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    1. shy nephew; car keys; concert memory and play

      by , 11-15-2011 at 02:23 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some place like a restaurant. It may have been on the second floor of a bulding. The wall to my right had a couple windows, which may have had thin, white curtains over them. I sat at a small, round table. There was a larger, round table in front of mine.

      My family sat down at the larger table. Somebody, possibly my mom, sat down with her chair pulled slightly out and to the side, so she kind of faced me.

      My oldest nephew, as he looked when he was young, maybe nine or ten years old, crept up and hid behind the woman's body. I saw him do it. I was pretty sure he'd wanted me to see him, like he was only acting shy so I'd come right up and talk to him.

      So I stood up and walked behind the woman. I may have started talking to my nephew.

      Dream #2

      I was in the driveway of "my family's house." The driveway was on the left side of the house, unlike IWL. My sister had a huge SUV. She and her kids were already inside it. My sister was apparently going to take me somewhere, possibly home or to a hotel. But she asked me to go get some keys out of the house for her.

      At first it seemed like these keys may have been for the car, or for some car I was being taken to. We couldn't leave without them. But I may have found these keys.

      At some point I was in the hallway, probably on a threshold to a room, talking with my mom. My mom may have seemed to be a lot taller than I, as if she were a giant or I were a kid.

      I may have gone back outside to have my sister send me back into the house again. This time my sister needed keys for something for one of my nephews.

      My nephew apparently needed to go to the doctor. But the keys were necessary for something regarding either the doctor's office or my nephew's actual body.

      I went back into the house. I may have gone into the basement. It seemed like it was taking me a really long time to find the keys. I may have decided to give up and tell my sister that maybe she should look.

      But then I was in the kitchen. I opened a drawer and found the keys inside, laying on a blank pad of sketch paper. There were three keys on a ring. They may have been inside a clear, plastic baggie.

      Dream #3

      I was at some theatre. At first I was in some part of the lobby. I was getting ready to watch some performance like a college or high school performance. Some kids who'd be performing were in the lobby, talking with each other. One of them was a tall, black boy.

      Now I was in the theatre with my friend H. We sat in the very front row, on the very left end. The stage seemed normal, though slightly elevated. It was all black, and a blue spotlight shone on it. There may have been something like a wooden-barred cage on the stage.

      Something about this performance may have had to do with Kiyoshiro Imawano and, possibly, Ryuichi Sakamoto. My friend H seemed to be really excited about this. But I got mad at her. I told her, "I've seen Kiyoshiro Imawano and ----- (possibly Ryuichi Sakamoto) performing here before!"

      I was so mad at H for once more forgetting the details of my life that I had her twisted sideways, down on my lap. I had her head twisted up at a really painful angle toward the stage.

      Now the play began. A bunch of kids kept coming out and introducing themselves. The play seemed to be about a bunch of cool, artistic kids all living together. As each kid took introduced him or herself, he or she would take a spot somewhere on stage.

      A few black boys walked out and introduced themselves. I recognized one of them as one of the kids talking in the lobby. The stage was now low and bowed out in a kind of wide U-shape. I felt like the stage was smashing against my knees.

      I remembered that my friend H had said she didn't have time to come to the show, and how she'd see me to the show and then leave. But, I happily remarked, H had come in and sat down with me. Now the show had started, and H still hadn't tapped my shoulder or anything to let me know she was leaving. She must have wanted to stay!

      But I now looked over to H's seat. H was gone. She had left without telling me. She may have left a book in her chair.
    2. singing fake beatles song

      by , 06-06-2011 at 11:37 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a big theatre. The theatre was kind of crowded. The lights were on, but a show was playing. It was apparently the Ed Sullivan show where the Beatles played.

      I was surprised by the songs. The first song sounded a little bit like a Beatles song, but it also sounded modern. It may also have sounded like the "Boss Boss" song, by RC Succession.

      The second song sounded even more modern. I could also hear it very vividly. I was really surprised by this song. I was surprised I hadn't heard it before, and that the Beatles had chosen it for the Ed Sullivan show. But I really liked it.

      I was now getting up on stage. I was taking part in some kind of performance show, like a karaoke show or something like that. I felt like there was a band somewhere, but I didn't see a band: only a couple of guys leading me up on stage. The stage was empty and seemed to be made up of two or three tiers of some kind of beige-colored, polished material.

      I knew I was supposed to sing the Beatles song I had just heard. But I didn't know the song. I thought that maybe all I was supposed to do was lip-sync with the song. I figured that if I paid enough attention to the words I could do that on the spur of the moment.

      I now faced the crowd. The song was playing. The song was full, so the singer's voice (don't know which Beatle it was: didn't sound like any) could be heard. But I was actually supposed to sing out loud with the song.

      I actually got through the first verse pretty well by sticking to the sounds as I heard them sung. I ended the chorus of the first verse pretty loud, with a lot of enthusiasm. I had a feeling that sooner or later the singer's voice would be withdrawn, and that I'd have to sing all by myself.

      The second verse was starting up. I was really afraid I didn't know the lyrics. But I figured that if I heard the first words from the singer, I'd probably recall the rest of the song.

      At some point I may have been back down in the crowd, or I may have had the view of a camera looking into the crowd. I may have realized that the crowd was really a group of my peers and that I didn't have to worry so much, even if I did a bad job.
    3. beating up wooden figure

      by , 04-29-2011 at 11:40 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a room like a bedroom. Something about the room seemed very stage-like. The room had concrete floors or floors like a stage. I sat at a table. There was also something in the room that looked like a bunk bed. It may just have been a wooden cube that was as tall as a bunk bed.

      I stood up and pulled something off of the cube. It was a mannequin without a head. It may actually just have been a torso. It was larger than life-size, maybe a lot larger. It was wood, with thick graining visible, and it was painted some kind of dark, but kind of transparent, shade of red.

      I lay the mannequin on the floor. I began whipping it and stomping it. Somehow it was a living thing, and I may have injured it terribly or killed it. I may have then left the room. I may have reflected on what I'd done. I hadn't ever thought I could be so cruel. I think I felt like I must have been directed into the cruelty in some way. The only explanation for my cruelty, I thought, was that someone else had made me do it.

      I was now back in the room, thinking the same thoughts. I began whipping the top of the wooden cube. The whip I used had a big, black, iron hook at the end of it. Eventually the hook pulled a wooden mannequin head into my view. The mannequin head apparently belonged to the mannequin body I had just beat and killed. I kept whipping the mannequin head, and I knew I would knock the head off the wooden cube pretty soon.
    4. fashion field

      by , 03-13-2011 at 05:30 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      There was a fashion show. The announcer spoke about the new fashion line, the name of which I can't remember. The name was kind of long, like a phrase or a whole sentence. But when the view (my view? a camera's view?) panned across the stage, all I could see was a field of waist high, orange and green grass sectioned in a few places by concrete paths. Possibly the outfits were just invisible, or possibly the fashion was supposed to be the field itself, some kind of statement as opposed to actual clothing.
    5. severance package; subway follower; karaoke fail

      by , 03-07-2011 at 12:41 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a big, concrete structure like a parking garage at night. I was on one of the floor near the top. But I was down at the bottom of some stairwell that opened from the road. There was some room at the bottom of the stairwell. Some of my old friends or co-workers were in the room. This place was apparently my office.

      My friend from work, M, had been instructed, I somehow knew, to deliver a manila envelope to a young man in the office. The envelope contained a hiring package. The man was now employed by my company.

      Then M walked away to get another package. I was still standing out in the stairwell. I knew everybody in the office knew about the next package, what it would be. Even thought nobody told me about it, I also knew what it would be.

      M brought the package to me. The package was basically a letter saying I was fired. M treated me kind of coldly and told me I couldn't come back into the office.

      I walked up the stairwell. I was out in the parking garage. My office desk was out there. I figured I should clean out my desk. Near the desk was a dining table. An older Asian man and a little girl, the man's daughter, were seated at the table. I was ashamed to be around the man and girl after just having gotten fired.

      Dream #2

      I was getting onto the subway. I was going somewhere kind of far away, and I might have been planning to be there for a while. I was wearing a big backpack, which went all the way up my back and even a little higher than my head.

      As I was getting onto the train, an older black man followed me. He had a white beard and a wool cap. I felt like I'd seen him all over the place, wherever I'd gone. We were the only two people getting on the train. So obviously now he was following me.

      I wanted to yell at him and ask why he was following me. But I didn't feel like it would do any good. So I let him go ahead of me on the train.

      We were the only two people on the train. The train was kind of dark. The seats were set weird, like the benches were all lifted on a platform, and there was a guardrail right in front of the bench. It didn't look like there was any legroom.

      The man lay down at the far end of the bench and fell asleep. I crawled across the bench and tried to find some way to sit down.

      Dream #3

      I was in something like a living room with an old woman. We were part of some karaoke contest. We were about to go on. But suddenly the woman sprang the idea on me that we should do a duet. She suggested some song I didn't know.

      I didn't want to do the song, since I didn't know it and I'd be horrible. But I felt grateful to the woman for some reason, so I figured I'd better do the duet.

      The woman showed me some lyrics and gave me the tune. I still didn't know the song, but I thought I had the words.

      Now we were out on a big stage. The music began. I recognized the tune! I started to sing, but I suddenly realized I'd forgotten all the words.

      The old woman looked at me, terribly disappointed.
    6. forest, friend's house, show, computer

      by , 02-10-2011 at 12:38 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a forest, possibly a snowy forest. There was an animal like a wolf that would eat humans. I may have seen it.

      I was then at the house or apartment of an old friend of mine. My friend had me go into some bedroom. The bedroom was dark. There were clothes all over the floor. A mattress lay in the middle of the room. The mattress was also covered with clothes.

      My friend kept insisting that I try on some of the women's clothes he had. But I felt like he was just trying to put me into a position where he could do something bad to me. I also felt like he wanted to do something bad to my family as well.

      I was then watching some show on a stage. The show had an old variety-show feel, but it was somehow related to an anime. There were some really hot girls dancing around on stage. They were dressed in jeans and tight shirts, just casual clothes, but they had something to do with the anime, too.

      At some point I came to understand that the plot line had something to do with lesbianism. This really turned me on. The show was now controllable, as if I were watching it on YouTube. I did all kinds of frantic forwarding and rewinding, trying to get to the point where this assumed hot lesbian scene had occurred.

      But suddenly, the screen went blank. I realized I had been watching this on my computer the whole time. My computer's screen was black, with only a cursor blinking in the upper left corner. I started to smell a plasticky, burning smell. I could tell it was coming from my computer's disk drive.

      I knew I had burnt out my computer. I was pretty sure I couldn't get a new one for a while. I wondered what the heck I was going to do.
    7. web service; home invaders; young sarah silverman

      by , 12-10-2010 at 01:12 PM
      Good morning, everybody. My dream recall from last night is pretty fragmented, especially for the first dream.

      Dream #1

      In the context of something else I can no longer remember, I was looking at a website which offered some kind of songwriting (?) service. The user would either be charged by word written or by number of whole songs (?) written, depending on how many songs had been written and how long the songs were.

      Dream #2

      I was coming home at night. I was across the street from "my apartment building." I looked up to the windows of "my apartment" and saw that my lights were on. This, I knew, meant that someone was in my place, as if someone had broken into my place and was just hanging around in there while I was away.

      I was now in "my apartment." I was going from room to room, trying to find whether the person was still there. I had a lot of rooms.

      In one of the rooms, possibly the bathroom, I pulled back the curtains to the window. I saw that the window was wide open. I knew that the person who had come in here had gotten in through this window.

      I went through the rooms, trying to find evidence that someone had been in my place. Was anything missing or misplaced? Was anything in disarray? But I don't think I found anything wrong. I may eventually have found some mess under or on top of a bed in a dim bedroom.

      I eventually had one of my friends come over to investigate as well. I don't recognize my friend, and I'm not sure I ever saw him directly in the dream. He was an older, tall, white man with carefully arranged, grey, wavy hair. He wore a very nice suit.

      At some point the man and I had left the apartment. I probably had to go on with my normal daily life despite the threat of this house invader.

      But the man had an idea. If I stayed close to the apartment but I made it look like I had left the apartment building with no intention of coming back, perhaps the intruder would come back.

      So now the old man and I were milling around in the deli near my building. I was probably looking at some bags of chips.

      At some point, it may have become evident that the intruder was back in my place. The old man and I may have headed back to the place.

      Dream #3

      I was watching some old clip of a role Sarah Silverman had had as a child. Apparently she was in some kind of show about high school kids But she looked as young as an elementary school kid. She was also wearing a costume that looked like a plush easter bunny costume, except that it was Elmo-red.

      Silverman stood on some huge stage, like for the Lawrence Welk show. The stage and the background were a seamless pink. Silverman stood with a young male friend beside a minivan, which was being displayed, as if for a game show. The front of the minivan was pointed toward the back of the stage.

      Silverman was doing some act where she was supposed to be giving a huge, smart monologue about all the great characteristics of this prize minivan. But, as part of the act, she kept screwing up her lines until, out of frustration, she (still part of the act) threw the boy into the minivan and then slammed the sliding door shut.

      Silverman then got into the front seat of the van. The shot was from the inside of the van now. It felt like the van was also oriented in the opposite direction.

      Silverman was still giving some kind of monologue as she pouted and slouched in the seat, her knees up against the steering wheel. The monologue was supposed to be funny.

      But the audience (of whom I hadn't been aware previously) was booing Silverman. Apparently they had been really offended by the way she had thrown the young man in the car, even though it had only been meant to be the comedic climax to her act.