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    1. subway speech

      by , 01-14-2012 at 03:01 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was lost in "New York City." I was in some part of town full of vacant lots and stout, warehouse-like buildings. It was late afternoon, kind of dim and grey-blue. There were a decent amount of people around.

      I wandered in some general direction, maybe following a group of people who seemed to know where they were going. But I think I was beginning to question whether I was even in New York at all.

      Eventually I rounded some corner and found a subway stop. The sign of the subway station said something like "Riche St." I knew this stop. It was near Wall St., and it was on the line that ran near my apartment in Brooklyn. (IWL, there is no "Riche St." stop, as far as I know.)

      I went down the stairs and into the subway station. The station was completely hollowed out. There were a bunch of mothers and children (probably mostly Latina) in the empty space. Something about the whole environment felt tan or brown, like there was brownish concrete for the floors and walls.

      The environment also felt somewhat like a community meeting space, or some kind of preschool place. This may just been because of the mothers and children all gathered together. But it may also have felt a little like an almost revolutionary meeting, kind of like the Communist meeting in Vittorio de Sica's The Bicycle Thief.

      A woman started speaking. A loose, random crowd of women and children had gathered around her. Some of the people may possibly have been sitting on the floor. I sat on the floor near the back of the crowd.

      I had a good view of the woman, even sitting on the floor. I think the woman was Asian, kind of round-faced, with pale skin and shortish hair. The woman may actually have been giving a speech about anime. But the speech was intended to give the women and children a sense of empowerment, as well.
    2. TV train trip; mom checks heartbeat

      by , 11-05-2011 at 02:35 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a basement living room with some of my family members. The basement was kind of small, but it was brightly and warmly lit. My mom sat on the left side of the couch. One or more people may have been sitting next to her.

      I had a small space to sit in near the right side of the couch. As soon as I sat down, my second oldest nephew and my brother tried to sit down next to me. They were playfully arguing over who could sit next to me. My nephew may have been bigger than my brother!

      Eventually I decided that my brother (?) could sit on my lap, and that my nephew could sit next to me. It felt good and warm to have everybody all crowded around me.

      We had to watch some TV program that would inform us on some mission we were all supposed to be going on. An old, kind of fat, rich man was going to give us the details. The details, I knew, would involve something called "time parachuting." The man would just appear on the TV at the appointed time and give us the details.

      The TV may have been a TV at first. But now it was a low window, set into the wall under a thick, dark, wooden shelf. The view outside seemed, at first, to be of the deep blue water of an aquarium.

      My second oldest nephew and I may have gone close up to the window. It was now like we were on a subway train at night. The train was running above ground. It had just gone past the edge of town, apparently. We were riding through an area full of rails, all criss-crossing with each other.

      But now all the rails were under at least a meter of water. A deep blue light lit the water and the rails. In some places, it may have looked like the rails themselves glowed with deep blue. This brake-yard (?) seemed to extend for quite a way, all under water, with this eerie glow. My nephew and I seemed to be pretty amazed by it all.

      Dream #2

      I sat on a couch in a living room with my mom. It was daytime, and daylight came in through a window, which was probably behind the couch.

      My mom lay on the couch, to my left. But she was taking up so much of the couch that her rear end was smashing up against me. I was reading something on my phone.

      I was kind of annoyed by being smashed the way I was. But I decided not to move. I thought (a weird thought --) that my mom must be smashing up against me because she wanted to remember what it was like to give birth to me. I figured I should let her remember. I'd been so emotionally cold lately, maybe she'd forgotten what it was like to be my mom.

      My mom was now sitting up. She told me I looked weak. She grabbed my left arm and put her first two fingers on the vein on the inside of my elbow, to feel my heartbeat.

      Apparently she didn't like something about my heartbeat. She stood me up. We walked across the living room, into the kitchen. My mom stopped me right at the threshold of the kitchen. She said, "I'm going to grab the stethoscope and check your heartbeat, if you don't mind."

      I said I didn't mind. I put my book (? -- instead of my phone?) down on top of the fridge. I could see the top of the fridge really easily. I sat the book down on top of a pink diaper that sat on the fridge.

      My mom walked toward a doorway on the right wall of the kitchen, just past the fridge. This doorway led to a small hallway that led to a couple of bedrooms. My mom was getting a stethoscope from one of those rooms. In my mind's eye I saw my mom putting the stethoscope to my arm.
    3. walking on the subway tracks

      by , 08-01-2011 at 12:28 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was on a somewhat crowded subway platform. I got onto a train, possibly without being quite sure that the train was the one I needed.

      The train went for a little way, then I realized that it red the wrong train. A few other people realized the train was the wrong one. I thought we'd all have to go back the way we'd come and get on the right train from the stop we'd left grim.

      But now a few black women and I were all out, walking on the tracks of an elevated, above-ground portion of the train's route. It was dark night, and we could barely see anything. One of the women may have had a flashlight with her.

      Apparently we were looking for the correct train. We'd just gotten off our previous train through something like an auxiliary door while the train had been stopped. Apparently, once we found the correct train, it would somehow stop again, and we'd get on through another auxiliary door.

      But as we walked along the tracks, I got more and more afraid. It was dark, and you couldn't see anything outside of the beam of the weak flashlight. Plus, the floor of the elevated platform seemed to be made out of really cheap, brittle plastic. As we progressed, it felt like the plastic was breaking more and more under our steps. These elevated tracks were also really high above ground. So I felt like I could break through the plastic floor and fall to my death at any moment.

      I wondered how much more of this I could take. I felt bad, because the women I was with didn't seem to be afraid at all. But I was hoping I could get away from them and find a more sensible way of catching a train.

      I was now back on a subway platform. The platform was for one of the elevated stops. It felt pretty lonely. I had the feeling that I was here because I'd willed myself to be out of the situation of walking on the tracks. So I was kind of disappointed in myself. I'd obviously let my fear get to me so that I'd ended up in a different situation. I didn't even know if this train was the one I was looking for, anyway.
    4. distracted probe; space shuttle crew and probe

      by , 07-15-2011 at 12:07 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A probe of some kind was going up a wide, grassy hill. At some point it crossed a barbed wire fence. The fence was the boundary for some secret government area.

      Apparently I was watching the probe's view on some kind of video screen with a group of other people. But the view was really clear, as if I were there myself.

      I'm not sure who was controlling the probe. It seemed like we were all yelling at the probe to get out of the government area. But it wouldn't. It just kept going straight forward.

      The probe went up a really steep slope that may have ended in dirt and a rock ledge. It then hit the crest of the hill. The probe began to go over the hill. The view below was pretty vast, like a brown or red desert, but I couldn't make out much.

      Then a drone came along. It was a small, grey, flying vehicle that looked like a mix between a drone jet and a helicopter. It distracted the probe and may even have made it fly away in the direction of the drone, i.e. off to the left.

      Dream #2

      I stood with a group of people who were either astronauts or actors playing astronauts, or both at different times. It was either dawn or dusk. The sky was a dim silver-blue. Before us lay a huge rocket, like for the old American space launches. But the rocket was actually the shuttle itself.

      I was now suddenly walking out behind some big, wooden shed with someone else. We were talking about one of the astronauts and what a great person he was. For some reason our discussion made me think either that the launch wasn't going to happen or that the whole thing was just a production, for a movie, all fake.

      But as we rounded the back corner of the shack I saw the rocket standing upright. The rocket was so huge that I had to believe it was real.

      I now stood back with the astronauts. They were all climbing into their vehicles. The rocket was back to laying on its side. The side of the rocket was open, like a hatch. A woman who looked very much like a young Raquel Welch with Barbarella hair and a dark blue jumpsuit jumped into the hatch. She then jumped into a smaller structure that itself looked like a rocket.

      I understood that the big rocket carried everybody into space. The big rocket then fell away from or released these smaller rockets that were packed inside of it. Each astronaut had his own rocket.

      Another astronaut stood outside the rocket. I kind of saw from his view. He was tall, white, and blonde. He held a grey sweater made of some kind of rough wool. He placed it inside his jumpsuit, against his chest. He then made some weird comment. Apparently a worker, like a maintenance worker, maybe an Irishman, had made this sweater for him. The astronaut commented on how only maintenance workers knew how to use good old material like this for clothing.

      The crew and I were now all being led to a subway train that was arriving to take us to our launch site. As we got on the train, I became another one of the astronauts. I was a young man, blonde, tan, with beautiful eyes and face and sweeping hair. I and the rest of the crew wore grey, as if it were our uniform, though none of us wore the same thing.

      As I sat down in a seat perpendicular to the wall, a black girl behind me said to her friend, "Do you see all the people who got on in the grey? They're all from Group 60." I understood that Group 60 was the name of the astronauts' crew.

      I was now walking through some kind of suburban neighborhood. It was like I was back in my hometown, visiting it for old times' sake before I went on my mission. It was a sunny day and hot.

      I then walked along some road going up an incline and under the shade of a lot of trees. I was kind of worried that I wouldn't get to the launch in time. Then two guys came up to me. One of them, white with a kind of reddish-tan face and scraggly, blonde hair and beard, approached me as if to ask for money.

      I didn't want to hear the guy, so I walked across the street. But he seemed to be following me. So I moved faster by hopping up in the air and flying (even though in the dream I wasn't quite aware that I was flying). The man called after me with some cuss words.

      I now had the view of a probe, either a flying probe or a rover. I was going up a wide hill that seemed to be all brownish-red soil and rocks. I passed some kind of barbed wire fence, which was the boundary for some kind of government area. I then climbed up an extremely steep slope, which was topped with a rocky outcropping.

      At the top, I saw down the other side. It was a vast view, but I couldn't make anything out. Suddenly a flying drone approached the probe. The drone looked like a dragonfly. It had two headlights (?) that looked like eyes. It also had something that looked like either a helicopter propeller or dragonfly wings. The vehicle had blue, red, and white markings on its tail which made me understand that it was South Korean.

      The drone had scrambled the probe's system and was now carrying it to Korea. I could see a map, like a satellite image, of blue ocean and some green landforms. I understood that I was looking at the probe's view of Korea. We were almost there.

      I, as myself, though still as the probe, tried to figure out how to explain who I was. I needed to get to my space shuttle launch. But I had a feeling that the Korean soldiers would just be a bunch of hard-headed guys who wouldn't listen to a thing I had to say.

      I now saw an alert that a male Korean jet fighter was sending down to some base. The message alert (like a telephone ring) was actually a strange video. It was of some kind of claymation girl representing a big, fat Korean girl (who was supposed to be hot) in a pink bikini. She was getting a phone call, which she knew was big news, and which she assumed was tragic. So, even before she answered the phone she broke out into floods of tears.

      I understood from this that most of the people down at Mission Control were women, and that their boyfriends were mostly pilots. The girls had this alert screen "ringtone" as a reminder of how much they loved their jet fighter boyfriends.
    5. space shuttle crash; friend's apartment; boss' bedroom; singing to hyde; bob dylan's bless

      by , 06-25-2011 at 01:23 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was standing out in some kind of open, desert-like plain. I stood with a woman, possibly my mother. We looked up into the air and saw a space shuttle lifting off -- all by itself, and with no exhaust.

      My mom and I may have been talking about the shuttle. The shuttle then did a loop, somehow flipping around so that it was also upside down when it returned to its original point. I knew that this meant something was wrong with the shuttle. The shuttle then fell and crashed into the ground, topside first, not too far away from us.

      For some reason, something in particular struck me about the back, top fin of the shuttle. I think I was surprised that the shuttle had crashed into the ground, but that the back fin was still intact and erect. The shuttle was smashed in other places and was overall covered in red soil and dust.

      I saw inside the shuttle. Some woman who was apparently my mom's friend, but who actually looked like LP, a friend of my friend H, was the only person in the shuttle. She was older looking, kind overweight, with frizzy-curly grey-blonde hair. She wore a greenish t-shirt.

      The woman was buckled by both shoulders into the pilot's seat. She looked a little exhausted, more like she had run a long race than like she had just been in a shuttle crash. We'd thought she was dead. But it was now like she was fine.

      She herself was apparently worried that she wouldn't be able to fly the shuttle again. But apparently the shuttle wasn't completely wrecked, and it would be able to fly again.

      Dream #2

      I was in a bedroom in my old friend R's apartment, with my friend R. My friend R reclined on his bed. I either stood or sat on the floor on the side and near the foot of the bed. On the other side of the bed there was a wall-height, wall-length window. On the other side of the window was a wide staircase that ran down the side of the wall. It was night outside, and there was just a dim incandescent light in R's bedroom.

      R seemed to be talking on the phone. But he was also talking to me. It was like we had had a pretty nice conversation about some slightly intellectual subject familiar to us both. But apparently I was also getting ready to leave. R asked me if I was coming back to his apartment later on to have dinner with him. I told him yes, but I don't think I was really planning to come back.

      Dream #3

      I was in my boss' bedroom. All the lights were turned off. My boss was in bed. I stood right next to the bed, although I feel like I may actually have been very short, as short as if I had actually been sitting by his bed. I may also have been doing stuff like packing clothes into a suitcase.

      My boss asked me if I'd be coming back to work after a certain amount of time, possibly a few weeks or a few months. I told my boss sure, that I'd be back. But I really didn't think I'd come back, and I kind of hoped I didn't get sucked back into everything.

      Dream #4

      I was in a subway car, kind of like the car of a 3-train, with the silvery-reflective walls and green-white fluorescent light. The car was only moderately full of people, and I felt like I was with a couple of friends, maybe younger girls. I was standing, standing-swinging from one of the horizontal bars over the seats, with my back toward the seats.

      As I swung, I sang "My Heart Draws a Dream," by L'Arc en Ciel. I could hear myself very clearly as I sang. It felt really good to sing.

      But then Hyde from L'Arc en Ciel stood up from a seat across the aisle from me and walked up to me. I may have stopped singing for a moment. I felt bad for singing in front of Hyde. I obviously wasn't as good as him. I didn't want him to think I was making fun of him by singing his songs.

      But Hyde just smiled gently at me. Somehow his looks implied that he was listening to me patiently, almost like a parent might give an interested face while his child sang him a song. So I may have started singing again. But now the song sounded just like the L'Arc en Ciel song, as if I weren't singing, but the song were being played from somewhere.

      Dream #5

      I was in a dark bar. The bar was so dark that the bar and the wall behind the wall all seemed to be just as black as the shadows. There was like coming from some area on or behind the countertop, and the bottles and mirror were lit as well, so that these things were all a gently bright, incandescent white.

      A woman stood behind the bar, and another woman sat in front of the bar. This bar was apparently a karaoke bar. I was already singing a song, even though I don't think I held a mic. I thought the song I was singing was a Bob Dylan song. But it was actually the L'Arc en Ciel song "Bless."

      The woman sitting at the bar asked me if it was difficult to sing this song. I said, "No. I know these lyrics pretty well. I'm a big fan of this Bob Dylan song."

      The song hit the instrumental part, and suddenly I felt like I wasn't familiar with the song at all. But right before the chorus was about to start up again, I remembered how it all went. But, as I sang, I may have been singing along with the actual song, instead of a karaoke version of the song. At this point I may have realized I wasn't singing Bob Dylan.
    6. lost friend on subway; home before class; domestic murder drama

      by , 05-25-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was on a subway with my friend H. We were riding above ground. It was night.

      At some point we had had to switch trains. I missed the train, while H got on. I had to wait for a while to get another train.

      I was then on the second train. We were high up above the ground, on some elevated platform that seemed to be a conjunction of a few different tracks, somewhere between stations. The tracks seemed to be on a floor of light beige or white plastic slats.

      I got a call from H. She was at some cafe or restaurant. It may have been our original intention to eat there. But I might now have been much too delayed to meet her there. So she might have decided to eat there herself.

      Dream #2

      It was daytime. I had just come into a house. Outside, snow may have been covering the groud, although it was a sunny day.

      I was in a huge room, which was like a mix between a living room and a study. There was a huge, wall-sized bookshelf along the left wall. There were nice chairs and couches everywhere.

      I may have put something like a jacket down on the back of one of the chairs. I walked toward the back of the room, to a doorway on the left wall.

      I apparently had to get to school. I had arrived home after doing something. Now I barely had time to take a shower and get dressed. Apparently the door I was walking toward was the door to a bedroom and bathroom.

      But I stopped and stood right at the threshold of the door. I looked down, possibly to some book or piece of paper I was holding. I think it was a white piece of paper with sharp, scrawled writing on it in heavy, black lettering.

      I felt like I didn't really need to go to school after all. I thought I would just take it easy at home. After I thought this I felt kind of guilty.

      Not long after this another person may have come into the house. The person may have asked me when I was going to school. I was probably thinking of some way to skirt the question, not have to explicitly say I wasn't going to school.

      Dream #3

      I was in some dark room. I may have seen an old man or old woman walk past me. I follwed the person and found myself in a small theatre.

      The theatre was all black. The seating area was three or four rows of moveable chairs set up on some tiered, wooden structure that had been painted black. There were two long aisles of chairs. I sat down in the front row, in the very far right.

      The play was already running. The stage was just the floor, which was black, and black walls, with perhaps a black velvet curtain against the back wall. The only set piece was some kind of long sign, like a display of text for a museum, set up to run from about waist to head level on square, thin, black metal poles. Everything was lit with gentle incandescent lights.

      An older woman stood in front of the sign. She had red hair and wore a long, slim, but flowing dress made out of some kind of crepe fabric. She looked a little like an older version of the mom in the 1970s version of Freaky Friday.

      The woman may have given a speech and then left. Then the old man came in. He was healthy-looking, but very fat, with tough, tan skin, a bald head with grey-white hair on the sides and some rough, long sideburns. He wore a white toga that left his left shoulder bare.

      Somehow I had gotten the idea that the man had killed the woman, possibly by stabbing her, but also by using some weird kind of remote technological device.

      After the revelation that the man had killed the woman, there was an intermission. During the intermission I walked up to the sign-like set piece on the stage. I watched it really closely. It was like the sign was a video display playing a commercial. One image on the commercial was a red, eye-like object with grey wings, surrounded by darkness.

      Apparently the second part of the play had begun. But it was now like a movie. The view was of a bedroom window, from the outside. The whole scene was lit in a deep blue light.
      The old man climbed into the bedroom through the window. He was holding a knife with a 25cm, wavy blade. He crawled into bed with the woman. Apparently this was when he had stabbed her.
    7. was i rude?; subway mall

      by , 05-18-2011 at 11:40 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was possibly in a classroom. All the desks were arranged in a circle. The room was lit with kind of dull, greenish, fluorescent light. The class or meeting had ended, and everybody was headed out of the room. The room was empty as I left it.

      There was a boy somewhere behind me. He was blonde, well-groomed, with a kind of effeminate bearing and voice. He had said something in class, and now he asked me, "Was I rude when I said that?"

      I wanted to say yes, but I thought that would be wrong. So I said, "Well, you work so hard that nobody would think you were just plain rude. But people might think you were defensive."

      Dream #2

      I was walking along a sidewalk in a residential part of town. It was a sunny day, but there was snow on the ground. The snow had been cleared from the sidewalks and streets, but it was still piled up around the curbs and the grassy areas between the sidewalks and curbs. The snow piles were all wet and slushy from the sun.

      I was apparently heading to a dance class (?). But, as I crossed a street and then walked past a glass-walled bus stop, I felt a bad headache and decided not to go to class. The headache was like a hard, concrete-like feeling in the back of my head. My eyes also felt sunken in, and I had a real drop in energy.

      But I also felt like if I didn't go to dance class I would teach my teachers and classmates a lesson, as if they had done something to insult me and now I was paying them back.

      I was apparently walking a few blocks, up a mild slope, to a train stop, possibly for one of the red trains, maybe the 2-train. I walked past either a college campus with red brick buikdings or a block of very nice, red-brick houses. There were tall trees shading the sidewalks.

      A couple of tall, young, beautiful people were walking close behind me. The neighborhood may actually have been moderately busy with people overall. The people were joking about something they had done to a friend or colleague of theirs. They had taken something of his. When he got upset about it, they wondered why he could be so sensitive.

      I passed another (or the same?) glass-walled bus stop. I now had in my left hand two bags from fast food restaurants. The first bag was from Dunkin' Donuts. It was a coffee. The second bag was from somewhere else. It was food, maybe even a donut.

      I was getting close to the subway station. But suddenly I was in a vehicle like a big minivan. I was in the van with a few other people who acted or looked like subway passengers. The van was driving down concrete ramps that looked somewhat like ramps connecting different platforms in a subway station.

      We kept going down. The area we were driving through looked like a mix between a subway station and a mall. There were stores like department stores and drug stores all through the corridors.

      A big, muscular, kind of pale, white man who looked like a soldier sat somewhere across from me. But he also seemed, at times, to be driving this vehicle.

      He told me and a couple other passengers, "When I'm driving a train, and they tell me we have to be delayed, I let everybody know exactly what's going on. I tell them, we'll be here for 28 minutes, and I countdown, and so on. That way people know.

      "Some people like to keep passengers in the dark about what's going on. I think dispatch does, too! But I don't. When people don't know what's going on, they feel like the train will never start running again."

      The man stopped the vehicle. We were really deep down by now. I saw the subway train off to the left. The front of it had a side door, like for a semi truck, which was swung open. I understood that the man was going to conduct the train.

      I jumped out the left side of the van, but I landed outside on the right side of the van. For some reason I was worried about whether I had jumped out fast enough. I thought if I was too slow, the soldier would be impatient with me.

      The area down here was also like a mall, and there were a lot of people lounging around like they would in a mall. I saw two big drugstore-like stores, one of which may possibly have been a bookstore. I thought that I might need to go to the store before I got on the train.
    8. japanese german robot toys; porn, hysterical mom, and henry darger

      by , 05-02-2011 at 12:22 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was watching a commercial that looked like it was from the 1970s. There was a black bakckground. In the foreground was a side-lit vending machine. The vending machine was basically a clear, plastic bubble atop a red, rectangular stand.

      Inside the vending machine were little robots. They were toy robots. An announcer said that the robots were made in Japan. There was a close-up of the robots. They looked like they were made of wood rather than plastic. They seemed to have been made in two or three pieces. A main piece was c-shaped, like an old telephone receiver. Then there was a rectangular shape that revolved within the c-shape. Atop the c-shape was possibly a small, marble-like head. The toy was red with yellow squares running down it.

      I found something wrong about the toys. They seemed to be projecting a strange message about the body to children. I couldn't believe that the toys were made in Japan. So I tried to get at the toys, for a closer look.

      I was now on a stage, where there was blue light, like a fake sky, somewhere in the distance, blocked by a number of black scaffolding pieces and stage walls. I walked into a dark, black corner of what now may have been a room. I saw a vending machine. It was huge, and the top half of the sphere was missing, so I crawled right into the bowl of toys.

      Somehow I found out that the robot toys had actually been made in Germany. But I didn't seem to be able to grab any of the robot toys. Instead I grabbed what I thought was a robot toy, but which ended up being a thin, long pillow with a pink, plushy casing around it. The pillow actually spoke if you either pressed some part of it or pulled a string.

      The pillow had said something strange, so I tried to make it speak again. I pressed the button inside it and bent it and played with its string. I may finally have gotten it to say something, again something strange.

      Dream #2

      I was in a car with my mom, possibly on a grey day. We had driven up to some hotel, which looked more like a series of townhouses. I was apparently going to stay here for some amount of time, for something like a vacation involving my family, but not quite with my family.

      We walked into the front office so I could get checked in. Along the left wall there was a whole display of pornographic programs for sale. I picked out one that looked particularly interesting to me, a lesbian porn flick. Apparently you had to get a big card, which was like a DVD, and then a smaller card, which was like a calling card.

      The larger card was yellow. The smaller card was purple. On its front were photos of pin-up style girls. On it back was a description of the film. Some of the language was porn-like and hot. But eventually the language became the description of some piece of classical art in a museum. I thought, Don't they think that kind of language is a real turn-off?

      I had walked up to the front desk, where my mom was talking with the worker, a pretty, Asian girl. Behind the desk and in some rooms off to the left, everything was dim. I was suddenly on the phone with my grandmother. I was telling her about some kind of bad thing that had happened in my family, something involving either my brother or sister getting really angry.

      I was walking around in one of the side rooms, which was now like my mom's living room and kitchen combined. I was kind of getting sick of telling my grandmother about the incident. So I told her that my mom had lunch ready, so I was going to go and eat it. I could see the lunch -- something like a birthday cake with white frosting and blue sprinkles -- being set on a counter cluttered with books and other things.

      My grandmother was already pestering me to call her back in five minutes. I told her I probably couldn't.

      I had hung up the phone. My mom, my brother, and I were all in a room like a living room in an apartment. My brother pointed to a picture on the wall and asked if that was by Henry Darger. I said it was and then looked over my right shoulder at it.

      The painting all seemed to have been made on wood. It looked like it was four large fragments, not quite the whole painting, all within a wood frame of the same thickness of the wood on which the painting was done. The painting was mostly white, and it depicted little girls on a battlefield.

      My brother had been concerned that this was a fake Darger. I tried to assure him it wasn't. On the opposite wall, right near a corner around which was a dim room, was another Darger fragment. This was painted on a huge block of material that looked like cardboard. The painting depicted two children in a deep, green forest. But the two children were just bellies and legs -- nothing else. They looked like the bottom half of Homer Simpson, except shorter and with green pants.

      The fragment was shaped like a patch of camouflage, and it hung like a lone puzzle piece in a much larger, rectangular frame of the same cardboard material. I looked closer at the thick fragment. All the colors of the painting appeared to go straight through the carboard, as if you could slice the carboard at any width and find the same picture.

      My mom started getting hysterical. She said I wasn't paying attention to her problems, and that I'd pay for it. I acted like I didn't care. But then she said something like she had a lot of ways to make me pay, such as getting me arrested.

      I turned away from her. We were now in something like a subway car. Three kind of trendyh, young men all walked up to me. I thought they were going to start trouble with me, as usual. But they asked me if I wasn't the guy who "that tall, blonde guy had hit on the head on the train." I said I was. They all kind of cheered me on. They said they had all been watching me, and that they thought I'd handled the situation really well.

      I was trying really hard to remember the situation. But all I could remember was that I didn't get intimidated and I was ready to fight the guy, but that he had walked away. I made some body motions, swinging my body back and forth and holding my fists up. The guys mimicked me.

      I was kind of hoping the guys would get off the train. I felt like the situation could easily change and that the guys would decide they didn't like me. I tried to change the subject. One of the guys was wearing a t-shirt with the Superman logo on it. So I asked the guys about Superman.
    9. god of rocket ride?

      by , 03-23-2011 at 11:24 AM
      Good morning, everybody. I think this dream partly comes from two things. First, I thought I might do some KISS for karaoke -- either "God of Thunder," "Rocket Ride," or "Hard Luck Woman."

      Second, I think yeseterday (Korea time, not my time), KARA released their new single, "Jet Coaster Love," all the money from which is going toward helping Japan. But for some reason, I keep thinking the name of the song is "Rocket Coaster Ride." WTF?

      Dream #1

      I was standing out on a subway platform with an "old friend" who was like, but not quite, my old friend M. The platform was one of the ones that are outside and a few stories above the street. I stood with my back to the tracks. My friend faced me.

      We started talking about KISS. I said I like some of KISS' songs, but not all of them. As the train was arriving, I told my friend that I really liked the song "God of Thunder." The train rushed behind me, then stopped. Its doors opened.

      As my friend and I walked into the train, I started trying to sing "God of Thunder." We were standing up on the train, even though there were plenty of seats. I held a column-bar while my friend rested against one of the doors. I wasn't wearing shoes, and I kept running my socked foot against the column-pole. The train ran through a sunny area.

      I thought the lyrics I was singing were from "God of Thunder." But they were actually, "Baby's on her knees, baby's sayin' please. She wants a rocket ride."

      My friend started singing along with me. We messed up the next part of the chorus. I laughed a little and looked around at the other people on the train, hoping they wouldn't think we were crazy.
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    10. severance package; subway follower; karaoke fail

      by , 03-07-2011 at 12:41 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a big, concrete structure like a parking garage at night. I was on one of the floor near the top. But I was down at the bottom of some stairwell that opened from the road. There was some room at the bottom of the stairwell. Some of my old friends or co-workers were in the room. This place was apparently my office.

      My friend from work, M, had been instructed, I somehow knew, to deliver a manila envelope to a young man in the office. The envelope contained a hiring package. The man was now employed by my company.

      Then M walked away to get another package. I was still standing out in the stairwell. I knew everybody in the office knew about the next package, what it would be. Even thought nobody told me about it, I also knew what it would be.

      M brought the package to me. The package was basically a letter saying I was fired. M treated me kind of coldly and told me I couldn't come back into the office.

      I walked up the stairwell. I was out in the parking garage. My office desk was out there. I figured I should clean out my desk. Near the desk was a dining table. An older Asian man and a little girl, the man's daughter, were seated at the table. I was ashamed to be around the man and girl after just having gotten fired.

      Dream #2

      I was getting onto the subway. I was going somewhere kind of far away, and I might have been planning to be there for a while. I was wearing a big backpack, which went all the way up my back and even a little higher than my head.

      As I was getting onto the train, an older black man followed me. He had a white beard and a wool cap. I felt like I'd seen him all over the place, wherever I'd gone. We were the only two people getting on the train. So obviously now he was following me.

      I wanted to yell at him and ask why he was following me. But I didn't feel like it would do any good. So I let him go ahead of me on the train.

      We were the only two people on the train. The train was kind of dark. The seats were set weird, like the benches were all lifted on a platform, and there was a guardrail right in front of the bench. It didn't look like there was any legroom.

      The man lay down at the far end of the bench and fell asleep. I crawled across the bench and tried to find some way to sit down.

      Dream #3

      I was in something like a living room with an old woman. We were part of some karaoke contest. We were about to go on. But suddenly the woman sprang the idea on me that we should do a duet. She suggested some song I didn't know.

      I didn't want to do the song, since I didn't know it and I'd be horrible. But I felt grateful to the woman for some reason, so I figured I'd better do the duet.

      The woman showed me some lyrics and gave me the tune. I still didn't know the song, but I thought I had the words.

      Now we were out on a big stage. The music began. I recognized the tune! I started to sing, but I suddenly realized I'd forgotten all the words.

      The old woman looked at me, terribly disappointed.
    11. zoo animals at the water park; elbowing a guy

      by , 03-06-2011 at 03:55 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some underground area, like a hallway between subway platforms. The hallway ramped upward and around to the right. The hallway was apparently the entrance to some water park.

      It was Memorial Day, which was the last day of the summer (???). I thought this would be a perfect day for going to the water park. A lot of kids would be back in school already (?), so the park would be empty.

      I was now out in the water park. I was walking along a narrow, winding, concrete path between some small, rolling hills, which may have been dotted by small, tree-shaped juniper shrubs.

      The light was dim. It was like early morning, as if the sun had just risen. I wasn't sure that the water park was even open yet. I thought I'd have to wait to get in.

      This was a pain in the neck. Right now the place was completely empty, and I would be able to ride the rides all by myself. If I had to wait until the place opened, other people would have time to arrive. Then I'd have to wait in long lines and deal with annoying people.

      At some point, though, I saw a group of schoolboys. They were all white, kind of skinny, and pale. They were joking and having fun. So I figured if these kids were here, they must have started letting the school groups in. So obviously the place was open and I was okay.

      I found a water slide. It seemed to be running alright. It was a big water slide, and it was made to look like a natural river. The water was rushing really rapidly. I had a red inner tube with me. So I was about to jump in.

      Somehow the scene changed slightly. A lawn-type area was somewhere before me. A mother giraffe and a baby giraffe ran through the field. It was kind of surreal to see them.

      After they ran past, a woman called out that animals had escaped from the zoo. It was like the woman was chasing the giraffes, trying to catch them. But I couldn't see the woman.

      I was now (without noticing the transition) out on a lawn that was shaded by tall pine trees, which were spaced pretty widely apart.

      I could hear other people's voices crying out in panic. Apparently a lot of people were panicked. Some people were trying to catch all the escaped animals. Others were running in fear, before the animals got out into this area.

      I could now sense that the tigers were headed in my direction. I saw them in the distance. There were a few of them, but they were just baby tigers, less than a year old, and maybe 130cm long.

      I jumped up into the air and began floating backwards. I figured that if I could get myself floating high enough, the tigers wouldn't be able to catch me, and that they'd just have to run past.

      But one baby tiger climbed up into one of the pine trees. It ran out onto a limb. I was pretty sure that it was going to try to jump down on me. I thought I'd have to evade it somehow with a quick, mid-flight reflex. But the baby tiger climbed back down the tree trunk instead.

      I now kind of wondered why I had been so afraid of the tigers and why I didn't just fight them directly -- if I'd even needed to fight them at all.

      I was now out in some area like a concrete plaza that seemed to be surrounded by a lot of dusty areas fenced off by wood-poled fences. In the center of the plaza was a small, brick structure. It was now bright, sunny and hot.

      A few women, including one who looked like a ranger from a national park I'd worked at about 10 years ago, ran into the building. They gestured for me to follow them. So I did.

      The building was apparently something like an animal hospital. There were windows on all the walls. There were some stainless steel tables everywhere. Everything felt kind of dusty and abandoned. There was something like a red-leather-upholstered bed or chair, like a dentist's chair, in the center of the room. It was like the operating table.

      We had all come into this room to shelter ourselves from the escaped zoo animals. We were all bracing ourselves, because apparently they were all going to converge here and attack this building, as if, for some reason, they were all out against us.

      We now saw through one open door to my left the mother and baby giraffe running back. One of the women went out. I followed her. The giraffes were running back to their area, which was one of the dusty areas around the building.

      The woman opened the gate for the giraffes. The giraffes went back inside. As they did, the woman cooed some kind of nice words to the giraffes about how they must have missed their home.

      (I may have had another dream, right after this, that involved lions chasing me. I feel like a lot of parts of that dream may have been similar to parts of this dream. But I can't remember the dream.)

      Dream #2

      I was in some place like a big hallway with doors on either side. The place had a feeling like a college and a hospital. But it also felt like some kind of conference was going on. The place was full of people.

      A Korean man, maybe in his mid-20s, wearing glasses and a big, puffy, grey jacket, was walking up behind me. He kept doing this weird, annoying thing where he'd walk up from behind me, edge slightly front of me, then edge back quickly, then walk up as if he were going to pass me again, then edge back again.

      Finally I just threw an elbow at the man and knocked him behind me. He didn't bother me any more after that.

      But now I was heading to a line for something. I saw that two Korean girls stood at the back of the line. They were really pretty. But I was afraid to walk past them. I knew they'd seen what I'd done to the guy. I thought they'd be ashamed of me for being mean to a Korean guy.

      I think I walked past them, to get into the back of the line, which may now have been even longer. I walked past some thing like a tall whiteboard or length of paper or canvas stretched out on a wooden frame. I kind of had to squeeze through a small space between the canvas and the people in line.

      (Side notes: I don't know why the people in my dream were Korean. I think it was because I was watching some Kim Bo Kyung videos on YouTube last night, right before I went to bed.

      The annoying character of the guy kind of makes sense to me. Yesterday, I went to the Armory Show. On the walk down there, there was this girl who was following me and doing all kinds of annoying things.

      I don't think she was trying to get my attention. I'm not even sure she was trying to be annoying. And she wasn't Korean. She was white. But her looks were kind of like the looks of the Korean guy in my dream.

      At the show itself, there were a few groups of men and women who spoke Japanese with each other. They looked like artists, and I really wanted to talk with them. But I was way too shy. I get really shy in big crowds.

      Also, the Armory Show got really crowded, which was slightly annoying. It wasn't terrible. I could deal with it. But it reminded me of the New York Anime Fest from last year, which was way overcrowded.

      As I was walking back from the Armory Show, I wondered if there would be a time when the crowds at all these big events would be so overwhelming that I'd have to stop going. It made me a little upset that that was a possibility.

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