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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. Alligators

      by , 01-15-2013 at 03:39 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was at the Chattahoochee River. It didn't look like the real Chattahoochee; instead, it was crystal clear, and looked much like the river that I dream typically.

      Anyway, "they" had decided to let a few alligators live in the river, which I found stupid because people go in the river. I then saw one of the alligators, and then my friend M. S. said, "Look," and then jumped in.

      So often my friends USED to do stupid things and wouldn't begin to listen to reason. It was like that. M threw a stone to me. I would have kept it as a souvenir of when he was being chased by an alligator, but he threw it over my head.

      The real issue here was that the dream was vivid, and an alligator was now chasing my friend. It was so close to my friend that I resigned myself to watching it eat my friend. Then, just a couple feet from him, the alligator turned around. Thank goodness!

      Then I ended up in the water. I was trying to get out while talking to somebody. They were trying to help, but I couldn't get out. It turned out OK though. The dream moved on, but gets blurry.

      The End
    2. Alligator; Short Flight Lucid

      by , 08-26-2012 at 03:06 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      An alligator attacked my boy. It bit his foot and my boy started screaming. I opened the alligators mouth with my hands on either side of his mouth. I saw its teeth. I showed the inside of his mouth to someone.

      I eventually let it go, and then I was afraid it was going to attack me. I think it did turn to attack me, but it didn't try hard, and my dream ended.

      Short Flight Lucid

      I started flying and I realized I was lucid. I flew up well but then I became heavy. I never tried to stabilize, and I my dream ended.

      I wouldn't even count this except that I want to keep track of every time I become lucid.
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    3. Flying Alligator Attack; XXX Lucid

      by , 12-23-2011 at 03:25 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Flying Alligator Attack

      I was at Mike A's house, though it didn't look like his house. I saw a school bus drive up his back yard and through his front yard. I was upset the driver would do that, but he had an easment, so it was OK.

      I went out and got in a school bus and followed him down the front yard. As I went down the hill, I no longer saw the other bus, but I did see an alligator. It flew up into a tree about 30' up. That seemed like a scary proposition to me.

      I drove back up the hill towards Mike's house, but I was intrigued by the flying alligator (that scared me so bad). I drove back down the hill and the alligator glided out of the tree.

      Now my bus didn't have a roof. I was exposed. I turned my bus back towards the house. The alligator flew up and swooped down landing near my bus. I got very nervous, and my bus was slowing down.

      Then there was water all around, and then I was in the water. The alligator was going to come get me. I wondered if I could wrestle the alligator. All you have to do is grab the snout. All their power is in the closing of their mouth. I knew that was easier said than done.

      I thought about what it would be like to drown. I could see the murky water.

      The End


      XXX Lucid

      At one point during lucidity, I tried to shoot lightning out of my palms and failed, so I guess there is a dream fragment missing.


      I was at an indoor pool. The lights were out. There was more light where I was at the shallow end than the deep end.

      I dove into the pool and wondered if it was deep enough, so I decided to curve up and come out of the pool. As I came up, I decided to see if I could come up and out of the pool and fly up.

      I did start to fly up, but then I was out of the pool again where I started. I saw a beautiful young lady with dark, wavy brown hair at the other end of the pool. She wore a maroon and white bikini. I realized I was lucid and said, "I'd like to see her nude!

      She looked surprised and I wondered if I was dreaming after all, then someone said she had smiled. I was confident I was dreaming again.

      She was next to me now. I thought about what my friend KristaNicole does to stabilize. I yelled, "I am lucid. 100% lucidity!" I rubbed my hands together. It felt bad. I looked down and I had gause on my hand. I was happy to stabilize though. Then I spun around slowly. My partner said, "Both ways; it's better for both of us!" We spun around the other way.

      Then we locked in a giant, wet kiss. She was wondering if that was what she was looking for. I gave her another kiss and told her it was exactly what I was looking for. She agreed.

      I looked down at her breast. She was flat as a board. I touched her flat chest. I don't get into a flat chest, but I really liked the girl, so I didn't care. I rubbed it a little.

      All of a sudden we were in a room with my grandmother (passed on many years ago), and a couple other people. They were all in bed. We took our clothes off and walked down the hall to another room.

      I realized that if I wanted to get dressed again, I would have to walk naked into the room with my grandmother and would likely be in trouble, so I pulled a blanket out of a basket to cover myself up with later.

      She had her bikini on again. She was going to take it off, but I told her no. I wanted to reach in and feel her vagina. I did reach in but just felt her hair.

      I then got on her chest. I put some "lip gloss" on her lips. She was surprised. She said she'd been beaten up before, but that had never happened. I was kind of surprised and sorry she'd been beaten up, but she seemed really happy, so I didn't worry about it.

      She then took it.

      I soon woke up.

      I'm happier about using stabilization techniques than the awesome sex, but that was good too.

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