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    1. Drums, and a weird tech class?

      by , 01-09-2011 at 06:14 PM
      So, I was trying to dream last night, and for some reason I wasn't remembering anything. Then I had this really weird/wacky dream within the course of a half an hour right before I woke up.

      Drums, and tech class? - I was in some sort of tech class. We were learning about music. Our teacher was trying to instruct us but he really had no idea. I was uploading some of my music so that I could rip it apart and take bits of it and make it into new songs. This girl came up to me and asked if I could share some of the songs, so I said yes.

      Fast forward where we're in some HUGE garage. We are split up into three groups: Guitarists, Bassists, and Drummers. The guitarists and bassists had to choose the drummer for their band, so most drummers were just jamming out to whatever hoping to draw their attention. It was weird because all of the drummers were playing on the little electronic guitar hero kits, and it was hilarious watching them trying to be badass playing them. I had my big professional electronic kit, so I looked alright. But I forgot my amp, so no one but me could hear me playing . I ended up getting bored when I noticed a group next to me was playing the intro to Judas Priests' "Nostradamus", They had a cheesy drummer so I ended up playing along, and somehow they could hear me O.o One of the guitarists ended up getting angry at me because he though I was stealing his audience. (What audience?). Then a girl leaned over the wall while I was messing with my kit and told me that personally, she would NEVER let me drum for her band. I was kind of shocked by her just randomly saying that, but I kept my cool and told her it was ok, because my band would be here tomorrow, with my amp.

      Fast Forward again to the next morning, me and my band end up setting up in the early morning next day, when everyone is waking up and heading to practice, we begin blasting "HellRider" (Solo and everything) to everyone's shock. I lean over to the girl, who's standing there mouth agape, and just smile

      I'm charming aren't I?

      Then later there was something about playboy bunnies