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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

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      by , 05-01-2013 at 03:05 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Flying and Sexy Time

      My dream in progress shifted to me flying and I was lucid.

      I was standing on a piece of wood or something, flying over the trees. I was happy to be lucid. I looked at the scene; it was incredibly clear. It was night, but I could see different kinds of trees below. I took in the scene and its clarity.

      I then saw a '50's style truck in blue, and then other cars, but the dream became less clear.

      I saw some people...women of course. I decided I would have some fun. I then thought about the task to lick the first dream character I saw, but I realized that I'd already passed that person up. IWL, I'm not sure that was actually the ToTM.

      I then found an attractive girl and asked if she would show me her boobs. She said, "OK, but only one." She showed me one, and it had a tiny nipple. I was going to ask her if I could feel them. I said, "Can I--." I thought she was going to say "No," so I punched her in the face. I then went to feel her boobs and she didn't care at all. I found myself looking at her vag, and I proceeded to insert myself.

      I soon woke up to use the bathroom.

      I had cycled a few times. I didn't do too much, but I was cycled with intention. I ended the first fiscal quarter of year 3 with a record best of 17 which is = to my first year on DV. Awesome!
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      by , 03-03-2013 at 08:32 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was on the hood of a car. Another car drove up about to hit me. It had a For Sale sign in the window. It cost $2600.00. I also saw a price of $2400 and $700. I was first relieved the price had come down, then I was afraid the price was $2600. Why else would that sign still be displayed?

      This car was about to hit me, but it ran up the side of my car. I was on the hood of my car and rolling down the street only because of this car that was dragging me along. Now I'm between the car for sale and a city bus.

      My car spins around and then I end up on the ground. I'm sliding down the street on my butt. I wish I'd gotten my camera so I could take a picture of the street moving under me so I could prove that this guy had made me slide down the street. I gave up on the camera idea, but then started thinking this was just strange.

      I realized I was dreaming. I decided to go look for woman. I jumped up and started to fly, but I was pretty heavy. Darn! I decided to fly straight up and I got more speed up. Then I found a building and decided to fly to a window. I tried phasing through it but had some trouble. That's weird. I know the window can't stop me, so I phase through the wall and make my way through.

      I'm in some kind of college. I start running on a curved wall for some reason. I go through some nonsense with a guy and some chick--unimportant. I look for someone pretty. I end up in a mall at Christmas. I leave and find my way back to the college. The women aren't college age. They are about 30 I guess. I think I ended up in a college because I'm trying to go back to school.

      So I find a girl. She's older than a typical college girl. She goes into a shower. I go to the shower and see another girl who looks nice, but I want the first one. I take off my pants and underwear carefully so they don't get hung up on my feet. I open the shower curtain to the first one. She says something to deter me, and I tell her not to worry about that. I pick her up and we both drop straight down on her back. I land on top of her and start to make it with her.

      I eventually started waking up. I tried to relax and stay asleep but I woke up.

      I drank a few glasses of wine and went to a friends house the night before. These are atypical stimuli that I attribute to helping become lucid. I used no technique. I do believe that lucidity can be induced by a combination of atypical stimulus and meditation on whatever you want to dream about.

      I don't have enough success with women to pursue them so much, so I plan to try to accomplish other dream goals from now on.
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    3. A Girl

      by , 01-12-2013 at 09:26 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in a car with a girl. I was on the driver's side, but I was a passenger. The girl said, "I once dated one of you" referring to having dated a Jew. I slap/pushed her leg for saying that, but she didn't mean anything bad by it, and neither did I.

      Having pushed her leg, I "touched" her, which opened up the field for us to get more personal. We were then in a restaurant and she sat closer to me.

      Someone I know H came over and started acting like a mad man asking "WHAT IS GOING ON" and waving his hands around, then went off into the restaurant kitchen, as he was staff.

      Alone, the girl and I kissed, though that wasn't vivid, and it was only one kiss, though a long one.

      The dream faded from there.
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    4. Car and Brother; Tittle Litties

      by , 12-15-2012 at 01:37 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Car and Brother

      I had picked up a new used car. I drove it home to where I used to live with my mom. It seemed like a long drive.

      When I got there, my brother gave me a phone. It had some kind of absorbent material and it was wet. He'd been crying, his tears got all over the phone, and then he gave it to me. It was kind of gross.

      I shook out the phone to let his tears drip off. Then I noticed he was going somewhere with my kids. I didn't want them leaving with him, but they wanted to go somewhere. I told him I would drive them, but I didn't have enough gas. He said that was OK and that they were going to walk.

      I didn't like it, but I let them walk.

      The End

      I had a dream that was like an interim dream between these two dreams where I was walking through a school trying to get to the outside. I kept walking through class rooms and trying not to disturb anybody. I walked through a band class which I saw pretty clearly, and then other classes. As I made it out of the school, I tried to see a reflection of myself with a hat and sun glasses, and something else that I had on, but I couldn't find a mirror to stop at, and I kept seeing teachers looking at me. At least I was outside now.

      Tittle Litties

      I was at a friends house (M-Bub). His girl bent down and showed me her tittle litties. They were beautiful. I asked her to show me again and she said "No" but then she did show me. It wasn't the same that time, but then she started showing them to me more and I got that same good angle again.

      She kept moving them. I wanted her to just lean over and let me look at them without moving around. Then she did stay still. Fantastic! Finally, I turned around and there was her boyfriend. He asked if I got a look at them. I was scared, but he wasn't mad. He smiled, and I told him, "No, I didn't want to." My intonation me said, "No, I didn't mean to."

      I then walked away and went to a blanket on a grassy hill. There was a bunch of stuff all over it. It might have been picnic stuff. I couldn't even sit on the blanket.

      Someone asked me to bring a couple of their things over to the blanket, and I brought something to the blanket also, but I don't know what it was. The other person wanted to get away from a shark. (I guess it was a land shark )

      Then I woke up.
    5. Woman Car Salesperson

      by , 11-09-2012 at 02:11 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Woman Car Salesperson

      I was lying down holding a sexy, long dark-haired woman in a read dress with stringy fringes. Her hair was in her face. This was not a sexual thing; she was helping me select a car (?), but I ended up telling her she was beautiful, and my words changed the meaning of me holding her. Because of this, I had to move away from her to respect her.

      I did the right thing, and then she started acting very nice to me, so I started sucking on her breasts hard. Over time she turned into someone with not such a nice figure, and black instead of white. She was wearing panties, and the skin above her panty line up front looked a little flabby. My chick dream had gone sour. Then it turned into a ghetto black guy.

      While I had chosen a car, I don't remember it and never saw it. Eventually, I saw a land rover that I wished I had chosen. It was a light metallic blue. It looked so pretty. Then one side had little dents in it and I wasn't convinced after all.

      That sucked.
    6. My Brother on Skype; New/Current Job and Going to War; Boxes

      by , 04-06-2012 at 05:23 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      My Brother on Skype

      My brother was putting me down over Skype. My friend Micah from DV and our Lucid game project wrote a program that allowed me to capture and organize my brother's insults into categories. The comments were automatically filed by direct insult, insult as he spoke to someone else about me, and there were two other ways of organizing his insults.

      I had a report of two or three pages showing each comment organized under its appropriate heading. At one point I had come up with something to say back to him. I typed it in Skype. I wish I could remember what it was I said. In any case, I decided not to send the message because it would play into his plan. I am currently not talking to him, haven't for about a year, and have no intention to talk to him ever again. So, I erased the message and decided the report of his comments was enough to damn him.

      I had another dream where I was fighting my brother, but I can't remember it, so I'm just making the note here.

      New/Current Job and Going to War

      I was looking for work in the country. I've been working and thinking about my garden iwl, so I dreamed about a farm. I thought I would like it. Then I saw the workers as they bent down to spread straw or tirelessly pick vegetables. I realized it was not as romantic as I thought it would be.

      Then I was on my job driving a school bus, but in this country environment, I didn't know if I needed to turn to the left or right on this country road.

      I was eventually talking to someone in a special car. It had a boxy design, but was a luxury car, and was actually pretty nice looking. It was midnight blue. It was wide like a Bentley, and the sides were high. From the windows to the roof, it was like a second boxy level on top of the first. It was not as high and looked like a chop-top design. First it was a Jaguar, but I think it eventually was a Rolls or a Bentley because it just didn't have the styling of a Jag at all.

      The guy inside was telling me about the car. He said it was designed to carry different types of people. There was one seat that was kind of separated from the others as it had a shower in it. You would sit in the seat and, you could clean off. That seat also was for the nerdy type as there was information on the inside of the car that would allow you to compare pricing on that car versus other cars. It was a nerdy thing because of numbers-crunching.

      The other seats were more for diplomats or something. It was absolute prestige for the owner of the car, and luxury for the riders.

      I then ended up talking to a guy in the same location, in an almost empty parking lot. Everyone was leaving. I was explaining that I didn't know which way to go. He said I just had to find the school my way, so I decided I would just go to the right and find it.

      Then we started talking about how I was going to be going to war, and he was my commanding officer. I felt like I would never advance because I have such a poor memory and poor sense of direction. I started trying to improve his perception of my by touting my previous accomplishments in web design.

      I then started telling him that while I used to be afraid of war, I have changed my attitude. I figured, I may very well die in the war, so I might as well fight with courage and die valiantly. I started really feeling ready to fight for our cause.

      More Boxes

      There was a building that was being foreclosed on. There was some kind of a structure under which the owner had built these box structures with plexiglass walls and wood frames. They built a tower underneath whatever the other structure was--some kind of an open fountain or sculpture.

      I wanted some of the boxes, but I was afraid because they belonged to the owner. A guy who was with me said it didn't matter, and threw a couple of them to the side. This is reminiscent of the dream I had yesterday where there was a tower type structure of multiple cages for small rodents stacked atop eachother.
    7. No Car; No Boat

      by , 11-22-2011 at 03:17 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      No Car

      I had a car. I was listening to something on the radio, then it became the Silver Sun Pickups. I heard the lyric and kind of the tune. That is good for me in my dreams.

      I was having some trouble with the car and it became my daughter's bicycle, low tire and all. I was having trouble rolling. Someone mentioned Jerry Bell (?). I said to them that my Dad had played (harmonica) with Jerry Bell. Everyone at this point was on a bicycle.

      I started riding on, then I was going down the street without a mode of transportation, but I was cruising down the street. This was really weird. I was lying down as if on a skateboard on my stomach, but there was no skateboard. I wasn't so much levitating, but rather the tips of my toes were keeping me up, or my left hand was, while I used my right to push the road back, propelling myself forward. I was moving pretty well, but up a hill I slowed down and had to stand up, just as I would have to with a skateboard, though again, I didn't have one. I knew it was strange in my dream, but I didn't question it either.

      No Boat

      I was floating, bobbing in the ocean. I didn't need to exert any energy; I just floated. Other's were in the ocean also, bobbing along.

      I was concerned about sharks, so I asked a guy if there was a code among us (floaters). The guy didn't understand what I was asking, so I said, "Is there a word I shouldn't say?" I thought maybe nobody wanted to say the word "shark" as it was bad luck.

      The guy figured out what I was talking about and said, "You need to use that phone over there." Then it was like a pool where I could get out a man-made edge and go over to a yellow phone that hung on the wall.

      The End
    8. Ready to Fight

      by , 06-26-2011 at 04:40 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in a restaurant and recognized characters in white or yellowish hoodies. They were going to kill
      me and someone that I was with. I tried to get my friends attention to warn them. I don't think I was
      able to warn them, but I got up and left the room before the evil people could kill me.

      I was in a building that had lots of rooms because I kept running through different rooms to get away.
      On two occasions, two small men would come through an open doorway to get me. Instead of running away,
      I ran after them. They weren't expecting that and they ended up running away. Then a single guy came
      through an open doorway. I ran after him and surprised, he ran away too.

      Then I was at my dad's old house. I had a '65 limmo/charger in the garage. I was with 3 women in some
      kind of costumes. One was a '50s waitress or something. Then there was one that I really liked, but I don't
      remember what she was wearing. I think she was in black. Then there was another lady that I don't remember
      anything about.

      I commented on how odd it was that I was with three women.

      My dad lived on a corner, so as we walked up one street, we had to pass the other street that ran along my
      dad's house. I told the ladies I would come back for them. I went up to my dad's house trying not to be
      noticed by the bad guys. I made it up to the garage where I saw my dad. My dad used to be
      a trigger to lucid dreaming, but not so much lately.

      My dad was showing me cap guns I could use to scare the bad guys. Then the guns he was offering became shrapnel guns.
      The idea was like a .22 where there was a small projectile, but still a low caliber weapon. I thought it would be weak compared
      to what the bad guys had.

      My dad started showing me knives then. I thought that was worse than the guns. Then, when I decided I should at least get a
      couple shrapnel guns, I found the knives more accessible. I loaded up on throwing knives.

      I went over to the car in the garage. I uncovered it and got in. I was hoping it would start because it looked as though it had been
      parked for some time. Before I got a chance to drive it and pick up the girls I was supposed to pick up, I dream-skipped.

      I was in a house where the bad guys were still after me. I was looking out windows waiting for them. I had a shotgun. I was going to
      be ready to blow them away. I decided that they would likely shoot a machine gun through the windows before they even got to my
      place, so I found a window that they would hit last. I positioned myself so I could blow them away.

      I remember cocking my shotgun. There was a handle on the shotgun slide I had to pull back and push back forward.

      That was the end of the dream, but I had a hard time getting my shotgun ready, and I remember feeling great that I was ready. I
      also remember taking a practice shot, but it may have been a mental practice shot.
    9. Trying to Get Onto The Road

      by , 05-18-2011 at 03:15 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in a car I used to own. Possibly a VW Jetta. I was parked in a spot that was very cramped.
      I tried to get around an obstacle, and I did, but then I was presented with another obstacle.
      I went down a little bank, around a tree, to get to a lower drive. I thought everything was fine,
      but then there were other cars blocking me. I couldn't seem to get to a clear area where I could

      I finally made it to a garage where my Jetta was. Yea, I know. So, I talk to the mechanic and he
      tells me that a flood got the car and I needed to replace the battery. In waking life, water gets on
      the glow plug of diesels I think if you go through a puddle, but if it is not a diesel, water can still
      make your car conk out.

      Then I was on top of the car that needed to be fixed. Two friends took a hand and helped me
      jump down.
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