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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. #54 The Management Company / Bone Child; #55 - Lucid Instructor; #56 - Girls

      by , 03-31-2013 at 12:44 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Night Full of Dreams

      I was with an old friend G. We were debating which way to go to get somewhere. I at least went a certain way which led me to a concert hall. I had to go through the hall and exit the other side to continue.

      I was going down by stepping over the seats. At the bottom, the MC said that this was a reverse concert (or something) so that if your name started with a certain letter, one composer would be playing, and if your name started with another letter, another composer would play. Then, when they were finished, the composers would switch and play for the other group of people.

      #54 - The Management Company / Bone Child

      I was with my father and possibly my brother. We were in a store, but it was very dark, and there was some type of show going on at one side of the store.

      I was by the show and said to my brother I think, "Let's go." Then a drug dealer said, "OK. What do you want? I have a lot of stuff, but I may not have what you want."

      I think I told him that I wasn't talking to him and I don't want anything. Then I found my dad and relayed the story of how this guy just assumed I was talking to him and tried to sell me drugs.

      I saw a fringed leather jacket on a rack, then on a guy wearing that jacket. Then I saw it on another rack with a fur-lined hood. It looked worse every time I saw it.

      It was some time around here I started to leave with my dad, and then outside, 3 guys came up to us. We were sitting and they were standing up. The stood too close to us. I waited a minute, but they were standing with their junk in my face, so I pushed one away at the leg and told him he was too close to me. The three guys took offense, and they said they new they were standing close, but they said we had done something.

      Now my brother was around. We were in a different place, but the guys were around me and standing close. I signaled to him to be ready for these guys and we started to fight them...kind of. It may have been a mental thing, like I dealt with them mentally in my dream, just working out what we needed to do, but never had to do it.

      It was about now that these people were employees of the store. They were wearing blue shirts with white lettering that said, "The Management Company." I was appalled that the store would hire these thugs. I then became lucid, but I didn't have the control over the dreamscape that I usually do.

      I asked one girl her name because I wanted to hold her accountable. There hadn't been a girl until now. She told me her name was Bone Child. I tried to make sense of that and realized she gave me her cult name. "The Management Company" wouldn't know her by that name. That pissed me off.


      I wake up in bed and start writing "The Management Company / Bone Child" on a sticky note so I don't forget my dream. I don't want to log it though, so I just write down enough to remember the dream.

      I look again and realize that the writing is gone. I write it again, but realize I'm dreaming, so it isn't going to stay anyway. Since I can't make the lettering stick, I try to verbalize the dream title (as though that would help anything. I just had the need to own the title so I would remember the dream.

      I said, "The Management Company / Bone Child" in a demonic voice. I didn't mean for it to sound that way, but I was having a hard time getting it out as I was actually dreaming. Then my wife got upset because of how I said it.

      At this point, I either woke up and started to SSILD cycle or I started to cycle from within an FA to go back to bed. I started with the eyes and immediately started to buzz. I came out of it and cycled again and started buzzing again. The visuals were typical--heightened awareness of bright spots.

      I relaxed and had

      #55 - Lucid Instructor

      I was with my brother. I told him we were in a dream. He said, "Hey, yeah!" I told him to count his fingers and he counted six.

      I didn't really conjure it, but I wanted a Ferrari and it was there. We got in and I was trying to drive, but it wouldn't go faster than 2 miles per hour or something stupid like that. That sucked.

      Driving down a small street, I saw police at a house. I was going to check it out with my brother, but decided to drive on. We stopped at another house. We walked up to it. I held his hand and said, "OK, phase through." I walked through and pulled him through. There were two old couples in the house. I introduced myself to an old man as though we were invited, but it didn't work. They asked if we were going to take their house (meaning all their stuff.) I told them "No."

      I told my brother to phase through the ceiling now. I wanted to get out of that place. It was beat. Now we were in another building. It was like a museum or something. I said, OK, now run on the walls. He didn't really want to, but he followed me and we ran on these curved walls. Then I said, now fly! Just jump and fly! I started to fly. I guess my brother followed.

      Then I decided, OK, it's time to show him girls.

      I woke up, or had an FA

      I cycled again and slipped back into the dream

      #56 - Girls

      Where I saw a girl from high school. She was a false memory. She really stood out from the other girls she was with. She had red hair and make-up (which I usually don't like), and large breasts.

      I called her name, she came over, and I laid her down and started kissing her. Then I was somewhere else and found a brunette. Odd looking, but I thought she was attractive. I took her though she wasn't interested. I pulled up her shirt, felt her breast, and woke up.

      This night was awesome. Cycling from within a dream was a sure way to lucid. Kick ass!

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    2. #52 ToTM March 2013

      by , 03-06-2013 at 11:42 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I think I did the ToTM. After reading a dream from Canis Lucidus, I had a dream as said, "What is one thing you wish; I'll grant it" or "...I'll make it happen."

      The Perfect Pecan, then The Perfect Goodmorning

      I was with my dad. He was alive again. I told him that I wanted to talk to him as soon as he was done. I think he was performing or something. He said OK. I was so excited to finally tell him how much I miss him. It's the same dream I have of him every time, and it seems more real every time.

      He eventually told me he had a virus. I thought, "Oh-h-h-h-h!." I knew it could kill him because of his weak condition.

      I got a call from my brother's old room mate I Chin Tong. I answered the phone and he asked for me. I said it was me. He wanted a replacement of a green rug I had gotten him to design his home. I leaned back in my chair until I was lying down, told him I'd find him one with a psychedelic pattern, winked at this kid who I thought must think I was pretty cool, and then...

      Dream Skip

      My son and daughter are pulling out huge tomato plants. I'm disappointed that they are doing this, but it is for the owner of a house we are at. The plants are now Sweet Gum trees and I understand the motivation now.

      I'm at E's house. I saw her so vividly. Then her husband came home which was weird because it was so early, he had just gotten to work! I was nervous he would suspect something for me being over there so early. Instead he went out on the back porch and asked if I wanted help with a project I'm working on. I went out, happy not to be nervous anymore.

      Then he was talking to me about coaching a kids soccer team for 7 and 8 or 8 and 9 year olds' but we were outside somewhere else. I figured what grades that would be and told him his job would be getting the kids to work together more so than to win games. He said "Never mind then." I tried to convince him not to give up his idea. (This may have been residue from my idea last night to "put on a shirt" for the cub scouts and be a leader.

      I then realized I was dreaming, and started looking for E again. I spent a moment looking for her and realized that I should try a better lucid goal. BrandonBoss inspired me to re-evaluate my dream goals on this point.

      I decided to do my personal goal which was to enter my childhood nightmare. I found myself in a room with a bunch of people. I went to ask a guy with long hair and acne where...I didn't like this guy. I turned and there he was again...and again. What an annoying DC.

      I found someone else--ah, it was a high school friend P. C., and asked, "Where can I find the Circle Demon." He looked at me weird and said, "The Circle Demon?" I said "Yea, The Circle Demon," repeating it more to stay focused than to be sarcastic back to him.

      He told me "At the Perfect Pecan." I think I repeated that and said, is that upstairs?" I started going upstairs. There was a box from Hell Bound on his stairs and everything was kind of black. He said, "No, I'm in a band." I started getting frustrated. I said, "Where can I find it?" He said, "The Perfect Good Morning."

      I decided to look for one of these places. I had trouble phasing through a wall (what is my problem phasing lately?" A DC chuckled at me for trying and then I got a boost of confidence and went through it with a thankful, "Hah!"

      I flew and ended up in a food court. This was vivid. Nobody was there, then I saw a guy starting to set up his restaurant. I decided to go to another guy setting his place up. Then I decided to ask about a wish. I said, "What is one thing you wish. I'll grant it." Or, "...I'll make it happen." He just questioned me, "One wish? I don't know." I asked the other shop-keeper. He never said anything.

      I walked to a patron and she said, "I'd like a box of Perfect Pancakes." I tried to conjure it by clapping my hands or something. I tried pulling the box of pancakes out of the floor with no luck. I thought of what Canis had said. "I still got this," though I didn't say that. I tried what he or Xanous had said about pulling it out of my pocket, but there was only a tissue. I felt bad, but I knew (that I thought) I had still fulfilled my obligation to ask and try to grant a DC one wish.

      The End

      I had waken up before this dream and did one partial cycle for SSILD. I found myself in darkness which I tried to fly through per Canis. It worked. The timing of this dream may be a bit off.

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    3. Visit With My Dad

      by , 02-08-2013 at 08:57 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Visit With My Dad

      I was on a roller coaster kind of ride, but instead of normal cars, I was on a piece of my father's furniture. I was sitting with my boy. My dad was in front of me and he was probably sitting with my brother.

      We were slowly climbing up into the trees. Some were Oak trees, or similarly nice hardwoods, and every so often there was a Dogwood. They were beautiful. You could see where they were in the forest before you got to them because they had pink or white flowers, but in the dream, the flowers were like gumballs. It was a great perspective to see the trees up high on a ride.

      Dream Skip

      I'm at the side of a bed about to get in. I notice a stain on the sheet that looks nasty. I tell the person in bed about it. We're looking closely at it now. I see it is still fresh and spreading. That is really nasty. I'm not getting in this bed.

      Dream Skip

      I'm in bed with my dad again. I tell him that I wish I could buy 10 acres and level it. Then I would plant nothing but Oaks, Elms, Dogwoods, and other nice trees, and the only trees I would let grow would be nice trees. I would put something down on the ground to block other trees from growing. (This is something I wish I could do IWL. It is straight from a waking wish).

      I asked my dad if he has lucid dreams. Then I said, "Yeah, you do. We've had this discussion before," (this was a false memory). Then I told him that I just wanted to have a cup of coffee with him. (I recently told someone IWL that that is all I want from my dad, nothing fancy--just to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee.)

      My dream ended right there. This is typical. I made the salient point and so my dream ends.


      I'm with my brother. He's telling me that someone (who is on a radio show) wants him to call. He said that he has asked him to call any time he's feeling down.

      I tried to tell my brother about my dream with dad because it made me so sad. My brother didn't care. I started telling him anyway. I told him that I told dad that "While he was alive, I just wanted to have a cup of coffee with him." I also told him about the Dogwood trees with gumball flowers.

      Dream Skip

      I'm driving down the road and see someone's car is overheating. I want to get him some antifreeze, but he's so close to the store he can get it himself.

      I end up going in a store for some reason anyway, but there is nobody or anything I need, so I leave. Now there is a doorman taking money and letting people in. He ends up telling me nobody sneaks in. I told him I didn't sneak in. I just walked right in. Then he came after me. He was black.

      A white punkish guy saw me running and threw a can at the black guy to help me get away. Then the black guy had some friends coming after me too. The black guy got the can and threw it back at me. The white guy gave me another can to throw back. The new can was empty, but I retrieved the other can and it had some liquid in it. That would hurt! I threw it at the guy.

      I started running away and made it to the white guy who is now with a friend. They are now against me. They did some weird maneuver where they set up a punch and both hit me at the same time. It was a memory from a hit in a football game or something IWL.

      This part of the dream was really vivid.
    4. Dad; Lost

      by , 01-18-2013 at 04:46 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I lit up a cigarette and took a drag. IWL I quit 20 years ago. My father came home so I ran out of the house. I was afraid because I wasn't supposed to smoke in the house.

      I told him, "I won't do it again." Then he was smoking too. Then I came up to him and neither of us were smoking. I was so excited to see him, I tried to explain how important it was that I connect with him this time. I knew that I'd had other chances and never could connect with him. I kind of knew that I'd been seeing him in dreams, but I didn't really put it all together.

      The dream ended there.


      I was looking for a party and got lost driving. I turned around and found my way back. Being lost on dream roads was really weird.

      I got to the party and found a couple of my old bosses there. I felt out of place with one because he holds a much, much higher position than I ever did, but just as I was feeling that way, he hugged me.

      At that point, he turned into an unresponsive DC. We separated, and the dream ended.
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    5. Dad; Repairing my Truck / Vacation / Pond

      by , 01-10-2013 at 10:06 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      My dad was sitting up in Bed. We was at the end of his life, but when he was able to talk and eat normally.

      I told him I'd been wanting to tell him so many things, and now that he was back I could finally tell him.


      Repairing my Truck / Vacation / The Pond

      I was with M. S. and we were having a good time. I needed to fix my truck. It needed a red tailgate. I got the job done, but wasn't sure it was good quality so I gave the tailgate away.

      Then I came back to get the job done again. I was embarrassed because I was coming back after the job had been done already.

      The mechanic cranks up the car. The radio is blasting, so I told him I could turn the radio down if he wanted. He starts to sing the song that was on to let me know that he knows music and doesn't mind loud music just because he's old.

      I started talking to Mike about going to someone's sister's beach. I imagined a scene of a nice white beach. I asked someone for a cigarette. They gave me a whole pack. I ran it back to the guy because I didn't need a whole pack.

      When I opened it, there was only one cigarette, but I really only saw a bunch of tobacco at the bottom of the box.

      Now we are really pressed for time. I ran back to the truck but now it was a boat, and it had sunk into a holding pool where it was parked.

      There was a bunch of stuff in the boat. I wanted to bring it up without everything falling out. I tried to crank the boat while it was under water. I pulled the string like a lawn mower to crank it. The guy I was with told me, "No, get one of them" or something, pointing at some monkeys. There were some monkeys that had been trained to do this in some movie. He thought a monkey could do a better job cranking it because they were stronger.

      Dream skip

      We made it to our destination. I approach the side of a yard where there are bird nests stacked about 5 high, one on top of each other. I saw some of the birds dart into their nest holes.

      I approached wanting to see the birds. The lady who owned them came out. I hoped she wouldn't be mad that I was looking / disturbing them.

      Dream Skip

      Then I was at a pond. There were small looking galaxies in the pond. Then they were 3 different kinds of fish. One was like a leach. I think it was called a Cutter. There was a little round thing, and there was some other type of fish/organism. I wanted to catch them, but they would all bite, so I left them alone.
    6. Dad; M.J.

      by , 10-27-2012 at 03:32 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was in my basement. There were other people with me. We were looking through some stuff of my dad's. One guy was asking how a harmonica worked. (My dad taught harmonica IWL.) I started explaining the button on the Chromatic and the half tones. I compared it to a piano. The piano was cut in half like an organ with two levels. I tried to play a scale but it didn't sound right.

      There was one older man who started explaining the harmonica a little bit. He picked up one of my dad's old chromatics and started playing it. His profile view looked just like my dad. I said so, and almost started crying. I said, "I want him here now!" When everyone was gone I did start crying and I said it again.


      I was with MJ. I was on a skateboard, lying down, and he was on my back. We were going to go somewhere. I ended up leaving him somewhere, but we were supposed to be together.

      I was skating back to look for him and was nervous about the hill. My trucks were always loose IWL and I didn't want to get the speed wobbles. I could see cracks in the sidewalk.

      I passed someone who asked if I was whistling, and I said that I was. She commented that she liked boobie gluers. (That was people who stared at boobies.)

      I skated, turned a corner, and saw a large, black duely, which caused me to turn sharply, and my skateboard went off a little bank almost going into a creek. I reached down to get it. I could barely reach the back of the skateboard with my index and middle finger.

      As I picked up the skateboard, it slipped out of my fingers. I REALLY didn't want it to go into the creek because it would have been very difficult to fish it out. I considered how it would create a memory for me if it did go into the creek. That's how I used to think when I did ride a skateboard.

      My skateboard almost went into the creek after slipping out of my fingers, but I was spared. I could barely reach it now, but I stretched and got it between my two fingers again. I barely brought it up.

      Then I saw my friend had a white station-waggon, but he wanted to save gas money, which is why he was riding on my back on the skateboard.
    7. Dad

      by , 10-08-2012 at 05:13 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      Yesterday I dreamed that I was with my dad. I told him how happy I was that he was alive. I told him I must have dreamed he had died, and there was so much I had wanted to tell him, and now I had the chance.

      I told him about what I've been studying in nutrition. IWL, I often think about how I wish I could have shared diet tips with him to fight his prostate cancer. He was into diet and would have listened.

      Today I dreamed of him again. I told him I had dreamed of him the night before. I don't remember more, but I feel as though I hugged him and told him about the dream the night before, and that it turned out he really did die, so I was glad that he was alive.
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    8. Tiny Lights; Eating; Giant Horses; Base Guitar Guys; God spoke to me

      by , 08-01-2012 at 01:36 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Tiny Lights
      A few nights ago I dreamed I saw lights in the sand the size of a grain of sand. They were blue and green and maybe yellow. I scooped up some sand and got several in my hand. I tried to sift the sand out of my hand leaving just the lights.

      This is residue from my fiber optic interests.


      Over that last few days I had a dream where I was eating fish and one where I was eating a snow cone being very mindful of the texture.

      The fish leathery on one side, but tender on the other. I wanted the tender, flaky part. The one where I was eating the snow cone was residue of doing a lot of research on shaved ice machines for a snow cone trailer I'm thinking about buying.

      Two giant horse-like creatures were moving towards eachother sideways. I was between them. A girl helped me get up one to avoid being smooshed. It was buff colored.

      I was on my stomach over the horses back trying to get over it more so I would be positioned more evenly.

      The horse then started walking around a center structure. I thought when it came full circle, I might be able to get off.

      Dream Skip

      I was in a room trying to sleep. I looked outside and there were 4 guys playing base guitar. I remember all of them had bases with different shapes and color. I kept looking for a guy with a white bass, but he wasn't there.

      Dream Skip

      Then I heard God talking to me (I'm not a God person). I was so happy that God finally indicated he wanted a "relationship" with me. In my belief system, invisible things have to some how make themselves perceived, or I must some how discover them, to believe in them.

      So there I was. God was talking to me. He told me I needed to start talking to my Mom again. This bothered me, but I thought that if God wanted me to do it, that was easy enough to achieve.

      I decided to make amends with my Mom, but then it was my Dad that I was going to make up with. I used to fight with my dad all the time.

      I found myself up on a hill looking down at my Dad's house (it was different than in waking life). My brother was coming out, fighting with my dad. I needed to figure out how to get in the house without being notice so I could get some stuff and get out.

      Dream skip to some other location. I asked a woman if God had ever spoken to her. She said "Yes." I told her God just spoke to me, but I mean SPOKE to me for real. I heard it!

      She said, yea, he's Irish. I said, "YEAH! HE'S IRISH!"...and then I remembered his voice as being Irish, which it wasn't when I heard him.

      I don't believe in God any more after that dream, but it was awesome having such a dream. This was the second intense dream about God that I've had.
    9. A Girl's Test Drive Adventure; Women

      by , 07-15-2012 at 11:20 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Girl's Test Drive Adventure

      I was walking down a hallway. Someone was behind me. I acted out my thoughts as if a I had some for of terrets. I was nervous, and was thinking about punching the person, so I turned around and and punched, though I pulled my punch. When I realized it was a girl, I felt really bad.

      She was a cute blond with medium length hair. She was sad and I felt bad I had reacted nervously like that. We came up to a door leading out and I said, "Let me at least open the door for you.

      The girl was upset. Outside I realized she was being bothered by the mob. A gutter from a house was across her car, and she was now driving it towards me. Now I'm in the car with her and someone else. We have had someone install new parts for a lot of money.

      Now there is a guy in the car showing us the new steering wheel. It is supposed to be really nice and offer super comfortable, responsive steering. I am very fond of the girl.

      She continues driving. Testing the car, she goes through some tight spaces at a Krystals and a bank. We went through the parking lot and ended up at McDonalds.

      In McDonald's I have a false memory of a cute, heavyset worker. She had short hair and was cute. She liked me. She tells manager and another girl behind the counter that she likes me. Then she is on my side of the counter washing something in sink that would be in the back. She complains about her work just to have something to say to me.

      I tell her she's doing a good job. She hugs me. I took the opportunity to hug her back, close and tight.

      I really don't want to because she's too big for my taste, but she is cute, so I hug her and push into her. Then we break away.

      I see the manager. We know each other, but he is also a false memory. I've come in there with my wife. I'm afraid he'll say something to my wife.

      Now I'm in a car-parts store attached to the McDonalds. Whole Lotta Love is playing through really bad speakers which I also remember as a false memory. I sense the grime everywhere. I think that the poor quality speakers make appropriate distortion for the song where Plant is moaning, but makes the song, but it ruins the song (That is not how I feel in waking life).

      Now I'm ordering and paying for a $6.00 part for my car, while a friend is ordering a cheap part for his car. I look at his receipt to see where I'm supposed to sign.

      The End


      I had my face up to my wife's lower region. As if she had to v's, I cupped one in one hand, and the other in my other hand. I thought about licking her.


      I called for my father and he answered. I quickly realized that it was too good to be true. I called again and he answered again. I should have gone lucid because I knew that he couldn't be answering.

      I discussed it with my brother and asked if he heard Dad answering. He said "Yes." I called again. I don't think he answered again.

      I tried to imagine myself going back to sleep holding a J. M. from my childhood. I couldn't make that happen.

      Later I dreamed that a black girl needed consolation. She hugged me and brought me to her bed. She wanted a little. I started kissing the top of one of her breasts and liked it. I was going to try to get more of it, but I woke up or quit dreaming.

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    10. Reading My Dad's Book; The Dead Preacher's Wife; The Vampires

      by , 06-29-2012 at 03:03 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Reading My Dad's Book

      My father never actually wrote a book, but he wrote a lot, and talked about writing a screenplay IWL.

      I was reading a book my dad wrote. It had just come back from the printer.

      I was able to make out the words very well, though I only read one sentence. I was busy editing in my mind. Much of the book had been printed the way my dad used to print--all caps. I began noticing letters were transposed, and then I noticed that not all of the sentences were all caps. I wanted to 'tell my dad that he should have let me edit his work before sending it to the printer.

      I tried to not be the editor for my dads big day, so I started to just read. I read a sentence that ended up making sense, but deserved a rewrite. It was something like, "He didn't put 'He didn't do it on purpose..."

      As I read it, I worked out the logic that it actually made sense. It wasn't dream-logic.

      The End

      The Preacher and his Wife Divorce

      The news was covering the death of a preacher's wife. I was viewing the coverage on-site. The camera panned all around a yard that was flooded on 3 sides. The camera didn't show the fourth side of the house. The water was muddy red.

      Then preacher had passed. She was alone and dealing with the estate. The newscaster asked the woman what she was wearing. The preacher's wife said, "A necklace." She wanted another one because her husband rarely got her anything...or something like that.

      Dream skip

      I'm in the same house, but now there is a girl and a vampire. The girl had just been bitten that day. She was starting to feel weird and was freaking out. She was getting upset. The man wasn't mad at her for being upset because he knew she was now a vampire because of him. He tried to comfort her.

      They were lying down on a marble floor to go to sleep. They had no bed, sheets, pillows, or anything. He kept getting closer to her to comfort her. It seems that scene played out twice.

      Dream skip

      The girl is just a girl. She had short blond hair. She was kind of cute. Apparently she had been dancing the night before, but I missed it. I think I'd been drunk and fell asleep. I told her that I would like to see her dance (naked was not the implication). I told her I thought she was really pretty and I didn't get to see her dance the night before.

      She asked if I really wanted to see her dance. I said I would love to, so she got up and shook her hips right there in preparation to get up where she was going to go to dance.

      When she walked to where she was going to dance, she disappeared. Two guys then came out of an adjacent room. I was waiting for the girl to come out.

      One of the guys then stood making himself look really funny. He bowed his legs and separated them really far. This made his legs really thin and long, and made his body short and high up off the ground. I laughed out loud in my dream.

      Eventually the girl came back out, but she looked like a female version of one of the guys...and too much like a guy. I completely lost interest and my dream ended.

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    11. Cows in the Flowers; What is Spinning me in Bed?

      by , 06-25-2012 at 06:33 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Cows in the Flowers

      I dreamed there was an island of flowers in my yard. Three cows were on the little garden area. There wasn't even room on the flower bed for them to turn around, but they stayed right there.

      What is Spinning me in Bed?
      I felt as though I was spinning by the feet in bed. I opened my eyes (in my dream) to see if I really was spinning. I seemed to be in my bed straight.

      I closed my eyes again and paid attention to my body. I really started to spin. Not fast--I simply felt myself moving in a circle as though someone took my feet and was spinning me around.

      I thought it was satan, my ex step-mother, or my Dad. All should have been dream signs, and opening my dream eyes should have been a hint that I was dreaming. Oh well.

      Trying not to think about Satan (I don't believe in the devil iwl), I called out the name of my ex step-mother. I saw a silhouette of her, but there was a little light showing her dark skin color.

      I called out to my Dad.

      This is the third dream in the last few weeks where I kind of knew I was dreaming or that something was not real or not right.

      Dream skip

      I was at a party for a really rich guy. At first I was out doors. His property was huge. It felt like a college campus with grassy areas leading to a wall with a 2 foot drop, then a large walkway laid with brick.

      I ended up going with a guy inside. I had a beer that tasted like pink ginger-ale. We went in a room looking for something. I set my beer down, and when we left, I realized I had left my beer in the room.

      I went back to look for it and couldn't find it. I went to a back room and couldn't find it. I went back to a bathroom and looked around and finally found it.

      I then asked the guy I was with if he wanted something. He said he wanted a quesa dilla with four pieces of something. I then had a small, home made tortilla in my hand with 4 pieces of cheese. I went into a back bathroom to put it together with onion or something. My friend D's wife was in the bedroom. I was hoping she would show me a little something. She never did.
    12. My Dumb-ass Brother Being a Dumb-ass

      by , 05-07-2012 at 04:08 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      My Dumb-ass Brother Being a Dumbass

      I was with my dumb-ass brother, and my dream-sign, which did not kick me lucid, my father. My brother had pissed me off. My father told me that if there was any hitting or striking, that person would be out.

      I pointed at my brother, and eventually poked him in the face with my finger, pushing him. I pushed him in the chest with my finger. I was so pissed, because he is such a prick.

      My brother stood there so calmly and said, "You see what's happening?" or something like that, to my dad. I explained to my dad by drawing a circle on the bed, "These are the THINGS that he does to piss me of..." I made a dot on the bed with my finger "...and this is my anger at those THINGS--but that's not even what I'm mad about. I'm mad about his attitude about me being mad!"

      I haven't spoken to my brother in a year. Every time I am with him he pisses me off, and a year after not speaking to him, he pisses me off in my dreams. What a prick

      Luckily, during the day I don't give him a seconds thought. What is interesting is that I just now realized that last night, I slept in a shirt his wife gave me. I think I'll burn the shirt. It was only given to me because my shirt had gotten wet one day.
    13. Trying to Help

      by , 04-08-2012 at 03:32 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Trying to Help

      I see my first girlfriend walking in with a heavy pack on her back. She was leading a cattle drive and was beat. Lots of people were coming in, but she was one of the main people in charge.

      I asked her if I could take her pack. She asked why, probably cause she was already almost to her room or whatever. She just looked so tired, I wanted to take it. Her pack was huge--stuff all over her back.

      When she asked why I wanted to take it, I remembered something I read on enlightenment. I thought about telling her, but it was too much to go through. When she asked "Why," I just answered, "Why not?"

      Someone then asked me if I would "take this." It was some metal object. I said, "OK." Then the guy turned and walked away. I asked, "Where should I take it? How far?" He said, "Five miles." I said, "I can't take it that far." The guy walked away and didn't seem to hear me.

      I tried to get his attention, but now he was ignoring me or something. He didn't understand me. I asked if he spoke Spanish in Spanish. He didn't answer. I told him in Spanish I couldn't take the object. He had that blank look on his face.

      I tried to motion with my hands I was not going to take it and the deal was off.

      Dream Skip

      Bruce Lee was fighting Dr. Oz, who apparently knew Karate. Bruce did some weird power-up scream. His body and face contorted a bit, then he ran at Dr. Oz and beat the shit out of him before Dr. Oz could move a muscle, though he was still standing.

      Dream Skip

      There was some fighting competition that wasn't fair. It was some weird games scenario with people who were skilled fighters and in control of the game.

      There was this weird thing that played out twice. Someone had to fight someone from a lower level. It was not a fair fight. A boss type person said, "OK, you don't have to fight them." When the less skilled fighter feels a bit of relief, they realize that now they have to fight someone above the other person--the bosses boss.

      So, in the second fight like this, I watch it unfold. First this girl has to fight her boss, a guy. She gets a reprieve, and then finds she has to fight the guys boss, a woman. She had a weird red head thing on. it was like a padded tube that fit around the sides of her head.

      I somehow got involved. I was not looking forward to fighting her, but I was going to. Then I started feeling more confident. I controlled one of her weapons, though it was like her clothes or something. The she said, "Aaah, I can kick you!" She was wearing boots with heals and some kind of fur jacket. Very sexy.

      I put my foot on the underside of her boot and pulled it off. Then the same with the other boot. Then I got on top of her and started kissing her face. This was wonderful. It didn't get too hot though.

      Dream Skip

      I was talking to my dad and told him that I wanted to tell him about my dreams of him because he's gone now, and while I had the chance, I wanted to let him know that I dream about him and always wish I could tell him I love him.

      Dream Skip

      I beat the shit out of my older and bigger dickhead brother. A family elder was mad at me for cussing and for being violent. I told her that I would blow up the fucking world!

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    14. My Dad; An Old Fling

      by , 10-20-2011 at 08:29 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I dreamed of my father last night. I was so happy to see him. At the time it made sense that he was alive. I hugged him and cried. We saw a beautiful mountain scene and I told him we should go there, or Unicoi (where we went when I was a child) for a last chance to enjoy and not argue. He said OK.


      I was with an old fling SB. She was playing with her underwear in a way that showed herself. I started playing a game with her where I pulled her skin. It allowed me to reveal her more and touch her where I wanted. It was really nice, but I woke up after a few times touching her.
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      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Trucking; Buying a New House

      by , 07-05-2011 at 04:13 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I dreamed I was driving to my last destination in trucking.
      Along the way I ended up at a house I was looking at buying
      or it was my father's second wife's house. She was somehow
      in the dream.

      All of the above comes straight from what is
      happening in my waking life.
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