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    1. theatre, back to the future, and gothic lucid; dragon's jaw

      by , 09-20-2011 at 01:01 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was with a couple of "friends." One of the friends looked like a person who has attended a lot of the anime events I've gone to IWL. He's white, kind of pale, tall, with jaw-length, brown hair and eyeglasses. This friend was organizing some kind of theatre event. He had gotten me and my other friend to volunteer.

      We had first been discussing the details of this event in some bar. The bar hadn't seemed very well-lit, and it also seemed a bit empty. Then we were discussing the details out on some hilltop, out on the driveway of a house in a residential part of town, probably in the kind of early morning.

      The theatre friend said, "We'll have a lot to do. We'll barely have time to go home and go to bed at 11 AM, before we have to wake up at 1 PM and do the second show."

      As I realized how much work my other friend and I had volunteered for, I saw, probably in my mind's eye, dark grey clouds rolling overhead. I told the theatre friend, "I don't think we can do both shifts. At least my friend can't. We didn't realized we'd be going all the way through 11 AM. And we already signed up to volunteer at another event. Your second show will overlap with that event. At least my friend has to go to this event."

      At this point the friend I was defending may have been my brother.

      I was now in a small theatre. It was either before or after a show. The theatre was only half lit. The stage didn't have any light on it at all. The area felt like a cafeteria in an elementary school's basement. The walls may have been sea green. The seating area was made up of folding chairs. There were a good amount of people sitting in the chairs. Some people were also milling around in the empty space behind the seating area.

      I sat near the back row of seats and near the aisle. So I turned myself around to look at the people milling around in the back area. Most of the people looked pretty normal. But there were a couple of older black women wearing very flashy, dressy outfits. They stood out from everybody else and seemed to demand being treated in a very special way. They each sat in chairs against the very back wall, at some distance from each other.

      One of the women wore a turquoise dress and hat. The dress seemed almost to have been made out of a crepe material. The hat had a big, round, kind of floppy brim. My theatre friend immediately came up to the woman and started saying all kinds of nice things to her. But I could tell he was trying to get something out of her. So I telepathically told her to watch out for the man.

      We were now watching a movie which was supposed to be Back to the Future. There were a few scenes, kind of randomly put together, which gave the feel that the movie was more about a group of kids working together to create a time machine than anything having to do with Doc Brown or Marty McFly.

      One of the scenes showed Amy Irving, like she looked in the Brian DePalma version of Carrie. The view was of the girl's face, framed in a misty circle, looking up toward some kind of blue, moonlight, garden light and singing some kind of rock song. The girl's eyes glowed bright blue or green. I liked the girl's glowing eyes and the rock song a lot.

      There were also a couple of scenes, apparently from the future, showing some kind of time travel bridge being built. The scenes were all in some kind of way overexposed, really pixellated video. The coloring was almost black and white. But it was more like the sky was all colored brownish-grey, while all the solid bodies were pure black silhouettes.

      The bridge was somehow being built backwards. I watched (maybe through time lapse?), the "tracks" (?) of the bridge being built backwards through a frame of standing columns. It seemed to be in a mountain setting. I then watched a similar process near an ocean shore. This bridge had a sign over it, kind of in an old, Coca-Cola-esque style. It said something like "B-Way Bridge" or "B'Way Bridge."

      I then woke up in my room. I stood up and looked down at the floor. Something seemed not quite right about my room. I walked really slow. I could hear my breathing rushing though my head, like I was wearing a space helmet.

      Something seemed really weird about my floor, like it was made out of grey-painted concrete, especially where the floor met the wall. I then saw that my table was pushed away, at least 33cm away, from my wall. I thought it was possible that I could have pushed my table away from the wall. But not that far away.

      I looked up and noticed that the walls in my room were now painted green. Some of the walls were a dark, pine green, while at least one of the walls was a slightly lighter shade.

      I told myself, "Well, obviously I'm dreaming. My walls aren't green in waking life."

      I figured since I was dreaming I would try to fly out of my house and out and around my neighborhood, to see what kind of views I could gather. But I must not have been totally lucid. I went flying toward my bedroom "window," which was actually a thick, ornate, wooden wall. This didn't seem to register with my "lucid" mind at all.

      I was about to penetrate through the wall when something stopped me. A very polite woman's voice spoke to me through telepathy. It said, "We're sorry, but at this moment we cannot access the outdoor scene you would like to experience. Would you like to have a Gothic lucid dream instead?"

      I said, "Oh, well, yeah, okay. That sounds nice." But I didn't want to have a Gothic lucid dream. I just wanted to go outside, into my neighborhood and gather data on the environment. I think I was thinking that I was having an out of body experience as well as a lucid dream, and I really wanted to gather some hard evidence of it. So I was disappointed that I couldn't get out there.

      Dream #2

      I stood inside a room, looking out to some area like a dock on a river. It was a nice, sunny day. The dock area was all a kind of beige-white concrete. A man was out working in front of two cars. The two cars themselves seemed to be junked. They also seemed to be wrapped up in coppery brown garbage bags, or in adhesive tape with the coppery brown color of VCR cassette tape.

      The cars were parked one in front of the other. Either the hood of the front car was open, or else the windshield of the front car was completely missing. A huge object like a leather suitcase, possibly also all wrapped up in tape, was jutting out.

      The suitcase-like object was open, revealing the snout and tip of the jaw of what appeared to be a gigantic lizard. Just given the size of the snout and jaw, the head of this creature must have been taking up the entire interior of this car! The jaw had leathery-looking, brown scales all over it.

      I was now outside, near the cars, even though I could no longer see the dragon's head. I was with another man, but not the man who had been working outside while I had been inside. That man had been like a dock worker. This man was a wealthy business man. He was really tall and strong. He carried himself well. He wore a nice suit and a clean, beige overcoat.

      I came to understand that the dragon had been killed. The cars were used as containers for transporting the dragon's body. Nobody had thought dragons existed. But this dragon had been discovered by accident. Possibly it had emerged from the sea.

      Luckily the dragon had been killed before it could kill anybody. But people were (or I was?) worried that there were a lot more of these dragons, and that it wouldn't be so easy to kill them every time they posed a threat.

      I told the man that this whole thing seemed to have been foreseen in a science fiction book written by a Russian man. I tried to tell the man the author's name. It was something like Gogol or Sergei. Finally I settled on one of the author's names, possibly his first name, being Selkei.

      I saw a view of the book I'd bought (which seemed to have the name Selkei as the second name). The book was paperback. The cover was kind of glossy. There were a lot of swirly, black and white stripes all over the front cover and on the first few pages of the book.

      The author was apparently either from the early twentieth century, like from the 1920s, or else his life was so impoverished in the late twentieth century that it was like he lived during the 1920s. But his sci-fi writings had a lot of subversive political content, and a lot of it seeemed to have been really prescient.

      The man with me may now have been closer to me. We were still out on the dock -- or out on some shore cliff -- but we stood behind some kind of screen-like display, like a big text display at a museum. The man told me, "You just go into places, like bookstores and libraries, and you seek out these guys, don't you? You don't know who they are. But you know what you're looking for. And you find them.

      "But people think, when they see you with all this stuff, that you've stolen it somehow. They don't understand the work you've made to discover it. They just think you've stolen it all.

      "This book, for instance --" The man and I turned toward some kind of black, basalt cliffside as the man opened up a wide, short book full of pages that looked like coloring book bages. The pages were all colored in. They had drawings on them reminiscent of Henry Darger. But they were apparently supposed to have been by William Blake.

      One drawing showed a little girl, colored pale peach and in a pale yellow dress, against a maroon-colored hillside. The drawing looked kind of crude, and the girl seemed very lonely, especially in the context of a Darger-like drawing such as this.
    2. singing fake beatles song

      by , 06-06-2011 at 11:37 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a big theatre. The theatre was kind of crowded. The lights were on, but a show was playing. It was apparently the Ed Sullivan show where the Beatles played.

      I was surprised by the songs. The first song sounded a little bit like a Beatles song, but it also sounded modern. It may also have sounded like the "Boss Boss" song, by RC Succession.

      The second song sounded even more modern. I could also hear it very vividly. I was really surprised by this song. I was surprised I hadn't heard it before, and that the Beatles had chosen it for the Ed Sullivan show. But I really liked it.

      I was now getting up on stage. I was taking part in some kind of performance show, like a karaoke show or something like that. I felt like there was a band somewhere, but I didn't see a band: only a couple of guys leading me up on stage. The stage was empty and seemed to be made up of two or three tiers of some kind of beige-colored, polished material.

      I knew I was supposed to sing the Beatles song I had just heard. But I didn't know the song. I thought that maybe all I was supposed to do was lip-sync with the song. I figured that if I paid enough attention to the words I could do that on the spur of the moment.

      I now faced the crowd. The song was playing. The song was full, so the singer's voice (don't know which Beatle it was: didn't sound like any) could be heard. But I was actually supposed to sing out loud with the song.

      I actually got through the first verse pretty well by sticking to the sounds as I heard them sung. I ended the chorus of the first verse pretty loud, with a lot of enthusiasm. I had a feeling that sooner or later the singer's voice would be withdrawn, and that I'd have to sing all by myself.

      The second verse was starting up. I was really afraid I didn't know the lyrics. But I figured that if I heard the first words from the singer, I'd probably recall the rest of the song.

      At some point I may have been back down in the crowd, or I may have had the view of a camera looking into the crowd. I may have realized that the crowd was really a group of my peers and that I didn't have to worry so much, even if I did a bad job.
    3. au revoir boss; carrying steel models; guy in movie theatre

      by , 05-29-2011 at 01:59 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in an office with my boss and the head of our department, J. J made a comment about the conditions of our company. He then said, "Well, your boss will tell you more about that." J then walked out of the office, through a doorway that may possibly have been to a stairwell.

      Only my boss and I were now left on the office floor. The space was kind of narrow. There was some kind of long counter or reception desk running along the area where my boss and I stood.

      My boss stood a few feet away from me. He looked a little different than IWL. His hair was cut short, and he was wearing really nice eyeglasses with no frames on the bottom of the lenses and nice, thin, black frames across the top. He was also wearing a pale, lemon-yellow shirt that looked very clean and pressed.

      My boss said, "Well, I guess I should tell you it's going to happen to me next. But don't say I told you."

      I understood this to mean that my boss was going to leave the company. But he'd said it so quietly and mumbled, and he'd told me not to talk about it. So I acted like it wasn't a big deal, like I almost hadn't heard him in the first place. I actually may also have hoped he'd say whatever he'd said again, since he'd mumbled and been so quiet that I wasn't quite sure I heard him correctly.

      My boss was annoyed by my reaction, as if he thought what he'd said hadn't sunk into my skull at all. So, as I walked closer to him, he took out a plastic pen, kind of fatter than normal, and poked me at the top right side of my chest, and said, "Au revoir."

      It was now clear that my boss was leaving the company. My boss had given me a parting gift. It was a huge book by Marguerite Duras. I don't remember the title. It was a fat paperback. It had a yellow cover, possibly with some kind of painting inside a circle on the center on the front.

      My boss and I stood at the far end of the counter now. Just beyond us was an unlit area that looked like a living room, or even like two decent-sized living rooms separated from each other by some kind of partitions. The rooms were visible only by the fluorescent light of the office area and the deep blue morning or evening light coming in through the wall-sized windows.

      The counter looked now more like an alcohol bar made out of office materials. My boss wandered around to the other side of the bar. As he did I told him, "Well, I'm really thankful to you. You took a chance on me when nobody else would..."

      But my boss waved me off, as if to say, "Don't start with all that modesty stuff again." He came back around the bar and handed me another book. It was also by Marguerite Duras. It was much thinner than the first book. It had the same kind of yellow color. This book was titled Abe Diem----- or Abe Dies----- (can't remember the rest of the word). I figued the title was German.

      Dream #2

      I was walking on some concrete path with two other people. One was probably my sister. The other was a kind of fat man maybe my age or younger, maybe in his mid 20s.

      It was a bright, sunny day. The path we walked on was like a sidewalk, and it was in a suburban neighborhood. But it was actually crossing some area between two grassy fields on either side of which were blocks of houses. The area we were walking through at first was narrow, as if there were some kind of construction trailer to our right.

      At least my sister and I were carrying something. We both carried the objects slung over our shoulders. My sister carried one bag of something and a huge, black-metal frame almost like a bed frame. The frame had a bunch of figures molded into the empty space. The figures looked like toys, like army figures, or little toy-wrestling figures. The thing looked extremely awkward and heavy to carry. I may actually have felt this from my sister's point of view.

      I was carrying a plastic bag with a huge pack of Huggies diapers in it. It wasn't very heavy at all.

      I felt kind of guilty for carrying something so light and easy while my sister carried such a big, heavy frame. At some point either I or the other man suggested that we stop a moment, ostensibly to give my sister a break. The man stopped. I slowed down, unsure as to what our plan was. My sister kept going. She said she didn't need a break. And before long, she was altogether gone.

      We were finally now just past the trailer or series of trailers that had made the place seem so narrow. We were in a grassy field, like a litte park. The guy had stopped right past the far end of the trailers. I'm pretty sure he hadn't been holding anything before. But now he set down a white, cloth bag and a black frame like the one my sister had.

      I set down my bag with the huge pack of Huggies diapers. I was also carrying a small, black bag which had something square in it. I set the black bag on top of the Huggies bag, hoping that I could conceal the fact from the man that I was carrying all these diapers around with me.

      The man now explained the black frame to me. He said you painted one side of the figures and then pressed them against a canvas. In this way you created some kind of big painting of all these figures.

      There was also another frame, which may have been of copper or bronze. Not everybody had this second frame. But it produced a second layer on the paintings, which gave the figures "moveable arms." The arms really weren't moveable on the painting. But I guess what was meant was that the torso, legs, and head of the figures were one color, while the arms were another color.

      In my mind's eye I saw a brownish-copper color canvas or paper dotted with gnarly, little paint-figures. The legs, torsos, and heads of the figures were black, while the arms were either white or a very pale, bright shade of purple.

      Dream #3

      I was in a movie theatre with a few other people. The movie theatre was huge, but there were only a few of us, all scattered through the first three or four rows of the theatre. Two people I was aware of were an older man with big, clear glasses and pale, blue eyes, and a young, pretty, blonde woman.

      We were all here as part of some audition. Or we may actually already have been performing. But as part of this audition or performance we had to watch whatever movie was playing.

      I may have been second row. Something felt very weird just to my left, as if the seats were gone, or as if something or someone was crowding me almost to the point of pushing against me.

      The old man was in the row behind me. He tapped my left shoulder. He said to me, "See over there, in the front row? That boy? Even though he's a star, he wanted to be part of this thing, too. Heh, heh! He called his agent up directly and asked to be given a space down here today!"

      I looked to the boy the man had pointed out. He seemed to look like Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle. But he wore a round-brimmed hat and big, thick eyeglasses. He sat in the front row, in one of the far left seats. He had seemed a little standoffish to me, though I'm not sure when he had seemed this way. But now he seemed shy, kind of fragile, and in need of a friend.

      I was now sitting at a table, apparently in some kind of restaurant. The table was for four. To my right was a window wall which revealed the pink-peach light of early sunrise or late sunset, possibly over a body of water, like a huge lake.

      The "star" sat caddy-corner from me at the table, eating something like cereal or oatmeal. I may have been eating or only drinking a cup of coffee. I suddenly recognized the "star." It was a man named Aki, a guy who DJ'd at a relief concert that had been held at the Japan Society.

      I was excited to see him again, as I'd lost contact with him. But I remembered how shy and fragile he'd seemed as the "star" kid in the theatre. So I didn't speak too enthusiastically to him, or even let on that I knew who he was.

      I asked him something about his life. He responded in a kind of quiet tone, like he was a little depressed. I thought I wouldn't press any more conversation, although it looked like he was probably getting ready to say a few more things on his own.
    4. lost friend on subway; home before class; domestic murder drama

      by , 05-25-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was on a subway with my friend H. We were riding above ground. It was night.

      At some point we had had to switch trains. I missed the train, while H got on. I had to wait for a while to get another train.

      I was then on the second train. We were high up above the ground, on some elevated platform that seemed to be a conjunction of a few different tracks, somewhere between stations. The tracks seemed to be on a floor of light beige or white plastic slats.

      I got a call from H. She was at some cafe or restaurant. It may have been our original intention to eat there. But I might now have been much too delayed to meet her there. So she might have decided to eat there herself.

      Dream #2

      It was daytime. I had just come into a house. Outside, snow may have been covering the groud, although it was a sunny day.

      I was in a huge room, which was like a mix between a living room and a study. There was a huge, wall-sized bookshelf along the left wall. There were nice chairs and couches everywhere.

      I may have put something like a jacket down on the back of one of the chairs. I walked toward the back of the room, to a doorway on the left wall.

      I apparently had to get to school. I had arrived home after doing something. Now I barely had time to take a shower and get dressed. Apparently the door I was walking toward was the door to a bedroom and bathroom.

      But I stopped and stood right at the threshold of the door. I looked down, possibly to some book or piece of paper I was holding. I think it was a white piece of paper with sharp, scrawled writing on it in heavy, black lettering.

      I felt like I didn't really need to go to school after all. I thought I would just take it easy at home. After I thought this I felt kind of guilty.

      Not long after this another person may have come into the house. The person may have asked me when I was going to school. I was probably thinking of some way to skirt the question, not have to explicitly say I wasn't going to school.

      Dream #3

      I was in some dark room. I may have seen an old man or old woman walk past me. I follwed the person and found myself in a small theatre.

      The theatre was all black. The seating area was three or four rows of moveable chairs set up on some tiered, wooden structure that had been painted black. There were two long aisles of chairs. I sat down in the front row, in the very far right.

      The play was already running. The stage was just the floor, which was black, and black walls, with perhaps a black velvet curtain against the back wall. The only set piece was some kind of long sign, like a display of text for a museum, set up to run from about waist to head level on square, thin, black metal poles. Everything was lit with gentle incandescent lights.

      An older woman stood in front of the sign. She had red hair and wore a long, slim, but flowing dress made out of some kind of crepe fabric. She looked a little like an older version of the mom in the 1970s version of Freaky Friday.

      The woman may have given a speech and then left. Then the old man came in. He was healthy-looking, but very fat, with tough, tan skin, a bald head with grey-white hair on the sides and some rough, long sideburns. He wore a white toga that left his left shoulder bare.

      Somehow I had gotten the idea that the man had killed the woman, possibly by stabbing her, but also by using some weird kind of remote technological device.

      After the revelation that the man had killed the woman, there was an intermission. During the intermission I walked up to the sign-like set piece on the stage. I watched it really closely. It was like the sign was a video display playing a commercial. One image on the commercial was a red, eye-like object with grey wings, surrounded by darkness.

      Apparently the second part of the play had begun. But it was now like a movie. The view was of a bedroom window, from the outside. The whole scene was lit in a deep blue light.
      The old man climbed into the bedroom through the window. He was holding a knife with a 25cm, wavy blade. He crawled into bed with the woman. Apparently this was when he had stabbed her.
    5. charles bronson in diapers; reverse telescope gag; little girl's wish

      by , 05-23-2011 at 11:44 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was a bright, clear day. Charles Bronson lay on his back on a stone step or bench that felt like it was either the top bleacher section of some really tall stadium or some high point on a building.

      Charles Bronson was naked except for a diaper, which he was currently wetting. A young, pretty blonde woman sat at Bronson's feet, waiting to change Bronson. From the look in her eyes she liked the fact that Bronson wore diapers and wet them.

      Dream #2

      A woman was on stage right before or at the beginning of an event like the Oscars. She gave a short speech and then said that the announcer for the show would be out to present in one moment.

      The stage and the theatre seemed really large while the woman had been speaking. I had seen everything from a far back, high up row. But now, as the woman left the stage through a door to the left, my view followed her. The woman walked out into a fluorescent lit hallway. I turned back to look in at the theatre. The place looked really small.

      My view was back inside the theatre, as if hovering just above the people in the first rows. A kind of old man walked in through the door through which the woman had left. The man may have made some comment about seeing the people in the back row. So he put a telescope to his eye. But he put the wrong end of the telescope to his eye.

      I could already tell that the guy was going to make some kind of gag about how it seemed like the people in the back row were really far away or how it was like everybody in the audience looked really small or something like that. I kind of didn't want to hear such a groaner.

      But the guy seemed to be delaying this joke. All this time he had stayed halfway in and halfway out of the door. Now he shuffled sideways all the way into the theatre and up onto the stage. I assumed he would make his telescope joke once he was up on the stage.

      Dream #3

      I was laying on a couch, on my back. There was a window somewhere beyond my feet, letting in some grey naturaly light. Just beside the couch's arm on which my head was resting there may have been a bookshelf. I think I had my hands under my head.

      A little girl with long, brown hair stood beside the couch. She wasn't wearing any clothes. She may have eventually crawled up on the couch to sit beside me. She told me, "I wish I had boobs."

      I told her, "Be glad for the time being that you don't have boobs. Probably once you have them you'll think they're a real pain in the neck."

      The little girl was now gone. There were a lot of people in the room now. I knew an older woman was coming to talk to me. I may even have heard her call for me. So I sat up and looked back.

      The couch was apparently in some place like a cafe or a grocery store like Whole Foods. The room I was in was somewhat like a living room. But beyond this room there were food counters and display shelves running down a kind of narrow hall that I think opened into a bigger room.

      There was a pretty full crowd of people, maybe men and women in their late twenties, looking around and shopping. From them I saw the woman, kind of short, skinny, with short, grey and black hair coming through the crowd. She asked, "What did you tell that little girl?"

      I didn't think that anything I'd told the little girl was wrong. But I saw how it could be construed as wrong. I lay on my right side, shouting out something to the woman. I thoujght I had been telling the woman what I'd been saying to the girl. But at some point I realized I wasn't telling the truth at all. In fact, I was telling some kind of nonsense story that would look like I was trying to cover up what I'd said.

      So now I really focused on what I was saying. I told the old woman (wherever she was), "I told the girl that she should be happy for the time that she doesn't have boobs. Because once she gets boobs it'll be a real pain in the neck. Because guys'll be chasing her all over the place."
    6. bomb 1; bomb 2; my phone; friend's house; screening theatre; meeting events; friend's apartment

      by , 05-16-2011 at 11:41 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A nuclear bomb had struck. I was somehow put in charge of keeping some kind of order within a small group of people, possibly in some desert town.

      Dream #2

      Again, a nuclear bomb had struck, and I was put in charge of keeping some kind of order within a small group of people.

      Dream #3

      I was outside, possibly in some kind of desert area. I stood with a few people in front of a small house. My mother may have been among the people.

      A short, middle-aged man with wiry, black hair asked me about my phone. He seemed unfamiliar with Android phones. He was more familiar with iPhones. He was particularly interested in how I played music on my phone.

      I gave the man my phone. I hoped he wouldn't look at my internet history and see the perverted sites I went to.

      The man fiddled with the screen to make some green, holographic image appear. He then handed the phone back to me. He said, "Well, they made that really easy to use, didn't they?"

      I thought the man had complimented my phone. But I felt elated, as if he had complimented me.

      Dream #4

      I took my friend H to meet my old friend R. We were at a house in suburbia. It was darj night, and the street was very lonely.

      R opened the door and let us in. His house was dim inside, but it looked kind of big. We were in some kind of front living room. H sat in a chair by a wall next to a staircase up to the second floor.

      R and I had gone out for some reason. Now we were coming back. We were probably wearing clothes we would have worn in college. I may have been wearing a round-brimmed hat. We were talking about history and politics.

      We got back to R's house. I was surprised to find H there, but I couldn't exactly figure why I was surprised. So I introduced H to R. Both H and R laughed at me. R said, "You already did that!"

      We three sat at a dining table in the kitchen. H and R were getting along well, and H had even dressed in some of R's clothes while R and I had been away.

      Dream #5

      I was in some kind of theatre, possibly a movie theatre. But the screen must have been way up high, because, as I sat in the front row, all I could see while looking forward was a brown-beige wall of wide, plastic squares. Over to my right was a tall structure, like a judge's stand, made out of the same material.

      I was alone in the front row at first. But then two old ladies came and sat on either side of me. They each had a few bags of stuff, and they sat the stuff so that it kind of crowded me.

      I may have looked down to a piece of paper in my hands to see exactly what kind of event was going to be happening here.

      Dream #6

      I was at some kind of event for gifted kids, as if I were in high school or college again. The event was like some kind of convention. This may have been the last day of the convention.

      I was looking forward to some bunch of events that may have been taking place after the official convention stuff was over. But I knew that I had to go back to work or school the next day. So I didn't want to spend too much time at the after-party stuff.

      I looked at a piece of paper saying what was going on. There was some concert that looked interesting to me: a girl band whose name had "Cherry" in it. They were playing "pretty late:" the concert the Cherry band were in started at 8 or 9 PM, and the Cherry band would be the last group to play. But I decided I'd better stay anyway. The Cherry band sounded too cool to miss.

      Dream #7

      I was in an apartment stairwell with H, my brother, and my sister. We were coming to visit the new apartment of R and his wife, L.

      L opened the door. She let us in. The living room was really big, but it felt more like the interior of a brick-oven pizzeria than like the interior of a house.

      L said that R was doing something like taking a shower. L sat around talking to us in a relaxed but kind of detached manner. I think my sister may have been the most active person in the conversation.
    7. dance shows and concession stand

      by , 04-27-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some kind of a small performance space. There were folding chairs all arranged before a small stage. There may have been 50 or 75 chairs. The floors were wood. The area with the chairs was dim. I stood at the back of this area.

      The space behind the chairs was empty and lit, possibly with a combination of incandescent and fluorescent lights, as if the overhead light were incandescent, but a light from some other room were shining into the space as well. An adult woman was teaching a little girl how to do some kind of traditional dance. The girl may have been dressed in a dark pink leotard and some kind of sash that gave her a traditional look.

      I stood there for a moment watching the little girl dance. The woman then told me that the girl wasn't ready to perform yet. The woman would give her a bit more rehearsal and then let me watch her. So it would be best if I didn't watch her right now. I assented and walked away. The woman may then have started training another girl or a couple of boys and girls.

      I sat in the seats at the very front. I was the only person in the audience. I sat there in the dark, looking at the stage. There was some kind of set on the stage, maybe colored blue and gold-orange. At some point a black woman and her son sat down in the row behind me and to my left.

      Somehow the idea of food came up. The boy wanted some kind of sweet food, maybet sorbet, from a makeshift concession stand which had been right where I was standing while I had been watching the girl dance. The boy told his mom, "It sure is good we waited, isn't it? Now the sorbet is ready, and we get it for free!"

      I realized that we had been given tickets for free food from the snack bar. The tickets were like red, carbdoard circus tickets. But we'd had to wait until a certain time before the food was given out for free.

      I stood up to get some food. For some reason I felt like I needed to beat the son to the makeshift concession stand, which may just have been a big, red cooler and some cheapish folding screen, with the dance instructor lady pulling food out of the cooler.

      But I now heard an announcement on an overhead speaker. A woman's voice said, "The food being handed out right now is only rotten food." I understood that the timing of the good food being handed out was messed up. So I headed back to my seat to wait for the good food to start being offered.

      But before I got to my seat, I started seeing things as if I were a camera. My view floated to a few different adults. At each person, the view would freeze and some little screen-title would pop up, saying who the person was. The people were all kind of young, edgy, and cool. They posed as a rock band. But they were really a group of spies. There were one woman and two or three men.

      One man I remember sat in some booth like a shop. He sat behind a turntable, as if he were a DJ. He was white, with red-blonde hair and chunky, black-rimmed eyeglasses. He wore a striped shirt.

      Behind the man were all kinds of circular objects, like plates or records. They were all colored differently, and each had some variation of a wave-like pattern running through it. One circle was yellow. Another was grey, with a dark grey squiggle-wave humping up in the center. Another was blue, with some kind of white, shell-like cloud pattern in the center.

      Another member of the band was either a black man or an Asian woman who sat in the front row and far left side of the folding chairs. I think at first he was a really nice looking black man. Then my view went through the other members again. Then when I got back to him, he was a really cute Asian girl.
    8. black butterflies; special drink

      by , 03-02-2011 at 12:43 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking through a street in my old neighborhood. I came to a three-way intersection. The left road went past my old elementary school. The right road went past a grocery store.

      It was night and dark. There were no streetlights. The sky seemed purple, as if somewhere in the distance there were lights.

      There were a good amount of people walking around on the street. Nobody, including me, was acting as if there was no power and light.

      I walked along the right road and crossed the street to get to the sidewalk in front of the grocery store. As I did, another man walked behind me, continuing along the sidewalk I had just been on.

      The man was on a cell phone. He was bragging really loud to somebody about having arranged things with the people at his work so that he could alternate work between New York and Atlanta.

      I knew the man was trying to get my attention and trying to make me feel like he had a better job than I. I tried not to worry about the guy, although I did think that being able to live in one other place as well as New York would be pretty cool. Atlanta seemed pretty far. I thought Boston might be nice.

      There was a tree in the middle of the street. It had fallen, but the trunk was still connected to the stump. It didn't seem too wide -- maybe only 33cm or so in diameter. But it was like I was walking below it. It was completely blocking the road. I had to get past it. I pushed against it, but I don't think I actually lifted it or moved it out of the way. I was then past it.

      I was on the sidewalk in front of the grocery store. There was a pretty girl somewhere. I may have thought about telling her something about how I live in New York and Boston.

      Then I started seeing black butterflies. They floated at about waist height, occasionally coming up to my head, and they flew very slowly. They were about 15cm wide, and in the dark they looked like living shadows.

      I walked under the canopy of a scraggly sidewalk tree. There were more black butterflies. They were floating through what seems now like either the suckers of the tree or some kind of barren shrub.

      I was shocked by the strange sight of the butterflies. I told myself there was no way these things could be butterflies. I told myself that butterflies didn't fly around in the dark. I thought they were bats. But they flew too slow to be bats.

      Eventually I told myself they must be moths. That seemed more reasonable than their being butterflies, although not as mystical. But, still, I told myself, even for moths, these things have such a strange appearance.

      Dream #2

      I was in an area like a hallway for a smallish performance and rehearsal space. The place felt warm, warmly lit, and nice. The ceilings may have been high up, even though the space wasn't big.

      I sat on a stool. I sat before a doorway. The door was the kind that has a split halfway up so you can open the top or bottom half only if you want. The bottom half was closed, and there was a ledge on it, which I was using for a counter.

      A pale, white man stood on the other side of the door. Behind him was a room with dimensions like for a performance space, but filled with stuff like for a living room or bedroom. This space also felt warm and nice.

      The man told me about some special cocktail he had made. I could see it in my mind's eye. It was very colorful. It had green in it, and possibly yellow, like pineapples. It may have been topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

      The man offered to make me a special cocktail. I didn't feel like drinking, so I declined. But the guy seemed really intent on making the cocktail, which he seemed really proud of. So I finally accepted.