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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. Country Story; Mom's Jewelry

      by , 02-09-2013 at 12:35 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Notes for dreams so I can go back to bed:

      Lots of land with bails and bails of hay, only dark.
      Someone said, "If all this were mine, I would re-hole every horseshoe until they were perfect" or something like that. I saw a horseshoe with a hole in it in my minds eye.

      Then I was sitting with a boy who stitched up some grey, suede leather so that it contained some RR spikes in a leather tube. I helped by banging a another spike into it so the head stayed above the leather. (I have six new RR spikes IWL). The leather tube eventually turned into a hat.

      I asked him to help me stitch one for myself. He then revealed a larger black hat for me. Then it turned out to be a football, which disappointed me.

      Then I had to use the bathroom. I went in and the john was really small and had no lid. As I started to take my pants down, someone disturbed me. Jesus!

      At a weird party, my brother got a piece of clothing caught on the top of a door. Someone took a piece of mom's jewelry so I did too, but I decided to return it.

      I Went up stairs picking up miniature pitchers along the way, then a lady picked one up and tossed it back to me.

      I returned the jewelry, then it morphed into a cool gun. It was small and crude, made of wood and brass or gold. You pulled back on a stick which was connected to something so that when you pulled the trigger, the stick was released and it would hit the projectile inside. It was awesome.

      Then there were a bunch of brass dishes. (Yuck, right?). I had a false memory that I grew up with it. (IWL I did grow up with similar stuff) I was putting them away, admiring the shape of some of the cups. The were like a mix between a Chinese tea cup and a soup bowl. They seemed to be the perfect size.

      I was watching video of women rubbing their nipples. All of them were perfect.

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    2. Car and Brother; Tittle Litties

      by , 12-15-2012 at 01:37 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Car and Brother

      I had picked up a new used car. I drove it home to where I used to live with my mom. It seemed like a long drive.

      When I got there, my brother gave me a phone. It had some kind of absorbent material and it was wet. He'd been crying, his tears got all over the phone, and then he gave it to me. It was kind of gross.

      I shook out the phone to let his tears drip off. Then I noticed he was going somewhere with my kids. I didn't want them leaving with him, but they wanted to go somewhere. I told him I would drive them, but I didn't have enough gas. He said that was OK and that they were going to walk.

      I didn't like it, but I let them walk.

      The End

      I had a dream that was like an interim dream between these two dreams where I was walking through a school trying to get to the outside. I kept walking through class rooms and trying not to disturb anybody. I walked through a band class which I saw pretty clearly, and then other classes. As I made it out of the school, I tried to see a reflection of myself with a hat and sun glasses, and something else that I had on, but I couldn't find a mirror to stop at, and I kept seeing teachers looking at me. At least I was outside now.

      Tittle Litties

      I was at a friends house (M-Bub). His girl bent down and showed me her tittle litties. They were beautiful. I asked her to show me again and she said "No" but then she did show me. It wasn't the same that time, but then she started showing them to me more and I got that same good angle again.

      She kept moving them. I wanted her to just lean over and let me look at them without moving around. Then she did stay still. Fantastic! Finally, I turned around and there was her boyfriend. He asked if I got a look at them. I was scared, but he wasn't mad. He smiled, and I told him, "No, I didn't want to." My intonation me said, "No, I didn't mean to."

      I then walked away and went to a blanket on a grassy hill. There was a bunch of stuff all over it. It might have been picnic stuff. I couldn't even sit on the blanket.

      Someone asked me to bring a couple of their things over to the blanket, and I brought something to the blanket also, but I don't know what it was. The other person wanted to get away from a shark. (I guess it was a land shark )

      Then I woke up.
    3. High w/B.K.; Girls Breasts; Driving Bus High;

      by , 10-23-2012 at 03:28 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was confronted by B.K. about some notes I'd written. I was afraid I would be kicked out of the C.S. I was so high. I read the last sentence and it was really weird, though something I might write IWL.

      I laughed. B.K. asked why I laughed. I explained it looked like something I would write.

      Girls chest, tank-top, cleavage with goose bumps.
      Then puffy brown areola were showing.
      My feet were pointing backward trying to touch her breasts.
      She moved close enough to barely graze a foot.
      I tried to get on the computer and bring up the camera to take video, but I couldn't get to the camera.


      I was driving my bus very high. I couldn't turn the bus, so I stopped.

      Then I was in my truck. I parked it and left it, but then was trying to find it again.

      I realized I was dreaming, I was in a building trying to get out. I ran down the steps and had a false memory of how to get out.

      Outside, I flew to find my truck. My truck appeared up in the air. It was blue, not black, which I found weird, but it was mine. I got in the truck and Bobby Cox was in it. He was the mechanic.

      He questioned me about finding my way out of the building, so I said, "I flew up here, didn't I?"

      Then the mechanic was Pat C. I went to kiss him (?), then I bit his mouth. I tried to bite clean through his lips. Then I went to bite his whole face/head, and I did.

      I started driving down the road trying to find my bus. I was lost, and trying to get somewhere where I at least recognized how to get home.

      I saw some people walking down the street. I saw a pretty girl, but I had to pass them. This part was not so lucid.

      I was more lucid when I came to a room with white, metal bunk beds. It was about 10 bunk beds high. I saw a deformed child. I flew up the beds, half climbing them. All the beds had deformed, crying children in them.

      I couldn't find anyone my age, so I left them.

      Then I was with R, my FGF. She gave me ten dollars but I didn't want it. I just wanted to be with her. She turned out to be J. I told her I loved her.
    4. A Girl's Test Drive Adventure; Women

      by , 07-15-2012 at 11:20 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Girl's Test Drive Adventure

      I was walking down a hallway. Someone was behind me. I acted out my thoughts as if a I had some for of terrets. I was nervous, and was thinking about punching the person, so I turned around and and punched, though I pulled my punch. When I realized it was a girl, I felt really bad.

      She was a cute blond with medium length hair. She was sad and I felt bad I had reacted nervously like that. We came up to a door leading out and I said, "Let me at least open the door for you.

      The girl was upset. Outside I realized she was being bothered by the mob. A gutter from a house was across her car, and she was now driving it towards me. Now I'm in the car with her and someone else. We have had someone install new parts for a lot of money.

      Now there is a guy in the car showing us the new steering wheel. It is supposed to be really nice and offer super comfortable, responsive steering. I am very fond of the girl.

      She continues driving. Testing the car, she goes through some tight spaces at a Krystals and a bank. We went through the parking lot and ended up at McDonalds.

      In McDonald's I have a false memory of a cute, heavyset worker. She had short hair and was cute. She liked me. She tells manager and another girl behind the counter that she likes me. Then she is on my side of the counter washing something in sink that would be in the back. She complains about her work just to have something to say to me.

      I tell her she's doing a good job. She hugs me. I took the opportunity to hug her back, close and tight.

      I really don't want to because she's too big for my taste, but she is cute, so I hug her and push into her. Then we break away.

      I see the manager. We know each other, but he is also a false memory. I've come in there with my wife. I'm afraid he'll say something to my wife.

      Now I'm in a car-parts store attached to the McDonalds. Whole Lotta Love is playing through really bad speakers which I also remember as a false memory. I sense the grime everywhere. I think that the poor quality speakers make appropriate distortion for the song where Plant is moaning, but makes the song, but it ruins the song (That is not how I feel in waking life).

      Now I'm ordering and paying for a $6.00 part for my car, while a friend is ordering a cheap part for his car. I look at his receipt to see where I'm supposed to sign.

      The End


      I had my face up to my wife's lower region. As if she had to v's, I cupped one in one hand, and the other in my other hand. I thought about licking her.


      I called for my father and he answered. I quickly realized that it was too good to be true. I called again and he answered again. I should have gone lucid because I knew that he couldn't be answering.

      I discussed it with my brother and asked if he heard Dad answering. He said "Yes." I called again. I don't think he answered again.

      I tried to imagine myself going back to sleep holding a J. M. from my childhood. I couldn't make that happen.

      Later I dreamed that a black girl needed consolation. She hugged me and brought me to her bed. She wanted a little. I started kissing the top of one of her breasts and liked it. I was going to try to get more of it, but I woke up or quit dreaming.

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    5. Shuttle Launch; Battle and Breasts

      by , 06-15-2012 at 03:59 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Shuttle Launch

      I was in Florida at Cape Kennedy. There was a shuttle launch. I told someone with me, maybe my kids, "Come on! A shuttle just launched!"

      I see the shuttle going up, but it is just to the left of the brightest sun I've ever seen in my life. I lose the shuttle in the sun and never can see it again. I know I should be able to follow a trail of smoke or something to find it again, but I couldn't find it. I was pissed!

      Battle and Breasts

      There was a busty brunette in a red shirt. I had a small fork (Oden by Dansk design), and the chick had a pry bar. They are about 8 feet long and weigh 30 lbs or so.

      The fight wasn't fair, so she gave me a hug. My face was right at her breasts. Then there was some anthem playing, and I realize it is her singing, so I have my face at her breast until the anthem is over.

      Back to the battle. I know that if I beat her, I can give her another hug, and I want to hug her, so I'm prepared to battle. I think to myself how I can't perry with my fork. I'm actually going to have to use my hands to block her pry-bar.

      My dream ended.
    6. Birds; Dentist; Breasts

      by , 02-20-2012 at 04:46 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was in a car with unknown DC's. The scene out my passenger-side window was a very large bush on the left and one on the right. They must have been 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Between them was an opening.

      Behind and between them was open space. I saw a bluebird hanging in the air as though perched on a branch. I thought that was very odd. I told someone to look at it, but then the bird was on a tree branch.

      In the background was a large oak. The trunk was behind the bush on the left. The branches, bare due to the season, and now the blue bird was in the same position, but perched on a branch.

      Now there is a Macaw perched in the tree. I was trying to remember the name. I finally identified it as a Scarlett. It had a white beak and red feathers. It seemed to be in poor shape. Its feathers were matted and it seemed a bit sickly.

      I tried to give it a nut or a seed or something. I was afraid because it was such a large bird, but I didn't really think it would come to me. I showed it the nut and it started to fly to me. I was really afraid.

      Then there was a bird that looked like an Egret, but it was black. It also had some speckles on it. Then there were two or three of them with several other large birds. They were all together as though they formed a little eco-system.

      I was trying to catch one of the birds, or give them food ore something. I can't really remember. I was up against a wall as the scene unfolded now. There was some issue with a toy and who it belonged to. The birds were still around.

      The End


      I was at the Dentist. It was a really cheap office, but I didn't mind. I thought it was a Mexican dentist's office, but the guy himself was American.

      The room was large and baron. The walls were a medium shade of green. I thought how my brother would have never gone there because it wasn't good enough. I liked it because it didn't have the feel of a regular dentist's office.

      The dentist had done some work on a back molar (in good shape in waking life). On some adhesive material was inscribed that there was some deal on the tooth. He had to write it on the tooth to get the discount.

      Then I had to write it in the next tooth up to get the deal. I had to write "Superior" or some shit like that. I was trying to scratch it in with my fingernail and it was not working at all. I explained the trouble I was having, so the dentist put on a bracket as though I needed braces. There was some adhesive cement that went on the top of my tooth.

      The dentist said that I would be messing with it for a while. He meant that I would feel it in my mouth and my tongue would be going to it to feel it for a while until it wasn't messy anymore, or until I got used to it.

      I wasn't happy about it, but now it was done.

      The End


      I saw to girls with sandy blonde hair. They were very attractive with nice, full lips. I kept getting profile shots of them with the sun in the back ground, but the pictures were not washed out. I could see the color of their hair and lips very well.

      Then they were lying down next to each other. I looked over at them and their shirts created a space so I could see their breasts. I kept trying to see their nipples. At first I couldn't, but eventually, their shirts got into position so that I could.

      My eyes were so heavy, it was really hard to keep them open. I got a few more peeks. The top of their breasts sank a little into their breasts so I couldn't see the whole thing. I was a little disappointed, but just kept trying to see their nipples.

      Then my eyes go so heavy I couldn't open them at all. I was trying to open them with my fingers and couldn't.

      The End