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    1. counterfeit argument; porn in hat-box; bad movie seats

      by , 11-07-2011 at 02:14 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a store like a high-end gift shop with my family. My mom, a couple other family members, and I were all huddled in a circle, conspiring to rip-off the store somehow. We may possibly have settled on something regarding a check. I then walked away from my family.

      I had a green slip of paper in my hand. This was a check. I walked toward the corner of the gift shop, where there was a huge statue, maybe of stone, of something like a stereotypical Native American chief, with a big, feathered headdress. The shop must have been in a mall: a few meters off to my right was big, wide doorway leading out to a huge hall.

      My sister ran up behind me. She started arguing with me about how I hadn't included her on the plans to get money. I told her something about how she had been too late for the meeting the rest of the family had had.

      My sister wasn't taking any excuses. She now had the green "check" in her hand. We stood in a kind of empty space in the shop. My sister started yelling at me that she knew I'd created this counterfeit check, and that my signature, forged to be someone else's, was the one on it. My sister would get me sent to jail.

      A woman walked up from beside some glass counter-cases, like jewelry cases. She asked my sister if there was any problem. I may have told the woman there wasn't any problem, hoping that my sister would just stay quiet.

      Dream #2

      A bedroom in an apartment. The apartment had all black walls, almost like they had been burnt, or like they were walls for a theatre production. The lighting of the apartment was also very stage-like. The apartment seemed to be from the 1950s.

      There were three people in the bedroom: a husband, a wife, and the husband's friend. They were all maybe in their late forties or early fifties. The men were dressed nicely. The woman was done up for bed. She wore a thick, pink robe with dark pink lapels, and she had her blonde hair done up in thick curlers.

      The husband himself may now have been getting into bed as well, maybe just dressed in a white tank-top undershirt and a pair of boxers. He may have been kind of skinny, bald and big-headed, with a mustache.

      But just as the husband seemed to be getting himself settled in the bed, the wife found a porn novel. The front cover illustration may have shown a pretty, blonde woman in pink underwear in some kind of night scene.

      The wife yelled at the husband that he shouldn't be reading this kind of stuff. The wife ran out of the room with the book. She threw the book out of the house, out onto the stairwell landing.

      The husband's friend cried, "No!" as the woman tossed out the book. The book just sat out on the landing. But I knew that the husband's friend was going to get the book.

      The husband's friend may then have given a little speech, in narration, as if to the audience or in his own thoughts. He said, "A book like that is too valuable just to throw out. Besides, he likes those books. But if I just take it back and hide it, the wife won't care."

      The view may now have been of the bedroom again. The husband was in bed, but the wife was still walking around the room in her robe, not getting into bed.

      On the wall to the right of the bed was a closet, which may have had its door open. The closet had a high shelf, on which was a brown and tan striped, cylindrical hat-box.

      The husband's friend continued, "I'll just hide the novel in the wife's hat-box. That's where I hide all the husband's pornographic materials.

      "The wife knows it, of course. Every time she opens her hat box to get her hat, she sees all the husband's pornographic materials. But the wife is okay with that. Because this way she knows that the husband is at least trying to hide his pornographic materials."

      I may have seen a second hat-box in the closet.

      Dream #3

      Possibly a dream where I was in a theatre, watching a movie. The theatre was enormous, with three aisles of seats, in a kind of flat "U" shape. I was sitting near or in the front row, toward the left end of the theatre.

      I may then have been sitting far toward the right end of the theatre. I had a female friend with me. We may have been stuck behind a column. With the column and our veered angle of the screen, the view was really bad. The screen may have been big and at normal height at first. But now it was high up and kind of small.

      I asked the woman if she was okay with our view. She probably wasn't, but she probably told me it was fine.
    2. killer updates

      by , 09-28-2011 at 12:22 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a dark bedroom with my mom and my sister. The room seemed to have cinder block walls and concrete floors. The only light in the room seemed to be a blue glow from somewhere along the walls. The room was really big, almost empty, with a big bed off on the right wall.

      I held something like an iPad in my hands. It was playing some sort of news show. Below the news show there was a little yellow strip that ran horizontally across the screen. In this strip would be shown little squares that were like stills frome video news stories.

      The news story playing in the main part of the screen was interrupted at one point by an announcer informing people that updates had been made on a man who had been wanted by the police.

      I looked down to see the updated videos. At first there were strings of black text. As well as the wanted man, there had been a missing man. One string of text said, "MISSING MAN FOUND DEAD." Another string of text said, "WANTED MAN FOUND KILLING MISSING MAN."

      I now pressed on one of the stills, to play one of the video news updates. In my mind's eye, I saw a video image of the wanted man being caught doing something like sawing the missing man's head off while he was still alive.

      While I had been wathing the original news story and reading the lines of text, I had been sitting out on the floor, in the middle of the room. Now I was laying on the bed, possibly with my sister.

      The still I had pressed played a video history of the two men, up to the most updated news reports. The shots showed various photos of the men in some living room. There was often also a woman in the room. The woman was one of the men's wife. I'm not sure which man.

      The men's appearances changed throughout the photos. Sometimes the men looked young, almost 1970s-like. They had huge hair and wore dark sweaters and jeans. At other times, they looked like kind of clean-cut college guys.

      But most of the time the two guys looked almost identical: long hair pulled back in a ponytail, the hair mostly brown, with grey streaks in it, and a big grey streak in the center, full, but not huge, beards, and blue eyes.

      The two men had had something to do with a cult. It was like one of the men had been the cult leader, while another of the men had been a member of the cult, then gone on either to join another cult or try to make a cult of his own.

      Either both men or just the cult leader became militantly angry. There were possibly even groups sent out with weapons. Finally the cult leader had caught up with the other guy and killed him.