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    1. The War of the Worlds

      by , 01-23-2011 at 05:49 PM
      So, I had this insanely epic dream just a few hours ago. I thought I should write it out on dreamviews.

      The War of the Worlds - I don't know how it happened, but there was an evil dictator taking over our town. He lived in a giant castle and had any weapon at his disposal. Me and a few friends were the only ones left alive that wouldn't submit to him. Most of our town had been turned into smoking ruins.

      It started with just me and a two or three friends. We were trying to get away, to somewhere safe. We knew we couldn't last if we stayed. We were wearing ghillie suits, or some other type of camo. I remember vividly that I had bullet-proof riot gear and helmet, with moss and leaves on top of it all so I could blend in better. My friends and I had only airsoft weapons, why we carried them around, I have no idea.

      All of a sudden someone I knew ran out of the bushes. "Dear god, can you help me?" He explained. We told him to hop into our group and we'd get him so camouflage soon. I told him we were heading to my house, and that I had an extra Ghillie Suit he could use to hide in. He agreed and jumped in with us.

      When we got to my house, it was quiet. Very quiet. It was odd because that part of the town had not been ruined yet, and my lawn was lush and green. We went to the back, and then we saw some neighbour kids. They were having fun shooting each other with airsoft guns, like they had no idea what was going on. As soon as we got there my friends started shooting at them for fun with our airsoft guns, and it seemed like I was the only one who remembered what was going on. For a second it was like I just wanted to be sucked into this innocent childish game, but I knew something was wrong. Something was out of place. All of a sudden I heard distant booms. Booms of artillery, and that shocked the sense back into me. "MOVE!" I screamed, which seemed to make everyone realize what was going on. I grabbed two people by the collar quickly and began dragging them, running as fast as I can. Seconds later artillery began raining down around us, but thankfully the ones who had moved fast enough were slightly ahead of the bursts. I turned around to see my friend on this old swing-set that had a slide on it. He was trying to scramble down, but he wasn't fast enough. An artillery shell hit the set square on and he was gone. I pressed on with the people who were left.

      The artillery barrage began to follow us, someone was tracking our movements. There were more of us now, maybe 8 or 9 total. We were running as fast as we can. I let go of the two I was dragging finally and they began sprinting with us. There were craters everywhere, and the artillery wouldn't stop. All I could think about was making it to a large house, somewhere safe. We ran and ran, until finally we made it to a gigantic medieval Japanese Dojo. We quickly ran inside, where we stayed until the barrage ended. After catching our breaths we walked outside, and we were greeted by the sight of flaming ruins, broken buildings, and bodies. It was impossible to think anyone was still alive. All of a sudden this small Chinese man walked past us, and I couldn't stop staring at him. There was something about him that made me want to run after him. He was wearing this smug smile on his face like he knew what was going on. I was turning to go run after him, up the stairs of the dojo when all of a sudden a dog tried attacking our group. It wasn't some mangy stray dog, but a strong attack dog. We knew who sent it. It got caught in part of a broken fence and my friend tried jumping and kicking it, but that just made the dog angrier. The dog charged me, and I was in no mood for games. When it jumped at me I slammed it into the ground as hard as I could. I felt internal organs rupture and the dog howled as blood poured, and splattered everywhere. I stood up and told someone that we at least had food now, and I went to go sit and figure out a plan on how to get some weapons....

      I think there was more after that. I remember a fragment where we WERE armed, stealing weapons from enemy soldiers. We wanted revenge, and that's all we were trying to do. Kill as many of them as possible for what they did to our town, our families, and our friends.

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