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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

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      by , 05-18-2013 at 10:45 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I saw dark clouds beginning to rotate. I said it was turning into a tornado before you could really tell, but I was right. The quickly began looking like a funnel until it was a full-on tornado.

      Then I started flying in the sunshine and I realized I was dreaming, but then I had a false awakening. I really need to do an RC even when I really do wake up for just this reason. I've only done so once I believe.

      I had just talked to Slash last night and advised that I was going to start SSILD again, but that just mentioning it might be enough to make me go lucid. I ended up going through 2/3 of a cycle two times last night. I attribute the short lucid to mentioning it to Slash.
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      by , 05-01-2013 at 03:05 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Flying and Sexy Time

      My dream in progress shifted to me flying and I was lucid.

      I was standing on a piece of wood or something, flying over the trees. I was happy to be lucid. I looked at the scene; it was incredibly clear. It was night, but I could see different kinds of trees below. I took in the scene and its clarity.

      I then saw a '50's style truck in blue, and then other cars, but the dream became less clear.

      I saw some people...women of course. I decided I would have some fun. I then thought about the task to lick the first dream character I saw, but I realized that I'd already passed that person up. IWL, I'm not sure that was actually the ToTM.

      I then found an attractive girl and asked if she would show me her boobs. She said, "OK, but only one." She showed me one, and it had a tiny nipple. I was going to ask her if I could feel them. I said, "Can I--." I thought she was going to say "No," so I punched her in the face. I then went to feel her boobs and she didn't care at all. I found myself looking at her vag, and I proceeded to insert myself.

      I soon woke up to use the bathroom.

      I had cycled a few times. I didn't do too much, but I was cycled with intention. I ended the first fiscal quarter of year 3 with a record best of 17 which is = to my first year on DV. Awesome!
    3. #58 - Free Style

      by , 04-13-2013 at 02:41 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I had two or three beers last night.
      I had three cups of coffee yesterday which I think helped me become lucid last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep for hours which happened somewhat recently as well.
      I checked in to DVirc last night.

      I was looking at a couple of red 4x4's and I knew that I was dreaming. I didn't even do an RC.

      I started flying straight up and I felt like a rocket. I even heard the jets. I went above the tree line and started thinking, "I hope I don't get heavy." I focused on the sound of the jets and tried to just ride it.

      Soon I saw stars, but I wasn't in space. It was more like here and there, there were spots of light, stars, hanging in our atmosphere. It was still awesome.

      Soon after I did get heavy. I didn't exactly fall back to Earth, but I did dream-skip to Earth. I was on a country road. This was a similar theme to a recent lucid also, but this time I didn't really see the road.

      I heard a noise and thought I'd go check it out. I followed the sound through some brush. It was really interesting to follow the sound. I was excited as I got closer and closer. I came upon a baby owl in a nest. I was afraid it would bite me if I wasn't lucid, but I was, so I picked it up. It was sweet, so I put it on my shoulder.

      Now I went back to the road. A car wizzed by. I tried to step in front of it. This was similar to jumping off a small cliff and into a river in a recent lucid. I find I like to court danger when I'm lucid. Why not?

      Then I heard a cop following this car. I was going to wait for it and step in front of it, but it never got there.

      Dream skip

      I'm in a metal pre-fab building. I forgot the junk that was in it, but I decided to leave and FAILED in my attempt to phase through the wall. I was pissed! I've been having trouble phasing which used to be a natural ability for me. I know the wall isn't there but I still cant pass.

      I ended up ripping the wall like cloth, but it took effort. This development really concerns me.

      I ended up in a room with E. I wasn't going to do anything with her, but decided that I'd had a pretty varied dream, and maybe it was time to enjoy some female activity. She left, and I ended up trying to explain to another girl whom I was not interested in, the difference between a 1964, '69, and 70 half dollar.

      The stupid DC wasn't listening to me. The dream started breaking up here.

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    4. #49 Flying Fast & #50

      by , 02-27-2013 at 06:58 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Flying Fast

      I was driving down the highway with my friend M. We came to a 3-way ramp. The middle ramp was for cars coming towards us, and the other two were ramps for cars going our way.

      There were tiny, automatically driven cars coming down the middle ramp. We were lost, so I told M that we should write a note for one of the little cars to find out which we we were supposed to go.

      Then I was heading towards a tunnel. A very long truck loaded with boxes that filled his side of the tunnel completely was coming out. I was going in and it was really cramped. As I headed in, I was suddenly holding onto a car that was flying extremely fast, and I realized I was dreaming.

      I was going so fast, I could feel my stomach pulling at least an extra g. I started talking to someone that it felt like I must be going 300 miles per hour.

      Then I started singing Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney. I know my voice isn't that great, but I thought it sounded pretty good, and I was a little surprised at my power. I belted out a couple stanzas really enjoying the speed and the song.

      Then I was with my fgf, having lost lucidity.
      Spoiler for Sexy Time:

      I then woke up and went to the bathroom. I went back to bed and

      was lucid again. I saw a blonde and decided to get my hummer with her instead. I got it, but I couldn't feel it that well.

      That's all I remember of this dream. I'm not even really sure there was any more to it.

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    5. Lucid February ToTM Attempt; Germany; OGFJx3; Vaulting; 260z Maniac

      by , 02-03-2013 at 10:51 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lucid February ToTM Attempt

      I was driving a boss in my truck down the highway. The windshield fogged up, so I rolled down the window a little. I started having trouble staying in my lane, but I got it together. I felt as though I was drunk or tired.

      Then I got off on the wrong exit. I started trying to work my way back onto the highway. I got over one lane and started going back onto the highway, but then the road took me a different way. I was afraid it was the wrong way on a one-way street. I kept going until the road ended when I realized I was dreaming.

      I then drove off the road, phasing through a chain link fence. Then I wasn't in the car anymore. I was afraid I was going to wake up, so I closed my dream eyes and started floating in blackness. I settled back into a deeper sleep, but then I was afraid I would lose lucidity, so I started saying, "Task of the month. Task of the month."

      After two repetitions of that, I was ready to begin. What was the task of the month? Look for a dream flower and give it to a DC. Great! I started flying around looking at a WINTER landscape. Mostly everything was brown, but I did find very small flowers.

      First, I found small blue flowers that I'd seen in another dream. I thought this was unoriginal--almost cheating, or simply boring and not really trying or something, so I continued to look for other flowers. I found some more flowers of red and white like Candy Tuft. I picked some white ones. I still wasn't happy though because I thought that I should give a more substantial flower. A tulip or a day lily or something like that.

      Then I woke up.

      As I tried to go back to sleep, I heard my phone alarm which I just set yesterday to give me subliminal messages. "Reality check. Reality check." Louder and softer. The phone was on WAY too loud, but it was in another room, so again, I don't know if the alarm infiltrated my dream, or if my new friend SSILD worked.

      I've spent more time on SSILD than I have any other technique, and I've gone lucid 2 days in a row. I simply don't know which stimulus is kicking me lucid. Oh well. That's the right problem to have.

      I was just inside the border of Germany, looking up a hill at a little city or amusement park inside its own walls. buildings were all gold, or looked like gold. There was a place next to it that was also inside a wall. For some reason, I wasn't able to go any farther than just inside the border of Germany.

      It was as though my car had broken down or something, and I was on a time limit. I forgot exactly what the problem was, but I had a false memory that this had already happened once, and it seemed like such a terrible waste that I would be there twice and not be able to see the country.


      I was outside looking at a park bench and there were two girls who looked similar to J. I likened that to torture. Then I realized I was with a girl who looked like J. Not exactly, but close enough. I was pretty happy.

      All of her teeth were rotting, so I took out a hack saw and started sawing the bad part of her teeth off. Once I thought I went down too far and would hit the nerve, but I didn't. I think that was the point of the dream right there...now that I think about it.


      I was holding a horse for someone. It was a female horse. She was acting up and I called her name hoping she would settle down, but she was acting wild around some other horses. Then came the good part. I was now standing on the horses rump with the reins held firmly, but not pulling on the horses teeth.

      The horse bucked, but I stayed on the horse. I felt like a master vaulter. Then the horse bucked again and I stayed on, but I was now about to slide off which I eventually did, but not until people had noticed how awesome I was.

      260z Maniac

      I don't know how these dream frags stitch together properly, but I was unlacing a shoe because a missed one of the holes on the right side.

      Then I was watching a Charles Bronson movie. A guy asked him if he wanted to be an Ace. They kind of brought up the idea of going to war to Charles, and he was game. It seemed pretty reasonable.

      Then I was outside. I think I was coming out of a public bathroom...with some other people. Walking out, they stayed in a shadow. I walked out farther and into the light. I had a false memory of a 280z that really looked more like a 260z--trying to hit me. Then the white 260z did come after me.

      I tried running away, but as it came at me, I ran up on the hood, went to a knee on the hood, maybe, but eventually the car was gone and I was safely on my feet again.

      It turned out Evil Knievil was driving he car. Now he was in a bathroom hanging over the door. I jumped up to knuckle the back of his hands a couple times and then walked away.

      I went back to "our" car with a couple other people. One person was upset about something. I noticed a medium sized turtle standing on its back legs and told the person to look at it as it was pretty cool, and maybe she would feel better.

      The End

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    6. TotM 2 days late.

      by , 02-02-2013 at 09:57 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      ToTM Two Days Late

      I recently made friends with Xanous who told me about SSILD. I read about it and tried it...or part of it. I was so tired I only read part of the instructions and could hardly remember them (not that it was complex).

      Either my discussion with Xanous or the SSILD technique...or luck, kicked me lucid last night. What do you know?

      I'm flying through a forest of pine trees, already lucid. I'm rarely lucid first thing in a dream unless it's a nap or something.

      There are many trees, and they aren't really spaced the way they would be in a forest. They seemed kind of even, though not. I was going too fast, but I wasn't afraid of hitting a tree, and I wasn't really in control of my flying.

      There came a momentary break in the trees, then they were back with the same odd density. I just let the dream take me.
      I knew Canis and Xanous were going to help me!

      Soon enough I come out of the trees and see a lake. Perfect! I'll try the Task of the Month!
      I looked up ToTM last night and landed on the one for January. I didn't think about that in my lucid.

      I need to freeze the lake. With absolutely zero belief, I tell it to freeze and move my hands in an unconvincing display of determination. The lake does not freeze. I tried again, and then I told it to freeze and put my hand in the water. That didn't work. I tried ice skating on the water to build my belief, but that didn't work.

      I saw some cars in the water. (driving of course) so I tried to catch up to them to do another optional ToTM. I needed to ask them to choose a number between 1 and 10 or 1 and 100 and see what they said. I forgot which were the numbers to ask. (I just read the task again and I was supposed to say, "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100. What number am I thinking?" so I didn't really get it right.)

      I then found a mean looking, bald guy with a big head. He looked like a biker. I don't know where he was sitting, but he was dry even though I was still on the lake. I think I asked him to pick a number. He told me to leave him alone. I started poking him in the face for being a shitty DC.

      Determined to do the ToTM, I left. I was now in a room. there were three people on a day bed with a bunch of small stuffed animals. They were much too old to be part of this pre-school scene. It was like an extension of the TV show they were watching with a little dog.

      I asked them what they were all doing and one of them said, "It's on TV." OK, whatever. So I turn and there are now more people in the room. I ask one to choose a number between 1 and 10, then correct myself to 1 and 100. The first guy says "Lama" or "Lama 15." I can't remember, but I didn't feel as though he gave me a number so I asked the next person. I was kind of upset that he was playing games with me. The next person gave me an answer like "R" and then something else. This really wasn't funny. I just wanted a number. I moved on but don't remember what the people were saying. It didn't make sense to me so I had a hard time remembering what they said.

      I may have realized that I got my answers anyway, so I decided to show off that I was lucid. I told everyone to watch me. I walked slowly and deliberately on another day bed and when I stepped off the bed, I slowly fell to the floor. Darn it! I wasn't flying well! I jumped and levitated poorly again. I kept trying, eventually using some baskets piled up to do a hand-stand, but not a good one.

      When I came down, I saw my wife. I thought I would ask her to pick a number between 1 and 100. Surely she would give me a good answer. Then I thought I should advise her that she could become lucid, but I decided to get her to answer my question first, only I woke up.

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    7. Lizards and Snakes; Atourney and the Monster; The Dog and Flying

      by , 01-30-2013 at 03:15 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lizards and Snakes

      There were a bunch of baby chamelions. Then a snake came and had one in it's mouth.
      A narrator started explaining how all the lizards were being eaten, and then there
      were many snakes and they were all eating a lizard until there were none left.

      Then the narrator started explaining how the lizards are vulnerable when they are out
      of their homes, and he started explaining about their homes. He explained that the lizards
      lived in a little hole, and I'm seeing everything that is being explained.

      The lizards would chew a little home from wood and have their babies in the home. Then
      the babies need to chew their own home, and in that time, they are vulnerabl. In this case,
      Snakes had eaten every lizard that was running around, but there was a whole where some lizards
      had been spared. They came out and there was a whole batch of lizards that survived.

      Then one of the snakes was making his home. It was an Eastern King snake, and it made its "home"
      by crawling "hard" into the ground, but again, the snake crawled in a piece of wood. The snake
      carved out an indentation in the wood as though it were crawling through sawdust.

      The snake was crawling around me. I wanted it to crawl around me, so I stayed very still
      so it wouldn't go away or bite me. It started crawling around me and I thoguht it was awesome.
      He was about 3 feet long and very pretty. Then I noticed that a bit towards its head, the snake's
      body was torn. It looked like the nylon from old pool chairs. I felt bad for the snake, but it
      also signaled trouble. Then the snake looked at itself pretending it was going to bite itself.
      This was just a ploy to not draw attention to the fact that it was going to bite me, which it did.
      It didn't hurt, but it was annoying.

      Attorney and the Monster

      This was such a cool dream. I was watching Perry Mason. His table was in the middle of a huge, empty
      room, and surrounded by a little wall all around him about knee or waist high. This scene later repeated
      with the wall a bit higher. Anyway, that was the opening scene. Moving forward, a man is choking a
      woman on the ground. He doesn't kill her; he merely scares her. She's fine, but she can't get up.

      The man runs away, she looks over and now I see where she is looking. There is a rock wall like a cave
      wall or something. There are jagged rocks. Right against the wall and kind of blending in, is a rock monster.
      He is made of a line of flat rocks standing on edge getting bigger and bigger as they go to his head.
      It is kind of like a snake, except made of increasingly larger, flat rocks. Its head is like a triangular
      rock, but the corners are way rounded. His expression is painted on with lines drawn in either pink or black,
      strange, but I can't really remember which. The eyes were just lines, as with the mouth, but the expression
      was eerie. He looked evil. The eyes were drawn like lines going up, over, and back down, so like a frowning face.
      the mouth was just a line also, but painted on this rock face, and that rock body, all on the ground, it was
      humble and miserable...and wanted to get the girl that had been choked.

      The Dog and Flying

      I had a dog that was in a cage I think, on a train. It got off the train. I held it by a leash, and someone
      told me to just try to get him back up on the train.

      I then saw a lady come down from a second story in an apartment, and then come out through a closet. I figured
      I could go up if she had gone up and come back down. I went in the closet and saw an opening in the ceiling. It
      would be awkward getting up through that opening, but I believed I could do it, so I jumped up to fly through,
      which I was successful at. I ended up in an up-stairs area. I knocked over a telephone because I was still flying,
      though I was heavy and not very skilled.

      I had something like a balloon or something that I put under me. It helped keep me afloat. Now I knock over a
      large, multi-line phone. It falls downstairs. I say, "Watch out!" but it hits right next to a woman who never
      even tried to move. She looked up. I said, "It wasn't my fault!" It wasn't, though it felt as though it were almost
      my fault.

      I dip down again as I'm not good at flying, and went back up as I worked on my belief.

      The End

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    8. "One Can't Maneuver!"; OGFJ-1; OGFJ-2; In The Water; Car Problems

      by , 01-21-2013 at 08:18 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      "One Can't Maneuver!"

      I think I forgot the first part of this dream, or it started with a false memory that there was more of a beginning.

      I am walking down to a street in the dark. I'm looking at a t-shirt being put on a hanger by only a set of hands. Something was wrong with it and it was going to be returned to the store.

      Then I decide to take the shirt to someone, or simply that it was a good opportunity to go to this person. Now it is raining, and very dark. I say, "One can't maneuver!" and I hear this refrain echoed by someone across the street and to my right. I shouldn't keep saying this, but I do. I'm intrigued by the sentence and that someone is repeating it. It is like a chant.

      I turn to the left and start flying. Now I'm evil because I'm not supposed to be going where I'm going and saying what I'm saying, and I'm flying to get there which somehow adds to my lack of concern. I see a car coming from one direction so I fly to it and figure on scaring the person in the car, when another car comes around the corner from the other direction. I manage not to get hit, and I'm now across the street.

      I fly a couple feet above the sidewalk and approach a witch of a woman lying on the ground, but moving forward. She is lowly and evil, but I encounter her as a reflection of myself. My own "evilness" is a self-imposed view.

      I continue flying down the sidewalk feeling a sense of power, but end up flying to a place that is narrow, and like a tomb. It isn't really a tomb, but there is nowhere else for me to fly. I do more self reflection and consider that I am here because of my evil nature.

      I guess I shouldn't have crossed the street saying "One Can't Maneuver!" That's "very bad"!

      The End


      I am with my OGFJ. She is in a weird metal suit that shows her body. It is designed for me to take her, though I never did.


      I am with J again. At first we are in at my dad's house, though it isn't necessarily his real layout and all. She is naked. I am going to take her, but then she is outside on the street naked. It is purposeful for some reason, like that is how we are going to get together. I'm supposed to see her outside naked, and then she will walk up to me and finally in the house. It was like foreplay.

      Finally she was in the house, but now she had her clothes on, and she was asleep. I started to take her clothes off when she woke up. It was as though this scene was repeating itself even though this was the first time it happened. (?)

      In The Water

      I have a jar with a fish in it. There is sand and a plant at the bottom, and there is barely enough water for the fish to swim. I put more water in the jar but it is warmer than the water already in the jar, so I'm worried for the fish. I put more cold water in to even out the temperature.

      Now I'm at a creek. I may have been at the creek the first time I put water in the jar, but why would the water have been warm? I was trying to get to the creek for more water though, so now I'm there in any case.

      All of a sudden I'm lying in the water. It's not really gross, but I'm a little concerned for what I can't see. Mostly, I'm not thinking about it though. I look up at the leaves on a branch of a shrub hanging in my reach and realize I'm dreaming, but only kind of. It feels more like I'm aware that I'm awake in this dreamy world rather than realizing I'm dreaming in my asleep world.

      I put my hand behind some of the leaves and see shadow. I find the view really dreamy. The leaves are foggy green, and the sun in the sky is not bright. It looks like the sky in the beginning of "Tales from the Dark Side" when they show the creek.

      I see that I am next to a big, black cloth thing in the water which makes me nervous. I have no idea what is living under it.

      I begin to figure out that I am dreaming, though it is kind of an FA. I try to imagine my self sliding down a slide to start moving, and sure enough I start sliding on a curved slide.

      Car Problems

      I'm in an old, 70's green car. I think it is a Mercury, though it isn't the shape of a Mercury in my dream. It is a great car, but the transmission is out. It won't go. I press the accelerator but slide backwards.

      I decide to put it into Park and hope that will reset it. I then put it into 2 and it does start to go.

      The End

      I'm categorizing this as lucid because one of my dreams was pretty much lucid, but I'm not tallying another lucid where I keep track of them.

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    9. Waking Life Lucid Alarm

      by , 09-28-2012 at 03:43 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Waking Life Lucid Alarm

      I use the Easy MP3 Alarm per the DV Crazy Insane CAN WILD method. I made a custom alarm of myself stating that I was seen flying around the city...

      My idea is that the news from my radio often infiltrates my dreams; I therefore use lengthy speech rather than a short sound to spur a lucid. I log dreams infiltrated by the morning news and file them in a separate log.

      This morning, I woke up to the alarm rather than having the alarm infiltrate my dream, which is what I hope to happen, but this morning, I closed the lid of my computer to shut the alarm off, and then began to dream that I was flying.

      I thought I was away, but I was totally dreaming. I saw 3 power lines. I tried to fly above them, but I started getting heavy. I thought I was trying to use my alarm to become lucid. I was talking to myself or something, "showing" how I was awake, but understood why I was listening to that alarm. I was explaining how I could fly in my imagination because I could just imagine it, but it didn't mean that I was dreaming.


      Still, this is progress for me and my use of the Easy MP3 Alarm.

      I also believed that last night was going to be more successful with the Easy MP3 alarm. I am becoming more and more convinced that intention has a tremendous effect on your dreams.

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    10. High-flying Lucid; Burning the Street; A Bug in a Nut

      by , 02-12-2012 at 05:32 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was typing on an old IBM typewriter. It was the kind I learned how to type on. I was trying to type a phone number that wasn't in the system, which made the typewriter start to smoke.

      Someone came over to look at it and I explained that I know what I was doing. I'd learned on that kind of typewriter.

      Dream Skip

      I was at Kelly and Cohen Bedrooms. I thought how interesting it was that after so many years, I was right back where I'd started so many years before. Then I realized I was dreaming.

      I decided to look for my childhood home to enter my worst nightmare. I did a reality check. As usual, 5 fingers, then it turned into 6. Time to fly.

      I headed out and flew at a moderate height looking for houses, then I came to a cliff and I was so high above the trees it was amazing. I felt my stomach drop. I can never get that high when I try to fly up.

      I tried to focus on the wind on my skin as I did last time. It was not as intense, but I could feel it. Then I looked down to see houses.

      I flew down trying to land near a nice, big house, but I landed too far from it. I tried to go too it, but I was having a hard time. Gravity was pulling me the other direction, so I went the other way.

      All of a sudden, the subdivision was a grave yard. I saw all these graves. Then I saw an antique cash register in the middle of it all. I wanted to check it out, but decided not to waste time. I should have looked at a headstone carefully.

      I saw a house up a hill beyond the graveyard. It was a siding home. I decided to pass through the wall or the window. I saw a man on a phone inside. I decided to enter and see what I could find. I passed through the window and the man was a woman.

      She was extremely attractive, wearing a white shirt. She was on the phone. I was willing her to take off her shirt. She would have, but as she was getting off the phone, I woke up. Grrrr.

      The End

      I was on a blacktop street. I saw a piece of plastic about 4" by 8" embedded in the street. I set it on fire wondering what it would do to the street. I told some guys there that I was nervous to do it, but I would just blame it on them, then I told them I was only kidding, which I was. (Funny joke )

      Dream Skip

      I was in the water at a man-made beach. Someone came up to me and gave me a strange apparatus and told me there was a bug inside of a nut inside the apparatus.

      I examined the thing I was given and concluded I had to open it. I did so, and found an odd electrical device with a light bulb. Inside the light bulb was a mosquito. Others were looking at what I was given.

      When I looked up, there was a boy who was with an older girl. I was jealous that this older girl liked the little brat boy. They ended up kissing a rather mature kiss for such a young kid. Then he walked away to play. I thought the kid didn't know what he was doing. He should stay with the chick if he knew what was good for him. She had a beautiful mouth. It was very red, partially natural, and partially lipstick/lip gloss.

      Dream Skip

      I'm in a building trying to get something to drink, but I don't have enough change on me. I needed a dollar. All of a sudden, I look up and drinks now cost $3.00. I thought how fucked up everything is that just when I can afford the damn dollar that drinks cost, they go up again so I can't afford them again.

      Then I look in the change return and find some coins. I thought how someone had put them there on purpose to pay a good deed forward. Then I started finding lots of money. It was all in change, but it was all dimes, quarters, dollars and such.

      Someone who managed the building came around and I thought I was going to get in trouble for taking all this money.
    11. A Predictable Sandman Lucid

      by , 02-06-2012 at 04:50 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I don't remember anything until I started to realize I was becoming lucid. There were a few women. I saw them in a rather baron environment. I realized I was lucid and decided to go for one of them.

      I got one and leaned her back to lay her down. I'm always afraid I'll wake up, so I decided to get her clothes off as I was bringing her down. I lay her down with my left hand, and raised her tight, pink, cotton dress with my right. By the time she was on the ground, I had her exposed.

      I nommed on her breast for a short time, and had an FA.

      I was in a restaurant in a booth. There were two blonde women at the table. One was paying her check with a credit card. I reached out to take it wondering if I was lucid and thinking it would be no harm. She retracted the card and I got nervous. I tried to explain I thought I was having a lucid dream.

      She didn't get it. I asked her if she had ever had a dream where she knew she was dreaming...the old explaining lucid dreaming routine.

      She seemed relatively interested, but she and her friend left. I was left alone. The restaurant was noisy. I wondered what all the commotion was. I finally leaned up to see a T.V. with the picture of a U.S. soldier in Iraq. I asked if someone was talking to their husband in Iraq. They said no.

      I was a little "confus" and got tired of the noise, so I left. I went outside to see another dirt road with some women up ahead. I realized again, I'm dreaming!

      All the women were unattractive, obese black women. I flew towards them hoping to find a cute one. No such luck. I kept flying down the road. I flew through a shanty town. On either side of the road, there were shacks made of metal roofing material. All had their back side to the road.

      As I flew down the road, I looked at the homes and noticed everyone had a goat. Some people had two. I thought I should fly to the front of the homes, but I kept straight.

      I finally came upon a young woman with strawberry blonde hair. She could have looked better. I looked away and looked back and she looked a bit better.

      I looked for a place to lay her down. I saw an black iron bath tub that would never hold enough water to bathe in. It only came up about as high as a black iron pan.

      I decided that would be too cold. I didn't want to lay her down in the dirt though. I went to lay her down so as not to waste any time, and a piece of plastic appeared under her. That was convenient.

      I lay her down the same as with the first one, lifting her dress as I lay her down. Again, I nommed on her perfect breasts for a while, glad this is one of my few lucid capabilities.

      I didn't want to leave her breast, but I wanted to taste her lips. I began to kiss her. It was yummaliscious. As I kissed her, I touched her below. She finally got into it (my DC's are often rather lifeless). She moaned, "Oh don't..." but she sounded like she was in ecstasy.

      I don't remember the order of these dreams very well. I know that at one point in my FA, I was so mad that I had awakened from a lucid that I made an angry face gritting my teeth at which point I saw a yellow mist with a face gritting its teeth. I thought that made sense. I was seeing my emotion.

      Also, between lucid's my alarm went off. I snoozed it and went back to bed and had the second lucid. I actually think I had two FA's, but I'm only certain of one.

      Mixed in there, likely somewhere around the restaurant scene was another dream I had where I was in the office of an ogf Jennifer M. She looked great. Her office was positively opulent.

      We were going to go somewhere, but she left and I stayed looking at a door that was right at a window looking several stories below. I liked the door to nowhere. Then I noticed another one.

      I eventually left and saw a restaurant for the office building workers. It was dark and cozy, though a bit sterile. I walked through thinking how much I liked that an office cafeteria would make the dining room dark for an intimate environment at work.

      As I came out, Jennifer came back to get me. I was kind of sad because she had such a good job and I didn't. She said she could get me an application. She walked over to an executive who gave her one. She came back and said, "I told you I could get you an application!" I was still sad because she could get anything with her looks and it had nothing to do with me deserving a job.

      I then saw a vignette type corridor where the walls looked like an alien planet's cave landscape. I asked Jennifer to walked into it so I could take a picture of her. She did, though I never actually took the picture.
    12. Non-Lucid Dream: I Dream I'm Awake but Lucid Dreaming - What?

      by , 08-01-2011 at 02:49 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I didn't journal this morning, so I have forgotten much of a very short dream. What I do remember is that I was outside. I was at a cliff, but the depth of the crevasse was not vivid or much of an issue.

      In my dream I was awake, but explaining to people that since I was lucid, I could fly or do anything I wanted. I started walking up air-stairs to show that I really could do anything. I walked up 3 air-stairs and I remembered I had an empty cranberry juice bottle that I wanted for some reason. It was supposed to be helpful to me in some way.

      When I tried to walk up the air-stairs again, I had trouble twice.

      Waking up was very odd as it completed the circle of dreaming that I was awake, discussing how I was lucid--though I was not, then coming out of my sleep and becoming awake. It was really strange.

      I took a Spirulina and a B-Complex before bed. The two really seem to give me strange dreams.
    13. Party

      by , 04-01-2011 at 06:02 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I don't know where I was coming from; I forget, but I was in a shopping cart or something, cruising down the street and up a hill so fast that I flew threw the air.

      I had to lean back or else I would fall forwards and crash. I landed in a restaurant.


      I was in my house alone. Three women came in without knocking or anything, and started running around. At least two of them were really cute, but it was still kind of disturbing. Then a fourth girl, a black girl came in. One of them said they were just checking the place out and looking for something. Then they left and my wife came home.


      I was at some kind of party. There were escalators going up to another level.

      As if it were an instructional video, I saw how the escalators could take small tanks up, and if they weighed too much, they would get a jolting bump to push them up to the next step to help them out.

      Then, I was going up the escalator. There was a heavy-set black lady in front of me who couldn't make it up. I couldn't understand why when the escalator would help her.

      Then I was in another room trying to explain what had happened to a bunch of people who were socializing. I started explaining how the escalator could help bump up a tank, but this big lady couldn't make it.

      I started to explain how that was what happened in a dream I had. I was getting confused if it was real or I had dreamed it. Casually but quickly, everyone started going outside. They left me feeling really stupid on the couch.

      Then there was a guy who rode his bike everywhere. He was like super bicycle man with a blue, yellow, and white spandex outfit and matching helmet. He did it by choice, but Work was about 40 miles away, and when I told him I couldn't believe he rode his bike there, he rolled his eyes because it was so far.

      We walked off talking about some stuff; I forget what. Eventually I was going to let him go, but then I saw a gun at his side. I asked what kind it was. I forget what kind it was, but he let me see it. I removed the action the way you would remove a camera from a tripod. Strange.

      Then I released the mag and looked at the bullets. I said, "Hollow-point 40's?" He said, "Yea. It is awesome knowing about guns, isn't it?" I agreed. (I know a little about guns in waking life; not much.)

      He finally left.