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    1. girls come back; sitting girl; running girl

      by , 01-09-2012 at 02:34 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some kind of volunteer group. We were getting ready to go to some event. I must have been with the leader of the group. We must have been going around, picking people up.

      There were two girls with copper-colored skin and reddish hair. They were both pretty. But one was a lot prettier than the other. They both had a kind of spoiled-girl attitude.

      Both girls had been planning to come with us on the event. But something about the details of the event had changed. So it seemed like the event may possibly not happen. So the girls decided that they didn't want to come along with us and risk not doing anything.

      The volunteer leader and I got to the event. We stood outside some small building, in an area like a parking lot. It was a grey day, probably like a cool summer day.

      There were a lot of other girls with us now -- all either brown or copper-skinned. We all wore black shirts. The event was about to start, and we were getting ready for it somehow.

      Suddenly the other two girls showed up, after all. They said that they decided they would attend the event. I was really happy to see them. But both the girls had such a removed attitude, I was afraid to let them know too much that I was happy to see them.

      Dream #2

      A topless young woman in gold, mesh-like panties was sitting on some kind of pedestal, kind of straddling the pedestal, so that her legs were spread pretty wide. The girl was cupping her big breasts with her hands. The girl had tan skin, brown hair, and green-blue eyes.

      Dream #3

      I was in a shoe store with my mother. For some reason I was laying on the ground, face down, looking at the women as they walked in the shoes they were trying on. Most of the shoes the women were trying on were high heels.

      At some point, a girl walked past me wearing track shoes. The shoes had weird soles. They were like plastic, like just a frame. But the sides of the frame were apparently really elastic. They were supposed to provide some kind of extra spring in your step.

      I knew that only really serious runners wore these kind of shoes. So I looked up to see what kind of girl this was. She was maybe in her mid- to late-teens. She was really skinny, pale, with long, straight, blonde hair. She wore a kind of baggy, white t-shirt and blue jeans.

      I started to ask the girl what kind of running she did. For some reason, the girl sat up in a high seat, like a shoe-shining seat. The woman looked at me as if she were annoyed -- like I was yet another guy trying to hit on her. I was attracted to her. But I was really more interested in hearing about what she ran.

      The girl gave me some kind of half-attentive answer, as if she were trying to blow me off, but not be impolite. Somehow we were now outside. Most of the shoe store was gone. But the chair was still there. We were out in some lawny field. It was a grey day, and it was raining.

      I had been laying or sitting under some kind of table umbrella, which had been planted into the ground instead of into the center of a tabletop. I stood up. I think I was holding onto the pole. But it also felt like I was standing at the edge of the umbrella.

      My mom pulled up in some car, just off to my right. She walked out of the car and stood just outside the umbrella, as if she wanted to say something to me.

      The girl had pretty much disregarded me by this time. I thought the rain might be getting her wet. I knew I had an umbrella, and that I could go get it for her. I wondered if the girl wanted it.

      I must have been looking down at the ground. It was really hard for me to turn my eyes upward. It felt like I was pulling against gravity. But I finally looked up to see the girl sitting in the chair. She had an umbrella over her chair, and she was dry. So she was fine.

      But I still wanted to go grab my umbrella, so I could give it to somebody, just to prove to the girl that I had an umbrella and that I was generous enough to give it to somebody. I ran out into the rain, thinking, I'll probably give the umbrella to my mom. That should impress the girl.

      I knew that the umbrella was in my tent. (???) I saw my tent about fifty meters or so away. Beyond the tent there was a little more stuff going on. There were some RVs and things like that. It was like this was some sort of camping event that I was a part of.

      I was still running toward the tent. I imagined having given the girl my umbrella. I imagined her asking me how she should return it. I imagined telling her, "Oh, just put it in my tent when you're through with it."

      But I knew that I kept my tent locked shut sometimes. So I imagined myself saying, "Oh, just throw it on the ground outside my tent if I'm not there. Nobody'll bother it."

      I imagined my umbrella lying on the ground in front of the tent. I was actually worried that somebody would come by and pick it up. But I imagined myself as not showing the girl that I would be worried by something like that.
    2. artist's portfolio at a cafe

      by , 07-28-2011 at 11:34 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a cafe. The place was big and new-feeling, with white-tile floors and white tables. The ceiling was high and had kind of watery, fluorescent lights, like in a club warehouse. There was a big window wall off to the side, showing the blue light of early evening.

      A young woman sat a couple of tables away from me. She may have been working on something. An older woman walked up to the table and talked to the younger woman about something. It may have been to ask the woman if she would move something of hers off the table.

      Later, the young woman was gone, and the older woman had a bunch of friends with her. I may have had a better view of the woman now. She may have been kind of short, a little overweight, with pale red hair and pale skin. She may have been wearing a pale-beige beret and dark glasses.

      The woman's friends, and possibly the woman herself, all spoke with some kind of accent, maybe Spanish or Portugese. I stood near the people. The people were all complaining about something about the young woman, something about her having left or moved something of hers.

      I explained to the people that the young woman had simply moved her artist's portfolio off the table and over to an unused corner of the cafe. To prove this, I ran over to the corner of the cafe that was slightly cluttered with some unused furniture and household items. The portfolio was on top of a record player with a smoky-clear plastic lid. The portfolio itself was really big and made of a greenish-brown leather.

      I don't think I picked up the portfolio. I was now back at the table with the older woman. Her old friends were now kind of stepped back from the table, maybe involved in some kind of casual conversation amongst themselves in their own language. The older woman sat at the table while I stood.

      The older woman told me she knew that the young woman had put her artist's portfolio over there. The younger woman had asked her to do so. The older woman then said something like, "And thank goodness I didn't have to ask her friend to move her artworks over there as well!"

      I knew that the young woman had a female friend who was a sculptor. So I knew the friend's works would be really big and hefty. I imagined a sculpture like the Venus de Milo, life-size, standing atop the woman's portfolio as it rested on the record player. I told the older woman, "No kidding! Imagine what would have happened to the record player's lid! It would have been crushed!"
    3. dream within dream on brooklyn bridge; spy killed

      by , 05-21-2011 at 12:46 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was on the Brooklyn Bridge with my mother. The walkway of the bridge felt a lot different. It was like all the suspension cables were packed tightly together, and as if there were layers and layers of them. The cables seemed to run incredibly high up into the air. And the bridge itself seemed much bigger and taller than it is IWL.

      I was standing out on some metal beam over the walkway with my mom. I may have been holding on to some of the suspension cables for balance.

      I was telling my mom some dream I had. In the dream I stood out on some beach, possibly bordering a jungle. One of my co-workers, DD, was there. He had been followinf me around, snooping into my business.

      Then, in this dream, a flood had come. It managed to wash me up onto a railroad freight car that was itself filled with debris. I stood on the debris, but it also sometimes felt like the freight car had a solid, red roof on it, and that I stood on that.

      I was carrying something like notebooks and textbooks. I was actually in this place to begin with, I now understood, so I could study this stuff. There may actually have been a school desk in the distance, now littered with debris, which I had possibly been using for studying.

      DD was now running all over the place, trying to find out where I'd gone. He was really intent on snooping on me for some reason. But I kept quiet and just got to my studying again.

      I might not have spoken this dream to my mom. I may have thought it while she read my thoughts. As the dream ended, I may have gotten distracted and tried to tell her the dream again. I may not have known whether I had actually finished telling the dream. But at some point I felt like I was done telling my mom the dream.

      For some reason I now climbed through the multi-layered lattice of the steel suspension cables. As I did, my mom asked me, through voice or thought, whether the people publishing me dreams were paying me a lot of money. I said no, that the newspaper (or periodical) I wrote my dreams in took my dreams for free.

      I climbed down along a section of suspension cables that was like a ladder. It wasn't until I had started climbing down this ladder that I had felt any fear of heights. The bridge was so tall!

      I was now back down on the wooden walkway of the bridge. My mom was already down there, but she was now an old man. She walked behind me as we walked on the outside of the fence guarding the walkway. We were on the edges of the wooden slats now, possibly heading back out to climb on the suspension cables.

      The old man started talking about his life as a reporter, back in the old days. He said that in those days reporters really dug into a story. Nowadays, the old man said, reporting was shallow and lazy. I felt bad about what the old man was saying, as if I could have done something to prevent this.

      Dream #2

      I was in a living room which was positioned in the house like a bedroom. A few people had been in the room. They were all nice-looking and young.

      Among these people was a Latina woman who had been recognized as a spy. The woman had been fatally injured or had been made to take poison.

      Everybody else was now gone except for the woman and I. I may not have been "there," but just seeing the room. The woman lay on the couch on her back, her head and shoulders kind of slumping off the front of the couch. She was still alive and she may have said something.

      I now had a view of another or the same woman. She was standing over me, as if I were a child. My view came up to just under her breasts. She wore a tight t-shirt and a dark blue hoodie. She was in trouble. She had possibly just been shot, or else she was possibly about to be shot.

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    4. blood and skin test

      by , 05-19-2011 at 11:25 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a hospital room with a young man and woman who appeared to be doctors. The woman was blonde and slightly tanned. The man's appearance may have changed, but at least for some time he had long, frizzy-curly hair and a short beard. Both doctors wore long, white lab coats. The woman sat at a desk with a computer. At first I lay on the bed. The whole place felt really cluttered somehow.

      I was going to have a blood test and a skin test. I was familiar enough with how people took blood, but I was kind of worried about the skin test. I didn't know how people took skin samples.

      The man told me, "It really hurts. And the pain stays with you. Because you have to keep the skin sampler on you for half an hour. And the whole time you have it on, it's just like, 'Aagh! Aagh!'" I thought that if what the man was saying was true, this would really suck. But I wasn't going to be afraid.

      The man took my right (?) hand. He took a lime-green, plastic device that looked like a thimble as long as an index finger. He put the base, the open end, against the back of my hand, right where the thumb joint comes into the base of the hand. I knew there was a little, guillotine-blade-shaped metal device inside the thimble.

      The man clicked something on the thimble. The blade snapped down and dug into my skin. It hurt a little, but not as much as I'd thought it would. I kept waiting for some kind of delayed effect, like a pain that would get worse and worse. But I just kept having the same kind of dull pain.

      Eventually I walked over to the woman, who still sat at the computer. She was going to take my blood. I figured I might as well hang out near her while I waited for her to draw my blood. For some reason, for this entire time, I kept my hand elevated right in front of my face.
    5. gardening test; toilet troubles; singing j-pop to psychiatrist

      by , 05-06-2011 at 11:43 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out with a group of people, possibly at the edge of a building like a school building. There were shrubs, possibly euonymous, just behind a short fence. I, and maybe some of the other people, may have been trimming these shrubs. But this was also like some test, like some kind of paper test that was being taken indoors.

      Something happened with time. As I was walking past the shrubs, which were like a classroom, I realized I had forgotten about a class, and that I had been counted as absent. I thought, Well, now it'll just snowball down from here, and I'll start missing all kinds of classes.

      I walked past a young woman, maybe college age or a little older, who was the leader of this group of people out trimming the shrubs. We may have spoken for a moment. I then saw a few other women as I walked along. Two of the women were girlfriends. They both wore jeans and dark blue hoodies. One of the girls looked boyish and had short hair and pale skin.

      At some point I had decided that I was going to quit this work, which was now something like a volunteer position. I was in something like a dorm room. All the curtains were pulled down. I was either getting into or out of a pair of khaki work slacks for the office. I worried that the woman in charge of the project would be disappointed in me for quitting.

      Dream #2

      I was in a dorm room that was full of stuff like manga books and anime DVDs. There was a TV somewhere, and I was trying to watch some kind of hentai anime. But there was something wrong somewhere in my dorm room. I couldn't quite pinpoint it, but it sounded like a problem with the water. It was really distracting.

      I was about to walk out of the dorm room. But as I opened the door to the hallway, I saw two young men, both kind of tall and fat, one Asian. I tried to close my door really quickly, because I didn't want the boys to see me or know that I had been trying to watch a porn anime. But one of the boys saw me and greeted me cheerfully.

      Somehow the boys came to understand my problem. Apparently I had come outside to find out where the water problem was coming from. The Asian boy, who I actually didn't know, knew exactly what to do. We went to the dorm next door from me, which was unoccupied. There was a toilet in the dorm. The Asian boy jiggled the handle and the water noise stopped.

      As I was walking out of the empty dorm room, leaving the boys in the room, I thanked the Asian boy. He explained something to me, as if he were experienced with noise or plumbing.

      Dream #3

      I had come back to "my psychatrist's office," which was a lot bigger and messier than IWL. I had apparently not been able to fill out some kind of form before, because I couldn't remember the words to a Japanese pop song.

      When I'd first come back to the office, it had been empty. But then my psychiatrist was there. I was really proud of myself as I told her I remembered the words again. I tried to fill out the form, while standing before a table that was full of clutter. But some other woman kept edging under me, trying to get to some waste basket under the desk so she could clean it out.

      I eventually let the woman through and apologized. She said something nice. The room now was more like a psychiatrist's office. It had a couch and a chair, and it felt very calm. But it was still really big.

      I sat down with my brother and sister on the couch. My psychiatrist asked, "So you can remember the words to the song now?"

      I said yes and tried to start singing. But I was already forgetting the words. I was now on the opposite side of the room from the couch, which seemed so far away. My brother and sister were gettin bored with hearing me try to sing. They got up and left.

      I was eventually sitting either very close to or on the arm of my psychiatrist's chair. I was still trying to sing the song, only haltingly getting through bits of lyrics. Something about iit may have had the "aeru no ii na" lyrics from L'arc en Ciel's "My Heart Draws a Dream."
    6. talking about concert

      by , 04-09-2011 at 01:56 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      I'm surprised I had any dream recall. I spent three hours watching one video on YouTube -- a live version of Chiaki Naomi's "Yoru he son gu hito" (? I think). Obviously I don't have a life. But Chiaki Naomi is one of my new favorites.

      Dream #1

      I went into a laundromat. I was there either to do my laundry or to pick up my laundry, as if it had been done by the workers.

      I wandered through a long area of washing machines. The washing machines were greyish green, a very dull color. The space was a little small and tight, and there were a few people around. But the place didn't feel uncomfortable.

      I got to a doorway at the back of the laundromat. There was a door that had a split between the top half and bottom half, with a counter-like shelf at the top of the bottom half.

      A woman stood at the door-counter. She was kind of short, with dark tan skin and black hair in a cute style, going down to just above her shoulders. She wore a white t-shirt. She may also have worn glasses. I somehow understood that she was Japanese.

      We began talking about concerts or something. I reached over the counter and touched the girl's hand. She didn't back away, so I held her hand. But then she started talking about how she had a boyfriend. I pulled my hand back. I wasn't upset.

      We started talking about Chicago, where the girl and her boyfriend had lived. Every year there was a psychedelic concert there. The girl had missed last year's concert. But her boyfriend had possibly been able to go. I said that I'd always wished I could go to the concert, because I liked some of those old bands so much.

      I may have wondered whether the girl was older than I'd thought. It may suddenly have seemed to me that the concerts had stopped a long time ago, so that the woman would have had to see the concerts a long time ago as well.
    7. reticent boss and outdoor cafe; girls at cafe

      by , 04-07-2011 at 11:45 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was at my office, sitting in my cubicle. My boss came up from behind me on my left side and asked me whether I had finished some work for him.

      Apparently I was looking at some kind of online newspaper which had a photo on it depicting the Acts of the Apostles. My boss had wanted me to do some research on that book in the Bible, apparently.

      I probably had not read the Acts of the Apostles. I might not even have quite understood what he'd wanted me to do. But he was disappointed in me. He kind of smirked at me and went into his office.

      I kind of thought everything through and realized that my boss actually hadn't told me anything he'd wanted me to do. Why should he act mad at me? So I decided to go to his office and tell him that.

      I went to my boss' office just as he was about to leave for some business trip. There was a short, pale man with pale blonde hair standing before my boss' office. The man was interviewing as a replacement for me. He was in a suit and he carried a briefcase. He wore glasses.

      My boss had walked to the printer and was now walking toward and then past his office. I followed him all the way. We both seemed to have ignored the guy being interviewed.

      I kept yelling at my boss, trying to get him to pay attention to me. But he just gave me this stone face, with eyes belying the fact that he was having a lot of fun watching me be so upset. We actually got into an elevator and went down to the first floor.

      I yelled at my boss that if he wanted me to do something, he needed to tell me to do it instead of just assuming I could read his mind. He couldn't get mad at me for the fact that he never spoke to me.

      The elevator doors opened. My boss walked out, still completely disregarding me. We were walking through an unfamiliar, but kind of nice, elevator bank. I got right in front of my boss and flipped him off, right to his face, right in front of his eyes. For some reason, the image reminded me of candle images reflected in eyeglasses.

      My boss kept smirking and ignoring me. I thought, Geez! The only time I do something like this is when I'm drunk!

      My boss was gone, and I was back in the elevator. As the elevator doors opened, I thought how it might be nice to do something like break my boss' leg. I had an image in my head of somebody's lower leg being broken.

      I walked out of the elevator and into what was apparently an outdoor cafe. It was a blue night. There were tables everywhere. There was a makeshift barista counter at the back end. That was the only thing lit. Everything else was dark.

      I saw some of my friends from college. They were talking and laughing about something like anime or j-pop. For some reason, I flew up into the air. As I did, I heard my friend B talking about a specific song.

      I flew sharply up into the air and then turned and flew sharply back downward. I heard B singing a song. At first I didn't think he was singing the actual words. I thought he was just joking. But then I realized he was singing the actual Japanese words. I was pretty impressed!

      I kept flying around. I flew at a level not too far above all the people in the cafe. I may just have been floating around, listening to everybody's conversations and having my own thoughts.

      Dream #2

      I was in a cafe I go to a lot, sitting on a couch. A pretty, blonde girl sat on the couch, at the other end. She may have seemed to be a little attracted to me. But I didn't worry about it, and I just did my own thing.

      Then a pretty, black girl sat at a table near the couch. She seemed to want to sit on the couch. There was one more space left open, so I tried to make it clear with my body language that she could sit there.

      The black girl sat on the couch. I noticed her knee-length skirt was really pretty. It was a nice shade of yellow, with some kind of quaint, pink embroidery on the lower right corner.

      The girl moved all the way over to the blonde girl's part of the couch. The two shifted around so that they were resting their backs agaist the armrest of the couch. They stretched out their legs and began snuggling a bit. It was almost like they were in bed together.

      The two girls started talking about something, some class or something. The blonde girl, sitting on the outer side, dropped a big textbook onto the floor. I somehow realized that the girls had wanted me to think they were both alone, so I'd try to pick one of them up, and then they'd reveal they were actually together to taunt me. But I hadn't tried to pick either of them up, so I wasn't really worried about it.
    8. marriage-deathbed living room; diaper-laundry bag

      by , 04-03-2011 at 01:53 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a house like my great-grandmother's house. Other family members were there. We were all getting ready for a wedding, which was probably going to take place in the living room.

      I walked out from the kitchen into the living room. Right where my great-grandmother's chair would have been, there was a bed. Two or three people were in the bed. These were the people who were going to get married.

      The people had a weird look, like they were frozen or made out of wax. They had strained, sinewy looks on their faces, like old paintings of people in sorrow and pain. They looked like they were near death. One of them seemed to be wearing ancient robes and a head-covering, like women in Renaissance paintings. The robes, and possibly even the person, seemed to be colored a pale pink.

      I think that the scene of the bed made so little sense to me that I actually looked away from it. I couldn't understand how a marriage could be so morbid.

      Other family members were seated in different parts in the room, each group spaced well apart from the other. The family members remarked that there was one person missing from the bed -- the woman who was actually to be the bride.

      The family members all remarked that the woman was so sensitive about having her picture taken in these situations that she'd avoided this scene altogether. Everybody kind of felt bad for setting up this situation, even though it seemed to be the usual part of a wedding. But everybody kind of looked up to this girl, so they hated doing anything that made her uncomfortable.

      I saw the girl in my head. She looked kind of young, maybe in her late teens or early twenties. She was skinny, kind of pale, and blonde, with her hair in a pony tail. She wore tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt which she had tucked into her pants, but which was also a little baggy around her tiny waist.

      Dream #2

      I was in a small bedroom, like a bedroom for a little kid, with my boss. We both sat on the floor, cross-legged. I sat before a bunk bed. My boss sat near the door.

      I had a big, white, cotton bag of laundy in front of me. Inside the bag was a bunch of laundry and two packs of diapers. One pack was pink, and one pack was blue.

      I was going through the bag, shuffling through all the clothing, which may actually have been dirty. I may have been trying to pull some stuff together for some kind of business trip that I was going to take with my boss.

      My boss started telling me about his old job, which actually had something to do with the packs of diapers in the laundry bag. He had done something like design the diapers or been among the first sales team to promote them, or something.

      Apparently the diapers were made for newborns or very young babies. There was some other sort of stuff related to the diapers -- clear, plastic items like tubing and masks (?).

      I pretended to be pulling different items of clothing out of the bag. But I was actually more focused on pulling the diapers and the plastic items out of the bag. I wanted to wear the diapers from the pink pack. I think I assumed that the plastic gear helped you fit into the diapers (?).

      I hoped my boss didn't catch on that I was going to try and wear these newborn girls' diapers. But eventually my boss stopped talking about his old job. He got impatient that I was taking so long finding clothes for the business trip. He said, "I'll be waiting outside, whenever you finally have everything all ready to go."
    9. recurring shop app; swimming out of flood

      by , 03-25-2011 at 11:43 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was outside on a sunny day with an acquaintance of mine, G. We stood out on some big lawn before something like a cabin for a summer camp. G is a scientist, and he knows all this technical stuff. So he was going to put some wacky, new app on my phone.

      I handed G my phone, hoping he wouldn't look at my internet and all the perverted sites I had on there. He didn't. He handed the phone back to me.

      The app ended up being some kind of shop. I didn't really find the shop very interesting. I kept trying to get out of the app, but I kept going backward through a bunch of screens just like the shop app's screen. It was really annoying.

      Dream #2

      I was in some body of water. A huge wave swept over me. I thought it would crush me or carry me away. But I somehow swam right through it. After this wave I sawm through some smooth water and then some much smaller waves. All this time a narrator was talking about something, possibly how dangerous the waves were.

      I was now swimming among a group of people. A huge tide had carried us out to sea. The common knowledge was that if this happened, you could never get back to land. But I could see the shore. It wasn't far away. I began to swim hard for the shore, encouraging the people around me to do the same. The current was pulling steadily toward the side, but I could force my way through the pull. The shore had something very colorful built on it, possibly an amusement park.

      I and my friend H were now in some weird space that was like a mix between a mountain path and a concrete path and some kind of indoor hallway. We were talking with two girls, both of whom seemed to me to be Asian.

      The earthquake in Japan had just occurred. Somehow, H and I had lived through the time period already, and we knew what had happened. Now we were back to the beginning of the earthquake, still in America.

      One of the girls spoke about the earthquake like it was something minor, just a usual earthquake. I tried to let her know, in a nice way, how bad it was. I asked her, "Do you have any family in Japan?"

      She said, "Japan? I'm from Africa!"

      I now realized that the girl wasn't Japanese. She was short, with coppery brown skin and reddish blonde hair.

      I now looked to the next girl, who looked more Japanese. I was going to tell her about everything that had happened during the earthquake. But she already looked panicked. We were in some place like her bedroom. She was laying down on a beanbag chair that was slumped against a wall. She was crying, worrying what had happened to her family. She had her right arm cradled over her head. I may have noticed that the bedroom was slightly cluttered and that there was some kind of heavy metal poster over the beanbag chair.
    10. Nbathroom stalls and Herzog catalog

      by , 03-14-2011 at 11:43 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I needed to go to the bathroom really bad. I was running into a public restroom. Some woman, possibly a pretty, young woman and possibly my mother, was using the first stall I saw.

      I was apparently wearing a pair of pink panties under my pants, and I didn't want there to be any chance of the woman in the stall seeing me. So I ran to a set of stalls at the far end of the restroom.

      Two stalls were inside a larger, stall-like area. One of the stalls didn't have any lock, or even a handle, on its door. I had gone inside it, but now I ran out. I ran to the next stall. The lock on this stall's door was really loose. But I decided it was good enough. If somebody tried to push it open, I'd have enough time to reach up and push the door closed.

      I sat down on the toilet and started peeing (?). Before my eyes I now saw a list of films by Werner Herzog. They all seemed to star Claudia Cardinale, as if she were Herzog's main actor. Each film would have a description below it. The descrption was in a thin column. Some descriptions were just a small paragraph. Others were almost a page long.

      I caught sight of a few descriptions of some films. The films all had a theme of a woman sinning or doing something to betray somebody, usually a man, and then having to go through retribution for all this, apparently from fate, by being put through all kinds of weird, embarrassing, or painful situations.

      I couldn't quite remember what the Herzog films were which I'd seen starring Claudia Cardinale. But it didn't seem like this was the theme of those films at all. So I scanned through the list (how? It seems now like the list was just some image scrolling in the air before my eyes), looking for the films I was familiar with.

      Something I read said that Herzog's later films with Cardinale got weirder and weirder, and that the women characters kept being put through more and more absurd situations. I saw some later films, some as late as 1986. But then I saw "one of Herzog's first films" listed. It was called Yvonne Rainier, and it was from 1910.

      Apparently this film had something to do with a nun who'd betrayed a man, probably a priest, and the trials she'd had to go through as "fate's retribution" after this.

      I now had a vision of a black and white film, almost as if I were watching from some place within the film. There was possibly some old, small chapel that had something of a medieval style to it. Some nuns were standing outside the church, talking to each other. The film was a sound film, and it seemed like the setting was America in the 1950s.

      There was a nun in white. She was the main character. Now a couple of priest-like men walked past the nuns with a group of schoolchildren. The group walked into a spacious, lawny cemetery that was right next to the chapel.

      The priests stopped the students in front of what was an apparently important grave. The grave had some kind of tall, church-shaped marker. Before the marker were two rows of small, stone markers.
    11. grammar helicopter; female harlocks; super bowl sub shop; skating kids

      by , 02-07-2011 at 12:50 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was flying a helicopter over a river at night. I was coming up on a big cityscape, the lights of which had a low, buzzing, brownish-yellow color, almost like hypnagogic vision.

      In the helicopter with me was a good looking man, maybe 15 years older than I, with blonde hair and a tan face. I was giving the man grammar lessons. I was trying to explain something about the way Homer used poetic expressions to give more vividness to his battle scenes.

      I pointed out a few examples. But then I felt like I was being too condescending, acting like the man knew nothing about grammar at all. So I tried to think of another way to explain things that would assume more intelligence in the man.

      But now the man told me, "I don't care for all that poetic stuff. I believe in direct expression. What's the most concise way you can say something?"

      I felt a little ashamed. I agreed with the man. I looked back on all my writing and wondered if I had been concise enough. I doubted it.

      I told the man I agreed with him. I was now in a hospital at night. I was in some hall. Eveything was dim, with only a few occasional ceiling lights turned on. I looked into some room through a big, plastic window. I may either have seen a newborn baby in a bed or a very injured adult in critical care.

      Dream #2

      I was walking into an anime convention. I was in some basement area, walking through a huge hallway into a large main room. The hallway and room were full of people.

      I looked behind me. A group of girls was close to me. They might have known me somehow or been my friends. Two of the girls were dressed like Captain Harlock. They looked kind of boyish, but they didn't strike me as being as dashing as Captain Harlock.

      Then I saw a third girl dressed as Captain Harlock. She was tall, thin, and blonde. Her face was perfect. I thought she looked terrific. But her hair was cut way too short, and it didn't have any of Harlock's style.

      Dream #3

      I was in an apartment that wasn't mine. I was probably watching it for somebody. The apartment was really big and nice. It was up on some high floor. The light from the windows was pinkish orange with sunset.

      For some reason I decided to leave this place and go home. I went downstairs and outside. But as soon as I was outside I saw how many people there were all over the place. It was too much for me to handle. I suddenly remembered that the Super Bowl was going on, and that everywhere in the city would be like this. It would be better for me to go back upstairs and wait for things to calm down.

      But I thought I should get something to eat before I went back upstairs. I was walking along some kind of desert road with something like carnival booths on each side. One of the booths was a Subway store. So I went into the line. I got up to the front pretty quickly. The lady in front of me, kind of short and overweight, ordered something that sounded really good. I tried to remember what she'd ordered, so I could order it, too.

      I got an image in my head of miniature pizzas with something like olive paste and lizard eyeballs on it.

      Dream #4

      I was looking out the window of a house. Down below, a group of people were skating on a snowy pond. There were three people. They wore hooded robes made or rich, red velvet. I recognized the people as being cast member from the show Kids in the Hall. But now they all looked old, ragged, and fat.

      They all had these dumb smiles on their faces, as if they were doing a skit about people who thought they were really good skaters when they were actually just morons. They spun quickly (clockwise?). They vanished beneath their robes.

      This spiining and vanishing act was carried out twice more. The first time, the men wore green robes. The second time, they wore blue robes.
    12. reincarnation room

      by , 01-26-2011 at 11:31 AM
      Good morning, everybody. My recall was pretty crummy last night. I was playing around on the internet way too much. That always screws me up.

      Dream #1

      I was in a small room like a bedroom. There were a lot of other people in the room with me, possibly all female. We were all jumping up and down on the floor. The floor was white and plasticky. But there was also some loose, metallic frame making a grid of the floor. Also, the floor seemed to have more than one layer of plastic. The layers were flexible and separated from each other by about 20cm.

      Somehow I came to understand that people jumped through this floor to be reincarnated. I saw a girl sink through the floor like a ghost. I knew she had passed, as a spirit, into a new body. I'm pretty sure I didn't want to be reincarnated. So I left the room.
    13. early lunch; princess of hearing; walking to park; vampires and volunteers; Freud on cancer

      by , 01-22-2011 at 04:47 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I'm not sure if the third and fourth dreams are two dreams or actually just one. But I think they are two.

      Dream #1

      I was in an office building with one of my old co-workers, CT. The floor we were on was very lonely. Everything was grey and dim, and it felt like it was under construction. And yet, it also had a hazy kind of romantic feeling to it, like in a Hong Kong movie from the 1990s.

      I think either our company had just moved into this building or else our company was just starting up. CT and I were the first people to come to work in this building, other than our boss, who had just left. CT and I sat in the same group of cubicles in a little offshoot of the office floor right before the elevator bank. We sat back to back, a little bit caddy-corner, and set apart from each other by about 2 meters.

      Work was getting a little bit boring. Suddenly, CT said, "Well, I'm going to cut out early for lunch. And I'm going to be gone for a while. I'm going to take my kid out to do a few things."

      I was a little struck by how CT could just up and leave for a few hours so brazenly on our first day. But I figured I'd head to lunch as well. I had a bunch of stuff on top of my desk, including some really beautiful, silver netbook. I began piling all the stuff into one of my desk drawers so I could lock it up. I figured that since there was nobody on the floor to watch my stuff while I was gone, it would be a good idea to lock it up.

      CT may have waited for a second while I was locking stuff up. She didn't lock any of her stuff up. She may have gotten impatient with me for locking my stuff up. I may possibly have decided not to lock up my stuff after all, just because I felt like I was slowing CT down. CT and I may have gone to the elevator bank together.

      CT was now gone. I was either down in or imagining some mall-like area on the ground floor or basement of this building. It was a long, white corridor with a clear roof letting in cold, grey light from outside. The roof may have been gridded with a wood frame. It felt quiet and lonely, even though there were people around. At some point there may have been a ramp downward that now reminds me of some of the sloping floors and corridors in Grand Central Station.

      Dream #2

      There was a princess who looked like a mix between Tilda Swinton in Orlando and Geoffrey Rush (???). I think that sometimes she looked really pretty and then other times the Geoffrey Rush face took over, and then other times it was really a mix of both. The Princess had rich, red hair. She wore a big, red dress with gold designs on it.

      The princess was by herself in a small chamber. The chamber had medieval furnishings, like in a painting of a scholar's chamber. The princess stood before a red curtain with gold designs on it. The atmosphere was silent. The princess suddenly froze and listened. I couldn't hear anything, but apparently the princess heard a lot.

      There was some sort of plot against the princess, probably against her life altogether. She was listening closely to people talking a few rooms away about this plot.

      Now the princess was in a room with a young man. The young man wore green pants, a flowing, white shirt, and some kind of tan, leather vest. He had jaw-length, curly hair, a broad, tan face, and a goatee. He sat at a table while the princess spoke to him either about some situation in her kingdom or about the danger she personally was in.

      Suddenly the princess stopped talking and bent her ear to another curtain (again red and gold) to listen to sounds that were completely inaudible to me. The man couldn't hear anything, either, but he seemed to understand that the woman was in danger, or at least serious about her feelings of being in danger.

      Dream #3

      I was walking through some kind of clean, suburban neighborhood, even though I was apparently in New York City. It was a bright, sunny day.

      I was walking toward some park at which I would be running a volunteer event. I was walking into a neighborhood with which I wasn't familiar, and even though the neighborhood looked really clean and nice, I was still afraid of being caught here alone. I walked up a long, swelling hill with a wide road and sidewalk. I went under the cool, blue shade of some trees.

      For a little while, I looked down at my shadow. I was thinking to myself about the event I was heading to. It was at a park I was unfamiliar with. But, at the same time, this unfamiliar park was a park I always hosted volunteer events in.

      I had been planning not to do this event, as I was pretty sure I'd never be able to find the park. But then I "remembered" a conversation with the woman headed park events at my regular park. It was like the "memory" was happening in the present, as if she were speaking to my via a "memory phone." She told me that the park was where it always had been, so I shouldn't have any trouble finding it.

      Realizing that the woman from the old park would be at the new park, I figured I would do the event after all. One of the few things, I thought, that had kept me from doing this particular event had been the fact that this woman would not be there. But now she would be there, so I would do the event.

      (At this point I may have woken up. I lay in bed and began reasoning with myself that the woman being at the event wouldn't be a reason for me to stay on a project in waking life. I like the woman, but I often feel kind of thrown to the side by her.)

      Dream #4

      Somewhere in a city at night, there was a small group of vampires. Everything was colored a deep red-orange. One vampire was a really sexy, punky looking girl with short, blonde hair in a square style. She wore a black leather jacket and a tight shirt with thin, horizontal stripes. She began talking about fighting.

      I was now on a subway train, going above ground. It was still a dim, red-orange night. Pulling into a station, the train paused in front of what looked like some kind of rooftop basketball court for a high school. I saw it through a chainlink fence.

      There was another group of vampires. These vampires were all dressed like ultra-moe girls, in extremely colorful and cartoony lolita dresses. One vampire girl in particular wore a vivid, pink dress with a wide, sapphire-blue ribbon at the waist. Under her skirt was a petticoat (? is that what they're called?) with tons of pale-pink lace. She wore a broad-brimmed, pink had with a bow on it, and she had her blonde hair in chunky ringlets.

      I think one moe vampire girl (not the girl who stood out to me) was going to have to fight all the other girls by herself. I couldn't tell whether this was training for the girl from her friends, or whether the girl was actually fighting all the other vampires as enemies.

      The girl had a gigantic length of rebar in her arms. I kind of identified with her at this point. The girls charged at her. She may have taken some kind of fighting posture.

      Suddenly I was in a bright, fluorescent-lit room that was full of people. The room was kind of big. It was in some kind of school or recreation center. The room was right next to a huge cafeteria, which was also full of people.

      All around me were black, teenage boys. One boy to my left tapped my shoulder to get my attention, as if I had been in some kind of really deep reverie. I looked at the boy. He looked a little older than his age. His face was kind of stubbly. He wore a grey and black sweater. He looked lonely, sad, and kind of dull.

      I now kind of had the memory of the woman from the park (from the previous dream) talking to me in the cafeteria and telling me that the volunteer event wasn't scheduled to start for a while, so I should feel free to wander around, and then walking away from me.

      The boys all around me asked me if I was okay. I told them I was. Most of them headed away. But two guys stuck near me. One was definitely a boy. But the other was so tall and worn-out and old looking that I thought he must have been the other boy's father. This guy asked me what I was doing here.

      I told him that I was here with a volunteer group, and that we were going to do some kind of art project with all the kids here. The other volunteers had apparently not arrived yet. The two guys seemed to think I was cool. They lost interest in me and walked away, maybe waving at me as they left.

      I was now in some room that seemed to be getting set up for an art exhibition. The place seemed to be in complete dissaray, with packing materials everywhere. Some moving guys were putting paintings up on walls.

      One painting was already up on the wall to my right. It looked a bit like Jackson Pollock's "Stenographic Figures," (?) except that it was humongous, maybe 4 meters tall and 1.5 meters wide.

      The painter, a tall, young, white man with a head of really frizzy, brown hair, stood before the painting. A camera crew was filming the young man for a kind of Reading Rainboy-esque educational TV show. The painter had some kind of miniature model of his painting near him somewhere, and he was using it as a sort of queue.

      The young man said something like, "I work on my paintings a lot by instinct. And now-- I have the instinct to put one last touch on my painting. Right... here."

      The painter squiggled a yellow line in the lower left quadrant of the picture. It was near a place in the painting that somehow looked like white stairsteps. The yellow looked like upside-down stairsteps, in a way. The painter filled in the yellow a bit more, but left some of the space with just the line.

      The painter now pointed out how the squiggly yellow line echoed a part of the painting really close to the bottom left corner of the painting, and that that was why he had put it there. That made sense to me. But something about it also seemed artificial and hypocritical. The man was performing for the TV, but he was also rehearsing for when the kids and volunteers came by. I thought, How much thought does this guy give his work, if he can just paint over it at whim whenever he's standing with a group in front of what's supposedly a finished product?

      Nevertheless, I thought it was really cool to have seen this young man in person. He was pretty well known in some circles of the art world. For some reason I thought I would contact my brother and let him known I'd seen this guy.

      I was now walking back into the cafeteria, which was just swarming with people. As I walked into the room, two women on roller skates passed me. One was a younger woman, maybe a schoolgirl. The other was probably older, maybe close to being old enough to be the girl's mom.

      Both girls wore very small, moe-maid-style dresses. Passing me, the older woman bent over a lot, revealing her rear end to me. I was pretty sure that I saw that she was wearing diapers. She also seemed to be wearing a pair of dark purple panties over the diapers. I couldn't quite believe my eyes. I looked again, but the woman had already stood back up.

      I walked through the huge crowd of people. As I did, I saw the rollerskate girls skating in the distance, past wide doorways on the cafeteria wall to my right. The younger girl may have been pushing the woman.

      Dream #5

      I was in a big, empty room like a dance studio with a big, wooden floor. The room was clean and full of pale, bright daylight.

      In the center of the room a female interviewer sat in a chair. Before her, Sigmund Freud sat on a green (velvet?) sofa. He didn't recline on the sofa. He actually sat on its edge. The sofa was on a nice (oval?) rug. The interviewer's chair may possibly have been on the rug as well.

      Freud looked like a mix between his young, strong self, and his older self. He was slimmer than his younger self, and his face had the older, wiser look. But he didn't look ravaged by cancer at all. Freud wore a nice, but kind of modern-looking, tan suit. The interviewer may have worn a feminine-looking, tan suit.

      Freud sat with his hands folded between his legs. He began talking about life with cancer. He said that the worst part of cancer wasn't the cancer itself, or even having to lose parts of your body to cancer.

      "The worst part," Freud said, "is all the stuff you have to go through to get rid of the cancer. And then, once you've gone through it all, you go along for a little while, and then you find out you have cancer again. You have to go through the process all over again."

      Freud began listing off all the cancer therapy processes one had to go through. They sounded progressively worse, until finally said, "But maybe I should stop talking about this. It's getting too depressing."

      (Side note, 1/22/11, 7:13 PM -- I just got back from watching two movies in Manhattan. One was the anime Evangelion 2.0. The other was an Indian film called Dhobi Ghat.

      Both films are excellent. Evangelion is like a Bible to me, so I can't really comment impartially on that one. But Dhobi Ghat is freaking amazing, one of the few great movies I've seen in years.

      One of the key moments in Dhobi Ghat involves an artist unpacking his paintings. Both the art style and the unpacking of paintings are very similar to the images from dream #4 above. In addition, the artist in my dream looked very much like the character Peace (?) in the film.

      I believe that I kind of previewed the film images in my dream. I seem to have wacky precognitive moments like this occasionally. I guess everybody does. I wish they could be about something more useful. But even when they're pretty useless, like this, they're still fun.)

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    14. wearing diaper; looking at porn

      by , 01-20-2011 at 12:33 PM
      Good morning, everybody. Both of these dreams are kind of perverted. Sorry.

      Dream #1

      I was in "my bedroom." The bedroom was big and comfortably dim. I stood on my knees on a big bed with brown blankets on it. I was wearing either only a diaper or a diaper and a white tank-top with thin straps. I peed and peed in the diaper. At one point I felt like the diaper was really full of pee.

      (The feeling of this dream was so real that I had to make sure when I woke that I hadn't actually wet the bed. Pretty weird.)

      Dream #2

      I typed in some key words on Google Images that I thought would pull up lots of images of girls kissing. Instead, I got lots of images of girls lying on their backs with their legs wide open. The girls wore no pants or underwear, but they all had shirts. One girl in particular wore a business-type top involving a white button-up shirt, a grey sweater, and a black vest.
    15. Fang-masked girl

      by , 01-17-2011 at 02:44 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A few people, possibly all young women, were in a room like a college dormitory. They may have been fighting against something or preparing for some fight. One girl in particular was bringing her power up to a very high level. But at some point she may have made herself stop. She had to bring her power level down because it was causing troubles in some other place.

      Now, in a room like a common area in a college dormitory, a girl sat with her back to another girl, who stood. The two girls were next to a big window which revealed the night sky. The seated girl asked the standing girl to go away. The seated girl said she couldn't be trusted around the standing girl for a while.

      The seated girl had a mask on her face. The mask had two wide, dark slots for the eyes and a wide, creepy grin for the mouth. Silvery fangs grew out of the grin as the seated girl spoke. The dream had all looked like real life up until this point. But after this point, it may have begun to look like an anime.

      I came to understand that the fighting power the girl in the room had had to subdue in herself also drew out powers in other people. The seated girl was having a kind of evil, vampiric power drawn out in her. She wouldn't be able to control it if it got too strong. The "mask" on the girl's face was actually a manifestation of her own spirit, this power within her.

      By means of a shiny, metallic cuff, the seated girl chained herself to a nearby coffee table (?) to prevent her from getting loose and running wild. At some point I came to understand that a lot of the girls in this college had magic powers and that part of the reason they were here was to train.

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