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    1. paycheck and restaurant

      by , 02-09-2012 at 01:12 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in my family's living room. Someone, probably my brother, had just finished watching something on TV.

      I was led to believe that I could now watch whatever show I wanted. But I knew this wasn't really true. My brother and probably my mom just wanted me to think I could watch a show that I liked so I'd stay in the living room. But as soon as they knew I'd stay, they's switch my show on me.

      I had chosen some old Saturday Night Live episode. But as soon as I saw that my brother and mom were playing a trick on me, I got up and left the living room.

      I went down into the basement, into a room that was apparently mine. I could hear the Saturday Night Live episode from upstairs. I knew my brother and mom were now playing the episode really loud, and that they were going to play the whole episode, just to taunt me for not having stayed upstairs.

      The room in the basement was pretty empty. It was lit by greyish-white natural light coming in from a window high up on a wall in front of me. My sight was mostly focused on something right in front of me, either a book or a paycheck.

      I was now in some busy place in a really busy part of town. I don't know whether I was inside or outside. The place seemed like a fancy kind of bar. But it also seemed to be outside, out on a street like a small town's main street, only as packed with people as a street like Times Square.

      My vision was still very focused on one small thing, probably an envelope. I was surprised to have found this envelope. It contained my paycheck. I hadn't expected to receive my paycheck so soon.

      I pulled the paycheck out of the envelope. There were a few problems with the writing on the check. The amount for the check was something like $814 or $810 (I wish!). But the way it was written in the side box was all messed up, so that instead of a number, there was something more like a nonsensical word.

      I looked over to the line where the amount of the check was written out. This line seemed to be done correctly. But there was one more place on the check where the amount was written out incorrectly. In this spot, the check gave a horribly small number, like $30 or $40.

      I knew I was supposed to be getting the amount that had been written out. But I doubted any bank would take such a messed up check. I also worried that if a bank took the check at all, they'd only give me the lower amount. I was sure no bank would give me the benefit of the doubt, since people in places like banks always seem to hate me.

      But this was either my first or my last paycheck. It was very important that I have this money. So I needed to get things fixed. I determined to fix things. I thought of going "back" to my job, which may have been some kind of parks job.

      But I was now walking away from the main street kind of area with my mother, sister, and niece. I really needed to go talk about my check. But I couldn't let my mom and sister know what I was doing. And my mom and sister wanted to get back home.

      My mom and sister were using my niece as an excuse to go home. But my niece didn't want to go home. So, as an excuse to go take care of my check, I told my mom and sister that I'd take my niece back to the main street area of town.

      But I got the feeling that my mom and sister now had the idea that I only wanted to take my niece with me so I could do something bad to her. So I didn't push the idea.

      We had been walking through a kind of residential area. But now we had turned a corner and were back in a small town main street kind of area. I decided I should be honest. I told my mom and sister that I needed to go see about fixing my check. I also said I needed to get a haircut.

      But we were now headed down some red-carpeted steps, down into some fancy restaurant. We were being led by a tall, very pale, blonde man with a little bit of a goatee and stubbled cheeks.

      My mom and sister and I had been to this restaurant before for lunch. Either my mom or the young man thought it would be impressive to take us all back to this place for dinner.

      But I knew this wouldn't work. During lunch this place was cheap and relatively empty. But at night (it still looked like midday outside) this place became packed with people because of some crazy comedy show. The price of the food also skyrocketed.

      But I didn't say anything. We went down through some glass doors and into a nice lobby area. There was another set of glass doors showing a packed dining area -- people almost shoved against the glass doors, and everybody beautiful and in nice attire.

      The name of the place was written on the door in gold capital letters. But it was written on the inside of the door, so that from our side of the door, it looked backwards. The name of the place was "EVERYTHING WARHOL." I knew this place served really good Indian food.

      A bald man in a tuxedo came out and made a reservation for us for dinner. It was written on a page from a restaurant order's notebook, like you see in diners and so forth. There were a lot of scribbled numbers all over the page.

      The man gave the reservation to either my mom or the young man. Nobody even looked at the reservation, just assuming we were going in soon. But I knew we'd have a long wait. Finally I snuck a look at the paper. Amid all the scribbles, I saw our reservation for something like 8:37 PM. It was now around 5:30 PM.

      We were all heading back out, with the others in my group thinking we'd be back very soon. But the young man, the last person to go through the first set of doors before I would, stopped in the doorway, the door half-closed on him, and turned to the waiter to ask how long we'd have to wait for a table.

      Apparently this restaurant, or at least the staff, was Belgian, or maybe Swedish. The young man asked the waiter, either in English or French, how long our wait would be.

      The waiter replied in French (I thought of it as Belgian-French) that the wait would be a little long. He spoke in French because he was sure that the young man wouldn't understand it.

      But the young man was either Belgian or had been in Belgium for some time. In fact, he was only striking up a conversation with the waiter because he wanted to impress my mom and sister by showing off his knowledge of French.

      The young man had a short conversation with the waiter. The waiter kept saying "peut-etre," or "maybe," which I kept seeing in my head as "petait." I knew the word meant "maybe," but I kept mixing it up with "petite," and thinking the waiter was saying "little," like, "It will be a little wait."

      Eventually the young man got the understanding that we'd be waiting three hours for a table. He rubbed the goateed corners of his mouth and walked out the door. I must have followed.

      I was now walking out with my mom and my sister in what was supposed to be my great grandma's old neighborhood. We passed my great grandma's house, which had been sold after my great grandma had died. The place was now being remodeled and expanded by the new owners. I could even see sillhouettes of the new owners working inside.

      We passed the next house, in which one of my cousins lives with his wife and kids. For some reason, I looked on that house with scorn. I didn't want to have anything to do with those family members.

      We kept walking on. My view was more like the sideways tracking of a movie camera. My mom was saying how she'd always liked this neighborhood because it was much safer compared to some other neighborhoods.

      I agreed. But something about the sight of my cousin's house made me angry and greedy. All I could think about was buying out every single house on this block, and maybe a few other blocks.

      I wanted this area to be completely empty. I could even envision it being empty. This way, I thought, my immediate family could live in happiness, being safe from violence and free from irksome family members.
    2. stage photo for sister

      by , 08-26-2011 at 12:03 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was part of some situation that was like a TV show. In the show, there was some guy, who was either a young man or a young man dressed up like an old man. As the young man, he may have been clean-cut and slightly effeminate, wearing some kind of plaid, Abercrombie-style shirt. As the young man made up as an old man, he had white hair and wore a black suit.

      The man and I were with a few other people. The man started talking about how he was gay. I said it didn't matter to me whether he was gay. I said that I wasn't gay.

      There was now a transition scene, maybe to a commercial. The transition scene showed a bunch of hot girls in spandex suits like exercise outfits doing some kind of hip-hop dance on a big, wooden platform, like the floor of a dance studio. But this "floor" was either elevated above buildings, on the roof of a building, or attached like a ledge to a building. The camera panned away, revealing a huge city.

      I was now in a theatre. It was like the program I'd come to watch had finished. We were all leaving the theatre. There were only a few people left in the seats. I was up in the balcony. A female friend of mine stood to my right. Looking down to the stage area, I saw a big, wooden platform. It almost looked like a gigantic, wooden bed frame, with a tall, narrow mirror as the headboard.

      I told my female friend, "That's what my sister wanted me to take a picture of! She'd told me she wanted a souvenir shot of the big bed from the show. I had no idea what she was talking about. But now I remember it!" I also remembered that the "big bed" was the platform the dancers had been on during the transition scene.

      I pulled out a camera and started to take a picture. There were two girls, one in her early teens and one a bit younger, standing by the stage. The older girl wore a long, maroon sweater and a wool cap, and she had straight, black hair that flowed almost down to her waist.

      Either as the dream ended or as I woke up, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the two girls to stand near the "big bed," so I could illustrate the size of the bed by using them as reference points.
    3. talking business and sexual arousal

      by , 06-14-2011 at 11:37 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a small, tight bedroom with three old, white men and one young, black man. I was sitting in a metal-framed dining chair. One old man sat to my right. Another old man sat to my left. The third old man and the young man stood off to my left, near the foot of the bed. My vision was largerly focused inward and downward, really close to my body.

      The three old men were very rich. The young man and I were talking about working on a number of different projects for a company. There were at least three projects. The young man said that we should focus on the project that was something like an award ceremony, possibly for one key performer.

      I kind of felt like this wasn't the right thing for us to be focusing on. The other two projects were more administrative. They actually dealt with problems, and they actually needed work.

      My vision kind of drifted off, down really close to the floor and then toward an empty closet with open doors. I also had visions of photographs, like snapshots being laid one on top of the other, like in some TV show or commercial about traveling. Most of the snapshots had white borders, but some had pink borders. The photos may have been related to the projects the young man and I were discussing.

      My vision came back to my body. I dropped photos on the floor. I stood up and then bent over at the waist, with straight legs, to grab the photos. I basically shoved my rear end in the face of the old man to my right. I could see my back side. I was kind of old and flabby somehow, and I was wearing slacks that were really nice but kind of baggy. Somehow I could also see my butt through the pants.

      I sat down. The guy to my right was now acting really excited and nervous. We were all trying to talk about something, but the old man to my right was really too distracted to do so.

      The young man somehow let me know that when I had shoved my rear end in the old man's face, I'd really turned him on. Now the old man couldn't think about anything other than having sex with me.

      The young man let me know that I'd probably end up having to have sex with the old man now, if we wanted to get anything done with our business. The young man said, "Don't worry. I've had to do it before, too."
    4. not teaching writing; talking dog, russian reality show, career maze

      by , 06-02-2011 at 12:14 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a house. I walked from something like a living room into something like a kitchen. The kitchen looked like a normal suburban kitchen, but there was a big table, which was either wide and made of thick wood or was a big, wide table like for a group of students in an elementary school art class. Orange-gold afternoon light came in through the kitchen window.

      There were three young men at the table. Two sat on one side and one on the other. I walked behind the two and sat to their right. The seats were benches. I saw that the two young men were working on homework assignments. The assignment seemed to involve a lot of photographs.

      Then the other young man began explaining stuff to the two young men. The stuff he was explaining had to do with English writing and speech. I thought, Well hadn't I been teaching these guys English before? Why is this guy teaching these guys English? But I then thought, Well, if that's what they want, I can't be mad at them. And I can't act mad. So I think I stood up and walked into the other room.

      Dream #2

      I was out in some park, either at night or in the early morning. I was walking past some small, red-brick structure which I think was a bathroom. As I did, a man walked up with a small dog.

      The dog wasn't on a leash and it ran straight up to me. The owner made some comment about how the dog was nice and how he wouldn't mind my petting her. The dog was a litte, red dog that looked like a mix between a dachshund and a collie, with pointy ears. It only stood 200cm tall.

      I reached my hand down to the dog, even though I was still standing straight up. I may have asked the dog if she minded my petting her. The dog responded in a distinct voice, but probably by telepathy, "Oh, I don't mind at all. In fact, I'm gonna give you a big hug."

      The dog managed to curl her head and neck around so that she had my arm pressed close to her shoulder. I was kind of flattered that the dog liked me so much.

      Now it started to rain pretty heavily. I was carrying an umbrella. I knelt down and picked up the dog, which was now something like a tiny, white poodle. I again asked it the dog minded my carrying her to her owner. The dog said, "No! You can help me get back there without having to go through the pouring rain!" But the dog was already soaking wet.

      As we walked over to the owner the dog began telling me about some kind of reality show from Russia that she really liked. We got over to the dog's owner. But now the dog was a really pretty woman with pale eyes and brown hair.

      The woman had told me quite a bit about the reality show. I had even seen a few images of the show in my head. The woman said, "They had the whole collection of the show on sale. So I bought it! I bought the whole series!"

      I my mind's eye I saw a huge collection of big, fat videotapes.

      The man said, "And that was a lot of money for her. $380 (or $830?). For the amount of money she makes at her job (nursing?), it was a big sacrifice."

      The woman said, "But I love the show, because I'm from Russia, too. And they had a full showing of the series and then an auction for the videotapes right after that. And I won the auction. Well, everybody loves the show. The showing was done in a church. So even the church supports the show!"

      I laughed at the fact that the church would support what was apparently an outrageous reality show.

      Suddenly I was having sex with the woman. It may have been right there, as we were standing. She was naked, and I was suddenly having sex with her. I came, and somehow I felt as if I had certainly made the woman pregnant. I felt like somehow we were in bed. I felt like I would turn the woman over on her stomach and start having sex with her from behind.

      But the woman was gone. I looked around. I was standing on my knees on a bed in a dark bedroom. The bedroom was big, and there was at least one other bed. The beds were set close together. They were all big and nice, with a lot of thick sheets on them.

      Somehow I knew that I had had sex with the woman in this room. While we had sex, another woman had been in the room with us. It was somehow understood that I was going to have sex with the second woman as well. But once the second woman realized I had gotten the first woman pregnant, she took the woman into another room, which was something like a hospital room.

      The women, I thought, may have been lovers. There had been no intention for the second woman to have sex with me. The women just wanted me to have sex with one of them so that one of them could get pregnant. Not for a family, but for some kind of medical purpose.

      I stood up to go look for the woman I'd had sex with. I didn't know whether I should feel obliged to look for her, since our sex must likely have created an emotional bond between us, or whether she'd rather I just left her alone.

      I ended up in some kind of schoolroom. There were a group of people, at least one of whom was a little girl playing a flute or a recorder. The little girl was slightly tan and blonde. She wore a pink t-shirt and a knee-length skirt with flower patterns on it. She wasn't who I was looking for.

      But suddenly I was in a maze. The maze was made out of cardboard or particle board. The walls were all painted in a scribbly fashion with white, green, and grey. I got the feeling that somehow the little children in the class that the little girl belonged to had made this maze, or else that the maze had been made in such a weird style for their enjoyment.

      I was near the front of the maze. The front part of the maze just seemed to be some kind of wide gallery, itself a kind of classroom. A male teacher sat just inside the gallery. A group of students were sitting in chairs just outside the maze. The maze was like its own building, so that the children were sitting outdoors, in a field like at a county fair.

      The teacher was giving the children music lessons. One by one he was having his students play their instrument, usually a flute or recorder. The student would go through some kind of song and then would be required, at the end of the song, to go into an improvisation.

      I now had the understanding that the maze was something used for careers. It was like children would go through this maze to determine what career would be best for them. Or that when children went through this maze, sensations were fed into their bodies to help them understand just what a career was like. Or that people actually walked into this maze when their careers began, and they just kept on going.

      A couple of teenage boys walked into the maze. One of them was pale with a medium build, kind of wavy, shoulder length hair, and glasses. He looked kind of brainy. He wore a t-shirt that was a little too tight for his build. He looked toward the classroom and called out for a younger student, "Hey, where's -----?"

      The boy's friend said, "Didn't you hear? They monetized him (her?) early." The boys then walked through the maze.

      I understood that "monetizing" mean readying someone for a career. Apparently this was the near future. It had been determined that the only purpose of an education should be to prepare a person for his or her career. The aptitude and ability of a child was determined early. And the child was advanced to begin his career as quickly as he was capable of advancing.

      The boys' little friend had already been "monetized," put into a money-making position, very early. I got the impression that the classes were full of children of all different ages. The classes also seemed to be extremely relaxed, easy-going, almost to the point of being random or aimless.

      I was now outside the maze. It was now a little girl's turn to play. She played through the song. But when it got to the improvisation part, the little girl kind of hesitated. She played something that sounded a lot like "A Love Supreme." But after cycling through that melody, she hesitated to fly up into an improvised melody.

      The little girl stopped playing. She acted embarrassed, rubbed her hand against her forehead, and said she didn't think she was ready to improvise quite yet.
    5. blood and skin test

      by , 05-19-2011 at 11:25 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a hospital room with a young man and woman who appeared to be doctors. The woman was blonde and slightly tanned. The man's appearance may have changed, but at least for some time he had long, frizzy-curly hair and a short beard. Both doctors wore long, white lab coats. The woman sat at a desk with a computer. At first I lay on the bed. The whole place felt really cluttered somehow.

      I was going to have a blood test and a skin test. I was familiar enough with how people took blood, but I was kind of worried about the skin test. I didn't know how people took skin samples.

      The man told me, "It really hurts. And the pain stays with you. Because you have to keep the skin sampler on you for half an hour. And the whole time you have it on, it's just like, 'Aagh! Aagh!'" I thought that if what the man was saying was true, this would really suck. But I wasn't going to be afraid.

      The man took my right (?) hand. He took a lime-green, plastic device that looked like a thimble as long as an index finger. He put the base, the open end, against the back of my hand, right where the thumb joint comes into the base of the hand. I knew there was a little, guillotine-blade-shaped metal device inside the thimble.

      The man clicked something on the thimble. The blade snapped down and dug into my skin. It hurt a little, but not as much as I'd thought it would. I kept waiting for some kind of delayed effect, like a pain that would get worse and worse. But I just kept having the same kind of dull pain.

      Eventually I walked over to the woman, who still sat at the computer. She was going to take my blood. I figured I might as well hang out near her while I waited for her to draw my blood. For some reason, for this entire time, I kept my hand elevated right in front of my face.
    6. was i rude?; subway mall

      by , 05-18-2011 at 11:40 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was possibly in a classroom. All the desks were arranged in a circle. The room was lit with kind of dull, greenish, fluorescent light. The class or meeting had ended, and everybody was headed out of the room. The room was empty as I left it.

      There was a boy somewhere behind me. He was blonde, well-groomed, with a kind of effeminate bearing and voice. He had said something in class, and now he asked me, "Was I rude when I said that?"

      I wanted to say yes, but I thought that would be wrong. So I said, "Well, you work so hard that nobody would think you were just plain rude. But people might think you were defensive."

      Dream #2

      I was walking along a sidewalk in a residential part of town. It was a sunny day, but there was snow on the ground. The snow had been cleared from the sidewalks and streets, but it was still piled up around the curbs and the grassy areas between the sidewalks and curbs. The snow piles were all wet and slushy from the sun.

      I was apparently heading to a dance class (?). But, as I crossed a street and then walked past a glass-walled bus stop, I felt a bad headache and decided not to go to class. The headache was like a hard, concrete-like feeling in the back of my head. My eyes also felt sunken in, and I had a real drop in energy.

      But I also felt like if I didn't go to dance class I would teach my teachers and classmates a lesson, as if they had done something to insult me and now I was paying them back.

      I was apparently walking a few blocks, up a mild slope, to a train stop, possibly for one of the red trains, maybe the 2-train. I walked past either a college campus with red brick buikdings or a block of very nice, red-brick houses. There were tall trees shading the sidewalks.

      A couple of tall, young, beautiful people were walking close behind me. The neighborhood may actually have been moderately busy with people overall. The people were joking about something they had done to a friend or colleague of theirs. They had taken something of his. When he got upset about it, they wondered why he could be so sensitive.

      I passed another (or the same?) glass-walled bus stop. I now had in my left hand two bags from fast food restaurants. The first bag was from Dunkin' Donuts. It was a coffee. The second bag was from somewhere else. It was food, maybe even a donut.

      I was getting close to the subway station. But suddenly I was in a vehicle like a big minivan. I was in the van with a few other people who acted or looked like subway passengers. The van was driving down concrete ramps that looked somewhat like ramps connecting different platforms in a subway station.

      We kept going down. The area we were driving through looked like a mix between a subway station and a mall. There were stores like department stores and drug stores all through the corridors.

      A big, muscular, kind of pale, white man who looked like a soldier sat somewhere across from me. But he also seemed, at times, to be driving this vehicle.

      He told me and a couple other passengers, "When I'm driving a train, and they tell me we have to be delayed, I let everybody know exactly what's going on. I tell them, we'll be here for 28 minutes, and I countdown, and so on. That way people know.

      "Some people like to keep passengers in the dark about what's going on. I think dispatch does, too! But I don't. When people don't know what's going on, they feel like the train will never start running again."

      The man stopped the vehicle. We were really deep down by now. I saw the subway train off to the left. The front of it had a side door, like for a semi truck, which was swung open. I understood that the man was going to conduct the train.

      I jumped out the left side of the van, but I landed outside on the right side of the van. For some reason I was worried about whether I had jumped out fast enough. I thought if I was too slow, the soldier would be impatient with me.

      The area down here was also like a mall, and there were a lot of people lounging around like they would in a mall. I saw two big drugstore-like stores, one of which may possibly have been a bookstore. I thought that I might need to go to the store before I got on the train.
    7. gardening test; toilet troubles; singing j-pop to psychiatrist

      by , 05-06-2011 at 11:43 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out with a group of people, possibly at the edge of a building like a school building. There were shrubs, possibly euonymous, just behind a short fence. I, and maybe some of the other people, may have been trimming these shrubs. But this was also like some test, like some kind of paper test that was being taken indoors.

      Something happened with time. As I was walking past the shrubs, which were like a classroom, I realized I had forgotten about a class, and that I had been counted as absent. I thought, Well, now it'll just snowball down from here, and I'll start missing all kinds of classes.

      I walked past a young woman, maybe college age or a little older, who was the leader of this group of people out trimming the shrubs. We may have spoken for a moment. I then saw a few other women as I walked along. Two of the women were girlfriends. They both wore jeans and dark blue hoodies. One of the girls looked boyish and had short hair and pale skin.

      At some point I had decided that I was going to quit this work, which was now something like a volunteer position. I was in something like a dorm room. All the curtains were pulled down. I was either getting into or out of a pair of khaki work slacks for the office. I worried that the woman in charge of the project would be disappointed in me for quitting.

      Dream #2

      I was in a dorm room that was full of stuff like manga books and anime DVDs. There was a TV somewhere, and I was trying to watch some kind of hentai anime. But there was something wrong somewhere in my dorm room. I couldn't quite pinpoint it, but it sounded like a problem with the water. It was really distracting.

      I was about to walk out of the dorm room. But as I opened the door to the hallway, I saw two young men, both kind of tall and fat, one Asian. I tried to close my door really quickly, because I didn't want the boys to see me or know that I had been trying to watch a porn anime. But one of the boys saw me and greeted me cheerfully.

      Somehow the boys came to understand my problem. Apparently I had come outside to find out where the water problem was coming from. The Asian boy, who I actually didn't know, knew exactly what to do. We went to the dorm next door from me, which was unoccupied. There was a toilet in the dorm. The Asian boy jiggled the handle and the water noise stopped.

      As I was walking out of the empty dorm room, leaving the boys in the room, I thanked the Asian boy. He explained something to me, as if he were experienced with noise or plumbing.

      Dream #3

      I had come back to "my psychatrist's office," which was a lot bigger and messier than IWL. I had apparently not been able to fill out some kind of form before, because I couldn't remember the words to a Japanese pop song.

      When I'd first come back to the office, it had been empty. But then my psychiatrist was there. I was really proud of myself as I told her I remembered the words again. I tried to fill out the form, while standing before a table that was full of clutter. But some other woman kept edging under me, trying to get to some waste basket under the desk so she could clean it out.

      I eventually let the woman through and apologized. She said something nice. The room now was more like a psychiatrist's office. It had a couch and a chair, and it felt very calm. But it was still really big.

      I sat down with my brother and sister on the couch. My psychiatrist asked, "So you can remember the words to the song now?"

      I said yes and tried to start singing. But I was already forgetting the words. I was now on the opposite side of the room from the couch, which seemed so far away. My brother and sister were gettin bored with hearing me try to sing. They got up and left.

      I was eventually sitting either very close to or on the arm of my psychiatrist's chair. I was still trying to sing the song, only haltingly getting through bits of lyrics. Something about iit may have had the "aeru no ii na" lyrics from L'arc en Ciel's "My Heart Draws a Dream."
    8. beat up in apartment; cannibal hamburgers

      by , 04-18-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in the hallway of my apartment buidling. I was at the other end of the hallway from my apartment. There were two black boys, one kind of tall, both probably in their early to mid teens. One of the boys saw me and wanted to do something disrespectful to me, so he spit in the hallway, near the top of the stairwell going down.

      I was now in my doorway, yelling at a few adults, who were also all black. I asked why people needed to keep doing this kind of stuff, not only to me, but to the whole apartment.

      Somehow a really big, thuggish-looking adult possibly dressed in a red hooded sweatshirt, black bubble vest, backwards cap, and slightly tinted eyeglasses began to beat me up. He pounded and pounded on me until I was lying on the floor. Something may have been really wrong with my left shoulder, as if the man had almost torn it off.

      But I may possibly still have stood up after this to run after one or two of the adults who were now walking away, down the hallway. I told them that I wasn't going to stop complaining just because of what they'd done to me.

      Dream #2

      I was out on some lawn which may have been surrounded by some kind of small building, like a wide villa. It was a kind of pale, slightly overcast day.

      I had possibly done something bad, and now some woman possibly wanted to get me in trouble for it. The woman may have been a few years older than I, with a kind of thin, rough-looking face, pale blue eyes, and very short, red hair.

      The woman was really taunting me. I finally felt so threatened that I grabbed the woman by her ankles, swung her around, and threw her up in the air. She went pretty high, then she landed. She seemed injured. But now I just wanted to kill her. So I lifted her back up, spun her around, and slammed her back down to the ground. I did this a few times, until the woman had been smashed so much that she was finally dead.

      During the last few throws, I saw that there were two men watching me from a porch. On the woman's last fall, her body bounced up onto the porch, then actually tumbled down into a smallish, plastic cooler that was full of ice and sodas. I slammed the lid down on the cooler.

      The guys were still staring at me. One was younger. The other was very old. They both looked kind of grizzled and wore worn old clothes and cowboy hats.

      I thought I'd impress them somehow, so I opened up the cooler and pulled out a Dr. Pepper. I sat it on the porch and made some weird comment about how the woman's body had become a Dr. Pepper and how it would taste so great to drink because of that.

      The men "told" me that I had killed the woman because I didn't want her to tell on me and get me in trouble, but that now the police knew the woman had been killed, and I'd be getting in even more trouble. I should probably get out of here before the police came around.

      I agreed. I started taking body parts out of the cooler. But the body parts, mostly just a bunch of shapeless chunks of meat, were all inside of white paper bags from Wendy's. I sat the bags up on the porch. I asked the men if they would hide the body parts for me, so that the police wouldn't find them.

      I was now leaving. The two men were sitting in a room back from the porch. The room was dim. The two men sat side by side, with their backs to the wall opposite the doorway. As I walked away, on the lawn, I asked the men if we would still be able to cook the woman's body parts and eat them like a hamburger. The men said that we would be able to do it.

      "In fact," the older man said, "You've already eaten a hamburger made out of humans."

      I thought back and realized, with surprise, that the man was right. There was a man just a while back. His body had been turned into a hamburger, and I had been fed his meat without even knowing it! I had been tricked into cannibalism!

      I was now in some bathroom that looked like an outhouse or a bathroom that you might see at a camp in the woods. I was in a stall. I kept coughing and pulling meat out of my mouth. The meat was yellowish and looked kind of like fish or curried chicken. It had the texture of fish. I had apparently not yet swallowed any of this meat. I hadn't even chewed it very much.
    9. home fries at a karaoke bar

      by , 04-10-2011 at 01:41 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was really late at night. I was walking out on a sidewalk in front of the building where my old job was. I noticed that there was a karaoke bar similar to the one I regularly go to. I was kind of surprised to see a second bar like this, so I went in to check it out.

      There was a small, narrow staircase leading down into the bar. The bar was also small and narrow, very dark. There were a few young, white men sitting at the bar. They looked kind of miserable, a little scraggly and unkempt. The bartenders were all Indian, and they all wore headdresses.

      I looked for the karaoke song books. I found a couple laying around. At some point, I looked at a menu and ordered food -- home fries and cucumbers. I didn't really feel like singing. The place was so dark and cheerless. I looked around, but I couldn't seem to find any screens for singing.

      I finally saw a television screen. A news program was playing on it. A mass grave had been found somewhere. Some group like the al Qaeda had murdered a bunch of people, possibly Jewish people. They had buried each person in a specific square and then put some sort of statement in the square of soil over each person.

      The news report may have said that the statements were Jewish or written in Hebrew or the language of the victim. In this way, it almost seemed like the statement was a statement of solidarity with the victim, as if the people had been part of some kind of voluntary death. This was confusing to me.

      I then got a closer look at the grave -- still on the television screen. Some squares of soil were undug, revealing people's bodies, which weren't decayed at all, so that it looked like the people had only recently died. Other squares were still untouched. I saw the writing on the soil. A lot of the writing was actually ancient Egyptian. I couldn't figure out why al Qaeda would use ancient Egyptian.

      A young man, apparently of the family of the people running this bar, was sitting behind the bar or at the end of the bar. He was dressed in a modern fashion. His skin was pale, and his tightly curly hair was cut short. He may have had green eyes.

      The man turned around and looked past me, into the kitchen, which was bright with fluorescent light (and which may have been the only source of light in the bar). The man spoke to one of the older men, saying something to the effect of, "Well, that's what (whatever race it was) gets. They deserved it."

      I felt like, when the man was saying that, he was also saying something about me. I felt like the men didn't like me because I appeared to be of whatever race it was that they didn't like. I figured I'd just get my food and go.

      The young man took my money and handed me a small, white bag (paper or plastic or some kind of papery plastic?). There was, I could tell, a very small, clear, plastic box inside of it. I thought I'd ordered a decent amount of food. And I thought I'd paid a good amount for the amount of food I thought I'd ordered.

      The young man was already talking more with the older men and making it clear that he was going to ignore me for the rest of the time I was there. I opened the bag to see if I'd actually gotten what I'd ordered. I saw a little bit of home fries and a little bit of cucumbers in the small, plastic box. I figured that was fine, and that I'd take it. I didn't feel like arguing with the men to get more food.

      I walked toward the exit. As I passed something that looked like a tiered display for desserts, but which held karaoke books, I thought that I would say something out loud like, "Yeah, I really like this place, but I'll come back at another time. I just wanted to check it out and see if it was good." It was like I thought the men actually cared whether I liked this place and like they actually wanted my business.
    10. reticent boss and outdoor cafe; girls at cafe

      by , 04-07-2011 at 11:45 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was at my office, sitting in my cubicle. My boss came up from behind me on my left side and asked me whether I had finished some work for him.

      Apparently I was looking at some kind of online newspaper which had a photo on it depicting the Acts of the Apostles. My boss had wanted me to do some research on that book in the Bible, apparently.

      I probably had not read the Acts of the Apostles. I might not even have quite understood what he'd wanted me to do. But he was disappointed in me. He kind of smirked at me and went into his office.

      I kind of thought everything through and realized that my boss actually hadn't told me anything he'd wanted me to do. Why should he act mad at me? So I decided to go to his office and tell him that.

      I went to my boss' office just as he was about to leave for some business trip. There was a short, pale man with pale blonde hair standing before my boss' office. The man was interviewing as a replacement for me. He was in a suit and he carried a briefcase. He wore glasses.

      My boss had walked to the printer and was now walking toward and then past his office. I followed him all the way. We both seemed to have ignored the guy being interviewed.

      I kept yelling at my boss, trying to get him to pay attention to me. But he just gave me this stone face, with eyes belying the fact that he was having a lot of fun watching me be so upset. We actually got into an elevator and went down to the first floor.

      I yelled at my boss that if he wanted me to do something, he needed to tell me to do it instead of just assuming I could read his mind. He couldn't get mad at me for the fact that he never spoke to me.

      The elevator doors opened. My boss walked out, still completely disregarding me. We were walking through an unfamiliar, but kind of nice, elevator bank. I got right in front of my boss and flipped him off, right to his face, right in front of his eyes. For some reason, the image reminded me of candle images reflected in eyeglasses.

      My boss kept smirking and ignoring me. I thought, Geez! The only time I do something like this is when I'm drunk!

      My boss was gone, and I was back in the elevator. As the elevator doors opened, I thought how it might be nice to do something like break my boss' leg. I had an image in my head of somebody's lower leg being broken.

      I walked out of the elevator and into what was apparently an outdoor cafe. It was a blue night. There were tables everywhere. There was a makeshift barista counter at the back end. That was the only thing lit. Everything else was dark.

      I saw some of my friends from college. They were talking and laughing about something like anime or j-pop. For some reason, I flew up into the air. As I did, I heard my friend B talking about a specific song.

      I flew sharply up into the air and then turned and flew sharply back downward. I heard B singing a song. At first I didn't think he was singing the actual words. I thought he was just joking. But then I realized he was singing the actual Japanese words. I was pretty impressed!

      I kept flying around. I flew at a level not too far above all the people in the cafe. I may just have been floating around, listening to everybody's conversations and having my own thoughts.

      Dream #2

      I was in a cafe I go to a lot, sitting on a couch. A pretty, blonde girl sat on the couch, at the other end. She may have seemed to be a little attracted to me. But I didn't worry about it, and I just did my own thing.

      Then a pretty, black girl sat at a table near the couch. She seemed to want to sit on the couch. There was one more space left open, so I tried to make it clear with my body language that she could sit there.

      The black girl sat on the couch. I noticed her knee-length skirt was really pretty. It was a nice shade of yellow, with some kind of quaint, pink embroidery on the lower right corner.

      The girl moved all the way over to the blonde girl's part of the couch. The two shifted around so that they were resting their backs agaist the armrest of the couch. They stretched out their legs and began snuggling a bit. It was almost like they were in bed together.

      The two girls started talking about something, some class or something. The blonde girl, sitting on the outer side, dropped a big textbook onto the floor. I somehow realized that the girls had wanted me to think they were both alone, so I'd try to pick one of them up, and then they'd reveal they were actually together to taunt me. But I hadn't tried to pick either of them up, so I wasn't really worried about it.
    11. confronting the torturers

      by , 03-30-2011 at 11:39 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A group of young men sat in a basement room like in some kind of church or school. The walls may have been red bricks. There were windows high up on the walls, letting in plenty of natural light.

      The young men sat in a group of folding chairs arranged in a triangle near the left wall of the room. A group of older men entered the room. They sat inn a triangle of folding chairs opposite the men. I saw all this as if my eye level were at about seat-level with the chairs and as if I were between the two triangles of chairs.

      The young men had apparently served during some war in the role of torturers. These young men had actually tortured the old men. But now the two groups were supposed to make peace and be friends.

      One of the young men asked the old men a kind of silly question about art or movies. One old man didn't want to hear it. The old man was kind of short, with tough, tan skin, and thinning, grey-white hair. He wore a grey blazer and slacks and a maroon sweater. He began shouting at the young man, didn't he think anything he'd done was wrong?

      I now got a good view of the young men for the first time. They all projected a feeling of being very beautiful, though they were all actually kind of plain looking. Yet this feeling of beauty also created a scary feeling of calm, methodical cruelty. The men all had books in their laps, different books, as if they had each been independently reading before the old men came in.

      One of the young men, a tall, pale man with thick-rimmed glasses, frizzy, black hair, and stubble, and wearing a kind of loose, pudding-yellow sweater, asked the old man a question. The young man had a pencil, as if her were going to write notes in his book.

      Somehow the old man and young man got into an argument that implied that now the old men had been the torturers while the young men had been tortured.

      The young man asked, "Why did you gather all of us up? Why did you carry us away?"

      The old man said, "Because you looked guilty."

      The young man asked, "How could we look guilty?"

      The old man said, "You know, your looks. You look like a certain type."

      I may have figured in my dream or just waking up from my dream that the old man meant "the Jewish type."
    12. zoo animals at the water park; elbowing a guy

      by , 03-06-2011 at 03:55 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some underground area, like a hallway between subway platforms. The hallway ramped upward and around to the right. The hallway was apparently the entrance to some water park.

      It was Memorial Day, which was the last day of the summer (???). I thought this would be a perfect day for going to the water park. A lot of kids would be back in school already (?), so the park would be empty.

      I was now out in the water park. I was walking along a narrow, winding, concrete path between some small, rolling hills, which may have been dotted by small, tree-shaped juniper shrubs.

      The light was dim. It was like early morning, as if the sun had just risen. I wasn't sure that the water park was even open yet. I thought I'd have to wait to get in.

      This was a pain in the neck. Right now the place was completely empty, and I would be able to ride the rides all by myself. If I had to wait until the place opened, other people would have time to arrive. Then I'd have to wait in long lines and deal with annoying people.

      At some point, though, I saw a group of schoolboys. They were all white, kind of skinny, and pale. They were joking and having fun. So I figured if these kids were here, they must have started letting the school groups in. So obviously the place was open and I was okay.

      I found a water slide. It seemed to be running alright. It was a big water slide, and it was made to look like a natural river. The water was rushing really rapidly. I had a red inner tube with me. So I was about to jump in.

      Somehow the scene changed slightly. A lawn-type area was somewhere before me. A mother giraffe and a baby giraffe ran through the field. It was kind of surreal to see them.

      After they ran past, a woman called out that animals had escaped from the zoo. It was like the woman was chasing the giraffes, trying to catch them. But I couldn't see the woman.

      I was now (without noticing the transition) out on a lawn that was shaded by tall pine trees, which were spaced pretty widely apart.

      I could hear other people's voices crying out in panic. Apparently a lot of people were panicked. Some people were trying to catch all the escaped animals. Others were running in fear, before the animals got out into this area.

      I could now sense that the tigers were headed in my direction. I saw them in the distance. There were a few of them, but they were just baby tigers, less than a year old, and maybe 130cm long.

      I jumped up into the air and began floating backwards. I figured that if I could get myself floating high enough, the tigers wouldn't be able to catch me, and that they'd just have to run past.

      But one baby tiger climbed up into one of the pine trees. It ran out onto a limb. I was pretty sure that it was going to try to jump down on me. I thought I'd have to evade it somehow with a quick, mid-flight reflex. But the baby tiger climbed back down the tree trunk instead.

      I now kind of wondered why I had been so afraid of the tigers and why I didn't just fight them directly -- if I'd even needed to fight them at all.

      I was now out in some area like a concrete plaza that seemed to be surrounded by a lot of dusty areas fenced off by wood-poled fences. In the center of the plaza was a small, brick structure. It was now bright, sunny and hot.

      A few women, including one who looked like a ranger from a national park I'd worked at about 10 years ago, ran into the building. They gestured for me to follow them. So I did.

      The building was apparently something like an animal hospital. There were windows on all the walls. There were some stainless steel tables everywhere. Everything felt kind of dusty and abandoned. There was something like a red-leather-upholstered bed or chair, like a dentist's chair, in the center of the room. It was like the operating table.

      We had all come into this room to shelter ourselves from the escaped zoo animals. We were all bracing ourselves, because apparently they were all going to converge here and attack this building, as if, for some reason, they were all out against us.

      We now saw through one open door to my left the mother and baby giraffe running back. One of the women went out. I followed her. The giraffes were running back to their area, which was one of the dusty areas around the building.

      The woman opened the gate for the giraffes. The giraffes went back inside. As they did, the woman cooed some kind of nice words to the giraffes about how they must have missed their home.

      (I may have had another dream, right after this, that involved lions chasing me. I feel like a lot of parts of that dream may have been similar to parts of this dream. But I can't remember the dream.)

      Dream #2

      I was in some place like a big hallway with doors on either side. The place had a feeling like a college and a hospital. But it also felt like some kind of conference was going on. The place was full of people.

      A Korean man, maybe in his mid-20s, wearing glasses and a big, puffy, grey jacket, was walking up behind me. He kept doing this weird, annoying thing where he'd walk up from behind me, edge slightly front of me, then edge back quickly, then walk up as if he were going to pass me again, then edge back again.

      Finally I just threw an elbow at the man and knocked him behind me. He didn't bother me any more after that.

      But now I was heading to a line for something. I saw that two Korean girls stood at the back of the line. They were really pretty. But I was afraid to walk past them. I knew they'd seen what I'd done to the guy. I thought they'd be ashamed of me for being mean to a Korean guy.

      I think I walked past them, to get into the back of the line, which may now have been even longer. I walked past some thing like a tall whiteboard or length of paper or canvas stretched out on a wooden frame. I kind of had to squeeze through a small space between the canvas and the people in line.

      (Side notes: I don't know why the people in my dream were Korean. I think it was because I was watching some Kim Bo Kyung videos on YouTube last night, right before I went to bed.

      The annoying character of the guy kind of makes sense to me. Yesterday, I went to the Armory Show. On the walk down there, there was this girl who was following me and doing all kinds of annoying things.

      I don't think she was trying to get my attention. I'm not even sure she was trying to be annoying. And she wasn't Korean. She was white. But her looks were kind of like the looks of the Korean guy in my dream.

      At the show itself, there were a few groups of men and women who spoke Japanese with each other. They looked like artists, and I really wanted to talk with them. But I was way too shy. I get really shy in big crowds.

      Also, the Armory Show got really crowded, which was slightly annoying. It wasn't terrible. I could deal with it. But it reminded me of the New York Anime Fest from last year, which was way overcrowded.

      As I was walking back from the Armory Show, I wondered if there would be a time when the crowds at all these big events would be so overwhelming that I'd have to stop going. It made me a little upset that that was a possibility.

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    13. boys in white; man in white

      by , 01-23-2011 at 02:55 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I stood before a doorway. The doorway was open, and it let in a lot of bright light. I was in some building like a recreation center. It felt kind of small. I also feel like I was in some kind of small town, but I can't say for sure.

      Before me stood a few of the boys I used to do a volunteer project with. The boys were all dressed in white. I was talking with them about something. To illustrate my point, I asked the boy on the far left of the group, "How old are you now? 13?"

      The boy seemed to be embarrassed by my question. I realized I had gotten the boy's age wrong by a year, and that still being too young or now being too old for something in particular was very important to the boy.

      I laughed a bit in my embarrassment. I apologized and hugged the boy. I then realized that he'd probably think I was an idiot for hugging him. So I apologized for that too. The boy laughed and patted me on the back. He said the whole thing wasn't such a big deal.

      Dream #2

      I was walking down the street at night in a neighborhood that looked very much like my neighborhood. I was crossing the street and turning right along a corner. I sensed some man following me. I could tell he was going to try to rush up and attack me.

      I kept track of the man's shadow. The shadow looked strange: long, and thin, more like one or two lengths of bendy sheet metal than a human form. As I sensed the man getting closer to me, I veered off the sidewalk. My plan was to cross over a small bank of snow and get some distance from the man so I could keep an eye on him and figure out exactly what he was doing.

      But as I veered off, the man called my name. I may have stopped walking and looked back at him. For some reason, my hand was on a bicycle's handlebars. The man grabbed my hand. I got a good look at him. He was a black man with a kind of thin face, a shaved head, and thin eyeglasses. He wore a white hooded sweatshirt.

      The man may then have lunged at me to attack me.
    14. early lunch; princess of hearing; walking to park; vampires and volunteers; Freud on cancer

      by , 01-22-2011 at 04:47 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I'm not sure if the third and fourth dreams are two dreams or actually just one. But I think they are two.

      Dream #1

      I was in an office building with one of my old co-workers, CT. The floor we were on was very lonely. Everything was grey and dim, and it felt like it was under construction. And yet, it also had a hazy kind of romantic feeling to it, like in a Hong Kong movie from the 1990s.

      I think either our company had just moved into this building or else our company was just starting up. CT and I were the first people to come to work in this building, other than our boss, who had just left. CT and I sat in the same group of cubicles in a little offshoot of the office floor right before the elevator bank. We sat back to back, a little bit caddy-corner, and set apart from each other by about 2 meters.

      Work was getting a little bit boring. Suddenly, CT said, "Well, I'm going to cut out early for lunch. And I'm going to be gone for a while. I'm going to take my kid out to do a few things."

      I was a little struck by how CT could just up and leave for a few hours so brazenly on our first day. But I figured I'd head to lunch as well. I had a bunch of stuff on top of my desk, including some really beautiful, silver netbook. I began piling all the stuff into one of my desk drawers so I could lock it up. I figured that since there was nobody on the floor to watch my stuff while I was gone, it would be a good idea to lock it up.

      CT may have waited for a second while I was locking stuff up. She didn't lock any of her stuff up. She may have gotten impatient with me for locking my stuff up. I may possibly have decided not to lock up my stuff after all, just because I felt like I was slowing CT down. CT and I may have gone to the elevator bank together.

      CT was now gone. I was either down in or imagining some mall-like area on the ground floor or basement of this building. It was a long, white corridor with a clear roof letting in cold, grey light from outside. The roof may have been gridded with a wood frame. It felt quiet and lonely, even though there were people around. At some point there may have been a ramp downward that now reminds me of some of the sloping floors and corridors in Grand Central Station.

      Dream #2

      There was a princess who looked like a mix between Tilda Swinton in Orlando and Geoffrey Rush (???). I think that sometimes she looked really pretty and then other times the Geoffrey Rush face took over, and then other times it was really a mix of both. The Princess had rich, red hair. She wore a big, red dress with gold designs on it.

      The princess was by herself in a small chamber. The chamber had medieval furnishings, like in a painting of a scholar's chamber. The princess stood before a red curtain with gold designs on it. The atmosphere was silent. The princess suddenly froze and listened. I couldn't hear anything, but apparently the princess heard a lot.

      There was some sort of plot against the princess, probably against her life altogether. She was listening closely to people talking a few rooms away about this plot.

      Now the princess was in a room with a young man. The young man wore green pants, a flowing, white shirt, and some kind of tan, leather vest. He had jaw-length, curly hair, a broad, tan face, and a goatee. He sat at a table while the princess spoke to him either about some situation in her kingdom or about the danger she personally was in.

      Suddenly the princess stopped talking and bent her ear to another curtain (again red and gold) to listen to sounds that were completely inaudible to me. The man couldn't hear anything, either, but he seemed to understand that the woman was in danger, or at least serious about her feelings of being in danger.

      Dream #3

      I was walking through some kind of clean, suburban neighborhood, even though I was apparently in New York City. It was a bright, sunny day.

      I was walking toward some park at which I would be running a volunteer event. I was walking into a neighborhood with which I wasn't familiar, and even though the neighborhood looked really clean and nice, I was still afraid of being caught here alone. I walked up a long, swelling hill with a wide road and sidewalk. I went under the cool, blue shade of some trees.

      For a little while, I looked down at my shadow. I was thinking to myself about the event I was heading to. It was at a park I was unfamiliar with. But, at the same time, this unfamiliar park was a park I always hosted volunteer events in.

      I had been planning not to do this event, as I was pretty sure I'd never be able to find the park. But then I "remembered" a conversation with the woman headed park events at my regular park. It was like the "memory" was happening in the present, as if she were speaking to my via a "memory phone." She told me that the park was where it always had been, so I shouldn't have any trouble finding it.

      Realizing that the woman from the old park would be at the new park, I figured I would do the event after all. One of the few things, I thought, that had kept me from doing this particular event had been the fact that this woman would not be there. But now she would be there, so I would do the event.

      (At this point I may have woken up. I lay in bed and began reasoning with myself that the woman being at the event wouldn't be a reason for me to stay on a project in waking life. I like the woman, but I often feel kind of thrown to the side by her.)

      Dream #4

      Somewhere in a city at night, there was a small group of vampires. Everything was colored a deep red-orange. One vampire was a really sexy, punky looking girl with short, blonde hair in a square style. She wore a black leather jacket and a tight shirt with thin, horizontal stripes. She began talking about fighting.

      I was now on a subway train, going above ground. It was still a dim, red-orange night. Pulling into a station, the train paused in front of what looked like some kind of rooftop basketball court for a high school. I saw it through a chainlink fence.

      There was another group of vampires. These vampires were all dressed like ultra-moe girls, in extremely colorful and cartoony lolita dresses. One vampire girl in particular wore a vivid, pink dress with a wide, sapphire-blue ribbon at the waist. Under her skirt was a petticoat (? is that what they're called?) with tons of pale-pink lace. She wore a broad-brimmed, pink had with a bow on it, and she had her blonde hair in chunky ringlets.

      I think one moe vampire girl (not the girl who stood out to me) was going to have to fight all the other girls by herself. I couldn't tell whether this was training for the girl from her friends, or whether the girl was actually fighting all the other vampires as enemies.

      The girl had a gigantic length of rebar in her arms. I kind of identified with her at this point. The girls charged at her. She may have taken some kind of fighting posture.

      Suddenly I was in a bright, fluorescent-lit room that was full of people. The room was kind of big. It was in some kind of school or recreation center. The room was right next to a huge cafeteria, which was also full of people.

      All around me were black, teenage boys. One boy to my left tapped my shoulder to get my attention, as if I had been in some kind of really deep reverie. I looked at the boy. He looked a little older than his age. His face was kind of stubbly. He wore a grey and black sweater. He looked lonely, sad, and kind of dull.

      I now kind of had the memory of the woman from the park (from the previous dream) talking to me in the cafeteria and telling me that the volunteer event wasn't scheduled to start for a while, so I should feel free to wander around, and then walking away from me.

      The boys all around me asked me if I was okay. I told them I was. Most of them headed away. But two guys stuck near me. One was definitely a boy. But the other was so tall and worn-out and old looking that I thought he must have been the other boy's father. This guy asked me what I was doing here.

      I told him that I was here with a volunteer group, and that we were going to do some kind of art project with all the kids here. The other volunteers had apparently not arrived yet. The two guys seemed to think I was cool. They lost interest in me and walked away, maybe waving at me as they left.

      I was now in some room that seemed to be getting set up for an art exhibition. The place seemed to be in complete dissaray, with packing materials everywhere. Some moving guys were putting paintings up on walls.

      One painting was already up on the wall to my right. It looked a bit like Jackson Pollock's "Stenographic Figures," (?) except that it was humongous, maybe 4 meters tall and 1.5 meters wide.

      The painter, a tall, young, white man with a head of really frizzy, brown hair, stood before the painting. A camera crew was filming the young man for a kind of Reading Rainboy-esque educational TV show. The painter had some kind of miniature model of his painting near him somewhere, and he was using it as a sort of queue.

      The young man said something like, "I work on my paintings a lot by instinct. And now-- I have the instinct to put one last touch on my painting. Right... here."

      The painter squiggled a yellow line in the lower left quadrant of the picture. It was near a place in the painting that somehow looked like white stairsteps. The yellow looked like upside-down stairsteps, in a way. The painter filled in the yellow a bit more, but left some of the space with just the line.

      The painter now pointed out how the squiggly yellow line echoed a part of the painting really close to the bottom left corner of the painting, and that that was why he had put it there. That made sense to me. But something about it also seemed artificial and hypocritical. The man was performing for the TV, but he was also rehearsing for when the kids and volunteers came by. I thought, How much thought does this guy give his work, if he can just paint over it at whim whenever he's standing with a group in front of what's supposedly a finished product?

      Nevertheless, I thought it was really cool to have seen this young man in person. He was pretty well known in some circles of the art world. For some reason I thought I would contact my brother and let him known I'd seen this guy.

      I was now walking back into the cafeteria, which was just swarming with people. As I walked into the room, two women on roller skates passed me. One was a younger woman, maybe a schoolgirl. The other was probably older, maybe close to being old enough to be the girl's mom.

      Both girls wore very small, moe-maid-style dresses. Passing me, the older woman bent over a lot, revealing her rear end to me. I was pretty sure that I saw that she was wearing diapers. She also seemed to be wearing a pair of dark purple panties over the diapers. I couldn't quite believe my eyes. I looked again, but the woman had already stood back up.

      I walked through the huge crowd of people. As I did, I saw the rollerskate girls skating in the distance, past wide doorways on the cafeteria wall to my right. The younger girl may have been pushing the woman.

      Dream #5

      I was in a big, empty room like a dance studio with a big, wooden floor. The room was clean and full of pale, bright daylight.

      In the center of the room a female interviewer sat in a chair. Before her, Sigmund Freud sat on a green (velvet?) sofa. He didn't recline on the sofa. He actually sat on its edge. The sofa was on a nice (oval?) rug. The interviewer's chair may possibly have been on the rug as well.

      Freud looked like a mix between his young, strong self, and his older self. He was slimmer than his younger self, and his face had the older, wiser look. But he didn't look ravaged by cancer at all. Freud wore a nice, but kind of modern-looking, tan suit. The interviewer may have worn a feminine-looking, tan suit.

      Freud sat with his hands folded between his legs. He began talking about life with cancer. He said that the worst part of cancer wasn't the cancer itself, or even having to lose parts of your body to cancer.

      "The worst part," Freud said, "is all the stuff you have to go through to get rid of the cancer. And then, once you've gone through it all, you go along for a little while, and then you find out you have cancer again. You have to go through the process all over again."

      Freud began listing off all the cancer therapy processes one had to go through. They sounded progressively worse, until finally said, "But maybe I should stop talking about this. It's getting too depressing."

      (Side note, 1/22/11, 7:13 PM -- I just got back from watching two movies in Manhattan. One was the anime Evangelion 2.0. The other was an Indian film called Dhobi Ghat.

      Both films are excellent. Evangelion is like a Bible to me, so I can't really comment impartially on that one. But Dhobi Ghat is freaking amazing, one of the few great movies I've seen in years.

      One of the key moments in Dhobi Ghat involves an artist unpacking his paintings. Both the art style and the unpacking of paintings are very similar to the images from dream #4 above. In addition, the artist in my dream looked very much like the character Peace (?) in the film.

      I believe that I kind of previewed the film images in my dream. I seem to have wacky precognitive moments like this occasionally. I guess everybody does. I wish they could be about something more useful. But even when they're pretty useless, like this, they're still fun.)

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    15. playing boxes; people in basement; cafe and grocery store; getting leads for report

      by , 01-19-2011 at 01:11 PM
      Good morning everybody.

      Dream #1

      I sat in the dark, facing a bunch of boxes. I would tap the sides or tops of the boxes or gently squeeze the boxes, and they would produce chime-like notes. I may eventually have started to play a song on these boxes.

      (I woke up to my headphones playing a tune from a music-box from the end of a song.)

      Dream #2

      I was in "my mom's house." It was dark. My mom and my nephews were in the living room with me. I sat on the floor, in front of the front door, facing the right arm of the couch.

      My sister came up from the basement. She was really angry. She yelled back down the stairs some sarcastic comment that made it clear that some guy and his mom were downstairs, possibly with my brother-in-law. The guy was either running from the police or was a generally shady character that my sister didn't want around the kids.

      We were all afraid to have to deal with these people and get them out of the house. My sister eventually went outside to her car. My brother-in-law may have been there as well. My sister was getting ready to leave the house. She also may have been calling the police. I wondered if there was some car I could take to get me back to my hotel for the night.

      Dream #3

      I sat at a cafe with my old friend H. The cafe was open, a little dim, with greyish daylight coming in through the windows. The floors were white tile, and the tables were a thin kind of wood. There may have been potted palm trees somewhere. The place was kind of empty.

      I ate some kind of carrot bread while trying to explain something to H about how we'd been here or near here in the past. I said something like we'd been at the back end of this cafe, more pointed toward the Sunrise Market (?).

      I could now see outside. The cafe was a part of a two-floor complex. Just a ways away, across a wide stretch of sidewalk, was a much larger shopping complex, apparently the market I had been mentioning. It was brown- and tan-painted concrete. It looked like a grocery store with another floor or shops on top of it. The sky above was a pale grey.

      I was now in a dim grocery store, walking past a bunch of widely, randomly spaced displays (like some kind of farmer-style produce section) and toward a refrigerator full of drinks. H sat at a small table near the fridge.

      I wanted to grab a drink, pay for it, and tip the person who gave me the drink. I knew I could tip the person by leaving the tip (a few quarters) in the slot from which Ib had grabbed the drink. But there was some creepy grocery store worker kid who looked like he was just waiting for me to leave the tip so he could steal it.

      I asked H what I should do. She told me just to put the money in the slot, and that it would wash away to the person. I looked at the slot. There were little holes through which jets of water flowed. I saw that the coins would be pushed through the holes and to the person, who apparently worked behind the refrigerator.

      I was now in a nice room, like a nice hotel. There were a lot of Mexican boys and girls. They all had suitcases. They tumbled about and had fun. Then they lined up by the door. I lined up behind a few of them. I understood that we were all heading toward some bus or flight.

      Dream #4

      I was sitting at a school-cafeteria-style table with an older woman who kind of reminded me of my grandma, except that she was blonde and a tiny bit overweight.

      I was discussing a number of things with her. At one point I had an image in my head of a lot of stainless steel boxes, like heavy safes. Some of the boxes were for data memory. Other boxes were like small servers. Other boxes were just boxes for holding the other things in. I saw some kind of advertisement lettering somewhere on the image that said something like 275 MB or 275 MW.

      The woman now explained to me that for my report (?) I should contact a man she knew in Vegas. He'd become an expert in probabilities. As the woman told me this I could see a hand holding clear green dice with white dots. The woman told me that the man was a slightly shady character, but that that had to be expected after the tough times he'd had to live through. And, besides, sometimes you had to get to know the shady characters if you wanted to get good, new information.

      The woman then also told me to contact another person she knew, a scientist with a lot of knowledge about (something I forgot!). I had an image in my head of a man in a white robe, with a long, white beard and long, white hair.

      Some other people had now also come and were getting in the way of the woman. I was saying goodbye to her. I was talking to her from over a tall, wooden railing. We may have shaken hands as she explained something else to me about my report.
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