to break my co-worker's arms. But I couldn't.

      The whole time, my co-worker just stayed right in front of my face. He didn't say anything. I started yelling at him that I was tired of him taunting me at work, that I was tired of him spying on me, and that I was tired of him following me around when I go outside or go to the bathroom.
    13. grammar helicopter; female harlocks; super bowl sub shop; skating kids

      by , 02-07-2011 at 12:50 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was flying a helicopter over a river at night. I was coming up on a big cityscape, the lights of which had a low, buzzing, brownish-yellow color, almost like hypnagogic vision.

      In the helicopter with me was a good looking man, maybe 15 years older than I, with blonde hair and a tan face. I was giving the man grammar lessons. I was trying to explain something about the way Homer used poetic expressions to give more vividness to his battle scenes.

      I pointed out a few examples. But then I felt like I was being too condescending, acting like the man knew nothing about grammar at all. So I tried to think of another way to explain things that would assume more intelligence in the man.

      But now the man told me, "I don't care for all that poetic stuff. I believe in direct expression. What's the most concise way you can say something?"

      I felt a little ashamed. I agreed with the man. I looked back on all my writing and wondered if I had been concise enough. I doubted it.

      I told the man I agreed with him. I was now in a hospital at night. I was in some hall. Eveything was dim, with only a few occasional ceiling lights turned on. I looked into some room through a big, plastic window. I may either have seen a newborn baby in a bed or a very injured adult in critical care.

      Dream #2

      I was walking into an anime convention. I was in some basement area, walking through a huge hallway into a large main room. The hallway and room were full of people.

      I looked behind me. A group of girls was close to me. They might have known me somehow or been my friends. Two of the girls were dressed like Captain Harlock. They looked kind of boyish, but they didn't strike me as being as dashing as Captain Harlock.

      Then I saw a third girl dressed as Captain Harlock. She was tall, thin, and blonde. Her face was perfect. I thought she looked terrific. But her hair was cut way too short, and it didn't have any of Harlock's style.

      Dream #3

      I was in an apartment that wasn't mine. I was probably watching it for somebody. The apartment was really big and nice. It was up on some high floor. The light from the windows was pinkish orange with sunset.

      For some reason I decided to leave this place and go home. I went downstairs and outside. But as soon as I was outside I saw how many people there were all over the place. It was too much for me to handle. I suddenly remembered that the Super Bowl was going on, and that everywhere in the city would be like this. It would be better for me to go back upstairs and wait for things to calm down.

      But I thought I should get something to eat before I went back upstairs. I was walking along some kind of desert road with something like carnival booths on each side. One of the booths was a Subway store. So I went into the line. I got up to the front pretty quickly. The lady in front of me, kind of short and overweight, ordered something that sounded really good. I tried to remember what she'd ordered, so I could order it, too.

      I got an image in my head of miniature pizzas with something like olive paste and lizard eyeballs on it.

      Dream #4

      I was looking out the window of a house. Down below, a group of people were skating on a snowy pond. There were three people. They wore hooded robes made or rich, red velvet. I recognized the people as being cast member from the show Kids in the Hall. But now they all looked old, ragged, and fat.

      They all had these dumb smiles on their faces, as if they were doing a skit about people who thought they were really good skaters when they were actually just morons. They spun quickly (clockwise?). They vanished beneath their robes.

      This spiining and vanishing act was carried out twice more. The first time, the men wore green robes. The second time, they wore blue robes.
    14. second movie; on phone with mom; skyscraper and board room; new lease

      by , 12-16-2010 at 01:31 PM
      Good morning, everybody. The last two dreams definitely came from my last hour in bed.

      I think the third dream is partly influenced by the picture Caden posted on Dreamviews yesterday of the zombies walking into the diner in a big city.

      Dream #1

      I was at a movie theatre. I had finished watching a movie. I was probably going to watch a second movie. I left all my stuff in the theatre and went outside.

      I may have gone to a K-mart in a big shopping center. I may then have gone across the parking lot, to a McDonald's. At some point (after the McDonald's?) I was looking out the front windows of the K-mart. Big flakes of snow were falling and the sky was a heavy grey.

      I went back to the movie theatre. I may have been talking with a female friend of mine right outside the theatre doors, in the dark hallway.

      I then went into the theatre. The lights were on. The theatre was brighter than a theatre would usually be. The floors and seats were all a tan-brown. Everything looked dirty. I was upset that I'd left my stuff among all this filth.

      I picked up my stuff (I had a lot of bags, for some reason) and headed toward the door again. I'd decided I didn't want to stay for the second movie, amid all this garbage.

      (I have some memory somewhere (possibly here, even though it seems out of context) of being at the ticket counter, right at the corner to the long hallway down which were all the doorways to the movie theatres. I was probably standind there thinkng about whether to buy a ticket to the second movie.)

      At the back of the theatre, I sat my stuff down, as if to arrange it properly, put my coat on, etc. As I did, the theatre dimmed to a usual level. The chairs and floor were now a vivid red, almost glowing. I thought, This place looks a lot cleaner when the lights are out.

      At some point I may also have thought of a worker coming in and asking for my ticket to the second movie, which I didn't have. I also thought of how the workers would be disappointed that I wasn't staying for the second movie, after they'd watched my stuff while I'd left it at my seat during the break between movies. I think I had been the only person to leave my stuff.

      Dream #2

      I was on my cell phone, talking to my mom. It was daytime. The sky was clear and blue. I was walking through a small parking lot that was adjacent to another small parking lot for a fast food store that sold tacos.

      My mom was telling me something important that I should do to ensure my health. I said I would do it, but in a half-hearted tone so that we both knew I actually probably wouldn't. My mom sounded patient, but disappointed.

      I looked into the taco restaurant. The walls were all windows. The floors were white tile. Almost everything else was a bright yellow. The store wasn't opened yet. It was empty, and it looked so sparkling-clean and spacious.

      I turned away from the restaurant and walked down a slight slope of parking lots, toward a busy street.

      Dream #3

      I was out with something like a tour group. We were looking at NYC from downtown (from an angle that seems now to have been from the deck of a ferry, out on the water).

      Our tour guide was a tallish, skinny, white man with fuzzy hair down to about his jaw-line, an equally fuzzy mustache, and stubbly cheeks. He probably wore a dingy, white t-shirt.

      The tour guide was pointing our view all the way up to Midtown, to the Empire State Building, which looked kind of small and old. The guide said that in the days when this building was created, people didn't care about the size of the buildings. They just wanted to make places for people to work.

      The tour guide now pointed out some buildings near us, in the financial distritct. Compared to the far-away Empire State Building, they looked huge. The guide now said, "When people built these buildings, size was of the utmost importance. Each new building had to be the tallest."

      The guide now pointed to a building at the top of which were clear windows, revealing an enormous board room. The guide said, "You even started getting features like that, where the people in the taller buildings could look down and gloat at the people in the shorter buildings next to it."

      I seemed to float upward with my view. I was flying among these buildings. I was then suddenly inside a buiding. I was in a huge conference room with a gigantic table. The place was empty and quiet, and the light coming in was gentle.

      There was a balcony somewhere that apparently looked all the way down to the ground floor of the building. It made me dizzy to think of. I was crawling around on my belly, partly because I was too dizzy to stand up, and partly because I had come into work late and didn't want to be noticed.

      I saw, beyond the huge conference table, and probably beyond the balcony, a gigantic window to another huge conference room. The conference room was in another building, but it felt like both buildings were in the same, larger building.

      The huge window was framed in heavy, beautiful wood, fringed with beautiful American Arts-and-Crafts style squares. I was really captivated by the pattern of this window frame. As I concentrated on it, it seemed to change into a different pattern, or to develop a second layer of patterning.

      Dream #4

      I came "back home." "My home" was like a small, suburban house. When I came in, I noticed that there was a set of papers on a chair right by the front door. The papers were my lease.

      I understood that, somehow, my landlord had gotten into the house and put a new copy of the lease renewal in a spot where I'd be sure to see it. Apparently I'd taken too long sending back the first lease renewal he'd sent me.

      As I opened up the lease, I walked around my place. The living room was very small. The whole place was dirty. There were toys and clothes all over the place, and the walls seemed smeared with stuff. I then realized that my family was in town, and that they'd been staying at my place while visiting.

      I knew, before opening the lease, that my landlord had seen all this evidence of other people in my house. I knew he'd just assume the people were living here permanently, and that he'd charge me extra rent to account for the extra people. I hoped I'd be able to convince the landlord of the truth: that there was nobody else staying with me.

      I opened the lease, and, sure enough, the lease was now made out for six people. The rent specified was some unbelieveable amount. I closed the lease and walked around the house, looking at all the stuff my family had left lying around.

      (Note, evening of Dec. 16: Not like it's a big deal, but, regarding the third dream, I should say that in waking life the Empire State Building was not made only with the concern of having a place for people to work.

      The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building were both in a race to be the tallest building in the world. It was definitely a size and status thing. I'm pretty sure that's common knowledge.

      I'm not exactly sure why the tour guide gave the story about how trying to build tall buildings simply to be taller than other buildings wasn't a motivation for developers until later on.)

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    15. bad chicken restaurant; new kinds of fish; anime guy; buddha from fire

      by , 12-13-2010 at 01:25 PM
      Good morning, everybody. These dreams are all influenced by an anime/manga event I attended on Sunday.

      Dream #1

      I was at some kind of chicken fast-food restaurant, possibly in a mall. I'm not sure if I was an employee or a customer. I think the store colors may have been blue and white.

      At some point I was in the back area of the restaurant. There were a lot of workers rushing around in a panic regarding the chickens.

      Apparently live chickens were kept in another room. The chickens were then killed and cooked. But someone said that the arrangements for the chickens didn't make sense, that something was wrong about the whole thing. The thing wrong may have had to do with the chickens never seeming to go to the bathroom, or with their waste never having to be removed from the room where they were kept.

      I went to the room where the chickens were kept by exiting a back door in the restaurant's food prep area and then crossing a small hallway that was like the back area for a mall and an alley. I'm not sure if I ever went into the room with the chickens.

      I think I knew, however that the fact that the chickens were producing no waste meant one of two things. The first possibility was that the chickens were being manipulated in such a way that they didn't create waste, i.e. they were just being made into something like food machines, big globs of meat.

      The second possibility was that chickens weren't being used at all. I imagined that babies were actually being kidnapped at random and being used in place of the chickens. The "chicken room" was just a front, a room with nothing in it at all.

      Dream #2

      A man got mad at me because I was doing something (I have no idea what) that hindered his ability to help preserve a whole bunch of new species of fish that he had found. I decided to stop doing whatever it was I had been doing. It may have had something to do with using up some kind of funds.

      I was now out over a huge body of water. It was a bright, clear day. I was skimming over the water as if I were on water skis. Just to my right was some kind of track or some kind of dividing line. It was barely visible above the surface of the water.

      The fish that the man had discovered and preserved now began jumping up out of the water as I passed them. They all had the same kind of look. They were almost cartoony. They had the look of a children's book drawing of a whale: the bulbous head, flat belly, and fan tail. Some of them looked plasticky; others looked scaly. Many of them had jewel-like dots on them. Some also had silvery bands floating around them or above them.

      I seemed to be happy that I had done whatever I had done to allow these newly discovered fish to be preserved.

      Dream #3

      I climbed up through some dark area and found myself in the top area of some place like a temple or a church. The place reminds me of a belltower, exept much wider. It was daytime, with a clear, blue sky.

      A young man (who I spoke with at an anime event in waking life) was playing with a computer. The man was a little overweight, with tan skin, short hair, and black-rimmed glasses. He wore a black t-shirt.

      The young man was showing me some anime he was really excited about on his computer. He eventually told me that it was related to some other anime. He had to go somewhere, but he pointed out some magazines that were behind me. These magazines were also related to this other anime.

      I turned around and was suddenly in "the young man's room," on a swivel chair. The room was dim. I was looking down at a small desk with a couple of magazines on it. The magazines seemed to be about making 3-D art on the computer.

      The magazine covers showed a bunch of half-finished 3-D characters, mostly cute girls in frilly dresses. The faces, in particular, were often unfinished, so that the eyes just looked like peach, plastic globs.

      One dress struck me as very realistic. It was light blue and satiny, with white frills as trim. It suddenly struck me that these anime art magazines were very similar to fetish porn magazines. But I decided I'd keep that opinion to myself, since I didn't want to offend the young man.

      Dream #4

      I was apparently Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I was living out "a scene from Neon Genesis" while also remembering/watching it.

      The story was (in my "memory") that Shinji had been dissolved in some battle. He had been evaporated by a huge mass of white steam. But somehow scientists had managed to reconstruct his body. So he was now, in a sense, artificial.

      Now I, as Shinji (not inside the giant robot Eva, just as Shinji, all on my own), was in the huge mass of white steam. I was waiting to be dissolved. But I wasn't dissolving. This was kind of disappointing to me, and I wondered if I had remembered the story correctly.

      I was now climbing up a wall, out of the steam. I still kept thinking and hoping that I would be dissolved. I assumed that the steam would surprise me by jumping up, pulling me down, and dissolving me. But it never did. I just kept climbing up the wall.

      The wall was like a wall leading up from some kind of industrial drainage area or some dam. The wall was green, as if it had a forest mural painted on it.

      I'm not sure how I climbed up the wall. There seemed to be some metal, rebar-like, squarish portrusions to my left. I seemed to be using them somehow to climb. But they seemed to be too small to be totally practical.

      It was getting harder and harder to scale the wall. I didn't know if I would make it. But I finally got to the top.

      At the top was a grassy area, like a park. There was a huge "fire" (actually a huge pile of burning ash) on the grass. I knew that this fire was being used to melt down a large, golden statue of Buddha.

      I watched the fire, however, and saw that the golden Buddha was not melting into the ashes. In fact, no Buddha was there. Instead, the Buddha's hand emerged from the ashes. I knew that the fire was actually creating the Buddha from gold that had already been melted. I may have wondered whether enough gold had been placed into the fire to create a Buddha sized in proportion with the hand, which itself was probably as tall as I.

      I now found myself in a museum, watching the creation of the Buddha on a TV screen. The gold rising up from the fire took all kinds of shapes, but nothing resembling the Buddha. I somehow got the impression that very few people actually watched this video, because they were too afraid to actually watch something rise from the flames instead of being melted by them.

      I backed away from the screen and looked around at the room I was in. My mom was somewhere nearby. The room was open, light, with white walls and adobe-red floors. It felt very free, though the room was small.

      I was now in another room, looking at the video of the creation of the Buddha. But the screen was now behind a glass case set into the wall. The screen also seemed to be like a frozen image, a still photograph on pasteboard, even though it also still seemed to be a moving image on a TV screen.

      The image of "the Buddha" was actually a huge, golden structure that looked something like a menorah made out of bricks. It looked almost Assyrian. At the top, where flames would normally be depicted, there were, in some spots, flames, but in other spots, just cubes of golden bricks.

      An older Jewish couple walked into the room. The man was humming a Jewish folk tune. He bent down and pointed at some title card in a display near the melting Buddha display. (The display the man was in front of may now suddenly have been the melting Buddha display.)

      The man may have said something to his wife about the similarities between Judaism and Buddhism.

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