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    This is my dream journal for anyone to read. I have lots of random quests, adventures, and sometimes just normal dreams (well define normal). Most of the time however, zombies will just take over my dream and it will end with destruction.

    Adventure Time!!!


    1. Creepers gun' creep! (no date recorded)

      by , 09-22-2012 at 07:40 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      This dream perspective was me and a friend of mine, sitting in the dark on a laptop, and I was watching him play minecraft. About when he started playing, the perspective changed to the players screen being all I could see hear or feel. He was with other players and they were on an expedition to find diamond (pretty average for minecraft actually). He went underground and eventually lost his group. When he got plenty of iron, he started digging faster and faster and then...


      *picture sums it up*

      He started finding creepers everywhere and they weren't hard to fight off at first, but they got to be in groups of two or three at a time. Digging became difficult and soon they're everywhere and we could only run. We ran for a good while, but not back the way we came, but down further into the mine.

      We hit a room that had some sort of vessel in it and creeper print on the outside of it and two diamond were inside! Then, a super creeper came out of this vessel and he was dark bluish colored and had bright green eyes! We found two diamond in the room before the creepers came in. He ran back the way we came, dodging creepers left nad right, but when he reached a dead end, there would be a dark brown block that would teleport him to a higher section of the mine and closer to the start. He grabbed the last one and we teleported out.

      We weren't exactly back with the expedition as we planned, but instead the start of the mine was flooded! We swam to the base (a floating ship) and told the crew of the vessel that contained two diamond. They excitedly stored them in a vault. We found out we could craft movies and dvd discs out of iron on minecraft next, and we started making minecraft videos on minecraft with the craftable dvds and playing them on the minecraft ship's dvd player (still in minecraft game). The rest of the dream was us making videos of minecraft, on minecraft.

      May not look like it, but this dream was pretty intense! Creepers everywhere O_O
    2. 16th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Joshdamighty

      by , 08-08-2011 at 01:55 PM (High Quality Head Movies)
      After many attempts at teleporting I make it there but don't see anyone.

      Started at home in my old house when I was in my early childhood. There were a lot of people over. LFS 5 times.
      After some socializing with the rediculous amount of people that were over at our house, I realized I was dreaming through my glasses. I don't know how but my glasses were fogged and I took them off and my vision stayed the same.
      Made stuff float to test dream control.
      I remember before trying to teleport I saw this odd mustached man with a monocle who was cuboidal shaped like minecraft.
      I tried to teleport countless times by spinning in a circle and using doors to get to the temple
      Finally a door worked and I was transported to a facility with space shuttles there (didn't count on that)
      I go and try to teleport again with all the doors but nothing works
      Then i find a room fool of mirrors and try those but still nothing.
      I then think maybe I can take a space shuttle
      I ask a dude how long until the launch he says 11 hours
      I then go to the terminal and can't find out how to get into a shuttle
      I then see this guy who tells me I shouldn't be there and I decide to try and teleport again and it works!
      I am teleported to the temple and then see lots of jungle around me.
      I finally see the temple and decide to fly up to it when I see the odd mustached man again
      He said your journey ends here.
      I fly around trying to dodge him who is now shooting fireballs at me.
      I fly behind a floating building (odd because there were many floating buildings above the temple including the tajma hall).
      He flew into the building and died and fell to the earth.
      I flew back to the temple and got to the top of it and looked all around and saw nobody. I laughed I was so happy I made it. I then started to realize my objective and started to light the beacon when I woke up to my alarm clock.

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