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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. Neighbor's House (Lucid)

      by , 02-12-2013 at 10:45 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in a second house of ours. I got in bed.
      There was nice art around the house.

      Dream Skip

      In bed, a skateboard gang was skating outside. The sliding glass window was open. They came closer, so I had to say something, but I was afraid because they could gain entry.

      I said hello, and I used to skate, but they can't come in. One guy came down and walked in my room. I pretended to get a gun, then remembered my dad's old knife. I got it for real, went up to him and stabbed him.

      Dream Skip

      Now I'm in my Dad's old house. I realize that I shouldn't be here because the house was actually sold, and I realize I'm dreaming. I can't leave fast enough. Remembering a discussion I had with CanisLucidius, I jump and phase through the door with ease.

      I decide to go to a neighbor's and make it with her. I fly down the lawn and there are flowers in a garden on the left and right. I take them all in. What a beautiful path to the neighbor's! It was two large beds of Asiatic lilies.

      I don't want to lose lucidity, so I say, "I am lucid" as I fly. I get to the neighbor's door, and with haste, I phase right through. I fly to where I know the bedroom door is. I have my father's knife. I lay it on the bed. I see everything so clearly. Her underwear, others in bed...no problem. I do what I want from the back. It isn't quite right so I pull her blue and white underwear to the side and continue.

      The guy wakes up. I don't want this to ruin anything. He suspects something and moves closer. I back-hand him in the face and he stays on that side of the bed. The chick says, "Well that was something!"

      I flip her over and try to put it in. She puts her fingers in to get it ready. I don't want to lose lucidity so I go ahead and put it in and start to make it with her. I see her so plainly. I touch her while I'm doing her, enjoying the way her skin feels.

      I woke up.

      I don't know if SSILD worked, but that is the technique I used. I used it after waking up to use the bathroom, so it was the right time also. I then thought about what I wanted to dream about. I don't know if it was the technique or not, but it certainly worked out exactly how I wanted and better. This was the best, most controlled, most vivid, longest lucid I've possibly ever had.

      BTB now. Good night.

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    2. Lucid February ToTM Attempt; Germany; OGFJx3; Vaulting; 260z Maniac

      by , 02-03-2013 at 10:51 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lucid February ToTM Attempt

      I was driving a boss in my truck down the highway. The windshield fogged up, so I rolled down the window a little. I started having trouble staying in my lane, but I got it together. I felt as though I was drunk or tired.

      Then I got off on the wrong exit. I started trying to work my way back onto the highway. I got over one lane and started going back onto the highway, but then the road took me a different way. I was afraid it was the wrong way on a one-way street. I kept going until the road ended when I realized I was dreaming.

      I then drove off the road, phasing through a chain link fence. Then I wasn't in the car anymore. I was afraid I was going to wake up, so I closed my dream eyes and started floating in blackness. I settled back into a deeper sleep, but then I was afraid I would lose lucidity, so I started saying, "Task of the month. Task of the month."

      After two repetitions of that, I was ready to begin. What was the task of the month? Look for a dream flower and give it to a DC. Great! I started flying around looking at a WINTER landscape. Mostly everything was brown, but I did find very small flowers.

      First, I found small blue flowers that I'd seen in another dream. I thought this was unoriginal--almost cheating, or simply boring and not really trying or something, so I continued to look for other flowers. I found some more flowers of red and white like Candy Tuft. I picked some white ones. I still wasn't happy though because I thought that I should give a more substantial flower. A tulip or a day lily or something like that.

      Then I woke up.

      As I tried to go back to sleep, I heard my phone alarm which I just set yesterday to give me subliminal messages. "Reality check. Reality check." Louder and softer. The phone was on WAY too loud, but it was in another room, so again, I don't know if the alarm infiltrated my dream, or if my new friend SSILD worked.

      I've spent more time on SSILD than I have any other technique, and I've gone lucid 2 days in a row. I simply don't know which stimulus is kicking me lucid. Oh well. That's the right problem to have.

      I was just inside the border of Germany, looking up a hill at a little city or amusement park inside its own walls. buildings were all gold, or looked like gold. There was a place next to it that was also inside a wall. For some reason, I wasn't able to go any farther than just inside the border of Germany.

      It was as though my car had broken down or something, and I was on a time limit. I forgot exactly what the problem was, but I had a false memory that this had already happened once, and it seemed like such a terrible waste that I would be there twice and not be able to see the country.


      I was outside looking at a park bench and there were two girls who looked similar to J. I likened that to torture. Then I realized I was with a girl who looked like J. Not exactly, but close enough. I was pretty happy.

      All of her teeth were rotting, so I took out a hack saw and started sawing the bad part of her teeth off. Once I thought I went down too far and would hit the nerve, but I didn't. I think that was the point of the dream right there...now that I think about it.


      I was holding a horse for someone. It was a female horse. She was acting up and I called her name hoping she would settle down, but she was acting wild around some other horses. Then came the good part. I was now standing on the horses rump with the reins held firmly, but not pulling on the horses teeth.

      The horse bucked, but I stayed on the horse. I felt like a master vaulter. Then the horse bucked again and I stayed on, but I was now about to slide off which I eventually did, but not until people had noticed how awesome I was.

      260z Maniac

      I don't know how these dream frags stitch together properly, but I was unlacing a shoe because a missed one of the holes on the right side.

      Then I was watching a Charles Bronson movie. A guy asked him if he wanted to be an Ace. They kind of brought up the idea of going to war to Charles, and he was game. It seemed pretty reasonable.

      Then I was outside. I think I was coming out of a public bathroom...with some other people. Walking out, they stayed in a shadow. I walked out farther and into the light. I had a false memory of a 280z that really looked more like a 260z--trying to hit me. Then the white 260z did come after me.

      I tried running away, but as it came at me, I ran up on the hood, went to a knee on the hood, maybe, but eventually the car was gone and I was safely on my feet again.

      It turned out Evil Knievil was driving he car. Now he was in a bathroom hanging over the door. I jumped up to knuckle the back of his hands a couple times and then walked away.

      I went back to "our" car with a couple other people. One person was upset about something. I noticed a medium sized turtle standing on its back legs and told the person to look at it as it was pretty cool, and maybe she would feel better.

      The End

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    3. Cows in the Flowers; What is Spinning me in Bed?

      by , 06-25-2012 at 06:33 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Cows in the Flowers

      I dreamed there was an island of flowers in my yard. Three cows were on the little garden area. There wasn't even room on the flower bed for them to turn around, but they stayed right there.

      What is Spinning me in Bed?
      I felt as though I was spinning by the feet in bed. I opened my eyes (in my dream) to see if I really was spinning. I seemed to be in my bed straight.

      I closed my eyes again and paid attention to my body. I really started to spin. Not fast--I simply felt myself moving in a circle as though someone took my feet and was spinning me around.

      I thought it was satan, my ex step-mother, or my Dad. All should have been dream signs, and opening my dream eyes should have been a hint that I was dreaming. Oh well.

      Trying not to think about Satan (I don't believe in the devil iwl), I called out the name of my ex step-mother. I saw a silhouette of her, but there was a little light showing her dark skin color.

      I called out to my Dad.

      This is the third dream in the last few weeks where I kind of knew I was dreaming or that something was not real or not right.

      Dream skip

      I was at a party for a really rich guy. At first I was out doors. His property was huge. It felt like a college campus with grassy areas leading to a wall with a 2 foot drop, then a large walkway laid with brick.

      I ended up going with a guy inside. I had a beer that tasted like pink ginger-ale. We went in a room looking for something. I set my beer down, and when we left, I realized I had left my beer in the room.

      I went back to look for it and couldn't find it. I went to a back room and couldn't find it. I went back to a bathroom and looked around and finally found it.

      I then asked the guy I was with if he wanted something. He said he wanted a quesa dilla with four pieces of something. I then had a small, home made tortilla in my hand with 4 pieces of cheese. I went into a back bathroom to put it together with onion or something. My friend D's wife was in the bedroom. I was hoping she would show me a little something. She never did.
    4. Dinosaur Dog - Caught Taking My Own Flowers

      by , 03-23-2011 at 08:11 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was driving a van. There was a prehistoric dog next to me that was excavated and lived. He was more ferocious than any dog on Earth today.

      With my right hand, I broke off a piece of wood about 2" x 2" x 1 1/2' that was loosely secured to the side of my seat. I needed to protect myself. I kind of gave the dog a whack, but didn't really want to hurt it, so I ended up just pushing it towards the sliding door. In waking life I was recently working in my attic and had to deal with 3 wasps. I caught and released two. The third I didn't really want to kill, but ended up trying to by pushing it against the rafters, though he got away.

      The dog became submissive after I pushed him towards the door of the van. I asked a dream character if it could really be a dinosaur dog. I don't really remember him answering, though I got the feeling he said that it was dug up.


      I saw a driveway, not mine, with flowers that I left. I went to get them. I picked up a 1 gal pot with a rose, and some much smaller pot. I couldn't get the third.

      There was a hole at the side of the driveway. I put the plant I couldn't take in the hole to protect it. Then I realized I shouldn't have, so I got in the hole and put it back out. I climbed out of the hole disturbed that I had to get a little dirty, then the owner of the house turned into the driveway.

      I was busted! I was thinking about explaining to the lady that came home that they were actually my plants. That dream ended there.